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The Spirit of the Dragon

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This is Ryuu’s Human Form    

This Ryuu’s Dragon Form/Kekkei Genkai 

Her outfit for now

Her Clan’s crest 


“Papa? Mama? Where are you?” Young Ryuu cried pitifully. The little white haired female slowly walked down her neighborhood calling for her parents. “Mama!? Papa!? Where are you!?” Ryuu called again. The streets were empty of people and the tension in the air is heavy. 

Tear started to form in the white haired girl’s eyes. “Mama... Papa... Where are you...” Ryuu managed to whimper as she continued down the neighborhood towards her house.

Ryuu slowly creeped towards the front door, stiffening as she heard voices behind it.

“Ugh! Why can’t we find anyone with this dumb Kekkei Genkai!” 

Another voice reasoned, “ Maybe we haven’t come across the right person... after all... Have we killed everyone yet?”


Killed?! They’ve killed... my clan? Are they... looking for me?


”Well... Come to think of it, I don’t think I have.”

The second voice spoke again asking, “Have we killed the heir yet?”

A sweat dropped from Ryuu’s tiny face. “No. Not yet. At least I don’t think so.”

“Well... Well... Well... Look who I have here.” A almost silky voice greeted from behind. Ryuu quickly spun her head in the direction the voice sounded at. “W-who a-are you?” Ryuu stuttered in a very shaky voice.

“I have no reason to tell you Osaki-Kun. But I’m looking for your clan’s Kekkei Genkai. Do you know who has it?”

Before Ryuu could answer, A strong, firm arm had reached out and grabbed her collar as it lifted her up into the air. “L-Let. Me go!” Ryuu screeched in protest. 

“Now would be the perfect time to tell us Osaki-Kun.” Replied by the man holding her. “I-I... I don’t know?” Ryuu responded weakly. “Now let me go!”

Ryuu lifted up her small hands and pushed on the arm holding her. The man in front of her shook his head in disappointment before smiling a creepy, blood-curdling smile, “Not yet Osaki-Kun... Not after you tell us who has your clan’s Kekkei Genkai.” That smile sent Ryuu shivers down her spine. 

“My father forbids me of telling...”Ryuu replied stubbornly but sounded frightened enough for both men to notice. The man hold Ryuu’s collar warned, “Kisame-San... Stop scaring the heir of the Osaki clan.” The shark skinned male gulped nervously and nodded.

“Itachi. Have you found the Kekkei Genkai kid yet?” A dark figure asked from the shadows. “ I believe I have,” Itachi calmly responded. “Leader...”

“Good... Now let’s get going...” Their so called leader announced. “Let me go!!” Ryuu called out as she pushed harder against Itachi’s grip on her collar. The Uchiha looked down, “Don’t struggle Osaki-K.-”

“I... said... let... me... go...” Ryuu repeated, but with more aggressiveness in her voice which startled the pale Uchiha. “Well... I can’t... We need your Kekkei Genkai in our organization.”


Ryuu stiffened, “Organization?”. Itachi continued, ingoring the response from the white haired child in his grip, “Yes...  Our organization is called the Akatsuki.” Ryuu looked up at him, though Itachi expected to see her light blue crystal clear eyes instead finds her eyes turned to slits like a fox and in a darker color. It was almost... dragon like.

“Well...,” Ryuu started, “ I’ll never join the likes of you!”.

Ryuu ripped Itachi’s arm off of her and jump back, that where it happened. The only thing her father said not to do, her father told her not to be angry. But she can’t hear him say that anymore... They’re gone... They’re all gone. Ryuu never felt so angry or alone in her life. She felt empty and then lost control of her body, everything went pitch black.

Ryuu gasped as she bolted upright on her bed. It’s not real! It’s not real! It’s not real... It’s not real... Ryuu breathed in and closed her eyes. It’s not real... It already happened before... It can’t happen again. Wait... What time is it? . . . HOLY MOTHER  FLIPPER IT’S EIGHT! I’M GOING TO BE SO LATE. NOPE! NOPE! NOPE! Ryuu quickly jumped out of bed and ran towards her closet.

She picked out a shirt dark blue battle skirt along with a black cape, she even put on her clan’s crest to attach the cape together. (Got the Idea from RWBY) Great... Now I’m ready. Ryuu quickly put on the outfit and padded towards a mirror to check it out

“Ohhh~ Pretty!” Ryuu exclaimed as she stared into the mirror intensely.

Now to the academy… The white haired quietly slipped out the window and headed towards the academy. As Ryuu walked past the marketplace people stared, whispering among themselves. Since the white haired girl was used to this, she simply ignored it and continued to walk.


By the time Ryuu arrived, Class had already started and the hallways were empty of people. Ryuu used her favorite technique which she called Kurantekunikku: Soaringudoragon to get to class on time. She popped right next to Naruto who simply smiled, Ryuu smile a little back.

The door slid open and in steps Iruka-Sensei and a few other jonins. After  a few minutes Iruka took out a clipboard with all the genin teams listed in it.


“Alright… Since you all passed the graduation test, you’ll be put into a three genin squad along with a jonin.” Iruka explained before looking at his clipboard, “ For team 7, the jonin that will be in charge of it will be Kakashi Hatake. For the genin in that team will be Naruto Uzumaki, Sasuke Uchiha and Ryuu Osaki.”


“WHAT!?!” Ino and Sakura cried at the same time, “THAT’S NOT FAIR!” Ino cried, “I wanted to be with Sasuke-Kun! Sasuke-Kun doesn't deserve to be with that wretch!” Ino growled as she pointed angrily at Ryuu. At that moment, Ryuu finally snapped. She had finally had enough, first the citizens of Konoha and now her classmates. Ryuu was enraged and her killing intent radiat out of her body.


Ino froze as she watched scales appear onto Ryuu’s skin. Her mouth gaped open as well as many other people. “ Either you shut up… or…” Ryuu threatened as she looked at Ino with her now changed soul stealing dark cerulean eyes, “...Or I’ll make you myself”.


The light blonde gulped and quickly nodded before she made a run to hide behind a certain pink haired kunoichi who looked scared under the circumstances. Ryuu flicked her eyes towards the pink haired kunoichi and commented “ I’m talking to you too… Sakura…” The green eyed girl nodded reluctantly before the jonins interfered, “Now… Now… Children… Let’s get things under control…”


Ryuu turned her head towards the green vested jonin and flicked her eyes to look at them and sighed as she changed back to her regular form, “Right. Right… Sorry.”


The tension in the air lifted and things returned to nomal. “Anyways… Team 8’s team leader is Kurenai Yuhi and the genins are Hinata Hyuuga, Shino Aburame and Sakura Haruno.”


“Team 9’s team leader is Azumi Ota while the genin’s are Kiba Inuzuka, Shizuoka Yokata and Ren Askuna and lastly team 10’s team leader is Asuma Sarutobi along with Ino Yamanaka, Shikamaru Nara and Choji Akamichi.” Iruka looked from his clipboard as he finishes announcing the teams. “Ugh! Why am I with a weird looking girl and a bug obsessed boy!?” Sakura groaned. “ I know! I have to be with a human vacuum and a dumb lazy pineapple haired boy!” Ino responded obviously annoyed with who was her teammates.


The listed jonins took their genins and left to get to know them, while Naruto, Sasuke and Ryuu wait patiently for their sensei.  “Why is he so late!?!” Naruto exclaimed clearly irritated about their late sensei. “Maybe he’s caught up on something?” Ryuu suggested. “ Not possible… he wouldn’t take 4 hours to do it!” Naruto exclaimed. Ryuu stopped talking and looked out the window towards the clear cloudless sky. 


Naruto suddenly started to giggle and Ryuu turned her head to see what’s the blonde was doing. “Naruto?” Naruto was holding a chalk eraser with dust in it. “What are you doing?” Ryuu asked curiously as she tipped her head sideways. “I’m going to prank sensei! That’ll teach him to be 5 hours late to pick up his own genin team!” Ryuu simply sighed and looked back towards the window as Naruto reached for a chair and placed his trap right between the doors.


After a few more minutes, a silver haired male came in with a mask and a forehead protector covering his left eye. His eyes widened as the dusty eraser fell and hit his head, he looked at the trio and murmured, “My first impression of you three is I hate you.”


“Now meet me at the roof,” Kakashi replied before poofing. Ryuu blinked a few times before she used her favorite teleportation technique. Naruto gasped in amazement as he watched his new white haired teammate disappeared right in front of him. Sasuke simply walked out the room and went to find the stairs with Naruto behind him.


“Hey teme! Wait up!” Naruto exclaimed behind him. Sasuke snorted and walked even faster. Naruto groaned and ran to catch up with the obsidian hair colored Uchiha.


Both boys glared at each other and raced each other up the stairs to see Ryuu already there, reading a scroll and the silver haired man standing near the railing, reading a little orange book. Ryuu looked up from her scroll to see her new teammates finally arrive and then returned to her scroll. “Since everyone’s here, we’ll introduce ourselves.”


“What do you mean?” Sasuke responded. 


“Like your name, likes, dislikes and goals”


“Why don’t you go first?” Ryuu replied.

“Well then. I’m Kakashi Hatake and I don’t want to tell you my likes,dislikes or my goal.” Ryuu simply frowned and shook her head, sighing. “Now why don’t you go blondey?” Kakashi motioned to Naruto. “Well! I’m Naruto Uzumaki and I like ramen, Ryuu…,” At that Ryuu’s eyes widened as Naruto continued. “I dislike bullies and stuck ups! My dream is to become the greatest hokage ever!”

“Good… Now why don’t you go.” The Silver haired jonin murmured as he pointed to Sasuke. “I’m Sasuke Uchiha and  I don’t have any likes or dislikes. I don’t have a goal, but I have an ambition. I want to kill a certain man.”


Without Kakashi saying that she could go, “I’m Ryuu Osaki. I love dragons, cats and foxes. I don’t really have any dislikes, but I have an ambition. In fact, it’s the same as Sasuke’s though he won’t say who he wants to kill. I want to revenge my clan and kill that Damn Itachi Uchiha and his group of criminals.” Ryuu finishes with a grim face as she turned her head to see the other’s reactions to her wordings. To her surprise, Sasuke was smiling a little.

Naruto’s eyes were widened as were Kakashi, but Kakashi actually had a nerve and ask “What do you know about the group of criminals?”

“Well… There’s Itachi… Kisame… and his leader…” Ryuu replied as she thought. “That’s all I remember from… that night…” Kakashi stood there for a few minutes before he told the three genins “ Also meet me at Training field 3. I recommend not to eat your breakfast.” Ryuu narrowed her eyes at the silver haired jonin, “ Why not?” She asked suspiciously. “ Well... if you want to throw up your breakfast before we even started, then you’re more than welcome to eat.”

Sasuke simply snorted while Naruto complained. Ryuu stayed silent, thinking about what would the mysterious jonin would want, to have genin in the the fields means either to train them or to test their strength to see if they’re worthy. “Well... I expect you to train and meet me at training field 3 at 8:00 a.m. and don’t be late.”  

“ Tch. Typical...” The clear blue eyed girl scoffed in annoyance, “Well... if we’re done here, I would like to go now please.” “Yes. You are now excused.” Kakashi nodded. Ryuu stood up while the jonin disappeared and left a pile of leaves. “Wel.. I’m not cleaning that up...” Ryuu joked halfheartedness. “Nice one Ryuu!” Naruto smiled as he laughed. Sasuke slowly shook his head and then murmured towards Ryuu,” Ryuu? Are you busy today?” Ryuu thought for a few moments and then responded, “No? I think I’m free today, why? You want to train with me?” 

“Yes actually, i-if you don’t mind that is.” Sasuke responded. Ryuu smiled and chuckled, “Sure! Why not? It’s not everyday I get to train with new people and maybe new teammates,” Ryuu turned to look at Naruto. “Would you like to train with us Naruto-Kun?” Naruto brightened immediately and then shouted happily, “Sure thing! Dattebayo!” 

“Anyway I’ll meet you at... 5:00? And in Training field 3 ok?” Ryuu suggested thoughtfully. Sasuke nodded in response while Naruto screamed, “Alright! See you there Ryuu-Chan!” Ryuu smiled while chuckling, thinking that Naruto’s probably internally screaming. The white haired girl quickly flashed away. Now time to gather my stuff and grab some lunch. Ryuu quickly shunshined to her favorite dango shop and ordered the large Hanami dango that consists the flavors of green tea, cherry blossom and plain. It was Ryuu’s favorite.

“Yum!” Ryuu exclaimed as she took one of the rice cake sticks out of the bag. She stuck it in her mouth and shunshined into the Training field they’re agreed on meet at. She took the dango out of her mouth and ate one dango by one. Ryuu happily chewed her treat as she waited for her new teammates to arrive. 

A half an hour had past and Ryuu was bored, so she slipped out one her scrolls with a jutsu she had been working on. It was mostly about how to channel her anger and focus it into a blast of chakra in her dragon form. It was really hard to do. In her frustration, Her two teammates had arrive and waited for her to notice them. After a few minutes, The Uchiha had enough and coughed to get her attention. The blue eyed girl’s eyes widened and jerked her head to the source of the noise. Finding it her teammates filled her with embarrassment and her cheeks flushed red, “U-uh... S-sorry guys! I w-was just r-reading!”

“It’s fine Ryuu-Chan! I get distracted too!” Naruto replied, reassuring her that it was alright while Sasuke smiled.