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Staining the Flowers With Blood

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   Chizome found the kid half-dead behind Aldera Junior High. His skull was cracked, arm twisted, knee snapped, and was, miraculously, still alive. The kid was only around twelve- maybe thirteen, and seemed to have bleeding out for a while. Rolling the boy onto his backs, Chizome let out a tch, his crimson eyes narrowing dangerously. This kid hadn’t jumped, no, one didn’t get cuts and burns from jumping, willingly at least. He picked up the unconscious boy, scowling at the setting sun. It wasn’t like he could simply take the dying brat to the hospital, as that was a sure way to get arrested. Not many people appreciated vigilantes.

   If his hands weren’t full, Chizome would pinch his broken nose. He wasn’t going to just leave the kid to bleed out, that was for certain. Quickly looking down at the child in his arms, he weighed his options. He could always call in a favor, but that would lead to rumors and questions that he really didn’t need. Could he go back to the other- no. He had just had a falling out with them, there was no way he could go to Crawler of Knuckleduster. ‘Fuck! If I don’t get this kid healed quick he’s going to bleed out in my arms!’ The vigilante inwardly cursed. Glancing at a street sign, he almost screeched to a stop.

    “If you ever need help with anything else, don’t be afraid to stop by!”

   Of course! His... friend? Associate? Friendly weapon supplier? Either way, the man always had medical supplies in his bases (or as he referred to them “forges”) or even a companion with a healing ability. Praying that the man hadn’t switched to a different area, Chizome slammed on the hidden alley door. Apparently the world decided to smile on him for a few moments, as a familiar face answered. “Oh hey Stendhal- WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED TO HIM?!” The brunette’s happy voice broke off into a shriek. “Raven, I need your help.”

   Chizome didn’t know the Raven’s true name, just as they didn’t know his own, but the masked man was a damn good smith, and, apparently medic. He felt like he was waiting for years instead of hours for the smaller male to finally inform his of the kid’s status. “Well, good news, the kid’ll be fine save for some scars as long as he doesn’t push himself. The bad news, is that you won’t be able to really tell because of him already being covered in them.” He turned towards Chizome, his mouth a scowl. “‘Mind telling me where you found the hatchling?” Chizome debated whether or not to tell him. Sure, the Raven in Red had never betrayed him, and took customer privacy seriously, but there were first times in everything.

   “Look, you came banging on my door at sunset with a dying kid, and I know you don’t mess with kids. So logically, you found the kid somewhere, probably in the middle of something, so where was it?” the Raven’s voice was filled with exasperation, and perhaps a little amusement, though Chizome wasn’t certain, due to his American accent. They were in a room Chizome hadn’t been in before- a mix of a bedroom and storage area- with the kid asleep in the lone bed. “... Behind a middle school…” He scowled behind his mask at the blue-eyed male, figuring that he wouldn’t leave him alone until he got some sort of information. That was, after all, one of the things the bird in human skin dealt in. Every movement was like a fucking bird. Even his walk was like the hopping of a crow, his head tilting like he was constantly trying to stare into your soul at every angle possible. “Ah-ah~! I need more information than that Stendhal-chan! Let’s say... your name! You can do that hm? After all, we’ve known each other for quite a while, yes~?” The brunette chirped.

   “Why should I tell you my name? You deal in information as well as weapons Raven ,” he accused the weapons dealer. The smaller male threw his head back and howled with laughter. “A trade it is then! (“I didn’t agree-”) Perhaps I should go first, yeah?” The brunette gave an exaggerated bow. “My mother gave me the name Vince Saishū, though I have not gone by it for years~!” Chizome stared at the now maskless male. His face was freckled, partially hidden by vicious looking scars, one particularly nasty one revealing the inside of his cheek and teeth. His entire expression was one of almost mocking amusement. There was a bit of tense silence, before Chizome finally gave a grunt. “Chizome.” No way was he giving the overgrown puffin his full name. Thankfully, the Raven- Vince- seemed content with this information, his mask reappearing as he exited the room. 

   “Feel free to rest here with the hatchling, Chizome-san~” He called over his shoulder, maddened giggles escaping him as the door closed.

   Izuku’s consciousness returned slowly. His body ached, like he’d been caught in a stampede of mutation-quirk users, and his eyelids felt heavy. ‘Oh, right, I got knocked over the railing. Am I in the hospital?’ Izuku willed his eyes open, expecting to see a blank ceiling, but was startled to see a simple wooden one. ‘Where?!’ He tried to leap forward, but was unable to, clutching his chest in pain. The room he was in was messy, filled with boxes and supplies, but there was a clean path to a pair of doors. A figure was laying on a futon in the middle of said path. “H-hello?” Izuku winced at his choked whisper. He still hadn’t gotten used to his own voice after, as the teachers called it “the accident.” 

   Yeah, having their perfect student getting charged with attempted murder? Not a good thing, at least, to them. After all, who would care what happened to the quirkless kid? That was all he was to the neighborhood. Quirkless. Weak. Useless. Failure. School wasn’t any better. If anything, it was worse. Much, much worse. He couldn’t escape Kaachan while he was there, and the explosive blonde was always backed up by his underlings. Trying to tell the teachers didn’t help either, only leading to him being stuck with a shitty excuse of a counselor. 

   His whisper seemed to wake the figure who started awake, hitting their head on a desk. “Fuck!” The black haired male clutched their nose, which was already covered in bandages. Their voice was raspy and sounded similar to a blade scraping against metal. “A-are you o-okay sir?” Izuku asked worriedly, observing who he guessed had saved him. The man looked to be in his early to mid twenties with pale skin and several scars crossing his skin. His hair was ragged and long, held up in a high ponytail, though it could simply be messy from sleep. He wore a simple black shirt and pants, but there were more clothes folded up nearby. Izuku also realized that he himself was only wearing a pair of sweatpants, his torso wrapped in bandages and arms in casts. The man grunted, finally wrestling himself away from the futon without crashing into anything else. “You’re awake then?” Izuku wondered if that was a legitimate question, or simply an observation. Either way, he hesitantly nodded.

   “Well that’s good at least. You were pretty hurt-still are even with you getting healed. ...Ya’ got anyone you need to call kid?” The man had distinct slouch, and his eyes were slightly bloodshot. ‘Ah… I…Ngh” Izuku stumbled over his words, wincing at his voice. Thankfully, the man seemed to understand his dislike of speaking, deciding to check over Izuku’s injuries instead of pushing for answers. “Wish I knew where some paper was…” he mumbled, causing Izuku to become confused. Was this not his house then? That was rather odd… Why was he not in his own home? Was it like how his mom had sometimes let him spend the night at Katsuki’s when they were younger?

   Then again, the entire reason he was in this situation was that he had to spend almost an entire month at the Bakugou’s. Masaru and Mitsuki were fine, but apparently Katsuki couldn’t handle the fact that he had to share space with ‘a useless deku’ like him. And while the explosive blonde wasn’t able to do much while his parents were around, he now had the entire day away from them to pretty much torture poor Izuku. What a great fucking hero…!

   “-id! Kid! Breathe… calm down, you’re not there, you’re safe…” Izuku hadn’t even realized he was panicking until the blackette hugged him to his chest. The man smelled of blood and death, nigh, he stank of it, but he hadn’t done anything to harm Izuku yet. “It’s okay kid, you’re safe… sh, it’s alright…” Izuku’s eyes slid shut, his body once again succumbing to exhaustion. Neither males noticed the Raven silently closing the door, leaving a plate of food outside.


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