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I'm alpha

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Alpha is the best, not like beta who is majority of many people, or omega who small, delicate and funerable. Out of all, alpha are the center of universe because of all the outstanding genes we possess.


Katsuki is an alpha, an alpha that has been through coma for 10 years. He woke up after hearing alot of hassles that the nurses make while checking up his vital data.

He can barely open his eyes because the blinding sunshine goes to his eyes. His long eyelashes flutter a bit and trying to get to know where he is right now. All he can see was alot of madical instruments attached to his body and the sound of ekg machine.

He was wondering what time is it but all the sound he can make was a grunt and when the little nurse hear it, she almost jumping and asking the other to call the doctor while go to receive a water for him.

"Mr Bakugou, can you please drink the water first before trying to talk? You have been in Coma for 10 years, so it's kind of hard to talk at first" said the nurse. 

I was waited for almost 3 hours and I can see that I was kind of not welcome here. I was wondering why is that and the small female doctor appear in front of me and asking with impatient tone

"when are you waking up?" 

I don't know how to respond since I can barely get a sound out of my mouth, so the little nurse is the one who answered it. 

"it has been two... Three hours" 


Then the doctor start a little discussion about me and I feel sleepy again. Before long all the serounding are black, and I think I pass out again. The last sentence I heard was "why is he waking up now all of time?



I thought I would awake as a vegetative again, but in reality, my hungry stomach mocked me severely and I woke up hungry.


“Fuck!” I scolded at the white ceiling.


“Are you awake?”


It was the voice of the little nurse. 

"can you drink sir? “Drink a little, please. Your body should be able to drink water now.”

I took a sip from a straw. My esophagus, which had been dried up for a decade, was hot and painful. I suddenly had a sense of reality, I really did wake up, this was not a dream at all.


The nurse took the water away from me almost as soon as he saw I was almost done, and began to talk again “Next you have to do a series of tests to assess whether your health is normal.”

I nod my head. 

"but it will take a while though" said the little nurse.

"... Why?" I asked with the hoarse voice. 

The little nurse kind of surprised but still telling me anyway. "that's because something big happened today! The president's wife of endeavor Corp are giving birth today, but he might be cannot be  saved cause by severe blood lost.."

".. Who?" 

"oh right you're out for decade so maybe you don't know that the president changed 10 years ago and do know the fourth young master of todoroki? todoroki shouto" 

I nod my head, of course I know. I fought with him almost every day in our school days. 


"it's his wife! They has been together for almost ten years and really loved one another. It's the second time he was in critical condition and I guess he won't be make it this time"

I feel so stuffy, and I don't know why. 

Later I was going to the rehabilitation treatment and decided to stop by and take a look at the poor baby whose born without his omega father.

The baby was small, but he already opened his eyes and he got a beautiful blue eyes with pink hair color. It got blended this time. Remembering how similar the look all the children to their alpha father, katsuki chuckled and said "as expected, what a strong genes he has"

"whose genes?"

Suddenly a cold voice make me shudder, and it shudder even more when I see the white and red haired man behind me. 

"half and— I mean todoroki..-San?!"

The person before me look so calm that I thought there I'd nothing wrong with his wife. He looked at his child and I observed him for a while.

It's obvious that he doesn't get sleep and in verge of collapse, but he still look so good and elegant event with all the messy hair. That kind of temperament, that has been polished in the years, was more handsome than the me who had been a sleeping beauty for 10 years.

Maybe my gaze was too pirching, and he glanced at me after a moment.

"what's the matter?" 


“No...nothing dumbass!.” How did I dare say yes, answering in a stuttering manner. “bye!”


“Mn, goodbye.” And he added four more words, to my surprise. “Get well soon.”

I had fought with Shouto for more than twenty years. It can be said that from my birth to becoming a vegetative person, I competed with him every minute and every second.


Our parents were both shareholders of companies. As the second generation of shareholders with similar age, it's not quite strange that we had fights almost every times. 


Fight for first place, height, appearance… Anything that could be compared, I competed with him. Although, in retrospect, it was a very distant memory.


I looked at the dark bags of his eyes, and the fatigue that could not be hidden. Suddenly, it felt somewhat meaningless.

It took me 1 month to get discard and it is said that the reason why I could stay in the VIP room of the hospital all the time was because of the president’s wife, who was between life and death. I wanted to see this man and finally stood at the door of the room, but I dared not enter.

I felt upset. I don't know why tho. 

But I met two children, it's twins age 9 years old,two handsome little Alphas. One has white hair and the other red. 

Those two was holding hand with face looked very serious like their father and two pair of big eyes flickered.

"yuuhi, when will papa wake up?" the white haired one ask while tugging his brother hand

The other one's eyes got red and after a while he said "papa got tired after delivery the Lil brother so he is resting now.."

"for how long? I already missed him" the sound of his voice is like a needles pirching katsuki's eyes and the grieveness on their face tugged katsuki's heart.

Looking their face make him want to run and hug them but who is he to them? 

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Finally I'm at home. It's kind of stupid to actually got lost when I trying to get home. Why the hell did I go to the opposite direction. Opening my old house look like I was opening a garage full of dust. Well it has been 10 years so I was not surprised.


I really cant handle it and started to sweeping the floor. It's took me a while to get the house look decent. There nothing in the house, except my old clothes that look alot bigger than me now. Looking my thin sickly body, make me want to blow up. I miss my abs..


After cleaning the kitchen and throwing away all the fossilized meat and vegetables. I sigh. Why the hell did I buy alot of food the day before that accident. It's not like I got someone else to eat it nor I have any family member left to actually give my cooked meal.


"why did I wake up for.." asking myself and feel the emptiness inside my heart. The question left unanswered.



I can't eat, can't find my wallet, and even my landline was taken a long time ago, I feels like I got nothing. 

It took me one day to find some cash and an emergency card and finally I took off to buy some groceries. 

Goes to the store that I'm not familiar with to buy some doughnut, it's taste horrible. Since when I eat this kind of sweet food like this.

I went to the supermarket to pick up some vegetables and meat. Finally, I went to the bank along the way. I slipped my stuff in one hand and put my card in the slot, inputting a series of numbers.

“Your password is wrong. Please try again.”

I stared at that row of words for a long time. It was clearly this password. I grumbled, and input again.

“Your password is wrong. Please try again.”

"WTF! It should be 1101..."I pinched my finger and suddenly settled down. Those words were like a slap in the face that blew my eyes red. I scratched my hair and took out the withdrawn card.


I dare not input anymore. I thought, the password needed to be reset. I was confused. Were there actually got 1101 in it or... , btw I think I need to reset the password but it's impossible right now since the bank already closed.


Time to go home I guess. 


Rain suddenly pouring like a cold shower and sober me up.

"I told you to bring the umbrella, but you won't listen"

The alpha next to me also did not carry an umbrella and the omega come to him with his umbrella. I heard their words and glanced at them quietly. The Alpha tapped on the tip of his Omega’s nose and held the man in his arms, taking the umbrella from him. While apologized half-heartedly, “Sorry sorry, I forgot "


"you seem to never remember anything don't you?" 


"but if I do remember that, you won't pick me up with umbrella right?"


My face was wet and my body went through a whole shower. Disregarding other people’s affection and PDA, I pulled my legs and rushed back.


The clean floor that was just mopped got wet and muddy again. I hurried to put things on the kitchen table and went into the bathroom with a bath towel.


Fortunately, there was still hot water. Standing there I still can feel the salty water running through my face. Maybe the shower broke.

The nurse always wipe my body when I'm in hospital, so today is my first bath after a long time. I feels refresh after taking the shower and decided to drying myself, and wrapping up my body with the bathrobe. I took out the hairdryer from the cupboard.


The hot wind was whirling in my ear. My hand went through the top of my hair. It was a little long, but it was pale blond, hard and a little prickly. It was not soft and green at all.


“Help me bring my pajamas.”


But Noone answer my question. When I though the possibility of not gonna hear someone or the sound of children laughing anymore and suddenly I feels rain on my cheek. Looking at the mirror I can see my tears out without warning.

"why am I here.." I sobs quietly.


After 3 months out of hospital I cried out my hearts and lungs.

Tears were endlessly gushing out of my tear ducts. Because I cried so hard, I was trembling all over. I wrapped my arms around myself and squatted uncontrollably on the cold wet floor.

For the first time in my life, I cried out of breath, my chest aching. I opened my mouth, but I could only make a choking sound. My stomach was like a ragged handkerchief, and with my cries, it tightly twisted together. I had no time to lift the toilet lid and vomited again in the dark.

All the unpalatable food that had been stuffed before came out, and I felt like I was finally spitting out my bile.

Remembering all the nurse stories, Todoroki's unkeep self, and the grieving face of the twins looking at their papa unmoving body pains my heart.

Why am I waking up after I got everything... 

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After cried myself to sleep, finally I can think more clearly about everything. The reason why am I so sad after realizing that I would never be able to hear a laugh of children and him, why my heart can't take it whenever I remember the twins vulnerable face is because they were practically my child and husband. Well more specifically mine when I'm in their mother's body.

Ten years ago, I was going to buy some soy sauce when someone called me. Since I was focusing on the telephone, I didn't see the traffic light changed and a car hit me hard and I guess the driver was into accident too after trying to not hit me. When I woke up after the accident, I was in a difference body.

I would think that just a sweet dreams if I didn't see the twins and their fathers. Well, with my own body now I don't think I can go back to them since I don't have any relationship with them.

After cleaning the house again, I I need to go and buy some grocery. So I go out after changing my clothes. It took me about 3 hours to get all the things that I need, and since it's 3 pm, I guess going to the park before go home is a good idea for exercise.

I was taking my time looking all the ginko tree when I hear someone sobbing. I was curious, so I went to see who is crying.

Behind the tree I can see a child with white hair crying while hugging his knee and some kind of something made from clay that slightly ruined.

I can't help myself and touch the silky-smooth hair and asking him "hi little snow why are you crying?"

The child go stiff and suddenly pounced me, crying so hard. I can't ask him what happened while he cry so hard, so I make myself comfortable and bring him to my embraced.

It's took a while before he finally opened his mouth and say something while hugging me.

"daddy was mean to me... Hiks hiks.. I... Just wanna gib.. Wanna gib my clay sculpture to papa... But he got angry and... Hiks... Hiks... And... Won't let me meet papa"

"is that why you trying to went to the hospital alone and got lost?"

"NO! I'm not lost! I just broke the sculpture.. And I'm sad. What if papa doesn't like it because it's broken now? Do you think my papa gonna hate me?"

The little one's voice was trembling when said that and he look so pitiful when realize that his father gonna hate him just because of the sculpture broke. I want to laugh but I can't.

Then I got closer and cleaning his face while saying" I guess you got the point wrong my dear, your papa won't hate you just because you broke the gift, but he sure gonna get mad and hate you if he know you won't listen to your father and go alone to a dangerous place..."

"ah!! You right! Papa gonna get mad at me if he know I wasn't listening to daddy! What should I do???"

Its always amusing seeing how yuki can changes alot expression whenever he panicked. His face can changed from red to white so fast. Then a l little laugh escape from my mouth. Ups, he gonna changes the expression again...

He always hate when people making fun of him..

"hey! That's rude!" he said while puffing his cheeks and one eye brow rising.

"oh I'm sorry, now you know what to do.. So you need to go home... do you know how to get home?"

"I do! But.. But daddy gonna scold me when I'm return. I don't want to go home now..“

Definitely, his father is the kind of alpha that super possessive about what's his. Especially his mate and cubs. I bet if we not go now he's going to tear the city apart just to search his kid.

"then how about I'll go with you? I guess that's much better then going alone right? Oh! But I guess you won't go with me since I'm a stranger... Hmm maybe take you to the police station is much better then.."

"no!!" he suddenly said "you should take me home instead take me to the police station.."

"but I..." am just a stranger..

"no! I know you are not a bad person. You're looks like my papa.. So I bet you are not bad person!"


What kind of logic is that. His papa is so small with fluffy hair and tender skin, which kind of trait that make this little cub said that. When I see his eyes twinkling like a stars, it's make me hard to refuse me. But if I go with him, his father gonna blow me up. Ughh, but those eyes..

We stared at each other for like 5 minutes and I lost and can only agreed on him.

Then he lead me the way to his home but I guess he just a child and to shy to said that he got lost. Fortunately I still remember his house so I carried him in one hand and the other one held the phone to let the candy cane know that his cub is OK.


It took one hour walking to get his home. It's surprise me that the little snow is able to walk that far from home just to meet his papa. He must be love him so much.

He was sleeping on my bosom when we get home, and like I imagine, his father was so worried that he actually waiting outside and I can see it all over his face. He almost roar to me if I don't gesturing him that the little snow is sleeping.

He took the little sow away from me, let a little growl out before say thank you and go inside the house.

See he really is possessive. Now let's go for cab to go home..