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AND, they were roommates

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Wei Wuxian has a problem. Not the typical little Susie has thirty watermelons and her brother takes fourteen, kind of problem. No, this problem is catastrophic to the point it can cause a rift in the universe if it no solution is found. His problem is that he might have accidentally told Madame Yu, his adopted mother, he has a boyfriend when he doesn’t have a boyfriend. And she might have just invited his hypothetical boyfriend to their two week family Christmas trip to Bali. Might have. 


Therefore, he has a slight problem. No, he has an ENORMOUS problem. If he doesn’t find a boyfriend in the next few weeks he’ll lose face with Madame Yu - not that he usually cares, but he does have some dignity left! And it would be fun to see the shocked expression on Madame Yu and A-Cheng’s face if he rolled up to their private jet with a high class stud. The problem was...he didn’t know anyone that fit the requirement. 


Wei Wuxian has many friends and knows so many people. It’s part of his irresistible charm; he’s hard not to like and people flock to him. Yet, with all the people he knows none of them fit the type he’s looking for - tall, handsome, rich, and well mannered. He wants to impress Madame Yu with his perfect boyfriend - but it seems he’s out of luck. 


Wen Qing finds the whole ordeal hilarious. He tells her when he meets her and Wen Ning at the university for their weekly brunch. 


“You told her you had a boyfriend?” She’s laughing so loud that the table next to them turns to give them a dirty look. It’s Jin Zixuan and his gang, so Wei Wuxian doesn’t bother to calm her down but he can feel the blush forming on his ears despite his blank face. What can he say? He’s used to having a thick face. 


“I had no choice,” Wei Wuxian protests, his lips forming into a pout. At least Wen Ning looks a little sympathetic as he pushes around his rice with his chopsticks. “I couldn’t tell her the truth.”


The truth is despite Wei Wuxian’s appearance as a flirt and a playboy - he’s neither of those things. In his 21 years of life, he’s never had anything remotely close to a boyfriend or girlfriend. it’s not that he’s never had the opportunity - he’s had plenty of people confess to him in the past - but believe it or not, Wei Wuxian was a firm believer in true love. 


Not that he would ever tell Jiang Cheng that. Or Wen Qing for that matter, but she was more perceptive than his dense adoptive brother. Her eyes softened at his words and her look was almost sympathetic. Wei Wuxian didn’t like the pitying look on her face. He needed to change it quickly. 


“Hey, A-Qing,” he begins, a smirk forming on his face as he inches closer to the medical student, “why don’t you set me up with one of your rich classmates? I heard they’re all trust fund kids. Madame Yu would be so impressed~” 


The sympathetic look that had graced Wen Qing’s face is not gone. She gives him a twisted look filled with disgust but not surprised. Next to her, Wen Ning drops the piece of meat he had been holding in his chopsticks. Wei Wuxian can only smile at the two brightly. It was his duty to ruin the sentiment and keep the atmosphere lively. 


“Wei Wuxian,” Wen Qing begins, the scorn in her voice shining through, “do you really think I would set you up with one of my classmates?”


“Oh I forgot,” Wei Wuxian begins, his smile never leaving his face, “our beautiful and intelligent Wen Qing is too proud to associate with such types.” 


Wen Ning cuts in before his sister can say anything. “Why don’t you ask Huaisang to be your pretend boyfriend? He comes from a rich family.”


Wei Wuxian considers Huaisang for a moment. The two of them have been good friends since they were in middle school, always causing trouble and having fun no matter where they went. Huaisang and he were close; they could definitely pull off a convincing couple if they tried. The only problem is—


Wei Wuxian solemnly shakes his head. “Huaisang wouldn’t last a minute with Madame Yu. I couldn’t torture him like that.” 


The three of them go back and forth, calling out names of their friends or classmates they know, but Wei Wuxian rejects everyone. He needs his pretend boyfriend to be almost perfect, he won’t settle for anything less. This irritates Wen Qing who eventually just sighs in exasperation. 


“Why don’t you just ask Jin Zixuan?” 


It’s probably meant as a joke but Wei Wuxian feels like Wen Qing has just insulted his entire family. He lets out a huge yell as he recoils back in disgust; this catches the attention of Jin Zixuan at the next table. Wei Wuxian ignores his glares, but he’s almost certain his face is red this time. Wen Qing snickers. 


“The peacock? ” he whispers frantically to her, keeping his voice low so nobody overhears them. “Are you out of your mind?” 


“You’re so damn picky,” she tells him straightforwardly and well, Wei Wuxian can’t argue with that. It’s not his fault that he has refined tastes. He likes his partners like he likes his alcohol - only the best of the best. Now that he thinks about it, perhaps this is why he’s never dated before. Is he too picky? 


Wen Ning, bless him, saves him from his inner turmoil by offering one last solution. It’s the solution that ends up saving Wei Wuxian’s butt. 


“Why don’t you ask your roommate?” Wen Ning offers quietly, almost as if he’s unsure how Wei Wuxian will react to this proposition. Wei Wuxian blinks for a moment and lets his words sink in. 


“You mean Lan Zhan?” he asks dumbly. The only roommate he has is Lan Wangji, so of course that’s who Wen Ning is referring to. The thought of asking Lan Wangji to be his pretend to be his boyfriend for two weeks fills Wei Wuxian with an emotion he’s unable to pinpoint. Now that he thinks about it, Lan Wangji fits his criteria for the perfect pretend boyfriend. He comes from a high class family, - the Lans are well known in the rich world - he’s well mannered, extremely handsome, and would be able to stand up against Madame Yu if it was needed. How had Wei Wuxian not thought of him before? 


As if he had been struck by lightning, Wei Wuxian jumps out of his seat and almost knocks it over on the way. The siblings don’t comment, just watch the whirlwind that is Wei Wuxian grab his bag. He gave them a quick goodbye and decided to saunter off to his apartment hoping that Lan Wangji would he home when he got back. 



He has only made it outside of the dining hall when his phone rings. He scrambles to take it out of his long black coat and presses the accept button without seeing who is on the other line. 


“Hello, this is Wei Wuxian speaking.”


A familiar and warm voice fills his ears causing his smile to widen. “Xian Xian.” 


“Jiejie!” he responds excitedly. He hasn’t seen his older adoptive sister in about a week and he’s been missing her dearly. They spent most of their days together as children, but now the two of them are busy with their respective university loads. They only ever have time for frequent phone calls and weekly get-togethers with Jiang Cheng where they two brothers fight for Yanli’s attention and she smiles at them warmly. 


“How are you, A-Xian? I haven’t talked to you in awhile.” Her voice is full of sisterly concern. 


“I’m fine jiejie,” Wei Wuxian reassures her, “I promise I’m eating well and sleeping at least four hours a night.”


The phone is filled with her lithe laughter. “Promise me you’ll sleep a little more. It’s not good for you.”


“You’re right, the baby needs more doesn’t he?” His grin is so wide that others walking along the sidewalk are probably wondering what’s wrong with him. 


“Yes, baby Xian Xian needs to sleep,” she coos. 


“Ah, by the way jiejie,” Wei Wuxian wonders, “did you call me for anything in particular or did you just wanna hear my voice?”


“Actually,” she admits, her voice sounding just a little bit guilty, “I heard something and wanted to confirm it from you.”


This peaks his interests. “Oh?”


“Mother said you’re bringing your boyfriend to our Christmas trip this year.” Oh. He almost forgot about his problem in his excitement to hear his sister’s voice. His smile falls. 


“Yes, I am.” He lies smoothly but feels a little guilty for lying to his sister. In the grand scheme of things, if he told Yanli the truth, nothing would happen. She wouldn’t tell Madame Yu or Jiang Cheng that he didn’t have a boyfriend. In fact, she might help him find a boyfriend if he asked her for help. Yet, he couldn’t bring himself to tell her. Especially as her voice fills the speakers with excitement. 


“Really? Our little Xian Xian has a boyfriend. Why didn’t you tell me?” The pure happiness in her voice makes him feel just a little more guilty. It looks like he’s going to have to convince Lan Wangji to be his pretend boyfriend so he can see a smile on his sister’s face. 


“I wanted to surprise you,” he fibs. He tries to keep a smile on his face so his voice sounds a little more convincing. 


“Actually,” she begins, “I have a surprise of my own.” 


Wei Wuxian’s eyes lit up and he forgets about his own pretend boyfriend worries. “Oh?” 


“But you’ll meet him when we leave for our Christmas trip.” Him? Since when did his older sister have a boyfriend? His protective younger brother instincts kick him and he’s ready to question her about his entire life story. 


He settles for a, “Who is he?” 


“It’s a surprise.” It’s not the answer he’s expecting and he lets out a low whine in protest. 


“Jiejie!” She chuckles but doesn’t give a further comment. 


“I have to go A-Xian, but I’m looking forward to meeting your boyfriend in a few weeks.” 


It’s obvious she’s avoiding his question but before he can even protest the line goes dead. 


“JieJie!!” His pout grows, but he can’t really do anything about it now. He makes a mental note to interrogate her when they meet up later this week. For now he has another mission - getting Lan Wangji to agree to be his boyfriend for two weeks. With a newfound determination, he sets off to find Lan Wangji. 



Lan Wangji is many things. He’s hard working and dedicated to everything he does. He’s a righteous man who always fights for what’s right. And objectively, he’s one of the most beautiful human beings Wei Wuxian has ever met - if not the most. What Lan Wangji is not, is a talker. He preferred to be straight to the point. Wei Wuxian, on the other hand, could talk anyone’s ear off. Therefore, he was unsure of how to approach this conversation. 


Hey Lan Zhan, will you be my fake boyfriend for two weeks? The more he thinks about it, the crazier the whole idea sounds. There is no way Lan Wangji will agree to pretend to be his fake anything, his morals are higher than that. It is probably part of the Lan family’s weird rules - thou shall not be allowed to be a fake boyfriend. 


Therefore, when Wei Wuxian reaches the front door of his apartment a couple hours after leaving the university, he takes a deep breath before going inside. He’s not sure if Lan Wangji is home, but he’s mentally preparing himself in case he is. After an arduous minute of mental conflict, he finally turns the knob and opens the door. To his luck, Lan Wangji is in their kitchen, cooking on the stove. 


 He turns to the sound of the door open and acknowledges Wei Wuxian with his eyes. 


“I’m back, Lan Zhan!”  He announces although it’s quite obvious that he’s back. For some reason, there’s a nervousness creeping up in him and he’s trying his best to make it disappear before he even decides to ask Lan Wangji the question. 


“Welcome back, Wei Ying,” Lan Wangji tells him, and has Lan Wangji always been this nice to him or is he dreaming? Wei Wuxian just forces a wide smile and settles for sitting on one of the chairs at the kitchen counter. 


“Hey, Lan Zhan,” he begins out of curiosity, “what are you making?” 


“Mapo Doufu,” is his curt reply, but it’s enough to make Wei Wuxian’s eyes light up with excitement. Mapo Doufu is one of his favorite dishes, especially when it is made with extra spices. As he’s been living with Lan Wangji for almost four months, he knows that he prefers spicy food over anything else. This warms his heart. 


“Extra spicy?” he asks like a child who can’t believe he’s been told he can have a piece of candy before dinner. 


“Mn.” His roommate replies. He feels the grin on his face grow larger. Wei Wuxian knows that Lan Wangji’s family doesn’t eat spicy food as much as the Jiangs, so the fact that Lan Zhan is making is extra spicy for him is such a nice gesture. He usually is in charge of the cooking since Wei Wuxian will add spices to every dish if he can get his hands on them, and often makes them milder. Occasionally, like today, he’ll appease Wei Wuxian and add extra spice. He’s so over the moon that he forgets about what he’s going to ask Lan Zhan. 


Instead, he decides to take a quick shower and freshen up before dinner. They don’t get to eat dinner together often, so he wants to savor this moment. He takes the quickest shower possible and praises himself when he’s able to finish in ten minutes. He does take a little time to put his clothes on and dry his hair slightly, not realizing that he’s subconsciously paying more attention to his appearance. Wei Wuxian looks at himself in the mirror, his gaze lingering on the way his hair is tied neatly with a red ribbon - he’s been trying to grow it out for fun - and can’t help but smile, wondering if Lan Zhan will think he’s cute. 


Then...he blinks and realizes what he was just thinking. 


Snap out of it Wei Wuxian. Lan Wangji is just his roommate; their relationship is strictly formal. Although the two of them have known each other since their freshman year of college and are now roommates, Wei Wuxian has always gotten the impression that Lan Wangji tolerates him. The year they met, Wei Wuxian acted like an annoying brat when he was around Lan Wangji because he wanted to get a reaction out of the calm and poised individual. He couldn’t believe that someone like Lan Wangji existed - especially as a college student. He spent a lot of his time trying to get Lan Zhan to go to parties with him or sneak out of their dorm freshman year for late night snack runs, but it never worked. Lan Zhan followed the rules; he was almost quite opposite to Wei Wuxian. 


That’s why he was so surprised that he agreed to be Wei Wuxian’s roommate this year. He and Jiang Cheng were going to share an apartment but plans changed when his brother got an internship outside of the city. He was left trying to find a roommate for the year, and thankfully he had to look no further than Lan Wangji even if it came as a surprise. His uncle, Lan Qiren, didn’t seem quite happy with the arrangement - he had heard of Wei Wuxian from other students - but Lan Wangji was insistent on living with him. So now, here they were, living in an apartment together and being domestic roommates. And Wei Wuxian needed to ask Lan Wangji to pretend to be his boyfriend for two weeks. 


He gives himself a reassuring smile in the mirror, hoping this will build his confidence enough to pop the question, and struts out of the bathroom. Lan Wangji has already set the table and is making tea. Wei Wuxian slithers back into his spot from earlier and can hear  his stomach calling out for food. 


“Wow, Lan Zhan, you really outdid yourself today.” Besides the Mapo Doufu, there’s rice and side dishes that Lan Wangji must have made before Wei Wuxian got back from hanging out with the Wen siblings. Although he ate a couple hours earlier, he left in a hurry and wasn’t able to enjoy all of his food. Plus, there’s always room in his stomach for good food, especially if it’s his roommate who does the cooking. There’s something about Lan Wangji’s cooking that makes Wei Wuxian feel like he’s young again and is sitting at a small dining table with his mother and father. It’s the nostalgia in the taste that has Wei Wuxian always feeling sentimental and happy when he’s with Lan Wangji. There’s just something about Lan Wangji; he’s able to make anything he touched magical, no matter what it is. 


“Mn.” The kettle has finished boiling and Lan Wangji reaches into the upper cabinet for two teacups. He sets them on the table, one of them is purple, delicately designed with lotuses all over the cup, and the other is white and blue, with white clouds dancing along the teacup’s surface. They were gifts from their families when they moved into their apartment, and the two of them use them often. Wei Wuxian has grown to love the sight of the two teacups together. Although they’re not remotely part of a set, they feel like they belong together almost like Wei Wuxian feels around Lan Wangji. 


His roommate pours the hot water into the teacups and then procured tea bags from one of the other cabinets. It’s an assortment of different flavors and he allows Wei Wuxian to pick the one he wants. Wei Wuxian settles for oolong while Lan Wangji takes a green tea bag. Once the tea is set, Lan Wangji finally sits down at the table across from Wei Wuxian. It feels more intimate than usual, and Wei Wuxian writes it off as his nervousness about the whole boyfriend ordeal. He has still not figured out how he wants to ask Lan Wangji. Should he be straightforward or work his way up to it through conversation? 


Not that Lan Wangji is much of a talker, but he will appease (better word) Wei Wuxian with conversation while they’re together. Even if Wei Wuxian does most of the talking, Lan Wangji will occasionally give his input when he thinks it’s needed; and funny enough, Wei Wuxian really appreciates his conversations with Lan Wangji. They might seem to be compatible, but they’re a good pair. He’s grown to learn that the more he lives with Lan Wangji. 


He decides that he’ll bring the conversation up after they eat, he doesn’t want to ruin the late lunch he’s having with Lan Wangji. The man will be out the rest of the evening - he had told Wei Wuxian yesterday - and this is the only opportunity he has to see Lan Wangji today. He doesn’t want to make it awkward until he has to. So he settles for a neutral conversation. 


“How has your day been Lan Zhan?” He asks, hoping that this will be a gateway into much deeper conversation. Of course, Wei Wuxian should know better by now. 


“Fine.” Is all Lan Wangji says. When he begins to eat, he stops talking. It’s some weird Lan rule that one should never talk while they eat. Lan Wangji told him this when they first met, but Wei Wuxian finds it ridiculous. How are they supposed to have familial conversations? Meal times have always been a time for families to gather together and ask about each other’s days. Therefore, Wei Wuxian has always continued to talk during their meals together even if Lan Wangji won’t. Thankfully, he lets Wei Wuxian do as he pleases as long as he’s not dragging Lan Wangji into his antics. 


He pouts, his lower lip protruding slightly further than usual so Lan Wangji can see he’s not happy about being ignored. Yet, he decides that he’ll keep the conversation going, because Lan Wangji never tries to stop him anyway. It must mean that he likes when Wei Wuxian talks to him, right? 


“I’ve had a pretty good day so far,” Wei Wuxian continues like Lan Wangji asked him how his day was. “I actually got a phone call from my jiejie today, so actually it’s been an amazing day so far.” 


When he mentions his sister, he remembers the conversation he had with her just earlier. 


“Oh that’s right! Lan Zhan do you remember how my family goes on a Christmas trip every year?”


There’s a pause as Wei Wuxian waits for an answer. He’s not expecting much since Lan Wangji is still eating. The other man finishes chewing his food soundlessly and replies with a simple, “Mn.”


Wei Wuxian’s eyes light up. That’s enough for him to continue. “ Well , we’re allowed to bring someone with us on the trip and my jiejie says she is bringing someone along. Can you believe it? My jiejie has a boyfriend and I don’t even know about it?”


It’s nice to tell Lan Wangji about his family. He is proud of his sister and Jiang Cheng - although he’ll never admit it to him - and Lan Wangji is always willing to listen to him dote about Jiang Yanli. He’s heard everything about her - how she’s the sweetest person on earth, how she makes the best lotus and rib soup, how she is going to do amazing things once she graduates, and how Wei Wuxian only wants the best for her. This secret boyfriend peaks Wei Wuxian’s interest more than anything in his life recently. He tries to imagine what kind of man Yanli is into to. Or now that he thinks about it, what kind of woman Yanli is into. No matter the person, he hopes they make jiejie happy. And if they ever make her cry, he’ll make sure to make them pay. 


“Mn.” Is Lan Wangji’s reply. Wei Wuxian is not discouraged. He realizes that this is the perfect opportunity to ask Lan Wangji to be his pretend boyfriend and go on the trip with him. Suddenly, he feels a ball forming in the pit of his stomach out of nervousness. He had no idea how to bring the question up, doesn’t know where to start. 


Hey Lan Zhan, wanna go with me on our Christmas trip and pretend to be my boyfriend so I don’t lose face in front of Madame Yu?


If he asks him like that, Wei Wuxian is sure that Lan Wangji won’t agree. He contemplates for a minute, biting his lower lip as he does. His roommate must notice there’s a sudden change in his attitude, as he looks at Wei Wuxian with a questioning look. He brushes it off with a fake smile. It’s now or never. 


“Say, Lan Zhan, do you have any plans for Christmas break?” It’s an easy way to ease into the conversation. If he doesn’t have any plans, Wei Wuxian can ask him outright. If he does have plans, Wei Wuxian can figure out a way to persuade him before the trip. 


“No.” Wei Wuxian’s Heart almost jumps out of his chest and he doesn’t know whether he wants to laugh or cry. 


“My brother has plans already and my uncle will be on a business trip for the corporation,” Lan Wangji elaborates but doesn’t say anything else. This is the perfect opportunity for Wei Wuxian to ask him. 


Instead, he says, “then what are you going to do for the holidays?” He wishes he could mentally slap himself. 


Just ask him already you idiot before you lose your opportunity!! 


Lan Wangji pauses and thinks about it for a second. His expression seems a little solemn when he replies. 


“Probably nothing,” he tells Wei Wuxian. This is enough to bring Wei Wuxian out of his stupor for at least a moment. He doesn’t like the sad expression on Lan Wangji’s face. While he doesn’t know the Lan family well, he would assume Lan Wangji is close to his family as he’s always going to visit them when he has free days. The fact he isn’t able to spend the holidays with his family must make him sad, and Wei Wuxian is a firm believer that nobody should spend the holidays alone. 


“Why don’t you come with me on my family trip?” He blurts out, hopeful that Lan Wangji will say yes. There’s a moment of surprise on Lan Wangji’s face but it’s soon replaced with the calm expression that Wei Wuxian has grown to love. 


“Your family won’t mind?” It’s so cute to see how Lan Wangji is so considerate of others, even now when it’s Wei Wuxian extending the invitation to him and opening up his home for the holidays. He didn’t really expect for Lan Wangji to be so open to the idea right away. He was preparing himself to persuade Lan Wangji if he had too - Wei Wuxian would have even gotten on his knees if he had too. What can be said? Wei Wuxian truly has a thick face. 


“No, they will love to have someone else come along! Plus we’re allowed to bring someone with us and jiejie is already bringing someone, so I’m allowed to too! And we usually do our own separate thing during the day and meet for meal times. We can go around and explore Bali together! Indonesia has lots of great food - and it’s spicy too! I’m looking forward to trying all of it while I’m there. Their beaches are so beautiful, and we could go night swimming and snorkeling during the day! Plus, the whole scenery is beautiful so it’s like you’re staying in heaven.” 


He knows that he’s ranting at this point, but he truly is excited about the prospect of having Lan Wangji come with them. If Jiang Cheng decides he doesn’t want to put up with Wei Wuxian’s antics, he can always drag Lan Wangji along for adventures. Plus, Lan Wangji is less likely to question his antics like Jiang Cheng. Jiang Cheng is always trying to scold him and act like his parental figure when Wei Wuxian wants to have fun. Not that his adoptive brother isn’t fun, but he’s been stressed with his internship and school lately, making him less fun than usual. Wei Wuxian was even hesitant in poking fun of him when they meet up some days, but he’s looking forward to doing it again when the make it to Bali. 


“Mn.” This isn’t really an answer, and Wei Wuxian wonders if Lan Wangji is having second thoughts. Of course Lan Wangji is having second thoughts. Why would he want to spend his holiday with Wei Wuxian of all people? Although they got along for the most part, they weren’t super close. Even if they were roommates now, it didn’t mean they were friends, right? His heart begins to sink. 


Just as he’s about to tell Lan Wangji that he’s not obligated to go with them and apologize for overstepping - his heart skips a beat. 


“I’ll go.” Those two words bring the biggest smile on his face. 


“Really?” He breathes, not realizing he had been holding his breath this whole time. 




Wei Wuxian is over the clouds with this new information. He starts talking excitedly again, about all the things they can do in Bali before Lan Wangji has to leave for the day. It feels like hours, but thirty minutes later Lan Wangji is excusing himself so he can get ready to leave. He looks a little reluctant to go, but Wei Wuxian smiles and tells him they can talk later. They live together after all, it’s not like they won’t have another opportunity to sit down and talk. Lan Wangji gives him one more questioning look, but then gets up from the table and puts their empty dishes in the sink for him to wash later. He goes to his room to grab his belongings to grab his stuff while Wei Wuxian watches. He doesn’t know why his heart feels a little heavy watching Lan Wangji walk out the door. 


He says goodbye to his roommate and the door is closing, leaving him alone in their apartment. He pouts, feeling sad at the prospect of being alone, but decides to work on his homework for his lab tomorrow. It’s only a few hours later that he realizes he never asked Lan Wangji to be his pretend boyfriend, only asked him to come along to Bali with him and his family. 



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Jiang Cheng calls him the next day after his quantum physics lab. Somehow he’s expecting the call - must be his brotherly intuition. Wei Wuxian checks the caller ID to confirm who it is before he finally presses accept. 


“Jiang Cheng, to what do I owe this call? Are you going to ask me what I want for Christmas because I have an extensive list I’ve been saving since last January.”


He can physically hear Jiang Cheng scoff on the other line and Wei Wuxian grins as he walks to his bus stop so he can go back to his apartment. It’s nice to be able to hear Jiang Cheng’s voice again; he’ll never tell him, but Wei Wuxian has been missing his brother. He can’t wait to see him in less than two weeks. 


“Wei Wuxian, do you honestly think I called you to ask what you want for Christmas?”


He hopes Jiang Cheng can picture the wide smile on his face. “It was worth a shot.” 


Wei Wuxian knows his adopted brother so well that he knows Jiang Cheng is rolling his eyes on the other side. He’s missed teasing him; it’s so easy to rile him up. 


“I didn’t call you for your Christmas list.” It’s obvious but of course Jiang Cheng is reminding him in case Wei Wuxian tries to list off items he desperately wants for Christmas. He’s like clockwork, and Wei Wuxian can’t help but laugh. 


“Then why did you call me,” he continues to tease, “did you miss hearing the sound of my voice?” There’s a physical reaction on the other line and Wei Wuxian can heat Jiang Cheng choke on the words he was about to say. 


“Why would I miss your voice? I don’t miss you at all.” There goes the hot and cold Jiang Cheng he knows and loves. Wei Wuxian knows that his brother secretly worries for him and always wants to make sure he’s okay, but he’ll never admit it. It’s part of his tsundere charm. 


“Aw Jiang Cheng, just admit you miss me already. You miss going to Lotus Cove with me and getting smashed.”


There’s a pause on the other end. “I do miss Lotus Cove.” Lotus Cove is one of the many clubs owned by Uncle Jiang, Jiang Cheng’s father. They’ve been frequenting the club after hours since they were young, helping Uncle Jiang as children could. Mostly they liked to run around the extensive club and play hide and seek as Uncle Jiang attended to business. When they grew older, they often frequented the club during the weekends to have a little fun. They have so many memories there, and it’s only natural for Jiang Cheng to miss it while he’s away. Although, Wei Wuxian knows this isn’t the reason for the call. His suspicions are confirmed only a second later. 


“I called because I heard something...interesting.” Rumors really do spread fast don’t they?  Wei Wuxian wasn’t sure if to be impressed or concerned. He decides to play dumb. 


“Oh? What did you hear?” He inquires innocently, as if he’s not the one behind the information that Jiang Cheng heard. 


He doesn’t skip a beat, “I heard you had a boyfriend and you’re bringing him on our family trip this year.” 


This time it’s Wei Wuxian who chokes, disguising it as a cough. The people waiting at the bus stop with him, give him a concerned look before going back to minding their business after Wei Wuxian gives them a small smile. 


“Jiang Cheng,” Wei Wuxian scolds into the phone, “do you not know a thing called easing gently into a topic?” 


Jiang Cheng ignores him as he always does. “So is it true?”


“Yes.” This time the lie slips out easier than it did when he told his older sister. On the other end, Jiang Cheng breaks out into an incredulous laughter. Wei Wuxian lets him laugh for a few minutes, knowing that Jiang Cheng won’t stop even if he tells him to. The bus reaches the stop, and he boards it all while Jiang Cheng is still laughing into the receiver. 


“Wei Wuxian. The Wei Wuxian, who has never in his life been serious about anything much less a relationship is bringing someone to our family trip?”


Suddenly he feels viciously attacked. It’s true that in the past he hasn’t been serious about relationships, - he’s never really been in one before - but that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t be seriously committed to the right person. He just preferred to stay single until he met the person he pictured he could spend the rest of his life with. Was that too much to ask for? 


Wei Wuxian realizes he needs to defend himself and decides to hit on one of Jiang Cheng’s sore spots. 


“Says the guy who is destined to be forever alone.” He knows he’s won when he hears Jiang Cheng cursing at him on the other side. 


“Wei Wuxian, you—!” He’s cut off by a snarky remark from his adopted brother. 


“Let’s face it, our Jiang Cheng will never find love with the sour attitude he always has,” Wei Wuxian singsongs gleefully, rejoicing when Jiang Cheng lets out another stream of curses. He’s hit his sore spot, and now the attention is off of him. Now Jiang Cheng won’t question him anymore about his “boyfriend.” What he doesn’t expect is the next sentence that comes out of Jiang Cheng’s mouth. 


“I’ll have you know I’m actually seeing someone and am bringing them along to our trip as well!” Jiang Cheng blurts out into the phone so loud that Wei Wuxian is sure his seatmate heard. He gives the older lady sitting next to him an apologetic smile and takes a minute to process his brother’s words. When he finally realizes, he’s shouting too. 


“YOU’RE SEEING SOMEONE?” The older woman sitting next to him jumps in her seat and only then does Wei Wuxian realizes he’s still in a public space. She doesn’t give him a mean look, but he sees a couple of middle aged business man sneering at him from afar. He wants to roll his eyes. Ok, boomers. 


He quickly apologizes to the older lady, who only smiles and tells him she’s excited to see that the youth still have so much energy. It’s heartwarming to know that understanding people still exist. He’s in the middle of starting a conversation with this older lady when he realizes he still Jiang Cheng on the line. Oh right, his brother is apparently seeing someone. 


“Talk to me Jiang Cheng,” Wei Wuxian says into the phone after apologizing once again to the nice older woman. “How did the perpetually forever alone Jiang Cheng find someone to go out with him?” 


Jiang Cheng audibly scoffs. “Believe it or not, I have redeeming qualities…” 


Wei Wuxian tries not to laugh at this. The day he sees Jiang Cheng’s redeeming qualities is the day he becomes friends with Jin Zixuan - in other words, never. Still, he decides to give his brother the benefit of the doubt. 


“Okay. Then who is this special someone that decided to give our grumpy Jiang Cheng a chance?” 


“That’s none of your business.” Curse Jiang Cheng for being so hard headed. “Besides, you haven’t told me who you are dating either.” 


Ah yes, how could he forget about his pretend boyfriend Lan Wangji. Wei Wuxian tries to seem composed as he continues to have his conversation with his brother. 


“I guess you’ll be surprised when we meet up in a couple weeks.” He’s being unnecessarily cheeky, but it’s fun to mess with Jiang Cheng. 




“Jiang Cheng, you don’t expect me to tell you who I’m dating if you don’t tell me first.”


“I asked first!”


“But you want to know so you should tell me first.” The bus comes to a stop, and Wei Wuxian gets up from his seat, recognizing the area just near his apartment. He waves goodbye to the older lady who smiles at him warmly and walks past the two boomers who had looked at him funny earlier. He’s in high spirits and he skips off the bus, thanking the bus driver as he jumps off. 


“I’m not telling you,” Jiang Cheng defiantly tells him. 


“Then, I won’t tell you either,” Wei Wuxian continues, refusing to be the first one to give in. He feels his stomach rumble with hunger, and he realizes he hasn’t eaten anything since this morning. It’s almost early evening by now. 


“Jiang Cheng, as much as I love to chat with you, I should get going. I can’t wait to meet your partner on our Christmas trip. Talk to you later~”


“Wei Wuxian—!” He presses the end call button with a satisfied hum, his mind now occupied with the thought of food. He knows that there is food at home, and that his roommate will probably make something for dinner. Still, a snack won’t do him any harm. He skips into the nearest convenience store and decides to get something for Lan Wangji as well. It’s the least he could do…especially since he’s yet to tell him about the whole fake relationship part of the trip. He realizes that the longer he keeps that a secret, the crueler it’ll be for Lan Wangji. And it could potentially harm their relationship. His heart drops at the prospect of Lan Wangji never wanting to talk to him again. Wei Wuxian can’t let that happen. 


Therefore, Wei Wuxian walks out of the convenience store a couple minutes later with a bag full of goodies and a determination to tell Lan Wangji the truth. 



The truth seems a lot harder for Wei Wuxian to tell than he expected. He arrives at his apartment ready to tell Lan Wangji everything, but stops dead in his tracks when he hears the familiar strums of a string instrument filling their apartment. 


For a moment, he listens to the soft melody outside of their front door with a soft smile on his face. It’s been awhile since he has heard Lan Wangji play the guqin, and he enjoys hearing his melodic strumming. Wei Wuxian has always been an appreciator of fine music, but he particularly enjoys listening to Lan Wangji play. His roommate has been perfecting the instrument since he was young - it seems most of the Lans liked music - and his years of experience shown when Lan Wangji played. 


The first time Wei Wuxian had heard Lan Wangji play the guqin was on accident. It was their first year of university. He was leaving his dorm room for his physics class when he heard the strums of a musical instrument, and it caught his attention. Almost like he was put into a trance, he followed the sound of the strumming until he was standing outside of Lan Wangji’s dorm room.


At that point in time, he and Lan Wangji weren’t anywhere near close. The only conversations they had were when they met in the hallway of their dorm or when Wei Wuxian saw him sitting alone somewhere on campus. However, there was something about Lan Wangji’s silent and seemingly mysterious ways that attracted Wei Wuxian to him like a moth to a lamp light. He knew almost nothing about Lan Wangji at that point, and finding out he knew how to play the guqin was a nice surprise. Perhaps, that’s what encouraged him to knock on his door. 


He didn’t expect Lan Wangji to answer - and truth be told he doesn’t know why exactly he knocked. His physics class would be starting soon, but that didn’t discourage him at all. If anything, it made him want to see the person behind the door even sooner so he could be on his merry way. Wei Wuxian was about to leave, discouraged, when he heard the strumming stop and footsteps walking toward the door. The door opened a few seconds later to reveal the person behind the playing. 


Of course it was Lan Wangji. Wei Wuxian knew this was his dorm room, and yet he was still surprised to see Lan Wangji behind the door. Perhaps it was because he was expecting to see Lan Wangji in a more casual setting, wearing comfortable clothing in the comfort of his room. Instead, he was as beautiful and put together as always, his hair neatly done and his clothes wrinkle free. He was caught off guard got a second, his mind going blank as he stared into the epitome of beauty, until he was able to snap out of it and grace Lan Wangji with a smile. 


“Lan Zhan,” he had said enthusiastically, “I didn’t expect you to answer the door.”


“Mn.” In the few months that he had known Lan Wangji, he had come to learn that he’s not much of a talker. However, this was perfectly fine with Wei Wuxian. He could do the talking for both of them. 


He gave Lan Wangji another smile, not discouraged by his indifference. “Well, I was on my way to my physics class when I heard someone playing the guqin. It is the guqin right? I’m pretty sure I heard correctly.” 


Lan Wangji just nodded and just this made Wei Wuxian even more excited. He had heard the guqin played before, - he loved music even if his brother wasn’t particularly fond of it - but he had never seen one up close. He wondered if Lan Wangji would let him see it. 


“That’s amazing,” Wei Wuxian praised, “there’s not many people who are interested in the guqin nowadays. Most people prefer more modern instruments.”


“It’s a tradition in my family,” Lan Wangji explained. 

This only peaked Wei Wuxian’s interest even more. 


“Really? That’s so cool Lan Zhan?” He was practically exploding with excitement at this point. “You wouldn’t mind if I come in and take a look would you? I’ve never seen a guqin up close.” 


There was a slight hesitation in Lan Wangji’s demeanor and Wei Wuxian was waiting to be rejected. To his pleasant surprise, the other man stepped aside so the doorway was no longer blocked, indicating that Wei Wuxian could come in. Wei Wuxian took this not only as an invitation to come into Lan Wangji’s dorm room, but also as an invitation to be Lan Wangji’s friend. He was over the clouds when he walked into that dorm room that day, knowing a long friendship awaited him. 


He smiles at that fond memory. From that day forward, Wei Wuxian had become a permanent fixture at Lan Wangji’s side. Even if he wasn’t certain about their relationship, he always came back to Lan Wangji just like he now comes back home to him every day. It’s a warm feeling. 


The strumming stops on the other side of the door, and Wei Wuxian takes this opportunity to walk into the apartment with his goodies in hand. Lan Wangji is sitting on the floor with his guqin perched on their coffee table in their small living room. He looks up when the door opens and Wei Wuxian walks in. 


“Lan Zhan, I’m back!” He proclaims, thrusting the bag in front of him to show Lan Wangji the goodies he bought. “And I brought us back some snacks!”


“Welcome back, Wei Ying,” Lan Wangji tells him softly and Wei Wuxian can feel his heart skip a beat in his chest. He ignores it in favor of placing the bag of goodies on the empty space on the coffee table and sits on the other side, smiling brightly at Lan Wangji and eyeing the guqin with newfound curiosity. 


“I heard you playing a second ago,” he tells Lan Wangji, “it sounded really beautiful but I’ve never heard it before. Is it a new piece you’re practicing?” 


Lan Wangji often practices new pieces and will perform them for younger members of the Lan family who are interested in the guqin. As his roommate, Wei Wuxian has heard him play a wide variety of musical pieces. This one is different from all the rest he’s heard, but he can’t pinpoint why. 


“No,” Lan Wangji answers, “I composed it.” 


Wei Wuxian blinks in surprise; he wasn’t expecting that. There is no doubt in his mind that Lan Wangji is talented; he is one of the top students at their university and he’s gifted in many areas. However, with all the things he was good at and all the responsibilities he had, Wei Wuxian never expected him to have time to compose new music pieces as well. He doesn’t know why that fills him with an immense amount of pride and admiration, but it does. Lan Wangji truly is something else entirely - if a perfect man were to exist, it would be him. 


“Does it have a name?” He inquires, excited to see what kind of name Lan Wangji came up for such a beautiful and romantic piece. The other man shakes his head. 


“Not yet,” Lan Wangji tells him, “I don’t know what to name it.” 


“Hmm,” Wei Wuxian thinks out loud, trying to come up with a suitable name for such an ethereal piece. He goes through a long list of possible names in his head before he settles for one. 


“How about ‘Admiration’? Or ‘Love’?” They both let the words sink in and Wei Wuxian is internally screaming when he realizes what he has said. He tries to brush it off with an awkward cough. 


“I mean, it just sounds like that would fit, but of course you don’t have to take my suggestion. Any name you come up with will be great!” He stumbles on his words and feels a heat warming his cheeks. Did it suddenly get really hot in their apartment or is it just him? 


Lan Wangji looks at him curiously. There’s an unreadable expression on his face and Wei Wuxian gulps. Maybe he went a little too far on accident. He decides it’s best to get himself out of the situation now. 


“Ah, Lan Zhan, I just remembered I have a lot of homework I need to finish before tomorrow.” He’s scrambling to stand up from the floor. It’s quite comical at how fast he’s moving. 


“Wei Ying—” Lan Wangji tries but Wei Wuxian is already grabbing his school bag from the floor and retreating. He flees to his room as quickly as possible and closes the door behind him. When he’s inside he realizes he forgot the bag of snacks on the coffee table. It’s too late to go back for them now, he’ll manage as he tries to calm down his beating heart. He has no idea when it started, but it’s racing quickly and he wishes it wasn’t. 


What’s wrong with me? Lan Wangji is my roommate, that’s it. And in all of his commotion he realizes he didn’t get the chance to tell Lan Wangji the real reason he invited him to the trip. He lets out a big sigh. Can he get his shit together?



“So? How did Lan Wangji react to your request?” Wen Qing asks a couple days later as they’re lounging on her sofa, waiting for Wen Ning to get out of class. The three of them have spontaneously decided they needed a stress reliever and are going to spend the rest of the night watching horrible horror movies and eating calorie-filled snacks. It is what Wei Wuxian needs after the past couple of days. 


He’s been avoiding Lan Wangji since the other night. Not really on purpose, but their schedules haven’t synced up and he hasn’t tried to actively seek his roommate out. He doesn’t realize why he feels so awkward after what happened. It’s not like he was telling Lan Wangji he liked him or anything, all he had done was tell him that his song sounded like a love song. So why was he avoiding him so adamantly? 


Wei Wuxian almost chokes on the chips he is eating. Wen Qing is looking at him expectantly, and he forces himself to manage a neutral expression on his face before he answers her. 


“About that..” he begins and Wen Qing lets out a triumphant sound. 


“I knew it!” At this point he’s beyond confused. 


“Knew what?” He asks dumbly. 


“I knew you hadn’t asked him yet,” she says with a satisfied smile, and Wei Wuxian can’t help but roll his eyes. 


“I mean, I asked him to come with me to our family trip...but,” he tries to figure out a way to say this as quick and painless as possible, “I didn’t tell him the reason for inviting him.” 


It takes a moment for the words to sink in to Wen Qing, but when they do she’s smacking his shoulder. He recoils back in fear of being hit again, despite her petite appearance she has a strong hand. 


“Wei Wuxian! You didn’t tell him?” She scolds, sounding like a mother through and through. In all honesty, he’s a little bit intimidated by her when she uses her authoritative and motherly voice on him. He knows better than to mess with her. 


“In my defense,” Wei Wuxian begins, “I’m pretty sure Lan Zhan isn’t into the whole kiss kiss fall in love shit, so I wasn’t sure how to approach the subject.” 


She lets out a disappointed sigh that Wei Wuxian can only describe as a mother finding out her son has been skipping school or something similar to that. 


“What are you going to do when your family calls him your boyfriend the first time they met him?”


He grimaces. To be truthful, he hasn’t thought that far. He decides to just pout and look at Wen Qing pitifully. 


“I don’t know, Wen Qing, help me~” he whines, laying down on the couch so he can roll around in bratiness. She rolls her eyes at his shamelessness, not giving much thought to it because she’s used to this behavior. It’s one of the perks of being friends with Wei Wuxian. 


“You dug your own grave, Wei Wuxian. It’s your responsibility to get out of it.” Is all she says and yet it sends shivers down his spine. 


“Why so ominous, Wen Qing?” He reasons, “what’s the worst thing that could happen?” He regrets asking when Wen Qing speaks. 


“Lan Wangji could become upset that you used him without even asking him if it was okay first and decide he doesn’t want to be friends with you anymore.” The thought of that makes Wei Wuxian jump up and stand up straight. There’s no way Lan Zhan would get mad at him if he doesn’t tell him, right? Who is he kidding. Any reasonable person would be upset that they were lied to about the reason they were invited to a trip, especially when they were expecting to come just as a friend. 


Lan Wangji would be upset with him and it would be all Wei Wuxian’s fault for not telling him. He imagines the disappointed and hurt look on his face when he finds out Wei Wuxian only used him for his own personal gain. The thought of that alone makes him desperately grab Wen Qing’s hands in an effort to hand her help him. 


“Wen Qing, what do I do?” he bemoans. He can’t have Lan Wangji hate him. If Lan Wangji hates him that means no more coming back to their apartment with food on the table, no more listening to Lan Wangji play the guqin, no more trying to convince Lan Wangii to stay up past 9PM with him, and just, no more Lan Wangji. He can’t bare the thought of not having Lan Wangji in his life. 


Weird, he thinks to himself, when did I get so attached to Lan Zhan?


Wen Qing pats his shoulder in an attempt at sympathy. “You know what you have to do.” 


Yes he does know what he has to do, but it’s still a tough subject to approach. He doesn’t know how he’s going to confess to Lan Wangji, and is about to ask for Wen Qing’s advice when the front door opens. 


“I’m back—” Wen Ning begins softly, but stops when he sees the scene in front of him. Wei Wuxian kneeling on the couch, holding onto one of Wen Qing’s hands as she has her other hand on his shoulder. He blinks and looks between them awkwardly. 


“Did I interrupt something important?” he asks timidly. Wei Wuxian gives him a brilliant smile and is about to come up with an innocent white lie when Wen Qing decides to push him away in favor of greeting her younger brother. 


Damn, there’s no love in this household. 



They end up watching ‘Bird Box’ on Netflix after arguing for a good solid thirty minutes. Wen Qing and Wen Ning are sprawled out on the couch, a bag of chips in between them. Wei Wuxian opted for the floor, but is happily surrounded by bottles of liquor that he begged Wen Qing to let him buy. What was the point of relaxing if he wasn’t allowed to drink his favorite Emperor’s Smile? After his constant whining, she had reluctantly let him go to the nearest store to buy some. Now, he was happily sipping his alcohol as he watched this interesting movie. 


“I can’t believe she named them Boy and Girl,” Wei Wuxian complains, “what kinds of names are Boy and Girl? This is worse than Jiang Cheng’s naming abilities.”


From the couch, Wen Qing scoffs. “Aren’t you watching the movie? It’s obvious she didn’t want children and now she’s stuck with two, and they’re in the middle of an epidemic.”


“But she can still name them!” Wei Wuxian protests, “it takes two seconds to come up with names better than girl and boy. Imagine if we all worked by that logic. Would you be Girl and Wen Ning and I boy?”


 He can’t see her, but he’s pretty sure that she’s rolling her eyes. “Like you could come up with better names.”


He takes this comment seriously. “I could so come up with better names for children.”


“Okay,” Wen Qing starts, “humor me.”


They’re not even watching the movie at this point, too invested in their personal conversation. However, at the end of the day it wasn’t about the movie, it was about the time they spent together. Friendship is magic and all that jazz. 


“Okay,” Wei Wuxian begins to think and turns to look at Wen Qing. “If I had a child, I would name him Wei Rulan.” 


She snorts. “Rulan? Where did that come from.”


“It’s a good name.” He feels the need to defend the name he came up with. 


“Rulan?” Wen Ning inquires, finally chiming into their conversation, “why does it sound so familiar?”


Wen Wing snorts again. “Rulan like Lan Wangji?” 


Wei Wuxian doesn’t fall for her antics, instead keeps a straight face. “What’s wrong with Rulan? It’s a good and strong name!” 


“There’s nothing wrong with Rulan,” Wen Ning assures him. 


“Yeah, except that it sounds like you’re getting the name from Lan Wangji.” Wen Qing adds. He feels his face heat up a little but he refuses to give into her taunts, instead sticks out his tongue like the child he is. 


“Oh yeah? Then why don’t you come up with a better name.” The two of them bicker until the movie ends and Netflix asks if they’re still watching. Wen Ning is used to their petty arguments by now, so he just ignores them in favor of getting on his phone to play Mario Kart. 


It’s late when Wei Wuxian and Wen Qing finally stop bickering and begin to clean up the mess they made. 


“Are you sure you’ll get home safe?” Wen Qing asks him once everything is clean. She sounds more worried than usual. Perhaps because it’s almost midnight and he’s drank a lot more than usual. Wei Wuxian gives her a reassuring smile. Not even this amount of alcohol can stop him; he doesn’t even feel tipsy - only a little bit more elated than usual. 


“Wen Qing, please don’t worry about me. It gives me chills when you’re so genuinely worried about my well being. Almost like you care about me,” he tells her with a wide smile. She rolls her eyes, but there’s no bite in her expression. 


“Okay. Just text one of us when you get home.” 


“Will do!” He’s waving them goodbye and walking out of their apartment. 


The cool winter air makes the alcohol rush to his face, and he giddily walks to his bus stop. He hasn’t felt this happy in a couple of days, the stress of the end of the semester catching up to him. He’s had to study for four exams and has to turn in a project by the end of next week. While he loves his major, it can be stressful at times. 


Wei Wuxian suddenly feels the need to call someone. When he drinks, he becomes needier than usual, with the urge to cling to someone or just be in someone’s company. It makes him feel less alone, and he doesn’t mind being taken care of. He knows he can’t call Wen Ning or Wen Qing because the former will tell his sister he’s drunk and the latter will scold him for leaving drunk. He thinks about calling his sister but it’s late and she is  asleep. Then his mind goes to Jiang Cheng, but he knows his brother will have some strong words for him if he wakes him up in the middle of the night. 


That leaves him with one last option...Lan Wangji. His roommate goes to bed at 9PM every day on the dot. Right now he must be fast asleep in his bed, curled under his blankets. The thought brings a smile to his face. He knows he shouldn’t call Lan Wangji, but he has a sudden urge to hear his voice. Therefore, he ends up fishing for his phone as he waits for the bus to come. He presses Lan Wangji’s contact info, not really expecting him to answer. 


It rings for a second and then he hears a familiar voice on the other line. 


“Wei Ying.” Perhaps it’s because he’s drunk, but his heart skips a beat. 


“Lan Zhan,” he says giddily; he had never expected Lan Wangji to answer the phone. “You picked up.”


There’s a pause on the other side. “You’re drunk.”


Wei Wuxian laughs. “I’m not, but I did drink.” 


“Where are you?” Lan Wangji asks and Wei Wuxian doesn’t know why the thought of Lan Wangji being concerned for him makes him feel so happy. 


“I was at Wen Qing’s apartment,” Wei Wuxian tells him, “but don’t worry, I’m waiting for the bus.”


There’s another pause. “The bus has stopped running.” 


“Has it?” Wei Wuxian thinks for a moment but in his drunken haze he can’t remember what time the bus stops running. He hears rustling on the other side of the line. He assumes that Lan Wangji is just shuffling in bed, but he’s wrong. 


“Stay there, I’ll pick you up.” Wei Wuxian feels his cheeks get red. It’s the alcohol taking effect. 

“You don’t have to. I’ll walk home, it’s not that f—”


“Wei Ying,” Lan Wangji cuts him off, and his heart skips a beat again. “I’m coming to pick you up.”


“Okay,” he says defeated. There’s no use arguing with Lan Wangji, even if he kept telling him no, he would come anyway. Suddenly a thought appears in his head. He remembers the conversation he had with Wen Qing earlier. He has to tell Lan Wangji before it’s too late. 


“Wait Lan Zhan, I have something to tell you.” He blurts out and regrets it a second later. Lan Wangji must notice his hesitancy. 


“You can tell me when I get there, okay?”


This makes Wei Wuxian feel a little lighter. He smiles into the phone. 


“Okay. I’ll be waiting for you Lan Zhan.” 

Chapter Text

Wei Wuxian is the first one to arrive at their private air space, the day they’re leaving for Bali. He is never early, but there’s something about today that made him want to get here before everyone else. It gives him time to compose himself and come up with a convincing story before everyone comes. Plus, he’ll be in control of the situation by the time Lan Wangji arrives later and meets his family. It will turn out smoothly, or so he hopes. 


He lets out a deep sigh as he tries to calm his racing heart and repeats the lies he’s been telling himself since he arrived. Surprise, I’m dating my roommate, Lan Zhan! Can you believe it? It’s going to be hard to get through this, but at least Lan Wangji is prepared to face his family. 


That night he was drunk, Lan Wangji came to pick him up. He was sitting at the bus stop, humming the tune to Lan Wangji’s composed piece when a car appeared next to him. 


“Lan Zhan!” Wei Wuxian exclaimed excitedly when the driver got out of the car. 


“Wei Ying.” The other man was holding something in his arms and he doesn’t realize until Lan Wangji wrapped it around him that it’s a coat. His eyes went wide but he appreciated the warmth of the fabric on him. Leave it to Lan Wangji to come prepared. 


“Lan Zhan, you didn’t have to come pick me up,” Wei Wuxian was reminding him as the two of them walked to the car. Lan Wangji had a steady hand on Wei Wuxian’s arm so he didn’t fall flat on the ground. He knows the other man is not one for physical contact, so the fact he made sure Wei Wuxian was able to stand upright was heartwarming. He even helped Wei Wuxian enter the car and buckled him in before he realizes what had happened. His cheeks went warm when Lan Wangji closed the car door and walked to the driver’s side. 


Why did he suddenly feel like a dame in distress?


The car ride was a little awkward, neither of them speaking while Lan Wangji drove them back to their apartment. Wei Wuxian couldn’t stand the silence between them, so he decided to break it. Granted, his method was probably not the best idea. 


“Lan Zhan,” he started, figuring it was now or never, “will you be my boyfriend?”


He wasn’t sure if it was because he was drunk, but he swore he saw Lan Wangji swerve into the next lane a little. Luckily there were no cars around. Wei Wuxian looks at Lan Wangji, but his face is blank. Like always, it takes him a minute to realize what he blurted out and afterwards, he’s gave his cheek a hard slap. Lan Wangji almost stopped the car. 


“I meant fake boyfriend,” Wei Wuxian quickly explained, as if the explanation made it any better. “You see, Lan Zhan, I might have told my family that I have a boyfriend when I don’t.”


There’s a long pause. Wei Wuxian wondered if he overstepped. 


“Is that why you invited me to your family trip?” Lan Wangji finally asked. Wei Wuxian swore his heart stopped in his chest. Oh no, Lan Zhan is going to hate me .


“No—! I mean yes, at first,” he admitted. There was no point in hiding anymore. Lan Wangji deserved the truth. “But I really do want you to go. Nobody should spend Christmas alone and we really can have so much fun in Bali together. You don’t have to, I’ll tell my family my boyfriend dumped me before the trip and I asked you to come along as emotional support.”


He hoped this was a reasonable solution. He didn’t want Lan Wangji to end up hating him, and he did truly want the man to come with them. The past few days, he had been planning out all the activities they would do while in Bali, even typing up a list on his phone and searching traveler’s recommended spots. The thought of Lan Wangji not wanting to come anymore, upset him. 


There’s another long pause, but when Lan Wangji finally spoke again, Wei Wuxian’s heart fluttered. 


“I’ll do it.” he tells Wei Wuxian. 


“Really?” His voice was filled with more excitement than he expected and he leaned closer to Lan Wangji to see if he had really meant it. Lan Wangji’s eyes were still fixed on the road, and they betrayed no emotion. Up close, Wei Wuxian appreciated how beautiful they were. 


Lan Wangji turned to look at him once they were stopped at a red light, and Wei Wuxian realized how truly close he was to him. 


“If that’s what Wei Ying wants.” was his answer. For some reason, this didn’t sit well with Wei Wuxian. He frowned. 


“But do you want to?” Wei Wuxian inquired, his mind filled with thoughts he wasn’t sure how to put into words. “I don’t want you to do anything you’re uncomfortable with.” 


The plan wouldn’t be convincing if Lan Wangji felt uncomfortable; they would be seen right through. And, he would never want to jeopardize their existing friendship by making him uncomfortable in anyway. While Wei Wuxian was comfortable with his sexuality, he wasn’t sure about Lan Zhan. The more he thought of it, the more of a bad idea this all seemed. Why did he have to have a big mouth and tell Madame Yu he was seeing someone? 


“If Wei Ying wants me to, then I will do it.” Was all Lan Wangji said, but that made Wei Wuxian’s heart flutter even more. 


“Really?” He whispered. He blamed the alcohol in his system for his racing heart, and was it suddenly super hot in the car? That’s the reason his cheeks were so warm, right? 




And that’s how Wei Wuxian had secured a fake boyfriend. 


After their conversation in the car, Wei Wuxian spent the rest of the days leading up to the family trip preparing Lan Wangji to be his fake boyfriend. From coming up with an origin dating story, to telling Lan Wangji everything he needed to know about his family, he felt that they were both ready to go through with this farce. 


Still, he can’t calm his beating heart and wonders if he made the right decision. Lan Wangji isn’t one for physical affection - he knows this - and part of the selling point will include some physical affection.  Wei Wuxian makes a mental note to apologize to Lan Wangji later and make it up to him somehow. Maybe he could do the cooking for the next month or two, that seems like a fair trade. 


His phone buzzes, revealing his has two unread messages. He looks down to see the first is from Wen Qing. 


Wen Qing: Good luck with your fake boyfriend. Can’t wait to hear your embarrassing stories when you come back. 


Wei Wuxian rolls his eyes but can’t help the smile that appears on his face. He will show Wen Qing that his plan is flawless. There won’t be any stories to tell. He decides to ignore the message at the moment, in favor of looking at the other unread message. It’s from Lan Wangji. 


Lan Wangji: I’m on my way.


It’s a simple four words, but Wei Ying feels his heart racing once again. He quickly types a reply into his phone and then clutches it to his chest in nervousness. Well, it’s time to accept his fate. Like Wen Qing had told him, he dug his own grave. Hopefully he wouldn’t need it. 


“Xian Xian!” There’s a familiar voice yelling his name and he looks up from where he’s perched in the waiting room to see his older sister walking toward him. Wei Wuxian immediately jumps up, his excitement to see his sister taking over him. 


“Jiejie!!” Wei Wuxian exclaims and he’s scrambling out of his seat to meet her halfway. When he’s close enough, he wraps his arms under her arms and gently picks her up into a tight embrace. She returns the hug just as tightly. 


“I missed you, Xian Xian,” she whispers in his ear. Wei Wuxian puts her down before replying. 


“I missed you more, Jiejie. Nobody makes lotus and rib soup as good as you.” He whines, complaining to her about how he’s being underfed now that they’re not together. She giggles at his exaggeration, clearly knowing that he’s joking. Wei Wuxian suddenly remembers an important detail and looks behind her, trying to see if there was anyone else. Nobody is around. 


“I thought you said you were bringing someone, jiejie?” He asks curiously. He wonders if the person is running late or if he stood his jiejie up. If it’s the latter, he’ll make sure to get his contact information from jiejie and have some words with him. Perhaps even exchange a few punches if they’re lucky. 


“Ah,” his sister says, a blush appearing on her face at the mention of her mysterious person, “he will be meeting us in Bali.” 


Wei Wuxian’s interest is piqued even more. What kind of person is his sister seeing that he’s able to fly to Bali on his own and meet his sister there? He must be from a rich family, and he tries to go through the name of all the young masters he knows. None of them seem to fit his jiejie. 


He pouts, and she giggles again, reaching up to pinch his cheeks like she did when he was a child. It’s so warm and fuzzy and Wei Wuxian is enjoying the feeling of being around his sister again. He’s so distracted he doesn’t see his Uncle Jiang and Madame Yu walking up to them until Madame Yu clears her throat. 


Wei Wuxian immediately takes a step back from his jiejie and stands up straight, greeting his adoptive parents with all the finesse he’s learned as a child. 


“Uncle Jiang, Madame Yu.” 


His jiejie greets them too with a soft smile on her face. “Mother. Father.”


Uncle Jiang gives them a half smile, but Madame Yu regards Wei Wuxian with a disgruntled look on her face. She stares at him openly, not bothering to hide her disdain as she runs her eyes up and down him. He shifts from one foot to the other, knowing that she’s in the middle of judging his appearance and seeing if she deems it fit. She finishes with a haughty hmph, and Wei Wuxian doesn’t like what she sees. He doesn’t take offense; he’s used to it. 


“A-Li,” Madame Yu speaks to her daughter, who stands up straight also, “your brother has not arrived yet?”


Jiang Yanli shakes her head. “He said he will be here in about thirty minutes, he’s going to pick someone up along the way.”


Madame Yu scoffs. “So he really is bringing someone? I can’t believe my son has finally found a partner. And you—” she turns to regard Wei Wuxian with indifference, “where is your boyfriend? Or did you make him up?”


His Uncle interjects. “Madame, his boyfriend must be running late. We can wait for him, there is no rush.” 


She rolls her eyes at her husband. “I want to hear from him, tell me, do you even have a boyfriend?”


Wei Wuxian gives Madame Yu a wide grin, his face lighting up at the mention of his ‘boyfriend’. It was him time to play the part. 


“I do have a boyfriend. He actually should be here any minute. He had to stop by his uncle’s office to say goodbye before coming.”


The mention of an office piques Madame Yu’s interest. As part of the high class world, Madame Yu was always interested in families of the same stature. Wei Wuxian knew that she would approve of his relationship with Lan Wangji, given that he was also from a rich family. 


“And who is your boyfriend’s family?” She asks. Wei Wuxian smiles. 


“His father and uncle own a large corporation in the country. You must have heard of them, they’re quite famous. They’re the— ah Lan Zhan, you made it!” 


He spots Lan Wangji walking towards him, a suitcase in one hand and his guqin in the other. It’s as if Wei Wuxian forgets everyone else is there and rushes over to greet Lan Wangji, his hands grabbing at the suitcase so his ‘boyfriend’ isn’t carrying so much. 


“You made it,” Wei Wuxian whispers to him. He had been a little scared that Lan Wangji would back out and leave him hanging, even when he had texted him earlier. Maybe Lan Wangji would realize that the whole idea was preposterous and would leave him hanging. The fact that Lan Wangji decided to follow through makes Wei Wuxian extremely happy. 


“Of course, I told you I was on my way.” Lan Wangji tells him. Wei Wuxian should know by now. When Lan Wangji says he’s going to do something, he does it. It’s part of his charm and something Wei Wuxian loves about him so much. His eyes venture to the musical instrument in Lan Wangji’s arms. 


He remembers the drunk comment he had made to Lan Wangji the same night he finally told him to be his fake boyfriend. 


They had reached their apartment and Wei Wuxian opened the door with a satisfied hum. He wasn’t sleepy yet, but he knew that Lan Wangji would want to go back to sleep. It was way past his bedtime, but he didn’t want to let go of Lan Wangji yet. 


“Lan Zhan,” he had whined, plopping himself on the floor near their coffee table, “play the guqin for me.”


“It is time for rest,” Lan Wangji reminds him and this only caused Wei Wuxian to pout at him in a way that he hoped looked cute. He won’t lose. 


Wei Wuxian decides then it was a good idea to hug one of the coffee table legs. 


“I won’t go to bed unless you play me a song!” He whined, wiggling his legs to throw a tantrum. He knew he looked like a brat, but he honestly didn’t care. All he wanted was for Lan Wangji to play him the guqin. Was that too much to ask for at one in the morning? 


Lan Wangji moved from where he was standing near the door and headed toward his room. Wei Wuxian believed he went to bed and left Wei Wuxian to throw his tantrum alone, but a minute later he comes out, guqin in hand. Wei Wuxian sits up when Lan Wangji gently sets the guqin on their coffee table. 


“Lan Zhan, will you play me the song you were playing the other day?” He requests. Wei Wuxian doesn’t really remember how it goes exactly, but he remembered how it made him feel. It was warm, made him feel calm and safe. That’s what he wanted right now. 


He began to play the song without a word, and Wei Wuxian closed his eyes to enjoy the music. It was exactly how he remembered it; gentle, warm, and filled with lots of love. Just how he felt for Lan Wangji. 


The music stopped after the song is over, but Wei Wuxian kept his eyes closed. He was comfortable. 


“Say Lan Zhan,” he murmured, his voice filled with drowsiness, “will you bring your guqin to Bali with you? I want to hear you play it on the beach at night. Would that be fun?” 


“Mn.” Lan Wangji replied immediately and Wei Wuxian smiled with his eyes still closed. It was then that he finally let himself fall asleep after he was filled with Lan Wangji’s heartfelt music. He never realized Lan Wangji carried him to his bed that night. 


“You brought your guqin,” Wei Wuxian tells him, a little surprised. He really didn’t expect Lan Wangji to take his half drunk and drowsy comment so seriously. Lan Wangji truly is a man of his words. 


“You said you wanted me to,” Lan Wangji states and Wei Wuxian can’t help but laugh. Why was Lan Wangji so cute? 


“I guess I did.” Someone clears their throat behind him, reminding Wei Wuxian that they are not alone. It’s Madame Yu. When Wei Wuxian turns to look at her, there’s an expectant look on her face. She’s waiting for him to introduce them.’s time to play the part. 


He turns to Lan Wangji once again and gives him a sympathetic smile. “Are you ready to meet the family, Lan Zhan?” 


Lan Wangji nods and that’s all the indication Wei Wuxian needs before he’s leading Lan Wangji to where his family is standing, the suitcase still in his hands. Madame Yu is eyeing them with an indifferent curiosity, Uncle Jiang gives them a small smile, and his jiejie is smiling at him brightly. For a moment, he wonders how he’s going to introduce Lan Wangji. His family, well at least Jiang Yanli, knows him already if only from a distance. They’ve known of Wei Wuxian’s roommate, even if Madame Yu and Uncle Jiang haven’t officially met him. 


“Madame Yu, Uncle Jiang, this is my boyfriend, Lan Wangji. He’s also my roommate, do you remember? Lan Zhan, this is my Uncle Jiang and Madame Yu. I’ve talked to you about them before. And you know my jiejie right? You two met when she helped me move in!” He introduces. 


Lan Wangji shows off his perfect high class education, by greeting them politely. “It is nice to meet you.” 


Madame Yu gives him a small smile, but there’s really no warmth in her expression. “You are one of the heirs to the Lan Corporation, are you not? I cannot believe Wei Wuxian is dating someone of such status. Tell me, how much is he paying you?”


“Mother,” his jiejie interjects, but Wei Wuxian expected this from her. And so did Lan Wangji; Wei Wuxian prepared him to deal with Madame Yu and her strong personality. 


“I like Wei Ying,” is all Lan Wangji says, and those words even if not true, make Wei Wuxian’s heart flutter. “There is no payment.” 


Madame Yu scoffs, but doesn’t say anything more. Wei Wuxian grins brightly and in the heat of the moment he reaches over to grab Lan Wangji’s hand. Halfway, he realizes what he’s about to do, but he can’t stop now. He takes Lan Wangji’s hand in his own and squeezes it, giving Lan Wangji a reassuring look that hopefully conveys his apologies for touching him so casually. 


“See,” Wei Wuxian tells his family happily, “we’re happy. Besides, how could I, Wei Wuxian, acquire enough money to pay our Young Master Lan for his services. And he’s definitely not a gigolo.” 


Lan Wangji squeezes his hand to stop him from saying anymore and Madame Yu looks affronted. His Uncle Jiang coughs to hide what seems to be a laugh, and it’s Jiang Yanli’s task to salvage the situation. She turns to Lan Wangji before her mother can say anything else and gives him a warm smile. 


“I’m happy to see you again, Young Master Lan. I was unaware you and A-Xian were dating, but I hope you can take care of him. I know he can be a lot to handle, but he’s a good person,” she speaks to him sincerely, 

the love and concern for Wei Wuxian shining through that even Lan Wangji looks taken aback for a minute. He nods, obviously unable to deny a request for her. And Wei Wuxian can’t blame him, there was no way one could deny Jiang Yanli. She was too good for this world. 


“Of course, Miss Jiang. I will take care of Wei Ying.” His words seem to relax her and she looks relieved. Wei Wuxian doesn’t know why that makes him so happy. It’s nothing new. Lan Wangji has been looking after him since their first year of university. Yet, this feels different almost like a declaration of love. He snaps himself out of it quickly. Lan Zhan is just playing the part of a dutiful boyfriend, that’s all.


The conversation stills as there is not much more to say. Wei Wuxian has introduced Lan Wangji to his family and they have all said their greetings. There’s not much more to do than wait for Jiang Cheng and his plus one to arrive. 


His jiejie turns to have a conversation with her parents, leaving Wei Wuxian to entertain Lan Wangji alone. It’s only then that he realizes he’s still holding Lan Wangji’s hands. His face slowly starts feeling hot and he moves to remove his hand from Lan Wangji’s. It doesn’t budge. Lan Wangji has his hand tightly around his. 


Wei Wuxian coughs. “Ah Lan Zhan,” he whispers so only Lan Wangji can hear him, “you can let go now. Nobody is looking.” 


Despite Wei Wuxian telling him that it was okay, when he tries to remove his hand again it won’t budge. He looks up at Lan Wangji for an explanation, and he swears he sees a slight pout on his lips. Wei Wuxian plays it off as his brain playing tricks on him. 


“In case your family looks this way, we can keep holding hands,” Lan Wangji explains matter of factly and doesn’t leave any room for argument. Wei Wuxian decides to concede. He can play pretend boyfriends for a little bit longer, and Lan Wangji’s hand does feel nice in his even if he’ll never admit it to anyone. 


“Okay,” Wei Wuxian says, “do you want me to show you around?” Lan Wangji nods. 


They leave the suitcases and Lan Wangji’s guqin with the rest of their family’s luggage. Soon someone will come retrieve them to place them on the plane. Wei Wuxian makes sure to tell one of the airport workers to leave the guqin for him there - as they’ll be taking it on the plan with them - before telling his family they’re going to take a walk around the waiting area as they wait. They leave, still hand in hand. 


It is only when they are out of sight of his family, that Lan Wangji lets go of his hand. Wei Wuxian mourns the loss of his warmth but doesn’t say anything. He focuses on showing Lan Wangji around the waiting area. Even if it’s just a private airport, they do have some commodities like a normal airport. There’s a bathroom and shower area where they can refresh before a flight, - and especially if they’re the first ones here - a lounge area filled with a TV an assortment of books, and a refreshments booth. Most of the time they weren’t used, but if they had to wait a long time for one of the other family members, they would make use of the different areas. It was only stocked when they were planning a trip. 


There’s really not much else to see, so soon they’re heading back to where the rest of his family is. Lan Wangji takes Wei Wuxian’s hand in his. This time, Wei Wuxian doesn’t protest and lets it happen. They can see Jiang Yanli and his adoptive in the near distance when a familiar voice calls his name. 


“Wei Wuxian!” 


Wei Wuxian turns to see his adoptive brother, Jiang Cheng, hand in hand with a slightly older version of Lan Wangji. His features are a little softer, but he’s just as handsome as Lan Wangji. The Lans were truly blessed with good genes. This man is none other than Lan Wangji’s older brother, Lan Xichen; the same brother who had already made plans for the Christmas holidays. It seems now they know what his plans are. 


The four of them look at each other in surprise, Jiang Cheng’s eyes widening when he notices that Lan Wangji and Wei Wuxian are holding hands and Lan Wangji noting that his brother is holding hands with Jiang Cheng. It would be hilarious if it were anyone else, but right now, Wei Wuxian feels a little mortified. He was not planning for this. 


It’s Lan Xichen who finally breaks the silence between the four of them and Wei Wuxian is thankful. He knows how to be considerate. 


“Wangji,” he regards his brother with a soft smile, “I was unaware that you and Young Master Wei” 


His gaze lingers for a moment at that interlocked hands, but then he’s also giving Wei Wuxian a smile. Wei Wuxian returns it and hopes it doesn’t come off as a grimace. 


Fuck, what do I do now? 

Chapter Text

The plane ride is awkward to say the least.


Wei Wuxian is lucky enough to only be sitting next to Lan Wangji for the first two hours of the flight. The two of them sit on one of the huge couches at the end of the private jet and Wei Wuxian decides to put on a movie. They have a vast selection and have access to most streaming services. One of the perks of being adopted into a rich family - he can never truly complain about anything.


“Say, Lan Zhan,” Wei Wuxian begins, “what do you want to watch?” They will be in the air for approximately seven and a half hours and might as well find a way to make the time go faster. Movies are always a good option, but Wei Wuxian realizes he’s not exactly sure what kind of movies Lan Zhan is into. They’ve been living together for almost four months and have known each other since they started university, and yet, Wei Wuxian is starting to realize he doesn’t exactly know a lot about Lan Wangji.


He only knows what Lan Wangji chooses to show him and some things he’s picked up from being his friend over the years. Wei Wuxian knows Lan Wangji is a skilled guqin player, is studying to become an English/Philosophy professor, really likes rabbits, and isn’t particularly fond of spicy food even if he indulges Wei Wuxian’s wants. Lan Wangji is a hard worker with a set routine, he follows rules most of the time, and he’s well liked by everyone due to his benevolent and selfless personality. While Wei Wuxian knows this, he doesn’t know what Lan Wangji likes to do in his free time, what kind of media he likes to ingest, what his favorite food is, and how he likes his eggs in the morning.


Wei Wuxian feels a bit saddened at this; he’s going to make a more conscious effort to learn more about Lan Wangji. Although Lan Wangji is a reserved person by nature, he still has likes and dislikes. It’s Wei Wuxian’s responsibility as his roommate to learn as much as he can. He makes himself a promise that he will try to learn one new thing about Lan Wangji a day; he’s not sure why this makes him so happy, but it does. How more oblivious can he get.


Lan Wangji shrugs. He is sitting next to Wei Wuxian, almost so close that they are touching. It’s all part of the pretend boyfriend act, but it feels comfortable and safe. Wei Wuxian can’t help but smile.


“Whatever you want to watch,” Lan Wangji tells him and again, this doesn’t seem to sit right with Wei Wuxian.


“No, I’m asking you, what you want to watch. I want to watch what Lan Zhan wants to watch,” Wei Wuxian says with a slight whine, hoping he’ll be able to get Lan Wangji to pick a movie. Turns out, Lan Zhan is as stubborn as him.


“I’ll watch what you want to watch.” Lan Wangji informs him. Wei Wuxian pouts.


“Well, I want to watch what Lan Zhan wants to watch,” he repeats, his whine slightly louder than before. On the other side of the plane, he can hear Jiang Cheng snicker. His brother whispers something their sister, but Wei Wuxian can sort of make out the words if he listens closely enough.


I wasn’t sure if they were actually a couple, but they’re already acting so coupley. It’s disgustingly sweet.


Wei Wuxian can feel his cheeks starting to turn red, but he won’t let Jiang Cheng’s comment get to him. He’s adamant on getting Lan Wangji to choose a movie even if he has to continue to bicker with him.


“Come on Lan Zhan, you can pick. You’re my guest after all. I wouldn’t be a good host if I didn’t let you pick a movie,” Wei Wuxian tries to reason with him and hands the TV controller to Lan Wangji so he can choose. The TV is open to a streaming app where they can watch almost any movie possible. Lan Wangji finally takes the control from him and seems to give in to Wei Wuxian’s demands. Wei Wuxian beams at him proudly.


He gets comfortable on the couch again while Lan Wangji goes through the vast selection of movies. Wei Wuxian subconsciously moves closer to Lan Wangji until they are actually touching. He realizes too late that he’s practically cuddling Lan Wangji and doesn’t know if he should move away from him or not. His family and Lan Wangji’s brother are on the plane with them, so they have to keep up their act to an extent. Still, he feels like he’s invading Lan Wangji’s personal space and decides to inch away so they’re not touching but it still looks like they’re cuddling. Lan Wangji doesn’t say anything.


To distract himself from his beating heart, Wei Wuxian decides to watch Lan Wangji go through the movies. He zooms past the action section, and the comedy section, - somehow Wei Wuxian can’t see Lan Wangji liking comedy movies - until he reaches the animated films section. The movie Lan Wangji stops on makes Wei Wuxian break into a surprised chuckle.


“Zootopia?” Wei Wuxian says in between his chuckles. He turns to look at Lan Wangji who is staring ahead, his mouth in a thin straight line and his eyes inexpressive but behind that, Wei Wuxian can see hurt? Fuck, he wasn’t trying to hurt Lan Wangji’s feelings, he would never!


“Sorry,” he quickly apologizes, “it’s not funny. I was just surprised to see you picked this movie. But!! I heard it’s a really good movie, is this what you want to watch, Lan Zhan?”


Lan Wangji nods. He’s too cute for his own good.


Wei Wuxian gently takes the remote out of Lan Wangji’s hand and presses play, so the movie starts. He finds himself relaxing once again and tries to concentrate on the movie. It’s not the kind of movie he usually watches, but he doesn’t mind animated movies. He appreciates the hard work and art that animated movies are. From conception to creation, it’s a long process and he commends anyone who is able to do something in the name of art. Plus, the animals in the movie are adorable. The bunny even more so.


Ah . Wei Wuxian suddenly has a thought. Lan Zhan really likes rabbits doesn't he? Is that why he picked this movie since the main character is a rabbit?


The thought of that makes his heart warm, and he chuckles. Lan Zhan truly is cute.


They sit close to each other throughout the whole film, not that Wei Wuxian minds. He feels so comfortable with Lan Wangji close and soon he feels himself relaxing more. His eyes begin to close, - he stayed up last night working to finish a project for one of his classes - and before he knows it, he’s falling asleep. The movie isn’t boring, it actually caught Wei Wuxian’s attention right away, but he’s so tired. His head ends up falling on Lan Wangji’s shoulder. The other man doesn’t try to move his head and Wei Wuxian sleeps.



He wakes up a little later, but he’s in a different position from before. His whole body is spread out on the couch and there’s a coat covering his upper body acting as a replacement blanket. When Wei Wuxian sits up, he realizes Lan Wangji is no longer next to him and the TV is turned off. He’s on alert, wondering where his ‘boyfriend’ could of gone but a voice interrupts his thoughts.


“Wei Wuxian, you’re truly shameless, falling asleep on your boyfriend like that.” It’s Jiang Cheng. He rolls his eyes goodnaturedly at his grumpy brother.


“Where’s Lan Zhan?” He asks, not even bothering to acknowledge Jiang Cheng because he knows it pisses him off. And it works, by the way his eyes widen and he grits his teeth. Bingo. Unfortunately, he doesn’t react any further. Wei Wuxian sighs; Jiang Cheng isn’t as fun as he used to be.


“He’s with Lan Huan in the private room,” Jiang Cheng tells him, “they’re discussing some family matters.”


Wei Wuxian frowns, he was unaware that Lan Wangji was having family troubles. Then again, Wei Wuxian hardly asked him about his family. Damn, am I really heartless when it comes to Lan Zhan?


He decides it’s best not to sulk and focuses on what he heard Jiang Cheng say.


“Lan Huan?” He repeats, the words sounding foreign to him as he only refers to Lan Wangji’s brother as Lan Xichen. Hearing his birth name, especially coming out of Jiang Cheng’s mouth is a surreal experience.


Jiang Cheng immediately turns a deep shade of red, and he turns his head to the side so Wei Wuxian can’t see him. Wei Wuxian lets out a deep laugh that he knows can be heard throughout the entire jet, but he doesn’t care. Seeing Jiang Cheng so flustered is fun.


“Lan Huan, Lan Huan, Lan Huan, ” Wei Wuxian singsongs like the child he is, “and here I thought you and Lan Xichen were fake dating.”


Jiang Cheng lets out an affronted gasp. “Wei Wuxian! How dare—!”


Wei Wuxian can’t contain his giggles. “Let’s face it Jiang Cheng, what does Young Master Lan see in you? How much are you paying him?” He repeats the question that Madame Yu asked Lan Wangji earlier.


Jiang Cheng and Lan Xichen are an uncanny match, he would never expect two people like them to work. Of course, the only logical explanation was that Lan Xichen was pretending to be Jiang Cheng’s boyfriend like Lan Wangji was doing for Wei Wuxian. It seems he and his brother have something alike.


“I could say the same about you and Lan Wangji,” Jiang Cheng rebutts, catching Wei Wuxian off guard, “you two definitely don’t go together.”


Wei Wuxian is offended on behalf of his fake relationship. “What do you mean Lan Zhan and I don’t go together?”


Jiang Cheng continues. “Well, from the very beginning all you have done is do your best to get on Lan Wangji’s nerves. Remember our first year of university? When you played a prank on him by having him accidentally look at one of Nie Huaisang’s porn books? Or when you got him in trouble with our hall leader because you two were caught out after curfew?”


Wei Wuxian has a huge smile on his face. Those are fond memories and part of his bonding experience with Lan Wangji.


“And what about it?” He asks, not sure where Jiang Cheng is going with it.


“Well, I could have sworn Lan Wangji hated you. I was surprised when he agreed to be your roommate, and now even more that you two are dating. It’s a little weird.” Jiang Cheng shudders. “No, I can’t picture you two together and I’ve already seen you two hold hands. I can’t see what Lan Wangji sees in you.”


Wei Wuxian pouts. Where he and Lan Wangji really a weird match? It’s true that the two of them have contrasting personalities, but that’s never stopped them from getting along. The more he thinks of it, the more he realizes if they were two different people it would be a weird pairing. However, they’re Wei Ying and Lan Zhan, which makes it different. He frowns again.


“Jiang Cheng, believe it or not, I have my redeeming qualities,” he repeats the words that Jiang Cheng had told him over the phone a couple of weeks ago. His brother scoffs. “Besides, you’re trying to derail the conversation. We were discussing you and your Lan Huan.


He figures it’s time to turn the conversation back on his brother.


Jiang Cheng goes red all over again. “There’s morning to discus,” he begrudgingly says.


“Ah, Jiang Cheng, but there is. You still haven’t told me if you and Lan Xichen are dating or not.”


Jiang Cheng’s facial expression is too priceless to put into words. It’s as if he’s eaten an entire lemon. Wei Wuxian is truly enjoying his misery.


“We are dating,” Jiang Cheng insists, but doesn’t elaborate. Wei Wuxian wants to press further, but he hears his name again, this time coming from someone else’s mouth.


“Wei Ying.” He turns to see Lan Wangji standing behind the couch, his brother next to him, a gentle mirth in his eyes as he watches the other two brothers argue. Jiang Cheng is probably a blushing mess right now, but Wei Wuxian greets them with the biggest smile possible.


“Lan Zhan!” He exclaims happily, “I’m sorry I fell asleep, I didn’t realize I was so tired.”


He gives his ‘boyfriend’ and apologetic smile. Lan Wangji shakes his head.


“It’s okay. You stayed up late last night.” Oh? Wei Wuxian didn’t realize Lan Wangji knew he stayed up especially since his roommate went to sleep before him every night.


“Still, I feel bad. Want to watch another movie? Or we watch a TV show? Maybe play some of the board games, we have uno and monopoly—” he’s rambling, not sure why he suddenly feels so conscious of Lan Wangji near him. Perhaps it’s because both Jiang Cheng and Lan Xichen are watching them interact and he’s not sure if he’s acting like a boyfriend. However, what does acting like a boyfriend even mean? It’s not like he has any previous relationships to base it off; he feels his face going red.


Lan Wangji has sympathy on him. “It’s okay, Wei Ying. We can do what you want.”


“But what do you want?” Wei Wuxian asks again almost out of habit now, not realizing he blurted it out so loud. He quickly apologizes to Lan Xichen who can only chuckle.


“Young Master Wei is so considerate of my brother. I’m glad Wangji has found someone outside of our family who cares about him deeply.”


Wei Wuxian blushes, but he feels guilty inside. Lan Xichen is always so sincere, and he feels like he’s playing with his sincerity by lying to him. Yes, he does care about Lan Wangji, but not in the way that Lan Xichen imagines. He cares about Lan Wangji the way a brother would care about his sibling or the way a friend would care about another of his friends, not as a lover. And yet, deep down he knows that he cares about Lan Wangji more than that. He just doesn’t want to admit it to himself yet.


Snap out of it Wei Wuxian, don’t think too much about it.


He ends up giving Lan Xichen a half smile but doesn’t say anything in case his words betray him. Lan Wangji comes around the couch to sit next to Wei Wuxian after a moment of hesitation. He must notice how nervous Wei Wuxian suddenly feels because his hand gently interlocks with his. Wei Wuxian turns to look at Lan Wangji, who is giving him an encouraging look. This causes him to smile. It’s funny how easy Lan Wangji can put him at ease.


On the other couch, Jiang Cheng feigns disgust until Lan Xichen comes to sit next to him. Lan Xichen is not shy about placing his arm around Jiang Cheng’s shoulder, which causes the other man to blush deeply. It’s Wei Wuxian’s turn to feign disgust. He still cannot believe that his brother is dating Lan Xichen. It’s almost like Jiang Cheng is dating Lan Wangji too. Wei Wuxian shudders at the thought. Now that would be a weird match.


“A-Xian, A-Cheng!” Their sister voice calls from the other side of the private jet. She’s walking toward them holding something in her hands. When he looks closely, he can see it’s the uno cards that he had mentioned earlier to Lan Wangji.


“Ah, Young Masters Lan, would you like to join us in a game of uno? It’s practically a family tradition at this point, we always play uno when we are traveling.” She explains, and how could anybody deny someone as wholesome as Jiang Yanli? Lan Wangji gives a curt nod and Lan Xichen smiles warmly.


“Uno? I haven’t played in years, I’m afraid you’ll have to explain the rules to me again.”


Wei Wuxian’s jiejie smiles. “Of’s not that complicated.”


Twenty minutes later, Wei Wuxian is trying to hold his laughter as he watches Jiang Cheng draw four for the second time in a row.


“Wei Wuxian,” he’s growling, “you’re doing this on purpose.”


“That’s part of the game, Jiang Cheng, it’s not my fault you’re right after me.” Wei Wuxian tells him, but he did make sure to sit before Jiang Cheng’s turn so he could use all his trap cards on him. So far, it’s working like a charm.


Jiang Cheng huffs. Beside him, their sister waits expectantly.


“What color, XianXian?” she asks calmly, as if her brothers were not bickering a second ago. Wei Wuxian takes a moment to think it through.




She places down a blue two and then it’s Lan Xichen’s turn. He puts down a blue draw-two card and Wei Wuxian giggles at Lan Wangji’s luck. His turn is next and it seems like he’ll have to draw two. However, that doesn’t turn out to be the case when Lan Wangji places down a red draw-two card immediately after his brother places his down. Wei Wuxian’s eyes widen in shock and he feels like he’s been betrayed in the worst way possible.


He quickly checks his deck for a draw-two but he’s used them all on Jiang Cheng, leaving him to have to draw four cards from the deck. Right when he only had two cards in his hand.


“Lan Zhan, you wound me,” he exclaims dramatically as he ends up drawing four cards from the deck. Jiang Cheng lets out a triumphant laugh.


“Can’t believe your own boyfriend gave you a taste of your own medicine. Serves you right,” Jiang Cheng gloats as he puts down his red card and calls uno. Wei Wuxian looks at Lan Wangji in surprise and betrayal as he allowed Jiang Cheng to call uno on them. Lan Wangji doesn’t seem affected. His drive to win increases, he won’t let Jiang Cheng beat him if he has anything to say about it.


In the end, it’s his jiejie who wins the game. They decide to play a couple more rounds to pass the time and Lan Wangji ends up winning the next round while Wei Wuxian wins the last round. Jiang Cheng huffs after his third loss but seems content when Lan Huan consoles him by giving him a quick peck on the cheek. Wei Wuxian turns to gag at Lan Wangji, who seems to be looking away from his brother’s public display of affection. It seems he is as weirded out as Wei Wuxian at the prospect of their brothers dating. He ends up giving Lan Wangji’s hand a squeeze as reassurance.


He doesn’t notice the way Lan Wangji’s eyes go wide when he does so, he’s too busy trying to get his jiejie’s attention at that point. Wei Wuxian is asking Jiang Yanli for a kiss on the cheek, in a way to make fun of their brother, but also because he becomes a total child around their sister. Jiang Cheng ends up scolding him for being so shameless, and his jiejie just pinches his cheek with a giggle. It feels nice to be surrounded by family again...and he doesn’t realize he’s starting to see Lan Wangji as his family too.



They arrive in Bali mid afternoon, and the first thing they do is go to their private villas to drop off their luggage. When they were younger, Jiang Cheng and Wei Wuxian used to share one of the private villas with one bedroom. The room was spacious, so they had enough room to themselves. As they grew older, they were allowed to have their own rooms and space. That’s what Wei Wuxian is used to, therefore, he’s surprised when Madame Yu hands him two keys for the same room - for him and Lan Wangji.


“We’re sharing a room?” Wei Wuxian blurts out before he can stop himself. He immediately closes his mouth. Madame Yu gives him an irritated look.


“Of course, you two are dating right? What’s the point of two separate rooms, knowing you, you’ll end up in his bed anyway,” Madame Yu retorts and continues to give the keys to the other people. Jiang Cheng and Lan Xichen seem to be also sharing a room while his jiejie, Madame Yu, and Uncle Jiang all have their separate rooms. Madame Yu dismisses them and tells them to meet them at the main villa for dinner later that night - they’ll be having visitors over.


Wei Wuxian becomes curious. While Madame Yu and Uncle Jiang often entertain their friends when they’re on vacation, - rich people seem to like to vacation in the same place - he wasn’t sure who was coming to Bali this year. He hopes it’s not the other Wens. If he had to sit through dinner with Wen Chao one more time, he would probably break out into a fight with him. He decides that’s the least of his worries right now. His main concern is their room arrangement.


Their luggage had already been taken to their room, so Wei Wuxian decides to lead the way since he knows this place like the back of his hand. Lan Wangji follows him wordlessly with the guqin strapped around his back. When they make it into the room, it’s just as Wei Wuxian worried. There’s only one bed.


Granted, it’s a king sized bed and there’s enough room for them not to touch, but it’s one bed nonetheless. He gives Lan Wangji the most apologetic smile he can conjure.


“I’m sorry, Lan Zhan, I should have known Madame Yu would give us a room with only one bed. If you want, I can sleep on the couch. I don’t want to make you uncomfortable—.”


Lan Wangji shakes his head, placing the guqin on the coffee table. It’s a suite style room, equipped with couches, a TV, a refrigerator and even a kitchenette. They have all the necessities needed to make their stay comfortable.


“The bed is big enough for both of us,” Lan Wangji states, and Wei Wuxian can feel himself blushing.


“Still, I practically forced you to pretend to by my boyfriend and am making you be affectionate with me, now this. I feel bad. I can sleep on the couch, it’s okay.”


Lan Wangji pauses. “You didn’t make me do anything I didn’t want to.”


Wei Wuxian tries to argue further, but realizes there’s no use. He concedes with a sigh. “Okay, if you’re comfortable with it.” He plops on the bed with a loud thud, savoring the way the soft mattress feels under his body.


“Lan Zhan,” Wei Wuxian murmurs into the pillows, his eyes already closing, “I’m still sleepy. Will you wake me up an hour before dinner so I can get ready?”


“Mn.” With Lan Wangji’s confirmation, Wei Wuxian lets himself fall asleep.


A few hours later, Lan Wangji is gently nudging him awake. Wei Wuxian slowly opens his eyes, feeling a little disoriented from his nap.


“What time is it?” He asks drowsily, sitting up on the bed to rub his eyes. He notices that Lan Wangji is holding a book in his hands. Leave it to Lan Wangji to be studious even on vacation.


“Around 6pm,” Lan Wangji tells him. Wei Wuxian gives him a grateful smile. They’re meant to be at dinner at seven. He jumps out of the bed, missing its softness as soon as he leaves it, but he has no choice. Wei Wuxian decides to take a quick shower, savoring the warmth of the water as quickly as possible. When he’s done, he realizes he left his clothes on the bed like the idiot he is.


“Ah Lan Zhan,” he asks awkwardly through a crack in the door. “I left my clothes on the bed, can you hand them to me?”


There’s silence on the other side and Wei Wuxian wonders if Lan Wangji heard him. After there’s a bit of shuffling, his clothes appear at the door. He sighs in relief.


“Thank you Lan Zhan,” he peaks out to give Lan Wangji a smile before closing the bathroom door again. Happily, he blow dries his hair and changes. Once he’s done he reaches for his signature ribbon, wondering how he should tie his hair today. Wei Wuxian settles for a messy bun, using the ribbon to keep it in place. He looks in the mirror and adjusts hairs until he’s satisfied, hoping Lan Wangji will think he’s cute.


Only then does he walk out of the restroom. Lan Wangji has already changed into more formal clothes for dinner, and Wei Wuxian stops in his tracks. Lan Wangji is beautiful, but there’s something about seeing him in a button down that causes Wei Wuxian to have feelings all over his body. He doesn’t realize he’s staring until he catches Lan Wangji’s eyes, and soon he’s looking away in shame.


“A-Ah, should we start walking to the main villa?” Lan Wangji nods.


Wei Wuxian leads the way out, making sure to lock the door behind them. It’s only then does he wonder again who will be joining them for dinner. He doesn’t have to think too much about it, for as soon as they’re almost at the main villa he hears a sound that makes his heart stop.


To anyone else, it would be just a normal sound, but to Wei Wuxian it’s like the devil himself opened up the floodgates of hell. The barking grows louder and his skin crawls.


It’s a dog...and he only knows one person who would bring a dog to a vacation.


Jin Zixuan.

Chapter Text

Wei Wuxian’s brain short circuits when another bark is heard, this time a lot closer than before. He lets out a terrifying yelp and scrambles to hide behind Lan Zhan. Without realizing, he’s climbed onto Lan Wangji’s back and is holding onto him like a koala holding onto a tree branch. He buries his head into Lan Wangji’s back.


“Lan Zhan! Lan Zhan!” He’s yelling into Lan Wangji’s back, unable to look to see if the dog is gone do to his trembles. Lan Zhan stands up straight and doesn’t make a move to push Wei Ying off his back. Instead, he reaches back to pat Wei Ying’s shoulder in a comforting act.


“Little Spot!” Wei Ying hears an annoyingly familiar voice yell to the dog. The dog hears its master’s call and begins to trot towards his voice, wherever he is, Wei Ying still refuses to look. It’s only when he can no longer hear the dog’s movements that he bravely peaks over Lan Wangji’s shoulder.


There is Jin Zixuan, the damn peacock , kneeling on the ground with his spotted beast next to him. They lock eyes for a second, and Wei Wuxian can only scream.


“Oh my GOSH! Get your DOG!” He’s yelling, burying his face back into Lan Wangji’s back. His grip tightens around the other man, and he’s practically holding Lan Wangji hostage at this point.


He can hear Jin Zixuan scoff and imagines the stupid blank expression on his face.


“She doesn’t bite.”


“Yes it does!!” Wei Wuxian insists with all the force he can muster.


“Jin Zixuan,” Lan Wangji finally speaks after being silent for so long, “please take your dog somewhere it can not bother Wei Ying.”


The other man huffs. “Why do I have to take my dog away? And what’s wrong with him? Why is he so scared of an innocent pup.”


Wei Wuxian scoffs. “ Innocent pup ! That’s a hell spawn! Get it away!”


“She has a name!”


“What kind of name is Little Spot ? Your naming abilities are worse than Jiang Cheng!”


The commotion has attracted some of the other people in the main villa to come out and see what’s going on. Madame Yu walks out with his jiejie and when Wei Wuxian looks, he can see Jin Guangshan and Madame Jin coming out too.


“What’s going on?” Madame Yu demands in that commanding voice she has. She notices the awkward position that Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji are in.


“Wei Wuxian,” she scolds, “have you no shame? Remove yourself from Young Master Lan immediately.”


Wei Wuxian furiously shakes his head. His grip tightening even more. If the dog is still there, he won’t even try to remove himself from Lan Wangji.


“Madame,” Lan Wangji interjects for him, “Wei Ying is terrified of the dog, if Jin Zixuan takes it away, he will be fine.”


Madame Yu lets out a mocking laugh. “Wei Wuxian, at your age you’re still afraid of dogs? Pathetic.”


Lan Wangji tenses for some reason, and Wei Wuxian feels his whole body turn rigid. He interjects before Lan Wangji can speak.


“H-having a phobia is real, Madame. P-please make the dog go away, I beg you and I’ll behave for the rest of the trip.” He knows that he sounds as pathetic as Madame Yu is telling him he is, but he can’t help but be pathetic in the face of a dog. His fear is deep, from such an early age. He doesn’t think that he’ll be able to overcome it.


Jiang Yanli is his saving grace. She clears her throat and addresses that bastard peacock, Jin Zixuan.


“Young Master Jin,” she speaks in a soft tone that he doesn’t deserve to hear, “do you mind returning Little Spot to your quarters until we finish dinner? My brother is scared of them, and I’m afraid will not be able to eat in peace.”


Wei Wuxian half expects Jin Zixuan to reject like the asshole he is but is pleasantly surprised when he lets out a sigh in defeat.


“Very well, since Madame Jiang insists I’ll take Little Spot back to my villa for now.” Wei Wuxian looks up, wanting to see Jin Zixuan’s defeated face. What he doesn’t expect is for him to have a blush on his cheek. What the? Why does he look so flustered in front of my jiejie. He better not get any ideas!!


As much as he would like to wipe that expression off Jin Zixuan’s face, he can’t do anything, especially as Jin Zixuan calls his beast to him. They have to pass by Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji to get to their villa, and Wei Wuxian hides his face back into Lan Wangji. He hears Jin Zixuan laugh. Wei Wuxian turns his head so he can stick his tongue out at the other man. They’re children but what’s new.


When he can no longer hear the dog, his grip on Lan Wangji relaxes, but he doesn’t make an effort to get off his back. He feels quite comfortable actually. It’s only until Lan Wangji reminds him that he reluctantly does.


“Wei Ying,” Lan Wangji tells him softly, “the dog is gone.”


“Ah,” Wei Wuxian lets out a nervous laugh, “r-right.”


He slowly detaches himself from Lan Wangji’s back much to his disappointment. When he does, he remembers that Jin Guangshan and Madame Jin are also standing there. It’s only polite for him to greet them.


“Mr. Jin, Madame Jin,” he greets with a slight bow and Lan Wangji follows suit. They greet them in return. At their side, Madame Yu huffs.


“Well, since that is figured out, let us go join everyone else.” She’s speaking to everyone but Wei Wuxian by the sound of her voice, but he doesn’t care. He’s happy that the dog is no longer around.


Subconsciously, he reaches for Lan Wangji’s hand. Their hands brush, and he realizes what he’s doing. When he tries to move his hand away, Lan Wangji takes it and interlocks their fingers. Wei Wuxian blushes.


They begin to walk towards the main villa after the other adults and his jiejie have made their way in. His uncle is waiting for them, along with Jiang Cheng, Lan Xichen, and another member of the Jin family. Wei Wuxian tries to remember his name, and it takes him a minute. It’s Jin Zixun. If there’s one person he despises more than the peacock, it’s Jin Zixun. There’s something about his haughty nature that doesn’t sit well with Wei Wuxian.


Jin Zixun is sneering at him, but Wei Wuxian pays him no mind. The sneer suddenly turns into a look of shock when he realizes that Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji are holding hands. Wei Wuxian can only give him a smug look and cling onto Lan Wangji further. He revels when he can hear the audible noise that comes out of the other man’s mouth.


“Lan Zhan, Lan Zhan, lets sit next to your brother and Jiang Cheng,” he coos, guiding Lan Wangji to the two empty seats across from their brothers.


“Hello, Jiang Cheng! Young Master Lan,” he greets them amicably, trying to ignore the fact that he’s stuck spending his vacation with the Jins of all people. Although not as bad as the Wens, Wei Wuxian held a personal grudge against Jin Zixuan for comments made about his jiejie in the past. They once got into a fist fight outside of their private high school when Jin Zixuan tried to act like he was better than them and Jiang Yanli. Wei Wuxian couldn’t stay idle, nobody talks bad about his jiejie if he can help it.


He supposes that seeing the Jins here is not abnormal considering Madame Yu and Madame Jin are very good friends. They have been friends since childhood and wanted their future kids to get married, if only Jin Zixuan wasn’t an idiot with a false superiority complex.


“Wangji, Young Master Wei,” Lan Xichen greets them with a smile of his own, but his grouchy brother just gives them a dismissive hello. Wei Wuxian chuckles. Jiang Cheng never changes, not even when he has somebody at his side. He wonders what Lan Xichen sees in him.


“How are you liking it so far?” Wei Wuxian asks, “have you gone to look around?”


Lan Xichen nods. “A-Cheng and I went out for a walk after we took our luggage to our room. It’s a very beautiful place.”


Wei Wuxian gives Jiang Cheng a smirk and a knowing look. A-Cheng, huh? He tries to convey with his eyes and by the blush on Jiang Cheng’s face, it worked.


“How about you two?” Lan Xichen continues, addressing his brother and Wei Wuxian. “Have you two gone looking around yet?”


It’s Wei Wuxian’s turn to blush. “Actually, I took a nap as soon as we got here.”


How inconsiderate of him. Lan Wangji has probably never been to Bali before and the first thing Wei Wuxian does is take a nap on him. He really fails at a pretend boyfriend. He frowns.


“Pfft,” Jiang Cheng finally decides to interject at the expense of his brother, “of course you fell asleep .”


However, Wei Wuxian isn’t paying attention. He has already turned to Lan Wangji with an apologetic expression.


“Lan Zhan,” Wei Wuxian whispers so only he can hear him, “I’m sorry, I fell asleep and didn’t ask you what you wanted.”


“It’s okay,” Lan Wangji reassures him, “you were tired.”


Although Lan Wangji has told him it’s okay, Wei Wuxian still pouts. “Still, I should have been more considerate. Let's take a walk on the beach after dinner to make up for it, okay?”


Wei Wuxian doesn’t know why he’s expecting Lan Wangji to reject his offer, but his smile grows when Lan Wangji gives him a nod of approval.




“Okay,” Wei Wuxian breathes out in excitement, “I have so much to show you. Oh and if you bring you guqin, I brought my flute we can play them on the beach. Wouldn’t that be so pretty?”


He is too busy, rambling about all the things he and Lan Wangji can do later that he doesn’t notice the confused and conflicted look on Lan Xichen’s face. In all honesty, he doesn’t pay attention to anyone else until his jiejie sits next to him a few minutes later.


“XianXian, A-Cheng, Young Masters Lan,” she greets with a smile oh her face. Wei Wuxian notes that everyone else has sat down but there’s an empty seat next to Jiang Yanli.


“Ah jiejie,” Wei Wuxian notes, “when is your special someone going to come?”


Jiang Yanli gives him a nervous laugh that’s quite uncharacteristic for her. “Ah, XianXian, you see—”


She doesn’t get a chance to finish her sentence as there’s a shadow that looms before the two of them. Wei Wuxian looks up and is about to jump out of his seat when he sits down next to Jiang Yanli and gives the hand sitting in her lap a small pat.


“Sorry I took so long, A-Li, I decided to give Little Spot some food before coming back.”


A-Li?” Jiang Cheng and Wei Wuxian hiss out at the same time. He turns to look at his brother, and he’s just as surprised as Wei Wuxian to see Jin Zixuan sitting next to their jiejie.


She’s smiling at him fondly, ignoring the rude glares from her brothers. “It’s okay, A-Xuan. Dinner is just about to start, you haven’t missed anything.”


Jin Zixuan may have not missed anything but Wei Wuxian sure did miss when the two of them started to refer to each other as A-Li and A-Xuan.


“Jiejie,” Wei Wuxian says through gritted teeth, deciding it’s best to at least be civil in front of so many people. He’s not one to shy away from a scene, but he’s holding back for his jiejie’s sake and because Wangji has gripped his hand in silent comfort. That’s enough to help Wei Wuxian calm down a little bit. “What’s the meaning of this?”


Jin Zixuan looks from Jiang Cheng’s stoned expression to Wei Wuxian’s fiery one to Jiang Yanli’s guilty smile.


“I’m assuming you didn’t tell them,” he says with a blank expression on his face. His jiejie shakes her head.


“I’m sorry A-Xian, A-Cheng, I was going to tell you but couldn’t find the time. Surprise?”


Finally, it’s too much for Wei Wuxian.


“Jiejie!” Wei Wuxian lets out an indignant cry that’s almost loud enough to be heard by the others sitting further away, almost. “You know i will support whoever you want to be with, but why him? Why the peacock?”


Jin Zixuan looks affronted but this isn’t about him. This is about his jiejie’s honor and making sure that peacock isn’t making her do anything she doesn’t want to. The more Wei Wuxian contemplates, the more he pictures a more likely thought.


“Wait,” Wei Wuxian suddenly exclaims, the bright thought he has giving him a slight bit of hope, “this is all pretend right? You’re pretending to be together because Madame Yu and Madame Jin won’t stop pestering you and you want it to stop? Right?”


She gives him a sympathetic smile but shakes her head. This time, the sorrowful cry Wei Wuxian lets out is loud enough for the entire table to hear



After a quick scolding from Madame Yu for causing a scene, - it seems that seeing her daughter and Jin Zixuan has put her in too much of a good mood to scold him longer - they finally are able to eat dinner.


Servers being out a huge selection of Indonesian and Chinese dishes for them to try, but Wei Wuxian’s appetite has been shot as he begrudgingly watches Jiang Yanli feed the peacock the same way she used to feed him as a kid. It brings back fond memories of when he wouldn’t eat unless she fed him, but right now all he felt was a sense of disgust. Jin Zixuan didn’t deserve to be fed with by his jiejie.


Wei Wuxian is about to protest and ask his jiejie to feed him too when Lan Wangji decides to speak.


“Wei Ying,” he speaks softly, “eat.”


Wei Wuxian pouts as he still hasn’t regained his appetite, but he suddenly gets a wonderful idea.


“I won’t eat,” he proclaims with a bratty pout, “unless Lan Zhan feeds me.”


It’s the perfect way to get Lan Wangji off of his back - he still doesn’t feel like eating - since the other man will definitely not feed him. Wei Wuxian is sure that even if they’re fake dating, everything has a limit. Feeding your partner food is a very intimate act, of course Lan Wangji would be turned off by it.


And yet, never one to disappoint, Lan Wangji reaches for a piece of meat full of spices from one of the dishes closest to him with his chopsticks. He holds the piece of meat in front of Wei Wuxian’s face as Wei Wuxian looks at him in surprise.


“Lan Zhan—!” He tries to protest, his cheeks beginning to feel hot at Lan Wangji’s surprise action. Never in a million years did he think he would be able to get the poised and proper Lan Wangji to feed him, especially in front of so many people.


“Eat,” Lan Wangji almost commands, and Wei Wuxian finds himself opening his mouth for the piece of meat without another protect. It’s honestly delicious, the spiciness mixing with a little bit of sweetness.


Lan Wangji reaches to grab another piece of meat, but Wei Wuxian shakes his head rapidly.


“It’s okay Lan Zhan! I’ll eat okay? See?” He grabs his pair of chopsticks and grabs a vegetable covered in spicy and plops it in his mouth. He chews it with a satisfied hum, only to give Lan Wangji a smile when he’s done. Lan Wangji takes this and resumes eating, without saying a word. Typical Lan Zhan, no speech while eating.


Wei Wuxian gets another idea in his head. He reaches for a piece of food that is not covered in too much spice and hovers his chopsticks in front of Lan Wangji.


“Lan Zhan,” Wei Wuxian grins, “say ah.”


Lan Wangji takes the piece of food without a word, and Wei Wuxian can’t help but smile triumphantly at completing his task. On the other side of the table, he can hear Jiang Cheng gag.


“You two are so gross,” he comments. Wei Wuxian is suddenly in way too high spirits to be put down by his grumpy brother. He decides to tease him.


“Jiang Cheng, just admit you’re jealous because Lan Xichen won’t feed you,” he beams innocently while his brother comically almost chokes on the tea he was about to take a sip of.


“Wei Wuxian—!” When Jiang Cheng can only call out his name, he knows that he has won. He gives Jiang Cheng a smirk before reaching to pick up another piece of food with his chopsticks and offering it to Lan Wangji. The other man takes it again without saying a word and Wei Wuxian can only beam in happiness.


At Jiang Cheng’s side, Lan Xichen is watching the whole interaction with a smile. He turns to his partner after a moment, seeing as he is pouting.


“A-Cheng,” Lan Xichen tells his boyfriend, “if you want me to feed you, all you have to do is ask.”


The bright red hue that appears on Jiang Cheng’s face is a symbol of his ulterior motives. Wei Wuxian can’t help but giggle, seeing his brother so jealous about nobody feeding him.


“If you want,” Wei Wuxian says thoughtfully, “I’ll feed you too, A-Cheng.”


He’s already reaching for a piece of food when Jiang Cheng protests loudly causing Wei Wuxian to break into a fit of giggles. Needless to say, Madame Yu scolds them for being so disruptive at the dinner table. Wei Wuxian immediately stops, but continues to feed Lan Wangji until there’s no more food on the table.



The rest of the dinner ends up without much of a problem, and soon Wei Wuxian is dragging Lan Wangji back to their room so they can grab his guqin and flute. They say good night to the rest of their entourage, Wei Wuxian excitedly waving good night to his jiejie while simultaneously glaring at Jin Zixuan. Lan Wangji touches his arm after a minute and soon they’re back to walking to the room.


Wei Wuxian is on high alert now that they are alone, afraid that Jin Zixuan’s dog will come out of nowhere to attack him. He ends up clutching Lan Wangji’s arm tightly, only relaxing when they’re in the comfort of their suite.


“Say, Lan Zhan,” Wei Wuxian tells him, “I’m going to change into something more comfortable for walking. You should to and then we can head out.”


“Mn.” Wei Wuxian takes this as a yes and quickly looks through his suitcase for a pair of sweatpants and a light long sleeve shirt as the beach is a little cool during the night. He steps into the bathroom to change. When he comes out, Lan Wangji has changed into something else too. Wei Wuxian hardly gets to see Lan Wangji wearing casual clothing, - the man doesn’t like to change out of his nice clothing until bed - so he takes a moment to appreciate Lan Wangji in sweatpants. His gaze runs down low, to the way he can see Lan Wangji’s thighs almost bursting out of the fabric. Since when has Lan Wangji been so buff?


Moments later, he’s clearing his throat after he realizes he’s been staring for too long. He goes to grab his flute.


“Ready, Lan Zhan?” He tells his roommate, and Lan Wangji nods. They step out of their villa together, walking into the cool night air.


It’s a little more chilly than Wei Wuxian expected, but he’s not one to back down now. Although he’s slightly shivering, he’s too excited to go back into the villa for a sweater.


All of a sudden, he’s engulfed by warmth. Without him realizing, Lan Wangji had gone to get one of his jackets and placed it around Wei Ying’s shoulders. It smells of sandalwood.


“You’re cold,” Lan Wangji states after Wei Wuxian looked at him with a confused expression.


“I would have been fine,” Wei Wuxian protests even though he’s not sure why he is, “and what about you? What if you get cold?”


“I’m okay,” Lan Wangji tells him, but Wei Wuxian pouts.


“Wait here,” Wei Wuxian commands and quickly goes back into the villa. He searches through his suitcase, making a mess as he does, until he finds what he’s looking for. Proudly, he walks back outside with it and wraps it around Lan Wangji’s neck.


The red scarf contrasts beautifully with the rest of his white outfit, giving a bit of color to his usual boring looking. Wei Wuxian smiles happily.


“Even if you’re not cold, this is better than nothing.” Wei Wuxian tells him, now satisfied that Lan Wangji won’t feel too cold. Only then does he start leading Lan Wangji to the beach.


It’s not a long walk from the villas and soon Wei Wuxian is feeling the soft sand underneath his toes after he takes off his shoes. It feels like he’s walking on clouds. Lan Wangji still has his shoes on, - and he tried to get Wei Wuxian to keep his on as it’s cold - so he can’t enjoy the sand. Wei Wuxian makes a promise to get Lan Wangji barefoot tomorrow when it’s warmer outside.


The beach is empty save for them, everyone else is inside of their villas or out on the town. Nobody but Wei Wuxian would think about coming to the beach this late at night, even if it was a romantic sight. The beach at night was perfect for couples, beautiful and isolated. For a moment, he imagines that he and Lan Wangji are on a date, enjoying a nice stroll underneath the night sky. He quickly snapped himself out of it.


Wei Wuxian, what are you?


Quickly he tries to distract himself from his whirlwind of thoughts by calling out to Lan Wangji.


“Lan Zhan, I’ll race you to the pier. The last one there has to give the other a piggyback ride back!”


He’s already starting to run before he can give Lan Wangji a chance to react. He’s not necessarily running from Lan Wangji, if not from the thoughts that are plaguing his mind. Lan Wangji is soon running after him, but thankfully, Wei Wuxian has always been a bit faster.


He runs a little past the pier and plops onto the ground, making sure he doesn’t damage his flute in the process. A few seconds later Lan Wangji has caught up to him. Wei Wuxian grabs his hand and pulls him down, until Lan Wangji is laying on the sand next to him.


“I won,” Wei Wuxian breathes out.


“You did,” Lan Wangji agrees. From this angle, their faces are so close that Wei Wuxian can see every eyelash fawning Lan Wangji’s face. They’re long and feathery and Wei Wuxian really wants to reach up and brush his lips against them. He doesn’t, because Lan Wangji aren’t actually together and he knows how much Lan Wangji hates physical contact. All he can do is admire from afar.


The two of them lay there for a moment, too lost in each other’s eyes to notice the rest of the world continues around them. Lan Wangji’s gaze is so fierce and full of so much emotion that Wei Wuxian can’t even begin to pinpoint. He wonders what exactly is on Lan Wangji’s mind, what he thinks about, what he worries about, and who he loves.


Wei Wuxian blinks. Love? Am I ok?


No, he was not okay because he was already falling for Lan Wangji without realizing it maybe he had been in love all along. He’s not sure, but he doesn’t want to feel any of that. Not right now, not when he feels so nice next to Lan Wangji. It’s only then that he realizes that his scarf is still around Lan Wangji’s neck and he’s still wearing Lan Wangji’s jacket. His breath almost stops.


Moments later, he breaks their silence, needing to ruin the moment between them.


“Lan Zhan,” Wei Wuxian whispers softly into the night, “will you play me that song?”


And so, Lan Wangji does.


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The strumming is the guqin is so familiar to Wei Wuxian that he instantly relaxes when Lan Wangji plays his beautiful melody. He has heard this song so many times before, but each time he’s comforted anew. 


Wei Wuxian listens closely, listening to every note pass by. Finally, after a particular note, he picks up the flute at his side. He plays. He has heard Lan Wangji’s song enough times to follow the melody without error. The gentle strummings of Lan Wangji’s guqin and the willowing whistles of Wei Wuxian’s flute are the few sounds heard in the night. It’s accompanied by the low hums of the wind, a magical sound they are able to witness together. 


The more often he listens to Lan Wangji’s song, the more he realizes how romantic it truly is. It’s warm, like a lover’s embrace. It’s full of raw emotion, like the very first ‘I love yous’. Every time he listens to it, it feels like he’s coming home. Weeks ago, Wei Wuxian would have laughed at the prospect of calling Lan Wangji his home. Now, he can’t ignore the pain in his heart and he wishes it was true. 


Lan Wangji could be his home and Wei Wuxian his. What a beautiful, yet absurd thought. 


The song ends, and Wei Wuxian finds himself not wanting to lower his flute, not wanting it to be over yet. Lan Wangji must sense his indecision. The guqin is strummed again, but this time to a different tune. It’s a famous love song, Wei Wuxian has heard it many times before so he’s able to play alongside the guqin with ease. Again, the night air is filled with magic, just two people expressing their love through music, but neither realizing their feelings are reciprocated. Love is dumb. 


When it inevitably ends, Wei Wuxian places his flute back at his side. 


“Lan Zhan,” he whispers. 




There’s a sudden need in Wei Wuxian’s heart to tell Lan Wangji something, anything at all. He wants to tell Lan Wangji how much he means to Wei Wuxian, how grateful he is to have him in his life, how much of an amazing person he is. 


In the end he settle for, “Thank you.”


“Thank you for agreeing to come on this vacation with me and agreeing to be my pretend boyfriend. I am glad you’re here.” It’s all he can say, but it’s truly what he feels inside. He’s glad to have Lan Wangji on this vacation with him. Even if not a day has passed, he has already been enjoying his time with Lan Wangji. Their relationship might be fake, but the memories they’re making aren’t. 


“Mn.” Lan Wangji replies. It’s not much, but Wei Wuxian knows he’s saying ‘you’re welcome’ in the best way Lan Wangji can. Wei Wuxian smiles softly. 


“Thank you,” he whispers again, needing to get the words out so Lan Wangji understands just how much he appreciates him. “Thank you for protecting me from Jin Zixuan’s beast earlier. Thank you for getting upset on my behalf over what Madame Yu said. Thank you for feeding me even though I was joking. And I’m sorry. I’m sorry that—”


“Wei Ying,” Lan Wangji cuts off his nervous rambling, “between you and me, there is no need for thank you and I’m sorry.” 


His words and eyes are so sincere that Wei Wuxian can only nod in response. 


“Okay,” he is finally able to say. The moon is high above, shining down brightly. It’s late. 


“We should head back,” Wei Wuxian reluctantly tells his roommate. He doesn’t know what time it is, but he’s pretty sure it’s way past Lan Wangji’s bedtime. Lan Wangji just nods. 


The two of them stand up from the sand, the coarse substance sticking to their clothing. Wei Wuxian brushes himself off, not noticing that Lan Wangji is positioning his guqin to the front of his body and then kneeling down. When Wei Wuxian finally notices, he’s flabbergasted. 


“Lan Zhan,” Wei Wuxian asks, “What are you doing?” 


It’s only when Lan Wangji doesn’t make an effort to move that he remembers. 


The last one there has to give the other a piggyback ride back!


Wei Wuxian breaks into a fit of giggles. 


“Lan Zhan, did you actually take me seriously?” He says in between laughter, “you don’t have to carry me. I can walk on my own, see?”


He starts moving his legs up and down to show Lan Wangji that he’s fully capable of walking on his own. The other man doesn’t get up. 


“Wei Ying.” Is all he says. Wei Wuxian is silent for a moment, contemplating if it’s a good idea to let Lan Wangji give him a piggyback ride. He has already made the man do so much today from holding his hand to feeding him. Isn’t this going a little overboard? Still, Lan Wangji is the one who is offering it to him; Wei Wuxian isn’t asking him to. He decides to relent. 


“Fine,” Wei Wuxian admits defeat, “but don’t complain that I’m too heavy!” He gingerly gets on Lan Wangji’s back, wrapping his arms loosely around his neck. Lan Wangji grabs his legs and begins to stand up. He expects the other man to falter, but he stands up strong. Damn, Lan Wangji really has a lot of strength. Does he work out? 


Wei Wuxian presses a little more into Lan Wangji’s back until he feels secure enough to not fall. Given the grip Lan Wangji has on him, it’s not likely that he will. They walk back in silence, Wei Wuxian laying his head on Lan Wangji’s back and looking at the still water and Lan Wangji carrying Wei Wuxian with ease. From his position, Wei Wuxian can hear his heartbeat. He doesn’t understand why it’s racing faster than normal; he wonders if he is truly heavy, and Lan Wangji is struggling to carry him. 


Of course, he doesn’t try to imagine it’s the same reason his heart is racing more than normal. There’s always a logical explanation...and it doesn’t involve love. No, there is no love. 



Wei Wuxian has been expecting the questions. He had known that his family would not accept his ‘relationship’ with Lan Wangji without trying to find out more about them. Yes, he expected the questions, but he did not expect them to start immediately after he woke up the next morning. 


He only had awoken about half an hour ago, not wanting to get out of bed but already feeling the sun’s rays through the windows. Lan Wangji must have drawn the curtains when he woke up at who knows what time - probably early, let’s face it, Lan Wangji has better sleeping habits than Wei Wuxian. 


Now, he was sitting in the main hall, trying to enjoy his breakfast. Of course, Jiang Cheng has to come and ruin it for him. He hasn’t even finished his first cup of coffee yet. 


“Wei Wuxian,” Jiang Cheng says as a form of greeting but it already sounds like he wants to scold him so early in the morning. Wei Wuxian groans. 


“Jiang Cheng,” he starts, “before you tell me anything, please let me finish my first cup of coffee. Then you can talk to me.”


Jiang Cheng rolls his eyes, but doesn’t try to stop him. Happily, Wei Wuxian downs the rest of his coffee before giving his full attention to his brother. He notes that Jiang Cheng is alone. 


“Where is Young Master Lan? Did he get tired of you already?” Wei Wuxian jests. Jiang Cheng rolls his eyes again. 


“I could say the same about you, where’s Lan Wangji?”


Wei Wuxian shrugs. “Lan Zhan wakes up a lot earlier than me. He probably didn’t want to wake me so he went out, I’m going to look for him after breakfast.”


Jiang Cheng scoffs. “You and Lan Wangji are so different. Are you two even actually dating?”


“Yes we are,” Wei Wuxian is again quick to defend his fake relationship, especially when he has his inklings that Jiang Cheng’s relationship is just as fake. 


“What does he even see in you? How did you two even start dating?” Jiang Cheng asks. It’s way too early to be answering questions about his relationship, but sadly, he has no choice. Wei Wuxian doesn’t falter in his answer, he and Lan Wangji have been practicing their responses for about a week. Their stories line up completely. 


“It sort of happened after we moved in together. One night we were arguing over the house rules and the next minute we were making out on the floor. That’s how it all started.”


The grimace on Jiang Cheng’s face is priceless. He’s probably imagining Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji making out. Serves him right. He’s able to finish his meal in peace. 



The next person to ask him is his Uncle Jiang. He runs into him as he’s on the lookout for Lan Wangji. 


“Uncle!” Wei Wuxian calls from the other side of the pool when he spots him. His uncle waves. He’s alone. Madame Yu is probably somewhere lounging with Madame Jin. The two would rather spend time with each other than with their husbands. 


“Wei Ying, good morning,” his uncle greets with a kind smile. Unlike Madame Yu, Uncle Jiang has always been kind to him. He’s the one who adopted Wei Wuxian and brought him into the family after his parents died. 


“Good morning uncle,” Wei Wuxian greets, “oh by the way, have you seen Lan Zhan?”


Uncle Jiang raises his eyebrow curiously. “Your boyfriend? Have you lost him already, Wei Ying.”


Wei Wuxian just smiles. “He wakes up earlier than me, so I haven’t seen him yet.”


Uncle Jiang looks at him even more curiously. “You two don’t wake up together? I would assume you would want to spend all of the vacation at each other’s sides. Isn’t that what young couples do?”


Wei Wuxian tries not to choke. “Lan Zhan has always been a morning person, so I never want to deter his routine. But I’m going to look for him now and we’re going to Bali to explore. I’ll see you later Uncle Jiang!”


He bids his uncle farewell and continues his quest for Lan Wangji. The next person - or people - he unfortunately runs into are Madame Yu and Madame Jin. They’re laying in a couple recliners underneath a palm tree which faces the direction of the beach. From where they’re sitting, you can see for miles. 


“Good morning Madame Yu, Madame Jin,” Wei Wuxian greets as soon as he’s close enough to them. Madame Yu gives him an annoyed look from behind the sunglasses she’s wearing. 


“Wei Wuxian! What are you doing here? I saw Young Master Lan walking alone just a minute ago. Have you no shame to leave your boyfriend , alone?”


Wei Wuxian can only give her a smile. “Where did he go? I was just looking for him.”  


Madame Yu scoffs. “You better make sure he as a good time. I will not have you damaging relations between the Jiang family and Lan family, understand.”


Wei Wuxian nods. “I promise I’ll do my best. Now, where did he head off to, Madame?”


She turns her head and points to the direction Lan Wangji walked to. Wei Wuxian quickly scurries away as to not incur more of Madame Yu’s wrath. 


Finally, he finds Lan Wangji around the recreational area of the villas with his jiejie. They seem to be in the middle of a deep conversation when Wei Wuxian walks up to them.  


“Lan Zhan, There you are!” He says happily, going over to his boyfriend with the biggest smile on his face. He doesn’t want to reach for Lan Wangji’s hand yet, so he settles for standing next to him as he greets his jiejie. 


“Good morning, jiejie,” Wei Wuxian greets, “did you sleep well?” 


She smiles fondly. “I did. I’m glad you’re here, XianXian. Young Master Lan and I were just talking about you.” 


“Oh?” Wei Wuxian stutters. “Nothing bad I hope.” 


His jiejie lets out a cute giggle. “Of course not XianXian, I was just asking Young Master Lan how you two started dating.” 


Oh right. Wei Wuxian forces a smile on his face and finally slips his hand into Lan Wangji’s own. He leans in, resting his head on his shoulder. 


“What did you say, Lan Zhan?” Wei Wuxian asks. He had told Jiang Cheng the crude version of the story because it was Jiang Cheng. There was no way in hell they could tell Jiang Yanli the crude version Wei Wuxian came up with, she was too pure for that. Wei Wuxian wouldn’t do that to her. 


“I told her we started dating after we moved in together.” Of course, Wei Wuxian knows that he can trust Lan Wangji. Wei Wuxian smiles for real this time. 


“It’s so adorable”, his jiejie continues, “to see you found love in each other. I’m so happy for you two and I hope you will be happy for a long time.” 


Wei Wuxian quickly covers his awkward cough with a laugh. “Thank you jiejie.” He feels like he needs to get out of this situation before it escalates any further. 


“Ah Lan Zhan,” he speaks referring to his ‘boyfriend’, “I was looking for you so we could head out to Bali. Are you ready?”


Lan Wangji nods. Wei Wuxian turns to his jiejie again. “We’re going to go now jiejie, we have a full day ahead of us! We will see you at dinner!”


He’s getting ready to head out but Jiang Yanli stops him. 


“Wait!” She says and Wei Wuxian has no choice but to come to a halt. They turn back to look at her, their eyes curious. 


“Please take care of him.” It’s obvious that she’s speaking to Lan Wangji when she says this, yet Wei Wuxian still stil tenses at her words. They’re so sincere that Wei Wuxian feels terrible for lying to his jiejie. She can’t ask Lan Wangji to take care of him, because they’re not really together. 


There’s a moment of silence between the three of them, and it’s finally Lan Wangji who breaks it. 


“I will,” he tells Jiang Yanli with such conviction that she can only nod and smile warmly. Wei Wuxian shudders, and wishes it was real. 



Thirty minutes later they have left the villas and are headed off to their first adventure. In his excitement. Wei Wuxian planned an itinerary full of activities. Today, they would go around exploring Bali’s best sights and attractions as well as trying the most delicious food the place has to offer. Tomorrow, they would go around and enjoy all the activities along the beaches with Jiang Cheng and Lan Xichen. 


Wei Wuxian eagerly guides Lan Wangji to their first location in Bali. It’s called Sideman, a more isolated valley that travelers often miss. For Wei Wuxian, it’s one of his favorite places to go as he can enjoy a stroll amongst the beautiful scenery and doesn’t have to worry about the place being overpopulated with tourists. It was his place to relax and he wants to share the experience with Lan Wangji. Out of all the people he knows, Lan Wangji would appreciate it the most. 


Jiang Cheng would complain about the lack of things to do, and he wouldn’t want to make his sister trek so many kilometers with him. In the end, Lan Wangji is the only one who could appreciate such a sight with him. 


Wei Wuxian leads him to one of the paths, where they can walk around the rice paddies and the lush vegetation. It’s approximately a two hour walk, to and back, so he’s planned ahead and brought a backpack full of water and other needed supplies. They walk in almost silence, Wei Wuxian leading the way as Lan Wangji follows. 


The path is too narrow for the two of them to walk side by side, but Wei Wuxian still tries to make conversation to his roommate regardless. 


“What do you think, Lan Zhan?” Wei Wuxian inquires thoughtfully, “isn’t it beautiful?”




“Wait till you see the waterfalls,” Wei Wuxian enthusiastically continues, “they’re some of the most beautiful things I’ve seen in my life.”




An hour later, they find themselves at the bottom of a waterfall, relaxing on the soft grass after their long trek. Wei Wuxian enjoys the sound of the running water along with the melodious chirps of wild birds. He can imagine now nice it would be to sit here while Lan Wangji places his guqin, and he curses himself for not telling Lan Wangji to bring it. 


He does, however, have his flute in his bag so he decides to take it out so he can play Lan Wangji a song. 


The song is so familiar to him now, he doesn’t have to think. He just plays. The beautiful shrill of the flute plays what Wei Wuxian has come to refer to as “Lan Wangji’s song”, causing a stir in the wildlife. They quite down to hear the flute play, to hear Wei Wuxian’s subconscious declaration of love for Lan Wangji. Soon, the birds are joining in. Wei Wuxian can only describe the experience as magical. 


When he finishes playing, Lan Wangji is looking at him with those intense, beautiful amber eyes. They’re unreadable but still send shivers down Wei Wuxian’s spine. 


Sorry , he wants to say but remembers Lan Wangji’s comment from yesterday. He can only give Lan Wangji a small smile. 


“Was that okay?” He asks, not sure if he’s asking how his music sounded or if it was okay for him to play the song. Lan Wangji nods and Wei Wuxian relaxes. 


They spend another twenty minutes around the waterfall, Wei Wuxian dipping his feet into the water and trying to convince Lan Wangji to join him. Eventually, he reluctantly does. They’re sitting side by side, their bodies almost pressed together. 


Lan Wangji is staring ahead, looking at the waterfall flow into the spring. Wei Wuxian can’t help but imagine him as a heavenly official come down to earth to bless the unworthy mortals. It’s such a picturesque scene that Wei Wuxian can’t help but reach for the polaroid camera on his backpack. 


Click. The flash goes off, alerting Lan Wangji after the picture is taken. When he looks over to Wei Wuxian, he has the decency to look abashed. The photo shoots out of the camera and begins to develop slowly. 


“You look so nice and I wanted to record the memory,” Wei Wuxian explains, “I’ll give you the photo once it’s done developing!”


Lan Wangji sticks his hand out for something. Wei Wuxian banda him the picture, but he’s shaking his head. That’s when Wei Wuxian realizes he wants the camera. He hands it over to Lan Wangji without a protest. 


Click . Before Wei Wuxian can blink, the camera is spitting out another picture indicating that Lan Wangji had taken a photo of him. He hands the camera back to Wei Wuxian but keeps the photo. When Wei Wuxian tries to hand him the Polaroid he took of him, Lan Wangji shakes his head. 


“Keep it,” Lan Zhan tells him and he does. 



It takes them another hour to walk back, but they’re in no rush to hurry along their day. Wei Wuxian guides Lan Wangji back slowly, occasionally stopping to take Polaroid pictures of him when he’s least expecting it. Occasionally, Lan Wangji will grab the camera and take pictures of Wei Wuxian. He keeps every single one. 


Wei Wuxian takes Lan Wangji to their next locations - some of the beautiful temples of Bali. They spend a few hours going through different temples and enjoying the culture of the country. Finally, they make it to Ubud which is their last location of the day. 


Ubud is rich with culture and has many wonderful locations for the two of them to visit. They take their time, roaming around the area and enjoying the sites. It’s getting late before Wei Wuxian realizes, but he doesn’t want the day to end. 


He knows that they’re near one of the markets the Gianyar street night market. It had a wonderful selection of food and is very lively. It would be a perfect place to end their evening. 


“Lan Zhan,” Wei Wuxian nudges, “why don’t we skip dinner at the villa and get food here? What’s better than authentic street food? You can’t get this anywhere back home!”


“Mn.” Lan Wangji agrees, and Wei Wuxian grabs his hand to lead him towards the market place. When he’s close, he’s immediately hit by the scent of various spices wafting around the area. The aroma is rich, causing Wei Wuxian’s stomach to grumble in anticipation. He pulls Lan Wangji to the closest vendor, excited to begin their feast. 


It’s a satay vendor, the meat skewers looking extremely appetizing to Wei Wuxian. He reaches to grab some money from his wallet, only to realize he doesn’t have any left. 


“Ah,” Wei Wuxian gives out a dejected laugh, “maybe we can’t eat anything. I don’t have any money. Let's head back then.”


Wei Wuxian tries to pull Lan Wangji in the direction they came from, but the man doesn’t budge. Instead he pulls out his wallet from his pants. Wei Wuxian gives him a questioning stare. 


“You said you wanted to eat here,” Lan Wangji explains. Wei Wuxian blushes. 


“I did, but I have no money. I’m sorry Lan Zhan, we can come back tomorrow.” Lan Wangji shakes his head. 


“I’ll pay.” Wei Wuxian doesn’t know how to react. 


“You’ll pay? Lan Zhan, I'll have you know I’m not a cheap date,” Wei Wuxian tries as a way to get him to change his mind, but Lan Wangji is already paying the street vendor for the skewers. He grabs three meat sticks and hands them to Wei Wuxian proudly. All he can do at this point is accept it. 


He takes the three skewers in his hand and takes a bite of the first one. The rich flavor of coconut and spices fills his mouth. It’s delicious. The first skewer is done in a matter of seconds. He’s on the second when he realizes he hasn’t offered any to Lan Wangji. 


“Lan Zhan, try it,” he holds out the third skewer for Lan Wangji, but he shakes his head. Ah, that's right. He almost forgot that Lan Wangji rarely ate meat. His diet consists most of vegetables and rice while Wei Wuxian wasn’t a stranger to meat. He pulls Lan Wangji to another vendor where they’re selling a vegetable dish known as srombotan. He orders two servings, one for himself and Lan Wangji. Lan Wangji pays for it. 


“Lan Zhan, here,” Wei Wuxian says, handing the dish to Lan Wangji with one hand while holding his food into the other. Lan Wangji takes it. They walk through the market looking for the next thing to eat while they much on the food they already have. 


It’s fun. Wei Wuxian spots food he wants to eat, and Lan Wangji pays for it. To thank him, Wei Wuxian feeds Lan Wangji as they walk. Somehow they’ve ended up with their hands interlocked, and Wei Wuxian holding all the food in his other hand. He will stop occasionally to feed Lan Wangji who opens his mouth every time for him. Wei Wuxian can’t help but smile. 


By the end of the night, their stomachs are full and their hearts happy. Wei Wuxian reluctantly decides that it’s time to head back to the villas. It’s around 11pm when they finally return, and some of the villa lights are still on, but nobody is outside. Wei Wuxian figures it’s best to let the others rest and talk to them tomorrow. He and Lan Wangji walk back into their villa together. 


The first thing they do is take turns taking showers. Wei Wuxian lets Lan Wangji go first, considering it’s way past his bedtime. He lounges on the couch as he waits for Lan Wangji to get out, looking at all the Polaroids he took of him today. 


There’s the one at the waterfall, Lan Wangji is looking forward, so only his profile is showing. Another is when they were walking back, and Lan Wangji had stopped to admire some of the flora. Lastly, is Wei Wuxian’s favorite. It’s a picture of Lan Wangji holding a coconut in one hand and staring at it intently. Wei Wuxian couldn’t help but laugh and snap a quick pic, forever recording the moment. 


The door to the bathroom opens, and Wei Wuxian quickly hides the photos. He grabs his clothes and rushes into the bathroom after Lan Wangji steps out, ready to take a shower after a long day. The warm water feels like bliss on his sweaty skin. He does his best to shower as quickly as possible, his body tired from the long day. Soon he’s walking out of the bathroom in his sleepwear. 


Lan Wangji has turned off the light is is sleepy soundly on his side of the bed. For a moment, Wei Wuxian debates whether to sleep on the couch or not. Last night, he slept on the bed after arguing with Lan Wangji. As he’s asleep, he can’t stop Wei Wuxian from taking the couch. 


Yet, Wei Wuxian finds himself crawling into bed next to Lan Wangji, closing his eyes and falling asleep next to the warmth of the other man’s body. 



The next day the have to keep their boyfriend act all day. They had promised to go to the beach with Jiang Cheng and Lan Xichen to go snorkeling, surfing, and more. The four of them were going to spend the whole day at the beach doing as many of the water activities they could. 


Wei Wuxian was woken up rather begrudgingly by Lan Wangji as they had set a rendezvous hour with the other couple. He was regretting it now as he woke up at 7AM, cursing at himself for agreeing to Jiang Cheng’s early hours. They were to meet for breakfast at 7:30 and head out to the beach at 8AM. 


The man yawns as Lan Wangji gets ready in the bathroom, enjoying the last bits of warmth before they’re stripped away from him. When Lan Wangji walks out of the bathroom, dressed for the day, Wei Wuxian pouts. 


“Lan Zhan,” Wei Wuxian whines, “I’m tired me. Carry me to the bathroom~”


He holds his arms out for Lan Wangji, in a gesture to get the other man to pick him out of the bed. Wei Wuxian is joking, he’s a brat if anything else, so he’s surprised when Lan Wangji walks over to him and maneuvers Wei Wuxian’s body until he can pick him up bridal style. Wei Wuxian yelps and grabs onto Lan Wangji’s neck with his arms to keep himself from falling. 


Lan Wangji picks him up with ease, walking towards the bathroom until he sets Wei Wuxian gently in the bathroom. Wei Wuxian is still stunned in silence. 


“Get ready,” Lan Wangji commands and leaves him there, going back to their suite. Wei Wuxian doesn’t know if he’s impressed or horny, but he settles for both. 


After the little debacle, he finally gets ready, meeting Lan Wangji in their bedroom about ten minutes later. They set off to have breakfast with Jiang Cheng and Lan Xichen. Then they head to the beach. 


The day is filled with lots of fun and adventure. Jiang Cheng and Wei Wuxian impress the Lan brothers with their surfing skills while Lan Wangji and Lan Xichen watch from the safety of the beachside. After Jiang Cheng has a complete wipeout and Wei Wuxian impresses their audience with a few tricks, the two head back to the beach. 


Wei Wuxian rushes to Lan Wangji and asks him if he was watching him closely, asking him how he did. Lan Wangji gives Wei Wuxian gentle praises while Lan Xichen helps Jiang Cheng get over his embarrassing wipeout. 


Next they go snorkeling. Jiang Cheng and Wei Wuxian seem to be more experienced swimmers than the Lan brothers so they’re able to go deeper. They try to stay toward more shallow parts of the ocean and still find beautiful sights. By the time they’re done with that it’s around midday. 


The eat a light lunch along one of the beaches, and Wei Wuxian does his best to answer his brother’s pressing questions about his relationship with Lan Wangji. Whenever Lan Wangji senses that Wei Wuxian is nervous, he reaches over to gently give his hand a squeeze. This is enough for Wei Wuxian to continue with his lies. 


The rest of the day passes by in a blur. At one point Jiang Cheng falls asleep on the beach and Wei Wuxian enlists Lan Wangji to help him bury his brother while Lan Xichen watches with a book in his hand. Needless to say, Jiang Cheng isn’t that happy when he wakes up, but he’s quickly calmed down by Lan Xichen. Wei Wuxian tries not to gag as he watches how affectionate the two act. He almost believes that the two are actually dating and not acting like Lan Wangji and him. 


Of course, Wei Wuxian takes more photos. He brought his Polaroid so he could take pictures with his brother, but he’s taken more pictures of Lan Wangji than anything else. He can’t help that Lan Wangji is so photogenic, it’s almost a crime to not take pictures of him. Perhaps he’ll have to make a scrapbook when he gets home. 


They make it back to the villa around 6PM for dinner. Dinner is eventful as always when Wei Wuxian and Jin Zixuan are sitting at the same table. This time Madame Yu doesn’t bother to yell at him when they begin to bicker, she seems to preoccupied with enjoying her vacation.  


After dinner, Jin Zixun proclaims that they should go enjoy Bali’s nightlife. Wei Wuxian wants to reject - mainly because it’s Jin Zixun who proposed the idea - but the thought of having alcohol peaks his interest. He drags Lan Wangji back to their villa so they could change into something more appropriate and then meets the rest at the entrance. Soon the gaggle of young adults is leaving the premise with the thoughts of fun on their mind. 


Everyone has come - even Jiang Yanli despite Wei Wuxian’s protests. He threatened to break Jin Zixuan’s legs if he didn’t take care of her, so he hopes she’ll be fine. 


They take a taxi to one of the most popular clubs in the city. Wei Wuxian enthusiastically pulls Lan Wangji inside after they’re let in. He’s almost certain this isn’t Lan Wangji’s scene, but he’s going to make him have a good time. 


The first thing they do is order shots - everyone but Lan Wangji, Lan Xichen, and Jiang Yanli participate. Wei Wuxian knows that Lan Wangji and his family hardly partake in the consumption of alcohol and wonders if its a rule or just a personal preference. Knowing the Lan family and their weird rules, it’s more than likely that alcohol is prohibited. 


This doesn’t stop Wei Wuxian from trying to get Lan Wangji to drink a little bit. It’s after the others have gone their separate ways that Wei Wuxian proposes the idea. They’re currently sitting on one of the tables at the far end of the club, watching as everyone dances. Wei Wuxian wants to go join them, but he’s not willing to leave Lan Wangji alone yet. The thought of leaving him here alone and others trying to approach him doesn’t sit well with him. It’s not that he’d be jealous - no, of course not. It’s more that he would feel bad for Lan Wangji who doesn’t know how to deal with others flirting with him. He’ll have mercy on him for now. 


“Say, Lan Zhan,” Wei Wuxian shouts over the music, “why don’t you drink alcohol?”


“Alcohol is prohibited in the Lan household,” Lan Wangji recites like he’s a student reading out of a textbook. Wei Wuxian makes a face. He knew it. Damn do the Lans know how to have any fun or are they all a bunch of pricks? He’s met Lan Qiren once and he can confirm that the Lans were pretty stuffy and didn’t know how to live life. He was going to change that with Lan Wangji; Wei Wuxian didn’t want him to not regret doing something when he was young. 


“But, do you want to drink?” Wei Wuxian asks curiously, and Lan Wangji shakes his head. He frowns even though he was expecting that answer. 


“Not at all? So if I ask you to drink with me you won’t?” Wei Wuxian pouts. Lan Wangji hesitates, but surprisingly shakes his head. Wei Wuxian tries his best to decipher what that means. 


“So, you will drink with me?” Wei Wuxian continues. Lan Wangji nods. Excitedly, Wei Wuxian tells Lan Wangji to wait and orders two shots from the bar. He has Lan Wangji’s permission to get him drunk, so he’s going to do it. He wonders what kind of drunk he is. Given Lan Wangji’s personality, he’s definitely not an angry or loud drunk. Even if personalities can change drastically, Wei Wuxian can’t imagine a loud Lan Wangji. He wonders if Lan Wangji is a crying drunk and hopes he’s not. It’s not fun to deal with people when they’re crying. If Jiang Cheng drinks too much, he turns into a crying drunk. He’s wiped a lot of snot and tears in his day. 


For some reason, Wei Wuxian pictures Lan Wangji as a clingy drunk. Since he’s normally reserved and isn’t one for physical affection, Wei Wuxian imagines that the opposite is true when he’s drunk. He imagines Lan Wangji stumbling and clinging onto Wei Wuxian, his head buried in his chest as he tries to steady himself. The thought makes him blush. 


Snap out of it, Wei Wuxian. 


The bartender comes back with his two shots and Wei Wuxian pays him before heading off back to where Lan Wangji is. He notices that Lan Wangji is not alone. There’s two foreign girls, probably travelers too, hovering around him. He’s still a little far, but he can hear their conversation. 


“Are you alone?” One of the girls asks in English. Lan 

Wangji shakes his head. 


“I’m here with my boyfriend.” Hearing those words come out of Lan Wangji’s mouth makes his heart race. He knows that Lan Wangji is only saying that to get the girls to leave, but it still makes him happy. The girls seem to not want to relent, so Wei Wuxian decides to say Lan Wangji. He sets the shots on the table and then wraps his arms around Lan Wangji from his back, placing a peck on his cheek in the spur of the moment. He pauses immediately after but it’s too late to go back. 


“Lan Zhan,” he whispers in Mandarin so only he understands, “were you waiting for me?”


Once the girls see this, they back off and leave the two of them alone. Wei Wuxian breaks into a fit of giggles. “Who would have known that the Lan Wangji was a lady’s man.” 


Lan Wangji frowns. Wei Wuxian decides to stop teasing him and slides one of the shots to Lan Wangji. 


“I didn’t know what you liked so I figured we could just start with pure alcohol until then. Wanna take the shot together?”


Lan Wangji nods. Wei Wuxian grabs his shot glass and waits for Lan Wangji to follow. When they both have it in their hands, Wei Wuxian counts to three and then the liquid is burning their throats as it goes down. He immediately turns to Lan Wangji to see his reaction. At first, there’s nothing. 


And then, his eyes close and he’s still. 


Did he just fall asleep?!


Well, this definitely wasn’t what Wei Wuxian expected. 

Chapter Text

Wei Wuxian didn’t realize it was possible to skip the drunk portion of drinking alcohol and immediately fall asleep. Lan Wangji was truly an enigma, a heavy one at that.


After Lan Wangji fell asleep with one shot, Wei Wuxian panicked. He was thankful Lan Wangji miraculously could sleep sitting up, or else he would have cried if Lan Wangji slunk to the ground with a loud thud. They couldn’t stay at the club after that, - Wei Wuxian wouldn’t be able to have anyways while babysitting a sleeping Lan Wangji - so Wei Wuxian did his best to carry his roommate out of the club, texting their group chat on the way out to tell them plans had changed.


Now he was sitting outside of the club’s sidewalk with Lan Wangji resting his head on his shoulder as Wei Wuxian tried his best to hail or call a cab. It took at least twenty minutes of waiting, but eventually he was able to manhandle the sleeping Lan Wangji into a cab and give the taxi driver directions to their villa. It would be another fifteen minutes of driving, so Wei Wuxian preoccupied himself with his headphones and music, while Lan Wangji slept soundly on his shoulder.


Britney Spears is blasting loudly in his earbuds when a hand rips one of them out of his ears. Wei Wuxian turns; Lan Wangji is awake and looking at him with a very serious expression.  


“Lan Zhan,” Wei Wuxian greets calmly, “you’re awake! I didn’t expect you to wake up. I can’t believe you fell asleep after one shot. Who does that?? It could only be you of course. We’re on our way back to the villas, I figured you didn’t want to sleep on the club floor.”


“Mn.” Lan Wangji mumbles, he places the earbud he had taken from Wei Wuxian and puts it in his ear. Immediately his ear is filled with the sound of ‘Oops!...I Did It Again’ by Britney Spears. Lan Wangji gives him a comically amusing look.


“What,” Wei Wuxian immediately defends his music choice to a drunk man, “Britney Spears is a pop culture icon.”


Lan Wangji just gives him another look but doesn’t bother to take off the earbud he’s wearing. Instead, he inches closer to Wei Wuxian so they won’t struggle to listen as the cord is only so long. Wei Wuxian wonders what kind of music Lan Wangji would be interested in but doesn’t want to change his music. So, he lets the next song play. It’s ‘Toxic’.


Immediately, Lan Wangji’s eyes go wide and there’s almost a smile gracing his face. Wei Wuxian giggles.


“So you don’t like Oops!...I Did It Again, but you’re excited to listen to Toxic? Lan Zhan you sure are weird,” Wei Wuxian says offhandedly. Lan Wangji scrunches his eyebrows and frowns.


“What?” Wei Wuxian asks.


“Not weird,” Lan Zhan pouts, and oh my gosh is he actually pouting? You’re telling me Lan Zhan is a cute drunk? A baby drunk? A fucking adorable drunk?


Lan Wangji is staring at him with such fierce puppy eyes that Wei Wuxian can only sigh and nod. “Right, of course not. My Lan Wangji is the most normal person in the world.”


Finally Lan Wangji relaxes. The cab comes to a stop near the entrance of the villas and Wei Wuxian pays the driver before reaching for the door. Lan Wangji grabs onto his sleeve with a firm grip.


“Uh, Lan Zhan,” Wei Wuxian blinks, “I need you to let go of me for a second.” Lan Wangji shakes his head. He’s confused as to why Lan Wangji won’t let go of his sleeve, but it hits him. Lan Wangji is drunk. All he is seeing is Wei Wuxian trying to get out of the taxi. Perhaps he's thinking that Wei Wuxian is going to leave him there.


Wei Wuxian smiles. “We’re both getting off Lan Zhan, we made it back to the villas.” Lan Wangji finally lets go of his sleeve allowing Wei Wuxian to open the door. He steps out first, then helps Lan Wangji walk out of the cab, thanking the driver once more before it zooms off in search of their next passenger.


Wei Wuxian lets go of Lan Wangji, - he looks like he can stand on his own without help - but the other man immediately grabs onto his sleeve again.


“Stay with me,” Lan Wangji is telling him. He says it with such a blank expression but there’s some hidden warmth in his eyes that makes Wei Wuxian stumble for a moment. Turns out drunk Lan Zhan is also direct.


Wei Wuxian sighs. “I’m not going anywhere. If I wanted to go somewhere, I would have left already wouldn’t I?” He tries to reason with Lan Wangji, but trying to reason with a drunk man is like trying to get the waves in the ocean to stop moving.


Lan Wangji shakes his head and keeps holding onto his sleeve. It’s honestly a cute sight. He wonders if Lan Wangji will remember what he did tomorrow; Wei Wuxian can’t wait to tease him.


“You’re going to have to let go of my sleeve eventually, Lan Zhan,” Wei Wuxian continues with his reason, “your arms are going to get tired from holding onto my sleeve.”


Lan Wangji pouts again and lets go of Wei Wuxian’s sleeve. Finally, he’s free of his grasp! What he doesn’t expect is Lan Wangji to dig into his pockets and pull out a beautiful folded, blue ribbon. When Lan Wangji unfolds it, Wei Wuxian notices the cloud pattern dancing along it.


“That’s a pretty ribbon,” Wei Wuxian compliments, “where did you get it?”


“It was my mother’s given to her by my father,” Lan Wangji tells him. This piques Wei Wuxian’s interest; he knows Lan Wangji’s mother passed away when he was young, and Lan Wangji hardy talked about her. This is one of the first time he’s heard Lan Wangji mention her to him. It’s adorable and heartwarming to see that Lan Wangji always carries a memento of his mother everywhere he goes. That’s why he’s beyond surprised when Lan Wangji takes the ribbon and uses it to wrap Wei Wuxian’s arms up in an almost makeshift handcuff situation.  


There still ribbon left over and Lan Wangji is holding onto it like Wei Wuxian is a donkey and Lan Wangji is guiding his reigns. He blinks.


“Um, Lan Zhan can you untie me, please?” Lan Wangji pretende not to hear him, casually messing with the ribbon that bind’s Wei Wuxian’s hands. Seems like drunk Lan Wangji isn’t good at listening to others. Wei Wuxian sighs and decides to accept his fate.


“Okay Okay,” he resigns, “but can we go back to our villa? It’s getting chilly and neither of us have jackets on.”

Unlike the first request, this time Lan Wangji starts to guide Wei Wuxian toward the direction of their villa with him pulling the ribbon and Wei Wuxian having no choice but to follow. It seems like drunk Lan Wangji has selective listening skills. He only hears what he wants to hear. Good to know.


As Lan Wangji guides him back to their villa, Wei Wuxian truly hopes they will not run into anyone. He isn’t quite sure how he’ll explain the situation or how others will react. From his eyes, the situation is almost comical, but to others it must look like they’re practicing their kinks in public. Definitely not the best look.


So of course, with his luck, they run into Madame Yu as soon as they turn the corner. Her unpleasant look quickly turns horrified when she notices Wei Wuxian’s tied hands.


“Wei Wuxian!” She screeches, “What are you doing go Young Master Lan!” Right, because Lan Wangji is the victim in this situation. He hurriedly tries to come up with a believable lie to feed Madame Yu.


“We’re not doing anything!” Wei Wuxian defends, “I just asked Lan Zhan if he wanted to reenact a game we saw some kids playing earlier. Apparently they tie each other’s hands and pretend they’re herding their animals back in their pens, right Lan Zhan?”


He looks at Lan Wangji to get him to help out with the lie, but Lan Wangji is silently glaring at Madame Yu. It takes both Madame Yu and Wei Wuxian aback. Well, it seems it’s time for plan b.


“Yeah, so um good night Madame Yu, we’ll see you tomorrow!” He quickly vida his farewell and is pulling Lan Wangji passed her, ignoring the protests from Madame Yu. When they’re far enough away, Wei Wuxian lets out another sigh. It’s going to be a long night.


“Lan Zhan,” Wei Wuxian chastises, “you can't glare at Madame Yu like that! What if she starts to think that Young Master Lan Wangji doesn’t have manners? What will you tell your uncle?”


“I don’t care,” Lan Wangji tells him. Wei Wuxian blinks again for what seems like the hundredth time. Did those words actually come out of Lan Wangji’s mouth? The Lan Wangji who is known for your impeccable manners?


Now it’s certain he’s drunk. A sober Lan Zhan would never say that.


Wei Wuxian wants to reach over and pinch his cheek for how much of a brat he’s acting like. However, his hands are still tied with the blue ribbon. He wonders if he can trick Lan Wangji into untying him by pretending it’s too tight.


“Ow!” he exclaims in feigned pain, “Lan Zhan, have mercy on me. The ribbon is too tight.”


He pouts similar to how Lan Wangji pouted earlier, hoping his superior baby charms work on him. They do. Lan Wangji reluctantly begins to untie the ribbon until Wei Wuxian’s hands are finally free. The first thing he does is pinch Lan Wangji’s cheeks.


“Oh Lan Zhan, you’re so cute when you’re drunk. Do you know that?” Wei Wuxian must be seeing things, but he swears Lan Wangji looks a little smug after he says that. He clears his throat and grabs Lan Wangji’s hand; the other man immediately interlocks their fingers.


“Okay, It’s bedtime Lan Zhan! Let’s get you back in the suite.” Thankfully, Lan Wangji follows him into their suite without a complaint. They enter the bedroom, and Wei Wuxian tries desperately to manhandle Lan Wangji onto the bed. The other man won’t let go of his hand, so he’s pulled onto the bed too, right beside Lan Wangji. Wei Wuxian blushes.


They’re so close that Wei Wuxian can feel Lan Wangji’s breath on his face. If it were anyone else, Wei Wuxian would hate it, but it’s Lan Zhan. It feels intimate, more intimate than he’s ever been with anyone else. And he is starting to panic.


“Lan Zhan,” Wei Wuxian tries to get off the bed to recollect his thoughts but Lan Wangji throws an arm around him so he can’t escape, “please Lan Zhan, I need to pee.”


It’s a lie, but he hopes Lan Wangji will have some mercy on him. Lan Wangji pretends to ignore him. Ah, so that’s how he wants to act.


The panic slowly shifts into determination to break free from Lan Wangji’s grip if only so Wei Wuxian can get more comfortable on the bed. He’s resigned himself to sleep in their nightwear, knowing Lan Wangji will probably not let him move enough to change. Or will he? Wei Wuxian inches closer.


“Lan Zhan,” he’s practically whispering in Lan Wangji’s ears at this point, “you can’t sleep in these clothes.”


“Mn,” Lan Wangji protests. The arm around him grows firmer, and he’s being pulled closer. Wei Wuxian needs to act fast.


“I can’t sleep in this clothing either,” Wei Wuxian tries to reason, “if you let me go I’ll even help you change.”


That seems to be enough for Lan Wangji. He slowly removes his arm from Wei Wuxian and sits up on the bed, patiently waiting for Wei Wuxian to help him change. Wei Wuxian can’t help but laugh. Lan Wangji is acting like a child who reluctantly is accepting his bedtime. He didn’t realize how cute drunk Lan Wangji could be even if he was a lot of work.


He quickly changes himself and then helps Lan Wangji out of his clothes and into a pair of basketball shorts and a tank he found in Lan Wangji’s suitcase. Lan Wangji lifts his arms up so Wei Wuxian can take off his shirt but doesn’t make an effort to take it off himself. Wei Wuxian ends up dressing him like he would a baby. It’s a lot of work, but finally he’s crawling back into bed with Lan Wangji, both of them now equipped in sleepwear.


Lan Wangji puts his arm back around Wei Wuxian, and the other man tries not to let his heart beat so fast as he slowly falls asleep.



The next morning, Wei Wuxian wakes up to the sun creeping into their bedroom. It seems they forgot to draw the curtains during their drunken - well Lan Wangji’s - night of excitement. His eyes flutter open to see Lan a Wangji’s arm still wrapped around him, the other man’s chest rising up and down with his breaths. Even in his sleep, Lan Wangji looks ethereal.


As if he knows Wei Wuxian is awake, Lan Wangji opens his eyes, only for them to widen and him to fall off the bed with a loud thud. Wei Wuxian can only laugh in surprise.


“Lan Zhan, are you okay?” He asks lazily from the top of the bed, not bothering to help Lan Wangji up. He’s still half asleep and would rather not exert more effort than he has to.


“W-what?” Lan Wangji tries, the right words not coming out. “What happened?”


Ah, it seems that Lan Wangji doesn’t remember anything that happened last night. Wei Wuxian smirks. That means I can tease him, doesn't it?


Wei Wuxian groans, placing a hand on his back to pretend it’s aching. “Ah Lan Zhan, I can't believe you could be so rough~ my whole body hurts.”


Lan Zhan looks like he wants to spontaneously combust on the floor.


“Ah, and you were so lively last night. I don’t think I’ve ever heard you be so loud.”


Lan Wangji stands up quickly, his face beginning to turn red. Hmm, this is the first time I’ve seen Lan Wangji so embarrassed. It’s cute.


“What did I do?” Lan Wangji asks, his voice deep and solemn.  


Wei Wuxian contemplates telling him the truth or not. His arduous pause is making Lan Wangji fidget, and he finally decides to have mercy on his roommate.


“I can’t believe you wanted to play tag with me,” Wei Wuxian expertly lies to his roommate. While it’s not the whole truth, Lan Wangji was playing childish games with him last night. “My whole body hurts from chasing you around the villa!”


Lan Wangji finally relaxes, and Wei Wuxian breaks into a fit of giggles.


“Lan Zhan,” Wei Wuxian presses curiously, “what did you think I was going to say?”


Lan Wangji immediately turns his heel and scurries into the bathroom before he can answer Wei Wuxian’s question. Guess the world will never know.



About thirty minutes later, they’re both dressed and ready to eat breakfast. They walk to the main villa where they’re greeted by the other young adults. Most of them look hungover and miserable. Only Jiang Yanli and Lan Xichen are unscathed.


“Morning, jiejie!” Wei Wuxian yells excitedly causing the three hungover men to wince in pain. He quickly embraces his sister who hugs him back with a chuckle.


“Morning, XianXian, you left the club early,” she states after giving his cheek a little pinch. Wei Wuxian is beaming at her proudly.


“I got bored, so I told Lan Wangji we should leave,” Wei Wuxian covers for his roommate, knowing that Lan Wangji probably doesn’t want anyone to know that he got drunk. Especially not Lan Xichen. Wei Wuxian wonders how the older Lan sibling would react if he retold everything that happened last night. He’s sure Lan Xichen would have the fright of his life, so he decides to keep drunk Lan Wangji to himself.


Jiang Cheng scoffs from the other side of the table. “You? Leaving a club early because you’re bored? Where’s that attitude when we’re at Lotus Cove?”


“Lotus Cove is a lot better than any club,” Wei Wuxian tells Jiang Cheng, taking the free seat next to his sister. Lan Wangji sits next to him. “Sadly the club last night wasn’t up to my standards .”


Jiang Cheng rolls his eyes. “Of course, our Wei Wuxian has the highest standards.”


“Jiang Cheng,” Wei Wuxian continues happily egging his brother on, “it’s not my fault that I know how to appreciate the finer things in life. Your simple brain wouldn’t understand.”


By the quick change in Jiang Cheng’s face, he knows he’s struck a nerve.


“Wei Wuxian—!” Jiang Cheng begins, but is cut off by his older sister.


“XianXian, A-Cheng, let’s eat the food will get cold.” The servers have just arrived with the food, and Wei Wuxian doesn’t need to be told twice to dig in. He ignores Jiang Cheng in favor of eating.


The seven of them eat in peace, the three hungover ones too tired to say anything and the other four engaging in civil conversation. Wei Wuxian tries not to grimace when Lan Xichen reaches over to sweep a stray hair out of Jiang Cheng’s hair or when Jiang Yanli feeds Jin Zixuan. Couples are disgusting.


“Wei Ying,” Lan Wangji breaks him out of his thoughts, and he immediately turns to look at his roommate. He’s met with a napkin being dabbed at his face, and Wei Wuxian looks perplexed. When Lan Wangji finishes, he realizes he had food on his face.


“Lan Zhan,” Wei Wuxian praises happily, grateful to rub his pretend relationship in the other couple’s faces, “you’re such a good boyfriend.”


“Gross,” he hears Jiang Cheng murmur and the grin on Wei Wuxian’s face is comically wide.


After breakfast, the six of them, - Jin Zixun doesn’t want to be around them and Wei Wuxian is fine with that - decide to spend a chill day at the villas. They have everything they need here - a beautiful view, a recreation center, food, and a large pool.


They spend a few hours in the recreation room, fighting over which movie to watch. Or more like, Jiang Cheng, Wei Wuxian, and Jin Zixuan fight over what movie to watch while Jiang Yanli makes the executive decision to put on ‘High School Musical’.


The three who were fighting begrudgingly watch it, but Wei Wuxian is quick to sing all the words to ‘Breaking Free’ with Jiang Yanli  and ‘Get’cha Head in the Game’ with a reluctant Jiang Cheng. Their respective partners watch as the Jiang siblings make a movie watching experience turn into its own musical. Even Jin Zixuan seems impressed when they can sing all the words to ‘Bop To the Top’.


Around noon, they decide to go out to the pool to enjoy the scenery. Wei Wuxian quickly changes into swim trunks and raced Lan Wangji back to the pool area where his siblings and their partners are waiting. Jiang Cheng is in the middle of setting up the volleyball net. Wei Wuxian jumps into the pool causing water to splash all over Jiang Cheng.


“Hey! Wei Wuxian,” he screeches indignantly, “instead of making a mess, why don’t you help me finish putting up the net?”


Wei Wuxian swims over to his side of the pool, but makes no effort to get out. “Jiang Cheng, you can’t even put up a net by yourself? That’s a little sad.”


Lan Xichen cuts in before Jiang Cheng can yell at him again. “I’ll help you A-Cheng.”


The two of them finish putting on the net and finally decide teams. Wei Wuxian, Lan Wangji, and unfortunately Jin Zixuan end up on the same team. Jiang Cheng, Lan Xichen, and Jiang Yanli make up the other. Wei Wuxian curses, knowing that Jin Zixuan will probably bring their team down. His jiejie is exceptionally good at water volleyball; she’s the undefeated champion among them. On the other hand, Jin Zixuan probably doesn’t know how to hit a volleyball. He’s probably never lifted a finger up in his life.


They play two rounds and both times Jiang Yanli’s team wins. Lan Wangji helps hold down their fort, but in the end, Wei Wuxian’s jiejie is too powerful. The net comes off after that and Wei Wuxian has the great idea of playing chicken.


“You want to chicken fight?” Jiang Cheng asks incredulously. Wei Wuxian nods enthusiastically.


“Why not? It will be fun! Lan Zhan can carry me and Lan Xichen can carry you! We can see who is the stronger one out of the two of us.”


This is enough to finally peak Jiang Cheng’s interest. He is always looking forward to test his strength, especially if it’s against Wei Wuxian. They were both super competitive, Jiang Cheng even more so.


“Fine,” Jiang Cheng relents, “but only if A-Huan is okay with that.”


Lan Xichen shrugs, his expression neutral. “It could be fun.”


And so, that’s how Wei Wuxian ends up on Lan Wangji’s shoulders, the other man holding onto his legs tightly. He didn’t realize how intimate the position was until he already was on Lan Wangji’s back, but now it was too late to back out. He just hopes his anatomy doesn’t decide to screw with him today.


“Lan Zhan,” Wei Wuxian whispers so only he can hear, “I’m counting on you to make sure I don’t fall, okay?”


“Mn,” Lan Wangji tells him, and Wei Wuxian allows him to focus on Jiang Cheng now. He knows that Lan Wangji will do his best to keep him from falling.


Jiang Yanli is acting as their referee, and she signals for them to start. Lan Wangji walks forward so Wei Wuxian can grab ahold of Jiang Cheng’s hands. The two of them desperately try to push the other off of their partner, but neither is budging.


It’s a mini wrestling match, and neither of them are going to give up that easily. He shoves Jiang Cheng, but fails to get him to fall. When Jiang Cheng shoves him back, Wei Wuxian hardly moves. Lan Wangji’s frío on his is firm, and Wei Wuxian can’t help but admire his strength. It’s actually kind of hot.


The chicken fight lasts for a good ten minutes, until Lan Xichen finally loses his balance and both he and Jiang Cheng topple into the water. Wei Wuxian rejoices with a loud shout.


“Lan Zhan, we did it!” He tells his partner excitedly. He’s not sure what compels himself to do it, but in his excitement, he leans down to press a kiss on Lan Wangji’s forehead. Both of them froze, eyes widening at the action. Thankfully, nobody was paying attention to them. Wei Wuxian quickly scrambles off of Lan Wangji and rushes to the other side of the pool.


From where he is with Jiang Cheng, Lan Xichen is looking at them curiously.


“I’m going to grab some waters!” Wei Wuxian blurts out and uses this as an excuse to get away from Lan Wangji. He needs to recollect himself before facing him again. “Does anyone want one?”


Everyone but Lan Wangji says they do, and Wei Wuxian quickly scurries to the main villa where all the refreshments are located. He grabs six waters, in case Lan Wangji changes his mind, and proceeds to run straight into a firm chest.


“Oh, I apologize,” Lan Xichen tells him, grabbing Wei Wuxian’s shoulder so he doesn’t fall back. “Are you okay?”


“Yeah,” Wei Wuxian nods, “I’m fine.”


“I came to see if you needed any help carrying the waters back,” Lan Xichen explains. Wei Wuxian gives him a thankful smile and hands him a couple. He feels like there’s something more, but he doesn’t ask. He’s still too busy internally screaming at himself for so casually kissing Lan Wangji. Even if it’s not the first time, this time it wasn’t an act. Yesterday at the club was so the girls could know they were dating. Why did he kiss Lan Wangji just now? For what reason? None, he had none.


That’s why he almost drops his waters when Lan Xichen speaks next.


“You and Wangji aren’t actually dating, are you?”


Wei Wuxian can only laugh nervously... damn, I’m fucked.

Chapter Text

“You and Wangji aren’t actually dating, are you?”


Wei Wuxian freezes midstep, his brain short circuiting. He tries to come up with a convincing lie, but he realizes the more he stalls the less likely Lan Xichen will believe him. Out of all the people to find out, it had to be Lan Zhan’s older brother? He’s going to maim me shit what do I do?


All he can do is accept his fate at this point. It’s his fault for dragging Lan Wangji into this mess in the first place. The least he could do is get chewed out by Lan Xichen in return. Therefore, in the end he doesn’t deny it.


“ did you find out?” Is all Wei Wuxian manages to say. Lan Xichen studies him for a second, probably not expecting Wei Wuxian to confess so easily. He shrugs.


“I’m Wangji’s brother, I know him best. While you two are rather convincing, there was always something off.” Lan Xichen explains.


“Off? What do you mean?” Wei Wuxian is genuinely curious to know how he found out.


“Eyes never lie.” That’s all Lan Xichen says and it leaves Wei Wuxian with more questions than answers. What does he mean that eyes never lie?


Lan Xichen continues. “I realize that you must have your reasons for pretending to be in a relationship with my brother and I know my brother is an adult who can make his own decisions.” He pauses. “Still…I don’t want either of you to get hurt in the process.”


Wei Wuxian gives him a funny look. He knows that Lan Xichen cares about his brother; Wei Wuxian personally knows how close the two of them are even if others do not. However, why does Lan Xichen care if Wei Wuxian gets hurt? Plus, he won’t get hurt. Neither Lan Wangji or Wei Wuxian have feelings for each other. They’re just roommates and friends. That’s all they’ll ever be.


“No offence, Young Master Lan,” Wei Wuxian treads carefully, unable to think of the right words, “but you don’t have to worry. Lan Zhan doesn’t like me that way and neither do I. We’re just friends.”


He doesn’t understand why that hurts his heart so much to say, but he chooses to ignore it. It’s the truth. Lan Wangji doesn’t see Wei Wuxian as more than a friend. Even if Wei Wuxian has some sort of feelings for him, - at this point he doesn’t know - he would never jeopardize their friendship over fleeting feelings. Lan Wangji means more to Wei Wuxian than a potential love interest. There will be other people for them, Lan Wangji deserves someone who can give him the world and Wei Wuxian isn’t that person.


Lan Xichen doesn’t look entirely convinced. “Young Master Wei, has my brother not?” He stops, shaking his head and deciding not to finish whatever he was going to say.


Instead he, “very well, I will try my best not to worry, but know, I have never seen Wangji be so affectionate with someone even if it’s only an act.”


Wei Wuxian has been wondering this as well. Lan Wangji has never liked physical contact, not even with his family. Yet, here he is, letting Wei Wuxian hold his hand and initiating physical contact himself. He didn’t even seem fazed with Wei Wuxian kissed his forehead earlier. What’s so special about him? Nothing.


Seeing how conflicted Wei Wuxian looks, Lan Xichen decides to have mercy on him. He reaches over to pat his shoulder in comfort.


“Either way, I will not tell anyone. Whatever agreement you and Wangji have, it is not my business to meddle.”


Wei Wuxian finally relaxes. “Thank you, Dage,” Wei Wuxian mumbles without realizing what he’s called Lan Xichen until it’s too late. Lan Xichen only smiles warmly.


“Even if it’s fake, “ Lan Xichen starts, “please take care of Wangji.”


Wei Wuxian can only nod, accepting his request like Lan Wangji did with his jiejie. He hopes he can keep his promise.



The conversation ends there, and they can only walk back with the water bottles for everyone. Jiang Cheng scolds them for taking too long, and Wei Wuxian makes a joke about him and Lan Xichen making out in the corner. Even Jiang Cheng can tell his heart is not into it, and he gives Wei Wuxian a worried look. He can only shake his head and hands a water bottle to Jiang Cheng before scurrying off to one of the lounge chairs. He’s no longer in the mood to play in the water.


He has yet to acknowledge Lan Wangji since he got back, and the other man is currently on the other side of the pool talking with his jiejie. Wei Wuxian turns to see his jiejie only for his eyes to meet briefly with Lan Wangji. Quickly, he turns away and pretends to be interested in finding a good spot to relax. Lan Wangji’s expression is dark.


He’s finally found a good spot, it’s covered in shade but providing enough sun to keep him warm, when a shadow covers his view. Wei Wuxian looks up to see Lan Wangji beside his chair. The other man sits down next to him, and Wei Wuxian ignores him for now. He doesn’t know what to say to him.


Lan Wangji doesn’t say anything either, instead pulls out a book from somewhere and begins to read it while the others play in the water. Wei Wuxian watches them from his seat, smiling softly at his jiejie and Jiang Cheng having fun. It’s been awhile since he’s seen them so carefree, and he wishes they could always be like that.


Even his happy siblings don’t keep his mind preoccupied for long. Over and over again he replays the conversation with Lan Xichen in his head. There is no way that Lan Wangji likes him, he’s just holding up the agreement the two of them made before the trip. It means nothing, and it makes Wei Wuxian sad. He can’t pinpoint why though.


“Wei Ying.”


Wei Wuxian turns to the sound of his name being called, only for him to quickly scramble back and fall out of his seat. Lan Wangji had been reaching over to him, possibly to touch him, and Wei Wuxian panicked. His bottom hit the floor, and he couldn’t help but let out a yelp. Lan Wangji’s eyes are wide in surprise.


“I-I’m sorry,” Wei Wuxian quickly scrambles to his feet, “you scared me.”


Lan Wangji studies him but doesn’t press further. He points to his hair, “you have something in your hair.”


“Ah,” Wei Wuxian utters dumbly, upset at himself for overreacting over a simple gesture. He can’t let the conversation with Lan Xichen get to him; at the end of the day, Lan Wangji and him are still friends, right?


“Wei Ying,” Lan Wangji’s voice breaks Wei Wuxian out of his daze, and he looks up at the other man. Lan Wangji’s eyes are full of concern. It causes Wei Wuxian’s heart to clench. Even at a moment like this, Lan Wangji is concerned for him.


“I’m okay.” Wei Wuxian decides he needs to give him some form of explanation. “I think I'm just tired. You kept me up pretty late.”


At the mention of last night’s antics, Wei Wuxian can see Lan Wangji’s ears begin to tinge with pink. Why is he always so cute? This isn’t fair.


“Do you want to rest?”


Wei Wuxian sees this as a perfect opportunity to get out of this semi-awkward situation and help him recollect himself. He nods, trying not to seem too enthusiastic about the idea.


“I think I’ll go back to the villa and sleep for awhile. Is that okay?” Even if he wants to get away, he still wants to make sure Lan Wangji is comfortable. After all, it’s Wei Wuxian who asked him to come to Bali with him.


“I’m fine, go sleep,” Lan Wangji reassures him and that’s enough for Wei Wuxian. He gets up and quickly grabs his stuff before scurrying back to his villa in haste. The first thing he does is take a quick shower to get rid of the chlorine clinging to him and puts his clothes to wash. After he’s done with all that, he lets himself sink into the soft mattress and sleep to forget for a while. He’s not expecting to dream of Lan Wangji.



There’s soft hands caressing his hair, and Wei Wuxian hums in enjoyment. It’s a familiar feeling, almost like the way his jiejie used to do when he had nightmares to help him sleep. But these hands aren’t his jiejie’s, he knows her hands by memory. They’re bigger, yet gentle, and Wei Wuxian doesn’t want them to stop caressing his hair.


Suddenly, the hands stop, and he’s whining, trying to call the person back. They don’t come back, and he’s left alone in darkness missing the hands that touched him ever so gently.


He wakes up to someone caressing his hair, but this time he recognizes who it is. It’s his jiejie.


“XianXian,” she’s murmuring softly and it’s almost like he’s young again. He wants to savor this moment forever, but he knows he should open his eyes. So, eventually he does.


She’s sitting on the edge of the bed, wearing a light purple sundress over her swimsuit. Her hair is tucked neatly into a bun with a purple ribbon holding it back. She’s as beautiful as always.


“Jiejie,” Wei Wuxian mutters groggily, “what time is it?”


“It’s a little past eight,” his sister replies. His eyes widen. He really slept that long? And he even missed dinner. At the mention of food his stomach rumbles. His jiejie gives him a knowing smile.


“I actually made you lotus root soup because you missed dinner,” she tells him. Wei Wuxian immediately throws his arms around her, but makes sure she doesn’t fall off the bed with his weight. His sister is a blessing and he doesn’t know what he would do without her. She always knows how to make him feel better, and can always help him solve any problem. Jiang Yanli is the greatest gift to humankind.


“Jiejie,” Wei Wuxian whispers happily, “I love you so much.”


He eats in silence for once, too hungry to make conversation. Now he understands why Lan Wangji doesn’t speak while he eats. Food is best savored when there’s nothing to get in the way of the taste.


The lotus root soup is just as delicious as he remembers, bringing back the nostalgia of his youth. He wishes he could go back in time, to when he didn’t have to worry about complicated things like feelings and school. Wei Wuxian wants to go back to the time when he only ever worried about when his next bowl of lotus root soup would be served.


“Jiejie,” Wei Wuxian starts after he’s finished, “I don’t know the last I had your soup was, but this is better than I remember.”


His jiejie gives him a warm smile and pinches his cheeks. “That’s because Young Master Lan helped me make it.”


At the sound of Lan Wangji’s name, Wei Wuxian’s cheeks begin to feel warm. “Lan Zhan helped you?”


His sister nods. “He was concerned because you didn’t come for dinner, so I asked him if he wanted to help me make you your favorite soup. He told me you weren’t feeling well, and we wanted to cheer you up.”


The thought that Lan Wangji was so concerned about him even after what happened earlier leaves Wei Wuxian speechless. His mind immediately pictures Lan Wangji helping his jiejie, carefully chopping up ingredients and following her orders precisely. He can picture the two of them conversing, - even if Lan Wangji doesn’t like to speak, he seems to be fond of talking to his sister - and possibly even laughing at jokes. Just...the thought of Lan Wangji and his sister getting along so well makes his heart warm. Wei Wuxian doesn’t know how to describe the feeling building up in his heart, but he knows he has a pressing question for his sister.


“Jiejie,” Wei Wuxian begins after a moment of contemplation, “how do you know that you’re in love with someone?”


Her eyes quickly widen in shock, but it’s replaced with a warm and knowing smile.


“A-Xian,” she starts gently, “are you in love with Young Master Lan?”


It takes him a complete moment to process the weight of her words, but when he does, his entire face turns red. He’s not in love with Lan Zhan! Of course he’s not in love with Lan Zhan! It was just a general question, right? However, deep down his heart is conflicted.


“J-jiejie, I was just asking in general. I’m n-not in love with Lan Zhan. Plus, we’ve only been dating for a few months, how can I be in love with him? Doesn’t love take like years? Right? Yeah, I’m d-definitely not in love with Lan Zhan. Haha.”


He knows that he’s rambling, but he’s trying his best to explain himself. Wei Wuxian doesn’t want his sister to get the wrong impression and think he’s in love with Lan Wangji. No, there’s no way. If anything the feelings he has are just simple lust and attraction, anyone would feel that for someone they’re forced to be intimate with. It’s not love. No, not love.


She just smiles. “I suppose our XianXian doesn’t know what love is. He’s still a baby, after all.”


Wei Wuxian pouts at her playful tone, immediately relieved that his sister doesn’t press any further. “I’m at least three years old.”


She thinks about it for a second. “No, XianXian is a baby.”


They playfully bicker for awhile, the former conversation forgotten until Jiang Yanli is about to leave. It’s past nine, and she doesn’t want to keep Lan Wangji out of his room any longer. She’s picking up the dirty plates while Wei Wuxian tries to clean his mess a little when she speaks.


“A-Xian, it’s okay to be in love. Love is a beautiful feeling, you shouldn’t try to run away from it.”


Wei Wuxian pauses from putting his clothes back in his suitcase, surprised by her words. In the end, he can only smile. If only love were that easy.



When his sister leaves, he decides that he’ll try to ignore the growing feelings in his heart and spend the rest of his vacation in blissful ignorance. He’s determined to not make things awkward between him and Lan Wangji, - after all it’s not his fault Wei Wuxian is beginning to feel strange - but that thought disappears the minute Lan Wangji walks back into their room.


Wei Wuxian knows that Lan Wangji is sleeping in the same room, so he shouldn’t be so surprised to see him. Nevertheless, he feels his heart jump when he sees Lan Wangji walk in. He’s changed out of his swimwear - he must of come in when Wei Wuxian was asleep - and is wearing a light blue sweater that somehow brings out the bright gold in his eyes. Soft moonlight pours in through the curtain drawn window, illuminating his figure with light. He looks heavenly and for a moment Wei Wuxian forgets how to breathe.


“Wei Ying,” Lan Zhan speaks softly, “how are you feeling?”


He doesn’t quite register his roommate’s words at first, too busy stunned by the man. It’s only after Lan Wangji gives him a concerned look that he finally snaps out of his daze.


“A-ah, I’m better,” Wei Wuxian begins, subconsciously grabbing onto the bed comforter and pulling it over his face to hide the red in his cheeks. “The sleeping helped a lot.”


“Good,” Lan Wangji says. He doesn’t say anything else, instead busies himself with trying to find something to sleep inwear. Wei Wuxian bites his lip in contemplation, his need to say something growing as the silence grows thicker between them. It’s in his blood to always continue talking, especially since Lan Wangji isn’t much of a talker. It has always been his duty to hold conversation between the two of them; he doesn’t mind, but he doesn’t know what to say. Then he remembers what his jiejie told him earlier.


“Ah Lan Zhan,” Wei Wuxian speaks and Lan Wangji stops what he’s doing to give him his undivided attention. Wei Wuxian suddenly feels super happy. “My jiejie said you helped her make the lotus root soup.”


“Mn.” Lan Wangji’s confirmation makes Wei Wuxian break out into the biggest smile.


“Did you get to try it? It’s literally the best dish in the world and my jiejie makes it the best!” His praise for his sister never ends, but she’s not the only one who made the soup this time. “But...the soup was even better this time because you helped make it.”


He’s shy again, those words coming out a lot easier than he expected them to. Lan Wangji pauses, obviously not expecting Wei Wuxian to say thatuya.


“If you want,” Lan Wangji begins, “I can make it for you whenever you miss your family. Your sister taught me how to make it all.”


Wei Wuxian decides that he truly does not deserve Lan Wangji. The man is kind, selfless, and always looking out for him. The simple thought of Lan Wangji making him lotus root soup when he’s upset or missing his family completely overwhelms him. Fuck, this isn’t love. It can’t be right?


Wei Wuxian nods enthusiastically afraid that if he speaks his voice will give up on him. Lan Wangji doesn’t need a verbal response to understand that Wei Wuxian would be happy if he could make him lotus root soup whenever he asks. He takes the silent yes and goes back to finding clothes. When he’s done, he goes into the bathroom to change. Wei Wuxian doesn’t realize until he’s gone that his heart has been beating so fast the entire time.


Fuck, Wei Wuxian, you’re really fucked.


He sighs and hopes that his heart will stop messing with his brain.



The next day is Christmas Eve, and they decide to spend it back on the beach for half the day and then exploring Bali for the rest of the day. Jiang Cheng, Lan Xichen, and Jiang Yanli join them. Jin Zixuan is busy with his family, and Wei Wuxian definitely doesn’t miss his presence. He can finally have his jiejie to himself.


That’s the excuse he uses for clinging onto his jiejie more than usual. It’s definitely not because he’s still trying to semi-avoid Lan Wangji after yesterday’s incident. He tries his best to cling onto his jiejie as much as possible, but she can sense something is amiss. Somehow, she ends up with Jiang Cheng and Lan Xichen and Wei Wuxian is left with Lan Wangji.


“...” Wei Wuxian doesn’t know what to say as they walk around one of Bali’s biggest street markets, so he doesn’t say anything at all. Lan Wangji doesn’t try to make conversation at all, so Wei Wuxian is left with his thoughts. His thoughts are annoying.


Out of the corner of his eye, he spots a vendor selling selling bead crafts. He’s immediately intrigued and drags Lan Wangji to the stall. A beautiful purple beaded necklace catches his eyes. It’s perfect for his jiejie.


“What do you think?” Wei Wuxian asks Lan Wangji, his precious awkwardness forgotten as he tries to find a gift for his sister. Christmas Day is tomorrow and they’ll be exchanging gifts in the morning. Even though he bought his sister a present already, another one won’t hurt.


Lan Wangji nods. “It’s beautiful.”


Wei Wuxian beams almost as if Lan Zhan was complimenting his jiejie. “Wouldn’t it look beautiful on my jiejie?”


He asks the vendor for the necklace, but as he’s reaching to pay, a hand reaches out and gives the vendor money. Wei Wuxian turns to look at Lan Wangji in surprise.


“Lan Zhan?” He asks, not sure if he should argue or not.


“I’ll pay.” His cheeks grow warm at that.


“You didn’t have to, it’s for my jiejie after all.”


Lan Wangji shrugs. “It’s okay, I want to pay.”


Wei Wuxian tries to argue, but Lan Wangji has already paid for the necklace. He accepts the bag from the vendor and thanks him for his time. He leaves with the necklace in his hand, and a smile on his face. That’s not the last time Lan Wangji pays for him today. He ends up buying Wei Wuxian whatever he wants, no matter how much he tries to tell him it’s okay.


By the end of the day, he feels more comfortable around Lan Wangji. All the weird thoughts are out of his head.



The next day is Christmas Day, and Wei Wuxian wakes up earlier than any of the other days he’s been in Bali. There’s something about Christmas that keeps him from sleeping in. His excitement is like that of a child, and he can’t wait to exchange presents with his siblings. He even prepared a gift for Lan Wangji. It will be his first Christmas giving his roommate a gift and he’s ecstatic to give him the present he prepared. He hopes Lan Wangji will like it.


Lan Wangji wakes up a little after him - he’s even surprised that Wei Wuxian woke up so early - and the two of them get ready to meet Wei Wuxian’s family. They had agreed to meet around 10AM to eat and exchange Christmas presents, but Wei Wuxian is ready by 8AM. He’s not quite sure how he’s going to entertain himself for two hours, but he remembers that they have a TV in their suite.


“Lan Zhan!” Wei Wuxian exclaims, his chest bubbling with excitement, “let’s watch a Christmas movie!”


“Mn,” is Lan Wangji’s response from the bathroom, so Wei Wuxian goes through the movie catalog while Lan Wangji finishes getting ready. He passes all the Christmas romance movies - fuck romance that’s dead - until he finds Home Alone. It’s a classic Christmas movie about a boy who tries to stop robbers from entering his home. That’s peak Christmas, and Wei Wuxian’s type of content.


He doesn’t press play until Lan Wangji comes out of the bathroom and sits on the couch with him. The couch is wide, so the two of them aren’t even close to touching. There’s no reason for them to touch, yet Wei Wuxian misses Lan Wangji’s warmth. He’s subconsciously inching closer to him until he’s just a few inches apart from his roommate Lan Wangji doesn’t say anything. Instead, the other man lifts his arm so it resting across the top of the couch and Wei Wuxian’s shoulder. Wei Wuxian finds him snuggling into Lan Wangji’s side.


They watch the movie in silence, both too intrigued by the film to talk. Occasionally, Wei Wuxian will crack jokes about a certain scene, but never expects Lan Wangji to laugh at them. If he looks closely, he might see a glimmer of a smile gracing his roommate’s face.


The movie ends just a little before 10AM, and they lock their villa to head over to the main villa where they will be eating and exchanging Christmas presents. Wei Wuxian is bursting with excitement. He grabs Lan Wangji’s hand and pulls him towards the villa in a frenzy. They make it before anyone else and find a seat at the table. Soon, his sister, Jiang Cheng, and Lan Xichen join them.


“Merry Christmas,” Wei Wuxian tells them. It’s followed by chimes of the others wishing him and Lan Wangji merry Christmas as well. Madame Yu and Uncle Jiang are the last to arrive. Finally, when everyone is here, they start to have their Christmas meal.


The young adults talk animatedly amongst themselves. Even Jiang Cheng is feeling the Christmas spirit and is more lively than usual. The three siblings make jokes and reminisce about past Christmases while the two brothers talk to each other.


After they eat, the move from the table to the lounge area where they will be exchanging presents. The presents are under the tree, ready to be opened. They begin without any more hesitation.


Wei Wuxian hands his presents to each one of his family members and to Lan Wangji and Lan Xichen - he asked Jiang Cheng for an idea of what to get his partner before he knew who it was. His sister obviously loves his present and Jiang Cheng can’t complain. For Lan Xichen, he bought a personalized ballpoint pen that cost him a lot more than he wanted to admit. When Jiang Cheng told him that his partner was a business major, it seemed like the most obvious gift. Lan Xichen graciously thanks him.


The last to open his present is Lan Wangji. Wei Wuxian is anxiously waiting as he watches Lan Wangji open his present. He hopes that the man will like it; it took him forever to pick out a good present.


Lan Wangji pulls out the present and Wei Wuxian holds his breath. It’s an ornate gold pencil and pen holder, a great gift for a major who spends a lot of time writing, but the catch is that the lid is shaped like rabbit ears. Wei Wuxian found it online as he was searching for Christmas gifts, and he knew it would be perfect for Lan Wangji.


Lan Wangji looks at his present, but the longer he doesn’t say anything, the more that Wei Wuxian thinks he hates it. Crap, of course this kind of gift wouldn’t be in Lan Zhan’s taste. What was I thinking?


Before he can tell Lan Wangji that he has the gift receipt in case he wants to exchange it, Lan Wangji speaks.


“I love it.” It’s a genuine response, he can tell by his tone. Wei Wuxian finally relaxes and is able to smile.


“I’m glad.”


Jiang Yanli is the next to hand out all of her gifts. She hands Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji identical packages with a loving smile.


“I hope you don’t mind. I was so excited when I found out A-Xian was bringing his boyfriend that I went overboard with the gifts.”


Lan Wangji shakes his head, reassuring her it’s okay. The two of them decide to open the packages at the same time. It’s a small package so it’s not hard to open, but what’s inside makes Wei Wuxian catch his breath. Jiang Yanli had bought them matching hairpins. Wei Wuxian had expressed to her that he was hair accessories now that he was growing out his hair, but he never expected her to go through with it. They’re elegant hairpins, the end of the hairpins look like leaves but are made crystals. They’re probably designer too, these can’t be cheap. And the fact she bought one for Lan Wangji too...Wei Wuxian doesn’t know what to say.


“Jiejie,”Wei Wuxian murmurs, “they’re…they’re…”


“Beautiful,” Lan Wangji finishes for him. “Thank you, Ms. Jiang.”


Jiang Yanli sighs in relief and smiles. “I’m so glad you like them. I hope when you two wear them that you remember the bond and love you have with each other and that it gives you strength.”


“Jiejie.” Wei Wuxian murmurs again. He doesn’t know what to say. What can he say to his sister who believes his relationship is genuine and only wants the best for him? All he can do is give her a warm smile and hug. That’s all he can do for now.


They continue to exchange gifts and finally Wei Wuxian has a gift handed to him from Lan Wangji. He blinks; he honestly wasn’t expecting anything from Lan Wangji, and he never asked Lan Wangji to prepare a gift.


“You got me a gift?” He asks dumbly, because it’s obvious that Lan Wangji got him a gift.


“Mn,” Lan Wangji says, “open it.”


Wei Wuxian doesn’t wait any longer. He carefully opens the wrapping paper, afraid to break it as it’s been packaged so beautiful. It takes him a little longer, but he’s finally opened the present. What’s inside leaves him speechless.


It’s a crystal ball, elegant on its own but what’s inside amazes him. The solar system is engraved in the crystal ball along with the names of the planets. As an aerospace engineering major, Wei Wuxian would often get into deep conversations about the solar system with Lan Wangji. It happened most often when he was sleep deprived and in need of a stress relief. Lan Wangji had sat through a lot of Wei Wuxian’s solar system rants and to think he had got him such a thoughtful gift. His eyes water slightly.


“Lan Zhan,” Wei Wuxian rasped, “this is so beautiful.”


“Do you like it?” He’s almost sure Lan Wangji is holding his breath as he waits for Wei Wuxian to answer. Wei Wuxian can’t express his gratitude in words so he places the crystal back into the box and throws his arms around the surprised Lan Wangji.


“I love it.”



Wei Wuxian can’t explain how much he dislikes Jin Zixun. He dislikes Jin Zixun more than he’s scared of dogs. No wait! His phobia of dogs runs deeper than anything, but he really does not like Jin Zixun. Especially now, as he’s trying to get Lan Wangji to drink at the dinner table.


They spent most of their Christmas Day without the Jins, but Madame Yu was adamant that they have dinner with them. The older adults were sitting at one table, and the rest of them were sitting at another so they wouldn’t bother the adults. It was practically a kiddy table even though they were all over age too. Wei Wuxian was not to happy about this arrangement but was fine as long as Jin Zixun didn’t start anything. Well, he did.

Jin Zixun proposed a toast to a Merry Christmas with friends and family. Everyone raised their glass of wine, except Lan Wangji and Lan Xichen who do not drink. Of course, Jin Zixun isn’t going to allow that.


“Young Master Lan,” Jin Zixun sneers as he keeps his glass of wine raised, “our families have been friends for decades. You won’t drink for that?”


Lan Xichen interjects. “We mean no harm, but neither of us drink.”


Jin Zixun doesn’t take this as an answer. “Surely, you will make an exception tonight. It’s a special occasion. Special occasions call for exceptions, don’t you agree?”


Lan Xichen seems like he wants to argue, well discuss more, but Lan Wangji seems tired of Jin Zixun’s bullshit. Everyone else has already taken a sip of their wine and it seems that he won’t relent until they take a sip. Therefore, Lan Wangji raises his glass. Wei Wuxian’s eyes go wide as he sees Lan Wangji bring the cup closer to his lips. He’s the only one who has seen Lan Wangji drunk, and he doesn’t think the other man wants to show that side of him. So, Wei Wuxian does the unthinkable. He reaches over and grabs the wine glass from Lan Wangji’s hand. In a swift movement he downs the wine until there’s nothing left.


The whole table looks at him in surprise, but he can only grin after the warm liquid washes down his throat.


“Are you happy, Jin Zixun? I drank for him, there’s no need to continue pressuring him.” Wei Wuxian’s voice is forceful with an edge that implies that Jin Zixun should drop the topic. The other man has no choice but to sit back down and gross his arms in anger.


The whole table relaxes after that, and they’re able to finish their meal in peace. Still, there’s a lingering thought in Wei Wuxian’s mind. Was Lan Wangji really going to give in to Jin Zixun’s demands and drink the wine even though his family prohibits it? Would he really drink for his family honor?


He doesn’t get an answer to this question until they’re back in the privacy of their villa. Wei Wuxian decides to turn early, knowing Lan Wangji would want to sleep. He bids his family and the rest a farewell and walks back to their villa in silence. When they’re inside, Wei Wuxian decides to ask.


He’s lounging on the couch with his feet raised in the air as Lan Wangji brushes his teeth in the bathroom.


“Lan Zhan,” Wei Wuxian begins.




“Were you really going to drink that wine?”


There’s a pause as Lan Wangji finishes brushing his teeth. “I knew you would take the cup from my hand.”


Wei Wuxian shivers. He wasn’t expecting such an answer or for Lan Wangji to trust him so much. He can’t help but smile. When Lan Wangji walks out of the bathroom, he’s giving the man a devilish look.


“Will you drink with me now, if I asked?” He gestures to the bottles of wine on the coffee table that he took from dinner. He was planning to drink them all while Lan Wangji was asleep, but now plans have changed. He wants to know if Lan Wangji will say yes.


Surprisingly, Lan Wangji goes to their personal bar and grabs two glasses from the counter. He comes back to the couch and places them on the coffee table. Wei Wuxian doesn’t hesitate to pour both of them glasses.


“To…” Wei Wuxian starts, suddenly needing to make some sort of toast, “to us and to you for agreeing to help me with the unreasonable. Thank you.”


They both drink; Wei Wuxian is surprised to see Lan Wangji down the wine so quickly. He’s not surprised when the other man immediately closes his eyes and falls asleep sitting up. Wei Wuxian stands up from his position on the couch and maneuvers the other man until he has him laying down. He has a little bit before Lan Wangji wakes up, and he purses his lips in contemplation.


To say that he didn’t do this on purpose would be a lie...ever since Lan Xichen talked to him, Wei Wuxian has wanted to get some answers. He’s almost certain that sober Lan Wangji wouldn’t answer so easily. Therefore he’s decided drunk Lan Wangji was the next best option. Perhaps, this isn’t the most ethical idea…but he wants to know why Lan Wangji agreed to be his pretend boyfriend. They say drunk people and children never lie, so he’s counting on that.


Lan Wangji wakes up about twenty minutes later. Wei Wuxian is in the middle of flipping through the channels of their flatscreen when a hand gently grabs the remote.


“Lan Zhan,” Wei Wuxian exclaims happily, “you’re awake!”




“How do you feel?”




Okay, it seems that drunk Lan Wangji isn’t currently much of a talker. He knows that he should ask the question and not dance around it, but he can’t bring himself to ask. Wei Wuxian decides to wait. Lan Wangji gets up from the couch and faces Wei Wuxian. Wei Wuxian looks at him curiously as Lan Wangji grabs his hands and places them in front of his face.




“No looking,” Lan Wangji tells him, continuing to cover Wei Wuxian’s eyes with his own hands. Wei Wuxian can’t help but laugh.


“Okay, okay, I’ll close my eyes. Do you want me to count to ten too or something?”


Lan Wangji nods. Huh, he wasn’t expecting that. Wei Wuxian closes his eyes right after that and hears Lan Wangji shuffling away. He begins to count to ten as promised.








There’s more shuffling as Lan Wangji runs around their suite. What in the world could he be doing?






He hears a couple cabinets being opened.








By eight he can no longer hear Lan Wangji.




“Ten. Ok I’m opening my eyes.” Wei Wuxian opens his eyes, only to see that Lan Wangji is nowhere in sight.


Does he want to play hide and seek?


Wei Wuxian smiles widely. Now that he thinks about it, Lan Wangji probably had such a stuffy childhood that he was probably never allowed to play hide and seek. Maybe drunk him wants to experience that childlike feeling of hiding in hopes of not being found. What can Wei Wuxian do but play along?


His first instinct is to look in the bathroom. He tiptoes toward the closed the bathroom door, careful not to make too much noise to alert Lan Wangji. When he finally opens the door, the other man isn’t there. Quickly, Wei Wuxian checks inside the shower and the large tub, but Lan Wangji isn’t there. He goes back into the room.


There’s not that many places for Lan Wangji to hide, so after a few more minutes of searching, Wei Wuxian finds him hiding in the large closet. He has a triumphant smile on his face, but Lan Wangji is pouting.


“Aw, come on Lan Zhan,” Wei Wuxian coos, “did you want me not to find you and you stay in the closet all by yourself?”


Lan Wangji shakes his head. Wei Wuxian bursts into laughter once again. Drunk Lan Wangji is way too cute for this world. He remembers the other night when he had fallen asleep at the club and all the adventures that had followed. Wei Wuxian had been excited to dance and have fun at the club, but he was equally entertained by a drunk Lan Wangji.


“You know, Lan Zhan,” Wei Wuxian drawls, pulling Lan Wangji gently out of the closet, “it’s sad that we didn’t have a chance to dance at the club the other night.”




“Do you want to dance with me right now?”




Wei Wuxian blinks, not expecting that answer. “Really?”


“Mn.” He decides to take this as a yes and quickly scrambles to turn on the speaker. Wei Wuxian grabs his phone and shuffled through his music list until he finds the right song.


‘Toxic’ by Britney Spears starts playing through the speakers. Lan Wangji gives him a look and Wei Wuxian quickly defends himself.


“Britney is a Queen! You can’t tell me you don’t like this song.” Lan Wangji shrugs but doesn’t say anything. Wei Wuxian huffs as he grabs Lan Wangji’s hands.


“Let’s dance,” he breathes, pulling Lan Wangji closer with every movement. He’s high of the feeling of good music and company; Wei Wuxian doesn’t care about his feelings or his inner turmoil right now; all he wants to do is dance with Lan Wangji. Soon, he realizes that he can’t forget about any of that


With the taste of your lips, I’m on a ride.

It did start off as a good idea in his head. Lan Wangji drunk dancing to Britney Spears while Wei Wuxian joins him, not really buzzed and still conscious enough to make sure the other man doesn’t make a fool out of himself.

Yet, now, Wei Wuxian isn’t sure if this was a good idea. Not when Lan Wangji’s hands are wrapped around his waist, and he is staring at him with intense, smoldering eyes. He feels self conscious but tries to ignore it as he dances to the music. This is all fun and games, Wei Ying, there’s nothing serious. You’ll laugh about it later. Or so he tried to convince himself. Convincing himself after having such a conversation with Lan Xichen and not knowing how Lan Wangji feels about him is hard. He needs to keep his mind straight.

You’re toxic I’m slipping under.

However with Lan Wangji so close, his arms wrapped tightly around his waist, and the way his lips look so delicious right now, it is hard for Wei Wuxian to think straight. So, he does the unthinkable. He reaches up and pressed his lips against Lan Wangji’s.

With a taste of a poisoned paradise.

Chapter Text

Gentle hands reach to cup the back of his head, and Wei Wuxian realizes that Lan Wangji is kissing him back. Their lips fit perfectly together almost as if they were made for one another. He finds himself pulling Lan Wangji closer in the heat of the moment, Toxic coming to an end and ‘...Baby One More Time’ beginning to play.


Lan Wangji’s lips taste sweet, almost intoxicatingly so. His sandalwood smell encompasses Wei Wuxian, and he can’t help but be enamored by it all. Between the taste of Lan Wangji’s lips and the feeling of having the other man so close, Wei Wuxian feels like he’s in heaven.


Only for him to come crashing back down to earth when his brain catches up to his emotions.


His brain immediately goes on high alert when he realizes that he’s kissing Lan Wangji ! All he can do is struggle out of the other man’s embrace and push him away with enough force to cause Lan Wangji to stumble. Lan Wangji is still drunk, this is obvious by the confused and pained expression on his face. Immediate guilt floods over Wei Wuxian. He’s sober, he should know better than to take advantage of a drunk person. He’s a horrible human being.


Therefore, he does the most logical thing in this situation. He runs away.


He can hear Lan Wangji trying to chase after him, but Wei Wuxian closes the door in his face quickly and hides in some nearby bushes. When he’s sure Lan Wangji has given up, he quickly scrambles out of his hiding place and does the first thing his mind tells him to do.


Go to jiejie . He’s about to go rushing into her villa in tears, he can already feel them forming as he thinks about it, but he remembers how late it is. Wei Wuxian might be a lot of things, but he’s not the type of person to bother his jiejie so late at night. He settles for Jiang Cheng.


Wei Wuxian tries to wipe away the tears that are steadily falling down his face as he walks to Jiang Cheng’s villa. It’s not that far of a walk, so he doesn’t have a lot of time. He curses himself from crying in the first place. Why is he crying over Lan Wangji? Is it because he was an idiot and kissed him without his consent? Or the fact he now realizes he’s in love with the other man but knows Lan Wangji will never love him back? Sure, Lan Wangji kissed him back but that was the alcohol talking. There is no way Lan Wangji can be attracted to him, no way in hell.


He’s done a decent job of making himself look presentable when he reaches his brother’s villa. Wei Wuxian gently knocks on the door, in case Jiang Cheng is sleeping, but receives no response. He tries again, this time louder, but again, no response. Soft music fills his ears and he’s almost certain it’s coming from Jiang Cheng’s villa. Wei Wuxian decides to test the knob and realizes the door isn’t locked. Without a moment's hesitation, he walks into his brother’s villa. Only for him to be bombarded by an traumatizing sight.


Lan Xichen has his brother pinned to the couch, and Jiang Cheng is about to pull him in for a kiss, his eyes hooded with lust. It’s enough to make Wei Wuxian yelp. They quickly turn to the sound, and when they see Wei Wuxian at the door way, the two comically push each other away until Lan Xichen lands on the floor with a loud thud.


Wei Wuxian chuckles awkwardly, “um, hello?”


“Wei Wuxian—!” Jiang Cheng roars, but his demeanor instantly changes when he sees the few undried tears lingering in his eyes.


“Wei Ying,” Jiang Cheng begins tenderly, using the voice he reserves when Wei Wuxian is truly distraught, “what’s wrong?”


Wei Wuxian isn’t sure how to put it all into words - how can he tell his brother he’s in love with someone who will never love him back? How can he explain the feelings he’s been denying for weeks only for them to come back and bite him in the ass? There’s no words to encapsulate his emotions, so he does the next best thing. He cries.



Wei Wuxian was born with thick skin, at least that’s what Jiang Cheng and Uncle Jiang have always told him. He’s let himself be the butt of the joke or has acted a fool without any shame. However, now, while he breaks down in front of his crush’s brother and his own brother, he understands what it means to lose face.


Jiang Cheng doesn’t know how to calm his brother down, especially since he’s never seen him cry before. He’s panicking, trying to console Wei Wuxian with words but also acts of comfort. It doesn’t work. If anything, it seems to set Wei Wuxian off worse. He’s not used to receiving this type of affection from Jiang Cheng.


“Jiejie,” Jiang Cheng exclaims almost as if he’s had some sort of epiphany. Wei Wuxian really isn’t sure what happens. All he knows one minute Lan Xichen is gone, and his jiejie is entering Jiang Cheng’s room. She wraps her soft arms around Wei Wuxian, and he’s finally able to relax a little.


“XianXian,” his jiejie coos as she rubs his back, “what’s wrong with our little XianXian?”


Wei Wuxian tries to stop his tears, his sniffling filling the room as the only sound while his two siblings wait for him to be ready. He’s finally able to speak.


“Jiejie,” Wei Wuxian hiccups, “I’m an idiot.”


“No you’re not,” his jiejie says gently. Jiang Cheng is a little less gentle.


“Who told you you were an idiot? Was it Lan Wangji? Do I have to—!” Jiang Yanli elbows her brother and gets him to stop talking. He stops his huffing with a frown although Wei Wuxian appreciates his effort as the older, concerned brother. Wei Wuxian shakes his head.


“It’s not Lan Wangji, well it’s related to Lan Wangji but he’s not the reason I’m crying. I think. I mean I’m crying because of him, but he didn’t make me cry. I’m crying because of what he makes me feel not how he made me feel, crap I’m just rambling aren’t I.”


His jiejie and Jiang Cheng nod.


“Why don’t you start from the beginning?” Jiejie tells him. Wei Wuxian nods and takes a deep breath. Then, he tells them everything, everything from first asking Lan Wangji to be his pretend boyfriend, to realizing he was developing feelings for him, and finally to the kiss that happened about thirty minutes before. The whole time, his jiejie and Jiang Cheng are listening to him attentively, but Jiang Cheng is the first to speak.


“Wei Wuxian, you truly are an idiot.”


Wei Wuxian whines and turns to his jiejie for support. “Jiejie! Jiang Cheng called me an idiot after he said he would beat anyone up if they called me an idiot!!”


Jiang Cheng scoffs. “I’m your brother, I’m allowed to call you an idiot! And I didn’t say I would beat anyone up, I didn’t even get to finish my sentence!”


“Still, you would have said it!”


“Would not!”


“XianXian,” his jiejie interrupts their petty arguing, “are you in love with Young Master Lan?”


They stop the fighting once those words leave Jiang Yanli’s mouth. Wei Wuxian gulps as he takes in the severity of those words. Does he love Lan Wangji? Or is it just a fleeting crush that will disappear once they’re no longer sharing a room together. The more he thinks about the more he realizes—


“I’m in love with him.”


His sister gives him a compassionate smile and once again brings him into her arms. He hugs her back tightly and takes in her warmth. It feels like he’s a kid again when his worries were nothing compared to him possibly ruining his friendship with Lan Wangji. Oh how he wishes he could be a kid again, even if it is just now in his jiejie’s arms. He snuggles in closer and his sister pats his back while she coos at him gently.


“XianXian,” she eventually says, “you shouldn’t be scared. Love is a wonderful feeling, don’t run away from it. Embrace it.”


Wei Wuxian frowns. “Jiejie, I can’t do that.”




“I can’t risk my friendship with Lan Zhan...that’s why I have to keep my feelings to myself.”


Jiang Cheng, who has been watching the conversation silently since his sister interrupted their bickering, scoffs.


“Wei Wuxian, you really are an idiot.”


“You know,” Wei Wuxian says from the comfort of his jiejie’s arms, “they say when someone tries to push an idea onto someone, it’s them projecting their true feelings. Therefore, the real idiot is, you, Jiang Cheng.”


“Wei Wuxian—!”


“A-Cheng, A-Xian,” their sister cuts them off again, “that’s enough.”


She looks down at Wei Wuxian, her soft smile never leaving her face. “A-Xian, what A-Cheng was trying to say is that you shouldn’t worry about risking your friendship with Young Master Lan. He isn’t the type of person to end a friendship due to feelings. And maybe, it will be in your favor.”


Wei Wuxian frowns again. “Jiejie, you can’t be implying that Lan Zhan could actually like me.”


Jiang Cheng rolls his eyes. “If jiejie had implied this a month ago, I would have called it ridiculous as well. However, I’m almost certain he has some sort of feelings for you. I’ve never seen him so be so openly affectionate with someone, even his own brother. You two fooled me into believing you were together.”


Wei Wuxian’s cheeks turn red.


“That was just part of the agreement,” he tries to argue, realizing how weak it sounds right now. There is no way Lan Wangji would have agreed to open public display of affection if he wasn’t at least one hundred percent comfortable with Wei Wuxian. He had tried to deny it this past week, but he can’t anymore. Still, he tries.


“It was just part of the agreement,” he repeats firmly in hopes he’ll believe himself, “there’s no way Lan Zhan likes me that way.”


Jiang Cheng sighs deeply. “Whatever helps you sleep at night.”


Jiang Yanli is a little more gentler. “XianXian, perhaps you should talk to Young Master Lan yourself. The only way to find out his true feelings is from him. Why don’t you talk to him?”


Wei Wuxian thinks about how he would approach such conversation. Would he wait until they’re back in their apartment. Or on the very last night in Bali? Would he approach the topic casually or work his way up to it after a series of related questions? Truthfully, he couldn’t see himself bringing the topic up. It seems too foreign to him and Lan Wangji. They’ve never talked about romantic interests before or anything of the sort. How was Wei Wuxian supposed to bring it up without looking suspicious from the start?


Still, he knows that he should talk to Lan least to clear up the whole thing about the kiss. He could play it off as the alcohol making both of them act weird. That sounded like a great idea.


“I suppose…” Wei Wuxian eventually says in defeat. He would have to talk to Lan Wangji eventually.


His sister and Jiang Cheng turn to look at each other and share a look before Jiang Yanli nods. Jiang Cheng leaves the room without another word.


“Where is Jiang Cheng going?” Wei Wuxian asks, but he doesn’t have to wonder long as he’s reappearing into the villa with Lan Wangji and Lan Xichen at his side. Wei Wuxian instantly looks at Jiang Cheng as if he’s committed the biggest betrayal. When he said he should talk to Lan Wangji, he did not mean right this instance! He wasn’t ready to talk to Lan Wangji; he hasn’t prepared a script in his head.


“Young Master Lan,” his jiejie addresses Lan Xichen who turns to listen to her attentively, “it seems that my brother and your brother have had a misunderstanding. Why don’t we let them clear it up alone?”  


Lan Xichen nods and places a hand on Wangji’s shoulder. He leans to say something to his younger brother, but from where Wei Wuxian is, he can’t make out what was said. He watches Lan Wangji carefully as Lan Xichen takes his hand off his shoulder and walks out of the room. Lan Wangji’s face bears no emotion, and Wei Wuxian is unable to guess what he’s thinking.


His jiejie gives him a quick hug and a few words of reassurement before she and Jiang Cheng are also leaving the room. Wei Wuxian tries to stop his jiejie, he’s not ready to be alone with Lan Wangji, but Jiang Cheng grabs the hand Wei Wuxian was going to use to stop his jiejie. Wei Wuxian pouts and relents, watching in vain as his siblings leave the room.


It’s awkward the minute everyone is gone. Neither of them are talking, and Wei Wuxian finds himself slinking back onto the couch and wrapping his arms around his knees for comfort. Lan Wangji is still standing near the doorway. What is he supposed to say to Lan Wangji? He’s not even sure if Lan Wangji is even sober enough to have this sort of conversation. Last time he got drunk, he didn’t remember anything from the night before the next day. How were they supposed to talk about something as sensitive as the kiss they shared while they were both under the influence?


“Are you sober,” Wei Wuxian finally asks, not even sure what he wants the answer to be.


“Yes.” A drunk person is likely to deny the fact that they’re drunk, but Wei Wuxian can only sense sincerity in Lan Wangji’s voice. For some reason he feels a little better, at least Lan Wangji can understand him completely now.


“Do you remember anything from earlier?” Wei Wuxian prods, finally willingly himself to look at the other man. He’s met with amber eyes full of concern, and he can’t stop himself from feeling a little guilty. Could it be that Lan Wangji was concerned about him? Did he sober up and realize Wei Wuxian was gone and immediately got worried something happened to him?


Jiang Cheng is right, I truly am an idiot.




Wei Wuxian perks up. If Lan Wangji doesn’t remember, then he can pretend nothing happened right? He quickly decides against it. Lan Wangji deserves the truth, at least part of it.


“Well,” Wei Wuxian begins with a sigh, “sadly I remember it all. It seems like we both drank too much.”


He laughs nervously as he tries to lead up to his main point. “Well, you see...since we were both drunk...we might have um done some stuff.”


Lan Wangj looks at him curiously. “What kind of stuff?”


Wei Wuxian quickly raises his arms in defense. “I promise not bad stuff! I mean! Like I guess it’s bad but it’s not bad bad like we didn’t um do the horizontal tango or anything but we definitely—”


“Wei Ying,” Lan Wangji stops his rambling mid sentence with his firm voice. It sends shivers down Wei Wuxian’s spine. He quickly shuts his mouth. “Get to the point.”


Wei Wuxian nods. “Right...we might have you know.”


Lan Wangji stares at him, deadpanned. Of course, he doesn’t know.


“We kissed okay! But in our defense we were both drunk!” Wei Wuxian quickly says and waits for Lan Wangji’s reaction. He expects some sort of grandeur reaction, something totally out of character for Lan Wangji. Instead, he’s met with the same cold Lan Zhan.


“I see…” Lan Wangji says and for some reason this doesn’t sit well with Wei Wuxian. He could have a better reaction than that! What’s with just an ‘I See’? Is Lan Wangji not affected in the same way Wei Wuxian is? Of course, he isn’t. It’s obvious that his feelings are only one sided. Wei Wuxian quickly tries to hide his heartbreak, turning away from Lan Wangji so the other man can’t see his expression.


“’s not a big deal,” Wei Wuxian emphasizes, “plus we’re fake dating and we’ve already held hands anyways. If anything it’s all part of the act.”


He wonders if his voice sounds bitter. He sighs.


“But at the end of the day,” Wei Wuxian begins, not sure where his heart is taking this, “I don’t think we should keep this up any longer.”


There it is.


Lan Wangji sucks in his breath but doesn’t say anything. Wei Wuxian doesn’t have the energy to turn to see the reaction on his face. It’s probably relieved, considering Wei Wuxian is the one who begged him to play along with it in the first place. Wei Wuxian is the idiot who thought it would be a wonderful idea to have Lan Wangji pretend to be his boyfriend. Now he has to deal with the consequences, like a broken heart.


There’s a moment of silence, and when Wei Wuxian realizes Lan Wangji isn’t going to say anything, he continues. “Don’t worry, I’ll tell everyone that I broke up with you. Since I’m the one who brought you into this mess, I’ll be the bad guy.”


“Wei Ying—!” Lan Wangji finally speaks, but Wei Wuxian doesn’t let him get any words in.


“I’m sorry for taking it so far, I shouldn’t have let my pride get the best of me and told Madame Yu the truth. It’s best if we end this now, so we don’t ruin what we already have.”


“Wei Ying,” Lan Wangji tries again, but he shakes his head.


“Please Lan Zhan, lets break up,” his voice sounds so broken and soft he’s not even sure if Lan Wangji heard him.


“Okay,” Lan Wangji finally says. He hears Lan Wangji shuffling and the door opening and closing. When Lan Wangji is out of the room, Wei Wuxian allows himself to cry once more.  



“Are you ever going to get off my couch?” Wen Qing gripes from the kitchen where she’s in the middle of making dinner for herself and Wen Ning. She’ll be damned if she makes anything for the freeloader who hasn’t left her apartment in a week. At least that’s what she’s told Wei Wuxian, but he knows she’s making enough for three people.


“I have become your couch. Your couch is me. I am your couch. We cannot be separated by your mere words,” Wuxian quips dramatically from his spot on the couch. He’s lying down while hugging a pillow underneath him and staring at Wen Qing’s wall. Who knew chipped paint could be so interesting.


She sighs loudly from the kitchen to emphasize that she’s annoyed with him, but Wei Wuxian is immune to it. He’s heard it all week, by now he’s learned how to block out the sound. There’s silence and Wei Wuxian thinks she’s finally given up until something hits the back of his head.


He cries out and turns around to see a spatula fall to the floor.


“Wen Qing!” Wei Wuxian gasps. He reaches up to touch his head, it’s a little sensitive from the hit but the pain is slowly fading away.


“I’m tired of seeing you mope,” Wen Qing exclaims. Wei Wuxian can hear water boiling. “You’ve been back for only a week and you haven’t even gone to your apartment! Don’t you have things to do?”


Wei Wuxian hugs the pillow tighter and brings it up to his face so he can bury himself in it. “Classes don’t start for another few days,” Wei Wuxian mumbles into the pillow.


Wen Qing lets out a frustrated yell. “And then what are you going to do? You can’t hide from Lan Wangji forever, you live with him!”


Wei Wuxian winces at the mention of his roommate’s name. Ever since they ‘broke up’, Wei Wuxian has been avoiding him. His jiejie even let him stay in her villa for the remainder of the trip. The news of their supposed break up was spread the next day, and it was obvious that Madame Yu was upset. She kept glaring at him as he passed by, but Wei Wuxian ignored her. Obviously she was mad because he would break up with such a nice gentleman like Lan Wangji. Even if she didn’t like Wei Wuxian, she could approve of her relationship with a young master from the Lan family. Now, Wei Wuxian was back to being Wei Wuxian...without his Lan Zhan.


When they finally made it back home, Wei Wuxian was overjoyed. He left their personal airport as soon as he could and rushed to Wen Qing’s apartment as fast as he could. Wen Qing and Wen Ning were so surprised to see him look so upset that they went and bought him liquor after they heard what happened. Wei Wuxian has been staying with her ever since.


“I can and I will,” Wei Wuxian huffs, “I’ve learned his schedule so I know exactly when he’ll be gone from our apartment. Plus he sleeps at nine every night so all I have to do is go home after that.”


Wen Qing sighs again. “Aren’t you two still friends? What’s the point in avoiding him?”


Wei Wuxian thinks about it. He knows that he shouldn’t avoid Lan Wangji; after all it’s not his fault that Wei Wuxian has feelings for him. All he wants is some time away from his roommate so his feelings can disappear. Once they’re gone, he doesn’t have to worry about hiding. He and Lan Wangji can go back to normal, back to how things were before. He expresses this to Wen Qing.


She merely shakes her head, or at least he assumes she does. He can’t see her from where he’s sitting.


“The longer you ignore him, the more it’ll hurt him.” Is all she says. She goes back to finishing her cooking. Wen Ning shows up a little later with a bottle in hand. Wei Wuxian immediately snatches it out of his hands before his sister can reprimand both of them for it. Wen Ning gives him a sympathetic look before going into the kitchen to help his sister finish dinner. Wei Wuxian would offer to help, but he hasn’t been allowed back into the kitchen after he made his food so spicy nobody but he could eat it.


Wei Wuxian finishes the bottle before Wen Qing finishes dinner. He supposes he now knows what drowning his sorrows in alcohol feels like. It’s a shitty feeling, and he wishes he didn’t have to feel so heartbroken. Lan Wangji and he weren’t really dating, but why did it feel like they were?


Wei Wuxian hugs the pillow again and tries to forgot about him. His mind has been full with thoughts of Lan Wangji ever since they got back from Bali. He hasn’t even been able to escape him in his dreams. This must be his punishment for falling in love with his roommate. He can’t help but sigh.


“Wei Wuxian!” Wen Qing yells and her voice seems closer than before. He looks up and realizes she’s standing in front of him with the empty bottle in her hand. She looks angry and disappointed.


“That’s it, I’m cutting you off from alcohol.”


“Wen Qing!” Wei Wuxian immediately whines, pouting his lips in order to gain some sympathy from her. She doesn’t fall for it.


“At this rate you’re going to become an alcoholic if I don’t stop you. You’re not allowed to drink until you make up with Lan Wangji. If I catch you drinking or Wen Ning buying you alcohol, you’ll wish you were dead. Now come eat before the food gets cold.”


Wei Wuxian watches sadly as she takes the bottle and throws it in the trash. It’s like his only comfort is being ripped away from him. He’s not sure what to do.


What does he do now? He buries himself back into his pillow and wishes none of this ever happened.