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Sidney was annoyed of Lady Denham. First she was mocking Georgiana and now she was arguing with Miss Heywood and her opinion of marriage. Lady D. doesn't believe, that a young woman doesn't search for a wealthy husband.

He believed her and could not compared her with the other young ladies who surrounded him like flies, just because he was relatively wealthy.

Miss Heywood was pure and real. A little naiv maybe and little bit to frank but in a good way. Finally she spoke her mind freely and represented it as well. She was brave to say such things to a great Lady.
Sidney had to admit, that he liked her. Because of all of this, but also of her wit and kindness. Maybe also for her beaming eyes, her handsome face and this sweet pink lips.


After their goodbyes to Lady Denham, the rest of the party took a walk in the gardens. Crow walked slowly to catch up with Charlotte and Sidney was not unpleased to join them.

"So, Miss Heywood, do you really want to stay unmarried forever?" Crow asked.
"I never said that," she replied calmly.
"You only want to marry for true love, but nobody can marry for love, you have to take care of your future and your family."

„Mr. Crow, I assure you, my opinion will not change in this case. I only want to marry when I am deeply in love and hopefully my husband will love me deeply, too.“

„How could he not?“ Crow said what Sidney was thinking. Charlotte looked questionally up to him and Crow continued,
„You are a feisty, but a pretty young girl, so I believe you’ll find a husband who will loves you deeply.“ With a smirk and dirty thoughts written all over his face, Crow left them to catch up with Miss Clara.

Sidney shook his head at his friend's behaviour towards a young lady, but she didn't seem to understand the double meaning behind his words.


„What do you think?“ she asked him after a while. Taken aback he answered, the first thing on his mind „I daresay he is right.“
„of what exactly?“ she looked up at him with her big doe eyes, innocent almost shy smile and light blushing cheeks.
„That I have to marry a random someone for the sake of my future and my family“ she turned her gaze away „or that my future husband will love me deeply.“
Now he blushed, because her smirk in her eyes told him, that she understood the double meaning of Mr. Crow's words quite well.

„I... ehm... I guess both.“ She turned around to meet his eyes, and her smirk faded, but her blush turned even deeper and she bit her bottom lip.
Sidneys breath faltered in his throat and his heart beat faster. Oh, what's going on here?
Charlottes lips opened slightly and she licked them because her mouth suddenly dried at the sight of him. His eyes had almost turned black and she couldn't interpret the strange expression on his face.
He swallowed hard and she looked at his mouth, then at his eyes again.

A warm tickling sensation spread in her stomach and flooded her whole body. If she hadn't stopped walking, she probably would have stumbled over her own feet.

"Interesting." she mumbled with a strange expression on her reddened face.
Then she left his side to join Mary.


With big eyes he watched her and shook his head.
Later he will have to swim in the cold sea to be able to think clearly again. Getting the images of her out of his head will be a difficult task, because he was sure they would haunt him at night.