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I Have Always Known You Best

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            You sit on the bed beside him and smile, years have gone into this and now, he is finally yours. It's insane and you know it, but nothing could ever bring you more joy than seeing Shota Aizawa, the hero, Eraser Head, right where you have wanted him for years. He is in your possession and you will never let him go while you live. You fight not to smile because you know it will be maniacal if you're not careful. You reach out and stroke his hair, it's not soft like you hoped, but coarse, manly really, you grin.


            "Get your hands off of me," he growls and your eyes widen before you do smile. Somehow you know it isn't a maniacal smile, but one of quiet victory. He surprised you, your beloved Shota, always exceeding expectations. You look down into his dark eyes, only they're not dark, scarlet as his power hits you. You weren't using your quirk so he does nothing and you chuckle.


            "You always throw off my projections for you, Shota," you say and his quirk shuts off as you place your hand on his chest. He yanks at the bindings on his wrists. Black and red checkered carbon nanofiber, a match in texture to his capture weapon, but colored to match the soft red and black flannel pajamas you put him in. You put in him adult diapers, they feel like boxers so he won't realize the situation just yet.


            "Who are you?" he demands as he pulls at the binding on his ankles, they match his wrists, both secured to the frame of the bed. It is a heavy steel alloy, you supplied samples of the alloy to UA for their Support Development class, from what you have heard, they used it to slow down the teachers in faculty versus student testing. A whole bed made from it was expensive, but worth it. Shota was strong, not quirk level, but he was clever, he wouldn't be able to destroy this bed with his clever mind and all the time in the world. You look away from him, you activate your quirk, legally your quirk was labeled Telepathy, but it was something else, something more...something you didn't want the government fully understanding.


            In Shota's head, he was trying to figure you out, as you looked at him, he recalled middle school but it confused him and you grinned more.


            "Ah, Shota-senpai, did you really forget about me?" you try to pout, but you just cannot stop smiling your cat that ate the canary smile. His eyes widen and you can see your middle school self in his mind. The girl who was bullied for her quirk. Telepathy was a quirk a lot of people hated and it bugged him to see you get bullied. More than once he would erase the quirks of your harassers and you would routinely follow him around. He had assumed it was for protection. When you showed up at UA in the Support Program he had been glad you found someplace you fit in.


            "That's right, I followed you all the way to UA...I've been supporting you for years," you say as you lay down and hug his torso. "I am the one who fulfilled your desires for your hero costume and your capture weapon. Your requests were easy to fulfill with just a glance into your mind. I grew wealthy from my designs, heroes all over the world wear my inventions and even more wish that they were in my support clientele."


            "You're my support?!" he growled in surprise. In his head he evaluates the times he was pleased with the quality and fit, as if the person completing the design knew him. How well things worked, how efficiently they were improved.


            "I just popped into your mind and found what you wanted," you giggled against his chest. You inhale his scent slightly. Shota, your Shota, finally in your home. "I always was in the next room listening in when you were consulted." His mind is realizing what is going on. Stalker. Crazy fan girl. You slap his nipple and he jerks. He liked that...something to remember for later. "That's not nice. Everything I have done. I have done for you." You sit up and his mind is locked as you see his scarlet eyes. You sigh.


            "Where am I?" he demands and you grin more.


            "Do you know my name?" you ask, he stares and you wait. He is forced to blink and you pluck the knowledge. He doesn't even know your name. You laugh then. It is actually joyous and he even thinks so. Angrily, he mentally admits you sound victorious. "Well, since you don't even know my name. You are in a property I own under an alias. You've been sleeping for the last day and a half. A good thirty-six hour nap. I knew that drugging the tea in the faculty room right before the holiday would get me just what I wanted. The delay of the drug's activation made sure everyone was home before you all took good naps. I just had to wait for you to fall asleep and then I took you from that simple apartment." He blinks at that as he looks around the room. His bangs swaying at the speed he turns his head back and forth.


            The room you are in looks like his bedroom in his apartment. The cracks on the ceiling, the heavy shades on the windows. The crappy light that flickers slightly.


            "Oh this?" You say in mock surprise. "I build it just for you, I want you to feel at home while you learn to love me." You opened the curtains revealing the sky. You pull up a remote, pressing a button, and suddenly a news report appears. Behind the fake windows, massive screens were faking the sky. The high definition screens are your own design. You change the channel to see a report on an airline crash. It was going to a tropical location, popular for vacations. Shota needs to be gone...he is on a school holiday for the week. You blink before quickly pulling up your phone. You begin hacking. Shota is confused as you grin. Hacking various systems you delete one of the people on the flight. He is an old man with no family. He was moving to the country. No one was waiting for him, no one will miss him. Suddenly Shota's name appears on the flight history as if he was always on it. You have him booked for the hotel a month ago. Dates are changed and you are maniacally laughing.


            "What did you just do?" he demands and you calm down as you sit beside him again.


            "I'm so sorry, Shota, but it appears that you've just died in a plane crash," you explain with a grin. "I'll let you watch while I get your breakfast." You leave him alone and listen to his thoughts as you head upstairs. The news is going on and on about the crash. The channel goes on break and even switches stories as you cook. Shota's not a big breakfast person, but with his long nap, he is more hungry than usual and you know a traditional Japanese breakfast would be the best for him. You cook and the moment the news returns with breaking news you know it from Shota's own horrified mind. His name and face are on the screens as you enter.


            "How did you do that?" he demands and you smile.


            "I've always had a talent for hacking, it was easy to get into the airline and hotel systems and leave an obvious trail to you," you purr. "Will you behave if I let you have a hand free?" He thinks about how he can attack and you sigh. "Well if that's how you want it." You open the closet and pull out a small table. You place the tray on it and look at him as you hold a bowl and chopsticks. "I will feed you until I can trust you."  


            "Why are you doing this?" he demands and you look at him.


            "If you eat, I will tell you the answer to everything you want to know," you explain and he thinks about it. He needs information to escape. You watch him, he knows you can hear his thoughts and considers using his quirk. You sigh and pull out a blindfold and his eyes widen. "I won't use this if you just eat and think your questions." He thinks about it. He doesn't like it. As he considers you turn the screens back to their sky mode.


            'Fine,' he thinks at you and you smile as you sit down. 'Why are you doing this to me?' You smile at that as he open his mouth.


            "I've loved you since the day you rescued me in middle school. I decided I would do anything for you," you explain and he eats. He thinks about how good it tastes and you say nothing.


            'That's not good enough and you know it,' he thinks as he takes another bite. You smile, he's too clever for your simple tricks. You smile as you look at him.


            "You're right, I could have waited for you to notice me because it takes you a while to notice those truly beside you," you say. "But that bitch saw you as I do. She started to stalk you. I am a practiced hand at being unnoticed, so she never saw me watching you, but I certainly saw her watching you." You growl as you think about that arrogant brat, just because she was pro hero she thought she deserved your Shota. You forced your hands to relax before you broke something. "Since she was after you, I had to get you away from her." He is genuinely confused.


            "That joke bitch," you said and his eyes widen. "Your missing underwear was her doing...not me. I didn't touch your belongings. I made your hero costume, I repaired it myself. I developed your capturing weapon just for you. I didn't need to steal your underwear. That's just gross." He glared at you.


            'Because this is normal,' he huffed mentally and you shrug.


            "While she wasn't this far into her planning, she was considering it," you state and he stares at you. "You don't believe me of course, but why should you? I have you tied to a bed in my home in a complete duplicate of your bedroom. It is crazy, but, I couldn't lose you to her. I would have been content to wait in the shadows forever, but she wanted you. I couldn't give you up to her."


            'What do you hope to gain from this?' he asked as he took another bite and you stare at him.   


            "Ideally Stockholm Syndrome," you confess and he stops chewing to stare. "I promised to tell you everything you want to know. It's the truth." He stares at you and you can see his mind going a mile a minute and you wait for him to compose himself again. He's not hungry so you put the bowl down and pick up the eye drops from the tray. "Your eyes are bothering you."


            "Stop reading my mind!" he snaps. He's scared and his mind is blocked as his eyes go red. You flick his nose hard and the pain makes his eyes close. You move quickly, straddling him, using your weight to press on his forehead, shoving it back in to the pillow. You pull the cap off the drops with your teeth. Dropping a few precious drops into each eye before you place cotton over his eyelids, then the blindfold. You tighten it with a strap so he can't wiggle it off.


            "I don't need to read your mind to know your eyes hurt," you state as you sit on his chest. His breathing is fast and you feel him against your core through your pants. You want him as you always do, but you do nothing more than sit on him as you compose yourself. You know you're insane, who relies on Stockholm Syndrome to make someone fall in love with them? His hair is spread out on the pillow and he is gritting his teeth. He can't open his eyes and he feels truly helpless. You lay down on him, moving down his body so your head is tucked under his jaw, your hips over his, your arms shove under his torso so you are hugging him. "I know I'm insane. No one sane would do this to someone they love, but I love you so much, Shota. I couldn't let her have you. You're mine. I know you better than anyone else. I know how much you love your students, I know how much you value your friends, I know how much Oboro's death destroyed you and motivated you..."


            "Shut up!" he snarls and you sigh as his head is filled with rage and grief. You stare down at him and you kiss his cheek quickly, avoiding the bite he snaps into the air, missing you by a mile.


            "I'm not a very good person, that's why I'm not a hero, but I worked hard for you. I made myself into someone you could stand by, even if I will never be a hero. I'll let you rest, you need it. When I come back, we'll see if you need that blindfold or not." You get off of him, he snarls and he fights his bonds. He knows what is holding him, he knows the feeling of his capture weapon and what's holding him is the same thing. He struggles as you watch him. You leave the room, closing the door silently.


            You lean against the door, living in Shota's head, feeling his emotions, hearing his thoughts, and slowly, you do something you know is evil. You plant an idea. You don't have Telepathy, a passive and weak quirk that scares others for petty reasons, you have something different, you don't know about any other recorded quirk like yours. You can plant ideas into people, you don't do it often. You never did it to Shota before, but if he is going to be yours...well, all bets are off. You plant the idea into Shota about how playing along might just give him a chance to be free. You grin as the idea takes easy root. Too easy. Your grin turns maniacal as you head upstairs silently. Your agency has an appointment with Emi Fukukado in two hours and you need to be there to plant a few ideas into the woman who dared to stalk your Shota.