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Meow for all: I am NOT eating that!

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“Kacchan! Wait for me!”
Cried out izuku, her mop of green curly hair bouncing in the wind as she chased after a small group of boys, lagging behind significantly, through the trees of the small wooded area by the local park playground that the four of them frequented.
“ come on, deku! Keep up yourself!” The spiky blonde haired boy yelled as he tossed a smirk at the girl over his shoulder. “ yeah let's go!” Another boy with unusually long fingers shouted “ we're playing hero agency and we need our ‘damsel in distress’ , deku!” A boy with wings was snickering and nodding his head behind him and started to chant “~damsel, damsel ~” Izuku’s face scrunched up a bit at the chanting, the boys never did let her play as anything else on account of her being quirkless (which was completely unfair, in her opinion.)
because she also happened to be the only girl in their group, she was always the damsel that needed to be rescued by the 'hero' but, she supposed she should be happy that they let her play with them at all…
Even if she was a 'quirkless, useless deku'.
she called again for a pause in walking, the group stopping in an exasperated huff and turning towards her, irritated that she was keeping them from playing their favorite game.
Izuku lightly bit her lip, looking at the ground before finally voicing her question “ u-um...can we- can we maybe pl-play something else today?” Izuku shyly peeked up through her bangs at the boys then, who were looking at her like she had just spontaneously grew an extra limb out of her eye socket or something.
“ whAT?!” exclaimed kasuki “ why the hell would we play anything else? Hero agency is awesome!” Kasuki paused and tilted his head a bit, a small smirk growing on his face before asking in a condescending tone “ what? you wanna play some stupid girly shit like house or dolls or something?” Izuku fretted at that and rushed to answer, rather loudly, “ N-NO! Of course n-ot! It- it’s just that…” Izuku sentence trailed off with her eyes darting to the side and her hands starting to twist the hem of her All Might (of course) shirt nervously.
“just what?” Katsuki prodded, annoyed “ spit it out already deku!” izuku looked at katsuki again her hands slowly coming up to grab lightly at the sides of her head.
“m-my head feels kinda fu-funny to-today kacchan..” Kasuki’s face twisted in confusion as well as the other two boys faces.
“Funny how deku?” Katsuki demanded as he stared at the top of her head like he could figure it out if he just looked hard enough.
Izuku thought for a brief moment before replying “ it just h-hurts. But not li-like a headache kind of hurt? More like a...f-fuzzy kind of hurt, i-i th-think?...” Katsuki’s face took on an even more confused and irritated look at that “ hah?! What kind of shit explanation is that?! You shitty nerd!” izuku panicked slightly at his tone of voice and it caused her to start waving her hands around frantically and a little erratically before exclaiming “ I- I don't know kacchan! I can't explain it any better than that!” Izuku went back to holding the sides of her head as kasuki looked on in annoyance, thinking and deliberating over the issue presented to him, coming to what he believed to be a sound conclusion he finally declared with an unconcerned shrug “you’re so useless deku, you probably just hit your head on something and didn't notice. So Stop being a baby and let's go play!” deciding that to be the end of the matter he swiftly turned around on his heel and started to continue down the path, yelling “Forward march!” along the way, the other boys were quick to fall in line behind him, managing to match his marching speed after only a few stumbles.
“O-oh o-ok're probably ri-right…” izuku said, unease creeping into her tone, only for her to shake her head a bit and planting a big smile on her face as she hurried along after the boys as to not be left behind by the marching group.

The next half hour or so, was spent with the boys each taking turns being the ‘hero’ and the ‘villains’ as with each new round izuku ‘the helpless damsel’ would be hidden in varying different spots for the ‘hero’ to find and to try to ‘rescue’ her.
All the while izuku continued to feel more and, growing dizzy and nauseous at times, but refusing to say anything because she didn't want to stop the game and annoy kacchan again, deciding on toughing it out instead. They were on their fourth round of the game, izuku hiding behind a large fallen tree this time while kacchan played the ‘villain’ trying to keep the ‘heroes’ from getting near his ‘captured victim’ when izuku suddenly let out a pained yell, collapsing to the ground in a heap, curling on her side and into herself while distressed whimpering escaped from her lips softly. Katsuki paused mid dramatic speech at the loud thump and turned towards the tree sighing out “what now?!” thinking Deku was being 'dramatic' again, Upon receiving no reply to his question katsuki looked back at the others in confusion, both shrugging their shoulders in a ‘I don't know’ motion, katsuki rolled his eyes at their unhelpfulness and instead began to approach the tree calling out again “deku?...hey deku!” The three boys all scrambled up and over the large tree to come upon the sight of izuku curled up into a ball, clutching her head and weakly moaning. Katsuki’s stomach lurched harshly before he was reacting without realizing and launched himself off the side of the tree and rushed over to his fallen friend. “hey! What's the matter with you?” Katsuki asked as he bent down and started to lightly shake her to try and prompt a response, noticing the small girl was trembling as if she was freezing, sweat forming on her brow.
Izuku whimpered again and slowly blinked her eyes open, tears collecting in the corners of her emerald eyes as she looked up at katsuki with a pain filled expression “k-kachan..ev-every..unh-i-it h-hurts kac-kacchan!” She cried, her stuttering far worse than it normally was, every word breathy and sounding like it was a struggle just to get out.
“What's wrong with her?” Asked tsubasa looking down over the side of the tree. Katsuki looked up unsure at the boy and then looked back at izuku his face going from uncertain to determined with a decision made, he then replied “I don't know but you losers get down here and help me get on my back, I'm taking her home! Auntie inko’ll know what to do!” the two boys jumped down off the log quickly and joined kacchan by the fallen girl's side, they started to pick her up but went too fast and the motion caused izuku to cry out in protest, which, in turn, caused katsuki to glare harshly at them. “carefully you numbskulls!” Katsuki growled angrily “s-sorry katsuki!” One of them apologized, the boys then moved far more carefully, lifting izuku and placing her on the explosive Boy's back, making sure to wrap her arms around his neck for her, as it didn't seem the girl had the energy to do so herself, katsuki hitched her up to a more secure position before hurriedly making his way around the tree and back to the path that led to the playground, breaking into a slight jog once there, he turned his head back as best he could in order to shout “you losers better go on home! It's getting late! I got this!” The boys looked like they almost wanted to argue for a second before seeming to decide against it (it was kacchan after all…) instead they nodded and yelled out a conformation all the while wringing their hands together and looking on nervously.
the park entrance came into sight and katsuki quickened his pace even more; turning down the road that led to izuku's house “hang on deku, we'll be there ‘for ya know it” He muttered not sure if he was trying to calm Deku or himself, izuku only whined weakly in response.
Thankfully izuku's home was only about two blocks from the park but about halfway there izuku started to really wretch around, almost causing katsuki to drop her. “ uhh..kacchan? Kacchan stop!” She groaned “ hah? No way! We gotta get you home! Stop wiggling so much back there!”
“B-but kacchan I feel like I'm gonna th-throw up...and don't wa-wanna g-get it on you…” she explained. Katsuki cursed softly as he came to a stop on the side of the road near a bush, he gently lowered izuku to the ground and not a moment too soon as she immediately began puking all over the ground just narrowly missing katsukis shoes in the process, he then hurried to hold her hair back so she wouldn't get any in it as she puked again.
Katsuki was starting to get pretty worried now, Deku was still shaking something awful and her face was flushed and sweaty and her breathing was coming in shallow gasps, he started rubbing her back in small circles, not knowing what else to do and remembering his mom doing this the last time he was sick, so he figured it must help. after a few more dry heaves with nothing further coming up, he asked if she thought she could stand to go again, receiving a tiny nod from her he turned around and bent slightly for her to climb back up, once situated he once again took off down the road even more urgent to get her to her mom.
Fortunately nothing else interrupted the trip and they soon made it to the front door of the midoria’s apartment, katsuki pounding on it frantically as dekus breathing became more shallow and labored.
As soon as the door opened katsuki began speaking “auntie inko! Something's wrong with Deku!” With the door fully open inko took in the scene in front of her that was causing the boy to create such a fuss, gasping as she saw her daughters condition “oh my goodness! I- what?-” she stammered out caught off guard before pulling herself quickly together inko tried to speak again, her words coming out clearly this time.
“please take her to the couch! I'll grab the first aid kit!” She turned on her heel and sprinted down the hallway toward the bathroom, leaving katsuki to make his way through the small apartment and to the living room, carefully lying izuku on the couch before an idea popped into his mind, he ran into the kitchen, grabbing a dish towel off the counter and hastily running it under cold water in the sink, wringing it out slightly he rushed back to dekus side, auntie inko having had returned as well, katsuki placed the towel on izukus forehead as inko was busy searching in the med box for the thermometer.
Finally locating it with a small “aha!” she placed it gently in her baby girl's mouth, while waiting for the results inko turned to katsuki who was watching izuku with great intensity as if she might disappear if he so much as blinked, deciding he needed a distraction as much as she needed answers as to just what was going on. “katsuki-kun? What happened at the park?” She asked trying to keep the panic from her voice as to not worry the boy even more than he already looked “i-i don't know! We were playing and Deku said her head hurt but couldn't explain how it hurt! I just thought she hit it on something without knowing! A ‘lil bit later she just...fell a-and started to cry ‘it hurts’ over and over” he took a breath and continued “I didn't know what to do so I just picked her up and ran here! We had to stop halfway though ‘cus she had to throw she gonna be ok auntie?” Looking up, worry shining bright in his eyes (an unusual occurrence to anyone who knew the boy to be sure...) inko’s heart panged with sympathy for the, no doubt, frightened boy who has never had to deal with a situation like this before in his young life, but before she could answer him, the thermometer beeped and she pulled it out of izuku's mouth and bought it up to eye level, inhaling sharply as she saw it read 103.4° she quickly got up and grabbed her phone off the coffee table, where it had been previously charging, she hurriedly punched in a number, bringing it to her ear and willing the device to ring faster. “Hello?” “Mitsuki! Thank goodness! I need a ride! Something wrong with izuku!” Inko cried “what?! Fuck! What's going on? Is she hurt?!”
“I-i’m not sure! Katsuki just bought her home..on his back!, she has a high fever and I don't know what's going on!” Inko voice cracked at the end of her sentence as she desperately tried to hold herself back from sobbing as it wouldn't help the situation if she broke down right now. “the brat did wha-?...” Mitsuki muttered (but now was not the time for that, mitsuki!)
“O-OK calming breathes inko! I'm on my way! grab the kids and met me outside!” At that the line went dead, inko put the phone back down on the coffee table and began looking around the room becoming more and more frazzled looking as she seemed unable to spot whatever it was she was hunting “auntie? What you looking for?” Katsuki was quick to see the panic forming and quicker to ask a question in order to try and distract her “a-a blanket..I wanted a blanket to wrap izuku in!” She answered a bit absentmindedly “don't worry! I got it!” The boy called out as he bolted out of the room only to return not a moment later with izuku’s favorite all might themed blanket in tow, inko taking it whan he held it out to her and proceed to wrap it snugly around her daughter.
then grabbed her purse and keys and handed them off to katsuki so she could carry izuku unburdened.
By the time they reached the curb outside, mitsuki’s car was already pulling up (managing to drive up and over the curb no less) inko instructed katsuki to get in the back seat first so izuku could lay on his lap and he could hold her still for the drive since she couldn't sit up to wear a seatbelt, once the kids were taken care of, inko got in the front seat and mitsuki took off as soon as her door closed, squealing the wheels loudly. normally inko would have chastised her friend for speeding and weaving in and out of traffic but in this moment she was more than glad for mitsuki’s mayhem driving as they made it through the city and to the hospital in record time.

After a brief wait in an exam room in which info was given, blood tests drawn and x-rays taken, all the while katsuki refusing to leave izuku side or stop holding her hand if it wasn't absolutely necessary, (and the blonde's opinion about what was necessary differed greatly with the staff, mitsuki having to intervene and pull the boy away forcibly a number of times) the doctor came into the room and took a seat in the desk chair, smiling briefly at the determined looking boy holding onto his patient's hand with what looked like the very jaws of life…
“alright Mrs.midoriya, first and foremost, there's nothing serious or life threatening going on.” he said in a calming voice. the two women in the room breathing a big collective sigh of relief; even katsuki looked less stressed and more relaxed at the revelation. “Yup” the doctor continued, “what's happening is perfectly normal, a bit of a rare case, but normal.” a confused look crossed inko face before she asked “normal? Doctor?”
The doctor smiled before flipping open his chart and glancing over the contents briefly then looking back at inko “your daughter is six years correct? “he asked “yes, that's right'' "and she was officially diagnosed as quirkless last year?” “Yes...But what does that have to do with what's happening now? Inko answered; her confusion of the situation only growing. “oh it has everything to do with it ma'am, I assure you! you see, your daughter was misdiagnosed. She's not, in fact, quirkless at all!” A pregnant pause descended the room as the three (conscious) visitors processed the, frankly, surprising news.
Katsuki was staring back and forth between the doctor and izuku, a look of disbelief on his face, inko was the first of the small group to recover. “wh-what? S-she's not?!” She inquired, “how is that possible?...all those tests last year...” “It's a rare instance for sure” the doctor began “but, it does happen from time to time. not only is your little girl a late bloomer, it's a mutant type quirk that's late to boot! It's a quirk that, by all rights, she should've had since birth, which is why it's causing her so much pain now. her body is being forced to rearrange itself to accommodate changes that should have been there to begin with. now, We can keep her sedated until the changes are complete, this way the process will be painless for her.” Inko had been nodding along throughout the explanation “I long would she need to be sedated? Till the changes are over?” She asked curiously looking over at izuku, who of which katsuki was still looking at disbelief at.
“Oh not very long at all! I estimate by tomorrow morning at the earliest, two days at most. We'll be having her moved to room here in just a moment and I'll be by in the morning to check in on her progress, if there are no was nice to meet you Mrs.midoriya, Mrs.bakugou, young man.” The doctor nodded to all in turn, katsuki glaring at him as if he had personally offended him somehow when he did, then shaking hands with both women, inko thanking him profusely, he took his leave.
A few minutes later an orderly came in and the transfer to a more permanent room got underway. When all the machinery was set and everything settled, inko slumped onto one of the armchairs in the room, her whole body going lax, slouching in relief and exhaustion, mitsuki came over to sit on the arm of the chair and wrapped an arm around her to give her comfort only a best friend and fellow mother could, speaking words of celebration softly to her friend, equally just as relieved by the outcome as her.
Katsuki watched them for a moment before deciding his mom had everything with auntie inko under control so he wandered over to the hospital bed that held his green haired friend.
staring at her sleeping form equal parts glad and relieved that, thanks to the sedative, she finally looked at rest and no longer in any discomfort. Looking back at the adults in the chair and seeing them thoroughly engaged in their whispered conversation, heads bowed together, he wasted no time in climbing up on the bed, careful of the IVs and laying down next to izuku, snatching back up her hand. ‘a mutant quirk huh?’ He thought ‘I wonder what it will be…’ he eyes began to droop as the events of the day caught up to him at last, he tried to keep his eyes opened however, fighting sleep, afraid something will happen the moment he fell asleep and let his guard down, but exhaustion proved too much for his small body to be able to fight off and was soon sound asleep, snoring softly, still holding on to dekus hand tightly.
The two mothers looked up and saw the, frankly, adorable scene on the bed both letting out soft coo’s at their children, mitsuki going as far as snapping a photo on her phone quick before asking inko if she wanted her to take the brat home with her, but inko refused saying there was no point as he was already asleep and it wasn't like he was hurting anything. After asking if she was sure and getting a positive affirmation she conceded the point (she knew her son would only pitch a fit about leaving anyway) and quietly left the room with a final look back at the cutie duo, taking off for home in order to inform her husband (and show off pictures..) on what all went on that day.
Inko got to settling in the armchair for the night, pulling over the blanket that was on the side table and soon following the children into a deep and peaceful slumber.

It was dark in the room when katsuki next opened his eyes. The only light in the room coming from the various medical machines blinking buttons and the hallway light shining through the small window on the door, wondering what woke him up, he noticed Deku was squirming around and groaning under her breath.
He was just getting ready to try and shake her awake when she suddenly was wrapped in a soft glow, the light emitting from the girl too dim to bother auntie inko sleeping in the armchair across the room, katsuki starred in absolute awe as the glow turned a soft green and began to ebb to and fro, shapes silhouetting on the top of her head and taking form, he wasn't sure how long he sat there watching before the light faded away leaving the room dark once again except for the hallway light by which he could make out what looked ears on top of his friend's head, before he realized what he was doing katsuki had reached out and took an ear in between his fingers, rubbing gently.
‘...soft’ he thought before a bright blush overtook the boys face as he snatched his hand back to himself as if afraid the ear was gonna bite him somehow.
Yawning, suddenly exhausted again, he layed back down, getting comfortable under the covers, huddling close to deku and was asleep again in no time.

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After izuku's eventful hospital visit and discovering that she wasn't quirkless after all (a cat quirk! So cool!) or that she didn't have to give up on being hero, not that she would have even if she had stayed quirkless...
It wasn't uncommon to find her and kacchan in the bakugou's backyard surrounded by a copious amount of notebooks, trying to figure out all the mechanics about izuku’s quirk they possibly could and scribbling their discovery's down in the pages that quickly became full with notes and hastily drawn sketches.
Through an extensive amount of testing they found out things like, how izuku’s quirk gave her heightened senses, including terrific night vision, increased speed and agility, Deku was now easily able to outpace all three of the boys no longer falling behind, she could also climb or balance on virtually anything and land unscathed from jumping off heights that would hurt even kacchan if he tried it...they originally thought Deku didn't have any defense capability as her new form didn't seem to have come with any claws (though she *did* have small fangs…) but they discovered overwise by complete accident the day they were testing out her new hearing by having her wear a blindfold while two of the boys hid (kacchan was in charge of taking notes on the results) and having her find them by sound only, everything was going fine, Deku having already found their long fingered friend fairly easily and was searching for tsubasa, who was unsportingly cheating by hovering up off the ground to throw her off...
when kacchan got the (admittedly, not very bright on his part) idea of trying to sneak up on deku when she was distracted...causing her to accidentally lash out on reflex, swinging her hand backwards, when without warning, the soft green glow katsuki had seen that night at the hospital surrounded her hand and took on the shape of a cat paw! complete with a set of tiny kitten claws! Although they weren't large nor sharp enough yet to do any real damage, they still left katsuki with three small scratch marks on his right cheek, they hadn't even bleed or hurt or anything but deku still spent the rest of that day feeling guilty and repeatedly apologizing to him despite his ensurences to her that it was fine and was, in fact, actually really cool! (“you have an attack power now, dummy!”)
it still had done very little to truly mollify her natural overly fretting personality.

And so time rolled on, the relatively carefree days of their childhood quickly passed them by, elementary school giving way to middle school,
Blue smocks exchanged for black uniforms and sailor suits.
And before any of them even noticed or realized or was really ready for it, they were 14 and in their last year of junior high, thinking about their futures and what high schools they wanted to go to, that part came easy for deku and kacchan, as they had never wanted to go anywhere other than UA, although deku did finally manage to get kacchan to agree to put shiketsu down as a secondary school, just in case (“the teacher will just make you write a second one down anyway, kacchan!” “...FUCKING FINE, ALREADY!!)

Izuku was packing up her bag at the end of the school day, all of her other classmates having already rushed out the door at the first sign of ringing from the bell, eager to get their weekends started, while she herself not having anything in particular planned (except maybe going to go check out that new hero expo at the mall tomorrow, she heard there was going to be a new documentary on FatGum! she wondered if kacchan would be interested...)
she was taking her time to place her stuff neatly in her bag, when her ears suddenly perked up at the sound of the door sliding open right before a shadow fell over her desk, her nose began twitching somewhat erratically at the near assault on it by the thick, cloying scent of over fragranced perfume put on *much* to heavily, she didn't have to look up to know it was her, less than pleasant, dark haired classmate: Shiko Takanaki. come to brother her since she was alone and, more importantly, kacchan wasn't around to see or put a stop to anything...see, shiko had a ‘secret’ crush on kacchan not to mention plenty of delusions of grandeur about being the prettiest girl in the school and highly desired to be dated by all the boys, even though no boy in their grade has ever actually asked her out...
in truth, the boys all thought she was unnecessarily annoying and refused to hang out with, much less date her because of it.
so, naturally, she absolutely hated izuku because she was friends with kacchan and hung out with him on a regular basis, in fact, being the only girl that kacchan hung out with really…
Shiko would use every opportunity that presented itself to pick on and harass the green cat girl, calling her every cat themed name in the book, throwing things at her when no one was looking, tripping her every chance she got, stealing her things and dumping them in the toilet or tossing them out the window into the koi pond, she even once started a ridiculous rumor about her that she had a secret addiction to milk, a rumor that didn't really make a whole lot of sense, seeing as milk was actually bad for cats and izuku was lactose intolerant because of it...but all of this izuku could endure, for it was tame in comparison to what went on in the girls’ locker room, because in there, shiko and her flunkies ruled unheeded by the worry that they would be caught by a teacher.
There was no escaping if you were unfortunate enough to be cornered in there by them.
Swirlys, beat downs, clothes snatching, generalized hazing, public humiliation, verbal abuse, and so much more being the norm behind closed doors.
They had locked izuku in a locker once for refusing to do all of their homework for them and had left her there for hours threatening to leave her until morning, to 'teach her some respect of her betters', she only got out so soon because (mortifyingly) the janitor had found her during his nightly rounds…
She could (and probably should) tell a teacher or even kacchan about all this she supposed but..she really didn't want to bother him with her problems when he was so focused with his studies to maintain top tier grades to ensure that they met the standards of the top hero school in the country or make it look like she couldn't handle herself! (She also wanted to go UA for crying out loud! she couldn't be caught whining!)
And she definitely didn't want to be labeled a snitch and paint an even bigger target on her back then the one that was already there...
Besides, she only had to put up with it for a few more months anyway and then her and kacchan would be off to become pro hero's and make something of themselves and Shiko Takanaki will be nothing more than a faded unpleasant memory...if only that day were today...
the whole thing was so stressful for izuku and took far too much energy in order to deal with in any capacity so, izuku hoped that if she just ignored her she would eventually get bored and wander off as she was apt to do sometimes.
She continued to packed her stuff slowly and diligently, keeping her eyes downcast and refusing to look up or respond to any of her persistent prompting.
Wrong move.
Shiko didn't take kindly to it, her hand snapping out and latching onto one of her fuzzy ears, twisting harshly, izuku having to bit her lip in order to not cry out “hey, fuzzball! I'm talking to you” she said snidely, twisting deku’s poor ear harder. “what? You got catnip stuffed in these big ‘ol ears of yours?” She asked looking quite smug with herself as if she thought she said something particularly clever.
Deku’s eyes started to fill with tears as she bit her lip harder still as to not let any sounds out, she didn't want to give shiko the satisfaction...
“I'll be asking katsuki-kun out this weekend!” She declared, as if she was letting izuku know some sort of privileged knowledge, izuku flinched at the sharp tug upon her abused appendage as shiko continued “ heh heh~ it’s gonna be sooo perfect and sooo romantic! We'll be the absolute best couple! the kind of couple that makes others weep in jealousy!” Shiko's face was clouding over with a faraway, dreamy look and izuku was beginning to wonder, that if she could manage to break out of the vice lock like grip on her ear, if she could just fling herself out the window to escape this whole nightmare (probably, it was only the third floor after all…) unfortunately for her, shiko came back to herself before she could try and enact any escape plans and pulled her forward roughly by her ear till they were face to face, forcing deku into eye contact, as now, she had nowhere to look away to.
Shiko fixed her with a nasty glare full of contempt “and I don't want your mangy, flea-ridden hide anywhere near us or around katsuki-kun at all anymore! Got it fuzzball?! I'm tired of seeing my poor katsuki-kun having to put up with your patheticness! If I see so much as a whisker anywhere close to him, I swear, me and my girls will hunt you down, drag your furry ass to the locker room and shave every last bit of fur off your stupid tail! Kay?” she ended her rant with a fake bubbly tone that, honesty, had izuku more disconcerted then the threat to the wellbeing of her tail did.
“you need to have a better fucking imagination when it comes to your threats…" a rough voice said lazily causing shiko to (finally!) let go of deku’s ear to spin around in shock towards the door, izuku trailing her with her eyes as she massaged at her poor ear, to see none other than kacchan leaning on the door frame looking absolutely, completely and utterly downright *livid*
angry searing red eyes bored into shiko as she stood there doing what had to be the world's greatest impression of a floundering fish…
( NO! Not the time! Bad izuku! Bad!)
“k-k-kk-katsuki-kun!” She blurted out “i-i-....”
Kacchan pulled himself off the frame, Shiko stumbling back slightly as he approached, crossing the short distance in just a few easy strides with his long legs and fast pace to stand next to dekus desk, never once wavering in his deathly glare set upon shiko. “I mean, seriously? As if deku would ever be scared of something as fucking stupid as a bald tail! Only petty, superficial, cheap bitches care about shit like that and deku’s no cheap bitch. Unlike you.”
his seemingly calm and careful tone contradicting the sheer fire and brimstone burning bright in his eyes.
Katsuki pulled his lips back in a snarl that could scare the very souls off a shinigami with its intensitivity.
izuku finding herself immensely glad it was pointed *away* from her,
as just seeing it from the side was causing her ears to flatten flush against the top of her head and her tail to bristle as she hunched her shoulders and took a small step back.
"Let me make one thing perfectly fucking clear bitch" kacchan eyes narrowing as he made sure he had shiko undivided attention. "Deku here is fucking better and worth more then your shitty ass ever will! I don't know what kind of fucking delusions you've been having but I wouldn't fucking date you even if you paid me! And if I EVER see you even look like your thinking of touching deku in any shitty way again, I'll shove an explosion so far done your fucking throat you'll be shitting firecrackers the rest of your shitty, worthless life!!! Got that?! Hah?"
At this point shiko was looking close to pissing herself in fear, izuku could almost (*almost*) sympathise with her...she's never seen kacchan quite this mad before, not even during that time tsubasa had dropped that cup of grape juice all over him back when they were 10...
Shiko burst into tears, wailing loudly as she positively fled from the room, kacchan's glare following her every step of the way.
The room was silent as the duo listened to the fading howls going down the hallway before katsuki turned around and fixed izuku with a hard stare that demanded answers.
"The fuck was that deku?" He asked watching as the question made her flinch uncontrollably and gulp loudly, her ears swiveling around backwards "w-whatta y-ou mean k-kacchan? Shiko was ju-just…" she trailed off as she tried to think of something she could say to diffuse the situation before she had to come clean about shiko's torment of her.
But, unfortunately for her, kacchan was far too smart to be easily thrown off the trail and far too determined to let anything go…
"Don't bullshit me deku! No fucking way was that a one off thing! Just how long has that shitstain been hounding you? And why the FUCK haven't you said anything?!" Kacchan was leaning forward now almost in izuku's face not giving her any room to dodge the inquiry "i-it's not a big deal…" she muttered quietly trying to downplay the issue and katsuki was having *none* of that. "What did I just fucking tell you deku? Don't BULLSHIT me!" He spat angrily as he grabbed onto both of deku's cheeks and tugged them in punishment.
"O-wowowowOWow kacchan! That hurts! St-stop it!" She cried as she tried to pry his hands off her face
"Then fucking tell me what I want know! You shitty deku!"
"OK okokok I te-tell you! Just stop!"
Kacchan released her at that looking proud of himself (big meanie…) and rolled his hand in a get on with it motion while quirking an eyebrow, deku sighed knowing there was no avoiding this any longer and got to revealing everything she had hidden for him over the last few years.

To say that kacchan was upset would've been an understatement…
Though whether he was more pissed at Shiko Takanaki and all the shit she pulled, deku for keeping it from him all this time or at himself for not noticing it was happening, was anyone's guess.
Things were pretty quiet between them as they walked home from school, kacchan walking quite a few paces ahead and stewing silently, with deku trailing behind him slowly, ears flat, tail drooped and dragging her feet with a downcasted look as she gripped the straps of her backpack tightly.
They were walking through the underpass tunnel, deku only midway and kacchan already at the end, when a loud bang sounded behind deku causing her jump in alarm, her tail bushing out in a way that would have been funny in any other kind of situation and quickly spinning around to see what caused such a loud noise; to see that it was the manhole cover that had shot off from the ground with such force that it had crashed into the tunnel wall.
"Well, well what do we have here? A cute lil vessel for me to use for my escape!"

Chapter Text

Anything thing hurts.
Can't breathe!
Getting dark…
Is someone calling me?

A loud explosion sounded by izuku's head just then, sending a shockwave rippling through the gelatin like mass surrounding her, dislodging the obstruction in her throat momentarily allowing her to take in several desperate gulps of air, helping to clear the dark spots from her vision.

"AAHGG! damn it! You fucking brat! That actually hurt!"
The sludge monstrosity that held her captive and was trying to stuff itself into her body yelled as it swung out one of it's slimy tentacle like appendages at kacchan,
who just managed to barely dodge in time, rolling off to the side of the tunnel with a quiet grunt of pain,
before jumping back up and running towards them again, small, crackling, explosions sparking off in his palms, his face was set in angry determination, eyes burning with a promise that he wasn't backing down from the fight.

Izuku eyes pleaded with him to stop attacking and get to safety, she couldn't stand it if kacchan got hurt on her account.
"K-kacchan! N-no! Sto-" izuku tried to call out before the sludge villain covered her mouth once again in his foul tasting body
"yeah *kacchan* stop~" he taunted "don't worry I'm only using her as a skin suit to hide in! It'll only hurt for a moment if she doesn't struggle!" Kacchan didn't halt in his attack rushing forward with another loud blast coming up with a right hook and connecting with the villain's eyeball this time,
then plunging his hands into the gelatinous mass and grabbing on tightly to deku's arm, pulling with everything he had in a desperate bid to free the girl.
The slime started to give way little by little, the sounds of the villain yelling and cursing about his eye seemed muffled in the background, with one final heaving tug,
deku broke free from the slime and they tumbled to the ground with a yelp from the offset of balance, kacchan quickly grabbing onto her arm again, pulling deku to her feet and having them make a break for it down the tunnel.

But they weren't fast enough.
The villain recovered from the attack far quicker then kacchan had hoped for and launched himself after them "get back here! You little assholes!" They had almost made it out of the tunnel before a thick wall of slime slammed into them sending deku crashing down to the ground, skinning her knees harshly, blood flowing from the cuts immediately and careening kacchan off into the wall, his head bouncing hard on contact rendering him unconscious immediately, a trail of blood running down his forehead.

"KACCHAN!!!" deku's heart stopped at the site of her childhood friend lying crumpled on the ground unmoving, she scrambled to her feet and ran over, falling to her knees, ignoring the searing pain from them, beside him.
"kacchan! Wake up! Please wake up! h-have to get up kacchan…" she sobbed desperately with her hand resting on his back, not daring to shake him in fear of accidentally hurting him further, before a shadow descended on them, deku looked back and saw the sludge monster looming menacingly over them looking at his handiwork with a sick, childlike, glee twisting his features.

"Awww~ what's a matter kitty cat? Your boyfriend taking a little nap? Don't worry little one...I'll keep you company!" Deku was beyond terrified and shaking like a leaf but...she knew she couldn't just ran away and she refused to do so without kacchan!
She stood up shakingly, her legs looking as if they'd buckle at any minute and placed herself between the villain and her unconscious friend, arms spread out as wide as they'd go, hands glowing bright from her paws taking form without her even realizing that her quirk had activated and fixed their attacker with the best glare she could muster up in her fearful state,
"I-i won't let you hurt kacchan anymore!"

The villain actually looked surprised at the trembling girls actions "oh? Are we playing hero now? Huh? Lil kitty kitty?"
He mockingly asked her. "Hahhaha. Aw. How cute. But I really don't have the time anymore kid! I didn't know HE was in the city and I gotta skedaddle 'fore he catches up! But if it makes you feel any better kid you're a REAL HERO TO ME!"
He yelled as he dived toward izuku, her eyes widening before squeezing shut, refusing to budge from her spot, even if it killed her...her body was tense with apparition, every fiber of her being screaming at her to run, to hide, to do *anything* but just Stand there, it was as if everything was happening in slow motion, she could feel the sludge raining down on her ready to engulf her and take over her body, dread filling her stomach as she thought about how this was how it all ended, that this was how she died, she was never gonna see her mom again, she was never gonna see kacchan again, she was never even gonna get the chance to be a hero!

And just like that everything stopped.
The villain froze in place, his eyes widening impossibility large in panic as he slowly turned his head toward the sound, izuku slowly cracked her eyes open, her vision slightly hazy from the tears flowing down her face and the tight ball of anxiety that had enclosed her heart since the beginning of the ordeal released upon the sight of the one and only #1 hero: All Might!

Izuku could hardly believe her eyes, all might was here! She didn't even know he was supposed to be in the city! And yet, here he was climbing up out of the sewer drain that the sludge villain had originally come from, his ever present smile adorning his face and izuku had never felt so overwhelmingly safe before in her entire life.

"Sorry I'm late! The sewer system in this city is rather confusing! But no matter! For I have come to stop this dastardly villain once and for all!"
All might's booming voice resounded off the tunnel walls making in sound like he was surrounding them, the villain was quaking in fear trying to slide back unnoticed but, before he could think to do anything, all might pulled his fist back, arm muscles pulling tight under his skin and with a loud and Hardy:
He let the full force of his punch go the immense pressure creating a virtual wind tunnel through the confined space of the underpass, the sludge monster was screaming about not being able to hold together while the wind was blowing him apart.

Izuku had dropped down and covered kacchan with her body without a second thought, holding on to the seam of the tunnel for dear life so as to try and not let either of them be blown away and just when it seemed she wouldn't be able to hold on any longer, her fingers slipping and her small claws too weak to dig into the concrete of her anchor,
she felt a pair of strong arms encircle her and kacchan lifting them both up easily and rushing them out of the tunnel.

All might placed the children down on the ground gently, careful of kacchan's head while doing so,
"now then! Are you alright young lady? Quite the scare you've had!" Izuku looked up at the question, awe shining through the shock on her face, all might's large smile bright and unwavering, before she sputtered out
"a-al-all m-might! I-i i-i'm fi-fin-fine! B-but k-kacchan…"
Her sentence tapering off as she looked toward her blonde friend who just at that very moment was miraculously starting to stir, groaning out lowly.

"Kacchan!" She exclaimed, grinning broadly, tears forming anew and streaming down the sides of her face, as he slowly blinked his eyes open, hand coming up to touch at the cut on his head.
"Wha...the fuck's going on…" he mummbled slightly disoriented looking at the blood on his hand in confusion "deku…?"
Before izuku could answer him all might loudly proclaimed
"ha hah! Everything is alright now young man! The villain has been vanquished! And now that I see your awake and coherent I'll go and apprehended him now!"
He walked off then while pouring the contents of two large litter bottles (where had *those* come from?!) Onto the ground as he went.
Izuku watched him trying to scoop up the pile of sludge for a moment before turning back to kacchan who she was surprised to find already staring at her intently, she could feel a blush rising to her face under the focus of the look but began to panic when she saw that kacchan was trying to sit up.

"Ah! Kacchan! You shouldn't sit up so fast! You could really be hurt!"
She cried out her words seeped in worry as she reached forward to place her hands on kacchan shoulders in an attempt to get him to lay back down.
"I'm fucking fine deku! I don't need to lay down!" He said as he took deku's hands and gently removed them from his shoulders, glancing over at all might who looked to be having a frustrating time in getting the sludge villain to go in the bottles…

"When did fucking *all might* get here?!"
"...a little after you were kn-knocked out" she replied tripping over her words a bit at the memory of seeing him smashed into the wall, she wasn't sure she'd ever be able to get that particular image out of her mind...kacchan looked at her scrutinizingly like he was trying to piece something together, his lips parting to ask a question when All Might suddenly appeared beside them in a dramatic pose holding the now full bottles aloft.
"Would anyone like a tall, refreshing glass of JUSTICE?!!"
He asked, izuku and katsuki sweat dropping at that, kacchan giving the hero a deadpan look and izuku looking like she just couldn't decide quite how to react to something like that…


After thoroughly checking kacchan over again and ensuring that he didn't need to go to the hospital ("you just fucking try it all might!"
And congratulating them on their immense bravery during this whole fiasco (izuku could've swore all might was looking directly at her…)
The two worn out kids were sent on their way with a promise that All Might would deliver the 'vile gelatinous villain!' to the police station and were even given an autograph each! Though kacchan acted like he didn't want his, izuku knew better…
And just as quickly as he appeared All Might was gone with a single powerful leap into the sky, fading into the sunset.

The two drudged themselves the rest of the way home discussing the best excuse they could use to tell their moms about why they were so late getting home and why they looked the way they did,
(there was no *way* they were telling them the truth and setting off a category 5 mother hen tornado…)
Deciding on telling them that they had stopped at the park on the way home to do some quick sparring practice and things had got a *little* out of hand, which really wasn't out of the realm of possibly for the two of them seeing as similar situations had happened a couple of times before…

Finally making it to their street kacchan insisted on walking deku all the way to her door before making his own way home, calling over his shoulder that she had better 'Fucking eat something!' and receiving a cheeky "yes mom!" In return. Kacchan flipped her off for that…


Thankful the next day was the weekend, izuku rested in bed a few extra hours that morning, snuggled deep into her covers and scrolling through the latest hero news on her phone (that expo she had wanted to go to seemed to be a flop according to the bloggers…)
before deciding to get up for the day and take a jog around the neighborhood to really get things going, grabbing an apple to appease her mom on the way out, she was two passes around and just passing through a back alley when...

All Might of all people came sliding into view "al-all MIGHT?!" she cried out in alarm coming to an abrupt stop, her tail bushing out embarrassingly, "wh-what are y-you doing here?!"
"Ha hah! Looking for you actually! And...I've found you!"
Izuku looked on in awestruck disbelief at all might's dramatic posturing during his explanation;
"F-for m-me? Wh-why? Wait h-how did you e-even know w-where to look for m-me…?" she asked stuttering in her excitement at seeing her favorite hero for the second time in just two days!
"Ah. Yes I suppose it is a little weird!
but fear not! I'm not up to anything untoward! I'm a hero after all! HA HA HA HAH!"
He laughed boisterously while completely avoiding her question… "Is that ALL MIGHT?!"
someone shouted down the street causing all might to jolt harshly and spit up blood (?!!)
"GAH! Whoopsie daisy! Perhaps we should take this conversation elsewhere!"
with that said all might proceeded to suddenly pick izuku up, ignoring her surprised cry and took off running down the alley, running all the way to a local beach that people liked to use as a dumping ground before he placed the young girl down once they were safely obscured by the veritable mountain of trash and izuku was wondering if she had just been kidnapped…

"Sorry about that! But this conversation is important! Can't have my overzealous fans interrupting!"
Izuku was about to inquire as to what he meant when he suddenly coughed up blood (again?!!) and was enveloped in a cloud of smoke when it dissipated the big imposing figure of all might was replaced by a tall lanky emancipated skeleton man! "A-ALL MIGHT?!!!"
"*cough, cough* aw geez...guess that little jaunt to the beach took more outta me then I realized...uh, sorry for springing it on you this way kid"
All might apologized while rubbing the back of his neck sheepishly as he looked at the poor shocked catgirl.
(her tail *did* look pretty hilarious all bushed out like that…)
After she had recovered a little, All Might began telling her about his near fatal injury that he received five years prior in a battle that had came dangerously close to ending his career back then and how his quirk wasn't a natural born quirk and could be passed person to person building and increasing power exponentially with each pass.
And that he originally came to this city because he was searching for a successor, someone he could pass the metaphorical torch to, someone that would take up his mantle as the new symbol of peace after he retired, someone he believed that embodied the very definition of what it meant to be a true hero.
"Young lady, I believe I found that person in you!
You shall inherit my quirk!
You shall inherit ONE. FOR. ALL!"

Chapter Text

"boy you got a pair of lungs on you young lady…."
All Might could only look on as this girl he had chosen as his successor was currently pacing frantically back and forth, tail and ears twitching erratically, arms waving up and down in a blur, all the while muttering up a storm, words spoken too fast and in too close cession to be able to coherently make anything out.

"...hey, hey now! Come on, calm down before you give yourself an aneurysm!"
He said as he put himself in the pacing girls path and grabbed onto
her shoulders in order to get her to stop her tangent.
"B-but y-you..a-and you s-said…"
"I know, I know...its a lot to take in but you need to *breathe* young lady! breathing is very important last I checked, you know!"
Izuku looked up at all might, his lopsided grin and light chuckling having a calming effect on her and successfully getting to slow down her breathing.

It was then she really started taking in his features for the first time since his abscondination (*cough* kidnapping *cough*) of her.
His face was the very definition of gaunt, his eyes sunken and could almost be believed to be nonexistent if not for the bright blue gleam emanating from within the depths of his sockets, his skin was pale and sickly looking, pulled tautly across his face making his smile look bigger than any smile had a right to be.

Overall he did not look like a man that you would describe as being healthy, much less as being the world's number one hero and the symbol of peace…
But despite it all, the man still radiated with a powerful will and indomitable determination and a fighting spirit so immense and so pragmatic you'd swear you could almost see the aura of it shining brilliantly around him.

After a brief calming down period (and the successful detriment of a second panic attack…)
All Might explained to her how he had been impressed with what he had seen from her yesterday, with how even though she had no chance of being able to fight off that villain on her own with from what little he could see wasn't a very powerful quirk, she still had refused to run away and leave her friend behind.
and then to have had thrown herself over that same friend in a mere seconds notice with no regard to her own safety in order to try and keep him from blowing off and then having had been more concerned about his well being then she had been about her own when All Might had asked if *she* been alright, brushing off her own injuries with a quick 'I'm fine' thrown out and turning to check on the blonde.

He told her it showed him the kind of selflessness, bravery, loyalty and 'can-do' spirit he was looking for in a successor and even though he had originally planned to find someone a little older, someone who was already a hero-in-training, he hadn't been able to get the small catgirl off his mind yesterday and for him to have gleaned all that he did from just this one incident and one brief meeting with her made him believe wholeheartedly that he was making the right choice in who to pass the torch to.

"Young midoriya, do you accept this momentous responsibility? Do you accept being the next bearer of One For All?"

He asked her, his eyes burning alight in it's intensity and the spirits of all those who had come before him.
Izuku could feel the weight of her decision crashing over her, could she really do this? Was she really worthy enough of being the next symbol of peace?
Was she strong enough?
Izuku stood in awe meeting All Mights gaze, uncertainty flickering in her own emerald orbs for the briefest of seconds before her stare hardened, her shoulders squared, her head held high as she answered with no hesitation in her voice.

"YES! I accept it All Might!"
A fond smile crossed All Mights face while looking at this small scrap of a girl so filled with ambition and hope for the future that her slight frame looked like it couldn't possibly contain it all, her will to succeed shining throughout her whole being coming from deep in her very core.

"Ha heh! No hesitation huh? I like it! OK!
From here on out it's you, me and this beach! You're gonna train like you've never trained before! In ten months time we're gonna turn you into a proper vessel!
'Cus if I tried giving you the quirk now as you are, why, your limbs would shoot off!"

And so began my ten months in a virtual hell on earth. (Just what have I gotten myself into..?)

A pair of hands smacked loudly on top of her school desk, smoking dangerously and scorching faint burn marks into the wood.
Izuku's head shot up from where it had previously been resting, eyes wide and alarmed and ears fully erect, swiveling around searching wildly for the source of the startlingly loud noise.

"Ah! K-kacchan! don't do that! You scared the living daylights out of me!"
Izuku shouted as she ran her hands over her fluffy tail, trying and failing, to get it to smooth out from its bushed out state.
"Well then don't fucking ignore me! Ya damn nerd!"
Kacchan replied petulantly arms crossing over his chest,
"I wasn't! Not on purpose anyway…"
Which was true, she really didn't mean to ignore kacchan, it's just that, well ...she was exhausted!
All Might had her on a crazy detailed training regime that dictated every second of every minute in her day, it even planned out her diet!
It scheduled her study time, her eating time, her jogging time, her sleeping, her chores, her homework, her weight lifting and she was pretty sure it even scheduled her breathing!
And on top of it all, the bulk of her training consisted of clearing all the trash on the beach, All Might explaining how a lot of pro heroes these days focused more on flashy villain battles that would grab the media's attention then on during community work like cleaning up a local beach so people could enjoy it again.
The cleaning was forcing her to use muscles she normally wouldn't with a regular work out, muscles she didn't even know she had!, it was all very draining.

Point being, izuku was bone deep tired and apparently unable to muster up enough energy to be able to properly hear what was going on around her anymore, which was having the unintentional effect of irritating kacchan it seemed….
"I'm sorry kacchan...I really wasn't trying to ignore you, i-i just didn't get enough sleep last night I guess.. Heh heh…"
She told him while rubbing the back of her head with an uneasy expression clear on her face.

She hated having to lie to kacchan, it felt awful and so, so wrong, but All Might made it clear that under no uncertain terms could she tell *anyone* about One For All or about him training her and that meant having to keep the truth about something from her explosive friend, (Again!) when really, she wanted nothing more then to tell him everything and share this experience with him...

"...uh-huh. Whatever, I fucking asked if you wanted to spar a little after school? Heroes above know you could probably use it!"

Ever since the sludge villain incident kacchan had been persistently focused on wanting to spar, asking her practically everyday after school to do so, she figured that maybe the whole thing had shaken him up more then he let on and now he was trying to get stronger so no one could take him down like that ever again.
She could certainly sympathise with him on that, which was why she spared with him every Sunday even though that was supposed to be her rest day…(what All Might didn't know couldn't hurt…)
But kacchan always seemed to want more effort out of her and continued to badger her with more spar requests.

His eyes narrowed dangerously at the hesitation in her voice.
"Let me fucking guess. You're 'busy' again?"
Kacchan was glaring her down just daring her to try and use that excuse again, izuku could feel sweat breaking out on her brow, her ears were flat and her eyes were darting around the room trying to look anywhere but at the angry blonde.

"N-no, I mean yes! I mean uhh…"
Izuku was desperately racking her brain trying to think of something, anything, to tell kacchan why she couldn't spar with him but she was quickly succumbing to panic and she ended up blurting out something really stupid…
she positively screamed as she all of a sudden shot up out of her desk chair, knocking it to the ground, grabbed her bag and barreled out of the room, her face lite up mortifyingly bright red, leaving a classroom full of confused and stunned teenagers in her wake.
"......what. the. FUCK?! DEKU!"

" and then I just ran out of the room!"
Izuku was sitting dejectedly on an overturned bucket telling All Might why she had shown up for training blushing so hard her face looked ready to fry an egg on it,
All Might was busy laughing his ass off…

"I-it's not funny All Might! I won't be able to show my face there again for the rest of the school year!!!"
All Might didn't seem to be able to hear her as he continued to roll around on the sand in their little clean patch of the beach, tears were streaming down his face as he clutched his sides and began sounding like he couldn't breathe properly.

"All Mighhttttt…" izuku whined morosely as she covered her head with her arms in embarrassment, looking for all the world like she wanted to do nothing else but to crawl under the bucket she was sitting on and never emerge again.

"Hahha..hahah...haheh. I'm so- ha heh, I'm sorry young midoriya! You're right, I shouldn't be laughing at your plight...But damn if that hadn't been the funniest thing I've heard in years! Haha!"
All Might replied sitting up and swiping the tears from his eyes, his eyes shining with mirth and his smile stretching across his entire face, before getting up and dusting himself off.

"...I'm so glad my misery gives you joy."
She said moodingly giving him a deadpan glare from between the slots in her arms that were still caging her face, her ears were twitching in irritation and her tail was swishing around angrily behind her.

"Now don't be like that! You'll find the whole thing funny as well a few years down the road young midoriya!"
Izuku looked at him with an expression that conveyed that she really didn't believe him about that...but she still put her arms down and stopped glaring at him at least.
She also looked far less red now then when she had first arrived.

"There we go! Much better! Now...let's talk quirks. More specifically your quirk."
Izuku confused and questioning gaze fell on him as she waited patiently for him to continue.
"What I really want to go over is how your natural born quirk is gonna change with the addition of One For All…"
He began as he was digging in his back pocket for something, pulling a folded piece of paper and revealing it be a crudely drawn diagram (!) of what looked like a human body with various lines of different coloured arrows swirling in and out of it.
Placing the paper against an old broken down fridge and securing it with a small magnet he produced from his shirt pocket.
He got down to explaining the way the One For All quirk changed already existing quirks, taking them and basically super charging them, turning them more powerful and more versatile than they would have ever been on their own.
Because izuku's quirk was mainly a mutant type with a small enmiter capability (glowy cat paws for the win!)
One For All would most likely boost parts of her quirk like her speed, strength, reaction time, climbing ability and making it so she could jump higher and farther than ever before.
As for the enmiter part of her quirk, he said he couldn't even begin to guess on what the boost will do to those, that it was just going to have to be a surprise apparently.

The months passed quickly for izuku, days filled exhaustingly with training, studying and cleaning the coast line that was slowly but surely returning to its former glory.
Most of these days seem to pass by in a haze for izuku sometimes causing her mom to start fretting and fussing over her like no tomorrow, even kacchan noticed that she tired most of the time now and he had tried often to bully the reason out of her but got frustratingly no where, which pissed him off to no end.
But still, izuku pressed on determined to be a proper vessel by the time UA entrance exams rolled around. Pushing herself harder then ever before; the only hiccup in her training came when she had collapsed in the middle of a run with All Might from overexertion
and she had to come clean about the sparring with kacchan on Sundays when she was supposed to be giving her body a break,
All Might hadn't been thrilled to learn that but he did admire her tenacity although he still made her call off sparring with kacchan on Sundays and reworked the schedule a bit so she could spar with him on Saturday afternoons instead and have it still be part of her training regime.
Kacchan had been only a little confused and difficult about the change up but still pretty pissed when she wouldn't tell the reason for the sudden change.

And in no time at all it seemed, the ten months were up and it was the morning of the UA entrance exams, All Might was just coming to the stairs that led down to the beach when a loud and boisterous yell Pierced through the silence of the morning, the kind of yell that was pulled from deep inside a person's very being and just couldn't be contained any longer.
All Might looked up at the source to see his successor atop a large neatly piled trash heap, stance solid, head thrown back her ponytail fluttering in the light breeze, sweat glistened off her skin as she continued her triumphant war cry.

He looked around at the beach and discovered that the girl had not only cleaned what he told her but in just ten short months she had cleaned the entire beach! There wasn't a single speck of trash left as far as the eye could see!

"Hey hey whoa...oh. My...GOODNESS!"
He proclaimed as he unknowingly shifted to his hero form and realized his young protege had finished her yelling and was swaying around before starting to fall from the pile, All Might rushing over and catching her before she hit the sand below.

Putting her down carefully, he really took in the differences of the girl standing before him now from the tiny frightened and unsure girl he met almost a year ago, before him now stood a lilith, well toned, confident young women ready to become the new bearer of OFA.

"Young midoriya...look at you! I am so proud of how far you've come in just this short amount of time!"
Izuku's emerald eyes reflected all Mights pride, her smile tired but bright.

"You did it! You are ready young midoriya!
Let this quirk be a testament to all the hard work you've done!"
He said to her as he reached up and plucked a single hair from atop his golden head, slowly reaching it out between them, smile wide and immensely proud as he locked eyes with her and said in a serious tone


Chapter Text

The building stood imposingly large before her as she gazed in absolute wonder and emerald eyes shimmering in admiration.

The wind was whipping her curly, fluffy hair around that was tied up in her usual high ponytail with a new All Might themed ribbon that aunt mitsuki got for her as a good luck present, her mom in turn made kacchan a new scarf that he had took while blushing up a storm at the handmade gift.

(Izuku even saw him give a small fond smile at it when he thought no one was looking)

Other kids her age where milling about around her, some like her were staring up at school while others raced past to get to the exam hall in time, all of them were hopeful and full of nervous energy.

"Quit standing around gaping like an idiot deku!"

Kacchan had suddenly appeared beside her, his irritated red eyes taking in her fretting from, hands stuffed in his pockets and his new scarf wrapped around his neck.
it wasn't hard for katsuki to tell she was nervous, he'd been around her for years more than long enough to know her tells…

Her ears were pointed backward and one of them would twitch every now and then, and she was holding onto and petting her own tail repeatedly, delicate but strong looking hands stroking at the soft green fur in large nervous sweeps.
it was a habit of hers she had developed shortly after she got her quirk, trading in her old habit of twisting her shirt hems to death for fiddling with her tail instead.

"Oh! Kacchan! Good morning!"

She turned and chirped, her voice full of friendly cheer as if she *hadn't* just spent ten months practically avoiding him except for the one day a week that he could actually get a hold of her and get her to spend tim- SPAR with him.

Her avoidance had pissed him off to no end for reasons he couldn't really explain, no matter how much he had goaded and prodded at her and even outright demanded she tell him what the everloving hell was up, she wouldn't give an inch.
And no matter how many times he tried to follow her after school without her knowledge, noticing her taking a different way everyday, she had somehow always managed to give him the slip! Losing him down an alley or disappearing into thin air just round a bend!
She'd never been this sneaky or secretive was so unlike her.

She used to tell him everything, whether he had wanted to know about it or not.
he used to be the one she ran to when she was scared.
he used to be the one who knew her best, better than anyone! better then even her mom!
at least ...that's what he thought. but then he found out about that bitch..shimi something?
whatever, didn't matter.
Point was deku had kept it secret from him...
And now she was keeping something else from him! Pisses him off!

"Kacchan? Oh man! I'm soo nervous! How 'bout you?"

His eyes narrowed at her before he answered, all of his pent up frustrations with her and her behavior seeping into his tone.

"Hah?! Nervous?! The fuck I've got to be worried for?! Unlike your useless ass *I* trained my ass off this last year! I fucking got this!"

With that he shouldered past her and stormed off toward the entrance leaving deku to stare after him wondering what that slight dig about her training or apparent lack thereof was about…

'is he still mad about me blowing off his sparring requests? Well, it was kacchan, so...definitely.'

Izuku thought regretfully before she shook her head, ears flapping comically, and slapped her cheeks hard, some people stopping and looking at her like they were debating whether or not she was OK in the head.

'Alright! No time to dwell on that! This is it! My path to being a hero starts right here!'

She started to march determinedly forward ready to grasp tightly onto that future with both her hands; she got about two steps before one of her signature red shoes caught on the back of the other and she pitched toward the ground.

'Or I'll just die!'

But the pain of face planting into the pavement never came, she cracked her eyes open and saw herself to be floating above the ground a few feet, a strange floating feeling filling her body as she began scrambling in midair in surprise, probably looking completely ridiculous while during so.

"Sorry about that! I used my quirk on you!~"

A soft cheerful voice said somewhere next to her before she was righted onto her feet and released from the quirks effects.

"I just thought it would be bad luck, you know? If you had fallen on such an important day?"

Izuku looked over to see a chestnut haired girl with wide brown eyes and rosy cheeks smiling blindingly at her,
The girl practically secreted cheerfulness and friendliness from her very pores.
Before izuku could reply to the girl or thank her, she was already running off shouting about not wanting to be late for the exam.

'I just had a positive conversion with another girl!'

Thought izuku, (nevermind that she didn't actually say anything…)
it wasn't something she was used too, before now she only really talked to kacchan or the other boys in her class.
her experience with talking to other girls was pretty limited due to her being a bit of a tomboy growing up and thanks to shiko having had done a pretty good job to turn her former female schoolmates against her, not that it had ever really occurred to izuku to be bothered by it.

Realizing that she might be late herself if she kept just standing there she raced off into the building, finding the auditorium with minimal difficulty by following a group that was chatting excitedly about what they thought the exam could be
and finding her assigned seat in the large room which turned out to happen to be next to kacchan.
She smiled at him and gave a small nervous wave at which he just let out a loud 'TCH!' And stared ahead at the stage, 'yup. Definitely still mad…'

The noise of multiple conversations in the room died down to a low murmur as a tall figure with gravity defying blonde hair walked up onto the stage.


the man yelled in a horribly loud voice that made izuku ears ring as she flattened them as tightly against the top of her head as she could in an attempt to muffle the sound.
It was times like this she cursed her advanced hearing, though the other teens in the room didn't seem to be having an easy time of it either.
After figuring out he wasn't gonna get his 'YEAH!'
The man introduced himself as Present Mic;

("PRESENT MIC! The voice hero! He works here? Is he a teacher? What does teach? *mutter, mutter*"
"...SHUT up Deku! Fucking Christ!"

and got to explaining how the practical exam was gonna go down and the scoring system the school used, he was going over the types of robots there were and how much each one was worth when a tall boy with dark blue hair a few rows ahead of them stood up, raising his hand high above his head,

"Excuse me, sir!"
"What's up listener? Got a request?"
"You've told us about three robots but the handouts site four!
Is this a mistake? If it is I can not accept such sloppiness from a prestigious school such as UA!"

Izuku could see Present Mic sweatdrop from back in her row as he faced this uptight boys intense inquiry but as expected of a pro he gathered himself quickly and answered the boys question, telling them about the final robot: the no-pointer and how it was just out there as an extra obstacle and was better off being avoided, she thought that was the end but the boy then turned and pointed at her!

"And also! This girl has been muttering the whole time! If you're not going to take this seriously please leave!"

Izuku muttered out a small 'sorry'
ears falling flat, hands finding and latching onto her tail while sinking into her seat in modification, cheeks burning red with shame.
surprisingly kacchan yelled at the intense boy;


causing the blue boy to sit back down with an affronted look on his face, all the while Present Mic was watching the scene unfold wondering if he'd get in trouble for unprofessionalism if he laughed at that insult.


Izuku ended up in a different exam field then kacchan, which she supposed made since so that friends couldn't help each other out to pass with any preexisting teamwork routines, forcing them to think on their feet and really show their merits.
The exam started suddenly with Present Mic yelling at them to get moving 'cus villains wouldn't wait for them to be ready!

Izuku activated her Paw Gauntlets
(A name All Might had decided to call them with) as she went, her ears were attentive and slowly turning in all different directions picking up on all kinds of noise from the chaos around her.
She got to work.
She was taking down one and two pointers slowly but steadily, making her way through the makeshift city, occasionally running into and even helping out other students.

One had she ran into was a rather flamboyant blonde with a navel laser (COOL!)
He took out a bot that had managed to get the drop on her before he ran off with a '~merci Mon petite Cherie!~' thrown over his shoulder.
'Was he French…?'
she didn't have long to ponder over the strange boy and his antics as a group of one pointers showed themselves.

According to her mental calculations and assuming she hadn't lost count, she figured she had managed to accumulate about 32APs which was only half the total points she needed to pass!
Things were going slowly for her on account of it taking a few hits and some strategic movements to pierce through the robots' armor with the small claws on her gauntlets.
She had yet to see *any* changes to her quirk which was incredibly frustrating; she ate that stupid hair!
(Ugh...never again.)
So where was One For All?! Did it not take? Was she somehow incompatible with it? Was she not worthy after all? Was...she gonna fail All Might?

Before she could antagonize over her quirk issues any longer, a deep rumbling rippled throughout the training ground causing the participants to pause in their battles, an extremely loud whirring and clanking filled the air as a cloud of dust blasted through the streets before from around the corner of one of the skyscrapers a large robotic hand appeared, gripping onto the building and demolishing the top of structure, debris haphazardly raining down onto the streets below.

The hand was revealed to belong to a monstrously huge robot: The No-Pointer!
The sight of the mechanical gigantuan caused the other hopefuls for UA to turn and run in the other direction, they flooded past where izuku stood too busy staring in shock

(They allowed this kind of thing?! What kind of school was this?!!)

She was about to join them when her ears swiveled back at a noise, a yell,
A call for help!
She looked frantically for the source, eyes landing on a girl trapped under a large piece of debris, was that girl from in front of the school!
The one that stopped her fall!
The one that was so nice!
And she was about to be crushed!

Before she even knew what she was doing her body started running, her legs pumping fast to get to the girl before the no-pointer did.
She could feel an unfamiliar, surging power coursing through her as she closed the distance, it felt burning but cool at the same time and felt like it was buzzing as it concentrated in her legs when she desperately wished she could jump as high as All Might in this moment.

When she had come near enough she instinctively pushed down into a crouch, power gathering, and pushed off the ground as hard as she could, launching stories high to the amazement of everyone watching and leaving small craters in the pavement behind her.

Her arm pulled back seemingly on its own volition, her paw gauntlets had been glowing brighter and brighter this whole time and now with a final burst of light they seemed to have turned solid and looked more like proper gauntlets now, they were still a translucent green though but there was a darker green accenting everything now and the shape was kind of…geometrical?
but the biggest change was before she only had small, kind of weak, claws but now they were large and blade like, at least 7 1/2" long, and razor sharp.

They still shone with a bright green aura surrounding them as she swung her arm toward the gigantic bot, her claws hitting the top of its head dead on and slicing through the metal as easily as if she was cutting through butter.

She had sliced through the entire top of the robot before it started exploding from the inside out, the force knocking her away and sent plummeting down, it was then she finally took notice of the fact that both her ankles appeared broken from that tremendous leap she took, the pain wasn't really registering with her at the moment as she was more worried about how she was gonna land.

With using her legs out of the question and being too far away from the buildings to try and dig her claws into.
she was left with the option of trying to punch the ground at precisely the right time and hope the force would slow her fall enough for her to be able to survive!
The ground was swiftly approaching as she once again pulled her arm back, readying her punch;


with a jarring lurch and a stinging cheek she stopped falling mere inches from off the ground, the familiar floating feeling she felt earlier in the day filling her as she blinked slowly at the road under her.

"Aaannnddd release!"

It was the girl she just saved, who in turn just saved her!
The girl was currently hunched over the debris she had used to float on and was throwing up all over the place but at least she looked alright.

Izuku suddenly remembered the exam! She had more points she needed to get! She couldn't rest yet!
She started to drag herself along the ground, her legs useless because the broken ankles, as she went she started muttering;

" few...m-more.."


Izuku's eyes widened a look of pure devastation crossing her face, she failed! No! She failed! She can't fail! SHE CAN'T FAIL ALL MIGHT!


Her version darkened as she continued to try to drag herself forward, hands digging into the cracked and broken asphalt, tears pouring down her face at the thought of not passing.
She was vaguely aware of a crowd forming near her and hushed far away sounding voices talking.
'Was that an old lady voice…'
With a final half hearted tug forward her sight went completely dark and she knew no more.

Chapter Text

The following weeks after the exam were probably some of the most desolate days she had in a long time.
After she woke up from recovery girls healing, the kindly old lady had told izuku not to fret on the results just yet till there was something to actually fret on.
But it was hard not to, everyday the anxiety grew and her spirits sank lower and it didn't help anything that she couldn't get a hold of All Might at all…

Izuku had a horrible feeling that he was avoiding her, probably rethinking his choice in successor by now and wondering how he could have picked
such a failure…

She hadn't heard much from kacchan either except for when he texted her to ask why she had left later than everyone else
He didn't seem too happy to hear about her broken ankles, cussing out a long tangent about her being reckless and idiotic.
(she could practically *feel* his anger through the text)
but he didn't comment on it any further after his rant, she guessed he was just too pissed off at her…

She knew her mom was worried about her being so quiet and listless the last few days and watched her closely from the corner of her eye but there was little izuku could do to soothe her worries.

She was sitting on the couch watching the news for hero updates, while absentmindedly doing some weight curls; when her mom out of nowhere came busting back into the room from checking the mail, she scared Izuku so bad she almost drop the weight on her foot and her tail bushed out (again!)

"Ahh! Mom? Wha-?"
"It's here! It's here! Izuku! Your letter from UA!"

Her mom shouted holding out a thick envelope with a red wax seal on it.
Izuku stared wide eyed at the letter for a few seconds before she got up, snatched the letter and flew into her bedroom, slamming the door behind her.

He could hear her mom pacing nervously in the hallway as she sat in her desk chair and stared at the letter she had thrown on her desk.
She finally decided to just rip the bandage off, so to speak and tore open the envelope, a small black disk fell out onto the desk with a clatter, rolling some before coming to a stop and suddenly flickering to life to play a holographic message.


She cried out in surprise at the sudden appearance of her mentor, nearly toppling backwards in her chair.
he was wearing a yellow pinstriped suit that stretched tightly across his muscled form and his famous smile was as big as ever.


What? She couldn't believe it, All Might was gonna be a teacher?!


As amusing as it was to see All Might bickering with someone off scene, she wished he'd just get on with telling her that she didn't make into UA so she could go back to her sulking only this time with justification, she thought dejectedly as she stroked at her tail slowly.


Yeah….she did know that. Was well aware of it. She wasn't going to UA…
Tears started to form on the corners of her eyes as she clutched onto her tail tighter.
She could almost feel her heart breaking.


Wha-what? Her head shot up from its bowed position, her eyes wide and unbelieving as she waited on baited breath for him to elaborate.


Rescue points? Leave to a school like UA to have a secret second part of the entrance exam.
Wait...did that mean..?


All Might turn on the screen behind him, it showed present Mic in a room alone
Before there was a polite knock on the door and it opened to reveal the nice floaty girl!

"Excuse me? You now that green catgirl? With the cute ears?"

She's talking about me!

"I was wondering if I could give some of my points to her? She saved my life! And I heard her saying she needed a few more while she was dragging herself across the ground! Please! She deserves to go here!"

All Might pause the video and turned forward again his smile seemed proud and somehow even bigger.


Izuku was sure she stopped breathing in that moment, she couldn't believe it!
72 points, that meant…


She...she passed! She didn't fail, she was going to UA! she was going to be a hero!
She chair fell to the floor as she jumped up and spun around crying 'yesyesyesyes' repeatedly.
She stopped when she got too dizzy, her tail was swishing so fast behind her it looked more reminiscent of a wagging dog's tail than it did a cat's tail.


She shouted as she ran into the hallway excitedly, slipping slightly on the way.
Her and her mom spent a good amount of time in that hallway just crying and jumping around while hugging each other tightly.


After they had calmed down a bit, her mom called aunt mitsuki to tell her the news and ask if kacchan got his letter yet, upon confirmation that he passed too, the two mothers quickly decided they should celebrate.
It was decided for izuku and her mom to go over to the bakugous since their house had more space than the midoriya's apartment did and that mom would just bring over a dessert, her mom tried protesting to that insisting she should bring more than that, but aunt mitsuki wasn't having it so mom was forced to relent.

Her mom told her to dress nicely for the celebration so she was busy looking through her closet while her mom baked.
' a dress to much? What about a nice… would kacchan like me in-!!!'
Her face lit up bright red at that thought, her hands covered her face as she flopped on her bed and started rolling around in embarrassment.
What was she thinking? She never cared what kacchan thought of her clothes before, why would she now?
Sitting up and slapping her cheeks she decided that it must be a one off kind of thing and that since she grew up with kacchan that kind of thought was bound to have come up at some point anyway.
Yup. That's all it was. Yes, sir.

She finally pick out a nice off-white skirt, black tights and a light green sweater.
She then put her hair up in her All Might ribbon as it was fast becoming her favorite hair accessory, when she was done, her mom called out to her telling her it was time to go.

The walk to the bakagou's was short and pleasant and they were in front of their door and knocking in no time.
Uncle masuru was the one to answer the door and usher them to the living room, taking the dessert mom brought and going to put it in the kitchen, calling up the stairs to kacchan that they arrived along the way.
It wasn't long before izuku heard fast thumping coming down the stairs and kacchan appeared in the living, greeting her mom and getting a big hug from her.
(He *totally* blushed. She saw that.)

Next thing izuku knew though was kacchan grabbing her wrist and dragging her behind him to the stairs, his mom called out at that saying dinner was almost ready to which kacchan yelled that he 'fucking knows that old hag!'
And continued on his way of pulling her along and up to his room, izuku blushing the whole way.

Once there he instructed her to sit down 'where the fuck ever' before sitting down himself in his desk chair, his eyes following izuku as she nervously walked over to sit on the edge of his bed.
('Is she fucking blushing?!')
He continued to stare at her long enough that izuku got anxious and started petting her tail, a fact that did not go unnoticed by kacchan.

" are you ankles?"

Oh. Was he worried about her? Is that why he brought her up here? To ask her that without an audience?

"Th-they're fine! Recovery girl healed them in just one go! I was only a little tired after the whole thing!"

She answered brightly as her hands gestured about in the air.

"Good. Still can't fucking believe you broke *both* of them. I mean, what the actual hell deku?!"
"Heh..yeah...only I could manage to do something like that, huh?"
"Geez! You really are such a deku, you know that?"

Kacchan smirked at her which let her know that he wasn't actively being mean, he was just being, well kacchan.
They talked a bit more telling each other their scores on the entrance exam, kacchan passed with an 85 in attack points alone! 'Wow! Kacchan that's amazing!'
They were discussing what they thought about All Might being teacher would be like when aunt mitsuki called them down for dinner and kacchan looked almost pissed at the interruption 'weird…'
Huffing and stomping his way back downstairs, izuku trailing behind him much quieter.

The dinner celebration was full of laughter and plenty of childhood stories meant to embarrass the two teens, kacchan was less than thrilled when his mom bought up the story of the one time they had all gone camping together, izuku thinks they might've been 8 or 9 at the time, and kacchan thought it would be a good idea to throw birdseed all over the place and ended up being chased by a whole flock because some of it had got in his hair and coat, he had jumped in the creek to get it off.
Lucky it was pretty warm on that trip so he didn't end up getting sick but he was pretty grumpy for the rest of the time.
Now that she thought about it she was pretty sure the only reason he had done it in the first place was because she had said that she wished to see 'a bunch of pretty birds!'
Huh. Kacchan really could be pretty sweet in his own way sometimes…

It was late in the evening when the midoriya's left, thanking their hosts for a fun filled evening, while her mom was chatting with aunt mitsuki about a few final things in the doorway, kacchan walked with izuku to the end of the walkway.

"This was fun! It was great to talk about our childhoods, even if it was pretty embarrassing!"

She said as she rubbed the back of her neck sheepishly.

"Fucking hag doesn't know whan to shut up…."

Kacchan muttered under his breath as he glared back towards his mom. Izuku guessed he was still miffed about the birdseed story.

"Whatever. So, you fucking ready for UA nerd?"
"Heck yeah!"
"...heck, deku? Really? What're you five?"
"Hel….He-hell yeah?"

He said as he pinched both her cheeks and tugged as was his favorite way to pick on her, she didn't realize how close he had gotten until she looked up and suddenly all she could see was red.
Kacchan paused in his taunting when he noticed deku going still and he was then similarly caught in a sea of green.
They stood staring at each other for some time before izuku's mother walked over and announced it was time to go home, completely unaware of the tense moment she had walked into or the two teenagers jumping apart wide eyed and blushing like mad.

Kacchan had quickly turned around and fled back to the safety of his house, leaving deku to stand there beat red and wondering just *what* the hell was that?!
She didn't have time to think about though as her mom asked her if she was alright and she gave a hasty reply that 'of course she was' while laughing nervously.
Her mom didn't look like she completely bought that but she didn't push the subject, something that izuku was eternally grateful for.

After they got home izuku still didn't have time to fret about it because she received a text from All Might to meet him at the beach she had cleaned.
She grabbed her coat again, quickly telling her mom that she'd be right back and raced out the door, her fluffy tail fluttering behind her in the breeze.

When she made it to the beach front she saw All Might facing out toward the ocean watching it sparkle in the moonlight, he was in his small might form and wearing clothes that looked like they actually fit him for a change.

"All Might!"
"Whoa keep it down kid!"

He replied, raising a finger in front of his mouth in a shushing motion.


A young couple down the coast line shouted much to All Mights chargen.

"Say you made a mistake!"

They breathed a sigh of relief when the couple wandered off without further fuss.
All Might then looked at her, his smile was impossibility big and his sunken eyes were shining brightly with unfiltered pride.
He even looked close to crying...

"Congratulations kid! You did it. You're going to UA. And what a show! I couldn't believe that jump you took!"
"You were watching?!"
"Well sure I was. I was one of those teachers I mentioned doing the secret grading. Oh, but don't worry! You weren't in *my* section! You made it all on your own! No special help required!"

Izuku was filled with overwhelming joy and a warmth that seemed to permeate through to her very soul.
She imagined that this is what it must feel like to have a father be proud of you, a feeling she hadn't felt before due her own father being absent for her whole life; she couldn't even remember what he looked like.

"...thank you, All Might."

She said softly as All Might looks down at her again, he could see a deeper meaning to that thank you shining in her eyes but what that meaning could be he no idea.

"'re welcome young midoriya! But it really isn't necessary to thank me! *you*
put in all the hard work after all! And it was you who took down that no-pointer in a most spectacular way!"

All Might had puffed up into his hero form while he was talking, just too excited about izuku's bot battle to contain it any longer.

"Uh..ah! OK!"

All Might took off down the beach with izuku right on his heels, he was laughing at the situation he had unintentionally gotten them into and izuku was staring up at him in awe and fondness as she laughed too and continued to run beside him down the beach.

Chapter Text

"You have everything?"

"Yes mom"

"Plenty of pencils? Notebook?"

"Yes and yes"

"What abo-"

"Mom! I have everything, stop worrying"

Izuku got up from tying her shoes and faced her mom with a look of exasperated fondness before moving forward to give her a hug, her mom clung tightly around her while wetly exclaiming just how proud she was of her 'lil kitten face'. ("mmooommm!")

Izuku closed her front door in relief after she just barely managed to escape from a another crying session, turning to start down the stairs when she paused in place from surprise.

There at the bottom waiting and leaning on their mailbox was kacchan!
What was he doing here? She thought he'd be on his way to school already, he always liked being early on the first day of school to 'scope out the loser extras'
So..why was he hanging at her mailbox then?

As she made her way down the stairs and toward the mailbox katsuki looked up from his phone he had been playing on.

"About fucking time nerd! Any longer and I was gonna leave your slow ass behind!"

Izuku stared up at him in confusion.

"Yo-you were waiting for me?"

"Fucking duh deku! Why else would be I here? Now let's go! We're late enough as it is thanks to your fucking slowpoking!"

He then grabbed her wrist and started pulling her down the road toward the train station and izuku couldn't help but be reminded of the last time he grabbed her wrist and how that night had ended, causing a slight blush to rise up on her cheeks.

"Uh-um..kacchan? Not that I'm not happy you are...but um why are you walking with me? You never walk with me on the first day.."

She couldn't really see his face that well because he refused to turn his head back and look at her, but she could have sworn she saw a blush on his face too…

"...tch! Because I just fucking wanted to!
I don't need a fucking reason! Stop asking dumb questions deku!"

"O-oh! O-ok…"

The rest of their walk was silent and izuku would have been worried she had angered him, if not for the fact that he hadn't dropped her wrist this whole time and that when they got on the train kacchan ordered her to hang on to his arm like a handrail because she had always been just a bit too short to comfortably hang on to them herself.

She ended up blushing for the entire train ride and kacchan was avoiding eye contact with her like his life depended on it. Needless to say it was a silent and nerve racking trip.

They, thankfully, made it to school before izuku passed out from blushing so much, she was pretty sure that much blushing couldn't be deemed healthy…

They found their classroom fairly easy enough with kacchan leading the way, the door to class 1-A was huge!
Though she supposed it had to be to be able to serve all the different quirks that people had, it was still kind of daunting though with it looming so large over them.

Entering the room izuku both saw and heard the blue haired boy that had yelled at her in front of everyone at the entrance exam! He was scolding another boy with a birds head (cool! I wonder what his quirk does?!) For sitting on his desk because it was, apparently, disrespectful to their upperclassmen who had come before them.

His hands were moving up and down in a chopping motion while he lectured away at the bird headed boy, who didn't look like he was even listening, izuku was just thinking that the, uh...enthusiastic boy was rather reminiscent to a robot when she startled because the boy was suddenly looking right at her and started to speed walk at her!


Izuku didn't know quite how to react to someone essentially barraling themselves at her and did the first time she could think of, which was ducking behind kacchan, who didn't seem to be pleased with the fast approaching student either.

"The fucking hell?! Don't fucking run at people when you greet them, asshole!!"

The boy now known as Iida stop short at kacchan's yelling looking for all the world as if he had just swallowed a lemon,
Before he continued talking to izuku who was now peeking out from behind katsuki.

"My apologies if I startled you! I only wished to introduce myself and apologize from my egregious behavior towards you at the entrance exam! I have misjudged you. You divined the true nature of the practical exam! I...was blind to it!
Clearly you are my better."

"Wha...oh! Oh no! I didn't real-"

"HEY! It's you! I'd recognize those cute fuzzy ears anywhere!"

Izuku turned around at the voice coming from the doorway while kacchan continued to loudly argue with Iida about proper greeting etiquette and improper language usage.

"I'm so glad you made it!"

"Y-yeah me too...oh! Thanks for talking to Present Mic on my behalf!"

"Huh? How'd you know about that?"

Before izuku could explain, a gruff voice spoke surprising everyone.

"If you're here to make're in the wrong place...this is the department of heroics."

Izuku looked down in the direction of the voice to see a...giant caterpillar?!
Her tail unknowingly fluffed out at the notion before she realized that it was actually just a man in an oversized sleeping bag, a very scruffy, exhausted looking man…

"It took you all 8 seconds to quiet down.
That's unacceptable. You're all lacking in common sense."

The mysterious hobo-esque man said as he climbed out of his bag and fixed them with a disinterested gaze before reaching back into his bag.

"I'm your homeroom teacher Shouta Aizawa."

*he's* the teacher?! Izuku's face took on a shocked look as her ears fell back on her head and she unconsciously began to pet her tail.

"This may seem sudden but put these on and meet me on the P.E. field."

He threw a tracksuit he had pulled from his sleeping bag at izuku who was closest to him and then abruptly turned and left.


After everyone was changed, they all met out on the field and gathered in front of their strange new homeroom teacher, izuku was towards the front of the group standing in between kacchan and the floaty girl, who she had learned in the locker room was named Ochako Uraraka.

"Ball toss. Long jump. Grip test. Prolonged side jump. Etcetera. These are all physical evaluations you've had in middle school.
But before now you weren't allowed your quirks due to the government attempts to make things fair. This isn't logical."

Quite murmuring broke out behind izuku and she could hear uraraka muttering about the entrance ceremony.
A quirk assessment test? On the first day?

"You're all familiar with UAs freedom policy, well those 'freedoms' go for us teachers too.
Bakugou! You scored highest in the practical among your classmates, how far could you toss in middle school?"

"67 meters."

Aizawa-sensei tossed an object that looked like a softball at kacchan and instructed him to go stand in the circle painted on the ground and told him to try doing the ball toss while using his quirk.

Kacchan looked at the ball in his hand for a minute looking like he was contemplating the best way to go about the toss, with his mind seemingly made up, he reared his arm back and with a powerful and devastating BOOM and a loud cry of 'DDIIIIEEEE!' the ball shot off from his hand towards the sky leaving nothing but a trail of smoke billowing behind it.

Aizawa-sensei turned to the class holding up a device that read 705.2 meters!
There was a collective gasp of amazement from the students and she couldn't blame them, she couldn't believe the difference using his quirk made! kacchans power was unreal! He was so cool…

"Before all else, one has to know what they're capable of. This is the rational metric in which you'll form your 'hero foundation' on."

"Wow! This like fun!"

" You think this"

All the happy chatter and discussions about kacchan's amazing throw stopped dead at that question, an unwelcome uneasiness creeped its way into their minds and the tension in the air was thick as Aizawa-sensei stared the class down with a reproachful gaze.

"In that case...New rule: the student who scores the lowest out of their peers will be deemed 'hopeless' and expelled on the spot."


"Welcome to the hero course."


There were eight tests in all, izuku decided it was best not to use One For All just yet and instead use her own cat quirk on its own, not wanting to take the chance of ending up with something broken and being expelled on the first day.

She did fairly well on the long jump coming in third after kacchans second and a girl with a frog quirk (a fellow animal quirk user! Cool!) Easily scored first.

Without using OFA she scored pretty standard in the grip test, a boy with multiple limbs had that test in the bag.

When it came to the 50 meter dash she scored second only losing out to Iida and his leg engines that dominated in that particular field.

Overall she wasn't doing too bad score wise but she had yet to get a truly outstanding score, she might pass as is but she wanted to do better then just pass; she wanted her new classmates to know she belonged here and maybe a small part of her wanted to impress kacchan just a bit...uh! And her classmates too!

It all came down to the ball toss, many of her classmates got impressive scores but none of them came close to kacchans except for uraraka's whose quirk carried the ball off into space itself and gave her a score of infinity.

By the time it was her turn she had decided to use OFA for the toss to get a more impressive score then she would have otherwise, she could feel the overwhelming power coming to life and buzzing as she pulled her arm back ready to fully release the power of One For All.

"69 meters."

Huh?! While it was still a pretty good score and one she was sure she wouldn't have gotten if she hadn't been training with All Might this last year, there was no way she should have scored so low using OFA! What the heck was going on?!

"I erased your quirk..well, the secondary part of it anyway."

Izuku ears flattened as she turned back to her teacher seeing his hair and scarf floating and his eyes glowing red.
Wait..erased her quirk? And those goggles…

"N-no way...y-you're Eraserhead!"

"The secondary part of your quirk isn't rational. From my observations while you could be a pretty decent hero based on the mutant part of your quirk alone, it seems as though you can't regulate your overall power output and the blowback damages your body."

Izuku suddenly found herself wrapped in the strange scarf and pulled forward towards Aizawa-sensei, she could hear kacchan yelling about it in the background but she was too focused on the red glowing eyes glaring her down to really pay it any mind.

"Were you hoping for someone to save you after you crippled yourself again?"

"N-no..I wa-was jus…"

"There's a certain insufferable hero who made a name for himself by having saved a 1000 lives in one disaster.
That man isn't rational. You have his brute courage but if you continue on like this, breaking your bones every time you use that secondary part of your quirk, you'll be nothing but a hindrance to your fellow heroes. Take your second throw. Let's get this over with…"

His scarf released her and she could feel OFA buzzing throughout her body again but she was also now filled with dread and apprehension.
A hindrance…? She didn't want that but she couldn't learn to regulate OFA on this short of notice, she had to do what she could do at the moment. What *could* she do?

Izuku looked up from the ball in her hand with a newly ignited determined fire burning in her emerald eyes surprising everyone at its sudden intensity, even Aizawa-sensei looked as if he wasn't expecting that kind of reaction out of her.

She once again reared her arm back, her hand glowing bright green and feeling OFA coursing through her, 'not yet'
Her arm came swinging forward 'not yet'
Her body pitched forward as well adding to the momentum 'not yet'
The ball was slowly being released from her grip, the only contact with it now was to her pointer finger.

At the last possible second she released OFA into the tip of her finger with a burst of green light and with a deafening sonic BOOM the ball launched upwards into the sky, the tailwind created whipped all around them; slightly unbalancing a few of her less sturdy classmates and even causing the small boy with grape like hair to fly up and had to be caught by the multi limb boy before he got blown away.

"705.3 meters."

The field was completely silent in the aftermath of the small windstorm.
The whole group was staring in stunned silence and unfiltered shock at the deceptively delicate looking catgirl who just decimated the ball toss.

"Aizawa-sensei…i can still move!"

She said as she turned back towards her teacher showing him her single broken finger, a deep purple from extensive bruising, and curling it with the rest into a fist. Her smile was shaky, eyes bright with pain, her ears pulled back tight on her head and her tail was pressed tightly to the side of her waist but she was still standing there in an unwavering stance and with a fiery determination.

Aizawa-sensei felt a slightly manic grin slide onto his face as he pushed his hair back and as he watched this kid, this small wisp of a girl, he had already written off as a hopeless case stand before him undaunted by a broken finger and change everything he had previously thought about her.

"...this kid."

Chapter Text

Izuku was exhausted by the end of the day, getting her finger healed up by recovery girl had took quite a bit of her stamina and left her feeling drained.

When all was said and done with the quirk assessment tests she had ended up coming in 6th out of her class and the short kid with the grape like hair landed in last place, not that it even mattered after all because Aizawa-sensei announced that the whole expulsion thing had just been a 'logical ruse' to bring out their potential…

6th place wasn't too bad a place to start off at she supposed and she seemed to have been able to change her teachers low opinion of her, so she guessed she could call her first day a win all things considered, She thought as she gripped her backpack straps, eyes pointed to the ground and deep in thought as she made her way to the school entrance.


"Ahh! Oh k-kacchan!"

Izuku had been so caught up going over the days events that she hadn't seen kacchan sitting on the schools front steps,
Reading something on his phone and looking like he had been waiting for her.

" didn't have to wait for me kacchan"

"Who the fuck said I was waiting for you?!!"

He replied rather defensively, his face taking on a red hue and whipping his head to the side while shoving his hands deep into in his pants pockets.
As he set his glare on a poor innocent tree that izuku feared might wilt under such a look, he looked like he was having an internal debate of some kind.

"...listen deku. About that ball toss."

Izuku felt cold apprehension pool in her stomach as she watched his expression go from glaring and slightly embarrassed to serious and fixing her with 'the look'.
The one that demanded answers and wouldn't take any excuses for not answering…

Izuku's ears fell back unconsciously and she could feel her tail twitching slightly behind her.
She was so intent on kacchan and his impending question that she didn't hear someone approach her from behind and place a hand on her shoulder.

"How's your fing-ARGH!"

"AHH! Oh my gosh! Iida! I'm so sorry!! Are you ok?!"

She had been so startled this time that she had reacted on pure instinct and had spun around and delivered a right hook right into the gut of her offender, had actually been poor Iida! Who was now doubled over holding his stomach.

"...uhh..N-NO..I shouldn't have startled you like that! Do not apologize for having such excellent reflexes!"

Even though he said that, izuku still couldn't help but feel terrible about it and it didn't help things that kacchan was laughing loudly in the background, a fact that Iida did not look pleased with.


"Hey you guys!~ wait up!"

Izuku looked over to see uraraka running up to them, smile as bright as ever.
She could hear kacchan stop laughing and grumble something about annoying interlopers.

"You guys going to the train station? Let's walk together! ~"

"That sounds agreeable. I'm Tenya Iida by the way"

"Ochako Uraraka! And you're..deku? Right? I heard that bakugou guy call you that after that amazing ball toss!"

Not the ball toss again…

"Uh..Deku is a nickname. My name is actually Izuku Midoriya! Pleased to meet cha!"

She introduced herself with a big smile and a bright chirp in her voice.
Kacchan scoffed behind her and she was sure without having to even look that he rolled his eyes too.

"And this is Katsuki Bakugou! But I call him kacchan!"

"OY! don't introduce other people, deku!"

Uraraka and Iida looked between themselves with slight confusion before uraraka started hopping up and down in place and clapping her hands together, her smile back in full force.

"That's so cute!~ I like deku! It sounds like 'dekiru' you know? 'I can do anything' seems to fit you perfectly!"

Kacchan suddenly spoke up at that, yelling at uraraka to come up with her own nickname which only seemed to egg uraraka on to keep doing it to irritate him, they continued to fight about it all the way to the train station, Iida and izuku having had given up on stopping them back at the schools entrance seeing that they would only waste their breath in doing so.

Instead they talked amongst themselves on the walk and izuku saw that he wasn't as intimidating as she first thought he was, he was just a really honest and straightforward kind of guy.

By the time they had to go their separate ways, as they all had different trains, uraraka's and kacchan's argument finally ended with uraraka announcing that she would call izuku deku-CHAN and kacchan grudgingly letting the subject drop.

Though izuku noticed the argument seemed to have made kacchan forget about asking about the ball toss again as he spent the rest of the trip home ranting about how annoying he found uraraka and Iida only pausing the one time to once again order her to hang onto his arm on the train.

(She had an embarrassing feeling that this was gonna become a regular thing now…)


The second day of school started off far more normally, they had regular classes for all the required subjects such as English and math before noon.
Izuku found it a bit surreal to taught such normal things by pros like Present Mic and Ectoplasm and it was a bit hard for her to contain her excitement and not ask for autographs every time a pro hero walked into the room.

At noon they all gathered in the grand cafeteria to eat great foods at pretty cheap prices and everything was skillfully prepared by pro cooking hero Lunch Rush (must. Not. Ask. for. Autograph!)

But afternoon classes was what everyone was really waiting for and eagerly anticipating:
Foundational Training! And it was going to be taught by none other than…


All Might! The greatest hero of their time.
Izuku may have known him for about a year now but she still couldn't help but be a little starstruck when she saw him in his hero form.


izuku could practically feel herself sweatdrop along with the rest of the class at that, her and all might apparently needed to have a little talk about what entering a room normally was, because It certainly wasn't dramatically bursting into a room holding onto the frame while jutting the rest of your body through and shouting for all to hear about being a normal person…

The class erupted into excited murmurs as All Might marched into the room in an, what she thought to be, unnecessary dramatic fashion.
He was wearing his red and white costume from his silver age, billowing cape and all.


The class became even more excited at the prospect of battle training, izuku could see kacchan in the desk in front of hers practically vibrating in anticipation, and a few of her classmates had even rose up out of their chairs and started whooping.


All Might pulled a remote out of his utility belt and pressed a button.
The wall on the left of izuku opened and slats holding numbered cases emerged out of the opening, are those…?!


The costume subsidy, when accepted into UA they ask you to send in a description of your quirk, your body specifications and an outline of what you wanted your gear to look like along with any special requests you may have to help balance the negative effects of your quirk.

The information is then sent to a support co. That's affiliated with the school and they design your ideal costume to match your quirk.

About three weeks ago izuku was trying to come up with a good and functional design when her mom surprised her with a light green hooded jumpsuit she bought after she happened to see some of izuku's design sketches.

she said she wanted to do something to her how proud she was and that she'd be supporting her and cheering her on every step of the way.

She had also bought her a new hair ribbon that matched the color of her suit and had a cat paws design on it, she said it was to replace her All Might themed one from aunt mitsuki so it didn't get messed up.

Izuku had been so touched by her moms support and thoughtfulness that she couldn't possibly say no and sent the jumpsuit and hairbow along off with her specifications and quirk info.

The finished project was...a little more embarrassing that she'd thought it would be.

The jumpsuit was a lot more tightly form fitting then she previously assumed it to be, leaving very little to the imagination even though it was full bodied.

The utility belt complete with a cat paw buckle, elbow and knee pads and the supportive knee high shin guards attached to her normal red shoes help a little in making it less embarrassing, however…

Possibly the most embarrassing feature was something the company put there without prompting, a large silver bell had been attached to the neck line of the jumpsuit, though thankfully the bell was just for aesthetic and didn't have the actual bell part to it.

Large white gloves with a paw design on the palms and a black facemask completed the look and even though it hadn't come out quite like she had expected it too, there wasn't really anything she could do about it now.

She just had to embrace it, she thought as she raced down the corridor that led to ground B while tying her hair up as she went, having being a little behind all the others because of her small embarrassed freakout she had at seeing her costume for the first time

"Aww~ deku-chan! Your costume looks so cute! And so practical too!"

" looks great too!"

"Ah thanks! I should've been more specific came out a little puffy"

Uraraka rubbed the back of her helmet bashfully, as izuku smiled at her friend and looked around at her classmates costumes, they all looked fantastic! And so creative! She particularly liked kacchan's grenade gauntlets…

She saw kacchan glance over at her too before he turned his head away quickly glaring ahead and looking a little...flushed?!
Though that changed to rage when he overheard the grape kid make a perverted comment about her costume and was about to go after him but All Might showed up then.


He exclaimed loudly while giving them a thumbs up, she could see a lot of her classmates looked bashfully happy at that comment.


All Might told them about how while some of the hero work was outside and in the public's eye, a lot of it took place indoors and in confined places.

Hostage situations, Intel gathering and stealth missions were a few of the indoor battle situations that, they, as heroes had to learn how to deal with and do so with minimal property damage and casualties.

They were paired up into teams of two and were gonna be split into two groups of 'heroes' and 'villains' to teach them how to fight against other people and not robots that they could just damage as they pleased.

Izuku was paired with uraraka as team A and she was a little relieved that she'd be with someone she already knew and got along with instead of being paired in a new potentially nerve racking combination.

The team ups were gonna be decided by lotto that, as she explained to Iida who was teamed with kacchan on team D, was to teach them how to be used to random team ups as pros often had to make hasty team ups on the fly while fighting a variety of different villains and criminals.


All Might said as he brought out the lotto boxes and proceeded to pull out two lettered balls and showed them to the class.


What?! She had to fight kacchan?! She looked over and saw that kacchan looked just as surprised as her at the outcome.
She couldn't believe it! It was just her luck to have to fight her oldest friend in their first mock battle!


Chapter Text

The battle scenario had kacchan and Iida entering the building first to hide the mock weapon and set up their defense and izuku and uraraka were set to infiltrate five mins later leaving them time to study the building blueprints and form a base strategy.

Izuku was having some trouble calming her nerves, she's sparred against kacchan thousands of times, sure, but...those were spars;
And, yeah, those spars could and did get a little out of control sometimes, they still weren't full on battles like what they were gonna have to do now.

"Deku-chan? Are you ok? You seem really tense"

Uraraka was right she was tense, her ears were starting to hurt a bit from how tightly she had them locked to her head and she was practically strangling her tail as she frantically stroked at it.

"I-i'm fi-fine. Just a little nervous about fighting against kacchan I guess, he heh.."

"Oh yeah..even though he's your friend he is kinda mean to you, isn't he? Are you afraid he'll be too rough on you?"

Huh? Did uraraka think she was...scared of kacchan?!

"O-OH! No! I-It's not that! Kacchans not mean...well ok, he can be a little mean...BUT! not, like, inherently! He's just...kacchan"

"Oh! Ok then! If you say so...Sorry I jumped to conclusions! But then...why are you so tense?"

That was the question wasn't it? Why *was* she so nervous about facing off against kacchan? And how did she explain it to uraraka without making it sound as if kacchan was some kinda bully?

" better than me. He always has been. His natural prowess with combat is,'s amazing! And certainly something to be wary of.
He's an intense and fierce fighter with an overwhelming desire to win and he doesn't pull any punches either! When he sets his sights on a goal or an opponent, that's it, all his focus will be on beating it and he won't stop till he does."

Izuku didn't realize that her face had gone soft and a small fond smile had formed while she talked about kacchan but uraraka sure noticed.

"...oohhh~ I get it now~"

"HUH?! G-get what?!"

But uraraka only smiled cloyingly at her and refused to answer her and before izuku could try to worm the answer out of her anymore, the start trial bell went off and they had to get into a hero mindset.

Getting in the building was easy enough with uraraka floating them up into the third story window to avoid any traps team D may have set on the first floor and also bypassing the second floor too just to be safe.

They were carefully maneuvering around corners using izukus advanced hearing to listen for Iida or kacchan, her ears swiveling in different directions as they made slow progress through the building.

They were nearing the stairs leading to the fourth floor and crouching against a wall when izuku heard the telltale whoosh of someone throwing themselves around a corner and she had just enough time to push uraraka and herself out of the way before kacchan's exploding fist made contact with the wall they were crouching against leaving a decent sized crater behind.

"Nice dodge deku, your reflexes are really something huh?"

The blast had singed part of her hair ribbon but otherwise she was untouched,
She asked uraraka if she was alright before turning to face kacchan;
Something about his tone and the way he phased that question, somehow.

She didn't have time to decipher it however, as kacchan rushed her and took a big right swing at her but she was ready for it, grabbing onto his large gauntlet and quickly and expertly spinning and using both the momentum and his own weight to flip him over her shoulder and slamming him down onto the floor causing the breath to be knocked clean out of him.

"You always lead with a big right kacchan! I can't count how many times I've seen you do it!"


By the time it took kacchan to get back up uraraka had already sprinted past to go after Iida just like they planned: Izuku would engage and keep busy whichever one came after them and uraraka would go on ahead after the weapon.

Though kacchan didn't seem to be the least bit interested in uraraka at all…
It looked like he couldn't care less that she'd got by him.

Izuku wasn't sure just what was going on in kacchan's mind right now but she had a bad feeling that it whatever it was, it was bad news for her.

Kacchan threw a blast behind him and used the extra boost of speed to launch a powerful kick at her, she just barely dodged it in time, using her capture tape to take the brunt of it, kacchan's foot grazing her side as she dove out of the way and did a floor roll before she sprang up, taking full advantage of her catlike abilities and quickly speed off around the corner to gain some distance so she could think.


Is this about the ball toss again? About those ten months she was secretly training with All Might? Did kacchan's patience finally boil over?
Izuku stopped behind a wall to catch her breath as she listened to kacchan continue to yell at her.


That's what kacchan thought? That she'd been holding back their whole lives? Izukus ears flattened as she realized she had been unintentionally hurting kacchan this whole time by hiding things and not telling him anything.

And now he was truly pissed at her and all the frustrations he'd must of had and been burying to simmer just below the surface were now coming to a head and manifesting in the only way kacchan knew: blind rage.

She didn't believe he would actually hurt her though, as angry as kacchan could get he never let that anger physically harm her intentionally, but this kacchan was still something tricky to deal with and she had to do so carefully, lest she risk kacchan never fully trusting her again.


The ear piece All Might gave them before the beginning of the trial crackled to life with uraraka voice filtering through.
She'd almost forgotten about the ear pieces.

"Uraraka. What's your position?"

"I'm in the middle room on the fifth floor, I found the weapon. Iida's guarding it and he's taking this villain thing really seriously…"

Izuku could hear Iida in the background laughing maniacally, uraraka wasn't kidding…
Fifth floor, middle room? That was pretty much right above her! She had to deal with kacchan quickly.

She could his footsteps getting closer to her hiding spot and she decided to stand her ground instead of run, time was running out.


"'s ready."

Kacchan was standing at the end of the hallway and with the light source behind him he looked more than a little menacing and izuku couldn't stop the shiver that went down her spine if she tried.

"If the specs I ordered came out right, then these bracers have been gathering and storing up my sweat this whole time.."

Izuku's eyes widened at the implication, his sweat was like nitroglycerin! If a bunch of it was stored up and then ignited the blast would…

Kacchan pulled a pin and with a loud boom a huge blast barreled through the hallway, taking out the wall that had been behind her before she had dived to the right, kacchan had purposely aimed just to the side of her when he fired so as not to actually hit her, just to show her he was serious.

Dust and smoke filled the air around them and the floor was covered in debris and glass, her ears were ringing so harshly from the loud blast she almost missed uraraka speaking over the ear piece.

"Deku-chan?! Are you ok? What was that?"

The explosion must have rocked the whole building she thought as she dusted herself off while kacchan emerged ominously from the thick black smoke.

"Ha heh! These things are awesome! Now you know I'm serious deku! Time to stop fucking around with me like I'm some weakling!"

"I-i haven't been kacchan! I never once thought you were weaker than me! Not once!"

She shouted at him, trying to get him to understand but it didn't look like he really believed her, in fact, he just looked more pissed as he advanced on her.
Uraraka was in her ear again asking about a plan and Izuku relayed a dangerous and reckless plan she had just come up with to her.

"Don't ignore me deku! Show me that extra power from the fucking ball toss! Fight me like you mean it!"

Izuku readied herself as kacchan launched at her, blast at the ready with another right hook, she had to time this just right, it was their last shot there wouldn't be any more time to do something else, they would lose if this didn't work.

Her hands glowed green and formed her paw gauntlets sans the claws as she shouted at uraraka to hold on to something before launching herself to meet kacchan halfway making it look like she was going for a punch with her own right while bringing her left up to block.

At the last possible second just before kacchan's hit made impact with her, she diverted her punch upward toward the ceiling letting OFA loose and taking kacchan's blast Full on.

The force of her punch ripped it's way through the two floor separating her from uraraka like they were paper, destroying everything in its path and shaking the building to its very foundation.

Silence reigned for a few seconds in the aftermath, the haze of dust clearing from katsuki's vision to reveal to his horror deku's badly burnt arm she used to block him and her other arm covered in bruises that she still had held up toward the now nonexistent ceiling.

"I wa-wasn't gonna...use i-it."

Katsukis eyes widened at dekus shaky voice and the look she had on her face, her emerald eyes looked glassy and dissent and she looked two seconds away from collapsing but there was still a shaky smile on her face as if she wasn't covered in damage.
Damage he had caused!

He felt like he was gonna be sick! He…
How? could he have fucking done that?! Deku she...she was hurt and it was his fault! He never wanted to hurt her! Never! What kind of monster was he?!

"I ca-can't focus it really well yet...b-but you're s-so was al-all I could think o-of…."

He watched in complete shock and disgust at himself as she passed out in front of him and started to fall to the ground, his body moved of its own volition however and he caught her before she hit the floor.


He barely heard All Might's announcement as he sunk down to his knees and gently placed dekus head in his lap.
Absentmindedly carding his fingers through her hair as he heard the med bots sirens approaching.


Izuku made her way back to the classroom after she woke up in the infirmary and got the lecture of a lifetime from recovery girl for landing in her care for the third time in only two days into the school year.

The injuries she had sustained weren't really that bad at all, the bruising she got from using OFA were easily healed completely and the only reason the burns she had weren't fully healed was because she didn't have enough stamina since she had been healed just yesterday so she was gonna have to come in early tomorrow to drop by the infirmary to complete treatment.

As soon she opened the door and step in the room she was immediately surrounded the sudden attention causing her tail to fluff out.

"HEY! Midoriya great work out there! That was some heated battle! I'm Eijirou Kirishima by the way!"

"Mina Ashido here! You dodge so well! And quick!"

"My name's Tsuyu Asui. But call me Tsu! Ribbit."

"I'm minata! Go out with me hot catgirl!"

"Satou here!"

Izuku was quickly getting overwhelmed with all the introductions getting thrown at her, she kinda wanted to run and hide!
But before she could really entertain that thought uraraka came up to her.

"Deku-chan! Your injuries! Are they not healed?!"

"O-oh no, don't worry! I just didn't have enough energy for a full heal! But...more importantly where's kacchan?"


Izuku raced through the school after uraraka had told her kacchan had been despondent for the rest of class time and despite everyone trying to stop him, he had grabbed his bag and left for home.

She broke out of the building and onto the grounds where she could see kacchan walking towards the school's entrance.


She called out when she got close enough successfully causing kacchan to come to a stop and turn back to face her.
She was a bit thrown when she saw his face though, he looked terrible, his normal scowl long gone and it looked as if he had been crying.

"...what do you want deku?"

He asked morosely, shoulders slumped and averting his eyes to the ground.
This...wasn't like kacchan! This wasn't *her* kacchan! Had she caused this? Did she hurt him this much keeping secrets?

"K-kacchan...I'm sorry! Th-this extra power *is* new, you're right about that! I-It's borrowed but I can't tell you who! I never thought you were weak! Please believe me kacchan! I never meant to hurt you!"

".....hurt ME?! What the fuck are you talking about deku?!"

Izuku was taken aback by his reaction, had she misread the situation?
Was kacchan not mad at her anymore?

"I HURT YOU! FUCK! I- I burnt you…"

Her eyes widened in surprise as her ears fell back.
That's what he was upset about?

" was nothing. It was battle training!"

"IT WASN'T NOTHING! I HURT YOU IN ANGER! I let it blind me..and you paid for it! I never wanted...I hate myself for losing control like that! You should fucking hate me too!"

No. He was wrong. She couldn't hate kacchan. Not ever.

" I won't."



any other time the look on kacchan face from her cursing at him would have been
Absolutely hilarious but right now she just wanted to get through his thick skull!

"....god damn it deku"

All the fight seemed to have drained out of him at that and as his head hung forward she could see a tiny bitter smile and that was a start she thought as she felt herself smile too.

"BAKUGOU! MY BOY!...I found you."

All Might had suddenly blown past her at mach speed and grabbed onto kacchan's shoulders, the tailwinds from his run by messing her tangled mess of curls she called hair up even more than it already was in the process.


Izuku thought the grip All Might had on kacchan looked a bit more tight than was strictly necessary…


"Let me go All Might…"


Kacchan pulled himself from All Might's grip, hoisting his bag to sit better on his shoulder and turned to leave throwing an 'don't go getting used to winning deku!' Out behind him.
Now *that* was her kacchan she thought as she smiled brightly Standing by All Might and watching him go.

"... By the way, young midoriya what were you two talking about?"


Chapter Text

Despite the fact that she had to go to school earlier than normal, izuku was pleasantly surprised to find kacchan already leaning on her mailbox waiting for her, she didn't think she mentioned having to drop by the infirmary to him…

Their trip to school was as normal as always, complete with izuku having to hold on to kacchans arm on the train, the conversation flowed easily between them and kacchan didn't seem to be so upset at yesterday's battle fiasco anymore, though she did notice him glancing at her left arm sometimes when he thought she wasn't looking.

They made their way up the slight incline to the schools entrance arguing over whether kacchan should accompany her to the infirmary or just go straight to class, kacchan was being unusually insistent and downright stubborn about following her.


Izuku will never willingly admit to the high pitched squeak of alarm she'd made as she virtually dove behind a fuming kacchan, her poofed out tail the only thing that was any longer visible to the mob of reporters that were swarming the entrance.

She could hear a few of them in the crowd making comments like 'aww. What a cute quirk!' And 'she's like a kitten!~' or even 'that angry blonde kid looks scary!'

"Can you give us a comm-"


The reporter let out an indigent squeak as kacchan grabbed her by the hand and marched them toward the school, only remembering about izuku's visit with recovery girl at the last minute and marching in that direction instead.

Guess he won that argument after all…


"I've gone over all your evaluations from yesterday's mock battle. Good job.
However, bakugou! Reign in that temper of yours, you're not seven. Act like it."

".....I know."

"And midoriya! Work on how to adjust your quirk. You may not have broken anything this time but you and I both know that's not always going to be the case. Work harder."


Receiving criticism never was pleasant but izuku understood it was a necessary part of life if she wanted to grow and improve; so she'll take every bit of criticism she had too and use it as a driving force to get stronger and become a hero!

And although she could tell by the sound of kacchan's voice that he wasn't very happy with having been called a seven year old, But he didn't argue and just took the slight blow to his ego because like her, he knew he needed to hear these kind of things too.

"Anyway...there's something important that needs to be done…"

Izuku could feel the tension in the air as the whole class seemed to wait on baited breath for Aizawa-sensei to drop a bomb on them or something.

"We need to pick a class president."

Ehh?! Did he *have* to announce it like that?! Picking a class rep. was such a normal school activity, after all.

The class grew very loud, very quick, with everyone pitching their hat into the ring, so to speak, all vying to lead the class and they were also getting nowhere fast this way.
Iida eventually called out for a vote even though he had his own hand raised pretty high…

Her classmates were sceptical at first, being, it was only the third day and they didn't really know each other well enough to know who would be the best fit.
Plus the fact that everyone was likely to just vote for themselves but they went through with the vote none the less and got a surprising turnout.

Three?! She had three votes? How?! That would mean three people had voted for her because she didn't even vote for herself, she figured she'd to be too nervous to instill any real confidence in her peers.

So she had opted to voted for Iida instead because he seemed best suited for that kinda responsibility.
Though Iida only had one vote…
Did he vote for someone else too?

Aizawa-sensei woke up from where he was napping behind his desk while the vote went on, just to announce the results of her being the class rep. and with having two votes Momo Yaoyorozu as vice rep.
And then dismissing them for lunch.

The cafeteria was packed and very noisy, as always, because of all the study courses offered at UA coming together to eat and interact with one other on neutral ground.

But the noise level was well worth dealing with if it meant getting to eat more of LunchRush's delicious fried fish!~

Izuku was sitting at a table with Iida, uraraka and kacchan, who wasn't really participating in their conversion and more so stabbing at his food as he was being a bit moody because uraraka had drug Iida over to where they were sitting and had just sat down.

"I don't know, you guys...I don't think I'm cut out to be class rep. material."

"Don't be silly deku-chan! You'll do great!~"

"Indeed. I believe that, as well! you have the guts and Judgement when it counts the most! That's why I voted for you, after all."

It was him?! of votes anyway.

Izuku couldn't help the blush that rose to her cheeks at Iida's comments, she didn't realize Iida thought so highly of her!
She could feel kacchan's glare on her though but when she turned her head to look at him, he scoffed and looked away sharply.
What was his problem…?

Their conversion continued on similarly as they ate, finding out Iida came from a well off family 'I FUCKING KNEW IT!' was both surprising and yet..not.
Turns out Iida's older brother was pro hero Ingenium! His Tokyo agency has hired 65 sidekicks to date! So cool!


Izuku's hands flew up and covered her ears tightly, the sudden alarm seemed deafeningly loud to her and left her whole skull ringing!
She saw rather than heard Iida asking an upperclassmen what was happening and she could barely make out his muffled reply that the alarm meant someone had broke through the security gate.

Chaos erupted all around them as the students quick reaction to evacuate had unintentionally triggered a panic, people were pushing and shoving their way through the hallway and everyone was yelling.

Kacchan had grabbed onto her immediately after hearing what the alarm meant and he was guiding her through the mess so she could keep her hands over her ears, he guided them over to the side of the archway that was at the beginning of the hallway and up onto the ledge of a pillar so they were mostly out of the way.

She didn't know where Iida or uraraka were, they had lost them to the crowd back at the table, the panic amongst the students was only growing and she could make out someone yelling that someone else had fallen, things were becoming dangerous!

A sound like car engines rose above the noise and izuku turned her head from where she had been hiding it against kacchan's shoulder to see Iida floating and spinning above the crowd.
What the heck was he doing?!

He hit the wall above the door and landed in a rather peculiar position before he shouted at everyone that everything was OK and that it had only been the media that broke onto the schools grounds and just like that, the chaos ended.

Everyone quickly but calmly filed out of the hallway and made their way back to their classrooms, when they had enough room kacchan and her got down from the pillar ledge and walked over to where some of their classmates were trying to get Iida down from the ceiling.


When they got back to the classroom Izuku announced that she was abdicating her position as class president to Iida, his quick thinking and decisive actions in stopping the crisis in the lunchroom made her wholeheartedly believe that Iida was the best choice.

The class unanimously agreed with her decision and when asked if it was allowed Aizawa-sensei just said he didn't care what they did just as long as they picked someone already.

Iida tearfully accepted the position amongst cheers of 'good Job Iida!'
And 'Emergency Exit Iida!'
Izuku smiling brightly behind him.


The next day was completely normal, boring almost, no reporters, no alarms, no pros entering rooms weirdly, normal.
At was until, foundational class which everyone was excited for, at first; but only because we didn't know just how bad things were going to go wrong.

"Trial of Rescue."

Aizawa-sensei announced to a class that was now buzzing energetically commenting on how it sounded a bit more difficult than the last foundational trial or that it just sounded awesome, Asui even chipping in by commenting on how in a flood she would be in her element.

"...I wasn't finished. Pipe down."

Everyone went quiet almost instantly at the warning tone of their sensei, they may not have known him long but they knew enough so that *no one* wanted to test that perpetuity exhausted man.

"As I was saying. The training facility we'll be using is a fair distance away, we'll be getting there by bus, also…"

Aizawa-sensei pulled a remote from his pocket and the wall containing their hero costumes opened, much to the Joy of pretty much everyone in the class.

"This time it's up to you whether or not you wear your costume, keep in mind that some of your gear may not be necessarily suited for the task at hand and may get in your way or even weigh you down.
That's it. Get prepared and met me at the bus port."


"So you're not wearing your costume deku-chan?"

"Ah got kinda tattered the other day…I had to send it in to get repaired"

Which was fine, she still had all her gear, just sans the jumpsuit part and at least in her gym clothes she won't be so embarrassed about the tightness or the bell.


Iida sure was going full-steam she thought as she watched her diligent friend chopping his hands all over the place while he yelled out directions, not that it mattered in the end as the bus had open floor plan and everyone just sat where they wanted.

Izuku was sitting in one of the forward facing seats towards the back, kacchan sitting by her watching out the window and Uraraka sitting across the aisle from her with Yaoroyozu and that todoroki guy was sitting behind them..asleep?

Not long into the bus ride a discussion about quirks broke out and everyone was happily chatting about their own quirks.

"You guys are so lucky you have flashy quirks! All I got is my hardening, it's great for punching and taking a hit, sure, but it's not very exciting…"

Izuku couldn't stand it when someone looked down on themselves so she always had to say something to cheer them up.

"Well I think it's really cool kirishima! And really versatile too!"

That did the trick all right she thought as kirishima looked surprised for a second but then smiled a bright smile at her, shark like teeth on full display.

"Wow! Thanks midoriya! Your a real manly lady!"

Izuku stroked at her tail as she looked down at her lap bashfully, out of the corner of her eye she saw kacchan throw a glare at kirishima before he looked back out the window. What was with him today?

"If we're talking both power and flashiness then we gotta go with bakugou and todoroki!"

A bright blonde boy said, if she's remembering correctly his name was Denki kaminari.

"But bakugou is always fuming, he won't be very popular with that kind of attitude. Ribbit."


Kacchan shouted at asui while Izuku valiantly held him back from vaulting over the railing to attack the poor blunt speaking girl by latching on to his arm and refusing to be shook off.

"It's kinda telling that we just met not long ago and we already know your personality is basically shit"

Kaminari what the heck? She was trying to calm kacchan down over here! Not piss him off more!



Izuku was kind of shocked when he actually did stop and sit down again without evening arguing about it and went back to ignoring everyone.
That...was new.

"At least we have a bakugou tamer!~"

Laughter filled the bus at the joke uraraka made as Izuku gave her a 'come on! Really?' look which uraraka only smiled playfully at and then shrugged unabashedly at her.

"We're here. Pipe down already."



The building they gathered in front of was large and impressive looking and standing there at the doorway waiting for them was the space hero: 13!
The gentlemanly hero that specialized in disaster rescue! So awesome!

Uraraka was just as excited as her it seemed as she grabbed onto her arm and started shaking her slightly while she told her that 13 was her absolute favorite pro hero.

After a brief introduction 13 led them into the building, they all stopped on the landing at the top of the huge staircase and stared in awe, it looks like an amusement park!

Aizawa-sensei and 13 went off to the side while the class was busy soaking in the impressive facility and over the chatter of her excited classmates she could pick out phrases like 'All Might' 'time limit' and 'hero work'

She remembers reading on the train to school that morning about All Might doing a whole bunch of hero work on his work commute, he must have used up too much energy in doing so.

13 came back over and explained all the different factions of, as they called it, The USJ, it was nothing short of amazing with all it's simulated rescue areas such as the landslide zone, flood zone, fire, windstorm and more!

She wasn't really looking forward to having to work in the flood zone, unlike Asui who sounded ecstatic about it, but learning to be an effective hero had to come above her slight aversion to and discomfort with being in water for prolonged periods.

As 13 was answering some questions about what they'd be doing today, Izuku's cat ears were picking up on a strange sound, it sounded kind of whooshy or maybe...sloshy? She tried ignoring it at first and pay attention to what 13 was telling them but it was proving to be really distracting whatever it was and it was only getting louder.

She started scanning the facility to try and pinpoint the source and she was vaguely aware that Aizawa-sensei had noticed her distraction and was watching her as her ears were moving all around, her ears suddenly pointed straight ahead as her eyes landed on a swirling mass of purple and black mist in the center plaza.

"Sensei? What is that?"

She asked pointing out the growing mist which draw everyone else's attention to it as well, they all watched curiously as the swirling mist grew larger and then were a little alarmed when people started to emerge out of it.

A whole horde of people filed out of the strange mist and filled the large plaza below and none of them looked particularly all that friendly, evil looking smirks adorning their faces and their quirks were at the ready as they stared up at the group of worried heroes-in-training.

One more person exited the mist and Izuku thought he was the scariest looking of them all, his entire upper body was covered in corpse like hands and she found herself desperately hoping that those weren't actually real.

"EVERYONE STAY BACK! Those are villains."

Chapter Text

These were villains?!
What could they possibly want here?
What was happening?!!

The memory of being captured by that slime villain last year sprang into her mind out of the blue and completely unbidden, the suffocating feeling, the hopelessness of the situation, kacchan getting slammed into that wall! It was all flooding back now.

Izuku could feel the panic creeping up her spine and trying to take hold, she must of grabbed her tail at some point because she was petting it frantically as her mind tried desperately to push the memories away and buzzed with possible reasons of why this group of villains would be here.

She could hear yaoyorozu asking 13-sensei a question but her voice sounded so far away as she tried to calm herself down, she couldn't afford to lose it! not now. Sensors? She was asking something about sensors?
Focus Izuku! Focus!

"Is this the only part of the school they infiltrated? For what reason?"

Todoroki's monotone voice successfully broke through the rest of her panic due to the fact that it surprised Izuku because she realized just at that moment, that she'd never actually heard todoroki speak before now...

She shook her head quickly in order to get her full focus back, it was probably a good thing that no one was looking at her right now because she knew she most likely looked ridiculous.

"13! Get the kids out of here! Try to contact the school! Kaminari! Use your quirk to try as well!"

Wait. Aizawa-sensei… He wasn't ...?

"Aizawa-sensei! You don't mean to fight them by yourself? There are too many of them for your erasure to take out!"

She cried out in concern taking half a step towards her teacher but Aizawa-sensei only put on his goggles and looked back at her.

"You can't be a good hero with only one trick."

At that he launched himself down the stairs in a single leap and quickly jumped into the fray of villains, taking them out one after the other in a brilliant display of close combat and a mastery over his capture weapon.

She was in awe, eyes wide, as she watched, she had forgotten that close combat was a specialty of his...



She started at the sound of kacchan and Iida yelling at her and she slowly turned around and ran after them with a final concerned look at their teacher.
Unfortunately they didn't make it very far.

"I'm afraid I can not allow you to leave."

That swirling mist from the plaza was suddenly in front of them and the vague shape of a man's head with bright glowing yellow eyes formed as it? he? spoke, so it was a person then? A warping quirk? Those were rare.

"So sorry for the inconvenience, but we are the league of villains and we have come to annihilate the symbol of peace. I believe he was supposed to be here today. Perchance Was something altered?"

All Might! They were after All Might? To kill him?! But why? Just because he was the symbol of peace? Or was there a deeper reason…?
Before anyone else could react kacchan and kirishima launched themselves over the class in a sudden attack on the mist villain but he was faster than them and managed to avoid their attack

"My...that was close. I suppose I shouldn't really be surprised. You are UAs golden eggs, after all."

they were then quickly and entirely surrounded by the mist and in a mere blink, they vanished.



13 shouted at everyone, throwing up an arm in front of the group but it didn't matter as they were all suddenly surrounded by the mist themselves.

"You shall all be scattered! Tortured and killed!"

Izuku felt cold all over, right down to her very bones it seemed, as the mist closed in around her and the next thing she knew she was falling towards a large body of water.

The flood zone! Why'd it have to be the flood zone! She thought as she quickly held her breath and braced for the uncomfortable landing.
She mentally bristled as she plunged beneath the surface, feeling so off kilter about being submerged so suddenly that it was almost too much of a shock for her to bare.

She didn't have the luxury of freaking out about it however, as she saw something in the depths swimming towards her and it was coming in fast!

"What a delicious looking piece of bait!"

Bait?! She flailed about trying to swim back to gain some distance but she knew there was no way she could outswim him, she was out of her element here!
But she didn't have to as Asui barreled into the villain with a powerful kick, knocking him off course as she wrapped her tongue around Izuku's torso and swam them to the surface, lifting her up and placing her on the deck of a ship.

Minata was slammed roughly onto the deck after her before Asui climb over the railing.

"Thanks Asui! You're a lifesaver!"

"Call me Tsu!"

"O-ok, A-asu- um. T-ts-tsu….chan?"

"...I like it. Ribbit."

Well, at least she was happy Izuku thought while she was making large sweeps over her tail and gently squeezing at the fur to try and get as much water wrung out of it as possible, muttering all the while about how much she hated being suddenly wet.

She could shower and such just fine but that was because she *choose* to be wet at those times and she could mentally prepare for them, she could even enjoy going swimming for a little bit every once and while but unplanned or unprepared for submersion in water was very much unwelcomed.

"We sure are in a pickle."

Asu- uh..Tsuchan said as she looked over the railing at all the villains surrounding the boat.

That mist guy had asked about if something had been changed, which means they knew for sure that All Might was supposed to be teaching them here today. But how? how would they get that info? Did they sneak into the school someho-!

"The media!"

She cried out loud, both startling and confusing her two companions.

"...what about them?"

As-uhg! tsuchan! Asked, lifting her pointer finger and placing it beside her mouth while tilting her head.

"The break in during lunch yesterday! It must have been a divergence to get around the teachers and get information on All Might's schedule!"

Realization dawned on their faces as they understood what she had meant now.

"So what?! They can't actually kill All Might! Can they? I mean...HE'S ALL MIGHT!"

Mineta yelled out, flailing his arms around and pacing as he spoke before Tsuchan answered him.

"Mineta. They'd be pretty stupid if they went through all this trouble to break in here and didn't have a way to follow through on their threat. Ribbit.
I just wonder if All Might will be ok facing whatever it is."

Unfortunately Tsuchan was right, they must have a way to beat All Might and not just with their sheer amount of numbers either, as Aizawa-sensei was already proving that one pro was enough to take out a large portion of them…
No. there had to be something else up their sleeves, a weapon of some kind, maybe? Or they could hav-

"Stop muttering. You're creeping me out."

"O-oh! S-sorry!"

She hadn't realized she had been doing her muttering habit again...


"We can't worry about All Might right now.
We have to worry about the situation we're in now! Because right now, we have to fight to survive!"

She said with more confidence then she actually felt at present.
The odds were stacked against them, no question, they were on their own and were outnumbered and she didn't know where the rest of the class got sent but she did know something that could give them a chance.

"ARE YOU CRAZY?! We should just hide till the pros come to rescue us!"

Mineta screamed at them but he was completely ignored as Izuku continued to speak.

"I don't think these guys know what our quirks are. If they did then there would have been no way that they would've sent Tsuchan to the flood zone."

"You're right Izuchan. They would have sent me to the fire zone if they knew."

Izuchan? Uhh..ok, not the time to dwell on that right now.

"Right. Which means our one advantage over them is they don't know what our quirks can do, that's why they haven't tried to come up on the boat after us...Tell me about your quirks."

"Well I can do basically anything a frog can do. I can also secrete a mild numbing poison and spit out my stomach but neither of those things are very helpful at the moment."

They both turned to minata who was stuck dazedly on the word secreting till Tsuchan slapped him with her tongue.

"I have these sticky balls, they stick to anything besides myself and for varying amounts of time depending on how I'm feeling. They regrow as fast as I can pull them off but if I pull off too many my head will start to bleed."

...alright. Izuku was sure there was something they could do with that she thought as her and Tsuchan stared at him, unfortunately their staring set of another freak out.

"Ahhh! I told you! My quirks not suited for combat at all! Let's just wait for the pros damn it!"

"Wait no! I-it's a great quirk! Really! And I don't think we can afford to wait mineta, we could be dead by the time the pros get here..."

She tried assuring him quickly before she told them about her quirk or at least a summarized version of it, as she couldn't tell them about OFA obviously.

"Like Tsuchan, I can do basically anything a cat can but I also have my paw gauntlets and I recently learned that I can reroute the aura from the emitter part of my quirk to build up energy in certain parts of my body to get a strength boost like you guys saw with the ball toss but I'm not really good at adjusting that part yet so the blowback causes me harm."

Before anything else could be discussed the boat gave a horrible lurch and the sound of ripping metal filled the area, the villains must have tired of waiting she thought as she heard them yelling that they split the boat in half and that it'll be fully submerged in less than two minutes.

Two minutes? They had to think of something to do and fast. Her mind raced as she went over their quirks and their surroundings, quickly formulating a plan that would hopefully be pulled off if they timed it right and she quickly relayed it to the others, getting their approval.

Steeling her mind, she got up off the deck and she braced her leg on the railing.
Alright. Just act like kacchan! She thought as she pushed off the railing while screaming 'DDIIIEEEE!' which felt more than a little strange for it to be her yelling that phrase…

She pulled her left arm backwards and one of her paw gauntlets took form, blade like claws included and with the buzzing feeling of OFA coursings through her arm she swung her arm forward in a huge slashing motion.


The air pressure caused by her swing hit the water dead on, causing it to speed out in large choppy waves as she called for Tsuchan and mineta, tsuchan's tongue wrapped around her waist again and mineta started to fanticly toss his balls at the villains from his place in Tsuchans arms as the water rushed back to converge in the center of the whirlpool, effectively sticking them together in a huge clump.

"Guess we cleared the flood zone. Ribbit."

Tsuchan swung them to as close to the shore as she could and they waded the rest of the way in, her poor tail was soaked all over again and felt uncomfortably heavy dragging on the surface behind her and her arm was covered in a motley of bruises and it ached quite a lot but at least nothing broke.

"So...what should we do now Izuchan?"

Tsuchan asked, both her and mineta were looking at her like she had all the answers which was pretty daunting she thought.
she never really thought of herself as a leader type. But with them looking at her like that, she couldn't refuse coming up with a plan for them.

"Um...w-well, from what I can see about things, from where we are now we have two options to reach the entrance.
We could make our way around the rainstorm dome but we don't know if any villains will be hiding there and it could take too long or we can go around the outskirts of the plaza where we *know* there are villains and if we took a few down to lighten Aizawa-sensei's load…"

"DOME! dome! I vote dome!!"

Mineta shouted jumping up and down waving his arms.
Unfortunately for him after a bit more discussion he got outvoted and they made their way to the outskirts of the plaza by keeping to the water so that they weren't out in the open.

Making it to the water's edge of the plaza they saw Aizawa-sensei still taking out villains left and right and even though he showed no sign of slowing down Izuku knew that even he had a limit…


Izuku looked at who was muttering and saw that creepy hand guy watching Aizawa-sensei fight intently, he look even more unsettling up close, she could see a maniac ruby red eye from in between the fingers of the hand on his face and she felt her stomach twist in a sickening manner, as being this close, she realized that the hands were very much and terrifyingly real.

The hands guy suddenly rushed forward with more speed then Izuku would have guessed he was capable of, engaging Aizawa-sensei in a fight himself while he talked about how he had noticed that Aizawa-senseis hair would stop floating for short intervals and the time between them was getting shorter.

The three students were horrified when the villain grabbed onto Aizawa-senseis elbow and his shirt and then his very flesh started to just...decay away!
What a terrifying quirk…

Aizawa-sensei was able to break free before the damage spread any further than that, but his elbow was destroyed and rendered his arm completely useless, hanging limp at his side and swinging in angles no arm should be able to swing.

"'re so cool Eraserhead. but unfortunately for you *I'm* not the berserker fighter here."

It happened in the blink of an eye, they could only look on in shock as a monstrous being with a long beak like face, large sharp teeth, pitch black skin and an exposed brain appeared seemingly out of nowhere and began throwing Aizawa-sensei around like a rag doll.

Izuku wanted to throw up as the sickening sound of cracking bones filled the air and the pool of blood beneath their teacher grew only larger, she could feel tsuchan shaking uncontrollably beside her and she was sure that mineta wasn't any better off.

What the hell *was* that thing?!

"Heh...heh...met the artificial superhuman! But you can call him Nomu."

Chapter Text


Hearing Aizawa-senseis gut wrenching screams as his bones got snapped like dry twigs…

was certainly something Izuku could have lived her entire life without having to hear.

that thing...Nomu...was pulling and twisting at his limbs like an overzealous child who didn't know how to play carefully with his toys.

with every new snap came more and more blood came pouring out of Aizawa-sensei like a broken sieve;
and his screams became more guttural and garbled as blood filled his throat.

"Erasing quirks is a pretty good ability to have but when faced with overwhelming strength…
You might as well be quirkless."

Izuku could hear that hand guy gloating but she couldn't react in any way,

it felt like her body had just stopped working!

she couldn't even manage to look away from the grisly scene before them,
even though she wished desperately to be able to do so.

Mineta was repeatedly muttering 'we're dead' over and over again;

and tsuchan was covering her mouth as if she'd throw up any second now
and Izuku wouldn't blame her in the least if she did.

The Nomu slammed Aizawa-senseis head into the ground,
creating a large crater just as the mist guy took form next to the creepy hand guy.

"Tomura Shigaraki."

"..Kurogiri. You're back, so 13 must be dead then?"

"I incapacitated him.
But I'm afraid the children I couldn't scatter managed to impede me
and as such, one of them...escaped."

One of the students got out?
Which one?
Could they get back to school and retrieve help in time?

The hand guy, Shigaraki, look agitated at the news and started to aggressively scratch at his throat, leaving angry, red welts behind.

"...huhhh?....hhhuuuhhh?....If they dump a bunch of pros on us, it's game over!
Ahrg! Kurogiri!
If you weren't our warp gate..I'd disintegrated over…do we fall back….?"

What? Fall back? Are they really gonna leave just like that?

Mineta sure thought so as he was excitedly whispering at them about it,

but Izuku wasn't sure...she had a bad feeling in the pit of her stomach that it couldn't be this easy.

They showed up here and besides from taking out the two pros on duty,
they had done next to nothing and now they were just gonna go?

"...sigh...well...if it's game over for now on killing All Might…
then we can at least break his spirit by taking out a few kids."


It all happened so fast, one second they thought they might just survive this thing

and then the next Shigaraki was rushing at them and reaching for tsuchan.

Everything felt like slow motion as his hand got closer to tsuchans face;

and the image of what that hand did to Aizawa-senseis arm flashed in her mind and then replaced their teacher's arm with tsuchan…




her right arm glowed familiar green as her paw gauntlets took form.

Just as Shigaraki pulled his hand away from tsuchan looking back at Aizawa-sensei,

who, despite all his injuries and what must be an excruciating amount of pain,

managed to stop Shigaraki's quirk, exclaiming how he 'really was so cool!'


Izuku screamed at him jumping out of the water and taking an OFA powered slash at his head,

not caring if it broke her arm or not, just as long as her friends were safe.



She felt her claws connect with something hard, almost like steel, that caused a shockwave to course through them and up her entire arm

before her claws shattered completely
and the rest of her gauntlet flickered
and glitched like an old television
before fading out altogether.


She looked up in shock at the monster Nomu standing before her

and then cried out in pain as Nomu grabbed her wrist in a crushing grip,

effectively breaking it and lifting her off the ground to dangle by just one arm.

"...seems we caught a little alley cat…
what was that you yelled?
Is that a cat-punned All Might reference?"

Shigaraki asked as he walked around Nomus side;

to come stand next to where she was hanging and began reaching out for her tail!


She didn't want those hands anywhere near her!

she thought as she tried to angle her body away, bracing her feet on nomus large chest in an attempt to gain leverage to pull herself free,

even though the movement was causing pain to shoot through her arm at the jostling of her broken wrist.

out of the corner of her eye she could see tsuchan trying to stealthily get her tongue around her but Izuku knew she'd be too late.


Everything stopped at the loud noise echoing throughout the facility

and they all looked up towards the main stairway leading to the entrance to see:

ALL MIGHT! It was All Might!

Marching into the building while taking his suit jacket off and ripping his tie from his neck.

but the biggest thing Izuku noticed about him was that he wasn't smiling!


So it was Iida that had got out?

That means the other pros should be here in no time!

All Might jumped off the stairs and cleared the whole plaza to land in front of where they were and took in the whole devastating scene.


"....looks like we got a continuance…"

All Might walked over to and gently lifted Aizawa-sensei into his arms and before she even realized anything was happening at all,

she was suddenly out of the Nomus grip and sitting on the other side of the plaza along with tsuchan, mineta and Aizawa-sensei,

All Might standing protectively in front of them.

"You three get Aizawa of here! I'll deal with these cretans!"

All Might instructed them while never taking his eyes off the villains,

Izuku saw Shigaraki picking up the hand that was previously on his face, muttering angrily all the while.

When had it fallen?

"Al-all Might! That villain..the one with the exposed brain!
It- I used One f- i-i mean
When I slashed him…it didn't do a thing!
It broke my cl-"

"Midoriya! My girl! Have no fear! I got this!"

He flashed her a quick smile and a peace sign before he rushed the villains.



All Mights attack hit the suddenly appearing Nomu head on;

but all the Nomu did was push All Mights arms away

but All Might countered quickly and landed a gut punch before using a low sweep to knock the Nomu down

and hopped back to put a little space between them.

Tsuchan called out to her after her and mineta had Aizawa-sensei secured,

she had offered to carry him instead but tsuchan wouldn't hear it because of Izuku's broken wrist.

As they walked away she could hear Shigaraki telling All Might about the Nomus shock absorption

and how the beast had been biogenically engineered to be a human sandbag and the perfect foil for All Might.

"I don't know why we were so worried! All Might has it the bag!"

Mineta loudly proclaimed,

she wishes she could share in his certainty but all she could think about was how All Might did all that pro hero work this morning

and how he wasn't here in the beginning like he was supposed to be…

All Might was already at his limit for the day and had to be running on fumes now….

He wasn't at his best, which means there was a possibility that he could lose…

He could LOSE!

She stopped in her tracks at that thought, eyes wide as her abrupt stop drew tsuchans attention.

"Izuchan? What's the matter?"

" guys keep going."

She spun on her heel and raced back towards the plaza, ignoring her friends crying for her to come back.

She couldn't go back, she was the only one here left who knew about All Mights time limit!

The only one who knew about his injury!

He couldn't lose!

He couldn't die!

She still had so much she wanted to learn from him!

As she broke around the bend back to the plaza;

she saw All Might and the nomu in a strange position,

it looked as if All Might had tried to do a backdrop slam on nomu

but that kurogiri guy interrupted the process with his warps, leaving them in a weird unnatural looking position.

She could hear them explaining about how this had been their plan all along,

that nomu was meant to slow All Might down so Kurogiri could get him in his warps and then close them,

cutting All Might in half!

Despite her broken wrist,
she powered her right arm with OFA

and formed her paw gauntlets fully ready to knock nomu off of All Might

but unfortunately Shigaraki saw her coming and ordered Kurogiri to warp him directly into her path.

She only had time to duck and slide underneath Shigaraki as he reached for her head,

she managed to avoid major damage but he had been able to grab her left ear before she slide out range.

The pain of the skin on the top half of her ear disintegrating hurt more than she could possibly have imagined for such a minute area

and she was fairly sure the entire tip of her ear was just gone.

she could feel a stream of blood running down the rest of her ear and matting into her hair

as she let out a loud pain filled scream before gritting her teeth and clamping a hand on her ear to lessen the blood flow.

In her peripheral vision she saw Kurogiri warping next to her,

she scrambled to her feet, fighting the dizzy feeling from the pain

and tried to move out of the way but she wasn't gonna be fast enough to avoid an attack this time!


Her eyes widened slightly and she hit the ground without a second thought

as kacchan flew over her with a blast and tackled the neck guard that Kurogiri was wearing

and successfully pinned him to the ground.

Speaking of the ground…

It was being frozen over in a pathway that led straight to the Nomu, freezing him solid in place.

that could only have been todoroki!

behind her she heard Kirishima take a swing at Shigaraki but missed as the villain quickly jumped away.

"I knew there was a fucking real body in here!
If there wasn't you never would've have said 'that was close' back then!"

Kacchan growled out at villain now at his mercy, warning him not to try anything or he'd blow him to kingdom come.

Kirishima remarked that that wasn't a very hero like thing to say...

Cracking Ice sounded as All Might twisted his way out of the frozen nomus grip and flipped away from the warp gate.

" captured our revolving these days...nomu. Retrieve."

They all watched in shock as the Nomu lifted himself up out the warp gate and ripped his body away from the frozen parts.

the shock only grew when the missing limbs started growing back.

"I thought his quirk was shock absorption?!"

All might exclaimed as they watched in morbid fascination at the fast regrowing muscle and flesh.

"I never said that was his *only* quirk...remember, nomu here was bio genetically engineered to withstand you at your full 100%"

Bio genetic?

Did they just pump this guy full of different quirks?


Was that even possible?

"Now…nomu. Get our warp gate back."

Kacchan! She thought worriedly as the nomu ran towards him in a flash of speed.

A huge wind gust blow past them and Izuku was forced to shield her eyes to avoid dust from blinding her.


She screamed desperately before she caught sight of him sitting right next to her!


Looking back at the battle field she was able to see what had happened, All Might beat the nomu over to kacchan and throw him out of the way to take the blow instead.

The blow had pushed him quite a few paces back and there were deep ruts in the ground from him trying to anchor himself down during the push.

"Have you no mercy?"

"What? We had to rescue our comrade, didn't we?
And besides one of your kids, the little alley cat over there.
She tried to slash my head off earlier. Where do think she learned those tactics from? 'Hero'?"

Shigaraki continued to ramble on about how hero society was just as brutal as villains

and that the only difference was that heroes violent acts were deemed 'necessary' and got a pass from the public merely because hero rhetoric was shoved down their throats since birth.

Izuku wasn't buying it though,

it didn't sound like he actually believed the things he was spouting,

more like he was just reciting a script and it seemed All Might shared the same view as her

as he called Shigaraki out on his bullshit and said that the villain was just out for sick thrills.

To which Shigaraki shrugged and said 'you got me' in an unconcerned manner

before stating that it didn't matter either way because they were gonna end the symbol of peace today.

"It's five against three"

Todoroki said as Izuku and kacchan got off the ground where they had been sitting, Izuku adding in:

"Yup! And kacchan already exposed that misty guys weakness!"

Kirishima was quick to agree and prepared to fight.

but before they could All Might yelled at them to stand down, todoroki didn't take that order too well.

"If it hadn't been for my ice, you would still be in a bad situation right now."

"And you're bleeding All Might! And out of ti-uhhh"

She added in before cutting herself before she said something she wasn't supposed to say.

But you kids need not do anything else
but stand back and watch how an old pro gets things done!"

"Nomu. Kurogiri. Finish off All Might!
I'll deal with the kids."

All Might and the nomu took off at the same time.

but All might made a slight deviation from his path to stop Shigaraki short from attacking the group of teens on the sidelines

before going right back to his head on collision course with nomu.

They ended up in a blow for blow fist fight, each matching the other in speed and strength,

the blowback from the punches was incredible, whipping the air around them up into a frenzy.

"I told you before, didn't I?
Nomu has shock absorption.
He can take your punches at 100%!"

Shigaraki shouted towards All Might, sounding more than a bit smug.

"I remember! Shock absorption.
Not nullification!"


Shigaraki didn't seem so sure of his victory now as all might kept trading blow after blow with nomu.

"And take me at 100% you say?
Well then! I have no choice but to go beyond that!"

It seemed impossible but All Mights speed increased and he started to absolutely pummel the biogenic monster so fast that nomu couldn't manage to keep up and hit him back!

They watched completely thrown aback and in awe as All Might pulled his arm back for a final blow yelling:


Hitting the beast square in the stomach in a final devastating move,

nomu was sent flying up towards the dome and straight through the glass ceiling,

sailing through the sky and far out of sight.

"..hah...ha...I must be getting weaker…
in my hayday that would have taken only five punches!
But just now I had to land over 300 of them!"

Chapter Text

Everything was still and quiet for a second as they stared up at the USJs newest body shaped sunroof courtesy of Nomu, who was just sent flying out of the dome like a comic book villain.

"'ve gotten weaker?! Are you kidding me ...?"

Shigaraki started to angrily rant as he, once again, began to scratch at the sides of his neck aggressively.

" we were totally overpowered! How dare you do that to nomu!'re not weaker at all!...not. One. Bit!….did he...did he lie to me?"

His scratching was getting more and more frantic as his rant continued, the red welts from before now bleeding slightly in a way that, had it not been a villain doing it, Izuku might have been concerned.

There was something else that Izuku was more worried about at the moment, something that had been tugging on her mind for awhile now…

"...that's the no.1 hero for you, looks like we're not even relevant in this battle anymore."

Stated todoroki, sounding like he was already turning and walking away.

"Yeah guess so! Hey midoriya! We better get out here so we don't become hostages or something!"

Kirishima yelled out to her and while, logically, she knew he was right, she didn't move an inch.
She couldn't, they didn't know what she knew, they couldn't understand.

"Deku?! Get the fucking lead out!"

It was mixed in with all the dust that had got kicked up but she could still see it;
The vapor that All Might released right before he transformed! He was out of time!

"Well? Your move villain!"

He's bluffing...she thought, just hoping they would take the bait and leave before he poofed back into his smol might form.

Shigaraki was still scratching at his neck and muttering about how All Might wasn't weaker at all, and how he wished nomu were still here and sprinkling 'game over' repeatedly throughout his mumbling.

"Tomura Shigaraki. Calm yourself. All is not lost. You can clearly see the damage nomu dealt, I believe if you and I work together we can win this battle."

Kurogiri calmly stated to the erratic villain, succeeding in getting him to stop and slowly move his hands away from his neck.

"....yeah. You're right Kurogiri…We came all this way…
We might as well take out the final boss!"

With a burst of renewed vigour, Shigaraki shot himself forward, rushing towards All Might, Kurogiri right behind him.
And before she could think about how it was probably a monumentally bad idea and before anyone had a chance to stop her;

She was launching herself over in front of All Might, paw gauntlets active as she aimed for Kurogiri's neck guard.

she knew she hurt at least one of her ankles again, not broken, fractured maybe. but she couldn't even feel the pain from it right now.

She saw shigarakis eyes widen in surprise from her sudden appearance behind the hand on his face;
before he stuck his own hand through Kurogiri's warp.

There was no way for her to stop or dodge this time while she was still sailing through the air, She could only watch in growing horror as Shigarakis hand got closer to her face.

Just as she felt his fingers brush against her bangs, a twisted gleeful smile forming behind the corpse hand;

A loud gunshot rang out and Shigaraki was forced to pull his now bleeding hand away for her with a loud cry and she was able to fall to the ground safely, roughly, but safe.

"Oh dear. We are irredeemably late, it seems."

It was the teachers! And Iida! He did it!

That gunshot had come from the Gun-slinging hero: Snipe! and she could see him firing his gun all over the facility, most likely helping out her other scattered classmates.

"...they're here. It really is our game over screen…"

Shigaraki mumbled as he cradled his bleeding hand to his chest, while slumping his shoulders and looking more like a sullen child then he did a deadly villain.

"Guess it's back to the drawing Kurogi- GWAH!"

His question got interrupted by a swarm of bullets raining down on him, hitting him in his arms and legs repeatedly;
Kurogiri was quick to cover Shigaraki in his mist however and started to warp them away.

"This isn't over All Might! I *will* kill you!
….and that little alley cat of yours too!"

Shigaraki screamed at them right before the warp gate closed and then…
They were gone.

"...heh..I wasn't very helpful after all…"

Izuku said softly as she carefully pulled herself up into a sitting position,
her ankles were definitely swollen, the left was more swollen then the right however, she must have used that one more in the push off…

"Nonsense my girl! If hadn't given me those last few precious seconds…
Why, I'd be a pile of dust right about now!"

Happy tears sprang to the corners of her eyes as she looked at All Might,
The right half of his body was already turning back to his smol might form,
Leaving him looking as if he had just escaped from a mad scientist's lab.

" I-i s-so glad you're al-alright!"

She said shakedly as the tears poured down her face and over her relieved and joyous smile, All Might was alive! He was still here. She didn't lose him!


"Hey midoriya!"

Izuku hissed faintly at the pain that shot through her left ear when her ears had automatically perked up at the sound of her name being called;
now that the adrenaline was wearing off, she was starting to feel just how much damage she accumulated throughout this whole fiasco.

at first she was happy to see kacchan and kirishima running over, it was nice that they cared, after all.
But she quickly realized that if they did come over here, they would definitely see All Mights secret!

"AH! D-don't come over her-!"

A cement wall suddenly sprang up between them, courtesy of CementToss, effectively cutting the guys off from coming any closer.

One could probably have heard kacchan's explosive and rather colorful cussing all the way back at the school...


While Aizawa-sensei and 13-sensei had to be taken for intensive treatment at the nearby hospital, Her and All Might were cleared to stay in the infirmary under recovery girls care.

All in all Izukus injuries consisted of her right wrist being broken, though thankfully
None of the bones had been crushed,
Her left arm being covered in a multitude
Of bruises in varying severity,
Her left ankle sustaining a hairline fracture
And multiple cuts and scrapes riddling
Her body;

And of course there was the matter of her left ear…

Recovery girl healed it easy enough, sure, but it still left the top half of her ear completely without fur and covered in scar tissue and there was nothing she could do for the missing tip.

It could have been worse in her opinion,
It was only the tip missing, hardly noticeable unless you were really looking
and recovery girl said that there might
be a chance that her fur will grow back eventually…

She was released from the infirmary after a brief talk between her, all might and detective tsukauchi, who she was surprised to find out was all mights best friend and knew about his true form.

Her bones, ear and the worst of her bruising was healed, not to mention that she was *extremely* tired.

She had originally planned on just taking
the train home, but upon getting to the schools entrance she had suddenly found herself squished in between her crying mom and ranting auntie mitsuki…

Turns out kacchan had called them before even the school had a chance to and made sure that his mom would come pick them up so that Izuku wouldn't try walking home by herself.

Sometimes she thinks kacchan knows her a bit too well…


The next day of school was canceled for a school wide security check,
At which her mom was thrilled at because it meant she could fuss over Izuku all day
and Izuku couldn't escape her.

She loved her mom dearly, she really did,
But...being put on strict bed rest and having her mom watch her like a hawk while there was nothing really wrong with her, got a tad annoying after awhile.

She was only allowed to get up on her own to go to the bathroom for cripes sakes!

She was spared from her moms constant hovering a little past noon though,
When kacchan came over to check on
her and was able to convince her that he could adequately watch over Izuku while he visited.

"Thank All Might you're here Kacchan!"

She said as soon as her mom left and Kacchan closed her door the rest of the way.

"I love her but she hasn't let me do *anything* since I got home last night!"

Kacchan sat down on her desk chair and gave her an unsympathetic look,
Which she found completely unfair,
Kacchan was supposed to be on her side here!

"I don't know why the fuck you think that I'm going let you get away with anything either"

"Wha-? kacchaaannnn!"

"No. Fuck your whining! You're a goddamn disaster when left to your own devices!"

Izuku crossed her arms and flopped back onto her pillows with a pout and tried to pull off her best wounded kitten face.

"I am not...and besides, recovery girl already healed me! My moms completely overreacting! I'm fine!"

The unsympathetic look continued and didn't look like it would be budging anytime soon either…

"Right. Fine. That's why you're missing half your fucking ear."

"It's not half! Only the tip is gone!"

She retorted as she insecuredly reached up and covered her left ear from kacchans gaze, she hadn't thought about it much before now but the sight of her half bald ear was probably pretty gross to have to look at, kinda like how a lot of people didn't like looking at furless cats...

All though, covering up her ear had seemed to only serve in making kacchan mad as his unsympathetic look quickly turned into him glaring at her hand while he stood up from her desk chair and came over to the side of her bed.

"Fucking knock that shit off!"

He growled at her as he grabbed her arm and tugged it away from her head and then grabbed her other arm as well when she tried to use that one to cover her ear again.

"There's nothing wrong with your ear deku!
So you just fucking stop that shitty way of thinking that I *know* you're doing right now!"

She tried in vain to pull her arms free but short of actually activating OFA for an extra power boost her arm strength was nowhere near kacchans.

"You don't know what I'm thinking! And *you're* the one who brought my ear up in the first place…"

"Because I was fucking worried you dumb deku!"

Wait..what?! Her eyes widened as she looked up at kacchan, who was now blushing a deep red as he realized what he had just admitted out loud.

It grew quite in the room as they both avoided eye contact, kacchan having had released her arms and sat down on the edge of her bed.

After awhile kacchan glanced over at her again and she saw his gaze roam up back to her ear, making her tempted to cover it up again before she noticed kacchan lifting his hand slowly toward her ear.

It was her turn to blush as his fingers started to gently rub at the uncovered skin on the top half of her ear, they felt pleasantly warm and she was surprised at how gentle her normally rough and explosive friend was being as he traced over the scars left behind by the disintegration.

As weird as it might've seemed, she was finding herself being lulled into a calm and almost drowsy state by kacchans ministrations, she could feel her eyelids growing heavy in her contentment and an odd vibration like sensation was growing in her chest.

The vibration feeling became more pronounced as kacchan continued to rub and even scratch a little at her ear, the vibrations felt so clear to her now that she thought she could almost hear them…

Wait...she *could* hear them!

Her eyes snapped open, she wasn't even sure when she had fully closed them, to see kacchan looking shocked and his face was tinted red again, making it very clear that he had heard the noise she was making too.

She had purred! She thought embarrassingly as she covered her burning face in her hands while kacchan slowly removed his hand and making a noise that sounded like he was trying extremely hard to not laugh, big jerk...

A few minutes passed by before either one of them spoke again and the first to do so was kacchan, no longer able to hold himself together and laughing so hard he fell off her bed.

"Hahahhaa! Holy crap!....yo-...hahaa! You fuck-fucking purred!...hahahahaha!"

"It's not funny kacchan! Stop laughing!"

She yelled out as she grabbed her pillow and started to hit katsuki with it repeatedly while leaning over the side of her bed, which only made him laugh harder as he raised his arm to fend off her attack.

They were apparently making such a ruckus though that her mom had rushed back into her room thinking something was wrong only to be greeted by the sight of her daughter aggressively beating her hysterically laughing childhood friend with her pillow.

A soft smile crossed Inko midoriya's face at the scene before her, she couldn't even bring herself to be upset that Izuku was moving around too much for her liking as she closed the door again and left the two teens to their fun.


They were back in class before they knew it, Izuku getting swarmed as soon as she stepped into the room, first by uraraka, Iida and tsuchan asking her if she was really alright and then by others like kirishima, Mina and everyone else who had heard about what had happened on her end of things.

"Man I can't believe you were face to face with those villains!"

"How scary!"

"So cool!"

"Date me!"

"Aww your poor ear"

"Yeah man! You guys should've seen how manly she was!"

"Date me!"

"I don't think I could've handled that. It was scary enough just up at the entrance with that misty man!"

"Dude, right?"

"Date me!"

Izuku was saved from having a melt down from her loud and overwhelming classmates when the door slid open and Aizawa-sensei walk least, she thought that was Aizawa-sensei! It was kinda hard to tell what with all the bandages.

"Alright settle down… you're all too loud for so early in the morning…"

That's aizawa-sensei all right she thought as she and the rest of the class quietly made their way to their desks.

She saw tsuchan raise her hand before she asked:

"Aizawa-sensei? Are you well enough to be back teaching so soon?"

"Your concern is appreciated but I'm fine."

Izuku had some doubt about that statement seeing as their teacher had looked a little shaky when he had walked over to the front of the class…

"Anyway...regarding the USJ incident, I just want to say I'm proud of how you all handled yourselves and I'm happy that there were no major injuries among you.
But...I'm afraid the battle is just beginning for you.."

Nervous chatter broke out among her classmates, most worried that there were more villains hanging about.

"The UA sports festival is upon us ladies and gentlemen."