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A new family, a new life

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"Mr.Aizawa, we can't allow her to wear that, uh...that thing."

Eri looked over at the lady in the white coat, mr.Aizawa, and then the clothes in her hands.
It was a cute, colorful cat-themed outfit. She didn't know what cats were, but it was cute, Eri thought. It had many colors too. Like, green, yellow and...neon? Was that a color? She didn't know. She didn't know many things, actually. She didn't know how to read, write or count. She could only count to Lemillion. Le-million. Million. That was a number, right? And these clothes.....they were a gift, right? A gift mean good things. It should mean someone cares. So it might mean mr.Aizawa cares. She looked over at him. He was currently standing beside her hospital bed and seemed to huff at the nurse's comment.

"It looks fine." was the dry reply.

"It looks hideous!"

Hideous? How could the nurse tell it looked hideous? Should she think it was hideous, too? She didn't know.
But she didn't think she should. Does she… Does she Like it? ...Maybe. Maybe she likes the clothes. But the nurse doesn't.

Another nurse soon enters the room once the first one starts crying. The nurse frowns for a second at Aizawa and the clothes, before walking up to Eri with a warm smile."I'll take that of your hands until we found something better for you to wear, okay sweetie?" Eri nods. The people here have said she's safe here, that no one would hurt her. But she's still afraid to complain. Complaining got you beaten. Telling your hungry got you beaten. Crying would get you beaten. That's what she learned when she grown up with the bad men.

The nurse takes the clothes and walks out the room, the crying nurse
following close behind while telling the other to dispose of it.
Aizawa rolls his eyes. Eri takes this time to draw something.
Picking up a piece of paper and two crayons, she begins sketching something.

She tugs at Aizawa's clothes to get his attention and hands him the paper once finished. "For you. A gift." Her speech pattern was a little of. She was used to only nodding before. He took the paper and looked over it. It was a scribble of him. He nodded at her. "Thank you." his expression didn't change but Eri could tell he liked it. If he didn't, he would have throwed it away by now.

The nurse who took the outfit soon returned with a new one. "Here you go, honey" The nurse had said once handed it over to Eri. "Hope you like it." It was a white dress with a frilled collar and a red pinafore with two gold buttons on either side. They even got her a little red bag with floral pattern on one side.

Eri didn't smile.
But her eyes once empty seemed to light up a little bit like tiny stars.

She liked it.




(TW: This part may contain some elements/themes that may trigger some. Please read at your own risk.)


She screamed.

As soon as she woke up from that awful nightmare she screamed. Heart started racing and Tears started falling from her and wouldn't stop. She felt so nauseous. It was getting harder and harder to breath.

She was back at 'that' place.
Back at that awful, awful place. She was back with them.


With him.




Two nurses and one doctor rushed into the room after her scream to find her
curled up into a ball with tingling arms, followed by trembling. The doctor took out his phone in a attempt to call someone. One of the nurses tried to reach out to her. She saw her hand coming closer and closer while saying something Eri couldn't process.

Her horn had started growing.

In a attempt to avoid her touch and save the nurse, she falled backwards, hitting the cold floor and backing up against the wall. She was sweating but she felt so cold.
Her eyes were full of fear. She didn't wanna harm more people with this quirk
of hers.

Her chest hurt. It almost felt like she was dying. Her eyes were closing. She didn't wanna die! Make it stop! MAKE IT STOP!



There was sound in front of her.
Someone was sitting with here.
Her eyes were still closed. She was to scared to open them.

"Eri" A calm voice said. "It's okay. You're safe here. Take a deep breath in for four seconds." The voice said. She took a deep breath.

"One, two, three, four. Now let it out for four seconds. Repeat it."

And she did. She kept doing it. Her heartbeat slowly calmed down.

"There's nothing to be afraid of. It will go away soon." The voice continued.

It went on for awhile. The person in front of her never leaving her side as she started to calm down. She laid her head against the wall. Her body felt so tired. Warm arms wrapped around her and scooped her up.

Aizawa. His eyes were glowing red

"Mr.Aizawa….I-i'm sorry!"
Tears wouldn't stop coming out of her as she repeated the word a few times.

"What are you sorry for?" He asked

"I-i could have killed you! I could h-have killed you and the n-nice people here!"
She sobbed, clutching her shirt tightly,
But soon she let it go when she felt a kind hand take hers.

Red eyes met black ones.

"I'm not scared of you." He whispered.

And her eyes lit up once again.




As soon as Eri had fully calmed down, one of the nurses soon entered
carrying a chocolate bar and a glass of water.
Aizawa didn't leave her side that day.

Eri didn't smile. But she felt the darkness surrounding her disappear a little.

She was safe.




He grown attached.

That was the first thing he thought when he and Eri left the hospital. In the past weeks he visited her, she had slowly become more like a normal little girl. She learned it was okay to cry, that she was allowed to talk,
and that she was free. So he would make sure to give her a chance to be a child again.

He made sure to past the grocery before going home too, now that he had a new guest living with him.
He made sure to get a bag of apples too after learning she liked them.

Opening the door to his apartment, he went inside with Eri standing closely to his leg like a baby duck following
it's mother.

"Are you hungry?" He asked. She shook her head. Her stomach
said otherwise when it started rumbling.

"Alright, i'll go make you something. Would you like to watch tv in the meantime?" Eri nodded as he lead her over to the tv and put on a kid's show before returning back to the kitchen. Eri seemed to already be completely interested
in the colorful show currently going.

Opening the bag of apples, he took one up and began slicing them into pieces.
They just got home and he already looked like a dad making lunch for his kid.




She didn't feel loved.

Or rather, Eri didn't know if she did.
She got someone who takes care of her.
Someone who gave her a warm home
Someone who helped her when she was scared
Someone who kept her safe.

That should mean he loved her, right? That he cared for her like a...

Like a parent…?

She wasn't sure yet.
She always thought she had to behave and follow orders in order to be a 'good girl.'
So this was different.
Cause he never demanded anything. He just asked her.

Eri turns her attention to the tv.
It wasn't like anything she seen before.
It was as if someone's drawings come to life.
They moved, they talked and so on. It was..... fun.

Her eyes soon caught something coming out from a corner.
Her eyes widened in fear.
Quick as thunder,
She immediately jumped from the couch and ran to Aizawa in
the kitchen while pointing out at the hallway

"T-There's something there!"




Oh. right.

He forgot to tell her about the cat across of them right now.
Eri was watching it's every move like a scared mouse while clinging onto Aizawa's leg. It wasn't a surprise for him to see her so scared of it. After living isolated for years, she's never seen any kinds of animals like,
cats, dogs or bunnies before. "W..what is that?" Eri asked, staring with wide eyes.

"It's a cat. She's harmless." To prove his point, he walked over to the cat on the floor. As soon as he began petting the cat nuzzled into his hand and began purring. Eri watched. Her eyes went from terrified to curious.

"Would you like to pet her?" He asked her after a few seconds, giving out his hand for Eri to take. "I'll show you how." Eri paused. Then took her hand in his as he gently putted her hand on the cat's fur. The cat continued purring, clearly pleased.

"Warm…" Eri had mumbled while petting. It made him smile a little.

Eri felt warm. She felt at home.


Eri smiled.


At this moment, Aizawa Shouta felt like he was about to have a heart attack.

Seeing Eri curled up on the couch with the cat sleeping under her arm was something was that made him have a heart attack of cuteness. After taking a quick photo, he pulled a blanket over both of them. Making sure they both seemed to be okay, he went into his own room. The apples she could get later.