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If winged beasts could fly.

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"GIVE HIM BACK TO ME!" he cried, folding in on himself a little more.

He was surrounded by looks of pity, they'd leave him for dead if given the opportunity. Sometimes, he really wishes they would.

"Fuck off if you'll just stare and look." A soft voice pierced through the sea of people with ease. "Everyone here's just as useless as I remember. But I expected this."

He sobs inconsolably, heartbroken as he glances down. 

She pays the stares no mind and weaves elegantly through the crowd towards the man. 

"This is no way to treat him," she shakes her head disappointedly and redirects her attention to the male. She addresses him in a softer more, gentle tone. "This village will regret this, don't worry."He sniffles brokenly and unfurls just a little bit. "Who are you?" He whispered.

She crouches in front of him, her backless white summer dress flowing with the gentle breeze. Her soft white heels matching along with the many amounts of accessories clanking together, sounding strangely reminiscent of chimes."I was sent to care for you, to serve you." She says, busan satoori clear as day.

Someone in the stunned crowd unfreezes and screams. "Is she one of those supernatural people? You know the ones that get snatched and taken to special schools!? I heard they train them like soldiers though?"The crowd breaks out in murmurs, but she easily talks over them, voice staying soft and warm like a plush pillow. "You know what they say is right, don’t you?"

He looks down at the one person he trusted and thinks. After mulling it over he asks "Who sent you? Who sent you to me?"

"Headmaster Gilbert personally chose me out of my school to care for you. Do you accept?”

"If you can save him, I'll accept." He desperately asks her, for the chance he can get his light back.

“Save him and I’ll accept.” He left no room for argument, desperate to get his light back.

"I can. Would you like me to help you bring him back?"