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If winged beasts could fly.

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"GIVE HIM BACK TO ME!" he cried, folding in on himself a little more.

He was surrounded by looks of pity, they'd leave him for dead if given the opportunity. Sometimes, he really wishes they would.

"Fuck off if you'll just stare and look." A soft voice pierced through the sea of people with ease. "Everyone here's just as useless as I remember. But I expected this."

He sobs inconsolably, heartbroken as he glances down. 

She pays the stares no mind and weaves elegantly through the crowd towards the man. 

"This is no way to treat him," she shakes her head disappointedly and redirects her attention to the male. She addresses him in a softer more, gentle tone. "This village will regret this, don't worry."He sniffles brokenly and unfurls just a little bit. "Who are you?" He whispered.

She crouches in front of him, her backless white summer dress flowing with the gentle breeze. Her soft white heels matching along with the many amounts of accessories clanking together, sounding strangely reminiscent of chimes."I was sent to care for you, to serve you." She says, busan satoori clear as day.

Someone in the stunned crowd unfreezes and screams. "Is she one of those supernatural people? You know the ones that get snatched and taken to special schools!? I heard they train them like soldiers though?"The crowd breaks out in murmurs, but she easily talks over them, voice staying soft and warm like a plush pillow. "You know what they say is right, don’t you?"

He looks down at the one person he trusted and thinks. After mulling it over he asks "Who sent you? Who sent you to me?"

"Headmaster Gilbert personally chose me out of my school to care for you. Do you accept?”

"If you can save him, I'll accept." He desperately asks her, for the chance he can get his light back.

“Save him and I’ll accept.” He left no room for argument, desperate to get his light back.

"I can. Would you like me to help you bring him back?"

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"I can. Would you like me to help you bring him back?"

"Can youーcan you really bring him back to me?"

Her voice takes on a somber tone, sounding like a sad memory. "If I lost someone," she starts, sounding kind of like she's phrasing it wrong knowingly. "I'd want someone to return them to me."

She lifts her hand and carefully puts it on the chest of the man cradled in his arms.

She begins mumbling in a long-forgotten language so quietly that he can barely hear, patterns start snaking up her arm from her fingertips, across her chest, and spread out across her whole body until she's covered in tattoos that glow in a soft blue hue.

Everyone holds their breath, curious.

Suddenly, the man's eyes shoot open as he sucks in a harsh breath.

He quickly gets pulled into a tight desperate hug."I can't believe it! You did it!" His excitement is muffled with his head still buried in his friend’s neck. Slowly lifting his head up to look at her he asks, “How did you do it?”

Ignoring his question, the girl slowly stands up. “I suggest getting up and refreshing at home. I was tasked with the duty to keep your best interest in mind and I don't think the plaza floor is a good place to be right now."

Startled by her voice, the man whom she saved breaks away from his friend and looks to her. Dazedly, as if not quite believing what’s going on, he asks “I died?”


"And you brought me back?"

She giggles, "Yes again." and offers her hand to him gently.

He takes the hand. "Neat." is all he answers while being pulled up from the ground.

She turns to the other male, helping him up too. "I suggest going, Jaemin, you were taught to hate the night."

"Ohhh that’s weird, you’re weird. How do you know my name?" He knows he's rambling and might sound rude but can't help himself.

"I've memorized all the information about you that was given to me.”

Jaemin starts to walk away from the crowd and holds his friend with one hand and gesturing wildly with the other. “OKAYYY, the stares are starting to get to me and this is weird so let’s get out of here please.”

"I'll fix it." The girl claims, stepping behind them, and snaps her fingers loudly.

She snaps her fingers and the crowd starts to disperse and is no longer paying attention to them. It was nothing had even drawn a crowd in the first place.

“It just got weirder. How did it just get weirder?! Please tell me I’m not imagining what just happened!" Jaemin’s friend nervously babbles.

At the house, the duo of friends taking the couch and the mysterious girl taking the recliner, daintily sitting at the edge of the chair. Her body didn’t even make an indent in the pillowed surface as she stares at them, waiting for them to start asking questions.

"Okay, first off, who are you and where did you come from?" Jaemin starts nervously.

The girl folds her hands in her lap gently. "I am sent from Busan and my name is Jin."

"Okay, how did you know my name?"

"I was given a file with all of your information that could be even remotely useful to memorize."

"Did that headmaster say anything?"

"Yes. He told me to 'To protect and care for you with my life,’  Unlike him and his failure to do so."

"What are you?" Jaemin's friend interrupts.

Jaemin elbows him and hisses under his breath. "That's rude!"

Jin looks amused and starts to speak. "It's alright, Renjun. I'm the offspring of a demon fae and a witch siren."

"JAEMIN SHE KNOWS MY NAME!" He screams and leaps over to the back of the couch to hide.

"Jaemin's file includes any connections he might have to other people, so yes, of course, I know your name. I do hope that I didn’t mix you up with another of Jaemin’s connections." She giggles, and this time the siren in her is more noticeable in the way that you can hear the soft cling of a dreamcatcher in the wind. Her laugh catches attention the way a dream catcher catches bad dreams. Well, that’s an oddly specific thought to have, Jaemin thinks.

Clearing the thought from his head, he laughs and pats his friend's head affectionately. "You got it right don't worry, but I do have another question."

Jin straightens her back and gives a charmingly crooked smile. "Shoot."

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"I thought demon fae were extinct?" He asks, wary of her body language.

There's no change though, even when she answers: "Almost."

"Almost?" Renjun prompted from his position, crouched behind the couch with a tremble in his voice.

Jin tilted her head like a confused puppy. "Are you," she laughs. "Are you afraid of me, Renjun?"




Jaemin whips his head around to look at him, giving him The Look™.

"I didn't do anything to the race itself if that's what you're worried about. I’m an odd mix, an outcast to put it simply." Jin giggles, like it's an old joke.

Renjun jumps back onto the couch excitedly. "Oh oh oh what can you do? Do you have the powers of both races?"

She thinks for a bit, then asks "What would you like me to do?"

"The fae have wings right? Do you have wings? Can you turn into things? Oh! Can you do any spells !??" Renjun says in one breath.


"Yes to all of that." Jin interrupts softly.

"Wait really?" Jaemin asks excitedly, forgetting to scold Renjun.

She stands up. "I'll show you, though I don’t know if my wings fit in here."

"Oh my god, this is happening," Renjun states just as hyped as jaemin.

"The rest would laugh if they saw you act like this" Jaemin laughed. Renjun was not pleased and threw a pillow at Jaemin.

"Yeah." She whispers softly while walking to the middle of the room.

She takes a deep breath and pushes her hair to the front so it clears the way on her back, and then when she breathes out wings spread, and oh boy were they big. The wings curled around her slightly and still visibly touched both sides of the living room, even though she's trying to make them seem smaller. The wings were trembling in a suffocating way and they looked so heavy and harsh but light and soft at the same time.

She looks at the two men and looks back down shyly and began to ramble softly. "Since these are so big, I got mechanical wings that are a bit smaller, they have the same weight but not as much surface or power. I've been practicing though."

"NO, no, it's fine we like them! We think they’re awesome!" They were quick to assure her.

She looked at them like they had blue skin and sighed out a small laugh. "No, they aren't, they're made for fighting and brute force, just like I am, but they need to be for safe transport and esthetics as the fae are proudest of having beautiful wings, like most winged are. It doesn't matter though, I was born with them and I take pride in my speed regardless of their appearance. Even though I currently can't fly with these." She wiggles her eyebrows a little, "Naps on these bad boys are literally the best, especially in a forest."

Renjun's eyes widen in surprise. "You were made for fighting? What does that mean? Oh god, do you mean some freaky breeding facility?"

Jin laughs freely at that. "No. Just the race I am and the way I was raised is all you need to make the perfect puppet fighter."

"Puppet fighter?"

"A fighter who listens to every command, like a puppet. The perfect soldier who never questions orders."



"Oh god can we continue the conversation later, I think we need that nap after what we went through, I’m starting to get a headache." Jaemin yawned out.

"On my wings?" Jin clarified, tilting her head again, this time more hopeful than the last but the same confusion apparent.

Renjun squeaked. "You'd LET US!??"

"Of course! Anytime, just ask!" Jin excitedly says, getting on her feet. "Where do you want to sleep?"

Renjun and Jaemin shared a glance before both exclaiming, "Outback, where the forest clearing is." at the same time.

Jin smiled and made her way to the back door, the two wonder how she'll get out of the house but as they turn to look she's already out so they shrug and follow her along. They stepped through the kitchen and opened the door taking in the vast expanse of trees and rough, unkempt plants, and with Jin taking a deep eager breath her wings flapped just once, powerful enough to let her leap across the trees and land right in the clearing.

Jaemin and Renjun broke out of their trance when they heard loud, excited laughter reaching them from deep inside the forest, from where they know the clearing is and raced to catch up. Their voices just as loud, screeching with joy to accompany her laughter.