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*yawn* It had been a long day at the police station, and the new trainees, Josuke and Okuyasu, were looking forward to some good food. Upon stepping into Trattoria Trussardi, a rather disheveled Tonio-san stumbles out, eyes watering.

“Tonio-san! What’s wrong?” Josuke stopped the young cook, concerned.

“Oh, hello i’m afraid i can’t cook right now, please come back much later. You see, I am taking a long trip and I don't know when I’ll be back.”

“That sounds fun, but why do you look so….”

“Bad. I might be being dumb, but you look horrible.” Okuyasu suddenly chirped up, ignoring warning glares from Josuke.

“*sigh* I’m sorry boys, but as you can see, I’m very tired. my brother, Massimo Volpe has mysteriously died. I must return to Italy and inquire about cause of death. I just hope he didn’t get into trouble with any gangs.” Tonio-san muttered the last part.

“We’re very sorry for your loss. But, why don’t we accompany you. Okuyasu has been very bored, plus i think Koichi and Jotaro have both been to Italy recently!” Josuke offered as Okuyasu nearly collapsed.

“Really? That would be very helpful and I am grateful. But first, let’s eat. Poor Okuyasu looks almost as bad as me.” Both boys dashed inside without a second warning.

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“Wow, I can’t believe we’re already going back to Italy! Jotaro do you think we’ll be able to see him again” Koichi was, of course, talking about Giorno Giovanna. Mob boss at age 15, lots had clearly happened to him since he last saw Koichi.

“Hmm.” Jotaro, as usual, was quiet, but added,”There’s also an old friend I need to meet there."

And suddenly, what was originally going to become a solo trip, had become a full trip with 8 people, cost expenses covered by the Speedwagon Foundation on a private airplane. And as soon as those 8 stepped aboard the plane, chaos ensued.

After Splitting up into 2 groups: Josuke, Okuyasu, Koichi, Jotaro, And Tonio-san; Rohan, Dr. Aja, Yukako, and the alien, Tonio-san immediately cracked down on investigating his late brother’s mysterious death. As soon as Josuke and Okuyasu started to relax, Koichi immediately whipped them into shape.

“Too bad Jotaro isn’t here.” Koichi sighed, unsurprisingly exhausted

“What did happen to Jotaro? He just disappeared!” Okuyasu tried to refrain from eating and walking.

“He has to arrange a meeting with an ‘old friend’ and something else about Jolyne and Mrs. Kujo.” Josuke piped in, unwilling to be completely silent.

“Aww, I hope they’re both ok.” Around a year ago, the discovery that Jotaro was not only married, but had a daughter came as quite a shock. A few weeks later, she came to Morioh, becoming fast friends with everybody in town, surprisingly even Rohan.

Just then, Tonio-SAn wheeled around, revealing his findings.”How sad. I mean I knew, but…”

“But what?” all three men shouted.

“Massimo was involved in drugs. He belonged to the gang Passione, the most powerful in Italy. 6 months ago, the mysterious boss’s identity was revealed as a 16 year old named Giogio. There was a lot of controversy around it, but the official story is that they hid his identity because of his age, accidentally involving a young girl with it. That young girl is Trish Una, the rising pop star, who disappeared for a few weeks. Something, just doesn’t sit right. Apparently, even after he worked so hard to establish a narcotics empire, after his identity was revealed, he got rid of it, as well as my brother in the process.”

Koichi stood there mouth open. Giogio… Giorno Giovanna. Mob boss.. Before Koichi could finish thinking, the other boys made a collective decision to eat. Upon finding Tonio-San’s favorite restaurant, they saw Jotaro, reading yet speaking to another person on the bench. After some unheard dialogue, the man stood up as Jotaro stared at them.

“What did you find out?” Jotaro wasted no time.

Koichi stepped forward. “The mob boss Giorno Giovanna,” Koichi stared, “got rid of his narcotics team, which Tonio-San’s brother was on, and there’s been some controversy surrounding the revealing of the boss’s identity.”

“Hm. let’s eat then, since there’s nothing new.” They immediately headed into the restaurant.

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“Ugh, I need to puke.” Koichi stepped out of the restaurant. Upon entering the alleyway, he heard a scuffle.

“I’m only going to ask you this one more time,” a gunman, bashed somebody’s head into the wall. “How about it, huh? I’ve got some friends who didn’t really need to be here, but can easily grant you a horrible death.” Suddenly a man in light green and skin holes stepped into the sunlight.

“Mista, let’s do this later. We shouldn’t risk being seen by any civilians.” That voice… It was very familiar, graceful and elegant. It was no other than Giorno Giovanna!

“Gio, I don’t even know why you’re here. Don’t you have other work to do?”

“I’m still your boss, and I told you, I’m reminiscing. Now hurry it up!”

“Micro-Manager.” The young man in a crop top and a strange hat muttered.

“Uhm guys? Too late.” The young man in green holes noticed Koichi unable to hold in his vomit any longer. They ordered him to come closer, he did. Suddenly, Giogio stepped into the sunlight.

“Ko-,”he started, “Mista, Fugo, stand down. Send somebody to take him back to HQ. I’ll deal with this.” A second warning glance, and they turned away.

“Koichi what are you doing here?” he sounded almost threatening.

“Giorno Giovanna!”

“I asked you a question. Don’t make me say it again.”

“And I have questions for you as well. Please, it’s important.” Suddenly, Josuke and Okuyasu rushed into the alleyway.

“Koichi! Wha-”

“Stand down.” Jotaro came from behind them.

“How lovely to see your friends coming in Koichi. However, I must go.” Walking past them, Mista and Fugo followed. “Ciao!”

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“Haven’t I seen you before? Oh yes, you were with Koichi the other day. What brings you here?” Giorno Giovanna calmly stared at Jotaro, and he did the same.

“I admit, it was a surprise to see you there, however we have business to discuss. First of all, I need to meet up with an old friend. I was told you know where to find him.”

“Who is this mysterious fellow then?”

“His name is Jean Pierre Polnareff.”

“Polnareff? Then could you be the same Jotaro Kujo that went to Egypt, to defeat my father?” Jotaro stared. “Calm down. I’ve heard a lot about the Joestar tree from Polnareff. If your worried I might try to avenge my father, well… It is entirely his fault he died. If I didn’t know him, how could I possibly defend him? And I think we both know that not only was I unintentional, that body wasn't entirely his.”

“You have an interesting point of view, Gio.”

“Thanks. Anyway did you need anything else?”

“The reason we’re in Italy is to help a friend. His brother died recently, and we are investigating who could have made his death so… ugly.”

“His name?”

“Massimo Volpe.”

“No I’m afraid not.(Author's note: AND GIORNO LIED)” He stood up. “I’ll tell Polnareff about you. Arrivederci!” Giorno left, sweating.