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Totally Perfect. Totally.

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A group of five children were going down the street. The one in the front of the group, who was almost jogging and speaking about nothing and everything at the same time, a feat that was only possible by the local artist's son, PaperJam. He was holding the tip of the scarf that belonged to the person behind him who was seemingly deeply absorbed in his book and leeading them the way, Gradient, PaperJam's younger brother. In the middle there was a skeleton dressed in mostly gold and white, their half-brother, Palette. In the back, there was a skeleton with a red scarf and his older brother, Raven. While Raven seemed deep in his thoughts, his younger brother, Goth was happily chatting with Palette and PaperJam.

Soon enough, they arrived at their school and all splitted up, going to ttheir different classes. With PaperJam and Raven going to the ninth grade, Goth going to eighth alnog with Palette and Gradient going to seventh grade by himself.

Once arrived at class, Raven went to the back of the class and sat next to his new friend, Max. "Did you bring protection?" Max asked lowly.

Raven slowly looked around the classroom before reaching into his bag and bringing out a psitol. "Why do we need these anyways?"

"Just incase something goes wrong in the deal." Max whispered and pushed the pistol back inside the bag when the English teacher came in. "Just incase..."

"Just incase..." Raven muttered as well. "Just incase..."