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Hey you!

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Oh you!
Yes you!
Care to give a moment
Of your time?

Let me tell you
About the lovely silkworm
That produces your sleek silks
And soon turns
Into a lovely white moth.

Or the Atlas moth
Who flies the skies of Asia
And when it rests in your hand
Encompasses it all
And more!

What about the Polyphemus moth?
With ‘eyes’ on the back of their wings
Peering out at you and me.

Not a moth person?
What about the Queen Alexandria Birdwing?
A butterfly so large
That it could completely cover your face
Yet has vibrant colors
Which make up for it!

Not an insect person?
Too bad.
They really are such wonderful creatures
Spreading their beauty across the world
And helping us with our environment.

Do come by again though!
If given the chance,
I can show you
And everyone else
The amazing miracle
That is our buggy friends!