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the Balcony

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The balcony seemed her way to escape of the heated and loud ballroom. Only when she went trough the curtain, she saw him. Big and beautiful in front of her. He looked at her with this beautiful deep brown eyes, and she felt her cheeks went red.

„Oh, I beg you pardon.“ She turned and were about to leave again, when his deep voice called her back.
„It’s not neccessary, come here.“
„Thank you.“ He looked at her in disbelief. How could she be so nice and sweet like a girl at same time like a breathtaking beautiful woman. After a while of silence, he tried to make conversation.

„Penny for your thoughts, Miss Heywood.“ Please talk to me, he thought.
„I needed some air. It is very full there and I am hot.“ Oh, yes, you are.
„And I thought, hard it is to make people out.“
„A particular person caused that thought?“ Maybe she was thinking of me? Her blush deepend, and he had to supress a smile, which fade as she answered,
„Mr. Edward Denham,“ oh dear god, no!
„and Miss Clara Brereton.“ he was a little confused,
„What have they done?“ Was she jealous?
"Both tried to convince me, but they were both talking in the most mysteriest ways."
„Convince of what?“

She told him what they were saying to her, and as he was confused. Then she also told him what she had seen on her way to Lady Denham.
Although she didn’t know what she had observed, he understood clearly and he didn’t knew how he could explain such things to her.
At least not in a ballroom full of people. He could imagine other places and what else he could teach her. Oh Lord!
He closed his eyes in disbelieve what he had just thought.

Or what to think about the whole story either. Lord Denham was a ...disgusting gentleman.
But Sidney managed to say, „You should avoid him and better look for other dance partners.“

She raised her eyes and smiled timidly. This shy smile hit him right in his heart, which was cold and broken, and he couldn’t understand why it suddenly filled with warmth.
Maybe because her eyes burned in his soul. Beating deeply his tortured heart began to stutter.
Their gaze locked for a moment. Her full lips parted, as if she want to say something.
Since a decade he hadn’t feel like this. A warm tingle all over his body.


And before he could think about it, he took her hand and led her back to the dance floor...