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Confusion of Doom

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A blue and clear sunny sky, accompanied by a warm sun and a light summer breeze.


Oh yes, weather conditions associated with a perfect summer day, even more so, the perfect day for a parade.


People from all across the world seemed to be reunited on the streets of that city, as cheers from young and old filled the air.

Cheers, which honored the city' the country' PLANET'S greatest hero.


Hero, who was now making his way to the city hall in a giant parade float, to meet with the president.


Finally, the day he had so long yearned for had arrived. All of his efforts would be rewarded, and he would now go down on history as the greatest paranormal investigator the world had ever seen.


Years of being called a weirdo, a freak, a loser, and being mocked by his completely normal-sized head, would be a thing of the past now.


Now, everyone saw him as what he truly was, earth's greatest defender.


The vehicle eventually stopped, leaving the man a few steps from the stage in which President Man was standing, a giant key in his hands.


"Ladies and gentlemen, it honors me to be here today to make delivery of the Key to the Planet to its very hero..." the president said as he held out said object to that tall, muscly man with jet black scythe-like hair, and long trench coat the same color. "Dib Membrane!"


As said hero took the key in his hands the crowd seemed to go completely wild, chanting the same words over and over again...


"Dib rocks! Dib rocks!Dib rocks!"


That plus a couple of swoons fangirly screams and some "I love you Dib"'s, of course.


However, what stuck out most to him from the large crowd, were both his sister, who looked at him directly in the eye, and gave him a nod and a thumbs-up in approval. And his father, who he could see wiping a tear off his goggles and whom he could hear utter the words...


"That's my son..."


It was all like a dream come true.


Dib got near the podium, ready to engage in the speech he had waited so long to pronounce. And this time, it wasn't a simulation conducted by some smelly, stupid, obnoxious, green space-boy.


After all, the very reason he was there was due to him finally being able to get rid of that nuisance.




"Thank you, my fellow-citizens of the Earth," he began with pride in his deep, adult, and masculine voice, "I am honored to-"


He was suddenly interrupted by a maniacal laugh, a laugh which he knew all too well.


He looked up to see that that blue sky was no more, as a spiral of magenta clouds had now replaced the sight of it and began to cover the sun.


Suddenly, something seemed to fall on top of the City Hall's dome.


A small, yet recognizable figure to him.


"Zim!?" managed to escape from his mouth, his voice cracking, reverting to the one of a prepubescent child for a mere second.


"INDEED, IT IS I ZIIIIIIM!" he proclaimed, filled with the purest form of lunacy and pride for everyone to hear.


"B-but I already captured you years ago!" Dib defended, unable to understand how the alien got there in the first place.


"And how, according to you, did you manage to do that, huh Dib-stink?!"


"I-!...well I-!...I..."


"IT DOES NOT MATTER!" Zim interrupted abruptly "Now earth-boy...witness how your world succumbs to the glory....of THE IRKEN ARMADA!"


And suddenly they appeared, right through those reddish clouds. Tens of hundreds of thousands of huge red spaceships ready to wreak havoc amongst humanity.


"No..." was all that could escape from the human champion's mouth.


He quickly decided to take action and encourage the crowd to do something, anything, but they just...stood there...


Completely still...


With blank expressions plastered on all of their faces...


"What are you doing?! There's an alien army right there! We need to fight!"


"What are you talking about? That's just a kid with a skin condition" a guy in the crowd said while pointing towards Zim, who now looked innocently at the scene playing out before him while wearing those dreadful contact lenses and stupid wig.


"No...No, this can't be happeni-!" Dib was suddenly interrupted by the sensation of something other than words coming out of his mouth. And thus, out of nowhere, he began to spit what appeared to be a waterfall made out of teeth.


He suddenly began to feel smaller and smaller by the minute, maybe it was just due to the pressure, fear, and insecurity he felt in that very moment, or maybe because he had abruptly begun to shrink back into a child. The teeth still leaving his mouth in even greater amounts than before.




He could now feel the intense looks of everyone in the crowd, all of them staring at him in an annoyed manner as if he was crazy, insane.


"...ib...Dib...Dib! Dib!"


All of this while Zim's crazy laughter filled the air.


And then he woke up.


Thanks to the sudden feeling of a bucket of cold, icy water being poured on him.


Courtesy of none other than his sister.


Dib quickly began to wipe his face with his hands


"G-gaz...what was that for?!" he asked


"I don't wanna be late to the first day of skool" she replied "I would have left you here but I know dad won't let me"


"Skool?" he asked as he turned to look at his sasquatch calendar on the wall. That day's date being indeed labeled 'BACK TO SKOOL' "What time is it?"


"It's not late yet, but it will be if you don't hurry up" his sister replied in her characteristically cheery demeanor, like always. And with that, she left the room, leaving her brother to ponder about his dream as he got ready for skool.


"That dream was horrible!... Aaaand a little too real..." he said to himself as he got into the bathroom and turned on the shower.

"What if it was one of Zim's tiny...alien thingys implanted in my body?! Maybe he is trying to get into my head again..."


"Dib you better hurry up or Zim implanting a chip in your giant head will turn into the lesser of your worries!"


"That's a great hypothesis Gaz! I must wash my head with extreme care then!"


He seemed to completely ignore Gaz's angered groans from outside the bathroom.


Once he got out, letting his sister go inside before she brutally shut the door behind her, he went back to his bedroom and began to get properly dressed.


"I mustn't let Zim get into my head like this! If he does, he will have won the battle against humanity by getting rid of its only defender!" he continued thinking out loud "I can't let that happen, especially not after this summer"


It was all still deeply engraved in his mind.


Zim's disappearance, his butt fusing to his chair, the Peace Day fiasco he had provoked, the Irken Armada almost arriving on Earth, his father being sent to an intergalactic jail, and of course, the Florpus hole. All of these being events ignited by Zim's stupid plan to make him defenseless, to make him let his guard down.


Plan which, in a way, ended up working.


And then failing.


Like always.


Which led him to another thought as he put on his black trench coat over his blue ghost shirt.


"It's been almost a year since he arrived at skool...We've been doing this for almost an entire year...I can't believe that from one night to the other I would be fighting an intergalactic threat such as this...I guess a lot has changed in my life since then..." he said, "Except me talking to myself, of course, that's the same."


He began to head down the stairs


"Ah, Good morning son!" his father, Professor Membrane, greeted him once he set foot in the kitchen.


"Morning dad" Dib replied as he took a seat at the table and waited for Foodio 3000 to finish breakfast. After a couple of seconds, he saw how a serving of eggs and bacon accompanied by a slice of toast materialized in both, his and his sister's, plates.


"You know son," his father started "Wouldn't it be great to start this new skool year by turning over a new leaf and trying to engage in new interests...such as oh I don't know...real science over pointless investigations over unscientific things such as ghosts, vampires, and especially extraterrestrial life?"


Dib turned to look at his sister, who was about finished with her plate and who had a fork in one hand while her Game Slave 4 on the other.


He still remembered the words he used that day, right before Peace Day, in another futile attempt to convince his father, that all of his fights against Zim and all of his paranormal misadventures where real.


"I'm used to defending our world on my own, but I wish, just once, you'd have my back."


It was funny how people tended to use those words.


'Just once'


Even though what one truly desires for their wishes to come true and stay like that forever.


Dib was the living proof of that.


His father and sister had worked with him to stop Zim and the whole florpus hole situation. And yet, his dad was now convinced that it was all a crazy hallucination and his sister, well, she just didn't seem to care, like always.


His dream had come true...


For once.


And only for once apparently.


Still, he couldn't help but think about how nice it would be to have someone who could aid him in exposing Zim and in saving the Earth.


Someone who believed him.


Someone to fight by his side, no matter what.


"Hmmm...just right now, while I was talking with you about how fascinating real science is, I felt like I was forgetting about something" the professor thought out loud, making Dib go back to reality "Oh well, I guess it wasn't anything important if such a knowledgeable brain such as mine forgot about it. It's the only scientifically possible explanation, after all."


Suddenly, a beeping sound was heard.


"Oh would you look at the time, I guess I better head out for my meeting with the president," the professor said while looking at his Membracelet 2.0 before activating his rocket shoes and blasting through the roof, leaving a hole on it "Have a nice first day at skool children!"


And just as he said that he disappeared in the sky before the hole on the roof began to fix itself automatically.


After being done with breakfast, the siblings were finally able to begin their trip to skool...


...Or so Dib thought before he was brutally hit in the face with a newspaper after taking a few steps out of his house.


"Hey watch where you throw these you moron!" he shouted to the newspaper guy but it served no purpose, that unsightly teenager wearing earphones had already pedaled his way across the neighborhood, continuing to throw newspapers, hitting and breaking multiple windows, pots, and cats.


Don't ask.


"Who even reads newspapers nowadays?" he asked himself as he stood up and picked up said item and involuntarily glanced at the front page for a mere second. Yet it was enough to catch his attention.




"What in the world?" he asked himself as he saw the picture under the bold-lettered title. He looked at it carefully and analytically, especially the middle of it, in which, whom he guessed to be said science prodigy was standing, holding a plaque.


She seemed to be around his age. She wore what looked to be a lab coat and a dress under it. She had somewhat long hair and if his eyes weren't tricking him, what appeared to be a diadem on her head. He assumed said accessory was to pull back her hair, but if that's the case it failed a little as a single, yet notable, strand of hair remained on her face.


Speaking of which, for receiving a big award, she didn't seem to be enjoying herself very much. Heck, she looked as amused as Gaz when she was doing anything other than playing video games.


Dib decided to focus his attention on the rest of the picture. A group of scientists stood behind the girl, the one standing right next to her, caught his attention immediately.


"DAD!?AGH!" he exclaimed before being dragged by the collar of his shirt by his sister.


"I'm not going to be held responsible if dad gets a call from the skool saying you were late today because you were distracted."


"Gagh-gaz you're...choking me..."






Meanwhile, in an underground alien base discreetly disguised as a suburban home, a certain green, short-statured alien, laughed hysterically while looking at the suffering of his mortal enemy.


"The Dib-monkey is more pathetic than usual today," he said to himself while wiping a tear from one of his large pink eyes. "Still, where is his sister dragging him to?"


The alien began to ponder...


"I feel like I'm forgetting something..." he said to himself


Suddenly, a tiny robot with two blue lights for eyes entered the room and began rushing towards the alien.


"Master! Master!" he called


"Not now GIR, I'm trying to think..."


He knew it had something to do with the mission...


"But master!"


"I said not now GIR..."


"Master! Master! MAAAASTER! MASTER!" GIR continued as he began rolling on the floor around Zim as if he was an empty soda can "Maaaaaaaster! MAAAAAaaaaster! ma, ma, mu, mu, du, du, DU, DUUUUU~!"


The Irken alien just let out an angered scream in annoyance.




"...I wonder what water-flavored ice-cream tastes like..."


Zim could only facepalm while a tiny flying moose came flying into the room


"Nyah!" came out of the moose's little snout.




With that Zim began rushing to the elevator, the robot and the tiny moose following behind him.




"Of course I can't be late for skool Minimoose! I need to continue researching the enemy for the invasion to be successful!" He replied dramatically while posing similarly" I AM ZIM! And I need to complete my mission in the name of the Irken Empire and the Almighty Tallest!"


Once he finally arrived at the 'homey' section of is base, a pair of robotic arms started to place a pair of contact lenses on his eyes, and a black wig on his head.


"Speaking of my Tallest, I haven't reported the INCREDIBLE ADVANCES of my mission recently," he said, "I wonder how they're doing..."




Meanwhile, somewhere in space, a giant spaceship and its passengers continued to travel across different realities in a chaotic and somewhat painful manner.




"...I'm sure they're fine," Zim said "Well, I better head out now. Earth isn't gonna conquer itself"


And with that, the alien left for skool


"Yeah! the TV is all mine!" GIR rejoiced as the turned it on and began to watch his soap opera "Finally Maria and Fernando are getting married! What could go wrong?!"




Gaz finally let go of her brother once they arrived at the school's main entrance, allowing him to breathe at last.


" la...later...Gaz..."


She didn't reply before leaving him.


Not even a minute had passed since he was left alone when he heard someone laughing behind him.


"What's the matter Dib-stink?" Zim asked mockingly "IS your inferior body not capable of functioning without having to breathe for a few seconds"


" here from! That's...six...streets away!" he replied while trying his best to breathe properly again "Besides...I'm pretty sure your species needs to breathe too."


"Whatever..." the disguised alien replied, "It is not a pleasure to see you here again stink-beast, I was hoping for you to turn back into a pathetic, sad, and defenseless chair."


"Oh...yeah?!" Dib replied while he still struggling to catch his breath, "Well I...was hoping for you to turn back into...a toilet!"


"I was never a toilet!" Zim retorted


The sound of the bell ringing followed about a second after those words came out of his mouth.


"We'll continue this later stink-boy" the alien stated, "In the meantime, enjoy your faulty inferior lungs..."


Zim then laughed as he left Dib to soak in his misery.


"I really...need to think of a new plan to get rid of him..." he said to himself "Maybe I can work...on the spaceship a little after skool..."


After finally being able to fully catch his breath, he started heading towards the classroom.


Unaware that someone was watching from not-so-afar and had started to make some...interesting...theories...




As the final bell rang, Dib rushed into the classroom, but he tripped with something and fell to the ground.


It was Zim's leg.


The disguised alien laughed at the human boy. Dib replied by groaning, annoyed, and glaring at him


As soon as Dib's butt entered in contact with his chair, Miss Bitters entered the classroom, slithering in as if she was some kind of shadow monster.


However, Dib's eyes were still glued onto Zim as he glared at him.


" we still have Miss Bitters as our teacher?" one of the kids whispered to another. Still, his words were loud enough for the intimidating old lady to hear.


"If I'm here don't assume it's because I'm fond of you children," she replied in her cranky, snake-like voice.


And as the educator began to talk, Zim began to glare back at Dib, thus starting what seemed to be a staring contest.


"Anyway, as you may know, I'm contractually obligated to wish you a successful academic year. Even though I know most of you still think that Hamburg is a place ran by hamburgers."


Both, the human outcast and the disguised alien, thinking about how much they loathed the other.

Both trying to think of new ways to try to take their respective nemesis down.

Both thinking about how to make sure that their respective goals got accomplished before this skool year ended...


"And even although I know that one day most of you won't even be able to get a job flipping said hamburgers due to how underqualified you are by today's standards"


To finally be recognized as a great invader and have Earth at his feet.


To finally have his efforts in saving the planet rewarded and have the respect he deserved.


"Miss Bitters, what does under qualified mean?"




To finally be seen as the hero he was...


All of the sounds of the room seemed to fade for both of them at that instant...


This had taken them too long.


A year was way too much...


But they would both make sure that this didn't happen again.


Next year, those two enemies wouldn't be sitting in that classroom. That was the main goal to accomplish.


", you go sit behind Dib, he is the big-headed one having the staring contest with the green one"


"Wait, what?" he said while turning to face his teacher.


"HA, VICTORY FOR ZIM!" Zim proclaimed while posing dramatically on top of his desk.


Dib groaned in annoyance before his attention shifted completely towards the kid going behind him and sitting where Miss Bitters told her.


She caught his attention instantly.


It was the girl in the newspaper, in flesh and bone.


So he was right, she was indeed his age.


He began to eye her somewhat carefully, just to be sure he was right and she wasn't some kind of paranormal creature. After all, the last two kids who had joined his class, Zim and Tak, ended up being aliens. It could be just a simple coincidence, but it never hurt to be cautious.


So he began to analyze...


She wasn't in black and white this time.


He could now analyze her in full color.


She wasn't wearing the lab coat she had in the newspaper picture, only a yellowish-orange dress and brown combat boots for shoes. Her hair was dark brown and she didn't have the diadem thingy either. Her skin color was a little warmer than his.


However, he suddenly regretted looking at her in the first place, as once he decided to stop staring he realized he was being glared back.


Being analyzed back.


Still, there was one crucial difference in her gaze compared to his, the vibes the new kid's look was giving him, were those of someone calculating how to take down their opponent.


Her gaze was deep, intimidating, cold, and calculating.


As if she was trying to stare into the depths of his soul.


Her eyes were green.




During the entirety of the class, Dib could feel how he was being watched closely, still not having a clue as to why that was.


Meanwhile, Zim glanced constantly at the weird 'situation' going on on the other side of the classroom.


Why exactly did that she-human look at the Dib that way?


If she was a new student it wouldn't make much sense.


She had just arrived at the classroom and she was already throwing dirty looks at others.


Sure, all of the other children at skool seemed to despise Dib for being the moronic sack of meat he was. But he had a feeling, a very familiar one, that this was a whole other level of despise.


Could it be that they had already met before?


Could they be some kind of rivals?


Some kind of enemies?


That thought gave the alien an idea, one that made him smirk with malice.


Suddenly the sound of the skool bell ringing was heard.


"Well, what are you waiting for, a writing invite?" Miss Bitters said, "Get out of my classroom!"


Surprisingly enough, the new kid quickly stood from her place and headed towards Zim's direction.


This was his chance.


"Greetings fellow human worm-baby, I've come to notice that we have a common enemy and-"


And...she was gone.


This probably wouldn't be considered one of the perks of sitting next to the door.


Zim was left there rather offended. How dare her to leave him talking alone. HIM! ZIM!


However, he wasn't given much time to soak in his dramatic annoyance, since the voice of his arch-nemesis brought him back to reality.


"What are you planning now Zim?" Dib asked


"I have no idea what you're talking about" the disguised alien replied


Dib looked at him suspiciously before sighing in annoyance


"I'll leave you, for now, space-boy, but only because I need to think about...Whatever that was!" he said while pointing to the area where his desk was before leaving.


So she did make him uncomfortable.


He had used that to his advantage.


Once Zim arrived at the cafeteria, and grabbed his so-called 'food', he began to look for the new girl, but to no avail.


He walked in circles across the entire cafeteria, going from table to table, making a lot of people uncomfortable with his questions in the process, and yes, not a sight of her.


Dib watched him closely during this entire process.


"Look at him Gaz," he said to his sister, who as usual, was immersed in whatever videogame she was playing in her Game Slave 4. "He is looking for that new kid who didn't stop staring at me during the entire class. It was like she was analyzing me, trying to get into my head head? I mean, I sit in front of her, so...whatever! The point is I don't know why she did i-"


Gaz let out a small snicker after listening to what her brother had just said


"What's so funny?"


"Nothing" she replied, not moving her gaze from the device on her hands, "I just think it's funny that a girl stared at you during the entire class..."


It took his brain more than an entire minute to process what his sister had just said.


"I-I can assure it most likely wasn't like that Gaz..." he replied, a certain hint of nervousness creeping into his voice, before gulping "It was more like, the kind of look that you give to a mortal enemy"


"Like the way you look at Zim?"


"But I still don't know why..."


Dib continued to watch Zim carefully until the alien seemed to give up and sat at his usual, empty table.


Where could she possibly be?


Zim suddenly saw how someone sat next to him, and turned to look at the kid in reply.


He appeared to be a human male, but he couldn't tell due to light-colored cloth covering the majority of his face and the sunglasses he was wearing. Along with the long lab coat the kid wore, the kid's choice of clothing left a lot to the imagination.


"What is it that you want from Zim?" Zim asked


The kid pointed towards Dib as a reply


"That kid over there," the kid said in a muffled voice while pointing towards Dib "I saw both of you having an interesting conversation this morning...and heard some questionable things"


That left Zim thinking for a second as his suspicion began to grow.


"What kind of questionable things?" he asked


The kid pulled out a cassette recorder and hit the play button.


"What's the matter Dib-stink? IS your inferior body capable of functioning without having to breathe for a few seconds"


"I'm pretty sure your species needs to breathe too."


One could guess why his eyes opened like plates at the sound of his own words at that moment.


The kid fast-forwarded the conversation a little.


"In the meantime, enjoy your faulty inferior lungs..."


"I really...need to think of a new plan to get rid of him...Maybe I can work...on the spaceship a little after skool..."


Zim gulped as the kid put the recorder back on his lab coat.


"You know, I'm a bit of a conspiracy theorist as well as a science person." he replied, "So I find it hard to believe that we humans are alone in the universe."


He couldn't bear the thought of having to deal with another annoying human larva trying to foil his brilliant plans.


"Really?" Zim asked, somewhat pissed, somewhat terrified. That was until she heard the rest of her words.


"That kid over there," he said while pointing at the table where Dib was sitting "What do you know about him?"


"The Dib?" he asked, completely dumbfounded


"I got a feeling that you two don't get along at all but that somehow you're the one who knows him best when it comes to the other kids ." he said, "Have you noticed anything suspicious per' say?"


Zim didn't get it at all, just a couple of minutes before he thought he was going to try and expose him like Dib usually tried to, and failed to, and now he was asking about...


Wait a minute


"Are you suggesting that Dib, Dib, might be an alien?" Zim asked


"You said it not me"


Everything seemed to go quite right after that instant...


Until Zim's maniacal laugh shot through that silence and obliterated it like an Irken laser canon.


Of course, it got the attention of more than one other new kid, but most of the rest of the people in the cafeteria ignored it due to how frequent the situation was.


Dib's eyes were on them now though, and for what the kid in the lab coat could see through his shades, they weren't going anywhere.


"Keep your voice down!" the kid said as quietly as he could.


"Dib, an alien!?" Zim asked, still laughing "Do you think someone of the likes of him could ever compare with the ones of a great extraterrestrial race such as min-I mean...such as one that might live...away! Very far away! And that definitely doesn't send soldiers to go undercover and prepare planets for them to invade!...I'M NORMAL!"


"You think so?" the kid asked somewhat insecurely


"Of course, Dib is nothing more than a pain in the Squeedily Spoo-wait a minute"


"Wait, Squeedily what now?"


And that's when another idea made its way into his head. The evolution of the idea he wasn't able to execute due to that she-human fleeing to Irk-knows-where. However, this was way better than whatever he could have come up with had he found the girl.


He went to the cafeteria looking for a piece of gold and he had found the entire mine, all for himself.


"Now that I think of it..." he said with malice in his voice, while turning to look at Dib.


That was never good.




During the rest of Miss Bitters' class Dib really, really couldn't concentrate on whatever she was saying.


Who had time to pay attention to a lecture about the negative impact of the media and fake news when there was an alien on the other side of the classroom plotting against him, the possibility of him now having an ally on his side?


He didn't know in what the conversation that kid with a lab coat and Zim consisted in, but the face with which Zim had turned to look at him during lunch, gave him a really bad feeling. An even worse one than the 'mash potatoes' he had eaten was.


Who was the kid in the lab coat anyway?


How did he know Zim?


He wasn't even on their class and he knew for a fact that Zim wasn't exactly what one may call 'popular'


Why did he even wear a cloth on his face? Or shades? Was he trying to hide something? And if that was the case, what?


Could it possibly be some kind of paranormal creature in disguise? One that looked to ally with Zim in his quest for world domination? Or maybe just in order to ensure survival if Zim managed to accomplish his mission?


Maybe it could be a vampire, that would explain why his face and body were overly-covered.


No, it couldn't be. According to his studies, vampires were nocturnal. As mainstream as that theory sounded.


Maybe some kind of he-gorgon. Now that would kind of explain the sunglasses under a roof. If he turned someone into stone, his cover would be blown. Still, gorgons were usually female, and that theory seemed kind of a stretch.


Or maybe...




It couldn't be...


Could it?


But it did make sense.


After all, he had spent the entirety of lunch talking with Zim out of all people.


That and by experience, he knew better than anyone that Irken aliens tended to hide behind horrible disguises. Zim's was too obvious, and this one drew too much attention.


Were, the sunglasses some way to hide his giant alien eyes? The bandana to cover his green skin?


Maybe they were discussing plans to take over the world in the name of the Irken Empire...


He continued to write questions and make a couple of alien and space-related doodles on a piece of paper he had on his desk, until the point his pencil gave in.


He turned to his back...


"Hey, do you have a pencil sharpener?"


He regretted uttering those words as soon as they came out of his mouth.


The girl behind him, the one that had stared at him menacingly for hours, just nodded rather coldly and gave him what he asked for.




He glanced at her. She didn't seem to be glaring at him anymore. She appeared to be writing some notes and drawing doodles of her very own...


He went back to what he was doing, once she noticed his eyes on her and gave him, you guessed it, a glare.


What was her problem?


It didn't matter.


He had more important things to worry about.


As soon as the bell rung again, he would follow Zim's every step carefully until he managed to find out what exactly he was plotting, probably along with the lab-coat "kid."


The bell finally rang again, some kids were already jumping out the windows to leave the classroom.


The girl, yet again, seemed to be in a rush. She was about to head towards the exit when she tripped and dropped something.


This caught Dib's attention for a second, as he saw her pick up something he assumed she had dropped.


It was some kind of cream-colored handkerchief or some kind of cloth...


He saw how she picked it up quickly, put it in her backpack, grabbed said bag and rushed out of the classroom.


Leaving him, yet again, thinking.





It had been twenty minutes since skool had ended for the day, and Zim was already getting impatient from waiting for that hideous lab-coated earthling to show up.


What was taking him so long?


He continued to wait under the tree nearby the skool's exit where they had arranged to meet earlier.


How dared that child make him wait?!


He had more important things to do!


He needed to ensure the doom of the entire planet and it's disgusting dominant species as soon as possible. He couldn't be bothered to wait for some dumb pig-monkey!


Also, he had to go home and ensure that GIR wasn't using the T.V. recorder to save any of his filthy 'clean operas' to watch again later.


He swore to Irk if he heard one more of those pathetic actors utter the full, awfully long names of every single other one in the same room as them, he would definitely lose it.


He had priorities!


Still, one of those priorities was getting rid of Dib in order to have a clear path to achieve his devious goal.


He would give him five more minutes, but that was all!


And just as he had finished monologuing to himself dramatically in his head, the kid showed up.


"Finally, you've arrived," Zim said with an even more impatient tone than usual.


"My apologies for keeping you waiting, I needed to get some things ready," the kid said "I wanted to discuss my plan with you. I can't risk failing."


"So what is this plan of yours to catch the Dib?" Zim asked


"Well..." the kid said while pulling out a notebook and showing Zim what was inside, a bunch of notes and drawings. "You see, I've been researching lately, and according to my investigations, aliens usually research the enemy before invading their planets..."


Zim could feel shivers run down his spine once he heard those words.




How did he find out about that information?!


"What?! How did you find out about that information?!" Zim demanded to know before changing his tone to one that attempted to be menacing "Tell me, Zim must know..."


"I'm luckily not the only person around this locality that is cognizant of the prospect of extraterrestrial life inhabiting in our midst."




"I mean that I'm not the only one around here who believes aliens exist" the kid replied in a seemingly annoyed tone "I have a source that claims to live around the area and that has provided me with some interesting information"




About alien activity in the area?!


But how?!


His incredible brilliance had helped him keep the humans completely oblivious about his plans to achieve Earth's doom.


Could it be that the Dib had been successful in sharing information about his existence with others?


No, that couldn't be possible. The kid thought that Dib was the alien here after all.


So how?


"And say, who might this informer be human?" Zim asked before realizing what he just said "I mean, fellow human be? Because... I'm human, just!"


Even though the kid's sunglasses, Zim could feel his weirded-out look as he pointed dramatically at him in order to make his point clear, before it seemed to disappear shortly after.


"I can't reveal that kind of information." the one in the lab coat replied "But believe me, Moth-...he is trustworthy. Getting back into the subject..."


The kid, strangely enough, took a long pause after his last couple of words.


Wasn't he the one who was eager to have this conversation with Zim?


So why stop suddenly?


Suddenly, the faint noise of bushes being ruffled was heard, Zim didn't have much time to think about what had provoked it as just after that, lab coat kid pulled a terrestrial memory drive out of his pocket.


"I've compiled all kinds of information about Earth and mankind in here."


"What kind of information are we talking about?" Zim asked


"Government structures around the globe, hierarchy, the latest advances in technology, culture, even the most intricate details about human interaction..." the kid said confidently while playing skillfully with the tiny device in his fingers. "In other words, enough to prepare a..."


The disguised alien felt everything go in stop motion as those words came out oh his covered mouth










This was it


If this human-pig was saying the truth, he would have access to the keys to finally achieve his goal of taking over Earth in the name of the empire.


He would go back home as a hero.


Every single one of his fellow Irkens would praise him to no end. heck, they would have to make up new words to adore the mighty glory and brilliance of ZIM!




Yeah, that was it~



Heck, if this was true, his dream of becoming tallest might even come true. He would be so amazing that his incredible mind would compensate for his lack of physical height. His fellow Irkens would be idiots not to name him an absolute ruler!


And that little nuisance, who mocked him and dared to antagonize him, Zim would make sure he was banished to the cold of Saturn.


Without a spacesuit that is~


He could already picture the parades being made in his honor.


The crowd cheering for him.


His whole planet dubbing him a hero.


But what if it was a lie?


His fantasies completely shattered as that thought slipped into his mind.


After all, it was a trap.


But what if it was true




Zim could only gulp as the temptation of snatching that drive consumed him little by little, but he had to be strong. If he wasn't, he would get a chance to get rid of his nemesis


"So, I better be on my way," The kid in the lab coat said as he began to walk away


"Wait, what?!" Zim exclaimed, "Didn't you say that you were in desperate need of my aid?!"


"Ok, number 1, I was not desperate." the kid replied, "Second, you did help me, but in telling you how I would risk the mission. Now if you excuse me, I shall prepare everything for when the actual memory drive with the actual information is snatched from Miss Bitters' classroom.


"Wait, what?!" Zim asked yet again


"Yeah, this one is empty" the kid replied nonchalantly "The real thing is at our classroom. Anyway, adios"


And with that, the kid disappeared.


Zim just stood there completely still before realizing what he had just said.


He ran as fast as he could to the classroom, as he made his way towards his destination he began to ponder about the possible 'bubee traps' the human could have set up in order to catch that hideous Dib-monkey.


Whatever it was, it would stand no chance against the Irken technology he had on his superior hands. Technology which the lab-coated child would have no way of comprehending or even predicting.


He continued his journey, bumping into more than one kid in the process and aggressively pushing them away from his path without a second thought.


Everything occupying his mind at that time was the memory drive.


Or at least that was the case until...


"Stop right there Zim!" Dib demanded as he chased Zim across the halls


"Get lost Dib-stink! This is none of your business!"


"In fact, as a member of mankind, it is! Whatever you and your little alien friend planned is very much my business!"


Zim continued to run when he suddenly spotted a trash can and kicked it in Dib's way, hitting him and making him fall. That only gave him a couple of seconds of headway, as the human boy stood up a couple of seconds after.


He needed to prevent Zim's alien freak hands from getting near that memory drive at all costs.


How did the kid in the lab coat even get the thing in Bitters' classroom?


The old lady barely let the kids from her class get in there.


Heck, he still remembered the time a kid from Mr. Elliot's class came asking for some chalk and as soon as he placed one foot inside of the room, Miss Bitters banished him to one of those mysterious 'underground classes' with the press of a button.


So how did lab coat kid even manage to get in there and sneak the drive in there?


He did say our classroom if he remembered right, but he wasn't their classmate.


So how did he-?


No, this wasn't the time for questions. He needed to focus on his main goal.


Stop that alien.


And before he knew it Zim had already sneaked into the classroom. He saw him as he hanged from the floor, robot legs sprouting out his PAK and allowing him to crawl like a spider.


Right above the teacher's desk.


And there it laid.


The memory drive.


Why had he gone through so much trouble just to get it?



There had to be a reason.


Maybe the room was booby-trapped?


Yes, it had to be. Maybe, they wanted to prevent someone from snatching the drive before Zim.


If so, why didn't lab coat kid give it to Zim before?


He saw as the alien got closer and closer by the second to the drive.


He needed to act, ASAP!


He tried to get the desk next to the door as close to him as he could. Once he did the got on top of it and began to jump from desk to desk, until he got to the one that was in front his teacher's.


"I told you to stay out of this Earth-monkey!" Zim said as he began to descend from the roof to land on top of the desk


"And I told you, I would stop you space-boy!" Dib exclaimed as he lunged to the desk.


Both grabbed the memory drive at the same time, and consequently, both began to try to take it away from the other.


"Give me that! Give me that drive you piece of pig-dookie!"


"You get your disgusting hands away from it you extraterrestrial dookie!"


"No, you're dookie!"


"You're dookie pie!"


"NO, I"M NOT!"














And with that last ridiculous elementary skool kid insult, Zim managed to get a whole grip over the tiny device.




However, his win was short-lived, as he failed to notice the thin, translucent string attached to it as he rose it up and posed to assert his superiority.


And thus, he activated the real 'bubee trap'.


They both heard a metallic sound before a cloud of gas began to emerge from underneath the desk in which they were standing. This right before the large and complex Goldberg machine set up all across the classroom began to operate.


"How did we not see that?"


"I don't know…"


They both looked around the room, following each part of the intricate mechanism.


A tiny piece of wood that got lifted by a rope allowing a tiny metal ball to go down a small ramp before landing on a cup and pulling a rope down with it, causing a couple of gears to spin…


"I know this is stupid, but I kinda want to see how... it...ends…" Dib said with a somewhat sleepy voice as he felt his eyes grow heavier.


The gears spun causing another ball to be pushed and then clash with another three balls, pushing them and making them go through another tiny ramp before splitting up and going through four different ramps.


"I...I know...right…?' Zim replied similarly as Dib


Falling on top of spoons attached to scissors hanging from the roof, closing them and cutting some ropes also hanging from the roof.


The last thing they saw was the capsule falling on top of them, capturing them. And then everything turned to black for both.




Dib began to open up his eyes slowly. However, everything was still pitch dark.


"Wha...where?! Where am I?!" Dib shouted before trying to move, however, it was completely futile, as something as pushed against him.


"Wha-?!WHAT IS THIS?!" Zim shouted as he began to move


"Zim?!" Dib asked before he felt something beginning to hit him repeatedly in the gut. "Hey, watch it! Stop!"


But Zim continued to move, kicking and punching the human boy. Dib just decided to move in retaliation.




"You get your foot off my head!"


"You get your huge head off my foot!"


"No, YOU get your- AHHHH!


Both human and alien let out a cry as they felt how they were being mercilessly dragged by something as if they were trash being sucked by a vacuum cleaner, quickly traveling across a tube.


Finally, they both crashed against something that seemed to be a wall made of glass, it didn't shatter due to impact, however, which was the first indicator that this wasn't a normal glass container.


The second indicator?


The cell was gigantic.


"What in the world?!"


As Dib and Zim came closer to the glass wall they saw how they were in some sort of laboratory, but everything was about ten times bigger than them.


"What is the meaning of this?!" Zim demanded to know "How dare you, whoever you are, to throw Zim in this nasty room with this nasty smelling hu-!"


The alien was suddenly interrupted however by the feeling and sight of some kind of orangy glowy energy surrounding him and the human, before everything in the room suddenly looked normal-sized to them and they were once again in an overcrowded cell.


Dib, who was now crushed against the glass by Zim's feet, was now facing the back of a mysterious person, yet he or she looked somewhat familiar.


As he focused more on it, he got a better look at who he was.


The kid in the lab coat.


However, just a couple of seconds later, he saw him remove his sunglasses and put them in a nearby counter before taking the cloth covering his face off and tying his long hair in a ponytail with it, as it was some kind of bow.


All of this while laughing...


Laughter filled with amazement, joy and just the ittiest bittiest trace of craziness...


"I can't believe I have proof now!" he said as he turned to the tube in which he and Zim were currently inside.


Or rather...


She said.


Since once she got close enough, Dib got a glimpse of who she truly was...


The genius girl.


"I gotcha' now slimy alien!" she said, "I knew your kind was real! I knew it! The scientific community will have to believe this now! I can't believe I finally got eviden-!"


And suddenly, her expression changed completely. Her smile fading instantly.


That confused Dib, but not as much as the words she uttered afterward


"Zim?" she asked "W-w-w-what are-? What are you doing here?"


He was completely dumbfounded by that question.


"Wait, what do you mean by that" Dib asked her "You just said you wanted to catch the alie-"


"Silence space-boy" she replied angrily as she turned to face him "You better keep your extraterrestrial mouth shut unless you wish for me to take care of you before I hand you to the authorities"


His confusion didn't go anywhere for a couple of seconds, that was until a realization hit him like a truck.


"Ok, I think that there has been a misunderstanding," the real human boy said, "Zim's the alien, not me."


"LIES!" Zim exclaimed "This fiend just wants to confuse you, lab-coat human, I mean, you lab-coat kid. Also, you're the new she-child?"


"Ummmm...Yes..." she replied while looking at herself and then at them


"And what was the disguise for?" Dib asked


The girl just let out an annoyed sigh "I needed it to conduct my investigation with ease."


"Yeah, but why?"


"I've already listened to enough questions form the likes of you, alien" she retorted


How could she think that he was the alien?


He fought aliens!




So that was why Zim had been talking to her. That disgusting little space monster wanted to incriminate him, not only to get rid of him through her but also to improve his cover.



"Again, Zim is the real alien! I'm just as human as you are!" Dib defended, trying to make the girl understand. Who knew what she would do to him in that lab if he didn't convince her otherwise.


He knew he wouldn't hesitate if he had the chance she did at that moment.


She had already managed to capture them and change their size at will. If she ended him, Earth would have lost it's the only defense against a full-scale alien invasion.


Zim will have won.


"Look," he continued "Zim is trying to use you to get rid of me because I'm the one who always stops him when he tries to take over the world!"


"Lies, LIES, LIES!"


"Silence," she said


"And by the way" Dib added "Why would you even think I'm the alien?!


The girl just moved closer to the cell before pulling out the recorder from before and playing the audio to him.


"He was mocking me because he thought my 'human body' was inferior to his even lamer alien one" Dib defended "And the spaceship was one I captured from one of his fellow aliens!"




"Shut it!" both human children demanded in unison


"Besides the audio, there's also an important fact that led me to this conclusion..."


What could it be?


His intelligence compared to the other kids?


The advanced technology he constantly used?


"You're too anatomically disproportionate for a human being." she finally said




Everything went quiet before Zim's laughter broke the silence loudly and abruptly.


"Still, that doesn't explain why you didn't notice that Zim was the alien and not me" Dib retorted "I mean, aren't you supposed to be a child genius? Shouldn't you be smart to see through Zim's horrible disguise?!"


"Of course I did, that's why he was option A!" she retorted


"Hold on, what?"


The girl just sighed.


"Of course I noticed"


"How?!" Zim demanded to know "How were you able to see through my amazing disguise?!"


"Let's just say that the second I saw that you didn't have ears, nose and that your skin was the color of a bugger, I knew something was up" she replied while crossing her arms and with an unforgivingly sarcastic expression


"Then why did you chase me and not Zim?" Dib asked


"You seemed like a better candidate" she replied "That, and Zim is just too stupid to be an alien"


"Wait, what?"


"I mean you fell for my trap even though you knew I had set it up for Dib, and blindly trusted a random kid who just approached you during lunch, didn't even show you her face or told you her name." the girl explained "You also seemed like a possible extraterrestrial threat, but your buffoonery seemed to be the perfect cover, for not being you know...a threat."


"By the way what's your name?" Dib asked


"Mags" she replied, "You would know that if you two hadn't spent seven entire minutes engaging in a stupid staring contest while Miss Bitters was explaining."


"Wait, we spent seven minutes on that?" Dib asked


"Huh, that's a record," Zim said


The girl just sighed


"Male rivalry, idiotic all the same in all species..." she said while rolling her eyes "That's also the main reason why I talked to Zim about my plan instead of luring you into the trap myself. I knew you would be eavesdropping, more like spying, on us."


He had to give it to her...


She was good.


"Well since I can't risk trusting either of you due to the possibility if both lying to ensure your survival," she continued "I guess I'll run a quick test..."


Mags pressed a button near the glass cell and suddenly a metallic arm appeared inside of it, approaching Zim and Dib more and more by the second


They both panicked and screamed in response, as the arm held a scalpel, getting closer and closer to them by the second.


They kept screaming as they began to hold on to each other as a result of their fear, sweat running down their foreheads.


Mags turned to look at the cell for a mere second


"What the-? Oh sorry, wrong setting."


And with that, the scalpel got replaced by some kind of scanner and then by an eyebrow plucker, which pulled a hair from each of their heads.


And as one would guess, once they realized what had just happened they quickly pushed the other away and headed for opposite sides of the cell.


Meanwhile, the girl analyzed both strands carefully with a microscope.


"Well seeing as Dib's is human and Zim's is made out of plastic, I think we've found our alien" Mags said


"I don't know what you're talking about," Zim said in an offended manner, crossing his arms "My head is as hairy as-hey!"


And with that Dib snatch his wig, revealing his alien antennas.


"There!" he proclaimed while exposing the real alien


"You stupid big-headed pork cow!" Zim said as he pulled out his contact lenses, enraged. After all, what was the point anymore?


"I guess that does it," she said as she got closer to Zim's side of the glass, staring right at him "Now...should I display you in front of the scientific community or go straight to the autopsy? I do know I'm dying to know what kind of organs you got inside of you..."


"You stay away from my Squeedily Spooch crazed-human-stink-beast!" Zim exclaimed


Wait a minute.


What's inside...


Zim quickly pulled out his communicator.


"GIR come here and help me now! GIR?GIR!"


Meanwhile, back in the base, GIR found himself deeply immersed in the living room's television.


"No, Maria! Por qué?! Don't leave Fernando like this! He needs you!" GIR shouted at the static being played on the TV before he heard Zim's voice inside his head.


"Oh, Hello!"



"GIR! I need you to listen carefully! I' need you to pick me up!NOW! Another insane child wants to end me!" the alien said






"Wait, I'm not insane! And you, for a fact, know it, Zim!" Dib defended


"Then how did you know I was talking about you?" Zim replied


"He's calling reinforceme-?!" Mags said before being interrupted by the sound and impact of something against one of the walls of the laboratory, blasting through it and conveniently crashing against the cell, breaking it.


The girl lost her balance and fell to the floor, as she covered her eyes. Mags slowly began to get up as she saw how the alien got on his minion-dog-thingy, which she quickly assumed was not really a dog because it started flying, with all the intention of leaving through that same hole...


"I'm sorry our partnership was a failure, 'Mags'..." the alien said, "But sometimes that's how it goes..."


"Can we leave now, I need to see what happened to Maria and Fernando!" GIR said


"I told you we're not watching any more 'soapy' operas!" Zim retorted


And GIR proceeded to retort to that by beginning to scream uncontrollably like a maniac and cry while throwing a tantrum. Still flying, and still with Zim in his back, causing the alien to feel as if he was riding a mechanical bull.


Only a more loud and childish one


And with that, both of them left through the hole


By this point, Dib had already emerged from the debris caused by GIR's explosive entrance and now stood at the side of the other humans in the room. Both seeing how Zim tried to get a good hold of his medium of transportation to no avail, as they went up, down, to one side to the other, in the loudest of manners.


"Why do I have the feeling that it is pretty common for them to be like this?" Mags asked without taking her eyes off the scene playing before her


"Because it is" Dib replied, "Still, you have no idea what I alone have to put up with almost every day to keep the world safe from the clutches of-"


And that's when a light-bulb light up over his head


She had seen him too.


She knew the truth!


And best of all, she wanted to catch aliens too.


Sure she had kidnapped him, but it was because she thought he was an alien. He knew for a fact he would have done the same if the tables were turned.


"Wait," the boy continued "You can help me,"


"What?" Mags responded


"I know it sounds crazy, but I'm usually the one who foils Zim's plans for world domination"


"So he is planning on taking over the world."


"Yes…" he began to explain as he turned towards a whiteboard in the lab and began to draw as he explained. "Invader Zim, evil, alien soldier of the Irken Empire sent by his diabolical masters, the Almighty Tallest, to infiltrate Earth and prepare it for the coming invasion."


He continued to sketch as he became more and more absorbed in his own words


"Disguised as one of us, he moved into my neighborhood, he went to my skool, our skool, and with the help of his vile mechanical servants, plots to destroy everything we have, everything we are..I'm all that stands between Zim and the annihilation of our world…"


Dib then finished his dramatic monologue, along with his last drawing, a badly drawn sketch of him and Zim as stick figures, facing each other. He then turned to look at the girl who seemed to be pondering something.


"But it doesn't have to be like that anymore!" He said with a rather joyful tone in his voice. "There's finally someone else who knows the truth! Someone who can help me fight him!"


Dib then captured the girl's attention completely as he held out his hand towards her.


"So what do you say?"


Mags seemed to stretch her hand towards his a little, before taking it back and crossing her arms.


"Look, I'm sorry for kidnapping you and the whole 'you being an alien thing'" she said "But...I'm not interested really in your offer"


That left the large-headed boy dumbfounded.


Was she, was she for real?


How could she possibly be?


She just saw the robot, she seemed to have believed him, and she saw Zim for crying out loud!


Why wouldn't she help, knowing the Earth's sake is at stake?


"Why not?" Dib asked


"He seems inoffensive" she replied, "As I said before, he looked, and is, too stupid to be considered an actual threat."


"You haven't seen what he is capable of," he replied, "During the summer he created a giant Florpus Hole, that almost absorbed the entire planet and destroyed it!"


The girl just sighed


"I guess I'll have to phrase it another way then…"


Dib suddenly felt how he was mercilessly snatched and pulled away by something.


A metallic arm, moving him closer towards the girl and making him look at her straight in the eyes.


Big, green eyes that were now glaring at him with an intimidating and unforgiving look that made him gulp after a few seconds.


"Listen to me carefully, I don't want anything to do with your and that alien's stupid rivalry. I have enough to worry about here, and plenty to lose if I associate with the likes of either of you two. I don't need to tell you what…"


Honestly, where all the girls he was going to meet in his life this aggressive?


Gaz, Tak, and now Mags. They were all competent but scary in some way or another.


Gaz had a huge temper,


Tak was, well...a would be competent Irken invader


And now this one. This one seemed scary, but weirdly he didn't know how to describe.


And honestly, right now he was okay with not figuring it out.


"If you stay out of my way, I'll stay out of yours" she continued "Do otherwise, and I'll be sure that the one in my autopsy table is you instead of Zim. And by that, I mean that I don't want to hear a peep from you about what happened today, to anyone. Understood?"


"But you don't understand, he can be a huge threat!" Dib exclaimed


"For how long have you dealt with him?" Mags asked in retaliation


"About a year"


"And how the world comes to an end because of him?"


"That's beside the point, we cannot risk something happening"


"You already said it yourself, you're the one who always stops him, correct?"




"See you two seem like the perfect rivals, I see the way you look at him, with hate and disgust and all that. What kind of cold heartless person would break apart such a loving relationship?"






And with that, her first pushed a button and that cold metallic arm send threw him straight into an alley dumpster


It took him a few minutes to get out of the container since he had to fight the raccoon he had landed on.


He quickly left the alley and when he saw where he was, he was more than dumbfounded.


Membrane Laboratories.


That explained the advanced technology, but it left a bigger question.


What could she possibly be doing there?


He just sighed as he began walking home.


Another person who refused to see the truth, or rather, another person who saw it and refused to do something.




As he made his way home, he completely ignored the somewhat empathetic and melancholic gaze watching him leave through that hole before the metallic walls began to regenerate.


Meanwhile, a certain alien invader and his mischievous robotic henchman had just arrived at the front of their home.


GIR stopped advancing right in front of the main door, letting Zim get off his back. The alien tried his best not to tumble as he stood up and covered his mouth, in an attempt to keep himself from puking his insides.


Once he got off GIR, the robot just flew through the door and blew a hole in it. After doing a maneuver in the air, he landed on the couch and grabbed the remote control, turning on the TV and putting his show on.




As Zim tried to regain his balance, he felt something in his pocket.


The memory drive.


"HA! That stupid human she-stink-beast!" he rejoiced "She didn't realize I kept the key to Earth's demise! Computer!"


"Yeah?" the mentioned entity replied in an unenthusiastic voice


"Analyze the content of this information container and play the contents on the living room's monitor!" Zim ordered



And with that, a robotic arm grabbed the tiny device and began to do as ordered, playing the content of the drive on the TV.




"Quiet GIR!" Zim commanded, " see the content that will give me the key to world domination-!"


However, much to his dismay...


They were only videos of cats...


"Awwwww" GIR awed "They're so cute I wanna eat 'em"


Zim slowly dropped to the floor and laid there in a fetal position, while GIR began to go closer to the TV and begun to press his open mouth against it.


"My brilliant cover..." Zim lamented "Blown off, for nothing..."


He quickly stood up and began posing the only way he knew how...


In an over the top manner.


"Curse you Mags-she-monkey!" He exclaimed to the roof "You'll regret the day you made a full of Zim! Sleep peacefully now, for it is the last peaceful sleep you'll have!"


"Is just 6:00 p.m.!" GIR said before going back to trying to eat the cats on the screen




The next day, Dib found himself walking through the skool halls to Miss Bitters' class.


Once he arrived, he saw him sitting next to the door as usual and quickly glared at him as he glared back.


"Children, unless you want to get sent to one of the underground classrooms, you better not spend another seven minutes of my class in a stupid staring contest!" Miss Bitters warned


"Miss Bitters, do I have to state again that he does not belong in this class because well...HE'S AN ALIEN!" Dib said as the whole class began to groan.


"Again?" one of the kids said


"Honestly, I was surprised to not hear anything like this from him yesterday..." another one replied


"He's such a weirdo"






Dib felt his frustration grow with each comment from his peers, and then, from the corner of his eye, he saw her.




Her hair was now pulled in a ponytail like yesterday when they were in her lab, tied with her big light colored bow/bandana, letting only two uneven strand of hair fall on her face. She was quiet, reading a huge biology book.


"I'm not the only one who has seen him!" Dib said, "Mags has seen him too!"


And then everyone turned to look at her direction.


All of the eyes in the room were on her.


Dib saw her, and for a moment, he could have sworn she had seen legit fear in her eyes.


At least that's what he thought before her expression turned into a more calmed one as she turned to look at him with an unforgiving glare.


"How big is a load of smelly dookie that has gotten into your freakishly large hollow head, weirdo?" she said


'Ooooohs' were heard all across the classroom.


Her look had one sentence written all over it


'I warned you, idiot'


"Ha!" Zim laughed


"Shut up your voice is annoying," Mags said making Zim mutter to himself in anger as the other kids began to 'Ooooh' again, the one next to her trying to high-five her.


She just continued reading, completely ignoring the kid's gesture.


"She's indeed a genius," Miss Bitters said to herself "Alright you all, today we'll start talking about..."


And like the previous day, everything seemed to go completely quiet for the two rivals, who had again succumbed to the irresistible allure of the staring contest.


Not realizing that a third party occasionally gazed at them from the corner of her eye.


Dib saw Zim and then looked at Mags.


He always thought, there were two kinds of evil in the world.


The one from the people who commit wicked deeds.


And the one from the people who see how wicked deeds are committed and don't do anything to prevent.


But one thing was for sure.


Nothing would stop him from achieving his goals.


Little did he know, he wasn't the only one with that mindset.