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Our Tangled Web

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“Awww, Ruru~ have you captured my heart?”


“W-what.... no. You-r-r st-stupid.”


Ink waggled his eyebrows at the glitch.


“Oh... hell... no. U-you did not just go there.”


“Hmm?? I haven’t gone anywhere though,” he said with an innocent look on his face.


Error summoned a Blaster, letting the beam gather slowly in a clear warning.

“don’t start-t shi-t you can-t finish.”


Grinning brightly, eye lights changing to a blue square and a sun, Ink rocking back on heels, hands behind back coyly.

“What makes you think I wouldn’t finish, Ruru? No need to get all flustered on me!”



Glitches sparked around Error’s body clearly as heat burned through him. In anger and frustration, not embarrassment. Never embarrassment.


Error glared, not about to acknowledge inks stupidity with an answer. Instead he blast an attack at the stupid guardian.  Then he opened a small portal behind himself, all the while keeping his glare locked on Ink.


Laughing, Ink pulled up a wall of black bones that drip ink into a puddle that he jumped into, knowing error liked to be sneaky sometime. After all, he couldn’t make it too easy on Error! He popped up to Error’s right, a grin on his face, eye lights a yellow triangle and a purple circle.

“Sorry, must have been too far to hear over all that glitching! I said don’t get all flustered on me, Ruru!” he said with an impish grin.


Smirking when ink vanished from his sight, Error chuckled to himself.

‘Did the idiot really just run?’ he wondered, ‘He he he...’

Then there was movement to his right and Error jumped away.

“Don’t call me that! A-an-d I wasn’t fl-lustered! You’re just S-stupid,” he snapped.


Ink did his best not to laugh. Honestly, Error was just too much fun to tease. He probably didn’t even realize his vocal glitching got much worse when he was flustered than when angry. It was adorable honestly. Error always made him think of a cat. Crossing his arms over his chest and cupping his chin with one hand, Ink put on a confused face, one eye light a white question mark and the other a green rhombus.

“Don’t call you what? Flustered? Huh, I was pretty sure that’s what it was called. How about embarrassed? In denial? Oh! I could call you cute!”



Stuttering out a frustrated groan, Error pressed the points of his flanges into the brow of his skull.

“Just shut u-up!”

He never took his eyes off the rainbow bastard, won’t make that mistake ever again.

Dragging one hand over his eye socket error pulled out a handful of strings and sent them flying at the other skeleton. If Ink wouldn’t shut up he would just have to gag him.


Ohhhhh!! Now this was more like it! Eye lights blinking merrily between several shapes and colors, grin spreading wider, Ink reached over his shoulder. Broomy came around in a whirl and a spin, ending by slashing through the strings coming towards him. As he danced away from the line of attack, he unconsciously started humming to himself. The song was some kind of nursery rhyme he was pretty sure but the words only needed a little changing. They popped into his head completely unannounced.

‘The glitchy, glitchy spider liked to scream and shout~’

‘The glitchy, glitchy spider’s adorable when he pouts~’

As the song continued in his head, his sockets widened, filled with exclamation points and suns. His hand flew up to hastily cover his mouth as he leaned on Broomy and tried to stifle the laughing fit threatening to overcome him. He needed to write that down on his scarf before he forgot!


With Ink cutting down and dodging his first attack, Error summoned more strings with his other hand and threw them at ink. Ink was going to dodge and then he would have the other lined up to hit with his blaster... until...

“w-what-t’s so F-un-ny?” 

Why was ink laughing!? Like he had just heard some punch line of his own private joke. With Ink bent in laughter, some of his strings found their target, wrapping around Ink’s middle and tugging the guardian into the air. Why did this bastard make no sense! First flirting, now laughter!? Error let the strings tighten more than was necessary. This was all a joke to this soul less bastard. Seething in anger, more glitches sparked over Error. 

Lining up his blaster at ink’s face error ground his teeth, “W-hats so Fu-n-ny!?”


Oh, shit! Oops. He’d let himself get badly distracted again. He’d made an involuntary little noise when the strings caught him and yanked him up into the air by his lower spine and the arm now trapped against his side. That didn’t stop the chuckles, even as he winced from the way the strings were starting to cut in some. Nor did it stop the mirthful tear from trickling lightly around his socket to run down his cheek.

Seems like he’d messed up. Error was actually mad now. Ah well, sometimes it couldn’t be helped. It was funny to watch the glitches roll across Error’s body.

Looking at Error with a green spiral and purple diamond in his eyes, he said, “Huh? You wanna know, Glitchy? It’s pretty funny!”


Did he really want to know... 

“yes...,” Error growled lowly.

His fingers twitched in irritation as he maneuvered ink closer to him and his Blaster. Then he finally smiled.

“Last words, before I blast you out of the multi verse. At least let me know what was so funny it was worth lowering your pathetic guard over, you bastard.”

He was going to kill this bastard. What part about any of this was funny?!

Sockets narrowing error powered up his Blaster until it hummed softly at the side of his skull.


Ok, he should probably actually think this through. It wasn’t like he hadn’t heard that threat before. He was pretty sure it came up in the last fight they had which was...

Oh! Blaster charging. Right, he needed to actually think carefully about how he was doing this. Luckily, Broomy was still free as was the arm holding it. Ink had been holding it close to keep Error from noticing and tying it up. If Ruru wanted to waste magic blasting at him, Ink wasn’t about to dissuade him.

“Honestly, it’s hilarious! Ready?”

Ink grinned cheekily at Error, eyes a clover and orange crescent. Opening his mouth he started to sing:

“The glitchy, glitchy spider likes to scream and shout,

The glitchy, glitchy spider’s adorable when he pouts~”

“He lines his nest with puppets, they’re disturbing but they’re cute~

The glitchy, glitchy spider can be a Creator too~!”


....... Oh... no..... he did.... not.....  

Not even the automatic pitched dialing tone in his skull that rang in reaction to this.... this..... [ERROR] was enough to block or delete this horrible song from his mind. It was horrible.... not at all funny. Error ground his teeth in reaction to a twitch at the corner of his mouth and instead let his Blaster fire right at that stupid smug grin on Ink’s stupid face.  Never... he would never be a creator. Stupid abominations.


Wow!! He really hadn’t been expecting to make it all the way through that song, even with how short it was. It helped that Error just about crashed in the middle but he’d recovered pretty quick. Now he was definitely going to need to write that down so he could tell Dream. His friend would probably get a kick out of it.

One small problem first was the Blaster firing at him. Ink twisted and gave Broomy a quick spin to cut himself free of the strings. He dropped away just as the laser passed over him. He thought he’d gotten away scot-free too!

Too late, searing pain laced up his left leg. With a yelp and a curse, Ink twisted again, painting himself a slide. He rapidly slid down it and rolled when he hit the floor. Getting to his feet again, painfully, he found an arch about six inches in length sliced out of his left tibia. Damn! That hurt.  He shot Error a hard grin before sending a wave of black bones flying with a wave of Broomy.

“See?” he teased, “Pretty funny, right, Ruru?”



Error let himself chuckle, not at the song, but because even though Ink had cut himself loose, his Blaster was still able to partially hit its target. 

“Yes... “

Error used his strings to pull himself out of the way of the flying bones before landing on a small netting of strings in the air like web of tight wires.

“I can see that you are dying with laughter you rainbow bastard. Jokes on you, so buzz off you insect. I’m done playing with you.”


“The only insect around seems to be you, dear Spider. And you’ve yet to catch me in your webs,” Ink countered.

His leg did hurt, but maybe, since Error hadn’t countered, he could take a moment to fix it. He painted himself a chest high wall and leaned one elbow on it, crossing his injured leg in front of the other. Stashing Broomy, but not taking his eye lights, a red diamond and yellow circle, from Error, Ink pulled out a smaller brush where he hoped it was out of sight. Casually, he reached down with it so he could swipe the brush over the injury.


“I-I-I’m not-t a sp-pider! And spiders are not even insects you idiot!” 

What the hell was this idiot doing?! That wall wasn’t even high enough to fully block Ink from his view. No, the extravagant creator made that useless piece of garbage just to mock him.... or... 

Sending strings down onto the other skeleton from above the guardian and sending a blast towards that pathetic wall error felt himself prickle. He can’t give the bastard time to pull some trick.


It was time to tuck and roll. Ink willed the slide to collapse into ink and dove into the resulting puddle, just missing getting injured or captured again. He’d managed to fix his tibia. He’d remake his legging after they were done playing. Though if it ended right, he could be making a lot of clothes over again.

Was Glitchy even in the mood to be convinced to be in the mood? The idea was appealing. Its partially why he’d started pestering Error in the first place today, spurred on by catching him destroying a stuffed soul with Ink’s name stitched on it. Though that probably meant Error was more annoyed then anything today, but sometimes that was the best time to try pinning him down and playing with him!

Trying not to laugh at the idea, Ink used Broomy to launch a surge of ink attacks up from the large puddle as he emerged. They splattered ink everywhere in sprawling lines, but Ink was hoping to catch his grumpy little spider.

“Eh, spiders, insects, skeletons, what’s it matter? You’re the one hanging from the ceiling.”

His eye lights changed briefly to a star and a pink flickering soul but then they changed again in the next blink.



Panting error looked around for Ink’s next attack. He had put too much magic into blasting out the wall thinking Ink was hiding a weapon. He jumped back at the first sign of movement and was glad that he had. All over his strings and splattered all around him across the white nothingness of the anti-void were long lines of ink.


That rainbow bastard could summon void knows what from any of those stupid blobs. He glared down at Ink as the other spoke and could have sworn he saw the flash of pink. No... he wouldn’t. 

“I told you to leave!”

He had to keep an eye on ink, but also on all the splattering of black around him. Any one of them could be an attack. To be safe error summoned two more Blasters. He would summon more.... but having already used up a large chunk of his magic earlier that day, he needed stop wasting magic. If Ink wasn’t going to leave after a few quick jabs back and forth, then getting the bastard to actually leave was going to be a real pain in the coccyx.

Stepping back further accost his strings error let his Blasters take chase towards Ink with blasts primed.


“Aww, but we only just got started!” Ink taunted.

Dang! He hadn’t managed to catch Error with any of those ink strokes! Still, he could work with this. He summoned his own Blaster under his feet using it as a spring board to leap higher as it opened its jaw to blast one of the two Error had summoned. Spreading both hands wide, he willed ink from the last attack to flow down along the strings of Error’s little web towards the glitchy skeleton. He could feel, in a detached sort of way, where the ink coated string. He could use it to break the strings, but that wasn’t really what he wanted to do at the moment. Instead, he decided to take a page from Error’s book of tricks.

“Let’s try something new!” He said cheerfully, eye lights changing to a green square and a light blue oval.

Still mid-leap, Ink curled his fingers into a claw like position and swept them in sharply towards his chest as if he was grabbing something. Thin black streams of ink shot up from the coated strings in response to the gesture, aiming right for Error from all sides.


“....... no. We aren’t starting anything. This is ending....”

Error watched as one of his Blasters was vaporized into nothing. He still had two left. Raising one hand Error’s eyes locked on Ink’s airborne form. Both of his remaining Blasters turned towards the Guardian, humming as they powered up.

New? Idiot....

The movement of ink’s hands were familiar... but it wasn’t... it was like his string attacks.  Error’s eye lights shrank and on instinct he stuck out his right hand with a wave. His Blasters turned towards him and fired just as the black threads grabbed hold of Error. He wasn’t able to stop all of the strings, but at least he was able to stop some. The feeling of his own attack... a twisted AU version of his attack TOUCHING him... Error could feel his bones tense.


“Error, don’t...!”

Ink’s sockets widened at the risky move. If Error wasn’t more precise with his control one of those two beams would have hit him! Then Ink would have been left with a hurt friend in need of healing and not play. Something like irritation flashed through him at that thought, changing his eye lights to a red crosshair and a purple diamond. 

Well, that desperate move had only blasted away the ink threads in front of and to the lower sides of Error. Threads from behind still connected and wrapped securely, if a little wetly, around Error’s arms and legs. Several connected with Error’s coat as well, drawing taught and pulling the grumpy, glitching skeleton down against his own web. Ink landed next to him on the web, just inside the ring of ink coated strings. Below, his Blaster took the opportunity to fire at another of Error’s Blasters while they were turned away. Then it chased after the last one, suddenly less interested in getting rid of its opponent. Ink, having semi-forgotten about the thing, ignored the ensuing chase.

“That was dumb, Error. I’d have seriously considered not fixing you if you’d hurt yourself with your own attack like that,” Ink said sternly.


Error didn’t fight the pull of the strings, allowing the wet binds drag him down onto his ink corrupted web. Arms out to either side of him, coat and shirt pulled slightly askew exposing a few disks of his spine and the slight upwards curve of his ilia. Error took the moment to breathe deeply and stare up at the sight of black ink coating the whiteness of the anti-void and blue strings to calm himself... and because he needed to think about his next move. Because he realized just how stupid that really was. He would have taken a hit, if it meant actually fully dodging ink’s attack, but to take a hit and then get caught...

At least ink sounded annoyed, which was always a plus. That might have made it worth it. Just a bit.  The look on ink’s face when the guardian came into his view made the glitchy skeleton grin sadistically. 

“O-oh?” Pulling at the binds on his limbs to test their strength error chuckled, “Well I did-dn’t hurt myself.”

Overhead, Error saw his last Blaster being chased like a play thing by Ink’s larger Blaster. The sight a little too similar to the current situation. Oh well... win some, lose some. He could lick his wounds later and come back fully charged and hit harder next time. That was there game after all.

“What do you want?” Error spoke almost deadpan.

Glitches rolled over his body as he locked eye lights with Ink. He would throw the rainbow bastard a bone... hehe, bone.


Ink...well he got a little distracted. He noticed the way Error’s clothes had been rucked up during the capture. Now he had a tantalizing expanse of black bone teasingly exposed. Mhmm... If Error didn’t glitch out, he made some really nice sounds when Ink ran his fingertips from the iliac crest to his sacrum. And if he wrapped his hand around that dark spinal column and pumped....

Ink was fingering the pink vial on his bandolier when Error’s eye lights caught his own. He blinked a few times, not quite processing the words at first. Then he grinned, eye lights a pink star and a white exclamation point.

“Oh! Hehe~ just a little fun, Ruru~”

He winked down at Error.


Error did not miss the distracted tracing of pale bones over the pink vile of paint, of all the colors to... He had known the rainbow bastard long enough to know when ink used that paint. That plus all the hits that Ink had been verbally sending his way, none hitting there mark until now. It was the sudden realization and not the wink that caused a shiver to move up his spine and magic to warm his cheeks.

“Ink.... “


Ink chuckled and moved to straddle Error’s hips, crouching down, not quite touching him. He put his elbows on his knees and cradled his skull in his hands. He leered down at Error, eye lights a pink spade and a green check mark. Seems someone finally caught up with the plan. That yellow flush looked really nice on him too~


He dropped one hand down and very lightly, teasingly, ran two finger tips up and down those few exposed vertebra.


Error glared, tucking his chin down against his collar to better keep his eyes on Ink as the bastard hovered just above his hips.

“Do your f-frien-d-ds know-w-w-!!” Glitches flared like tiny sparks both painful and... not, along the line of the other skeleton’s touches, “You’re a s-sadis-tic bastard!”

One touch should not have been enough to ignite his magic.... but with his shirt pulled up there was no hiding the glow of unformed magic gathering below.

“We’re not-t having s-s-ex,” Error stuttered out between clenched teeth.


Ink grinned wider, skull tilting more to the side as he watched Error react and try deny the way that little touch had affected him. His eye lights changed to an orange circle and a yellow pentagon.

“Oh, they don’t mind me,” he said off hand.

A rainbow flush had started to shade Ink’s cheeks. He really wanted to get to the good part of this now that Error was on the same page as him. He hadn’t even had any pink paint yet and he was already excited. Error was the only one who’d ever done that for him. When it had happened the first time, it had only added fire to Ink’s already probably unhealthy interest in the glitch.

“It’s been a while though, Ruru,” Ink purred.

His fingers trailed back down Error’s spine, just lightly brushing the top of his sacrum. Error had some fascinating shading going down along to the little holes in that bone. Was it the light or an actual highlight in the bone? Unable to resist, Ink ran the very tip of a phalanges teasingly around the circumference of the top most, right side hole.


Pulling harshly against the strings error tried to shift his hips away from the other’s invading touch, but at the moment his movement was limited to ether raising his hips or arching slightly causing his coccyx to dig into the web. He reacted with the latter when Error felt a sudden pleasure rush through him at Ink’s touch. Error’s bones rattled loudly with an emotion Error was not going to name. 

“Ink... d-don’t call me th-at. Don’t touch me.”

Moving his fingers Error tried to summon his Blaster back towards him. He would take a blast head on if it would also hit this bastard.


Ink almost pouted. Why did Error always make such a fuss even when it was obvious he enjoyed what was happening? That one distracted little touch had Error literally rattling in pleasure! Ink tutted softly. Such a stubborn idiot was his Ruru.

He was trying to decide just how to proceed when a loud humming, staticky whine had him twisting around. Down below the level of the web, Error’s one remaining Blaster had a beam charged and about to fire. Ink cursed, eye lights becoming a red skull and a red X. It was aimed right at him! But if he moved, the blast would still hit Error’s legs!  Was Error really going to be that stupid and stubborn?!

He only had seconds to act. He pulled a hand down in a broad sweeping motion, pulling ink from the ceiling of the anti-void into a crude shield. Too slow!! The Blaster’s gathered beam glowed brightly and then, with a terribly clacking sound, it fired. Ink shielded his eyes against the bright magic laser light. He felt the web tremble and slacken just slightly in some places.

“Huh? That doesn’t seem right,” Ink murmured, eye lights a green question mark and orange swirl.

He raised the ink shield only to find his own Blaster, which Ink had completely forgotten about, tackle Error’s Blaster with another horrible clack.  Ink blinked, his eye lights becoming a yellow exclamation point and teal hourglass, and laughed. It was playing too! But enough was enough.  With a snap of his fingers, his Blaster suddenly stilled in its chase and fired on the one remaining glitchy Blaster. Once it had splintered to pixels, Ink dismissed his own with a wave. Then he turned back to Error, resettling himself as he had been.

“That was your last one,” he pointed out, “Alright, for now I won’t touch.”

Ink made a show of raising both hands, fingers spread, but his eye lights were green keyhole and a purple oval. In response to the gesture, snapped ink coated strings swung under them and lifted to slowly start weaving themselves around and through the pretty little holes in Error’s sacrum.


Error’s mouth twitched when he heard the familiar hum of his own Blaster. It had its own distinctive hum that broke with the occasional crackle of broken code. This was going to hurt, but his Blaster would also serve to break some of the strings. Then he could free himself.  Error smirked with a deep satisfaction when he saw the look on error’s face when the other skeleton saw it was too late even for his last attempt to block the blast. 

Error braced himself for pain... but when he only felt the strings slacken slightly, Error knew he needed to act fast. Ink was distracted with whatever was happening below so Error began struggling in his bonds. The ones around his wrists still held firm, but he could bend his knees now, so he pushed up to shift slightly out from under the Guardian before the skeleton turned his attention back to him. At which point error froze sockets wide and eye lights shrunken. 

“Ahh nnn!” Error cried out at the sensation of whatever Ink was pulling with his body.

His voice splintered as he turned his head away and arched upward away from the invasion. Ink was using his... strings??!

“W-what t-the h-he-l-l-“

More magic sunk into his pelvis, unformed as Error fought to resist feeling anything. But his bones wouldn’t lie, they rattled louder than ever as his skull flushed with warm magic.


Ink’s eye lights both flickered to pink, one a pulsing soul and the other an exclamation point, watching Error’s delightful reactions. His cheek bones flushed almost completely to yellow and arching up so nicely that his shirt was falling away from his lower ribs. Too bad he’d been trying to sneak away or that sexy arching would have had him grinding up against Ink’s pelvis. Ink’s magic was eager and ready to feel good, but he was waiting to see if Error would break first and form something. Certainly, there was more than enough magic gathering there to bring out something.

Another advantage of Error arching so beautifully was that while his body moved, his shorts did not. The hold of the ink coated web meant that the fabric slid further down Error’s hips, enough so that Ink could see the black strings winding through the black bone of Error’s sacrum. Hmmm... No, he wanted a better contrast then that. Something that made Error feel so very good and make such wonderful noises deserved to be seen.

The answer came to him in a flash. He let the strings tie themselves into bows at the top and bottom of Error’s sacrum and then let his ink eat through the extra leading back to the web. Then he let the ink flow away, leaving a striking blue string lacing its way through Error’s black bone. The rainbow flush on Ink’s cheeks darkened. Oh yes, that looked nice.

“It’s just a little lacing, Error,” Ink said lightly.

Ink started pulling off his scarf and bandolier. He was still wearing way too much for where this was going. Though he paused to run a finger firmly along Error’s pubic symphysis.

“So does this mean I get to choose what we’re playing with~?”


Pressing his face into the scrunched up fabric of his hood Error fought with his control. Between the building pleas—- sensations in his pelvis that had pushing closer to the edge without ever having formed any genitalia and the noises he was trying and failing to keep suppressed, Error was losing the energy to fight it. When the slow drag of string pulling through his sacrum finally stopped error fell back against the netting below with a needy whimper. His body limp as he shuddered and glitched between breaths. He didn’t know when tears has started to bead in his sockets but error felt the trail of magic drip down his cheek bone as he turned his face out of the fabric of his hood to look at Ink.

The other had already begun undressing.... one word... one word...


Swallowing down the not moan, Error shook his head. He didn’t trust his voice at the moment.


Ink’s eye lights cycled rapidly through shapes, though the colors stayed in shades of pink and yellow, taking in Error. The little glitching shutters, the flush of his cheek bones, the tears in his sockets, clothes disheveled and just not quite pulled off those bones he only sometimes got to play with; not to mention the bright blue glow of magic shining and swirling in Error’s pelvis. It all made such a beautiful picture that Ink wanted to stop and sketch Error right then and there. Except for the small fact that he knew it would get better. And his own magic was pressing him do something to relieve the mounting physical desire. But he didn’t really want to unbind Error either.

Pulling off chest armor and shirt, Ink tossed them away, leaving him bare bones from the waist up. He needed to feel more, wanted to feel more. He should sip his paint, but... Scooting up, Ink leaned down, bracing his elbows to either side of Error’s skull. From there it was only a few scant inches to press his teeth against Error’s. The magical spark of the kiss was just as amazing as it always way.

Pulling away just a little, Ink whispered, “You have your word, if you really mean it, Ruru.”

Then he pressed back in for another kiss.


His eye lights darted around the anti-void. He didn’t want to see those porcelain ribs, cracked and tattooed with ink...  Anywhere else in the anti-void would do until Error felt the shift of weight in the strings holding them both up and his entire sight was filled with ink. Sockets widening Error pulled on the strings binding his wrists harshly. Fresh beads of magic gathered in the corners of his sockets. The bite from the string cutting into the magic of his joints wasn’t enough and Error felt himself melt at the press of teeth against his own. Opening his mouth slightly to shudder out a sigh error let one of his tongues slide against the other’s teeth.

Error didn’t pull the tongue back as ink pulled away, the magical appendage more honestly wanting to follow the other skeleton. His resistance was falling like the drops of magic that spilled out of his socket.

One word....

Fuck it.  Moaning into the second kiss, Error arched his pelvis up against the other. His magic was hot between his femurs but so was Ink’s. This was mutually beneficial, though he was at a disadvantage by already being so keyed up that his bones continued to rattle with shivers. Anything he formed he wouldn’t be lasting long. Better to make something that could cum multiple times... though coming first and then telling Ink to finish himself would also be satisfying.

“Aahh... fuck.”

Contact stung as glitches rolled over where Error pressed his pelvis against the other, but Error needed it.  Deciding meant he wanted this... he wasn’t ready to give in. Even if it hurt to still hold back. Kissing... didn’t count.