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Even in their current predicament, Elena Rodriguez quiets her mind by remembering a
favorite song of hers and Mack's:

I melt back into waves before you could find me
cold pictures in the stone, now I lie in the lunar light
Why don't you break down break down for me, out in the dark times
Why can't we see that we're a ghost in the machine, over the horizon

It CAN'T END LIKE THIS...not after they'd just found their way back to one another: NOT NOW!
Turning her head to the left, she can barely see just a samll part of the Big Man: "Mack." She raises
her voice just a bit more: "MACK!"

"Here, Baby."

"What are we going to do? We can't just...stand here-CHAINED-while our team is under attack, helpless
against Izel."

"We WAIT. Izel is drunk on power, now...there'll be an opening, and we'll be ready to exploit it."

"I trust you, you know that. I'll be ready. There's something else...if-if something happens..."

Interrupting firmly, but with love, Mack says: "DON'T go there."

"...I WILL GO THERE. This might be the last time I have a chance to say this-when Izel comes back, I suspect
that things will happen I have done so many times, I'll sacrifice anything to keep you safe. My
own life, if need be. I never stopped loving you even through all that's happened. You know that, right?"

"Claro que lo se. Y Yo hiciera lo mismo. Hago el sacrifico, lo necesario, para protegerte."
No words are spoken for some time, then YoYo breaks the silence.

"I believe that we'll be fine, Amor. I have faith in that. I wanted to bear your Children, to be with
you forever. If I have ANYTHING to say about it, I will have that opportunity. We've lived a lifetime in
these few years, you and I, and if we could do it one thousand times more, I would not change a thing.
NOT ONE. If we get an opening, LET ME fight Izel. If she kills me, so be it."