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Save Me

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Chapter 1




Hours, days, weeks, months... Months since... 


He was asleep when two strong hands pulled him to his feet. He tried to scream but in that moment another hand was on his mouth. He didn't even realize they already walked him down the stairs, only when he saw his father’s hurt expression. “I’m sorry… I will get you back somehow…” he promised, his face in pure shock and guilt. 

Shaking his head and thrashing around Stiles tried to get out of their grips but unsuccessfully. "You can't just take my son! I'm the sheriff! Do you really think that I just watch you not only taking my only child but also breaking the law?" He heard his father shouting after them. Stiles gulped. Times were tough since the supernatural wasn't hiding anymore. There was no way for Stiles to get out of this. 

Werewolves and humans lived in piece, but everybody knew which kind was stronger when it got serious. Human slavery was a thing, even though it was against the law. Stiles knew who these guys were. The big and puffy looking guys, pulling him outside his home, were werewolves. The guy standing beside his father was a chimera. Bitten by a were but he took another form, reflected by his inner self. Something which happened only to people who either were truly good or bad. 

Stiles knew because that guy was all over the news. His dad tried to stop them selling humans for nearly a decade now. And now his own son was getting taken away... To get sold to a werewolf. 

Stiles flinched when the guy, Ray, hit the table. "Listen Stilinski. You know that you can't do anything. We're taking him. You still could pay him out though." - "You know I can't, asshole. But I could put some wolfsbane bullets in your head!" the sheriff huffed. "Watch yourself, sheriff!"  Stiles saw Ray's eyes flash blue for a moment and shook his head in fear. The sheriff looked heartbroken at Stiles. "I will. I will get you out of there and if it's the last thing I do. I'm not going to let them do anything to you. I love you, kiddo." 

Stiles nodded with tears in his eyes. He knew his dad was powerless against them… but he still trusted him. Hoping this wasn’t the last time he saw his dad…



That was months ago. He lost every sense of time by now, but it must be months. He was sure.
They blindfolded him before he even could leave the house. They cuffed his hands before he was in the car. The put a collar on him, way to tight, before pushing him in that cold room. 

His day consisted out of getting washed with cold water out of a bucket, the only time he could take off the blindfold but wasn’t allowed to open his eyes. After that he got trained… In the evening, he could just guess it was evening, they gave him some food, feeding him by hand since he couldn’t see. When he did something wrong, they didn’t give him food, or held him awake the whole night… They pushed his limits until he gave up. Until he was tired and just did what they wanted. They broke him…




Stiles sat on a chair for what felt like hours. He was getting prepared for an auction today… again. Nobody told him anything. Never. They just showered him and sat him down on the floor besides the other slaves. Nobody talked, or moved, or tried anything but to be good. To not get punished. They tried to finally find a master… The only thing that differed them from Stiles. He didn’t care anymore what happened to him. He didn’t want a master, knowing it would just get worse, if he would get boughed today or not… 

Some of the other slaves were Omegas. Young werewolves. Weaker than Betas or Alphas. Some were even weaker than humans.  They mostly got trained to please their masters in bed. Just like humans did if they didn't get sold by the age of 21. Just like Stiles if he doesn't get boughed today. 

He felt someone put some cream or something all over his skin. He was used to it by now, still no clue what it was for though. Then they put him in a collar again. A new one for every auction. Still nothing special but made out of leather instead of the chains they put on them for training. He always whined and panicked at that part but by now he didn't care anymore. He tried everything. He even ran away from them once, but it all just got worse and worse for him. He hadn’t any hope to get boughed today and he was sure he wouldn't survive the Omega training either. Being the sheriff’s kid always got him anywhere but here with them it just got him in more trouble.  

Two persons, one on his left and one on his right, suddenly pulled him up, just like that night they took him, walking him into a cage. He heard other slaves talk about the cages before, also Ryan told him once what it looked like on an auction. 

In the middle on the top of the cage was a hook where they put his handcuffs in. He was naked, except for some white shorts they put on him, getting presented to everyone out there soon. After the omega training, he wouldn’t get to wear anything… But he didn’t care… They took everything from him. He let them play with him just like he was a doll and nothing more, because he felt like nothing more by now. 

Stiles heard quiet chattering but suddenly it was dead silent again. "Welcome ladies and gentlemen..." a guy began to speak. In the room were 15 cages next to each other. Each one got light up after another. Stiles was in the last one. The auctioneer was introducing each Omega and sold them all quickly to enormous biddings. Stiles used to get anxious. He always came near the end with the other humans, but he already had a feeling that he was the only one left by now… And he was right.

"And now to our last and most exciting one. A human slave. 21 years old to this day." and Stiles suddenly knew he was eyed by probably hundreds of people… werewolves.





Derek adjusted his suit as he got out of his Camaro. He threw the keys to the valet then looked up at the big building. As an alpha he was forced to attend this auction yearly until he turned 26, which he was glad about because this was his final year. Apparently, every alpha has needs that couldn’t be fulfilled by normal society, so they had to pick an omega to be their slave. Derek hated that bullshit of a tradition. He knew he could never own a person, yet he still attended, not able to get into any trouble because of his family’s name. 

He walked inside and grabbed the bidding stick with a triskelion and his badge from the desk. It read "Alpha Hale- 26". After that he made his way up the stairs to his booth. He sat down in one of the lush chairs that had been labeled also with a triskelion. His packs sign. The same label as on his bidding stick. He adjusted how he was sitting, opening the button on his suit jacket and then noticed a person dressed in a penguin suit walk over to him with a bottle of champagne. He accepted a glass and waited for the auction to begin. 

He noticed his uncle sit down next to him shortly before the auction began. "Hello uncle. You know you aren’t forced to attend these events anymore. Not that it would matter since you always buy yourself some poor slave." He commented not even bothering to look at him. His uncle was a disgusting person, but the only one left in his family. They mostly met on these events. Peter always made sure to try and “put some manners in his nephew”. Which basically meant that he wanted Derek to worship their traditions and “don’t take too much pity for these slaves”. It made him sick to listen to him talking like that, but he had no other choice until he was at the age of 26.

"Yes, but I just find them so thrilling. Now quiet! It’s about to begin." He retorted as the lights dimmed slightly.

Derek sat in silence as he watched all the slaves being presented. He hated to see people being humiliated like that, but he needed to stay calm. On his first auction he nearly jumped out of his seat in disgust and anger. 

Until they came to the final number, he tried to look as bored and uninterested as possible. But then his eyes fell on him... There was a human at the age of 21. He could see from here the little freckles that embellished his face and the sweet scent he wore. 

He saw a few people bidding on him, hearing the numbers rise from 50 thousand to nearly 1 million before the people started dropping out. He looked at the timer and realized there was only a few seconds left. His eyes flickered between the beautiful boy and the timer and with one second to spare he raised the triskelion and the person at the front called. 

"1,000,000 to Alpha Hale."


Stiles heard the biddings on him, getting anxious as the numbers risen. He gulped. One million. So much money for him? Who would be so crazy? But he didn't have much time to think about it. He got pulled away, his hands cuffed and was told to stay like that until they would get him. So, he did. Not able to hide that he was scared shitless. Whoever bought him could do anything to him. Anything...

He always thought about this moment but never imagined getting so scared. With them he already knew how to act and don’t get into trouble… But he didn’t know this person. This… Alpha.


Derek sat in his seat for a second confused why he bid on the boy before his uncle spoke up. "That’s unusual for you, I’ve never even seen you bid on anyone. But I told you, you would find someone too. He was one attractive slave, especially for a human."

Derek sent a glare towards Peter. There was something about that boy that he wanted, a part of him needed to protect that boy. "Hands off, Peter. He's not for you. I’m not going to let you get your grubby mitts on him so you can fuck him raw and then abandon him like you do with all your other slaves." Derek said the last part with disgust. He didn’t believe in buying people as slaves especially not for sex, so he didn’t know what came over him, but he wasn’t going to rape that boy for his own selfish benefit.


Stiles stood there until someone put some clothes on him and grabbed his arm, guiding him away. Outside apparently. It was cold and he only wore thin pants, but he was thankful that they let him wear anything at least. "Your new master is picking you up any minute. Do what he says... It's more a tip than a threat. He never had a slave before so better don't upset him." a man told him while taking off the blindfold, letting it hang loosely around his neck. Stiles just nodded and looked down at his hands which were still cuffed. It was night and thankfully dark outside, so his eyes didn't hurt. He couldn’t see anything since he tried to run away. It felt weird and overwhelming.


"Well that is what they are there for. To fulfil our sexual desires. I can do whatever I wish, and they have to obey.” Peter said cruelly as they walked to the exit. 

Derek looked disgusted at his uncle. "You are a monster. They are people, not toys." He then turned and began to walk out of the building, he could feel curious eyes on him. As though they had never expected him to buy a slave. Some of them were jealous and others looked almost proud. He exited to the building and walked over to the collection point. When he saw the boy. The one he had brought. A shiver went through him when he thought of that word. He nodded to the person guarding them and then stood in front of the human. He noticed the face was so much prettier than he thought. And those amber eyes. There was something about this human.

Stiles looked up at the man approaching him for just a second before looking back down. He waited patiently for any order, shaking because the nightly air was chilly, now that fall was coming slowly. The guy handed his master a folder with all of Stiles’ documents like certificates and medical records. Everything his master needed to know and have in case for an emergency. But Stiles knew that most masters throwed them away, or never looked inside anyway.

Derek eyed the file in his hands, he noticed the name and scrunched up his eyebrows. The letters were clear, but he had no idea how to pronounce it. He looked at the boy and noticed how his eyes flicked to him and then back to the ground. "My name is Derek... I mean Alpha Hale." He said remembering how his uncle talked around those people. "What is your name?" He asked as he assessed the boy. He was shivering Derek took off his jacket and placed it around the boy’s shoulders knowing that as a werewolf he didn’t got cold anyway.

Stiles looked up at the man with big eyes, trying to hold the jacket but struggling with the handcuffs. "You can call me Stiles, master..." he spoke nervously.

"Well Stiles, my name is Derek. Not master. And I'm sorry about those..." he took Stiles wrists in his hands, eying the tight handcuffs. "I’ll get someone to remove them." Derek turned to look at the person who gave him the folder. "Would you be so kind?” He asked in a polite tone. He hated seeing the boy humiliated like that. Made to seem like an animal that needed to be chained.

"I think we shouldn't remove them since he tried to escape once already." the man said. "There is a key in the folder for when you get him in his cage, sir. If you excuse me now. I need to get the other slaves prepared." he said and walked back inside.

Stiles looked down at his hands again. He didn't want his new master to know about him running away. He didn't want him to be angry or think he would try to again.

"I'm sure if he tried to escape, I can catch him. I am an experienced alpha you know." Derek glared after the person, watching them leave and rolling his eyes. He then reached into the files and pulled out the keys. Derek didn't miss the weird glance the man gave him before leaving. Derek looked at the boy instead.

He hated seeing the boy like that. He reached over and grabbed Stiles’ wrists, he pulled them closer and then unlocked the cuffs that bound him. He took them off him and laid them on the table behind him, not wanting to use them ever again anyway, before adjusting the jacket. "Okay let's go." He motioned to the valet to get his car.

"Thank you, sir..." Stiles said, giving him a forced smile. He instantly pulled the jacket more around him. Maybe his new master wasn't so bad... No. He shouldn't think like that. He was bought by that man. He could do anything to him. Sweettalking him now before the real horror began.

"Derek." He commented. He nodded to his car when it pulled around the curb. He looked around the scene to see a few other alphas with slaves on their sides. He turned away cringing when he saw one of them manhandling a poor girl. He wanted to march over there and stop the alpha mistreating her, but he knew he couldn’t. There would be a major fight. So, he had to look away. "Come on, let’s get back to my place so that you can get settled in."

Stiles just nodded and followed him wordlessly. Normally he had a ton to talk about, but he was cold and scared. He watched the alpha and the girl too, flinching when he slapped her. That's exactly why Stiles didn't say anything. He was scared that someone would hurt him... Again... He remembered them catching him, putting a collar on him that was way too tight. They put make-up or something on his bruises he realized now Not even his moles were showing through it. But he could feel every bruise on him when he moved. What will his master say when he needs to wash himself and the bruises get visible again? He just tried to stay calm for now, walking barefoot over to the car with his master.

Derek saw the slap, angrily he made his way to the Camaro. He took the keys from the valet then opened the door for Stiles. He stood there and decided he was never going to enter this building again, especially now that he wasn’t obligated to. He could never let the harshness of slavery invade his life again. The only thing that would remind him of it was Stiles, but he promised himself that he never wanted to treat him like a slave.

Stiles got into the car. It was nice. He looked back at the building, seeing it for the first time since he was blindfolded all the time. He also looked at the girl, getting shoved into a car. Stiles saw Derek’s angry face... Probably because the girl didn't obey and made a scene... He quickly turned around again, looking out of the window. Getting the blindfold off was nice. He didn't like it when he wasn't able to see what they did to him...

Derek walked around to his car and got in, he turned the ignition on and the put the heat up when he saw Stiles still slightly shivering. It was also when he noticed he wasn't wearing shoes. He reached into the back and grabbed his spare boots. He once shifted into his Alpha form and ripped them apart, since then he always had them on the backseat. 

"Here you go. put them on. You will get proper clothing when we*re home." He had calmed down slightly when he saw the expression on Stiles face. He looked frightened so he didn’t want to make it worse.

Stiles gave Derek a confused look at first but then grabbed the shoes. "Thank you, sir..." he said, thinking about calling him Derek this time but he saw what happened to the girl... Better not taking any risk. He slipped the shoes on, relaxing a bit as he slowly got warmer... And sleepy. He was awake for days by now. Too scared to sleep or woken up by them... But now he was warm, and Derek was driving so there wasn't much he could do to him. Maybe his master didn't mind if he sleeps while they drive... But he couldn't keep his eyes open for long anyway, slowly falling asleep already.

"Call me Derek, please." he said again calmly. Derek pulls out of the building and makes his way home. He noticed Stiles getting a little drowsy. So, he lets him sleep. He has no idea what the boy had been through in the last few days. He drove over the highway making his way to what was called the "Hale House" even though it was more of a mansion.

Stiles just nodded again, his eyes already closed. He didn't know if he could trust Derek but right now, he felt save. In the car, his master’s jacket around him and shoes warming his feet... He felt worshipped and it was the best he felt since he last saw his father... Soon he was asleep, his hands still holding onto the jacket.

Derek drove all the way to his house and then pulled into the driveway. He parked and then turned to Stiles. He noticed that he was sleeping so he quietly got out and then walked around. He opened the door to Stiles side and undid his seatbelt. He didn’t want to wake the boy up nor did he want to intrude. He knew Stiles must be extremely tired. Derek put his hands underneath the boy and lifted him out of the car to his chest. He closed the door with his foot and then started toward the mansion.

Stiles felt someone pick him up, but he just draped his arms around them before seeking their body-warmth. He did not open his eyes, feeling still tired and exhausted. Whoever carried him was smelling really nice, so Stiles nuzzled his cold nose against their neck. It smelled just like the borrowed jacket and he loved it. Somehow it felt like he was in safety again for the first time since months...