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Honey Just Put Your Sweet Lips on My Lips

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Honey Just Put Your Sweet Lips on My Lips

Chapter 01

Stiles wakes up in a funk on a sunny Thursday morning, he goes through his usual routine for the day disposition off for no other reason than he simply woke that way. He grabs breakfast and watches cartoons instead of joking around with Scott as he always stays at Isaac's Wednesday night and doesn't usually show back up until at least evening after his shift at the veterinary clinic the following Thursday.

After breakfast he heads to the library to do some research for his current book, he prefers the change of scenery from sitting at his desk in the apartment all day. It also help when he wakes up like this, the change lifts his mood some. Stiles is working on a supernatural romance novel, some claim its pure drivel, Scott who hasn’t even read one, but Stiles loves it and it sells well. Plus he knows actual supernatural creatures so his book isn't completely bullshit.

Stiles is sifting through some old dime romance novels for research he tells anyone who questions but he loves to read them just as much as write them. A slip of newspaper slips out, it's old, some of the words missing including the recipes title, it is a vague recipe but it sounds interesting and baking always helps him get out of his funk so he slips it into his pocket.

Stiles spends a few hours at the library before heading to the grocery store. He picks up all the ingredients from the recipe in his pocket and several more he thinks might make it even better. He grabs stuff for several other pastries he has planned over the next week and stuff for dinners and snacks before he's ready to check out.

The cashier doesn't even bat an eye at the exorbitant amount of food, used to Stiles ever growing amount of groceries. She simply grabs some coupons she has stashed behind the counter and scans them so he gets some discounts. Stiles thanks her and pays, a bag boy helping him out to his jeep and he promises to bring a tin by if his new recipe works out.

It takes him nearly an hour once he gets back to unpack everything and put it all away. Stiles wants to start on the recipe right away but he sticks to his schedule, makes himself a snack and heads to his small office to write for a few hours.

When the natural light coming in from the window fades Stiles decides he's done for the day and retires to the kitchen. He checks his phone to a text from Scott saying he is staying over at Isaac's for a second night but will be back for clothes before the pack party he is going to on Friday.

Everyone checks in with Stiles these days, he worries too much if they don't and given how often people disappear his worry is justified. The last time someone didn't check in with him they had indeed been kidnapped by that week's big bad. After finding out about the supernatural it seemed like they were dealing with something new every other week in the beginning. Luckily things have settled down some and the big bads don't show nearly as often.

Despite the fact that he is literally magic, which had been a shock to discover, he is not a wolf and therefore not a part of the pack and has never been invited to the Hale house. He has met the alpha Talia once, right after the Hales came back to town but most of his and the others pulled into the supernatural by that rogue alpha that bit Scott deal with and defer to Derek. It bothered him some at first but then he decided that Derek and Cora are plenty to deal with and he doesn't mind not having to deal with more of them. Even if he does now consider the two family, they can still be a handful.

Speak of the devil, Cora is letting herself into the apartment through the window as he's half way through another batch, this one with more sugar and baking soda. "I gave all of you keys for a reason, the neighbors used to think I was continuously being robbed." Stiles snips, the sheriffs' department now calls him to check before showing up to a reported break in at his apartment. Being the sheriff's kid is good for somethings.

"I just like reminding you of the good ol' days when you still lived at home." Cora gives back as she closes the window and descends on the nearest pile of cooling pastries. Stiles doesn't mind, as none of the batches have been to his satisfaction yet. "New recipe?" She asks with her mouth full.

"Yeah found it at the library." Stiles tells her as he folds the dough he's working with.

"Little bland, needs something." Cora tells him looking contemplative.

"Yeah I know that was the second batch, try the ones on the coffee table, I started adding honey with that batch." Stiles starts cutting the dough into squares.

"Better but still off." Cora tells him eating three in quick succession. Stiles hums in agreement already knowing this. They still aren't quite right as he places the squares on a baking sheet, then into in the oven.

"Where's Scott?" Cora asks making her way over to another pile closer to him.

"Sleep over at Isaac's again." Stiles tells her grinning widely as he pops one of the pastries that has vacated the oven most recently into his mouth, he needs to add some salt next. "How was work?" He asks as he grabs the remote and turns on a streaming service.

"Boring." Cora says snagging the remote so she can choose what's put on. "Had lunch with uncle Peter, take out form that fancy French place on 9th." She tells him, Stiles nods despite never having met her uncle Peter, Cora has spoken of the man many times before.

"And?" Stiles is curios has wanted to try that place for a long time, but he couldn’t see paying that much for food he could probably make.

"It was good, not worth the price tag through. Peter wasn't pleased with it." Cora admits clearly finding her uncles annoyance amusing. "Had a chocolate torte for desert, it was really good but I bet you can do better." Cora tells him, watching him as he pulls the latest batch form the oven.

"Of course I can do better." Stiles agrees distracted as he piles the fresh batch onto some waiting cooling racks. "Should I?" He asks aloud but Cora doesn't answer. She knows by now that he is just talking to himself. "Yeah I'm going to do that next week." He throws one of the fresh ones at Cora who is smirking having mentioned the torte with this desired outcome.

"Still missing something." Cora says after she's eaten it and is already getting up to grab another one. "Close I think though."

"Salt I need to adjust the salt." Stiles stars measuring ingredients out for the next batch.

"What are you going to do with all of these ones?" Cora already knows she's going to be taking bunches of them home with her.

"You pack them up, you can take them." Is Stiles’ automatic response.

"You should send some with Scott tomorrow." Cora says hopeful.

"Maybe." Stiles tells her with a little frown. "If there's enough." He concedes.

"There will be." Cora laughs, there's always more than enough. She packs up nearly all of the batches that had been made before she got here. "Kira and Malia are going to love these, and so will the rest of the pack." The werewolf tells him kissing him on the cheek before she heads out the door this time instead of the window.

Stiles just shakes his head as she leaves and continues with his pastries.


The first time Peter really pays attention to the name in years is when Isaac brings his boyfriend to a pack dinner. Scott looks nervous having only been here a few times for pack dinners after having been bitten by a rogue alpha and never before as Isaac's date. The man is holding a large covered tray that smells of sweet honey and sugar and Peter has never been more curious about a covered dish.

"Scott's roommate Stiles made some desserts." Isaac says excitedly as he pulls the dish from Scott. Scott immediately looks like his only form of protection has been stripped from him. Peter vaguely recognizes the name he's heard it a few times over the years, but as Stiles isn't a threat he has never paid much attention.

"He always makes a bunch when he's trying out a new recipe and when I mentioned the party he insisted we take some." Isaac says happily ignoring his boyfriend’s distress as he hands the dish over to Talia.

"They smell delightful, you'll have to be sure to thank him for us." Talia says all grace, her words directed at Scott in an attempt to get him to relax some.

"He'll be happy." Scott says softly and nearly jumps out of his skin when Derek brushes past him going for the covered dish.

"Stiles made these?" Derek questions like he's double checking he heard right and practically salivating as he reaches for them. Peter takes even more interest in what that dish holds because this is the most lively he's seen his nephew since before he nearly got them all burned alive all those years ago. He's not sure if his interest should be merely curious or alarmed given his nephews less than stellar track record.

"They're for dessert." Talia holds the dish away from her son, who looks after it longingly as it disappears into the kitchen with his mother.

"What he make?" Derek asks turning on Isaac and Scott looking ready to dig in till he gets the information he's seeking.

"I don't know what they are called but they are really good." Cora calls from her seat near Peter looking smug and the curiosity is eating at him. Derek turns his glare on her and advances which surprises Peter and a few other relatives scattered about but neither Cora, Scott, nor Isaac seem to think this is anything but ordinary behavior.

"When did you get some." Derek practically whines shocking Peter as Cora snickers and then proceeds to make patronizing cooing sounds at her older brother.

"I stopped by last night while he was on maybe batch number seven I think, he didn't like any of the batches before that so they were all up for grabs." Cora says grinning. "He started number eight or nine before I left, so I brought some back to the apartment so Malia and Kira could have some too. Good for breakfast, it's almost like a donut and it melts in your mouth." She looks a little lost in memory at the end. Peter is trying to wrap his head around the fact that Derek looks like he might cry at not having any.

"I knew I should have stopped by last night, but I was tired." Derek whines as he flops down into a seat and Peter is pretty sure a tear actually falls from his eye. "Stupid sleep." He grumbles.

"Don't worry Derek I'm not sure how many batches he actually made but the apartment was still covered in them. He's taking some by the hospital and the sheriff's station but he will still have plenty left. Stiles was a sleep in a pile of them when I came in this morning." Scott reassures shaking his head fondly relaxing at the familiarity of the conversation.

"Good." Derek grumbles still pouting and making a pained sound as Malia comes in stuffing something into her mouth that Peter is almost positive is the result of this Stiles going by the smell. "Mom said those were for desert!" Derek accused sounding like he is six instead of thirty-six.

"I brought them from the apartment." Malia says petulantly and pulls another from her pocket and stuffs it in her mouth.

"That is highly unsanitary." Peter can't help but comment, frowning at his estranged daughters manners. She simply flips him the bird before heading toward the kitchen likely in search of what's for dinner. Derek just makes a pitiful noise next to him that has the others laughing.


Dinner as always is a loud affair, with not just the main Hales that live in Beacon Hills but also the bitten wolves that show up from time to time. There is always plenty of good food and none of it ever ends up going to waste. Peter nearly forgets all about the covered tray that Scott and Isaac had shown up with until it's being uncovered and the smell has his full attention again.

Cora is closest to the tray being that she is the one who uncovers it and snags the first puffy golden brown square of dough followed closely by Derek who grabs four before he is being swatted away by Laura. Laura snags one for herself and as soon as it's in her mouth she is grabbing several more and moaning around the first one. After that it turns into a free for all, and not everyone gets some.

"These are so good, where did they come from." Laura asks being kind enough to share one with her fiancé but she swats his hand away when the man tries to go in for her last one. Peter is fuming in a corner and trying to decide if he should risk trying to snatch it himself. He did not manage to get one having deemed himself to dignified to join the fray. He regrets that decision as he watches the last pastry disappear into Laura's mouth.

"Stiles made them." Scott tells her proudly, he's practically beaming significantly relaxed after having been fed and then partaking in the pastry.

"Does he make them often?" Laura is hopeful and by the smell coming off the rest of the pack they are just as hopeful.

"This is a new recipe, but he makes loads of things." Scott tells her happily. "He made opera cakes last week, and there was a batch of cinnamon scones on Wednesday." Scott adds.

"He made the scones?" Isaac sounds offended as Scott turns nervous again. "Why didn't I get a scone?" Isaac is eyeing his boyfriend with suspicion who now looks sheepish on top of nervousness.

"You were supposed to get some." Scott admits timidly.

"OooOoo someone is in trouble." Cora calls from the next room practically cackling.

"Cora!" Scott whines momentarily forgetting his nervousness.

"You ate my scone!" Isaac accuses not even slightly amused as he gets up to leave.

"I'll get you more scones he already said he'd make them on Sunday when you come over!" Scott assures as he grabs his boyfriends arm this seems to appease Isaac somewhat, though he still looks miffed at Scott. Peter takes note of Sunday and immediately has plans to be there, he knows where Scott lives, he knows where everyone lives it's his job to know these things.

Having secured information that will lead him to a pastry in his future he disappears into the kitchen. Talia hasn't ordered anyone to do the dishes yet and everyone's still lazing about after having eaten so it's deserted. Peter finds the tray he is looking for easily and there is residue on it left over from the pastries, running a finger through it he pops it in his mouth.

Peter is delighted by the taste and his disappointment over not getting one skyrockets as the flavors dance across his taste buds. He's turning to leave before he gives in to the brief desire to lick the tray clean. He mutes his desire by swiping his finger over the tray again and popping it back in to his mouth. As he fully turns around it is only years of practice that keeps him from going wide eyed as he catches Malia looking at him from the door. She's shaking her head at him before turning and disappearing again.


Stiles wakes up insanely early to Derek Hale looming over him in bed. He rises with a shout narrowly missing hitting the werewolf in the face. "What the fuck Derek?" Stiles gasps out clutching his chest.

"You're making scones, I brought supplies." Derek tells him looking both sheepish and hopeful. Stiles almost misses the days when Derek couldn't stand him and didn't talk more than he had to. Well maybe not but he could do with something in between that and the mans near obsession when it comes to the food Stiles makes.

"Not at whatever time in the morning this is, we've talked about this." Stiles groans and lays back down pulling the blanket over his head. Derek huffs and instead of leaving him alone gets under the blankets.

"What are you doing?" Stiles questions mind foggy, turning to look at the werewolf making himself comfortable.

"I'm going to take a nap while I wait." Derek says like it's the most logical thing in the world, it kind of is. Stiles just sighs and snuggles back into his pillow and gets comfortable. This isn’t the first time this has happened, and unlike the first time it happened he isn't going to let it keep him from sleep. Besides he should be getting used to it, it's been happening more and more over the years. Derek spends more time at Stiles apartment than at his own home.


When Stiles wakes up a few hours later Derek isn't the only one who's decided to occupy his bed. Malia and Cora have joined what Stiles likes to call puppy piles despite lots of protest over it. He’s positive the protest is just for show.

"Morning." Stiles mumbles smiling, he's used to waking up to Malia and Cora commandeering sections of his bed on the regular. He's actually surprised it's only these three as the rest of the bitten wolves have a habit of showing up and snuggling in especially on Sunday morning. Stiles assumes they either aren't here yet or are lounging around the apartment, he suspects Kira is watching TV on the couch as usual.

"Morning." Cora whispers back from his right, Malia grumbles from between them her head resting against his stomach with her face pressed into Cora. Derek on his left has at some point while he's been sleeping thrown an arm over Stiles chest and is still sleeping, breathing softly against his neck.

"Who all is here?" Stiles questions quietly not wanting to disturb the werewolves still sleeping.

"Kira is watching Voltron in the living room and Isaac and Scott are still sound asleep." Cora tells him rubbing her cheek against his. "When did Derek get here?" She asks a laugh in her voice.

"Ass o'clock in the morning, nearly scared me into an early grave." Stiles says without any real heat.

"He was disappointed he didn't come over on Thursday so he could get some of the donut things before Friday." Cora tells him grinning. "Derek was practically whining over having to wait till after dinner. Thank you for sending them, everyone who got one loved them."

"Not everyone got one?" Stiles is surprised, he thought he'd accounted for the werewolf metabolisms when he packed them.

"Everyone who got some grabbed a bunch." Cora confides looking a little sheepish she had grabbed several more after her first one despite having had plenty from the subpar batches.

"Peter didn't get one and he ended up licking the plate." Malia whispers snickering as she turns over and rubs her face into the human stomach she finds there. Back in high school this would have turned him on and scared him at the same time, but things have change over the years and he takes comfort in it now. These oddballs are his family.

"Uncle Peter would never" Cora scoffs but laughs a little at the thought.

"He did." Malia insists a growl following.

"She's not lying." Derek says barely awake, pulling Stiles closer so he can press his face more firmly into his neck seeming disinterested in the conversation as a whole. Malia lets out another little growl as Stiles is pulled away from her. Following after she wraps her arms around Stiles' waist burying her face back into his stomach. Cora follow wrapping around his upper half and Malia getting comfortable.

Stiles lets it happen for a few minutes basking in the warm feeling being snuggled by the wolves gives him before he needs to get up. "Not that this isn't lovely but I have to pee." He announces, no one moves and Stiles sighs. "I guess no one wants scones." Stiles blinks and he's the only one left in the bed, laughing he gets up and heads to the bathroom.


Stiles makes the first torte Sunday night because Cora insists on getting the basic ingredients for him once he finds a recipe he likes. He lets her because the Hales are loaded and he's doing well but feeding werewolves is expensive. It's a good recipe but as soon as it's being devoured by the wolves present he's already working on what he wants to change.

Derek is still there after everyone else leaves and Scott and Isaac have retired to Scott's room. He drags Stiles away from the kitchen at two pushing him toward the hall leading to the shower as he cleans up.

"Thanks Der." Stiles mumbles tiredly headed to get ready for bed.

Stiles is lying in bed starting to drift when there is a body crawling under the covers and crowding into his space. Derek throws an arm over him and buries his face in his neck just like he'd ended up doing earlier this morning. Stiles would question it but he's tired, he doesn't mind the company, and it becoming a growing occurrence is something he can live with. He always sleeps better with his wolves close by.


Peter doesn't end up making it to his pastry destination that Sunday as Talia sends him to take care of a dispute with another pack. He doesn't return till Wednesday midday and he is in a worse mood than he was the Friday before when he missed out on the first pastry.

Peter is just trudging through the door of the main house when the smell hits him. Chocolate is the most prominent off the bat and he closes his eyes scenting the air as he fallows it toward the origin. His journey leads him to the kitchen where he finds Talia, and several other women of the pack.

They all look at him with amusement he looks around the table searching for the source. He spots the last of it as it's disappearing into his eldest sisters Margot’s mouth and he visibly deflates at once again having missed out on pastries.

"Stiles out did himself this time." Erica croons looking at Peter knowingly while Cora snickers and the rest of the women agree. Peter just glowers.

"How was it?" Talia asks sipping a cup of coffee.

"It's resolved." Peter says curtly taking a cup of tea that Cora passes to him, milk stirred in just the way he likes it. Talia doesn't press for more because what he does for the pack as left hand is not for public consumption. "I'm surprised Derek isn't here whining after these pastries." Peter says to change the subject and find out more about the pastries and their maker.

"He was eating one when I left Stiles' apartment with these, it was his sixth one." Erica says with mirth. "He was a moaning mess with chocolate all over. You know if I were a single gal I'd of helped him out with that." She says lecherously wagging her eyebrows. Laura makes a gagging noise, while his eldest sister pulls a face, Talia is unfazed.

"Maybe Stiles will help him out with it." Cora adds smirking.

"I'd watch that." Erica says grinning widely.

"Can we not talk about Derek like this?" Laura asks with a frown.

"No please go on." Peter says with a bored tone, feigning disinterest. He wants all the information he can get on Stiles the baker. For his future with baked goods, that's all it is surely.

"Oh calm down Laura, were only joking around." Cora says with an eye roll, sighing and she sounds a little disappointed, like she wishes she wasn't joking. Peter isn't quite sure, he doesn't detect a lie but his curiosity only grows.

"Yeah." Erica agrees and she actively looks sad about it. "They'd be hot together." She tacks on grinning again and getting a churros of groans from several of the women at the table.

"Let's change the subject, where did Stiles get this recipe. I'd love to have it." Talia questions.

"Found one in a cookbook he liked and then fiddled with it till he was satisfied. The first he made was good but they only got better as he went on." Cora says gleefully.

"You and Derek spend a lot of time over there?" Talia says questioning and eyeing her daughter.

Peter's never really thought about it but they've been entwined tightly with the human since they came back all those years ago. He takes a deep breath and has to really focus to pick out what he's looking for, the scent so entwined with his niece that it hasn't been outright detectable in years. Peter knows Erica and all of the other bitten wolves that were teenagers when they first came back carry that sent to a degree. He doesn't know how he missed this, it's his job to know things but the scent even now calms instead of worries.

"Have been for years mom." Cora states like its blatantly obvious, and it is neither has ever hidden their interactions with the human.

"Perhaps I should meet him properly." Talia says and it's not a request, not really because a little bit of her alpha voice slips through. Cora purses her lips in a frown but nods.

"You could have meet him anytime, it's not like he's against it, house rules are the only reason you've only seen him the once." Cora says and she sounds insulted on Stiles' behalf. The rules are there to protect the pack put in place when they'd come so close to being burned alive.

"You're going to love him, he's always got pastries around." Erica cuts through the tension. "Plus if he likes you he'll pretty much go out of his way to make your favorites." She says excited all over again. Peter feels excited too, both at the prospect of sweets and at finally meeting Stiles.

"Soon." Is all Talia says as Erica launches into tales of other sweet treats the human has made for them over the years. Cora eyes her mother but doesn't press more at least not for now.


Later that evening when Talia calls Peter into her office he isn’t really surprised when she ask him to look into Stiles. She's worried and even though Peter is normally the suspicious one he somehow doesn't think the information gathering is warranted. He agrees anyway, she doesn't need to know he was already planning to look into the man to satisfy his own curiosity.

When Peter heads to his own office he pulls up a file on his computer one that he hasn't touched in years. One that contains all the information he'd once dug up on Mieczysław Stilinski when they had first moved back to town. The pictures with it is blurry and outdated just like the information the file contains but it is a good starting point.


When Cora shows up on Thursday she is already in a bad mood. Derek's already at the apparent eating the last of the torte, the only time he's actually left since he showed up Sunday morning was when he had to work. Stiles is trying to figure out exactly when Derek accumulated this much stuff in his apartment. Scott just keeps saying he needs to start paying rent but he's mostly joking.

Stiles is on the couch flipping through an old tome he acquisitioned from Deaton's office earlier that afternoon. He's finding the book talking about magic in conjunction with plants very interesting. Stiles likes plants, back during the summer before serious year they'd put a greenhouse behind his childhood home. It took up nearly half of the back yard and broke a few building codes but Stiles makes sure the sheriff’s department has any plants they might need so his father doesn't complain much.

"What's up growly?" Stiles questions as Cora practically collapses into him and the couch, the tome narrowly escapes hitting the floor. She humphs into his shoulder and then starts speaking but it’s muffled and not a single word is intelligible to him or Derek. "I'm going to need you to try that again." Stiles rests his cheek briefly against her head.

"Is there any of that torte left?" Cora questions when she finally removes her head form Stiles shoulder.

Stiles glances over at Derek who hurriedly sticks the last bite in his mouth looking anything but remorseful. "Sorry but no." Stiles says shaking his head fondly at Derek. Cora glowers at her brother who just sticks his tongue out at her. "So what's wrong?"

"Ugh what isn’t wrong." Cora says dramatically throwing her arms up. "I woke up late because I accidentally broke my alarm." This is a normal occurrence, Cora 'accidentally' breaks her alarm once a month but the other two occupants don't bring that up. The expense of replacing her phone is why she uses an actual alarm clock, cheaper in the long run.

"I had to skip lunch because my entire schedule got thrown off. After work when I finally went to get something to eat at that café on third." Cora ignores the pained noise Stiles makes at the mention of the café, he swears that place is one of his mortal enemies, the café itself not one of the employs. No amount of arguing will get him to change his mind and he has a multitude of stories as to why the building itself is evil, this stops no one but him from going there.

"Heather came in." Cora is delighted for all of a second but it quickly fades as she continues. "She was on a date with some woman from a town over." Cora has been mooning over Heather since they were in high school and despite many of her friends and family telling her to go for it she has never made a move.

"Then as I am leaving I run into some woman and her coffee spills all over my new light gray suede heels." Stiles pats her head sympathetically cooing as Derek turns on the TV ignoring the glare they both shoot him. "She gave me her number and said she would pay for them to be cleaned but still crap day, and Derek ate the last of the torte." She continues the last bit turning into a whine and Derek no longer looks sheepish just smug.

"Well I don’t have all the ingredients left for the torte but I made blueberry muffins this morning and I managed to hide one away for my dad, but you can have it." Stiles tells her and she lights up while Derek makes a disgruntled noise. "It's in the vegetable drawer hiding under the kale Isaac bought last week because he wanted to feel healthy." Cora is off the couch and digging around in the fridge before he finishes his sentence. Derek just gives him sad puppy eyes which Stiles ignores.

"You know where the plates are." Stiles points out as her turns to see Cora hunched over the sink eating her muffin. He's grateful that she at least has the sense to eat over the sink he doesn't want to have to mop the floor twice in one day. She replies but with her mouth full it’s once again unintelligible and Stiles just let's it go turning back around and grabbing his book.

Things are quite for a little while Derek watching TV while Stiles reads and Cora switching between the TV and reading over his shoulder. They stay like this till Stiles places his book on the coffee table standing and stretching as he heads into the kitchen to start dinner.

Stiles checks his phone while pulling ingredients out to account for anyone who might show up. He has one from Scott letting him know both he and Isaac are working late and won't be back for dinner. No one else has said anything about showing up but he still pulls out enough for two extra werewolf sized servings. The food won’t go to waste. Either someone will show up around dinner time or someone will eat it later that night. Leftovers never last more than a day or two in the apartment.

Derek sets the table while Stiles is cooking, and Cora sets out any condiments they may want. Stiles gives both the wolves hearty portions of parmesan crusted chicken, roasted potatoes, carrots and thick crusted bread heavily covered in butter. Stiles gives himself less than them not having even close to their appetite. They all sit around eating, the two Hales not much for conversation while there is food left on their plates.

"Mom wants to officially meet you." Cora says as she finishes eating causing Derek to choke on a mouth full of chicken.

"Really?" Stiles is surprised because in all the years that he has been wrapped up in the supernatural world the only two Hales that have shown any interest are the ones currently in this room with him. Malia although by blood a Hale doesn't really count not having grown up with any of them most of her human years have been spent around Stiles.

"Apparently she's finally taken notice of how much time we spend around you." Cora says frowning, really Stiles has been a part of their lives since they came back to Beacon Hills if she was going to take an interest she should have years ago.

"Well I guess it's about time I meet the rest of your family, I've known the two of you, well seems like forever." Stiles says as he puts another piece of bread on each wolves plates. Cora is distracted from her annoyance over her mother and quickly starts eating it. Derek on the other hand has stopped eating and looks pissed, it reminds Stiles of when he first meet the man.

"No." Derek says finally like it settles something except it doesn't because neither Cora nor Stiles know what he is saying no to.

"No what?" Cora asks, she has a sneaking suspicion that she knows what he brother is reacting to, hell it's hardly a suspicion and she feel the same way but she still has to ask to be sure.

"Stiles isn't meeting them." Derek growls out firmly and Stiles goes still all of a sudden.

Stiles knows reasonably that there is a reason why Derek doesn't want him to meet the rest of the Hales. Probably even a good reason but Stiles instantly feels insecure hearing those words. Stiles stands, he just needs a minute to put himself mentally back together. To battle his own insecurities. He need to get away before he hears something that will cut into him deeper than his best friend not wanting him to meet his family.

Before Stiles can escape Derek has a firm grip on his wrist, he tries to move away from it but the wolf is unrelenting. "I just need a minute." Stiles says tugging again. Cora growls and he isn't sure at who but Derek is pulling him back and whining low in his throat as he presses his face into Stiles' back. It's awkward, and Stiles sighs fights his own feelings of inadequacy and swivels his body as best he can to run a hand comfortingly through Derek's hair.

"Use your words Derek." Cora says after a long moment still growling at her older brother because he's an idiot. Stiles smells less hurt but they both know it's only because he's trying to make Derek feel better. Stiles rarely focuses on his own needs, it's nearly gotten him killed a multitude of times but it's also left him emotionally hurt in less dangerous situations.

Derek whines again letting go of Stiles' wrist to wrap his arms firmly around his waist. "I don't want to share." Derek admits muffled as he tries to press his face deeper into Stiles back.

"I can always just make you more food." Stiles says, automatically assuming that's what the werewolf doesn't want to share. It's not as if it's that strange of a thought, Derek often tries to get out of sharing the food Stiles makes.

Derek whines again and Stiles feels it as almost a physical pain, he doesn't know what he can say or do to ease things. He pushes his own hurt to the back of his mind just wanting to fix whatever he is doing to cause one of his friends such distress. "No, don’t want to share you." Derek says with a bit of a grow.

"What?" Stiles asks blinking baffled, sometimes his brain just doesn’t work for him.

"I don't want to share you." Derek grits out the whine finally quieting.

"Me either." Cora adds startling Stiles, he nearly forgot her with his focus all on Derek. "They will all love you and they will try monopolizing your time." Cora adds sensing her brother isn't going to elaborate. "They don't deserve you." Cora tacks on as she comes around the table wrapping her arms around Stiles and pressing her face to his neck.

"Oh" Is all Stiles gets out a laugh bubbling up, the reassurance from the two completely eradicating his earlier hurt. "I love you guys." He tells them after a long moment just basking in their warmth. After another long moment Cora pulls away and goes to move the dishes away, this prompts Derek to let go of Stiles and start eating again, glowering at his sister when she tries to take his plate.

Stiles is grinning as Cora starts cleaning up from dinner, he puts the leftovers in the fridge with a sticky note for anyone to eat and then starts pulling out the ingredients for dessert. He has everything he needs for a simple vanilla sponge cake with homemade whipped cream. Stiles texts Isaac and asks him to grab some strawberries on his way home. He doesn't ask Scott knowing he'll forget. They should be getting home just in time for the cake to cool enough for the whipped topping to go on.

Derek finishes eating before the cake is ready to go in the oven and cleans up the last of the mess as Cora disappears. The werewolf takes the bowl and beaters and starts cleaning them after Stiles gets the batter in the pan. Just as he slides the cake in the oven and sets a timer Cora reappears wearing joggers and a sweatshirt, one of many lounge outfits she keeps at his apartment. She drags Stiles to his room and throws some sweats and a sweater at him, he just shrugs and changes into them, he usually does after dinner anyhow.

Cora pulls him onto the bed and arranges him how she wants before pulling her tablet out and a pillow to hold it. Derek comes in already in comfortable lounge pants with no shirt and lays down on Stiles other side making himself comfortable. Cora puts on an episode of Parks and Rec and Stiles is starting to doze half way through it. He knows the wolves will hear the timer and smell if the cake is done so he isn't too concerned about it. He's content and happy in his puppy pile, the only thing that could make it better is if the rest of his adopted family was here.


After the day with the torte Peter starts to notice it more, Stiles' scent on his niece and nephew the most. He isn't around Malia very often but the few occasions that he is he smells Stiles on both her and her girlfriend Kira. Scott and Isaac is where he expects it to be the strongest with Scott and Stiles living together and Isaac living there part time but somehow it's almost nonexistent on Scott, and Isaac smelling only faintly of Stiles.

Peter is infinitely curious about Scott living in the apartment smelling the least like Stiles while his niece and nephew smell like they never leave his side. The worst part about having noticed it other than that he now smells him around town but can't pinpoint him is how his wolf reacts.

Jealousy is something Peter has very rarely had to deal with but he feels it now, he wants to rub his face in that scent and bare his teeth at anyone who's had the chance. Even the deputy that pulled him over for having a broken tail light this morning had smelled faintly of Stiles and Peter reacted aggressively instead of putting on his normal charming facade.

Cora comes into his office around lunch time on Friday and she smells so much like Stiles he can hardly smell her under it. It sours his mood even further than the deputy writing him a ticket. "Couldn't you have showered after seeing your little boyfriend." Peter grouches his eyes landing on the container she's holding and he can't smell what's in it but he just knows he wants to have it.

"I showered at Stiles' and you know I don't swing that way." Cora says unfazed as she seats herself in one of the chairs in front of him kicking her feet on to his desk.

"Why would you be showering at his place?" Peter tries to feign nonchalant as he reigns in his annoyance by pushing her feet off of his desk.

"I crashed there last night along with Derek, it happens rather frequently." Cora tells him her tone implying that he should already know this. He does somewhere in the back of his mind it has registered but until recently it seemed unimportant.

"How often do you stay at Mieczysław Stilinskis apartment?" Peter questioned very curious.

"You know he goes by Stiles, you had better not call him by his first name when you meet him." Cora threatens a growl sliding into her voice. Peter makes a mental note of it being a sensitive subject and plans to find out why. "I end up staying there at least once a week, but I'm there nearly every day same as Derek." She says with a shrug.

Peter hums moving on to his curiosity over the container in her hands. "What's in there?"

"Oh this." Cora says as if she has forgot she is holding it grinning widely as she places it on his desk and pulls a fork from her purse. "Stiles made it last night." Cora shrugs as she pops the top off and the smell of sugar and berries hit his nose. She takes a bite with an exaggerated moan.

Peter's eyes twitches "Did you bring some for your favorite uncle?"

"Oh is uncle Duc here?" Cora questions snickering when he growls in irritation.

"Why are you in my office?" Peter snaps as he watches the desert quickly dwindle in front of him.

"Well I was originally going to give you some but then you were being all snappish so you don't get any. I wouldn't want to reward bad behavior." Cora tells him smirking as he eyes the last bite in the container.

"We both know you love my bad behavior." Peter points out his eyes never leaving the pastry.

"Yeah when it's directed at other people." Cora snaps putting the last of the pastry into her mouth with a vindictive smirk. He growls at her the pen he's holding snapping. Cora just laughs at him as she leaves his office.


Peter looks into Stiles and finds out things but none of them seem to quell his curiosity. He already knows Stiles is the sheriff's son and after some digging he's found out that Stiles supplies the sheriff's department with all of the magical plants they might need. Apparently the human has quite the green thumb when it comes to mystical plants even supplying the Hale emissary with those he uses.

Stiles started writing while he was still in collage and has several successful series out. Though Peter is sure he won't really enjoy a romance novel he still orders the first in Stiles’ most recent series. He tells himself he just wants to nitpick how the supernatural are portrayed but if he's being honest he just want that little bit of contact with something the baker is responsible for.

Peter finds out through snippets of conversation aka eavesdropping on various members of the pack that Cora and Derek both regularly bring groceries to Stiles. The pretense they use is whatever recipe has been requested but since they also appear to buy anything else Stiles might need food wise it hardly holds up. The rest of the wolves and supernaturals that hangout at the apartment also seem to help out food wise but to a lesser degree than his niece and nephew. It's during one of his eavesdropping sessions that he finds out Stiles is more than just a baker he also cooks often for many of the bitten wolves as well as Derek and Cora.

Through some searching on the internet Peter comes across a blog Stiles runs with recipes and videos of his baking. Both Cora and Derek have been guests in videos as well as all of the bitten wolves and supernatural creatures that regularly make an appearance at Stiles' apartment. Derek and Cora are currently fan favorites going by the comments. There appears to be a feud going on with several loyal viewers on whether Stiles is dating Cora or Derek. Half of the local sheriff's department have also made appearances and there are a few who insist he is dating Jordan Perish.

Peter isn't sure how he feels about it but his least favorite videos are those with deputy Perish the same man who pulled him over recently. For the most part he finds the videos amusing, Scott appears in only one video as a guest but occasionally can be seen moving around in the background. Derek and Cora appear on the most videos with Kira following closely behind. Out of them the only one other than Stiles that seems to have more than basic skills in the kitchen is Kira.

In Scott's only appearance he turned the blender on without the lid, Stiles went on about it in a post he made to go along with the video, it's why he has never been invited back on. Both the sheriff himself and Erica have caught something on fire during videos they appear in. Cora, Derek, and Malia all seem much more interested in eating what is being made instead of actually helping.

Most of the videos are an absolute mess though very amusing. It's the posts that go along with them that actually tell anyone how to make anything. They are all very details with substitute ingredients and methods of doing something without a fancy gadget. They also include stories about funny things that happen in the kitchen and things Stiles likes to personally add. The stories while seemingly intimate give very little actual information about Stiles himself or anyone else. It's all very tactful and if Peter weren't looking for that sort of information he probably wouldn't have even noticed.

All in all it leaves him wanting more because despite everything he's found out so far none of it is personal to Stiles and that's the information he desires most.


A few weeks later Peter over hears Talia telling Cora to bring Stiles to the Halloween party they are having for the pack. This is the only Halloween he's had any interest in since he was a child.


Stiles is happy as he finishes up his most recent book and sends it off to his editor. He knows it will be returned soon with tons of notes and he will then begin the painstaking process of going over it and making edits and rewrites. It's not all that close to being finished in actuality but he is happy to at least have the first draft done and he can take a couple days away from his desk.

It's Tuesday and he doesn't have any errands to run so he sends a group text to see if anyone wants to participate in a video for his blog. He has an immediate response from Erica inquiring over the recipe he will be featuring.

Stiles decided on the Chocolate torte and he plans on doing the donut like pastry that he still hasn't picked a name for the following day. At the begging of next week he will be doing seasonal work at the bakery and he wants to make sure he has a post ready before hand. He also wants to make some pastries to tide his loved ones over as Halloween is right around the corner and he is going to be up to his elbows in apples.

At the mention of the torte Cora and Derek responded nearly simultaneously causing him to laugh. Closely following are responses from Perish, Kira, and Boyd. Stiles is about to respond when his door is thrown open and Malia prowls in.

"Me and Kira are doing the torte video." Malia announces and Stiles isn't stupid enough to argue with her just texts the group to let them know. Most of the responses are angry but not at him. Kira just sends a string of emoji’s that Stiles can't quite decipher but Malia seems to find highly amusing.

Stiles drags Malia with him to the store for all of the supplies they will need and by the time they get back Kira is waiting for them on the couch watching She-ra while she waits for them. Malia drops the bag she is carrying as soon as they get into the apartment and goes and wraps herself around her girlfriend heavily scenting her. Stiles is annoyed but he finds the action more endearing than anything else so he doesn't comment just picks the bag up and goes to put things away.

All in all this video like many others goes downhill quickly, Kira at least attempts to help in the beginning. It isn't long before Malia is distracting her and instead of helping Kira is licking chocolate of her girlfriends fingers. "When did you move on from cooking videos to soft core porn?" Erica asks as she and Boyd come in, her phone is out and she is already snapping pictures of the two while Stiles turns pink at the implication.

"I'm going to have to heavily edit this." Stiles says dejectedly even though he always has to edit a lot out, though usually it doesn't involve a werewolf and a kitsune moaning. Kira turns bright red as if just realizing it’s not just her and Malia in the room. Kira squeaks out a barely audible sorry as she pulls Malia along and heads to the bathroom ignoring Boyd's smirk and Erica's shit eating grin.

"So what the next step?" Erica asks as she and Body step in to take the other couples place. Stiles shrugs and continues with commentary from Erica that she never fails to turn into an innuendo and Boyd is just eating and handing things over when necessary. At one point when they are wrapping up the video Erica grins and smears left over batter on Stiles face. Stiles glowers at her but before he can grab a towel to wipe it off both Erica and Boyd are leaning in and licking at his face.

"Is this really necessary?" Stiles asks red in the face as they finally relent after having removed every last trace from his face, Boyd’s tongue definitely dipped into his mouth for a second.

"Yes, your followers are going to love it." Erica says grinning.

"Definitely." Malia says grinning in return leaning against the counter to leer at them. Kira is next to her clearly having avidly been watching them but her face is still flushed. Stiles assumes he's going to have Scott complaining to him about what they had gotten up to in the bathroom.

Stiles finally gets a towel and wipes at the sticky spots the two betas have on his face. Looking down at his clothes he realizes he's got stuff all over and that a kitchen towel isn't going to do the trick.

"I'm going to go clean myself up, keep an eye on the oven." Stiles says to a leer and smirk form Erica and Boyd and grinning and blushing from Malia and Kira. Stiles just rolls his eyes at all of their antics and heads to grab a shower.


Derek and Cora show up around dinner time and bring ingredients for Stiles to cook, and Scott and Isaac get off just in time to eat. Stiles eats at the table with Cora, Derek, and Boyd while the rest scramble to get the best spots in the living room. Erica and Malia nearly start fighting over the remote and Stiles has to threaten them with no desert to get them to stop.

"Mom wants you to come to the Halloween party she is throwing." Cora says half way through eating drawing all of the attention to her. Derek growls just as he had last time.

"When is it?" Stiles asks running his hand over Derek's shoulder in an effort to get him to relax.

"The 30th so the kids can go trick or treating the following day." Cora explains and startles a little as Stiles just laughs.

"I'll have to decline." Stiles says and Derek relaxes and starts eating again.

"Why?" Erica calls from the recliner she's taken residence in.

"I'll be working at the bakery starting Monday and I won't have any free time till the day after Halloween." Stiles points out with a shrug and that's when the group remembers how busy he's going to be over the next week.

"Apples" Malia takes time to pull herself away from her food long enough to groan causing everyone to laugh.

"It's only for a week. Then I get a break before it's time for pie." Stiles says cheerfully, he loves the way the bakery smells overwhelmingly of pie during November.

"Mom will be disappointed." Cora says smiling thinking of how annoyed her mother is going to be.

"She's waited this long to have me over she can wait a while longer." Stiles points out as he gets up and distributes seconds to all of the werewolves in the room. Though he's a little disappointed to not be going, at the same time knowing he has to miss it sooths some of the apprehension he's been feeling about the inevitable invitation.

After dinner and dessert Boyd helps with clean up and most of the others scatter off to do their own things. Erica lounges across the now empty couch enjoying having it to herself for a moment. Stiles bids them good night as he heads to his office to write up a post and edit the video for his blog.


The pack is all gathered for a full moon party. Peter's wondering what treat will show up this time, it seems like there is nearly always a pastry from Stiles these days at any gathering and he's determined to finally try some. He can't help his disappointment when Derek shows up with a tray of candy apples. Peter still has every intention of trying one but he was really hoping for something more.

"More apples!" Malia moans in distress as she sees them and Peter notice that neither Derek himself, Cora, or any of the bitten wolves seem happy about the tray of apples. "I don’t want more apples." Malia says petulantly.

"He didn't have time to make anything." Derek growls at her in defense of Stiles.

"I've hardly seen him in days." Isaac complains sad about it, and though Scott doesn't seem particularly bothered by this he does put an arm around his boyfriend trying to console him.

"Is there trouble?" Laura asks slightly worried something has come to Beacon Hills once again to wreak havoc. Peter tenses up at that query though he's sure he would know if something had in fact come to town.

"No." Derek assures her looking like he'd prefer it over whatever is keeping Stiles so busy.

"Stiles works at the bakery in town during its busy times, he pretty much only goes home to sleep and shower. It's worse near Christmas, he only works for about a week in October but he practically lives at the bakery for nearly all of December." Cora says as she grabs the tray from Derek and heads to the kitchen with it.

"I wasn't aware the Bakery got so much traffic." Talia says off hand. The tension that Peter has been feeling eases and he pays avid attention to the conversation.

"It doesn't here in town just the normal amount, but the Bakery ships its baked goods around the state, sometimes farther for special orders. Stiles makes hundreds of gingerbread houses during December." Isaac says wistfully he's a big fan of gingerbread.

"Maybe we'll be seeing you around more then." Talia says hopeful to Derek who just sighs shrugging noncommittally.

"How long has he been working for the Bakery?" Laura asks curious her phone in hand and if Peter had to guess he'd say she's pulling up the Bakery online.

"Since sophomore year of collage I think." Scott supplies only to be corrected by Derek.

"Freshman year." Derek says sounding personally affronted as he slumps onto the couch next to Peter. Malia growls at Scott for the innocent mistake and the man does look bashful for it.

"Stiles worked there part time through collage and for two years after he worked full time till his books started getting popular. Now he just works there during busy times." Erica adds from another couch she is lounging on with Boyd.

"Stiles won't be coming to the Halloween party, he's working." Cora announces seeming smug about it as she exits the kitchen making a beeline to where Peter and Derek are sitting and settling between them.

"Is that so?" Talia asks curious.

"He won’t have a day off till after Halloween, and he'll probably spend the first one catching up on some sleep." Cora points out still sounding pleased.

"Another time then." Talia says sounding annoyed but she can hardly argue with the fact that Stiles having to work is a legitimate reason for having to decline. Peter is annoyed as well, all he wants is to try some of Stiles pastries and meet him. He definitely wants to meet him, just so he can get a feel for him and make sure he isn't a danger, at least that's what he keeps telling himself. If he happens to set an alert for when Stiles updates his blog that's no one’s business but Peter's.


The following day Peter is just returning home when his phone pings with an alert for Stiles’ blog. He manages to avoid any lurking family members and heads up to his office anxious to see it. He isn't prepared for it.

Peter can easily guess what his estranged daughter and her girlfriend get up to once they are replaced by Erica and Boyd and he doesn't particularly want to dwell on that. It's the end of the video that has his claws digging into the wood of his desk.

Peter is unprepared for the feeling of jealousy that over takes him for a man he's never even meet. As Peter sits here watching the two betas lick over the man’s face there is no doubt what he is feeling. His claws have dug deep groves into his expensive imported mahogany desk and he struggles to remove them till the video finally ends.

Peter takes the time to read through the written post that goes along with the video. Most of it reads like any other but a few are clearly tinged with embarrassment over the werewolves in his company's behavior especially that of Erica and Boyd. He's still feeling jealous but he's able to push it aside some and instead thinks about licking Stiles face clean himself, desire shoots through him at the thought.


Peter calls out of work in the office and is at the bakery at seven a.m. when it opens. He orders a muffin and a cup of coffee and is undeniably disappointed when it's fine but has no lingering scent of Stiles. Peter stakes out a small table in a corner with a surprisingly comfortable chair and waits.

Peter goes through three cups of coffee and half the less than desirable muffin before he catches a whiff of Stiles scent. It's on an old woman Mr. Baker’s wife as she comes out from the back with a tray of candy apples that she sets up with delicate care in the display tray. Peter watches carefully inspecting each apple. They are nothing like the generic ones that Derek brought to the house. There are delicate designs woven in different confections on each apple, depicting bats, pumpkins, witches, and more. Looking at them Peter understands why Stiles didn't have time to make anything more complicated for the pack each one must have taken tireless work to craft.

Peter orders another coffee and a sandwich at lunch time before leaving and going to the books shop across the street. Both Mr. and Mrs. Baker are starting to give him suspicions looks. Peter sets up near a window with a clear view into the shop. Peter doesn't leave the book store till late evening and is disappointed when he still sees no sign of Stiles.

When he leaves the shop Peter makes his way to the back of the bakery, to where the employees park so that they don't take up parking spots for customers. Peter is a little distressed to see that Stiles is still driving the same vehicle that he had been when he was in high school by all accounts the thing is only still working by sheer willpower and a lot of duct tape. He is also annoyed that Stiles is still working at the bakery at this late hour.

Confirming that Stiles is still there he contemplates waiting longer but he has no idea how long Stiles will be. Given the little information he has he assumes Stiles won't be leaving the bakery anytime soon despite that it had closed an hour ago and the Bakers had left. Peter signs running his hand along the driver side of the jeep scenting it appreciating the mixing of their scents before heading home.