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No better love

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There were certain things that came along with being Jungkook’s friend and Jimin was mostly used to it.

Sometimes Jungkook would disappear for days because he was playing video games, sometimes he would send Jimin crazy videos, and sometimes he liked to tell lewd stories of the guys he hooked up with.

Jimin was mostly used to it but he choked on his drink when Jungkook was telling him about the latest guy that he’d met.

“We went on three dates and everything was perfect,” Jungkook started out. “He was hot, we got along well, but then we went back to my place to fool around and it turned out we’re both bottoms.”

“What?” Jimin was lost in Jungkook’s rambling, it didn’t help that the restaurant they had met at was full of people getting their late night fix of comfort food.

“We were having a great time,” Jungkook rubbed his face like he was exhausted. “He was an amazing kisser and I could feel how hard he was when we grinded against each other.”


“But when I told him I wanted him to fuck me he went cold and everything was ruined.”

That was when Jimin choked on his drink and Jungkook reached over to pat his back.

“I know right? It was so confusing and so disappointing,” Jungkook really sighed.

When Jimin had caught his breath again he frowned at his friend, “Why were you so sure he wanted to top you?”

“He was always wearing these leather jackets and his voice is so deep and oh my god his hands! You should see his hands!” Jungkook was rambling again.

Jimin shook his head, “None of those things automatically mean he would want to top you.”

“This is why it’s easier when you meet on a dating app,” Jungkook sighed. “People will just put that info right in their profiles.”’

“Where did you meet?” Jimin didn’t remember Jungkook even saying.

“At a bar,” His friend sighed again like he was remembering it. “He bought me a drink and then we made out but he gave me his number because he said we were too drunk to do anything else.”

“Oh he sounds nice,” Jimin said but then he wasn’t exactly sure if that was true.

“He was pretty cool,” Jungkook admitted. “I’m bummed it didn’t work out.”

Jimin gave his friend a sad look, “Maybe you guys could be friends?”

Jungkook looked at Jimin like he was crazy for a moment but then he narrowed his eyes like he was thinking.

“Wouldn’t that be weird?” Jungkook asked. “I know the shape of his dick after all.”

“I mean,” Jimin looked at his drink and wished it was alcohol. “People break up and then become friends all the time right? You guys only went on a few dates.”

Jungkook tapped his lips as he thought some more and Jimin took the chance to take another sip of his soda.

“I guess I could try,” Jungkook admitted. “We did get along great but I don’t know how I will get past his hotness.”

“Exactly how hot is he?” Jimin was curious with Jungkook’s obsession.

“Let me show you,” Jungkook pulled his phone out of his pocket and touched it a few times before turning it towards Jimin. “I took this picture of him last week on our second date.”

He hadn’t been expecting to immediately want to agree with Jungkook, the guy in the picture was hot.

A smirk on his face caused one side of his lips to tilt up like he was amused as he looked at the camera while shaggy hair nearly reached his eyes.

But there was also something about his face was a bit softer, maybe it was the roundness of his cheeks or his button nose.

Jimin wasn’t exactly sure but it made him wonder what the guy was really like in person, pictures didn’t tell you everything and Jungkook was mainly focused on how he’d wanted to mess around with him.

“What’s his name?” Jimin asked and when he looked at Jungkook he was smiling.

“Oh you want to know his name now?” Jungkook hummed. “You know I wouldn’t be opposed if you wanted to-”

“It was a simple question!” That Jimin now regretted asking but Jungkook laughed in amusement.

“Yoongi,” Jungkook told him anyways. “Min Yoongi.”

Jimin rolled the name around in his head for a minute without saying anything.

“Maybe I just need to go through Grindr again and find someone even hotter that will give me the dick down I need.”

He could only sigh at his friend and try to remember that Jungkook was younger than him.

Hopefully they could get through the rest of the dinner without Jungkook obsessing over dicks some more.


They didn’t talk about the topic again that night, and Jungkook didn’t bring up Yoongi the next time they hung out either so Jimin assumed he’d gotten over the whole thing.

Clearly he should have known better than to believe that because he was thrown off when he thought he was meeting up with just his friend but then Jungkook dropped a bomb on him.

“I’m so glad you came,” Jungkook handed a beer over to Jimin when he sat down.

“Of course I came,” Jimin had no idea why he wouldn’t have.

“I feel like I’m going to shit myself seeing Yoongi again,” Jungkook told him.

Jimin froze with the drink half way to his mouth, both because of the shitting comment and also because of Yoongi’s name.

“I’m sorry...what?”

Jungkook was distracted looking at the door, “Yoongi should be here soon.”

“He’s meeting you here?” Jimin felt his eyes go wide.

“Yeah,” Jungkook looked at him innocently. “Did I forget to mention that part?”

Jimin wanted to sigh or curse, he wasn’t sure which but he held both back. “So you decided to take my advice?”

Jungkook was nodding, his eyes darting towards the door again.

He actually felt a little proud of his friend and he didn’t want to make him feel bad so he decided to ignore the fact that he’d been given no warning.

He was glad that he looked decent at least, not that he’d dressed up for Jungkook but he still thought his outfit was good enough.

It wasn’t like this was a date, but he liked to make a good first impression with anyone.

Or at least that’s what he tried to tell himself, it certainly wasn’t because he already knew Yoongi was attractive.

“Oh there he is,” Jungkook was suddenly clutching at Jimin’s arm and pulling him away from his thoughts.

Jimin looked over to where Jungkook’s eyes were and sure enough he spotted the guy, it easy enough with how he stood out from the crowd.

When he looked their way he gave them a little wave with his lips titling up into a small smile.

“Looks like he brought someone too?” Jimin said as Yoongi turned towards the person beside him and said something to them.

Both went over to the bar to grab drinks and it gave Jimin a minute to calm himself and Jungkook down.

“Was this an awful idea?” Jungkook wondered out loud. “Look at him!”

“If it’s bad we can just leave early,” Jimin assured him.

Thinking things might go smoother if he took charge, Jimin was the first to greet Yoongi when they started to come over to their table.

He gave Jimin a small smile that made him wonder if Yoongi was just as nervous as Jungkook was, but he didn’t hold back from introducing his friend either.

“This is Taehyung,” Yoongi said looking from his friend to Jimin and then Jungkook.

“I remember you mentioning him,” Jungkook said but then he looked a little worried like it was bad to recall their dates.

“It’s nice to meet you,” Jimin butted in and Taehyung gave him a wide boxy grin.

“Wow you’re both cute,” Taehyung said instantly and Jimin felt his neck start to heat up, “Are you sure you don’t want to fuck him hyung?”

Yoongi choked on his drink and Jimin instinctively reached over to pat his back even though he didn’t know him at all.

He’d already taken off his leather jacket so Jimin’s hand was met with the warmth of Yoongi’s back through his shirt, and he was embarrassed that he paused to rub a little.

If Yoongi minded the touch he didn’t say so, instead he turned towards his friend.


“I’d fuck him,” Taehyung ignored his friend and leaned on his hands to look at Jungkook before giving him a wink.

Jimin looked to see Jungkook’s eyes go a little wider but then he gave Taehyung a smile too.

“Maybe bringing him was a mistake,” Yoongi said under his breath but then Jimin realized he’d turned slightly towards him.

That was also when Jimin realized his hand was still resting on the back of Yoongi’s chair so that his fingers were touching the guys back.

“It’s fine,” Jimin assured him as he pulled his hand away in what he hoped was a discreet move. “Jungkook embarrases me all the time.”

Yoongi smiled at that and things got less awkward, mostly because Taehyung was so outgoing and friendly that Jimin found himself easily talking with the other.

It helped that they were close in age and there was a lot they had in common, it was like Jimin had met a new best friend.

He almost forgot that Yoongi was even there because he kept so quiet, until Taehyung got up to go to the bathroom and Jungkook joined him.

“He likes to top,” Yoongi tossed out randomly once they were alone.

“What?” Jimin was surprised by the topic.

“If you like Taehyung I mean,” Yoongi explained. “Thought you might want to know to avoid know.”

Jimin didn’t know what to say, “I wasn’t thinking of him in that way…”

“Oh,” Yoongi looked surprised. “Sorry I didn’t mean to-”

“No it’s fine,” Jimin cut him off. “I get it.”

They were quiet again and Jimin picked up his drink only to realize that it was empty.

When he looked up again he realized that Yoongi was looking back towards the bar in a way that made his neck stretch out.

Jimin’s mind immediately thought about how nice it would look all red from being played with.

An urge to run his fingers over Yoongi’s jawline had him curling them into a fist, it was easy to see why Jungkook had been so disappointed he missed the chance to be with this man.

“I like to top,” Jimin found himself saying without really thinking.

Yoongi looked back at him quickly but he didn’t say anything, instead his eyes travelled down Jimin’s body like he was really seeing him for the first time.

It made him feel hot all over to know Yoongi was scrutinizing him and he didn’t know what he was thinking.

“It’s too bad we didn’t meet first then,” Yoongi finally said.

Jimin didn’t have time to reply because their friends were back but the words played over in his mind.

It sounded like Yoongi had implied he would have been interested in him, but not now.

That was probably a good thing, and yet Jimin’s mind snagged on the detail that Yoongi had sounded regretful.

He was quieter for the rest of the night but it turned out fine because Taehyng and Jungkook chatted more for the group.

When it was time to go, Taehyung pulled the both of them in for a hug and then Jimin thought it would be weird not to hug Yoongi too.

It was a mistake to lean into Yoongi though, because it made Jimin aware of how good it felt to be closer to him. To wrap an arm around his back and press their bodies together.

The hug lasted just a moment but Jimin felt the effects of it for much longer than that.

Why hadn’t he been able to meet Yoongi before Jungkook did?


The next time that they hung out it was by accident.

Jimin and Jungkook had met up with Jin and Hoseok at a club they all liked to go to, taking turns dancing and drinking to work out the stress of the week.

Already Jimin felt a little overheated from all the bodies packed into the place and trying to keep up with Hobi.

It was Taehyung who came up to him first, “Hey stranger!”

Jimin had jumped a little at his voice in his ear but then he gave Taehyung a wide smile, “Hey you!”

Taehyung had him pulled into a hug a moment later and then Jimin pointed out where Jungkook was sitting at their table after taking a break from dancing.

“Yoongi is at the bar I think,” Taehyung pointed backward and Jimin looked over but didn’t see him.

“This is Hoseok,” Jimin introduced him without really explaining who Taehyung was, that was too long of a story for a dance floor.

“You guys are amazing dancers,” Taehyung told them. “Yoongi will never dance with me.”

“Want to take over?” Jimin offered pulling Taehyung closer to Hoseok.

Taehyung looked happy when Hoseok grabbed him by the waist and guided him into a dance.

He left them to it and headed towards the bar, he was thirsty after all.

“He’ll never want to leave now,” Yoongi was leaning against the bar and watching his friend when Jimin found him.

“Sorry I needed a break,” Jimin waved for the bartender and tried not to stare at Yoongi, he’d not been prepared for the sight of him in leather pants.

“Here,” Yoongi pushed his drink into Jimin’s fingers and his stomach flipped.

“Oh thanks,” Jimin brought the beer up to his lips and watched Yoongi watching him.

“Where’s Jungkook?” Yoongi asked.

“He was at our table,” Jimin couldn’t see from there.

Yoongi nodded in response but he was looking at Taehyung again.

“Tae said you don’t dance,” Jimin admitted.

“That’s true.”

“Why not?” Jimin tilted his head and looked Yoongi over. “You’re in a club after all.”

He shrugged, “I guess I’m just not very good at it. I’m not awful but…”

“Maybe you need a better partner,” Jimin teased lightly, knowing he was bordering on flirting but not able to stop himself.

Yoongi looked at him with an amused smile on his face, “What exactly would you do differently to make it better for me?”

Jimin smiled back at him, “Oh I don’t need to prove anything I know I’m better.”

When Yoongi started to laugh Jimin couldn’t help but join in with him.

“That sounded so -“

“I know,” Jimin leaned into Yoongi and laughed into his shoulder, feeling the way the other’s body shook with laughter too.

With Taehyung looking like he wasn’t leaving the dance floor anytime soon Jimin invited Yoongi over to say hi to Jungkook and meet Jin.

“Oh you’re hot,” Jin leaned on his hand.

“I know right,” Jungkook slapped his hyung on the shoulder and Jin gave him a look.

“Way to make it weird,” Jimin sighed rubbing his neck.

“It’s fine,” Yoongi laughed.

Luckily they were interrupted when Taehyung and Hobi showed up, overheated from the dance floor.

“Kookie,” Taehyung tossed himself onto Jungkook’s lap without anywhere to sit.

“Um who are you?” Jin asked in confusion and the rest of them laughed.

“Call me Tae,” He grabbed Jungkook’s drink and took a sip without waiting.

Jungkook continued to look like he was both bewildered and smitten at the same time.

They chatted for a while and kept drinking.

Eventually Jimin left to go to the bathroom and when he got back he was surprised to see everyone had gone onto the dance floor for a popular song.

He could see the group of them being silly and jumping around to the beat.

Taehyung was half hanging off Jungkook and laughing in his ear.

Jimin debated just waiting for it to end with how packed the crowd was already but Yoongi spotted him and curled his finger in the air for him to join in.

Yoongi was barely dancing and Jimin couldn’t help but hook an arm around his waist and copy the silly moves he was making.

Laughing, he leaned backwards which caused their legs to brush and Yoongi grabbed at his shirt like he was worried Jimin would tip over too much.

All it did was pull them a little closer when Jimin straightened back up and started to sway his hips to the music.

“I can’t do that,” Yoongi was laughing as he stepped backwards but he couldn’t move far with the wall of people on the dance floor.

“Like this,” Jimin pulled him until he could step behind Yoongi and put his hands on his hips, guiding him how move.

It didn’t help much, especially not with how Yoongi was laughing at Taehyung picking up Jungkook.

Jimin kind of gave up but he didn’t let go of Yoongi, holding onto his body for support as he laughed too.

His face got buried into Yoongi’s shirt and it wasn’t until his laughter died that he realized he had his hand wrapped around the man’s belt as well.

Without knowing it his fingers had been brushing over the leather of Yoongi’s pants and he quickly tried to pull away before anyone noticed.

They didn’t last at the club much longer after that, everyone getting tired from the late hour and dancing.

“They were fun,” Hoseok told the group as they left, Yoongi and Taehyung having gone their separate way already.

“You should invite them around more,” Jin agreed.

Jungkook gave Jimin an amused look but they didn’t say anything.


Jimin was no longer surprised whenever Jungkook invited him to go hang out with Yoongi and Taehyung.

They even started a group chat though Jimin had no idea if Jungkook talked to Yoongi or Taehyung separately, he didn’t ask.

Part of him wondered if Jungkook was still interested in Yoongi with the way he was always commenting on his looks, but he also couldn’t help but notice how well his friend got along with Taehyung.

In no way had he been prepared to run into Yoongi when he was by himself, having stopped into a new restaurant one night to grab dinner before going home.

There waiting in line he spotted Yoongi happily chatting with a much taller guy.

Of course, his first thought was that Yoongi must be put on a date. He looked excited and the other man was smiling at him with attractive dimples.

He was embarrassed when Yoongi turned out of nowhere and saw him looking, Jimin tried to look away but he knew it was too late.

“Hey,” Yoongi must have left his friend because he was right beside Jimin when he looked up.

“Hi,” Jimin cringed in embarrassment and looked over at Yoongi’s companion who had waited back at their spot in line. “I didn’t mean to interrupt your-“

Yoongi frowned lightly and looked over to where Jimin was motioning.

“I’m just grabbing dinner with my friend Namjoon,” Yoongi explained. “Are you meeting someone?”

“Oh,” Jimin was a little surprised how relieved he felt hearing that. “I was just going to order something to take back home.”

“Do you want to eat with us?” Yoongi offered. “I heard this place is delicious.”

Jimin pressed his lips together, he’d heard the same and he was hungry.

“Are you sure your friend won’t mind?”

Yoongi nodded, “Namjoon is like a gentle giant.”

“Well...if you’re sure.”

There wasn’t any further discussion, Yoongi grabbed onto Jimin’s hand and pulled him forward in the line.

His first thought was how tiny his hand felt in Yoongi’s, and how oddly hot that was to him.

Then he had to shake it off because Yoongi was introducing him to his friend.

“So you’re the Jimin I’ve heard all about,” Namjoon gave him an easy smile. “It’s nice to put a face to the name.”

Yoongi coughed into his fist and Jimin wondered what exactly Namjoon had heard about him.

“Thanks for letting me crash your dinner,” Jimin said instead of asking the question he wanted to.

Namjoon waved him off and then they were being brought to their table by a hostess.

Looking at the menu, Yoongi’s face lit up and he told Jimin and Namjoon about what sounded good.

“Hyung is a bit of a foodie,” Namjoon chuckled.

“Oh?” Jimin thought Yoongi looked cute in his excitement.

“He’s even a good cook,” Namjoon added.

Yoongi hummed and continued to look at the menu but Jimin noticed a bit of a flush on his cheeks.

“Well I can’t cook anything,” Jimin admitted. “I mostly eat out or heat up instant stuff at home.”

“Anytime you want to go out to eat just text this hyung,” Namjoon was pointing at Yoongi who raised an eyebrow at his friend.

“Are you trying to pawn me off?” Yoongi asked Namjoon and his friend laughed. “I take back every nice thing I said about you.”

Namjoon laughed louder and Jimin had to bite down on his lip not to join in.

Yoongi looked grumpy but when he turned towards Jimin his eyes dropped to his lips.

Without thinking he dragged his teeth over his bottom lip slowly until it popped free and he could slide his tongue over it.

Yoongi turned away, a hand dragging through his hair.

Jimin looked over at Namjoon and saw his eyebrow was raised, whatever had just happened didn’t go without notice.

“I should probably tell Jungkook I ran into you,” Jimin said out of nowhere.

He needed the reminder of why it was a bad idea to flirt with Yoongi.

“Yeah,” Yoongi agreed.

“Let’s take a selca!” Jimin pulled out his phone and held it up at an angle so he could get the whole table in view, snapping a picture of the three of them.

He checked it quickly before sending it off in the group chat where Jungkook and Taehyung only took a few minutes to reply.

There was a lot of excitement on Taehyung’s end that they’d hung out with Namjoon, while Jungkook made sad eyes he hadn’t been invited.

Before their food arrived Yoongi left to use the bathroom warning Namjoon not to embarrass him while he was gone.

“Any questions you want to ask me while Yoongi is gone?” Namjoon smiled, asking the question as soon as his friend was out of sight.

Jimin leaned forward in his seat, “Does he still like Jungkook?”

Namjoon shook his head, “He’s over him.”

“Dating someone else yet?”

Namjoon shook his head again, this time with a smile.

Jimin let out a sigh of relief but at the same time he was more worried, the situation was so tricky.

He was afraid to ask Namjoon what he really wanted to know, did Yoongi like him?

Before he could overthink it, Yoongi came back out and their food was brought to the table a minute later.

Their meals were so good that they didn’t talk much other than to comment on how good it was.

Jimin paused for a minute to offer Yoongi a bite from his plate, knowing he’d look forward to trying something different.

He hadn’t been expecting to feel a stir in his gut at watching Yoongi eat off his chopsticks, moaning around the bite.

“It’s good,” Yoongi held his hand over mouth as he chewed.

“We’ll need to come back some time,” Jimin said and Yoongi looked at him curiously. “Maybe with Tae and Jungkook?”

Namjoon snorted and Yoongi frowned at him.

“Yeah maybe,” Yoongi agreed after he was done looking at his friend.

They had a good time finishing off their meals before it was time to leave.

Jimin felt a little pang of regret at having to leave Yoongi, he didn’t want to impose any further though.

Of course he thanked them again before leaving for letting him crash the dinner.

“Anytime,” Namjoon gave Jimin a friendly smile. “Hopefully we’ll be seeing more of you.”

“Uh yeah,” Jimin was sure Namjoon meant something by the way Yoongi sighed but he didn’t want to be rude.

A wave later and he was separating from them, Namjoon and Yoongi going in the opposite direction from him.

Yoongi: So what did Namjoon say while I was gone?

Jimin: Why do you think he said something?

Yoongi: I know my friends

Jimin: If that’s true than you must have an idea

Yoongi: Oh I do I just wanted to see if you would tell me

Jimin: That’s no way for me to make a new friend :P

Yoongi: You don’t need any new friends you have me

Jimin: Cause you don’t want to share me?

Yoongi: Are we still talking about friendship?

Jimin: Ummm…

Yoongi: You’re so cute

Yoongi: Why couldn’t I have met you first?

Jimin: I wonder the same thing


Texting Yoongi became Jimin’s favorite thing.

He’d wake up and check his phone first thing in the morning and often found himself staying up later than he should be talking with Yoongi.

Yoongi: It’s starting to get too cold to wear my leather jacket ☹️

Jimin: You know that jacket is the reason JK thought you were a top

Yoongi: My mom bought it for me when she was holding out hope I was just confused about being gay 🤣

Jimin: At least you look hot in it

Yoongi: I know that’s why I wear it


Jimin: I’m going out with Jungkook tonight

Jimin: What are you up to?

Yoongi: Just dinner with Namjoon

Jimin: Do you really talk about me with him?

Yoongi: Who else am I supposed to do it with?

Jimin: I haven’t told anyone that we text…

Yoongi: I get it

Jimin: 😅


Yoongi: Namjoon says I smile more when you’re around

Jimin: Do you?

Yoongi: Maybe.

Jimin: Well I can’t stop smiling when you’re near

Yoongi: 😊


Jimin: Favorite things to do besides going out to eat?

Yoongi: Hmm

Yoongi: Watching/playing sports, reading, comics, visiting my brother, drinking

Jimin: You have a brother? Me too

Yoongi: See, soulmates

Jimin: Well lots of people have brothers 😂

Jimin: But I like all those things too

Yoongi: ~ soulmates ~

Jimin: 😂


Yoongi: Jimin ah

Yoongi: Jiminie

Jimin: Yess??

Yoongi: Can I tell you a secret?

Jimin: Of course

Yoongi: I like you

Jimin: I kind of knew that Yoongi 😶

Yoongi: But it’s all messy

Yoongi: I just want you to fuck me ☹️

Jimin: Yoongi...have you been drinking?

Yoongi: And then kiss and cuddle

Yoongi: You have a sexy mouth

Yoongi: Bet it would be amazing to feel everywhere

Jimin: I wish I could feel you everywhere

Jimin: But I can’t

Yoongi: Fuck

Jimin: I’m sorry

Yoongi: Okay this is Tae I have confiscated Yoongi’s phone for personal reasons

Jimin: TAE!?!

Yoongi: I’m going to scroll up and see why Yoongi is over here making sad eyes

Jimin: Please don’t

Yoongi: Aww you guys are cute when hyung isn’t being a drunk horny mess

Jimin: Please don’t tell Jungkook

Yoongi: I won’t, don’t worry

Yoongi: Ahh the little man is attacking me for his phone

Jimin: 😮


Yoongi: Sorry for texting you when I was drunk…

Jimin: It’s okay!

Yoongi: I feel bad though

Jimin: Don’t, it’s totally fine

Jimin: But will Tae say anything about it?

Yoongi: He’s good for his promises

Jimin: 😅


When Jungkook told Jimin they were invited over to Yoongi’s place he was worried about what could happen, but his curiosity about going over won out.

All he had to do was act normal and everything would be fine, Jungkook hadn’t said anything to him and so Jimin assumed Taehyung had kept his mouth shut.

Though he was surprised to see how Jungkook seemed to have dressed nicely just to go hang out with friends, not that he hadn’t picked out his clothes carefully either.

He was just so used to seeing Jungkook wearing whatever that to see him dressed in tight jeans and a nice shirt threw him off.

Either Jungkook had done something important earlier in the day or he was trying it to impress someone at Yoongi’s apartment.

His stomach dropped a little in nervousness, but he was too chicken to ask.

“You look hot,” Taehyung opened the door for them at Yoongi’s apartment and then promptly eyed Jungkook’s body up and down.

“Don’t I always?” Jungkook joked but Jimin thought he saw his friend twist his fingers in nervousness.

Taehyung laughed anyways, “That’s true.”

“Taehyungie let them in!” Yoongi called from somewhere else.

“Right,” Taehyung hit his head like he forgot and then opened the door wider for them.

“Don’t I look good?” Jimin tried to joke with Taehyung.

“Of course you do Jimine,” Taehyung pinched his cheeks and Jimin blushed at the nickname Yoongi had called him before. “Hyung is in the kitchen by the way.”

Taehyung pointed in the direction of the kitchen for him and grabbed onto Jungkook’s wrist at the same time.

Jimin heard him telling him about a game he wanted to show him and he left them to go see Yoongi.

At some point he had to stop being surprised with how attractive Yoongi was, right?

His stomach tightened at the sight of Yoongi standing by the counter as he prepped something.

Sleeves rolled up past his elbows, black skinny jeans, and barefoot he looked like something out of a domestic wet dream.

Jimin could see the veins in his arms and hands as he worked and it dazed him a little bit.


His deep voice brought Jimin out of his thoughts and he tried to pretend he hadn’t been standing there ogling him, but Yoongi was smiling.

“What are you making?” Jimin asked.

“Just some kimchi soup,” Yoongi tossed some ingredients into a pot on the stove and Jimin briefly thought about how he wanted to lick those long fingers clean.

But that wasn’t hygienic or appropriate.

There was shouting from the living room and Jimin turned his head in surprise only to see Jungkook and Taehyung were yelling at something in the game they had started to play.

“Taehyung always gets like this with new games,” Yoongi sighed as he stirred the soup.

“Oh? I usually don’t pay attention to that stuff.”

“Jungkook didn’t tell you Tae invited you guys over to play?” Yoongi looked confused.

Jimin shook his head lightly, “That’s news to me...I assumed you invited Jungkook over.”

“Nope,” Yoongi looked back at his stove but Jimin could see the small smile on his lips.

Jimin stepped a little closer so he could drop his voice, “So...they text?”

Yoongi nodded but he didn’t say anything else on it, Jimin looked down at his fingers as he thought.

Had Jungkook dressed up for Taehyung? It wouldn’t be unusual for his friend to keep a crush secret.

Maybe he was worried about how it would look going from Yoongi to Taehyung? Jimin really wasn’t sure.

But he wanted to ask Jungkook, perhaps when they left.

“I should probably go watch,” Jimin said after a minute, he was sure it looked some kind of way that he was just standing in the kitchen watching Yoongi cook.

Yoongi just hummed in response, stirring the soup without looking up.

It drove Jimin a little crazy, he wanted Yoongi’s eyes on him because he loved to look at him.

That must have been why Jimin stepped closer without thinking, trailing a finger over the side of Yoongi’s jaw until the older one looked at him in shock.

“Do you want me to stay or go?” Jimin asked, he knew what he wanted to hear.

He didn’t reply right away, instead Yoongi seemed to want to take advantage of the fact that Jimin had made an opening for him.

Yoongi’s own free hand lifted up to tuck a piece of hair away from Jimin’s face before copying the movement of sliding a finger down his jawline.

Except that before Yoongi could let his hand drop away Jimin grabbed onto his wrist.

Keeping it still so that Jimin could nuzzle his lips against Yoongi’s fingers, smiling at the small gasp that escaped the older one’s mouth.

“Jimin,” Yoongi’s voice sounded pained but he stepped a bit closer.

“Hmm?” Jimin tried to act calm even though his heart was racing a million miles a minute as Yoongi watched his mouth.

“Stay,” Yoongi answered his question but the reply was soft because they were standing so close.

Jimin dropped Yoongi’s wrist to push his fingers into his hair, smiling at the way the other closed his eyes at the touch.

His hands didn’t go far either, Yoongi let them drop down just to clutch onto Jimin’s shirt like he was worried he’d pull away.

It felt like a magnet kept bringing him closer to Yoongi, it would have been worthless to even try to pull away.

All he could think about was how desperate Yoongi had sounded over text to feel his lips and Jimin wanted to give that to him.

Already Yoongi’s eyes were barely able to stay open, like he was deeply affected by the barest touch from Jimin.

He slid his fingers down to cup Yoongi’s jaw again, smooth his thumb over the lips he wanted to kiss.

At first he smiled when Yoongi leaned into the touch, it was so cute, but when he pouted his lips forward to kiss Jimin’s thumb it filled him with need.

Jimin simply needed to feel what it would be like to kiss Yoongi.

He didn’t think of anything else in that moment when he moved his thumb out of the way to lean into Yoongi the rest of the way.

All he did was absorb the feeling of Yoongi’s gentle mouth against his, the soft moan he let out, and the feeling of heat that clawed through Jimin’s body.

If it was anyone else the kiss would have felt obsolete, their lips were barely even touching really. It was more of a ghosting of a kiss.

But it was Yoongi, and so it was everything to Jimin.

It only lasted for a moment before Jimin pulled away, watching fondly as Yoongi opened back up his eyes to smile at him.

“Hyung is something burning?” Taehyung’s voice yelled from the living room and they both jumped.


Yoongi had to tear away to turn the stove down as the soup boiled over from the pot making a mess.

“I’ve got it,” Yoongi called back to Taehyung.

Jimin felt his cheeks heating up as he went to grab the paper towels from the other side of the kitchen, helping Yoongi to clean up what they could.

They were both a little embarrassed by how easily they’d been distracted, which was probably why they didn’t talk much when Yoongi called the others in to eat the soup he’d made.

Taehyung and Jungkook were too busy happily talking about the game to notice, or at least Jimin hoped they didn’t notice anything.

Afterwards they went into the living room to watch the two play games for a while, Jimin and Yoongi sitting on opposite ends of the couch.

Jimin tried to act like he was paying attention, but his mind was still completely focused on what had happened in the kitchen.

Yoongi: I was right

Jimin: About what?

Yoongi: Your lips feel amazing

Jimin: Yoongi please, they’re right there!

Yoongi: Just saying

Jimin: 😅

Yoongi: Did you not like it?

Jimin: No I did

Jimin: Umm too much

Yoongi: Too much?

Jimin: I want to do it again

Yoongi: Ohh

Jimin: Yeah

Yoongi: I wouldn’t mind that at all

Jimin: Yoongi 🥴

Yoongi: Sorry I’ll stop

Jimin: You don’t need to apologize

Yoongi: I just don’t want to push you but I like you so it’s hard

Jimin: I like you too

Yoongi looked up from his phone and smiled at him, and Jimin knew he was in trouble.

He'd do anything to see Yoongi smile like that again.


Jimin couldn’t take it anymore, as much as he was worried about what was going to happen he’d already crossed a line and he couldn't step back over it.

He’d already kissed Yoongi, they were already talking about their feelings, and it was time for Jimin to man up and talk to Jungkook about it.

Except that when he finally got Jungkook to meet him for lunch his friend seemed distracted.

Jungkook kept picking up his phone to check it and play with his drink nervously, there was something going on.

“Is everything okay?” Jimin asked, already nervous about his own thoughts.

“Do you think it’s weird to date the friend of someone you dated?” Jungkook asked and Jimin felt his eyes go wide.

Jungkook knew?

“Listen I -”

“Tae hasn’t texted me back all day,” Jungkook ignored the fact that Jimin had started talking and looked at his phone again.

“Wait, what?” Jimin was lost. “You’re talking about you and …?”

“I asked Tae out,” Jungkook looked up at Jimin finally but his eyes seemed sad.

“It doesn’t have to be weird,” Jimin answered Jungkook’s original question. “I guess it depends on the situation.”

“I thought he liked me too,” Jungkook was pouting.

Jimin touched his arm gently, “Maybe he’s worried about how it will all look? It’s a little complicated.”

Jungkook shrugged.

“So I guess you won’t be mad to find out I kissed Yoongi?” Jimin said hopefully but still bit down on his lip.

“What, you did?” Junkook went from looking sad to shocked and curious.

Jimin nodded, “At his was just a little kiss.”

“You do like him then?” Jungkook looked way too pleased. “I knew you would!”

“So you don’t care?”

“I told you I wouldn’t from the start,” Jungkook said. “You’re the one that was all weird about it.”

“I don’t know...bro code?”

Jungkook snorted and Jimin couldn’t help but smile too.

“You guys would be cute together,” Jungkook told Jimin. “Besides one of us needs to get that dick.”

Jimin groaned, “Okay, let's go back to talking about Taehyung.”

“Another dick I won’t get,” Jungkook pouted.

“Okay, let's talk about what we’ll order.”


Jimin: I had lunch with Jungkook

Yoongi: How was that?

Jimin: He’s sad Tae hasn’t answered his texts

Yoongi: Oh Tae broke his phone this morning

Yoongi: Dropped it in the toilet 😂

Jimin: Really? That’s good news

Yoongi: How is that good news?

Jimin: Jungkook asked Tae out in a text

Jimin: He thought Tae was ignoring him

Yoongi: Definitely not, Tae wants him bad

Jimin: Well I will let Kookie know his phone is messed up

Jimin: I also told him about our kiss

Yoongi: You did??

Jimin: Yeah and he was fine with it

Yoongi: He was??

Jimin: He was more upset about Tae

Yoongi: Wow…

Jimin: Soo...can you hang out later?

Yoongi: Yes please 😍

Jimin: 🥰


The rest of the day Jimin could barely keep himself calm and collected, the moment that he could leave work he was dashing out the door.

He wanted to get home and change before he went to go see Yoongi, he didn’t need to look like he wasn’t trying so Jimin picked out his favorite clothes.

If he hadn’t been so anxious to see him again he would have jumped in the shower too but Jimin didn’t feel like he could wait that long.

There was still the time he had to waste going from his apartment to Yoongi’s, happy that he at least knew the way this time.

His body was bursting with the need to get his hands on Yoongi now that he knew he didn’t need to stop himself.

That was why Jimin found himself grabbing onto him the moment he opened the door, stepping into his space and planting his lips on Yoongi’s.

Even if it wasn’t the smoothest move he’d ever made Yoongi still moaned lightly against his lips, grabbing onto Jimin’s neck for balance.

“Well that was hot,” Taehyung sounded amused and Jimin nearly jumped in surprise.

“I didn’t know you were here,” Jimin wanted to cover his cheeks before they got red.

“I was just leaving,” Taehyng was smiling at them. “Have to go meet Jungkook for our date.”

“He got a new phone this afternoon,” Yoongi filled in.

“I see,” Jimin wanted him to go already.

“Okay bye bye Tae,” Yoongi opened the door wider and cued him to leave.

“I’m only going because I want to see Jungkook,” Taehyng stuck his tongue out at Yoongi. “Not because you’re making me.”

“Mmkay whatever,” Yoongi helped push Tae out the door before closing it.

Then he was turning towards Jimin who shrugged out of his jacket and tossed it aside before Yoongi could lean into him.

“Sorry you got here faster than I expected,” Yoongi rested his cheek on Jimin’s shoulder.

The the tip of Yoongi’s nose touched his neck and Jimin shivered before wrapping his arms around him, “I was in a rush to get here.”

“Yeah?” Yoongi sounded pleased and Jimin really didn’t care because he was in his arms.

They stood for a moment just hugging before Yoongi was pulling Jimin towards his room.

He was worried that maybe this was going to fast but Yoongi turned towards him and explained, “I just don’t want to be interrupted if Taehyung comes home for some reason.”

“Right,” Jimin was nervous but he didn’t let it stop him from pulling Yoongi back into his arms, pressing a softer kiss to his lips.

But when Yoongi made his bottom lip pouty it was too tempting to nip at it with his teeth, he wanted to devour him all up.

At the same time he was torn between wanting to touch Yoongi everywhere and not wanting to rush anything.

He let his hands glide over Yoongi’s back, around the curve of his spine until he could rest his fingers on the edge of his round ass.

The move had Yoongi moaning again, pushing his mouth more insistently against Jimin’s until they could deepen the kiss.

It was harder for Jimin to control himself then, he found himself reaching down to grip Yoongi properly and hoist him up.

A sound of surprise left Yoongi’s lips but he didn’t stop kissing Jimin even as he moved them to get onto the bed.

“I didn’t realize you were that strong,” Yoongi said after he pulled away to grab onto Jimin’s shoulders.

“Well you’re not very heavy,” Jimin pointed out as he arranged Yoongi’s legs to straddle his hips comfortably.

Yoongi narrowed his eyes slightly, “I would be upset right now if I wasn’t turned on.”

Jimin was laughing when Yoongi kissed him again, a little rougher than before and then he was the one moaning.

It was hard to control himself with Yoongi pressed against him.

Jimin wanted to behave but he was also a little helpless to stop when it came to Yoongi.

Especially once Yoongi pulled away to catch his breath and Jimin latched onto his neck, he’d always wanted to get his mouth on the smooth skin there.

The problem was that he learned Yoongi had a sensitive neck as soon as he started to squirm against Jimin.

“Jimin,” Yoongi whimpered even as he tilted his neck more and shifted his hips to rub against Jimin’s lap.

“You’re going to make me hard if you keep doing that,” Jimin complained as he pulled away to rest his forehead on Yoongi’s shoulder.

“That’s a bad thing?” Yoongi pushed his fingers into Jimin’s hair to play with it.

“I want to do this right,” Jimin whined. “Take you out, make you my boyfriend.”

Yoongi laughed lightly, “You’re so cute.”

“Don’t laugh at me!” Jimin tossed Yoongi down on the bed to pinch his side.

“You can make me your boyfriend right now,” Yoongi said through another laugh as Jimin’s fingers tickled him.

Jimin paused what he was doing to look down at Yoongi, “Yeah?”

“Yeah dummy,” Yoongi leaned up on his elbows to kiss Jimin’s cheek. “There’s really nothing proper about this is there?”

“Hmm,” Jimin wasn’t sure. “But I can do better.”

“I just want you,” Yoongi poked his cheek. “I want to do whatever we want and not worry about anything or anyone else.”

“That sounds nice,” Jimin admitted - he hadn’t thought about it that way before.

“Mhm,” Yoongi tugged on his shirt. “Now I want some more kisses from my boyfriend.”

Jimin would have blushed if he didn’t kiss Yoongi, getting lost in the feeling.

He wanted to drown in Yoongi and never come back up for air.

Without worrying about whether they were rushing or making a mistake Jimin let his hands wander all over Yoongi’s body.

Pushing up his shirt and touching the skin of his soft stomach gently.

Then letting his hand trail up Yoongi’s torso to run over his chest and tease his nipples until his boyfriend was gasping.

“Sensitive?” Jimin pulled away, biting his lip.

“You’ll just have to keep finding out,” Yoongi’s eyes looked hazy from lust and Jimin thought they were even more attractive that way.

Jimin pushed the shirt out of his way to run his mouth over the skin instead, wrapping his lips around Yoongi’s nipple that time and listening to him moan.

“Fuck Jimin,” Yoongi’s fingers were in his hair tugging.

“Can I open these?” Jimin touched Yoongi’s jeans, he wanted to get more sounds out of him.

Yoongi didn’t respond, instead he pushed Jimin’s hand out of the way to do it himself.

“Impatient,” Jimin clucked his tongue but he was enjoying the sight of Yoongi’s hardness only covered by his boxer briefs.

“So what?” Yoongi arched his back to push his jeans down some more. “I’ve waited for you long enough.”

“You have me now,” Jimin reminded him, pressing a kiss to the little hairs under Yoongi’s belly button before leaning up to kiss him again.

He couldn’t help but laugh cutely at the way Yoongi was so desperate to rub against him, making soft sounds into his mouth.

“Open these,” Yoongi clawed at Jimin’s own jeans when he finally pulled away to kiss down Yoongi’s neck once more.

“You,” Jimin was too busy leaving a mark against Yoong’s pale skin just like he’d wanted to ever since they’d met.

Yoongi was squirming but that didn’t stop him from trying, fumbling his fingers against Jimin’s jeans until he could finally get them open and out of his way.

They still had the thing layers of their boxers separating them.

Enough to make Jimin feel like they weren’t moving too quickly, but it felt so much more sensitive than before.

He could feel the heat coming off of Yoongi’s hardness, the touch of dampness from where he was leaking, and the sweet friction of their cocks rubbing against each other.

“Is this good?” Jimin mumbled the words against Yoongi’s neck when he ran his mouth over the pulse point.

“So good,” Yoongi was arching into him and Jimin couldn’t help but curl a hand around his ass.

The way Yoongi got even more desperate and even louder as he tried to get himself off by rubbing against Jimin made him wonder what he’d look like doing the same thing on his cock.

He wanted Yoongi so badly he was tempted to tear off their clothes right then but Yoongi distracted him with his breathy voice.

“I’m close,” Yoongi was trying to kiss Jimin again even though he could barely do it without moaning.

Suddenly feeling like he was the desperate one, Jimin pushed Yoongi’s hands against the bed and jerked his hips against him.

With the leverage he had from being on top it was easy to push against Yoongi with more force, giving both of them the friction they needed.

Neck arched and moaning Jimin’s name, Yoongi started to cum.

The wetness quickly making a mess of his boxers and Jimin’s as he continued to thrust against him.

Yoongi’s face in ecstasy was a sight that Jimin hadn’t been prepared for, nor the sound of his name being moaned out in such a way.

It didn’t take Jimin much longer to make a mess of himself, leaning down to kiss Yoongi’s lips as he came stronger than he ever had before.

It was so good and they hadn’t even really touched.

For a minute Jimin just melted into Yoongi, basking in the feeling until he got worried about his weight and twisted them around to lay on their sides.

Yoongi pressed against Jimin’s chest, no doubt listening to his racing heart.

They were still such a mess but Jimin didn’t want to pull away yet to clean up, he stroked Yoongi’s hair and his back - anywhere he could reach.

Part of him still couldn’t believe he was with Yoongi like this and he didn’t want to let go.

“You know I used to think it was awful that I hadn’t met you first,” Yoongi said curling even closer to him. “But I think this all worked out how it was supposed to.”

“How so?”

“It made us wait,” Yoongi explained. “We got to know each other first and know it was right.”

“That’s sweet,” Jimin cooed.

“Also Taehyung is probably fucking Jungkook right now,” Yoongi joked.

Jimin sighed, “Well that was sweet.”

“You love me anyways,” Yoongi teased.

“Hmm,” Jimin leaned in to kiss him. “I’m getting there.”


Jimin was sure that the first time they would hang out as a group would be awkward.

They’d done it before but now everything was different, would Jungkook really be able to handle seeing him with Yoongi?

He hoped so because Jimin didn’t think he could walk away from Yoongi now, he was too far gone for him.

But he didn’t want to lose his friend either.

What Jimin hadn’t been expecting was to walk up to the bar and see Taehyung aggressively kissing Jungkook against the wall.

They’d been holding hands and laughing at a joke Yoongi made when they arrived.

Only to go dead silent and freeze up when they spotted their friends.

At first Jimin worried that Yoongi felt weird about seeing them together, but then he started to laugh.

“Guess I should have expected it from Taehyung,” Yoongi half laughed and half groaned. “Remind me to tell you about the time I walked in on him having sex on our couch.”

“Wait,” Jimin’s eyes went wider. “The same couch you have now?”

Yoongi nodded, “I had it cleaned.”

Jimin made a face and Yoongi laughed again, but this time he leaned in to kiss his boyfriend’s jaw.

“Are you saying you don’t want to fuck me on the couch?”

Jimin raised an eyebrow, “Well when you put it that way…”

“Maybe later,” Yoongi said. “First let’s have a drink with our friends.”

“Okay,” Jimin conceded and leaned in to kiss Yoongi properly. “But only because I know they won’t last long before they ditch us.”

“I hope so,” Yoongi followed Jimin’s lips when he pulled away to kiss him again.

He was tempted to convince Yoongi just to leave then but instead gave him one more kiss before pulling him towards their friends.

Tugging on Taehyung’s shirt until he could get their attention.

“Let’s do this double date,” Jimin told the others who had flushed cheeks and swollen mouths.

Taehyung gave them a wide smile like he hadn’t just had his tongue down Jungkook’s throat, “When did you guys get here?”

“We’ve been here long enough,” Yoongi teased. “And you know how I hate to wait.”

“Sometimes the wait is worth it though babe,” Jimin brought Yoongi’s hand that he’d been holding up to his lips to kiss it.

“You two are so corny,” Jungkook was the one making a face then.

“They’re soulmates,” Taehyung hummed happily.

“I know right?” Yoongi turned to smile at him and Jimin loved the sight a little more each time he saw it.

Jimin knew without a doubt he was falling in love with Yoongi.