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A Prima Vista

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Music blasted in her earbuds, and Jiro Kyoka was ready for her first day at UA High School, a prestigious academy in the city. She was nearly to the campus, but she turned the music up after picking a suitable song to keep her momentum going. Kyoka had an eclectic taste in music, but today’s mood was comprised of hard drum beats, heavy guitar rifts, and blaring vocals. She bobbed her head rhymically to the song playing now, and took her phone out of her blazer pocket to pick the next song.

Suddenly, she felt the impact of a human body behind her, and everything happened quickly: her phone was sent flying out her hands (with the earbuds too, which were forcefully plucked from her ears), Kyoka stumbled forward, and she saw a blonde boy roll onto the grass off to the side. He looked up, dizzilly, asking her promptly, “whoa, I’m sorry. Are you okay?”

“Watch where you’re going!” Kyoka snapped, rubbing her ears, still tender from the collision. She heard a soft groan from the boy's direction, but figured it was more from pain than anything.

"I called out to you! I didn't realize you had headphones on," he explained as he stood up, before apologizing again, "my bad."

The boy picked her phone off the ground, and handed it to her directly, before continuing his run. She watched him for a few moments, but couldn't help but notice a slight limp.

"Thanks?" she said, too late for him to hear, examining her phone all over. The earbuds were okay, but she did notice a crack on the phone's screen. Kyoka frown eventually transformed into a scowl, and she could only let out, "for real?"

She looked up for the boy that had run into her, but he was nowhere to be seen. Kyoka had no idea who that boy was, but she'd be sure to give him a piece of her mind if she ever saw him again.

Still, the day was not completely ruined. She pressed play again, and hummed along to the song. Kyoka removed one earbud, just to be a little more aware of her surroundings.


Kyoka wasn't disappointed in her assigned seat, but it seemed awfully close to the board, since she was in the second seat from the front. The redeeming factor was that she was at least the second seat from the window, so her view was decent.

She introduced herself to some of her neighbors. Hagakure Toru was bubbly and energetic, excited to start her high school career. The boy in front of her, Shoji Mezo, was tall with a pointy pompadour. Despite his intimidating appearance, he was very friendly. He apologized ahead of time for his height, knowing full well he was too tall to be assigned a front-row seat. Kyoka didn't mind, but the two laughed it off.

Iida Tenya was a stern, bespectacled student who had the window seat next to her. They shared a brief conversation, but it was cut short when he went to greet the green-haired boy that just walked in.

Satisfied with the level of socialization she'd put herself through his morning, she took her seat and waited for class to start.

"It looks like we've got the pleasure of sitting next to each other," a voice said, to her right. She looked up to see the blonde boy from this morning. Not yet making eye contact, the boy continued, "try not to get too distracted by my good looks."

He stopped dead in his tracks when he finally looked at Kyoka. Taking a seat, he nervously did his best to continue his cool-guy facade, "I'm Kaminari Denki, and you must be...the cutie from earlier!"

Kyoka stared blankly at him as he gestured a finger pistol her way. She sputtered out a laugh, "There's no way that smooth-talk could work on a girl that saw you take a tumble like that this morning."

"Maybe you could say I was falling for you," Kaminari said with a flirty smile. He was fast on feet, she could see.

“Maybe you hit your head when you fell,” she quipped with an eye roll. She was quick-witted too, and the likes of this clumsy boy wouldn’t catch her off guard with some third-rate pick-up lines.

Their attention was drawn to the commotion in the front of the class, where Iida stood with the green-haired boy and a girl who’d just walked in. A tall, yellow sleeping bag loomed behind the three, and a man unzipped himself out of it, introducing himself as their homeroom teacher, Aizawa Shota.

“Everyone, get into your P.E. uniforms, and prepare for a physical fitness test," he announced, "it's not rational to waste a day away with simple things like orientation."

"What? A physical fitness test on the first day?" Kaminari interjected, his cheerful demeanor swapped out for a dissatisfied grimace. He looked over to Kyoka, who, in turn, looked down at her desk, so as to not look like she was staring. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw him leaning closer, and she felt a nudge from his elbow.

"Kind of a drag, huh?" he asked amicably, snapping her back to reality. Kyoka looked over to see a charming smile that nearly begged for a response.

"I guess," she responded apathetically to humor him. Other students got up, reluctantly, still deciding whether their homeroom teacher was serious, or if he just had a strange sense of humor. Kyoka followed suit, striking up a conversation with Hagakure and the other girls instead, since they seemed more pleasant than the flashy blonde.

Peering over her shoulder, Kyoka glanced at Kaminari to see him socializing with other students in the class. Introducing himself with a mix of fist bumps, handshakes, and peace signs, it was as she expected: he was a natural social butterfly. Kyoka wasn't socially inept, by any means, but she didn't go out of her way to be known by anyone and everyone.

But it was fine with her; perhaps Kaminari would bother her less if he had other friends. 

In the changing room, Kyoka familiarized herself with the other girls. She had already met Hagakure. There was Uraraka Ochaco, the girl from the front talking to Iida. Asui Tsuyu was laid-back, and wasn't one to mince words, but she was friendly. Ashido Mina carried a similar energy level to Hagakure, pumped about anything that came her way. Yayorozu Momo was a tall, orderly girl, suited for leadership, as she directed all of them towards the school grounds, where the testing would take place. 

The first event was the fifty-meter dash, and and everyone watched as Iida gave it his all, leaving his opponent behind with ease. Kyoka couldn’t imagine trying to follow that up.

“I can’t believe he sprinted like that,” Kaminari said, tying his shoe, addressing Kyoka, “would you?”

“Probably not,” Kyoka said with a chuckle, “it’d make sense to conserve energy at this point, since we don’t know what order the tests are in.”

“That’s true,” Kaminari agreed, “that, and you should already be tired by now.”

“How do you figure?” she asked reluctantly, now wishing she hadn’t said anything.

“You’ve been running through my head all morning,” Kaminari said shamelessly, with a grin.

“Laaame,” Kyoka replied, thought she couldn’t help but laugh at the irony that Kaminari had been running this morning.

Kyoka was next to run. Mentally, she picked a song to play in her head as she ran. She couldn't actually listen to music now, but the perfect song would set the cadence and rhythm of her run, allowing for a steady pace, but it’d also keep her spirits high. Aizawa blew his whistle, and Kyoka took off as fast as she could. She was calm and collected, hyper-aware of her breathing patterns. The wind howled past her ears, waxing and waning with each stride. In no time, the finish line was hers. With the first test going well, she wouldn’t let her momentum fail her. As she caught her breath, Kaminari walked up to her.

“Good work,” he said sincerely, “that was pretty awesome.”

“Thanks,” Kyoka said, returning a friendly smile.

Their conversation was cut short when Aizawa called his name out repeatedly, “Kaminari!”

“Well, I guess I’m next,” he said, making his way to startline with a few lunges to stretch first. The whistle chirped again, and  Kyoka was taken aback by his speed; he was faster than he looked, especially for how laid-back he was. He wasn’t faster than Iida, obviously, but that wasn’t something anyone could reasonably expect. She noticed the subtle limp in his stride, however, and was surprised he did as well as he did.


The final bell rang, and the first day came to an end.

Kyoka did fine on her other tests, which took up most of the morning until lunch. On the bright side, that only meant a half-day’s worth of class, but the downside was that everyone was tired from the morning. She looked to the boy next to her to see him in a dead-eyed trance.

“Oy,” she called out to him, waving a hand in front of his face, “you okay?”

“Huh?” he said, breaking out of his daze, wiping drool from from the corner of his mouth (stirring a laugh from Kyoka) before looking at her. He spoke monotonously, “It’s too much. Too much information.”

“I think I like this Kaminari better,” she said, laughing, “you’re funnier this way. I bet tomorrow will be even better, since it’ll be a full day of class.”

“Don’t remind me,” he said cynically.

"You'll be alright," she assured him with a laugh, "you can go home now."

"Maybe you can," he argued, "but I've got practice."

"Practice?" Jiro asked, unconvinced, "you're in a sports club?"

"It's just the cross-country club. It's no big deal" he answered glumly. Kyoka didn't mind running for sports, but it didn't sound particularly fun when running was the only aspect of the sport. 

"Cool," Kyoka said apathetically, sticking an earbud in her ear. Kaminari tried to get her attention before she put the other one in.

“Hey! I...never got your name earlier,” he said.

“Oh, I’m Jiro Kyoka,” she replied promptly.

“What should I call you?” he asked politely.

“I don’t know. Jiro is fine,” she said with a shrug.

“Can I call you ‘for dinner?’” Kaminari asked, without skipping a beat.

"Not without my number, you can't," Kyoka teased quickly. Kaminari's face lit up immediately.

"So you'll give it to me?" he said excitedly.

"No, don't count on it," she said, sticking her tongue out. She put her second earbud in, and waved goodbye. If Kyoka was stuck sitting next to Kaminari for the year, she'd at least have fun doing it.