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The Corruption

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Ko was sent on a mission. A solo one. Rad and Enid where out on a separate one, so it was just him. His mission: infiltrate professor venomous lab.This was great! Maybe he’d finally level up! He snuck into box more, before finding himself in an empty room.
“Show yourself, Venomous!” Ko shouted. No answer. Then, the room filled up with smoke. Ko coughed, he couldn’t breath! Everything was going black..
Ko woke up in a white room. There was a mirror. He suspected venomous was hiding behind it. It was much like the goo clone room. Ko shuttered at the recollection.
“Let me-“ *he started throwing fore fists at the walls “ouuuuuut!!” He shouted, upset
“Oh ko~” said a voice. venomous’, voice “but then i couldn’t run my experiment here~” the villain continued, ko could tell by his voice he was grinning, dispite not being able to see him
“What experiment!?” Ko asked, looking around, panicked, his wristbands turning purple, tko shining through.
There was a laugh. An evil, evil, laugh. “This one.”
Then there was a sudden pain in kos arm. He looked at where it hurt. There was a needle, sicking out of his arm. A few drops of red-purple liquid left, the rest of it making its way into his bloodstream. Ko felt faint, as he collapsed, the world going dark once again.