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Meow for all: I am NOT eating that!

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“Kacchan! Wait for me!”
Cried out izuku, her mop of green curly hair bouncing in the wind as she chased after a small group of boys, lagging behind significantly, through the trees of the small wooded area by the local park playground that the four of them frequented.
“ come on, deku! Keep up yourself!” The spiky blonde haired boy yelled as he tossed a smirk at the girl over his shoulder. “ yeah let's go!” Another boy with unusually long fingers shouted “ we're playing hero agency and we need our ‘damsel in distress’ , deku!” A boy with wings was snickering and nodding his head behind him and started to chant “~damsel, damsel ~” Izuku’s face scrunched up a bit at the chanting, the boys never did let her play as anything else on account of her being quirkless (which was completely unfair, in her opinion.)
because she also happened to be the only girl in their group, she was always the damsel that needed to be rescued by the 'hero' but, she supposed she should be happy that they let her play with them at all…
Even if she was a 'quirkless, useless deku'.
she called again for a pause in walking, the group stopping in an exasperated huff and turning towards her, irritated that she was keeping them from playing their favorite game.
Izuku lightly bit her lip, looking at the ground before finally voicing her question “ u-um...can we- can we maybe pl-play something else today?” Izuku shyly peeked up through her bangs at the boys then, who were looking at her like she had just spontaneously grew an extra limb out of her eye socket or something.
“ whAT?!” exclaimed kasuki “ why the hell would we play anything else? Hero agency is awesome!” Kasuki paused and tilted his head a bit, a small smirk growing on his face before asking in a condescending tone “ what? you wanna play some stupid girly shit like house or dolls or something?” Izuku fretted at that and rushed to answer, rather loudly, “ N-NO! Of course n-ot! It- it’s just that…” Izuku sentence trailed off with her eyes darting to the side and her hands starting to twist the hem of her All Might (of course) shirt nervously.
“just what?” Katsuki prodded, annoyed “ spit it out already deku!” izuku looked at katsuki again her hands slowly coming up to grab lightly at the sides of her head.
“m-my head feels kinda fu-funny to-today kacchan..” Kasuki’s face twisted in confusion as well as the other two boys faces.
“Funny how deku?” Katsuki demanded as he stared at the top of her head like he could figure it out if he just looked hard enough.
Izuku thought for a brief moment before replying “ it just h-hurts. But not li-like a headache kind of hurt? More like a...f-fuzzy kind of hurt, i-i th-think?...” Katsuki’s face took on an even more confused and irritated look at that “ hah?! What kind of shit explanation is that?! You shitty nerd!” izuku panicked slightly at his tone of voice and it caused her to start waving her hands around frantically and a little erratically before exclaiming “ I- I don't know kacchan! I can't explain it any better than that!” Izuku went back to holding the sides of her head as kasuki looked on in annoyance, thinking and deliberating over the issue presented to him, coming to what he believed to be a sound conclusion he finally declared with an unconcerned shrug “you’re so useless deku, you probably just hit your head on something and didn't notice. So Stop being a baby and let's go play!” deciding that to be the end of the matter he swiftly turned around on his heel and started to continue down the path, yelling “Forward march!” along the way, the other boys were quick to fall in line behind him, managing to match his marching speed after only a few stumbles.
“O-oh o-ok're probably ri-right…” izuku said, unease creeping into her tone, only for her to shake her head a bit and planting a big smile on her face as she hurried along after the boys as to not be left behind by the marching group.

The next half hour or so, was spent with the boys each taking turns being the ‘hero’ and the ‘villains’ as with each new round izuku ‘the helpless damsel’ would be hidden in varying different spots for the ‘hero’ to find and to try to ‘rescue’ her.
All the while izuku continued to feel more and, growing dizzy and nauseous at times, but refusing to say anything because she didn't want to stop the game and annoy kacchan again, deciding on toughing it out instead. They were on their fourth round of the game, izuku hiding behind a large fallen tree this time while kacchan played the ‘villain’ trying to keep the ‘heroes’ from getting near his ‘captured victim’ when izuku suddenly let out a pained yell, collapsing to the ground in a heap, curling on her side and into herself while distressed whimpering escaped from her lips softly. Katsuki paused mid dramatic speech at the loud thump and turned towards the tree sighing out “what now?!” thinking Deku was being 'dramatic' again, Upon receiving no reply to his question katsuki looked back at the others in confusion, both shrugging their shoulders in a ‘I don't know’ motion, katsuki rolled his eyes at their unhelpfulness and instead began to approach the tree calling out again “deku?...hey deku!” The three boys all scrambled up and over the large tree to come upon the sight of izuku curled up into a ball, clutching her head and weakly moaning. Katsuki’s stomach lurched harshly before he was reacting without realizing and launched himself off the side of the tree and rushed over to his fallen friend. “hey! What's the matter with you?” Katsuki asked as he bent down and started to lightly shake her to try and prompt a response, noticing the small girl was trembling as if she was freezing, sweat forming on her brow.
Izuku whimpered again and slowly blinked her eyes open, tears collecting in the corners of her emerald eyes as she looked up at katsuki with a pain filled expression “k-kachan..ev-every..unh-i-it h-hurts kac-kacchan!” She cried, her stuttering far worse than it normally was, every word breathy and sounding like it was a struggle just to get out.
“What's wrong with her?” Asked tsubasa looking down over the side of the tree. Katsuki looked up unsure at the boy and then looked back at izuku his face going from uncertain to determined with a decision made, he then replied “I don't know but you losers get down here and help me get on my back, I'm taking her home! Auntie inko’ll know what to do!” the two boys jumped down off the log quickly and joined kacchan by the fallen girl's side, they started to pick her up but went too fast and the motion caused izuku to cry out in protest, which, in turn, caused katsuki to glare harshly at them. “carefully you numbskulls!” Katsuki growled angrily “s-sorry katsuki!” One of them apologized, the boys then moved far more carefully, lifting izuku and placing her on the explosive Boy's back, making sure to wrap her arms around his neck for her, as it didn't seem the girl had the energy to do so herself, katsuki hitched her up to a more secure position before hurriedly making his way around the tree and back to the path that led to the playground, breaking into a slight jog once there, he turned his head back as best he could in order to shout “you losers better go on home! It's getting late! I got this!” The boys looked like they almost wanted to argue for a second before seeming to decide against it (it was kacchan after all…) instead they nodded and yelled out a conformation all the while wringing their hands together and looking on nervously.
the park entrance came into sight and katsuki quickened his pace even more; turning down the road that led to izuku's house “hang on deku, we'll be there ‘for ya know it” He muttered not sure if he was trying to calm Deku or himself, izuku only whined weakly in response.
Thankfully izuku's home was only about two blocks from the park but about halfway there izuku started to really wretch around, almost causing katsuki to drop her. “ uhh..kacchan? Kacchan stop!” She groaned “ hah? No way! We gotta get you home! Stop wiggling so much back there!”
“B-but kacchan I feel like I'm gonna th-throw up...and don't wa-wanna g-get it on you…” she explained. Katsuki cursed softly as he came to a stop on the side of the road near a bush, he gently lowered izuku to the ground and not a moment too soon as she immediately began puking all over the ground just narrowly missing katsukis shoes in the process, he then hurried to hold her hair back so she wouldn't get any in it as she puked again.
Katsuki was starting to get pretty worried now, Deku was still shaking something awful and her face was flushed and sweaty and her breathing was coming in shallow gasps, he started rubbing her back in small circles, not knowing what else to do and remembering his mom doing this the last time he was sick, so he figured it must help. after a few more dry heaves with nothing further coming up, he asked if she thought she could stand to go again, receiving a tiny nod from her he turned around and bent slightly for her to climb back up, once situated he once again took off down the road even more urgent to get her to her mom.
Fortunately nothing else interrupted the trip and they soon made it to the front door of the midoria’s apartment, katsuki pounding on it frantically as dekus breathing became more shallow and labored.
As soon as the door opened katsuki began speaking “auntie inko! Something's wrong with Deku!” With the door fully open inko took in the scene in front of her that was causing the boy to create such a fuss, gasping as she saw her daughters condition “oh my goodness! I- what?-” she stammered out caught off guard before pulling herself quickly together inko tried to speak again, her words coming out clearly this time.
“please take her to the couch! I'll grab the first aid kit!” She turned on her heel and sprinted down the hallway toward the bathroom, leaving katsuki to make his way through the small apartment and to the living room, carefully lying izuku on the couch before an idea popped into his mind, he ran into the kitchen, grabbing a dish towel off the counter and hastily running it under cold water in the sink, wringing it out slightly he rushed back to dekus side, auntie inko having had returned as well, katsuki placed the towel on izukus forehead as inko was busy searching in the med box for the thermometer.
Finally locating it with a small “aha!” she placed it gently in her baby girl's mouth, while waiting for the results inko turned to katsuki who was watching izuku with great intensity as if she might disappear if he so much as blinked, deciding he needed a distraction as much as she needed answers as to just what was going on. “katsuki-kun? What happened at the park?” She asked trying to keep the panic from her voice as to not worry the boy even more than he already looked “i-i don't know! We were playing and Deku said her head hurt but couldn't explain how it hurt! I just thought she hit it on something without knowing! A ‘lil bit later she just...fell a-and started to cry ‘it hurts’ over and over” he took a breath and continued “I didn't know what to do so I just picked her up and ran here! We had to stop halfway though ‘cus she had to throw she gonna be ok auntie?” Looking up, worry shining bright in his eyes (an unusual occurrence to anyone who knew the boy to be sure...) inko’s heart panged with sympathy for the, no doubt, frightened boy who has never had to deal with a situation like this before in his young life, but before she could answer him, the thermometer beeped and she pulled it out of izuku's mouth and bought it up to eye level, inhaling sharply as she saw it read 103.4° she quickly got up and grabbed her phone off the coffee table, where it had been previously charging, she hurriedly punched in a number, bringing it to her ear and willing the device to ring faster. “Hello?” “Mitsuki! Thank goodness! I need a ride! Something wrong with izuku!” Inko cried “what?! Fuck! What's going on? Is she hurt?!”
“I-i’m not sure! Katsuki just bought her home..on his back!, she has a high fever and I don't know what's going on!” Inko voice cracked at the end of her sentence as she desperately tried to hold herself back from sobbing as it wouldn't help the situation if she broke down right now. “the brat did wha-?...” Mitsuki muttered (but now was not the time for that, mitsuki!)
“O-OK calming breathes inko! I'm on my way! grab the kids and met me outside!” At that the line went dead, inko put the phone back down on the coffee table and began looking around the room becoming more and more frazzled looking as she seemed unable to spot whatever it was she was hunting “auntie? What you looking for?” Katsuki was quick to see the panic forming and quicker to ask a question in order to try and distract her “a-a blanket..I wanted a blanket to wrap izuku in!” She answered a bit absentmindedly “don't worry! I got it!” The boy called out as he bolted out of the room only to return not a moment later with izuku’s favorite all might themed blanket in tow, inko taking it whan he held it out to her and proceed to wrap it snugly around her daughter.
then grabbed her purse and keys and handed them off to katsuki so she could carry izuku unburdened.
By the time they reached the curb outside, mitsuki’s car was already pulling up (managing to drive up and over the curb no less) inko instructed katsuki to get in the back seat first so izuku could lay on his lap and he could hold her still for the drive since she couldn't sit up to wear a seatbelt, once the kids were taken care of, inko got in the front seat and mitsuki took off as soon as her door closed, squealing the wheels loudly. normally inko would have chastised her friend for speeding and weaving in and out of traffic but in this moment she was more than glad for mitsuki’s mayhem driving as they made it through the city and to the hospital in record time.

After a brief wait in an exam room in which info was given, blood tests drawn and x-rays taken, all the while katsuki refusing to leave izuku side or stop holding her hand if it wasn't absolutely necessary, (and the blonde's opinion about what was necessary differed greatly with the staff, mitsuki having to intervene and pull the boy away forcibly a number of times) the doctor came into the room and took a seat in the desk chair, smiling briefly at the determined looking boy holding onto his patient's hand with what looked like the very jaws of life…
“alright Mrs.midoriya, first and foremost, there's nothing serious or life threatening going on.” he said in a calming voice. the two women in the room breathing a big collective sigh of relief; even katsuki looked less stressed and more relaxed at the revelation. “Yup” the doctor continued, “what's happening is perfectly normal, a bit of a rare case, but normal.” a confused look crossed inko face before she asked “normal? Doctor?”
The doctor smiled before flipping open his chart and glancing over the contents briefly then looking back at inko “your daughter is six years correct? “he asked “yes, that's right'' "and she was officially diagnosed as quirkless last year?” “Yes...But what does that have to do with what's happening now? Inko answered; her confusion of the situation only growing. “oh it has everything to do with it ma'am, I assure you! you see, your daughter was misdiagnosed. She's not, in fact, quirkless at all!” A pregnant pause descended the room as the three (conscious) visitors processed the, frankly, surprising news.
Katsuki was staring back and forth between the doctor and izuku, a look of disbelief on his face, inko was the first of the small group to recover. “wh-what? S-she's not?!” She inquired, “how is that possible?...all those tests last year...” “It's a rare instance for sure” the doctor began “but, it does happen from time to time. not only is your little girl a late bloomer, it's a mutant type quirk that's late to boot! It's a quirk that, by all rights, she should've had since birth, which is why it's causing her so much pain now. her body is being forced to rearrange itself to accommodate changes that should have been there to begin with. now, We can keep her sedated until the changes are complete, this way the process will be painless for her.” Inko had been nodding along throughout the explanation “I long would she need to be sedated? Till the changes are over?” She asked curiously looking over at izuku, who of which katsuki was still looking at disbelief at.
“Oh not very long at all! I estimate by tomorrow morning at the earliest, two days at most. We'll be having her moved to room here in just a moment and I'll be by in the morning to check in on her progress, if there are no was nice to meet you Mrs.midoriya, Mrs.bakugou, young man.” The doctor nodded to all in turn, katsuki glaring at him as if he had personally offended him somehow when he did, then shaking hands with both women, inko thanking him profusely, he took his leave.
A few minutes later an orderly came in and the transfer to a more permanent room got underway. When all the machinery was set and everything settled, inko slumped onto one of the armchairs in the room, her whole body going lax, slouching in relief and exhaustion, mitsuki came over to sit on the arm of the chair and wrapped an arm around her to give her comfort only a best friend and fellow mother could, speaking words of celebration softly to her friend, equally just as relieved by the outcome as her.
Katsuki watched them for a moment before deciding his mom had everything with auntie inko under control so he wandered over to the hospital bed that held his green haired friend.
staring at her sleeping form equal parts glad and relieved that, thanks to the sedative, she finally looked at rest and no longer in any discomfort. Looking back at the adults in the chair and seeing them thoroughly engaged in their whispered conversation, heads bowed together, he wasted no time in climbing up on the bed, careful of the IVs and laying down next to izuku, snatching back up her hand. ‘a mutant quirk huh?’ He thought ‘I wonder what it will be…’ he eyes began to droop as the events of the day caught up to him at last, he tried to keep his eyes opened however, fighting sleep, afraid something will happen the moment he fell asleep and let his guard down, but exhaustion proved too much for his small body to be able to fight off and was soon sound asleep, snoring softly, still holding on to dekus hand tightly.
The two mothers looked up and saw the, frankly, adorable scene on the bed both letting out soft coo’s at their children, mitsuki going as far as snapping a photo on her phone quick before asking inko if she wanted her to take the brat home with her, but inko refused saying there was no point as he was already asleep and it wasn't like he was hurting anything. After asking if she was sure and getting a positive affirmation she conceded the point (she knew her son would only pitch a fit about leaving anyway) and quietly left the room with a final look back at the cutie duo, taking off for home in order to inform her husband (and show off pictures..) on what all went on that day.
Inko got to settling in the armchair for the night, pulling over the blanket that was on the side table and soon following the children into a deep and peaceful slumber.

It was dark in the room when katsuki next opened his eyes. The only light in the room coming from the various medical machines blinking buttons and the hallway light shining through the small window on the door, wondering what woke him up, he noticed Deku was squirming around and groaning under her breath.
He was just getting ready to try and shake her awake when she suddenly was wrapped in a soft glow, the light emitting from the girl too dim to bother auntie inko sleeping in the armchair across the room, katsuki starred in absolute awe as the glow turned a soft green and began to ebb to and fro, shapes silhouetting on the top of her head and taking form, he wasn't sure how long he sat there watching before the light faded away leaving the room dark once again except for the hallway light by which he could make out what looked ears on top of his friend's head, before he realized what he was doing katsuki had reached out and took an ear in between his fingers, rubbing gently.
‘...soft’ he thought before a bright blush overtook the boys face as he snatched his hand back to himself as if afraid the ear was gonna bite him somehow.
Yawning, suddenly exhausted again, he layed back down, getting comfortable under the covers, huddling close to deku and was asleep again in no time.