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I've always thought he was lovely. His eyes that glow red at night. His black hair that flows in the wind. The way he moves, bending, jumping, running to those in need.

I've always wondered about how his skin would feel. The way in it glows in the moonlight. The way his skin shines with a thin layer of sweat upon his beautiful skin. The scars that tell a different story. Oh how wonder it would feel to just slide my fingers on every inch of his body. To feel those musles spam and twitch underneath my touch.

My mouth waters at the thought on how he would taste. To drag my tongue all over his body as he gasps and moans. Suck on his neck hard enough to leave a mark for everyone to see. Then everyone will know that he is mine. Everyone will want a taste, but I will be the only one able to have him. Yes, like a forbidden fruit that no one can have.

Yes, just the very thought of him being with me gives me the joy. To be the one that makes him cry in pleasure and pain. To be the one responsible for his moans and gasps. To be the one who take him. To break him. To keep him.

I want see him.

I want to have him.

I need to have him.

He needs to be mine. I cannot have anyone have my black kitten. After all what is cat without a master.

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Aizawa needs his coffee. It's nothing odd. His usual need for coffee has been a very well known. He breaths and lives for coffee, naps, and cats. Nothing unusual about feeling worn out as well. But for some strange reason, Aizawa can't stop the feeling of being watch.

At first he thought it was just his hero paranoia that's been keeping him up. The instincts of fighting villains still on the high, but after a good nights rest and a great cup of coffee the next morning the feeling remained.

It has been a continous companion the past couple of days. The feeling of his every move being watched from a pair of eyes somewhere. No amount of naps nor coffee clearing the feeling for him.

His nerves putting him on edge for days on end. Even at in his sleep at the safety of his home did he feel someone staring at him.

Then the noise started to follow those stares. The subtle sound of clicks, followed him. Even in his own house did he hear the repeating sound every second.

When he opened the drawer. Click.

When he reached for the door knob. Click.

As he laid in bed. Click.

When he took a sip of his juice pack. Click.

At work. Click.

While he taught. Click.

As he napped. Click.

It would be there every second, every move of the day. Like it would record him doing absolutely everything. Finally Aizawa had enough. He had lost too much sleep. Too much coffee at his paranoia. He would speak of the matter with Nezu or someone, certainly someone would know what was wrong.

That day he decided on the decision to tell a packet arrived at his doorstep. He examined the box that was poorly wrapped. Taking precautions, he opened the package. His eyes widen at what it contained.

Inside of the container was pictures, piles on piles of pictures. Photos of him at home. Photos of him at work. Photos of him during patrols. Photos on the train. Photos on te way home. Be it he was sleeping, eating, dressing, teaching. There was a picture for everything.

What caught his eyes was a small note on the top of the piles. Trembling hands reached for the small envelope that was left on the very top. Ripping it open he read the words written neatly on the pages.


I'm not surprised you found me out so quickly. You've always been fast and smart. Unfortunately I can't have you sprouting my exsistance to anyone at the moment. As much as I would hate to do this, if you looked at the collection of photos you will notice that I have eyes everywhere. Even at that little side project of yours, UA. So let me give you a little warning my black cat. I'm sure you've already noticed. Do you care for those kids? Cause I think you do, Shouta.

The letter was unsigned but the message was clear. Make me known or bring me up and I will be paying those children a little visit. The person has already shown that he was able to get past UA security. The photos he had sent had included the names of the students if anyone of them where near him, along with the staff as well.

It wouldn't matter if he called for help now. He was being watched, he could tell. Could feel it. No one would be fast enough to spot the person who sent this. By then they might've already striked.

Aizawa balled his hands, grinding his teeth together. For the first time in a long time he was unsure what to do, but one thing was for sure. Until he was certain on his next move, the logical thing to do was to keep those kids safe. No matter the cost to himself.

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Today had started off rough. First my little raid was canceled due to an acquantance failed to appear. Then I had to get my hands a bit dirty. Don't people know how hard it is to take out the color red from a white shirt? Why do people insist on putting up a fight when in the end they would spill what I need from them. Next the meeting with my little minions didn't amount to what I required. Not to mention a very old friend of mine asked for a small favor, well a not so small favor.

All this unrequired work when I could be watching my black kitten. Oh how I miss seeing his face, even a few minutes away from him keeps me worried. My little pet is a strong little fella, but he does not care for his own well being. The many scars that litter his entire body the proof that he rather protect then be protected.

As much as I want to be near my little hero, first my work for the day must be completed. After all it is all for him. The sooner it is finished the safer he will be in this world, but for now it is time for that little favor called in. This better be worth the time away from my lovely.


My, my, my this has turned out better than I had originally thought. At first the little favor (big ass one if you asked me) was to protect and retreive my friend's little successor. But imagine my surprise to be warped to the exact location that my little kitty cat was.

Though it is a little disappointing to see him so heavily injured, not to mention having that black brained bird sitting on him. No matter, it will be fixed in a small amount of time. My hand reached out and wrapped itself tightly in the skull of the blue haired brat.

"W-What are you doing you stu-"

"Now, now, no need for such language. I'll let you go, you have my word. As long as you tell your little pet to get off of the little chair he is on, there will be no problem."

"Why would I do that?! He's a hero that need-" I gripped harder causing the brat to wince.

"I would do what I tell you child. I would hate to tell my friend that I killed his successor."

After much hesitation and force, the annoying brat finally ordered that beast away from my cat. Releasing my grip, I walked to the bloody broken unconcious body. Kneeling down to his level, I hummed as I petted his head softly careful of his head wound.

The body beneath my fingers twitched slightly, a light groan left those lips of his. Approaching footsteps caught my attention, moving my head slightly to the left I dodged a throw at my face. My eyes landed on a child with green eyes and matching fluff hair.

Unconciously my mind pulled the information I needed. Midoriya Izuku, one of Eraserhead's students. I'm impressed, just a little. Being a hero in training, he jumped into the fray to try to protect his teacher even if he is trembling.

"Ge-Get away from Aizawa-sensei!"

Ah. One of those children then. Ignoring his little demand, I paid attention to the the wounded one beside me. I gathered the limp body in my arms before turning to the student.

"Unfortunately I cannot do that. I've reached the end of my patience with the hero society. Allowing for him to continously be injured. I think he has had enough. Now if you would excuse me-"

The loud sound of the gates being thrown apart drew my attention. Things has become a bit more complicated it would seem. At the top of the stair case near the door was the man who was known at the so called Symbol of Peace, All Might.

This has turned into a bit of a predicument. I can't leave my poor injured kitten in the hands of these heros no longer. Dodging another suppose surprise attack from the child, I leaped a few feet away. The body in my arm still out from the pain I would assume.

Turning my head towards my friend's successor I informed him that it was time to go. The grown baby glared at me through the hand that stuck on his face. Gave me a dumbass excuse of how his pet "Nomu" could kill All Might. And since I could not leave without keep my favor, I settle for just watching from afar and keeping the body in my arms safe and alive.

Fast forward twenty minutes later we have a destroyed Nomu and a teen child throwing a tantrum. Without a second thought I ordered for us to escape while we could. But the UA staff had already arrived. I gracefully dodged the bundle of bullets headed my way, making sure that none had even grazed the man I held. Thankfully the warp man had thought quickly, starting to wrap the purple mist around me.




Various voices called out the person who I now held in my possession. Turning to face the remaining students and staff, I smirked at them.

"A little too late again heroes. Thank you for the gift."

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The first thing that Aizawa noticed was that he was sore. Not that it was unusual for him to be sore, he was most of time due to his weird habit of sleeping everywhere. Confusion flooded his senses next. He felt off, like he was forgetting something.

After the grogginess from just being woken left, his eyes widen at the last memory that he remembered before falling unconscious. USJ was underattack from villains. The students. Thirteen. The Nomu. Being whacked around to protect his students. And the feeling of fainting from the pain he was in.

He tried to move up from his laying position but as he tried to move his arms he found that he couldn't. Not only could he not move his arms, they were wrapped together on top of his head. Glaring up to his trapped limbs, he saw that they were chained together to the head of the bed.

Aizawa continued to tug at his binding, trying to escape but to no avail. The chain remained unbroken around his wrist keeping him in place. He then proceeded to examine himself and his surroundings. The teacher came to conclusion on a couple of things.

The hero was in a room. Not just a random room, the space was well lived in. It was furnished with a bed bigger and softer than his own, a desk covered with papers and stationaries, a night table with a small lamp on top of it, a red rug on the floor, some pieces of clothes sprawled around the room, and a closet filled with clothes.

He then noticed that though he was sore, the injuries he sustained during the battle were somewhat gone. The only proof of the battle had been the morning stiffness, his somewhat torn and stained clothes, his missing capture weapon, and his gone goggles.

Now that he was done assessing the situtation he was currently in, he pondered on why and who had captured him. Was it the desinigrating brat or was it someone else? Maybe the person who had ordered the attack on the first place. First thing first, he needed to find a way out of these binding and away from this place.

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He was here.

He was here in my room.

He was finally near me.

How he felt in my arms.

How he smelled.

Granted I wasn't planning to just have grabbed him at the beginning, but when he was in my arms I just couldn't let him go. He was injured as well. Those heroes really can't protect my little kitten like I can.

Sure I was not ready to house him just yet. Even though the plan was not ready, it would seem that I would have to step in and protect him myself. No matter, I will complete the plan to keep him safe from harm.

Peaking at the screen, I noticed that the black cat had finally awoken. Jumping to my feet I crossed the room to the door with just a few steps.


Wrapping my hands the doorknob, I twisted it open and walked inside my room. The smile on my face widen at the sight before me. My wounded kitty cat was sprawled across my bed, hands tied above his head keeping him down, his wonderful glare settled on me, and hair spread around his face.

"I'm sure you're a little confused at the moment, but no-"

"Why am I here?" He demanded.

"-matter I will explain things. You are here to keep you safe. It is for your own good."

"Bullshit! I don't need any protection from some stranger!"

"Now, now, no need for that type of language. I am being a gentleman after all. Forgive me for my horrible manners, I am Rojiro Kenji."

"What do you want from me?"

"As I explained before Eraserhead, you are here from your own protection."

"And I call bullshit. Now let me out of this chains so I can be-"

Knowing that my kitten was always so stubborn, I reached out and tugged back his hair forcing his head back. The hero grinded his teeth at the sudden rough action.

"My apologize, but you were getting on my nerves there kitten."

A low growl escaped his lips, his beautiful eyes glowed red as he glared at me,"Who are you calling kitten?"

The corners of my lips curled upwards forming a small smile,"Well of course you, my little black cat."

Before I knew it a small wet puddle landed on my cheek, my eyebrow twitched lightly. Then my free hand swung in the air, a loud smack was echoed in the room. Using a handchief I wiped the spit on my face the smile on my face long gone. I stared down at the disobedient pet on my bed. I sighed loudly at the red mark on his pale skin.

"I didn't want to resort to such extremes so early, but with an attitude as your own. I would've liked to avoid such methods, they aren't really my style per say but for you. Anything."

Untangling my fingers from his black locks, I cupped his chin inbetween my index finger and thumb. I forced his eyes to stare back at my own,"Now listen very closely Eraserhead, Aizawa Shouta. I will give you only one warning. Do those children mean something to you?"

His obsitean eyes widen as he uttered out one word,"What?"

"Surely you're smart enough to understand now, but I will repeat it to you again. Do. You. Care. For. Those. Children?"

Finally relization eased into those eyes,"It's you. You're the one who sent that package."

My kitten sure is a smart little one,"That's correct kitty. Now that you understand," I tilted his head up more, getting a nice view of his neck,"My threat still follows. I can still get into that school and mess with their heads a little bit. Do you understand?"

I watched closely as he swollowed, adam's apple moved with ease,"What do you want?" He growled out.

A small hum left my lips, I lightly traced his lips with my thumb,"I've already gotten what I wanted," I whispered and leaned in.

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Coal eyes widen at the sudden action. His head was tilted to the side, an opposing muscle trying to break through his mouth. He clenched his mouth shut tightly, denying any sort of enterance. After much struggle the man pulled away, licking his lips trying to taste once more.

Aizawa growled at the villain in front of him as the other hummed at the teacher. Many thoughts crossed the hero's mind as he continued to watch the person in front of him. What did he want to accomplish? Why did he decide on him on the first place? Was it a grudge? Did he know him from somewhere? Maybe from an old case?

His thoughts ceased as the grip on his chin forced his attention back to it's owner,"I know what you must be thinking. We have never met each other my dear little one," Fingers started to intangle themselves into his black locks, digging into his scalp,"I've heard about you from many of your enemies. A man who could erase the quirk of others and take them down as quickly as their quirk was taken."

The pro tried to move his head but was ultimately unable to due the hold on his chin and hair,"So you're a stalker."

The hold on him tightened ever so harder than before, those brown eyes hardened slightly,"I am a gentleman," He growled out, before he took a deep breath. The darken brown had returned to it's regular shade, releasing his hold on the hero as he backed away.

Aizawa studied his capturer. He was a lean man, a bit of muscle on him but not too buff. He was about an inch or two taller than him. Brown eyes were accompanied by black spiky hair. He even had a scar on his cheek that ended at his jaw.

Rojiro Kenji was a dangerous person. The man was prone to be aggressive, the soreness on his jaw and burning sensation on his scalp was proof of that. There was certain buttons that caused him to snap. One of them being the way of continous disobedience.

He had the tendency to call him kitten, like a pet rather than a human. Mentioning earlier about the need to for him to stay for his own protection. It was odd itself due to the fact that he never met the man nor had he crossed his path at all.

The name had not jogged any memories. No man he had ever arrested had gone by that name from any cases he was directly involved in. He could not even recall any arrest he made that had any connection to any of those names.

A pat to his head dispersed the remaining thoughts on his mind. The villain had a light smile on his face,"I can hear you thinking Eraser. What's going on in that pretty little mind of yours kitten? Are you worried about your kids?"

Aizawa bit his tongue to stop him from remarking to the other. His students. How could have he forgotten about his students? Were they ok? Did this psycopath take them as well? The very thought of his students vunerable to this creep had him tugging at his restrains.

Fingers wrapped around his bounded hands, forcing them down,"Now, now, no need to be so aggressive."

"Where are they?!"

Another huff was heard,"I assure you that they are not here. They are at your little side project job site, UA. None of them are dead I promise," Before the teacher could sigh in relief, the look in his capturer's eyes froze him. Once more fingers gripped his chin tightly, the thumb forcing its way between his lips,"But I can't guarentee their safety if you continue to be this stubborn."

Eraserhead covered his shock with a stone look, trying desperately not to bit back. Ignoring the way the finger traced his lips over. Ignoring the dangerous glint in those brown eyes. He swallowed deeply,"What exactly do you want from me?"

A menacing grin appeared on the man's face,"Finally, I was hoping you'd start asking the right questions."

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Having him near me is even better than I ever imagined. The way he looks so disheveled, covered in dirt and dry blood, and the best part, seeing him laying on my bed.

There is no why my little kitten can escape from this room. I had taken the proper procautions. Those chains holding him down are reinforced that even All Might could have a bit of trouble. Those cuff wrapped around his delicate wrist are tightly locked around the joint, padded inside the metal so it wouldn't cause discomfort.

Smiling at the stray black cat on my bed, I patted his head as a somewhat reward for asking the right question. Finally he will understand the need for him to stay with me. Know the reason why I am doing what I am doing. He will come to reason. I know he will. After all I rescued him from those villains and heroes who poision his mind.

Black eyes stared at me, patiently waiting for my reply,"Hmm, what do I want from you is simple. You just have to cooperate my little pet."

"I am not a pet. And I am not yours."

Slight anger errupted from my mind. My fingers intangled themselves in his black locks, tugging him forward,"You ARE my little black cat! I rescued you from those lying decieving heroes! I carried you away from those villains! I healed your wounds! I-"

"You took me from my friends."

What is he saying? Who fed him these lies?

"You tied me up and diluted yourself into thinking that you're protecting me."

Who tricked my little kitten? Who is making him say this words?

"You're a kidnapp-"

A loud smack rang across the room. Eraserhead was turned to the right, another red mark painted his light pale skin. I pulled at his hair, making him wince in pain. The hero fought against my hold on him, my fingers dug deeper into his skull,"Stop being so stubborn. I didn't want to resort to such methods, but as I stated earlier. Anything."

Untangling myself from the pro, I pulled a couple of papers from the drawer of the night stand. Throwing them at his lap, I watched as it spread all over him for his eyes to see. Photo after photo of him. Whether he was by himself, with his students, staff, even any victims he had saved. All of them were labeled with names, date, time, and where it was taken.

A small wave of thrill came over me when the kitten made such a dreadful look on his face. I leaned into his scent, taking a whiff before I stopped next to his ear,"That's correct my little Zawa. I've told you over and over again. I know everyone you met. I know their names, where they live, how old they are, what they dream to be. Anything documented I can find. Nothing is stopping me from hunting them down if I need to," I moved back a bit, his face just a few inches away from mine,"So what do you say my black cat? Will you be a good pet for your master or will you continue to be a stubborn one?"

Clenching his jaw, now if looks could kill,"What choice do I have?" He spat out at me.

Sighing loudly at his attitude, I shook my head,"That won't do," I lifted a palm to gently massage the back of his neck,"I'm going to need a proper answer pet. Remember I can and will hunt them down."

He tensed as my hand wrapped around his throat, warning him slightly. I waited once again for his proper answer,"Yes, I will behave....."

I went back to carressing his neck,"That's a good pet," I mumbled before once again smashing my lips against him.

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Unlike the kiss from before, Aizawa forced himself to remain laxed. He stopped himself from bitting the intruding lips, but kept his jaw tightly sealed. A tug on his hair making him wince in pain. A warning perhaps.

Hesitantly he allowed his jaw to relax, giving permission to the intruding tongue to force its way into his mouth. The muscle licked and tasted all over his cavern. Gently it caressed Aizawa's tongue intangling them together. This continued until the other man was out of breath, as he pulled away a string of saliva followed.

The hero's capturer smirked at the heavy breathing form before him. His hand continued to message the surface it was on,"There you go kitten. Isn't it better to just behave rather than fight," His free hand tugging at the jumpsuit's zipper.

Aizawa's brain raced a million miles as the zipper pulled down revealing the black tank top he wore inside. As the free limb continued to explore he stopped himself from fighting against his kidnapper. He continued to remind himself the consequences of his so called disobedience. He would not risk the safety of his students and friends, not even for himself.

The offending hand roamed underneath his shirt touching the bare surface of his chest. Aizawa bit his lip when fingers decided to tweak his nipples. Some warmth started to build up against his will.

"Don't fight it kitten," The villain's breath made him shiver slightly,"Let me make you feel good," Kenji sat inbetween his legs, spreading them away from each other.

His black tank top was pushed over his head and placed just below the cuffs. Then suddenly something warm lapped his chest. Glancing down he was met with light brown eyes, the owner of those eyes lightly licking his chest, sucking every inch of his skin, nibbling on the surface. Warm fingers continue to touch and warm the rest where his mouth was not.

A light moan escaped his lips before he could stop it. His capture's knee had slowly started to rub against his crotch. The heat in his stomach growing hotter and hotter.

"You're starting to feel good my little kitten."

Eraserhead narrowed his eyes at the man above him, breath slightly heavier than before. This is a normal reaction. It's just the body reacting. He did not want this to be happening.

Hands continued to wonder all over his skin, caressing and warming anything it could touch. Tongue and mouth licking and lapping at the surface. Nibbling gently at his chest, leaving as much marks as possible. Knee rubbing against him, trying to coax him into cumming.

Another moan escaped his lips as it went on longer and longer. Another bite. Another tweak of a nipple. The speed of the knee touching him going faster. His stomach clenched at the feeling within him that was reaching higher.

"N-No, n-no st-stop," The teacher stammered out.

"Why stop my little black cat? You're close aren't you?" The other man's breath near his ear sending shivers down his spine,"Just let go."

With no warning his vision turned white, back arched, hip rutting against his capture's knee, and a loud moan left his mouth as he exploded. Heavily breathing the pro hero slumped back down onto the bed, shame filled his mind as what occurred rewind in his head.

The brown eyes man petted the hero in front of him,"There, there what a good kitty."

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Finally after so long of watching from afar. I finally have him in my arms. The way he looked all messed up was better than I could ever imagine. His pants that left those plumped lips. The way he tensed ever so slightly at my touches. His skin lit by the thin layer of sweat on him. How his long beautiful hair stuck to his face. Unshed tears in those coal eyes accompanied by the heavy blush visible on his face. Chest littered with love bits and marks that showed who he truly belonged to.

Yes, my little black cat should always look this beautiful. I traced a small scar on his chest with the tip of my finger. I smiled as a small whine left his mouth suggesting he was still a bit sensetive from cumming. Staring at the his face, a stray tear fell. I leaned in and licked the salty liquid, then proceeded to pamper his cheeks with light kisses,"No need to cry my little Zawa."

"Go to h-hell! You-"

Cutting him off I shoved my tongue into his mouth, tracing his pearl teeth,"Such bad words for a teacher," I grumbled, sucking on his neck once more.

The hero glared up at me,"You got what you wanted. Now let me go- ah."

I nipped at his ear, lightly nibbling on the tip. My hand wandered lower, stopping at the waistband of his boxers,"That won't do little pet," Leaning back till our nose brushed together, I slipped past the last piece of clothing hiding him away from me,"I haven't had a taste yet."

"Wh-Why don't you go fu-" He groaned at the sudden pressure on his lower region.

I wrapped my fingers around the wet muscle, he grimaced at the touch. Tugging lightly at the base, a smirk appeared as he moaned. Placing my hand in front of his face, I watched his reaction as I licked the liquid of his high from earlier,"You taste better than I imagined."

"Wh-Why are you even-,"He mewled as I placed my hand around him, slowly going up and down,"do-doing this?"

Sucking on his neck, I mumbled onto the surface of his skin,"You'll have to be more specific kitten."

"G-Gah, why ta-take m-me?" He spoke in between his teeth, breathing heavily as the muscle in my hand began to harden ever so slightly.

"Oh you don't see it. You're beautiful," I wipped a tear that had fallen from his eyes,"Along with the ability to erase any emitter quirk,"My fingeres trailed past his balls, my index finger lightly tracing the rim of his hole,"The way you don't let the limitation of your quirk define you."

The teacher arched his back as a delicious sound left those soft lips. I hummed at the veiw of him as I plunged the my index finger into him, not stopping till it was all the way down to the knuckle,"You're so tight Eraser."

A threating glare was my only response as I continued to finger the little hole. His pants grew louder and louder as I picked up the pace, his hips unconsiously pushing back against me,"Do you feel that good?" I teased.

"Sh-Shut up you-A-Ah," His head flew back into the pillow when I arched my finger towards a certain direction.

I licked my lip at the wonder slight that greeted me,"There it is."

Taking his bottom lip in between his teeth, the hero muffled the groans that threatened to spill out of him. Hmm that won't do. Won't do at all. I wanna be able to hear every sound he makes. I added another finger in the spasming muscle, pressing harder and harder at his sweet spot.

"B-Bastard! Do-DOOooonn'tt," He whined wonderfully.

"Sorry kitty, my father married my mother," I teased.

A small scream left him as I went faster and harder, no longer was he able to hold in those wonder noise that I help created. I drank in every little note that he made. Using my other hand I reached for his boner, tugging it in time with my fingers. Those obsidian eyes rolled back, arms pulling at the chains that kept them in place, and mouth wide open with a bit of dool in the corner. My own pants becoming tighter and tighter as I continued to stare at the view of my little cat losing control.

Not being able to contain it any longer, I rutted against his thigh. The physical contact of him being near me making it feel so much better than my own hand. I moved my hips faster as a groan left my mouth. I placed my chin on on the pillow underneath him, just next to his ear.

"I wish I was inside you kitten. Won't you like that? To be stretched underneath me. Clawing at me to stop while I took more of you. I can't wait any longer."

"Fu-Fuck you," He choked out, breathing loudly.

Pulling away from the hero, I burned the sight of his disheveled appearance into my mind. I will be seeing him like this and more for the rest of our days. Gripping the bottom half of his clothes, I tore the rest of the jumpsuit and boxers away from his body. Nothing, and I mean could've prepared me for the sight before me.

He was bare, as bare as the day he was born. His pale skin glistened with more sweat, white liquid spattered all over his lower body. Chest was littered with marks, nibbles hard and a bit bruised from the constant touches. Arms lifted above his head tied to bed, legs bent up to his side, spreading him open for me to see everything. His cock was hard as rock, beads of precum spilling from the tip. Underneath his balls was a twitching loose hole just waiting to be filling. His face was red as a tomato, he panted through his mouth, drool pooling down the corner of his lips, dry tracks of tears on his cheeks, and a few unsheded ones held in those eyes dazed with hidden fear. He looked like an absolute mess. A beautiful blissful mess.

Stripping my shirt off my body, I continued to watch his body as he breathed heavily. I tore off the rest of my clothes as fast as possible till I was as naked as he was. Diving down to capture those plump lips, I moaned into the kiss giving my all. I held my boner in my hand, lining myself up to his crack. In the corner of my eyes I saw those coal eyes widen at the feeling.

"A-Asshole, what do you think yo-you're doing?!"

"Don't worry pet. It'll be good."

His body began to squirm harder, he tugged on those chains that held him in place. Legs trying to close themselves, trying to hide from his owner. His breath becoming more and more irratic.

"Get away. Do-Don't touch me!" More tears fell from his eyes.

"Don't worries pet. I'll make you feel go mood. I promise."

"No! N-No! Ple-Please don't."

Even my words of encouragement could not stop his attempts. Why is my pet being so disobedient? Leaning back I tugged his head back by his hair, I glared down at the black cat,"What is wrong with you? I am your Master and you will do what I want. Unless you want me to punish those kids instead."

Aizawa froze in place, his brain processing the exact words I spoke. I pulled on his hair harder,"So what will it be? You or the kids Eraserhead?"

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Aizawa's whole being froze, time had stopped for the teacher as the words process in his head. His kids? This psycopath would go after his students? The very ones he swore to protect and guide till they graduated. He can't have that. He couldn't allow this monster to tear down those future heroes. If he allowed it to happen then it would be all his fault. He told himself in the beginning that he would do anything to protect those kids.

A sharp pain from his scalp tore him from his thoughts. Those dark brown eyes filled with lust narrowed down at him. The villain was still here. The impatient villain was waiting for his reply. He winced as the pain became more announced,"So what will it be hero?" Something hot rubbed against his unguarded hole, he tensed at the sensation,"Are you going to allow me to harass your students or will you beg like a good pet to be fucked?"

The teacher's eyes widened once more as those filthy words escaped his capture's lips. Beg? To beg like a pet? The villain wants him to beg to be raped? To be taken against his will for as many times as the other wanted? He had to beg for him to take him instead of his students?

The other man began to rotate his hips against him. A low moan escaped the teacher's lips before he was able to comprehend what was occuring. The tip of the kidnapper's cock dangerously too close to the rim of his ass. Then the tip had lightly started to dip into the hole before pulling out, repeating those actions gaining another sound from his mouth.

"You sound delicious my beautiful pet, but I won't ask again. Who will it be hero? You or those children you swore to protect? Heck who's to say I won't go after a friend or family if I can't have what I want?"

The answer was simple. As much as it would pain him. He had to keep those he cared for safe. He needed to protect them while they searched for him. He had to allow... To allow this villain to taint him in a way no one else ever did. There was no turning back. The man was getting more unstable as the wait continued on. Swallowing the lump in his throat he opened his dry lips.

"P-Please.." The hero whispered underneath his breath.

His kidnapper must've really love to push all his buttons. The man leaned in closer to his face, a playful smirk on those lips,"Hmm, what was that pet. You're gonna have to be more specific."

Bobbing down another lump, he tried again,"Pl-Please," He squeezed his eyes shut, feeling a few tears fall down his face,"Us-Use.... me."

A thunderous laughter filled the room as the shame settled down on the hero's head. The grip on his scalp did not lighten rather it tightened,"That's not the proper way to ask for something pet."

Confusion filled the teacher's head. What else did this man want from him? He already beg to be used as the man wanted. What else did he want to take from Aizawa? He already allowed the villain to call him all these ridiculous names.

A light bulb brightened at the thought. Ah, now he saw the reason for the rough reaction. The man wanted more than just simple begging. The man wanted him to call him Master. To be titled as someone who was superior than him. For him to be nothing more than a pet to the man.

Grinding his teeth togther Aizawa glared up at the villain, a bit of the growing rage slipped into his voice,"Pl-Please.. use me..." The man waiting expectingly for him to call him by title,"M-Master."

Music to the man's ear apparently. The hold on him left his head and trailed down to his hips, index finger tracing circles on his skin. A hot breath of air puffed near his ear,"Now that wasn't so hard," Then the man plunged.

Screaming was the first thing he heard. It sounded so distant. So familiar. A burning sensation was the next thing he felt, the feeling of something dragging in and out of his ass. A person groaning near him was also something he noticed. His nails dug into his hands, the clanking of chains moving rapidly banging against each other. The toes on his feet curling tightly as a wave of something errupted from his behind. What shocked him was the sound of pleasure that left his lips.

His name was Aizawa Shouta aka Eraserhead. A groan erupted from him.

"You feel amazing pet."

He's a teacher at UA and an underground hero. A moan followed as teeth raked against his chest.

"The way you tighten around me."

He was taken by a villian. Something inside him was building up.

"You're growing even more tighter. Are you close?"

He was tied up and kidnapped. The feeling was growing more and more intense.

"I told you it would feel good."

He was threatened. The man's hips moved faster and faster.

"I'm going to cum soon pet. Take it like a good cat."

He had to protect his students and friends.

"Guh, become pregnant with my cum kitten!" The villain came to a halt, digging his nails breaking surface. A warm liquid painted his inside. He was then pushed over the edge as well, squirting all over himself as the hand on him continued to tug.

He was Aizawa Shouta, Eraserhead, he had to protect those he cared about.

"Good job pet. You took it very well my beautiful kitty." That was the last words he heard as he blacked out.

Chapter Text

Hizashi was currently nursing his fifth cup of coffee for the day, drowning it like a shot that he would rather really have instead. He was streched as thin as possible. With the radio show, teaching, and searching for his best friend there was litterally no time to rest.

Anyone who saw the mess he was could tell in one glance that he looked like shit, and he would agree with them. The bags under his eyes visble for everyone to see. His hair was still up in it's usual hairdo but it wasn't as slick, a few strands out of aray. His clothes weren't in any better shape considering that he hasn't taken off his hero uniform since the incident. They were wrinkled all over the place, a few stains from coffee painted on, and disheveled.

Not only did he look like crap, he felt like it too. Using all the time he had free to digging into his best friend's kidnapping. He was running himself ragged with no rest inbetween. Yes he went home, but only to tidy up a bit before heading out to UA for the day. He assured the children that it wasn't their faults, mostly Midoriya. Who in his words thought that he failed because he wasn't able to save his sensei.

It has already been a couple of days since the incident at USJ. The students were thankfully mostly unharmed except for one, Midoriya. Though not same could be said about the staff. They were mostly down two teacher. All Might was out of commission due to his injuries (as much as All Might says he's fine he is not) and his best friend missing.

The music ethusian clenched the cup of hot liquid in his hand at as he recalled what had happened. The man look down at his empty hand, glaring at the palm. He had ultimately failed to protect one of the people who meant the world to him, including Shouta there had only been four people. He was just within reach and then that villian took his Shouta from right under him.

Heat filled his face as he processed what he had just thought in his mind. He rubbed his hand across his face and groaned. Yes he, Hizashi Yamada, had the biggest crush on his best friend. That's why he had been working so hard to find any clues that would lead him to Shouta, making sure no stone was left unturned. But every failed atempt felt like he was grasping straws. He was deperate to have Aizawa back in his arms again, or to be able to see him once more. He was falling hard for the man.

That's why Yamada was filled with this dread when all the purple mist left was the empty spot of where the erasure hero once was. Fury settled down in his stomach as he remembered the criminal's words that echoed in his head. That bastard had the adacity to thank them for the "gift". Holding tightly onto the broken and bleeding body of Shouta, not know whether he lived with those injuries.


Snapping out of his thoughts he looked up to see his other best friend, Midnight. Her eyes soften slightly seeing his sorry state, she placed a hand on his shoulder trying to comfort her follow overworked companon,"Zashi, when was the last time you slept or ate?"

Mic ran a hand down his face accompanied by a sigh of frustration,"That's not important right now. I'll be fine when we get Shouta back."

The 18+ hero glanced back in worry at her friend, huffing at his stubborness. She wanted to lecture him. To tell him that Shouta wouldn't want him to dig his own grave looking for his long time crush. It hurt to watch the two worry over each other, the way they went full throttle to keep each other safe and out of harms way. No thought about their own health or well being till the other was either being treated or found. It was harder to watch the two dance around each other since high school.

Swallowing the words she wanted to say to the man, she gave him a small smile,"Alright then, let's head out. Nedzu wanted to have a meeting about any findings on Eraserhead."

Placing the coffee on his desk, he nodded his hands collecting any paperwork he had been able to dig up and walked out the door with his coworker. His grip tightened on the pile of papers in his hands,"I hope we find something useful in these," Present Mic muttered underneath his breath. He hoped no one could notice the desperation lace in his voice.

Unknown to him sky blue eyes filled with concern stared at him. In her own mind she wished for any god up there to be able to save the Erasure hero. She continued to watch the messily kept man scramble to the meeting that he hoped would open new doors to find answers. She prayed once more to anyone willing to hear her. Call her desperate but she had a feeling that if they did not find Shouta soon they would lose Hizashi too. After all the loud mouth was infatuated and had completely fallen in love with his best friend.

Chapter Text

Sore. He felt sore and icky. He felt disgusting. He felt so tainted. He felt so many emotions all at once. There was no saying how filthy he actually felt at the moment. The dirt was so engraved into his skin that he that no matter how long or how hard he scrubb he could no longer be the same.

As a hero he was taught how to deal with rape vicitms. He was an underground hero for fucks sakes. He has interracted with many victims in the same predicament he was currently facing. But why?

Why does it feel so different? He knows that he wasn't at fault. He knows that it wasn't his choice. He knows that he didn't want or ask for. He knows he was threatened and forced to.

Anything and everything was human biology. It was part of being human to react in such act. He knows he didn't want it to happen. He knows he wanted no part on what had occured, but he was tied to the bed with no means to escape. His students were threatened by the madman.

Eraserhead replayed this thought into his head. He was forced. He wanted no part. He resaid them over and over again. So why did it feel untrue? Why was his irrational feelings of self hate beating all logic? Why did the darkside of his mind, no matter how illogical it was saying, winning the battle.

He was a hero. He knew better. He was taught that it was never the victims fault. He learned that it was just the brain and heart being irrational due to the trama that had occured. He was told that vicitms have always felt regret and self loathing because they weren't able to prevent it.

So why? Why was he filled with such irrational self hate? Was it because he was a hero? Was it cause he knows he could've- should've been able to defend himself from this?

Aizawa frowned deeply at his own dark thought that have been slowly growing. He shifted in the bed, a fresh wave of pain washed over him. He screwed his eyes shut, attempting to stop any tears threatening to fall out.

No he wouldn't cry. He wouldn't give the man the satisfaction to see his weak side. No matter how much he wanted to curl up into a ball for days on end. No matter how much he wanted to be bundled up in his sleeping bag napping away at the the teacher lounge or in any corner he can find.

Aizawa turned to his side, ignoring the stinging sensation that ran throughout his whole body. He shifted around trying to find a position that would dull the pain even by a little bit. He stopped moving when something cool and hard brushed against his fingertips. Lifting the sheet to uncover the item he felt, his eyes widen at the sight.

The object that he felt was a something he wasn't quite expecting to find. With a shaking hand he lifted the small item in front of him. He stared at the phone that was held in his grip. The electronic was an old fashion flip phone, that was no doubt untraceable.

His heart felt like it was leaping out of his chest. Was this real? Did his capturer really accidentally drop his phone? Or was it a trap? Should he take a risk and try?

Bitting on his lip, a nervous habit he hadn't done since he was a child, the teacher flipped open the phone. It's bright screen blinding him slightly. He glanced at the top right corner and say a couple of bars of service. Trembling hands dailed a number he had memorized mostly all his life. Actually the only number he could think of at that moment.

Taking in a deep breath he pressed the call button. The phone connected as expected, the sound of three rings filled his whole existence. Ring after ring set him on edge, would they pick up their phone? Deep inside the underground hero prayed that for once they would answer an unknown number.

When he was about to give up on the call being answered. The ringing stopped and it was replaced with a soothing voice answered.


A fresh set of tears tried to break through. He gulped down the lump in his throat, with a stutter he answered his savior,"Z-Zashi."

Chapter Text

The meeting had started when the last teacher entered the room. Hizashi sat near the end next to Midnight, still restless and eager to go back to his search. Alas the meeting was required. Then again he would rather sit around during the meeting that could possible hold information he already didn't have, than sit down the principal while he talked with the man over tea.


The voice hero had lost interest halfway through the conference. To him it was now a completely waste of time when he could be on foot looking for more information hinself. So far they've discussioned information that was something he had already gathered from the people he questioned. The feeling of dread was not going away anytime soon. Not until they either had a solid lead, more information, or if they allowed him to leave.

Midnight gazed at him with concern once again. He gave her a sheepish smile, trying to ease her worry just even a little bit. His eyes wondered away from the office who was briefing them about the case and towards the clock that seemed to mock him as the seconds ticked away.

A sigh left his lips as he started to thump his fingers against his thigh, anything to pass time while he was stuck. Mic was a little frustrated by the small progress they've accomplished. Shouta could be hurt or worse, left for death and they were just here repeating themselves.

Just when he was about to call it quits and just up and leave, a loud ring echoed the room. Shit that's what he forgot to do when he entered the room in a hurry, to silent his phone. He quickly dug into his pockets, ignoring the stares he was getting.

He glanced at the screen, eyebrow raised at the unknown number plastered on the surface. Usually he wouldn't hesitate to decline any calls from not known numbers, but for some reason his guts were telling him to answer.

With the whole room's attention still on him, he lifted a finger to his lips signaling them to hush. When he got a few confused nods, he accepted the call and lifted the device up to his ear,"Hello?"

The first thing he heard was a shuffle of cloth that was followed with heavy breathing. He was even more confused when he heard no other voice answer him. Mic was just about to call out once more when a tiny rasp echoed into his ear,"Z-Zashi."

Green eyes widened at the voice. He knew that voice. It was the voice that grumbled at him in the mornings. The voice that told him to shut up on multiple occasions. It was the same exact voice that belonged to his missing Eraserhead.

Shaking his head trying to clear the shock out of his system, he gripped the phone tightly. He didn't want the only clue he had to slip from his fingertips. Taking in a deep breath, he calmed himself. He shoved the actual words he wanted to say and instead said,"Sho, where are you? What happened? Are you okay?"

At the name that slipped out from his lips, the whole room straighted. The detective waved at him and motioned for him to put it on speaker. Delicately moving the gadget away from his ear, he placed it down on the table in front of him after doing what he was told.


His heart burned at the unusual trembling voice that spread across the room. Yamada in all his years around Eraser had only heard thay voice once, and it wasn't a pretty incident.

"Sho, I'm here. Are you alright?"

Another choked sob was a reply,"Yo-You have to get th-the kids to sa-safety."

Red flags appeared in Hizashi's head. The kids? They were at UA. They were safe and unharmed from the attack on USJ. He swallowed another lump in his throat and tired to reassure the other hero,"Sho the student are safe. They made it through the attack unharmed. Where are-"

Screaming tore through the phone,"Hizashi! Listen to me. He.. He can get into UA. Yo-You have to wa-warn the other's abo-about him."

Him? Who's him? Who does Eraserhead fear so much that would cause him to be so shook? What happened?

"Sho, who is he?"

No voice answered back. Silence and tension was high in the room. Every hero and staff watched the phone, waiting for the man they needed to question and take in.


A loud bang was heard on the other end, followed by heavy footsteps. A howl of pain in a familiar voice erupted from the device. The Mic hero tightened his grip on the object, fear etched on his featured,"Eraserhead! Eraserhead are you okay!?!?!"

Silence was his only response. The few minutes of no noise coming from the other end was dreadful. No noise was worse than noise at all with these kind of situations. They had no idea what was happening. No why to know if something bad had happened to their comrade. All they knew was they had to hold on and wait for the missing hero to hopefully reply. Silently they all prayed that he was alright.

Heavy breathing echoed on the phone, instead of the voice he longed to hear it was a deep mocking one,"Hello again heroes."

Chapter Text

Rage boiled underneath Hizashi's skin at the mockery in his voice,"Who are you?" He growled into the microphone.

"No one important, but since you asked so nicely. I'm this little black kitten's Master."

Nothing. And I mean nothing could stop the anger that was building up inside of him. Shouta's Master? Who does this asshole think he is? If anything Shouta was his adorable kitten. "Give him back."

Chuckling over the phone was heard, along with a grunt of pain,"Sorry, but Eraserhead and I are having too much fun. Isn't that right pet?"

Yamada's boiling blood froze at the near thought of what that comment suggested. Fun? Was he torturing the other hero?

"Fun?! You're a sick psycho-"

A loud slap broke off whatever else Shouta had to say. More worry entered Hizashi's mindset at the sound. The man on the otherside sighed deeply,"Kitty, I wouldn't have to hurt you so much if you would just listen to me. Remember what I can do. Now act like a good little pet and listen to your Master."

"I am not your pet and you are not my master."

A short hum escaped the man before the sound of movement on the otherside followed. The man's voice sounded further away, like he put the phone down on a surface before moving away,"Sorry pet. If you can't behave you can't speak."

Noise of struggle came loudly from the speaker,"H-Hey what are you are doing!"

"Open wide Kitty."

"G-Get your hands off of me! You - MHMM!"

When the kidnapper spoke again he was no longer speaking from the distance,"I apologize for the little cat, he hasn't quite learned his manners," Muffled screaming echoed from behind the man,"But he will soon enough."

Nedzu, who had been eyeing the phone with much ill intent, motioned for the DJ hero to place the item in front of him. With much hesitation, he placed it in front of the principal returning back to his seat.

"Now, now sir. If you would be so kind as to not injure Eraserhead too much. We would like to get him back in peak condition after all."

A small hum was heard followed by another whine, gaining a small wince from a few heroes around the room. "Nedzu, UA Principal and a human experiment was it?"

"That's correct and who am I speaking to?" The animal questioned, trying not to react to the word experiment.

"Sorry I'm not too fond on the thought of being known just yet. And I don't intend on giving him back," The villain's voice hardened,"If you keep suggesting otherwise then I'll have to make some extreme measures that I'd rather not take."

Was the man actually threaten them? A threat to UA? The man was threatening them alright, but why? Aizawa did warn them about keeping the kids safe, but he knows how well the defenses are at the school. So what does he have that would make the Eraser hero doubt the safety of the students.

The principal's expression did not change at the threat, not even the tone of his voice,"What do you hope to accomplish? What do you want from this world?"

"Well since you're all gathered together. Why not tell you," The villain answered,"You see, I've already gotten what I wanted."

"Oh? Please do tell."

"I want to protect this one thing that means everything. The reason I became a villain. Though the world can't keep the one thing I want safe, so I decided to take it."

The voice hero felt a pit of dread pilling in deep. What could be the one thing that the villain wanted? What could they possibly have lost? What twisted their minds into a ball of hatred towards the world?

"Take what exactly?" Nedzu pushed forwards, wanted more information.

A deep sigh came through before the next words were nothing but unpleasant,"We both know what I wanted Principal. No matter how much you try to bargain or compromise I won't let it go. You heroes have already failed in protecting it from any harm. You were luck I was there to save him. Now he is mine and I don't plan to give him back."

"He isn't yours to keep as you'd like. Eraserhead is an undergr-"

A loud slam ruptured through the speakers,"Aizawa Shouta is mine!" Hizashi's blood rain cold at those words,"He is mine to take! Mine to keep! And mine to break and bend however I see fit! No one knows him like I do!"

Yamada bit his lip, hands curling tightly beside him. He could no longer stop the rage that was threatening to be spoken,"That's not true! Sho-Eraserhead is not yours and you know nothing about him!"

"You're one to talk Hizashi Yamada," The man sneered,"His supposedly best friend who didn't even notice I was stalking the man."

"What?" Hizashi anger left him, instead confusion began to replace the emotion.

"That's correct Mic. I've been watching Eraser here for awhile now. No one noticed and when the black cat decided to tell someone.. Well I threatened the lives of everyone in UA to stop him."

The bastard has been following his best friend? The man who has been with him since high school? The comrade who has been with him through thick and thin. His best friend who he's fallen for and yet he never noticed. No one noticed!

"He was so admirable too," The villain mocked on,"He kept such a tight lip about it. When I finally took him, he was all fight and bark. But I'll let you all in on a little secret."

"Principal," Nedzu perked at his title, his attention fully at the object,"You have such a loyal and protective staff member. I threaten the students and your other staff members and Eraserhead becomes a close to an obedient little pet. I hope you catch my drift."

The DJ knew the asshole was playing with him. Trying to get inside his head. To rub it into his face on the failure that he couldn't save his friend. He couldn't let the villain get to him. He couldn't.

As a pro he was trained to handle situations with a cool headed mind. To be able to handle stressful moments like this. To make sure that their emotions did not cloud any judgement. It wouldn't be the first time a friend or a comrade was baited against him. So why is it so much harder because it was Shouta.

Shaking all distracting thoughts out of his head, the voice hero asked the questioned everyone dreaded to mention at these times,"What have you done?" He swallowed once more,"What have you done to Shouta?"

The villain's mocking laughter rang in the room,"You are smart Presents Mic. Since you've asked the right question, I'll give you a hint. Let's just say that the black cat felt amazing and he looked even better painted white."

Yamada's heart stopped. No he didn't.

"I would say see you soon, but you won't."

He couldn't have done that... to Shouta.

"Goodbye heroes."

His heart pounded as he leaped towards the phone, gripping it tightly in his hands. Just once he'll let go, for Shouta,"Wait you asshole!"

The whole room was dead silent and every set of eyes were on him once more.

"Oh? That's not very hero-like."

"I'm going to find you," The hero stated.

"You're going to find me? Oh and what? Throw me into jail for a couple of years? I have friends I can always find-"

Present Mic tore off his sunglasses, dark green eyes shown for everyone to see. At that moment he did not speak as his hero personel but as Hizashi Yamada, the man who was just human,"No, I'm not going to throw you into jail."

Shock registered on everyone faces, but the criminal was certainly interested,"Hmm you're not? Well that's interesting. What do you plan to do President Mic?"

"No, I'm not saying this as President Mic. I'm saying this as Hizashi Yamada, the best friend of the man you took. So I'll tell you what will go down. I'm going rip down that evil empire you have brick by brick till there's nothing left, with my bare hands no quirk nor hero stuff needed. Then I'm going to tear you apart limb from limb for what you did. Then I'm going to take Shouta back from you."

"That's bold of you to state your goals with a room filles with Heroes Yamada. What makes you think they won't stop you now that you've confessed your plans."

Hizashi glanced around the room, worried and concerned filled his comrades faces. The villain was right, he would be literally throwing away his career as a hero if he did as he promised. Shouta would kill him, but he wasn't here and that itself was wrong.

With a stronger will, he hardened himself and stared back at the other heroes,"They can try to stop me, but I'll track you down."

"Hmm, you are interesting. Now I know why Eraser kept you around for so long. Alright then, here's a little tip hero. My name is Rojiro Kenji. I'll be waiting for you to arrest me President Mic. Let's see if you can fufill your promise and take the black cat from me."

Chapter Text

After hanging up the phone, I placed it neatly into my pockets. A small smirk planted on my face,"Hmm, Yamada Hizashi huh?" I turned to the struggling hero on my bed,"What an interesting person he is."

The black cat had activated his quirk, glaring deeply at me. He was once more chained to the frame of the bed, still as naked as he was left, a small bruise starting to form on his cheek, a red gag ball keeping his mouth ocupied, and his black threads sprawled across the white pillow.

Taking a few strides, I took a seat on the edge of the bed just admiring my prize. His red glare didn't die down at all, but at least he was no longer trying to yell through the gag. That won't do, not at all.

"Kitty, that won't help you at all. It's just causing you unnecessary pain."

As per usual his stubborness shown as he kept his eyes open, unblinking. I sighed deeply at his actions. If he keeps using his quirk like this it will definity cause some lasting damage to his eyes. After all the attack from that monster wasn't something the doctor could completely heal.

"You either stop trying to erase my quirk or I will force you to stop."

Red eyes continued to glare daggers into my very soul. I lifted my hand away from the surface of the bed and flicked his nose. The action forced his eyes to blink on reflexes, deactivating his quirk. Before he could open his eyes again, I covered them with the same hand.

This caused quite a reaction from the little hero. The chains once more began to rattle loudly. His legs kicking and pushing against the sheets. Along with these sings of struggle more muffled yells came from his mouth. Seeing his panick, I cuppped his neck with my other hand, rubbing the surface.

"Shh, pet. Calm down, I'm not trying to hurt you. In fact, if you want to keep that quirk of yours I need you to stop."

His body froze once more, from either fear or from what I have ordered. Either way he had finally stopped with his attempts of releasing himself. Moving my hand away from his eyes and to his bruised cheek. Ignoring the wince that came from him, I carressed the injure. A yelp escaped from his mouth at the action.

"It wouldn't hurt if you would just listen to me kitten," The glare from earlier returned, except without the usuage of his powers,"I wouldn't have to hurt you," My eyes glanced at the offending object that kept his jaw open,"Do you want me to take the muffle off?"

Eraserhead turned his head away from my direction. I narrowed my gaze at him. My patience and anger reaching the limits. How dare my pet ignore me? I'm being nice and generous and he ignores my advances.

My hand left his neck and instead intangled themselves into his black threads. A flash of pain appeared in those dark eyes. I pulled harder forcing his neck to bend backwards, causing much discomfort.

"How dare you? I try to be nice to you and this is my treatment in return? I think it's time for some punishment,"I growled at the hero.

Relinquishing my hold on him, I stood to my feet and made my way to my closet. Opening the door, I pulled out a certain toy and a long tie. I retuned to the bed and quickly wrapped the tie around his eyes, using it as a makeshift blindfold.

I glared at the man as he shook his head trying to remove the tied around his eyes. Tearing off the gag from his mouth, a small yelp left those lips as I plundged two fingers inbetween his teeth. My lips twitched upwards as the pads of my fingers pressed down on his tongue.

"Make sure to get them nice and wet," I ordered.

I watched with satisfaction as my fingers continued to thrust in and out of the hot cavern. The UA teacher's breathing heavy, choking once in awhile when I pushed a little too far. I hummed in delight, withdrawing the digits when I deemed them damp enough.

Trailing my fingers down his chest, his breath hitched as it left a trail of saliva on his chest. They brushed lightly against his cock and stopped at the rim of his lower hole.

Aizawa shook his head,"No.. W-Wait! Do-Don't!"

I watched as he started to pull at his chains, legs trying to close. I placed my free hand on his upper thigh and trapped it down onto the bed, forcing his legs apart for me to move. I circled my middle finger around the clenched muscle, before pushing it all the way into his ass. A groan left those pink plump lips at the feeling of being filled.

Pride filled my being as I felt my liquids from earlier still in him. Slowly and teasingly I started to move my finger in and out of the clenching hole. I laughed as the muscle around it tighten.

"Sho, you're holding onto my finger so tightly. Did you miss me that much?"

"No you ass-Ahh" I fed another finger to the hunger mouth, curling them towards the one spot that I knew made the other man see white.

"There there now pet. No need to be so rude. You don't have to hide the pleasure that I give you," I leaned forwards and nipped his ear,"No one but you and I are here in this room. Why not be honest Eraserhead? Apologize for being such a bad pet."

"Sc-rew Yo-You!"

Moving back, I sighed at the hero,"I admire your stubborness as usual Aizawa, but I'm running out of patience and kindness," I jabbed the bundle of nerves harder, faster, deeper.

"N-No! St-top!" The teacher's movements became more lively, frailing his arms around and muscles cramping up,"No-AH!"

I watched with fasination as rope after rope of white substance landed on his upper body. Chest heaving with heavy breaths as he came down from his high.

Removing my fingers, I licked the liquid on them,"There we go kitten."

I reached for the toy that I grabbed earlier. It was a plastic purple dildo, three inches thick and seven inches long. I licked my lips at the thought of my little pet moaning on the toy.

"A-Are we done now bas-bastard?"

Chuckling at the sudden question, I shook my head at that notion. I patted the fluffy sweaty black hair,"We're far from finish kitten," I held positioned the object to his twitching asshole,"After all I haven't punished you yet," I rammed the toy into the awaiting hole, making sure to have it rubbing against the sensitive postate.

A yelp escaped the tied down underground hero. He threw his head back into the soft pillow, back arched upwards at the new sensation. I waited till he adjusted to the grith of the toy. I felt around me till I found the object I was looking for.

"It seems threatening you isn't enough. I have to train you to be a good pet," With no mercy, I turned the dial of the remote control all the way up to eight.

Delicious lewd moans left the little black cat. Satisfaction was the only feeling I had at the moment. Throwing the remote behind me, I got up from the bed. The sight of the hero withering in pleasure, moaning and groaning on my bed left me feeling accomplished.

"I'll leave you here to enjoy your new toy pet. Learn your lesson fast." With that said I made my way out of the room, ignoring all the yells and curses behind me as the door shut.

Chapter Text

Shouta groaned as the buzzing object inside him pressed against his prostate. The pleasure sending shiver up his spine once more as he came once again. No matter how much he moved the toy had continued to stay in his lower region. He no longer kept track of how long it has been since the villain was in the room. He no longer knew how many times he unloaded onto himself.

He was overstimulated. The pain had started to seep into the feeling of pleasure. A pool of sweat had surrounded him along with his other liquid. He felt exshausted beyond compare. He was too worn to do anything other than moan and shiver.

The UA teacher wanted nothing more than to curl up and sleep. He tried to close his eyes and pretend to be somewhere other than here at this dreadful place. He tried to think about anything other than the sensation he was feeling.

He thought about the students he had to get back to. The cat he had left in his apartment. He thought about his agency. He thought about his comrades, his coworkers. His friends. Tensei. Kayama. Hizashi.

"Aha! Mhmm!"

Aizawa wanted his mind to wonder away from this place. He wanted to leave so badly. He wanted to go back to how it was before. He wanted to escape this nightmare. He wanted to go back.

Back to teaching those ridiculous kids- students of his. To teach them the ways of being a hero. To protect them from themselves and the villains around them. He had so much he wanted to tell them.

"Ngnn!" He felt himself tighten around the buzzing object.

He wanted to tell Todoroki that he shouldn't allow his father to define him. He wanted to help Midoriya get control of his quirk so he could become the amazing hero Aizawa saw he could be. He wanted to continue scolding Bakugo. He wanted to thank Kirishima for not leaving Bakugo alone and putting up with him. There was so much more he had to do.

The underground hero thought back to his own highschool experience before he became a pro. His mind flashed back to the three friends he had made. Tensei, Kayama, and Hizashi. They were always there for each other. When Oboro died. When they failed to save someone during a disaster. When someone broke down.

"Ah-Ah," He groaned deeply as his hips unconsciously continued to move up and down the toy.

His mind felt fuzzy and his vision blurred. Shouta winced as he once again was forced to come on the toy that wiggled inside his lower hole. His breathing was heavy, muscles sore and aching, he felt icky and sticking from all the cum on he unloaded. His hair sticking to his face with sweat, the blindfold damp with unshed tears that had been collected in the cloth. His arms felt numb from staying in one position for so long. Legs twitching every now and then, bone tired and sore along with the rest of his body.

Yes, he really wish he could leave this place. He would leave this place. He was able to call Hizashi from the villain's phone. Though he doubt they would be able to track the call, he knew that at least they knew he was alive. All he had to do was hold on and endure this villain's sick game of fun. They would come for him. Someone would. Hizashi will come for him, for certain.

Chapter Text

Three months..

It's been three months..

Three whole months.

Twelve weeks since Eraserhead had been declared MIA.

Twelve weeks without him.

Without his best friend.

His crush.

His moonlight.

Hizashi was losing his mind. He had allowed that... villain three months with Shouta. He couldn't find the bastard, no matter how much he tore down the man's empire.

He dug as much as he could with the name he was given. He found almost nothing but his basic information and quirk, that could be faked. He was feeling so much like a failure.

Though Mic wasn't the only one who felt this way. All of UA staff had been gloomy, no matter how they tried to hide it from the students. They always kept a gray cloud over their heads.

Thirteen, who had finally gotten out of the hospital, was guilt filled. They would always apologize to Hizashi whenever they saw him. No matter how much the other hero told him it wasn't his fault.

Midnight was still trying to keep hope. She found herself accompanying Yamada often on his patrols. Patrols that wwre used to dig up any dirt on the name given to him. She kept him fed and somewhat put together. Reminding him to sleep inbetween moments, no more than thirty minute naps.

Vlad King had taken over classes with A-1 for the time being. Making joint schedules for both hero courses he had to juggle. He kept Aizawa's kids with somewhat reassurance that it was just temporary. Even Hizashi could see how much two classes were wearing him down.

Nedzu tried to keep the staff put together. He had mostly been through the evidence the police and Mic had been able to pull up, trying to piece them all togther. Along with that he was also upgrading the UA security system. If the man was able to get into UA without triggering any alarms it must he fixed ASAP.

He could go on and on about how everyone was affected, but the most one (other than Hizashi himself) was the number one hero, All Might. Hizashi had never seen the man so down before. When he wasn't out with the press, students, or in his muscle form he was doom and gloom. He has expressed heavily that it was his fault and had almost begged for forgiveness from Mic, Midnight, and Tensei.

They had to find something soon. Some clue that would help them find Eraser. Anything to let them know they were headed they right direction. Something that would show Hizashi that he wouldn't lose his best friend.

If- No when they found him, Mic would never let him go. He would make the other hero promise to tell him everything and anything. He would hug the Erasure hero tightly, stay by his side, reassure the other man he was safe. He would make sure to always be there, as he always been.

Hell if it would allow him to have Sho back he would allow Shouta as man naps as he wanted. Give him so many cups of coffee that he required. Hizashi would even lower his volume around the other. Anything, anything he would do anything to have him back.

So please. Any god. Any entity out there. Just let Hizashi have the one man who meant the world to him back. He would protect him better this time. He would keep him safe. He would make the grumpy cat happier. He would be a better friend for him, even if he was just a friend.

"Please, just let me find him," Hizashi begged, wishing someone out there would grant it.

Chapter Text

"Sir, we have been able to keep the attacks at bay, but the base at Fugi got hit last week."

My eyes narrowed down at the informant, my left hand's fingers thumping on the desk,"Who caused the attack at Fugi?"

The plain minion with balck hair looked down at his notes,"A few pro heroes sir. It was mainly led by Nedzu, but it was mainly damaged by President Mic."

President Mic? Once again the man seemed to be everywhere my lackeys are at. He seems to be doing everything he can to keep his words on finding me true.

I waved the man in dismissal, wanting to be alone with the fact that my employees had failed. As interesting as it is that he would keep his promise, it still irked me deeply to have my crew shot down one by one.

My fingers tighten on the black threads that they held onto. A muffled whimper came from beneath me. Glancing down my mood lighten up a bit at the sight below me.
Hidden underneath my desk was my little toy.

Aizawa Shouta was crouched down, legs spread apart, knees bent all the way, kneecaps brushing against his shoulders. His arms were wrapped multiple time behind his back with red rope that seem to dig into his pale complexion. Bruises and bite marks littered the surface of his skin. His obsidian eyes filled with such hatred, corners of his eyes held unshred tears. Plump pink lips wrapped around my cock, sucking me in nice and slow. Not only was his mouth filled, but his lower hole was thrusting on his favorite purple dildo.

I leaned back in my chair, as my hand forced his head up and down my length,"Your little friends in UA are really forcing my hand here kitten. They're starting to make me really mad."

Stuffing the hero all the way down my cock till his nose brushed against my pelvis, I held my black cat in place. Ignoring the signs of struggle from the UA teacher, I unloaded down his throat grunting softly.

Releasing my grip, I watched with much interest as he reeled back coughing harshly. Gathering his baring he glared at me with such ill intent.

"Ba-Bastard." Was the kitten's only response.

Frowning at the insult, a loud whine left those lips as my foot applied pressure against his crotch. Eraser fell forward, forhead pressed up the space inbetween my legs. I reached down and lightly patted his head as my foot rubbed him faster.

"Now, now, Sho. We went over this a million times," My nails dug deep into his scalp,"That's no way to speak to your master."

"Yo-you're no-not my Mas-Master."

I sighed at the stubborn pet I had acquired. Stepping harshing against his dick, I watched as he threw his head back, coming hard at the sensation. Rope after rope of his cum erupted from him, painting my shoe and his lower chest white.

Catching his chin inbetween my fingers, I tilted his head upwards to stare into those unyeilding black pearls.

"It's been three months Eraser and yet no one has come."

"Th-They'll find me. Just wait," He wheezed out, followed by heavy breathing.

Showing the kitten fake pity, I patted his head,"Awe, you poor poor thing. Do you think after they find you that they would take you back?"

A flash of confusion seeped into those eyes of his,"Of c-course they-"

"No, they wouldn't," I cutted in, tightening my grip on his chin,"After all kitten, you've slept with the enemy."

Shame and safe hate began to grow in that mind of his, which caused me to smile slightly. Seeing this tactic work wonderfully on his self esteem, I continued to feed that seed of self doubt.

"You're no longer a hero," The body below me flinched at the words,"Nor are you a teacher any longer. Aizawa Shouta? Eraserhead? Don't make me laugh."

The hero's gaze was no longer on me, but instead focusing on the carpet flooring. Yes, it seems to be working perfectly. These continuous days of sex for a whole three months having done major damage to his mind. The growing shame. His heavy self doubt and self hate. Just a little more.

"You're just a slut. My little slutty pet. My kitten. No one but me will want you," I emphasized each word, watching as it hit straight to his head.

Those heroes are becoming a real nuisance. Since they've already found the other bases, we might need to move. For that to happen I need to break you down. I need for you to be an obedient little pet. Though if they do find you, at least they'll see that you'll never be the same.

Chapter Text

Time froze for the Eraser hero.Three months. Three whole months. He's been here for three months, being subjected to this kind of torture.

Everyday for the past ninety days the villain would violate him or punish him. Force the hero to suck him off, to jack him off, to cum along with him. His capturer tied him up and left a toy in him everyday. Every single time it happened more dark thoughts entered his mind.

The thought of being rescued was slowly dying down, but he still kept holding on for someone to save him. Someone would come right?

"You're a slut. My little slutty pet. No one but me will ever want you."

More confusion filled his head. No, no, they haven't stopped looking for him. They're still attacking the villain's bases. They're still search-

"You're no longer a hero."

Dread filled his very being at those words. He was no longer a hero? No the villain was wrong. He worked hard to be a hero. He trained everyday. He studied. Oboro died to make him the hero he had became.

"You're wrong, the other heroes will come for me," Aizawa growled at the bastard.

The kidnapper hummed a bit,"They won't take you back. After all you've been sleeping with me for the past three months."

Shouta fought against the shame and self loath that seem to dump onto him. He shook his head trying to clear out all the negative thoughts that seem to corrupt him.

"You're wrong."

Who would look for a weak hero like himself?

"I'm not wrong kitten. Why would they want a hero like you? A hero who spread his leg for a villain."

"You're wrong!"

He was forced-no he allowed it to happen. He, a hero, had allowed a villain to taint him.

"They know what a slut you are."

"You're wrong!!"

Everyday he would cum over and over again because of what happened. Do-Does that mean he enjoyed it?

A tight grip on his hair forced him to look deep into those brown eyes,"Just admit it pet. No one, but me will ever want you."

"Yo-you're.. Th-That's.."

Eraser screwed his eyes shut, trying hard to block out all the dark thoughts and comments that attacked his head.


"Quirk stealer!"

"You'll never be a hero!"

"What a weakling!"

"What kind of hero are you!"





The hero wanted nothing more than to disappear. Shouta didn't want to hear anything anymore. He didn't want to continue to feel this.. this self disgust and shame that threaten to eat him from the inside out.

"Do you understand now?" Black pearls looked up at the villain,"You're nothing but a pet."

And with that something happened to Aizawa. After three months of holding on, the kidnapper finally did what he sent out to do. Aizawa Shouta, after twelve weeks of physical abuse, broke.

Chapter Text




After so long. All the stubborness, the punishments, the waiting. It has FINALLY been rewarded. After so much hardwork and effort I've put into mending him. It has worked at last.

Those words fed the seed that was already planted inside his mind. The seed that had laid there for many years. Through his years of verbal abuse from his peers and family. Then it stopped growing after he joined the hero course, but it slowly started to grow once one of his classmates died. And now, now, I've done it. I've broken him down completely.

Eraserhead, Aizawa Shouta was no more. All that is left is a shell of the former hero, a doll who obeys every command given to him. What a wonderful toy he has become. Though I will miss his fighting spirit. I thank the heroes who are once again a little too late.


Humming lightly I opened the door to my room where my pet always resided. The sight before me was even better than I ever imagined.

Eraserhead laid on my king size bed, sheets pulled up to cover his form, he was still positioned as I left him. He hasn't moved even a single centimeter.

Waltzing towards the bed, I sat on the edge. Reaching towards the black threads, I ran my fingers through them. I stared into those dull dark pearls that used to be so filled with fight.

"Hello, kitten. I'm sorry I'm so late today."

Silenced filled the air. There was no reaction from the hero, not even one of ill intent. Sliding my hand down, I wrapped my fingers around his neck.

"Aren't you going to greet your Master pet?" I lightly placed some pressure on my grip,"Say it. Say 'Welcome Home, Master'."

Aizawa's plump lips no longer trembled as he opened his mouth. Like a doll who only obeyed orders, the words came out with such a monotoned voice.

"Welcome home, Master."

Pride filled my very core as he had done what was ordered. Nothing could stop the smile that reached my face. Releasing my grip, I jumped onto the bed and pulled the other closer into my chest.

"Say it again!" I ordered, wanting to feel the rush of victory again.

With no hesitation, the UA teacher repeated what was expected of him.

"Welcome home, Master."

A wave of happiness rushed over me. I held onto his naked body tighter.

"Say you belong to me and only me. Say 'I belong to Master and only Master.' Say it!"

With a robotic voice he answered my request.

"I belong to Master and only Master."

"That's right pet. You belong to me and only me. Not anyone else."

I looked down at those blank eyes. The man who once was awake in this body was truly asleep. All that was left behind was a shell of who he used to be. Nothing more than someone who could not live without orders.

Even though I have already broken him. I needed to hear it from him. I needed to see him wholely admit who he is now. From his own lips I want him to say that only I was all he needed.

"Repeat after me. 'I am not a hero. I am Master's pet. No one will ever want me. Only Master.'"

I watched as his hand twitched at the word 'hero' but other than that he stayed the same. I frown a bit as no instant reply came from him.

Kitten's mouth opened than shut instantly. His hand twitched once more before he scrunched his eyes shut. Aizawa seemed to have a mental argument before he opened his mouth once more.

"I-I am no-not a he-ro."

A grin threatened to split my face apart.

"I am M-Master's... Pe-Pet."

Yes, yes that's correct kitten.

"No-no one will ev-ever want me. O-Only Ma-Master."

With those words it was proven to me. That Eraserhead, Aizawa Shouta, has finally been broken.

Gently patting his head, I smiled softly as the hero unconscious leaned in towards my touch.

"Yes, kitten. That's correct. No one but me will ever want you."

Cupping Eraser's chin, I tilted it to upwards to meet my gaze. I looked deep into his blank stare, leaning forwards towards him. I closed my eyes shut as I went and claimed those lips once again. Pulling back, I peer down at my beautiful black cat.

"Let's have some more fun today kitten."

Chapter Text

Never let it be said that Mic could not be ruthless.

Don't get him wrong. He was a licensed hero through and through, but it's been so long since his conscious -Shouta- has been with him. He lost all patience with all the villains. All he wanted was Shouta back in his arms, by any means necessary.

Which had led us to our recent predicament. The blond hero-who was on patrol- current had a villain in possession. Though not your everyday crook. No this one was part of the crime syndicate who kidnapped his crush.

Now that itself was a ticket to get to jail. That it would, if Shouta wasn't gone so long. Unfortunately for the crook, Eraser has been missing for almost four months and Hizashi had lost all his mercy.

Said villain was being held against the wall by his throat. The man was a plain looking person with dark hair and matching black eyes.

"L-Look man, I don't know what your talking about. I ju-just-"

"Rojiro Kenji. He's your boss."

Mic stated the obvious. He knew who this man was after so much tracking. He was the last lacky that needed to be chased down. He was the missing clue that kept him from finding his Shouta. He applied more pressure on the man's neck when he didn't get a confirmation.

"Answer me or I'll blow out your eardrums."

"Y-Yes! He-He's my boss!"

Sharp dark green eyes glared daggers into the poor man, who will deny that he peed in his pants.

"Where is your boss."

The employee was frantic. He heard of the hero who was currently destroying his boss' empire in search of said leader. Rumor said that he's been trying to find the boss' pet that he kept around. Not wanting to be the next deaf victim of the Voice hero. He answered truthfully with a shaky tone.

"I-I don't know where he is. B-But Bo-Boss usually stayed lo-low at this pla-place he owns."

Hizashi's heart beated frantically. Was this it? Was he finally about to threaten a location out? Would he finally be able to rescue Sho?

"Where is it."

Needless to say, Mic left that alley with a piece of paper and a genuine smile on his face. He had finally accomplished it. After months on end of hardly any sleep and constant searching. Hizashi Yamada had been able to dig up a possible location on where his best friend could be held captive.

Not wasting any time, he pulled out his phone and made a call. The phone ringed twice before a familiar voice called out.

"UA Principal, Nedzu speaking."

Flipping the paper open on his other hand, he glanced down at it.

"Principal, please get the staff and detective together. I got it. A location on where Eraserhead could be."

Getting verbal confirmation from the animal, he hung up and started his speedy treck back to UA. His hands clutched the piece of paper, that might as well contain his crush's life, in his hand.

"Hang in there Shouta. Hang in there a little longer. I'm almost there."

Chapter Text



Explosions filled the area. The building structure shook harshly as another attack was used to tumble another wall. I leaned against a wall just a few feet away from my designated room. I sighed deeply as another pile of cement was sent flying near my direction.

It seems that Yamada Hizashi is not someone to mess with so easily. I got so cocky that I mentioned my name in the heat of the moment. Hmm, goes against everything I was taught as a villain. Then again I prefer to be a gentlemen to guest and company. I'd rather deal with them peaceful than cause a full on fight.

Dodging a few pieces of rubble that fell from the sky, I smirked at a sudden thought. They might've been able to track down this base, but I'll make sure to escape with my little pet. After all he is the reason this whole empire was created.

Standing to my feet, I straigtened my jacket. My hand landed on the doorknob ready to grab my little pet and run, but instead I stopped in place as footsteps echoed behind me.

"There's no way out of this place."

Lifting my hand away from the handle, I stuffed them inside of my jacket. I turned to face the man who had been able to keep his little bet.

"President Mic right?"

His disarrayed figure froze slightly- no doubt recognizing my voice- a frown made its way across his face. I smiled lightly at the sight of his enraged expression.

"You," He spat out with such disgust.

I ignored his heated glaze and nodded my head in confirmation.

"Yes, yes. It is I. The man behind the whole kidnapping of Eraserhead."

Mic's green eyes hardened as I spoke out the little black cat's name. I smirked at the man who seemed to be drowning by his own rage. Maybe I can play this to my advantage.

"It seems you don't do things half way Yamada. After all for the past four months I've had more damage done to my empire than the whole time it was active. I feel like should commend you-"

"Enough!" He growled at me,"Tell me where he is or I'll blow your eardurms off."

Huffing deeply I raised my hands in the air,"Hai, Hai," I motioned to the door behind me,"What you seek is behind that door, Mic."

The hero trecked over to my direction, pulling my hands behind my back before cuffing them tightly. Another one of them appeared and offered to hand me over to the authorities.

I wasn't suppose to go down this easily. My best skills were always my own mind and psychological tatics. After all I am quirkless human who did not relied on a quirk to save the day. Game over I guess but first.

"If I can say something Mic."

The man who was dragging me away stopped when Yamada held up a hand. Taking that as a confirmation, I turned to meet those yellow shades of his.

"Good luck," I decided to clarify more when my only response was a lift of an eyebrow,"The man you left won't be the same one you found. After all he's become so obediant the past month."

A blaring pain erupted from my face, I crashed down to the ground. Above me was the enraged voice hero who had punched my face with all his might. I licked my dry lips, tasting my own blood.

"Shut up bastard."

Ah! Yamada Hizashi was a quiet man when angered. The blond man's comrade pulled me to my feet and started to push me away from the door that held my little kitten in. A small smirk planted on my lips.

I wonder how he would handle seeing the man he loved the way he was now. A simple pet who would do as he was ordered. Yes, a disappointent I wouldn't be able to see the aftermath.

Chapter Text

He was here.

He had made it.

Yes after so long he was almost there.

Shouta was just behind this door.

His friend.

His best friend.

His crush.

All he had to do was open the door. He just had to put his hand on the handle and twist it open. Or if wanted he just had to tear apart the piece of wood that was keeping Mic away from him.

So why?

Why was he so afraid to open this door?

"The friend you lost won't be the one you found."

The villains mocking sentence echoed into his mind. Gears in his head have started to shift. What did that bastard do to Shouta in the long run? What had the kidnapper make the Erasure hero endure?

Swallowing the big lump in his throat, Hizashi rotated the knob. The door squeaked a little as it opened slowly. Taking a deep breath, he took a step inside and what he saw was something he could not undo.

Laying on the king sized bed was a twitching familiar figure with long black hair. The hero was tied up, naked, blindfolded, and gaged. Eraser was a sweaty mess, white substance was splattered all over his lower chest, making a small pool that seemed to drip onto the bed sheets. His pale complexion was littered with many bruises, hickeys, bite marks, and rope burns. His arms were chained to the bed head, legs speard apart by a silver rod and tied bent all the way, red rope rubbing against his chest tightly. The view of his stuffed hole was visible for anyone to see as the toy inside him buzzed loudly.

Hizashi stood there for awhile, the fear and regret of not being able to get here fast enough was eating him up inside. He couldn't stop the shout that left his lips as he ran to his friend's side.

"Shouta! Shouta!"

With no response, he tore off the blindfold and was met with a blank stare. The Voice hero was able to final see a closer look at his friend's face. The black haired man held a glossy gaze in his eyes, unfocused. His face was a heavy shade of red, skin dampened by sweat and tears, drool was escaping from the corner of the ball in his mouth.

Yamada cupped the other hero's face with both hands, his thumbs slowly wipping away the tears Aizawa had shredded unconscious.

"It's ok, Shouta. It's alright. I'm here now."

The DJ continued to speak comforting words as he moved one hand behind the other's head to unlatch the gag. It fell onto the bed with a softest thump.

No immediate sound or respond came from the Erasure hero, which bothered the blond deeply. Green eyes just continued to stare into those dark pearls.


President Mic jolted a bit from the sudden shout through the radio in his ear.

"Mic, did you find him."

Taking a shaky deep breath, he croaked out an answer.

"Y-Yes, I found him. He-He's in pretty bad shape. I-I'll bring him out to the ambulance."

A loud 'Copy that' echoed from the earpiece, before once again silence filled the room. Yamada just continued to caress and comfort the man in front of him. He was trying to get his baring together. Trying not to break down at the sight before him.

If only he had been faster. If he had been stronger. If only he was smarter. Was more observant. If he had paid more attention to Shouta. He could've prevented all of this. He could-


Snapping out of his dark thoughts. Relief flooded his system when he was finally recognized. He nodded his head frantically to his comrade.

"Yes, Shouta. I'm here now. I promise you'll be ok."


With one more confirmation, the man in his arms slumped unconscious. Obsidian eyes rolled back and eyelids fluttered shut. Hizashi gently placed the man onto the bed as slowly as possible, trying not to wake him.

Mic then proceeded to began removing all that binded the other to the bed. He picked the lock that chained those wrist to place, hissing in anger as he saw the dark bruises that wrapped around the joint. He carefully cut the rope that had been tightened around the other man's body, rage boiling at the marks it left behind. After he removed the rod that kept Eraser's legs open, he gently messaged the limb as he straightened them onto the bed. Taking in a deep breath, he reached for the final thing that was left in the other hero's body. Slowly and carefuly -to not injure the other- he pulled it out. Watching a string of cum follow the toy out of the abused hole.

Yamada then took the sheet of the bed and tried to clean the man up as best as he could. Wiping down all the white liquid that was spread all over his body. When he was done, he glanced back at Aizawa's face searching for any discomfort or pain. Even though he found none, Mic felt an big wave of guilt and rage.

Guilt for not being able to stop this from happening. Rage for not being there for Shouta. Why was he always late? Why did Sho have to suffer for his mistakes? Why?

Hizashi stripped off the leather jacket from his hero costume. He tucked and covered as much of Aizawa as he could. Gathering his crush in his hand, gazing down apologetically when a whimper escaped the unconscious body. Adjusting to the newly added weight he slowly made his way out of that hell hole. The walk to the ambulance felt like eternity as he took each step.

He tore the evil empire apart. They've taken the head villain into custody. He got Shouta back in his arms. So why? Why did it feel like he lost?

Green eyes stared down at the abused body in his arms, the voice hero bit his lip when another whine left Shouta's lips. Damnit all. Damnit all to hell.

Chapter Text





The repeating noise echoed annoyingly across the silent room. The blond man sitting inside was filled with anxiousness. Trying hard not to smash the clock on the wall that reminded him of how long he's been waiting.

President Mic had not left that seat since the patient was admitted to the hospital. Said hero was no longer in his costume, but rather a tight pair of fit jeans, a lose yellow shirt, a leather jacket, and his hair tied in a loose bun. Since he had arrived every nurse that came by would try to pursue him to go home, reassuring him that they would call if there was any update.

Green eyes glanced at the clock on the wall. Another hour has passed since Shouta was admitted to the hospital. It's been a total of six hours since he sat down in the waiting room. No news had been given to him just yet. There was no telling what injuries, physically and mentally, Eraser had received.

"Yamada Hizashi?"

The man in question looked up from his seat. Standing in front of the door -his friend was rushed into - was a young nurse with long brown hair with matching eyes, she held a clip board in front of her. Hizashi immediately stood from his seat and strode across the room.

"Any news?"

The nurse looked surprised, might be because of his distraught look, before she glanced down at the stack of papers in her hands.

"You're here for Aizawa Shouta?" At the nod of his head the women continued,"Alrighty then. If you would please follow me Dr. Kina would like to have a word with you."

Yamada once again nodded his head as he trailed behind the young maiden until she motioned to a door,"She'll meet with you in there."

Stepping inside the meeting room, he met with another women with a lab coat on. She had short black hair with light purple eyes behind a frame of glasses.

"Mr. Yamada if you would please take a seat."

Mic sat in front of the doctor who had taken care of the Erasure hero. Dr. Kina laced her fingers together and looked him dead in the eye.

"First off I'd like to confirm that you are listed as Mr. Aizawa emergency number if anything were to happen to him."

He licked his dried lips and nodded his head,"Yes, Shou and I agreed that we both needed someone who was able to come as soon as possible since both of our families leave too far away."

The doctors hummed and then leaned back into her chair,"Alrighty then. Before I tell you about what conditions he is in, I would like to apologize on the long wait. Normally it wouldn't take so long but considering the state he was brought in."

A space of silence filled the tense air. The black haired female shook her head,"Anyway, Mr. Aizawa physically did not have much damage done to him. He was mostly dehydrated, bruised badly, cramped muscles, and his wrist have small fractures on them along with heavy bruising."

One thing caught the voice hero's attention,"Physically?"

Another sigh left the other's lip,"Yes, Physically he will make a full recovery. Unfortunately I cannot tell you about his mental health. I noticed a couple of things during the check up. Mr. Aizawa seemed out of it. He didn't make a sound, like he wasn't fully there."

The hands on Hizashi's knees tightened,"What do you mean?"

"When a victim," Mic winced at the title, it didn't feel right to call Shouta that,"Gets too overwhelmed or too traumatized the brain does amazing things to protect themselves. He was raped," Once again the man flinched,"Continously for the past four months. My guess is that he mentally couldn't handle it and his brain did something to protect himself."

The doctor peered down at her notes before continuing on,"If you noticed his eyes don't focus, they're hazy. That's because he's not fully aware of what's happening around him. It's likely that his brain decided to shut down. Closing off any emotions or any memory."

Each word felt like a slice to his own heart. Closed off? Was he gone? Was Hizashi really that late to finding him? Did that bastard really do that much damage in the spam of four months?

"What can I do?" Yamada stared into those purple eyes,"There - There has to be something I can do. H-He can't just be gone just like that. I-I-"

Hizashi felt like a failure all over again. He had failed. He failed to protect Shouta. He failed to find him. He failed to stay by his side. He failed. He was such a failure. He had to do something. Anything to make it up to the Erasure hero. He-

"There is a chance that Mr. Aizawa will recover. There is no telling when, but he will be able to make a full recovery."

"How?! Please tell me. I-"

He had to be able to do something. He had to be able to keep him safe. He had to stay by his side. He had to protect him better this time. He had to. He had to. He had to! He-

A hand landed on head, slowly patting on his yellow hair,"Don't panick Mr. Yamada. You'll have to be strong. Mr. Aizawa won't be able to recover if you go on running around like a headless chicken. If you want him to recover he needs to feel safe and wanted. When he does he'll slowly but surely make it back to how he was before. So please calm down. Mr. Aizawa is safe and he'll continue to be. For now that's all we can do."

Hizashi will never tell anyone, nor will the doctor, and if asked later he will deny it fully. No he did not break down in front of a total stranger. But for now he soaked up the doctor's comfort words.

Yes, Shouta was safe. No longer in that villain's grasp. And for now it really was the only thing that mattered to Hizashi. Everything else would come later.

Chapter Text

Aizawa was cold. He felt so cold. And tired. More tired than he has ever been in his whole life. 

Since he was born he fought. He fought against his parents. He fought against those who wanted to tear him down. He fought against those who called him a villain. He fought to become a hero. He fought as a hero. 

He fought. 

He fought.

And he fought. 

Over and over. 

Again and again. 

Everyday of his life, every second was surrounded by fighting. And now. Now he was just so tired. He wasn't strong enough anymore. No longer was he able to push back all those dark thoughts that corrupted his head. 

He just wanted to sleep. He didn't want to hear or feel anything anymore. He didn't want to hear the villain praise him for doing "good". He didn't want to feel his own self hate grow whenever the bastard came inside him or make him cum along with the asshole. He didn't want to smell the disgusting scent of sex. He didn't want to hear the sound of the other pounding into him. 



He didn't want to anymore. He just wanted to go back. Back to where it felt safe. Back to where it was warm. Back to where he didn't have to listen to his own negative thoughts. Back to when there was too much noise to think about them. 

Aizawa Shouta wanted to go back to when he was surrounded by sound that would drown out his own inner thoughts. He wanted for the loudness to continue. He wanted to feel whole again. To feel free. To feel comfortable. To feel safe and warm. 

He would never admit it, but he only felt this certain way when he was with Hizashi. The loud brash hero kept him from hearing his own inner turmoil. The DJ would talk nonstop for hours on end. The voice hero stayed with Aizawa since highschool. Yamada would always smile at him, it would always warm his heart. 

He wanted Hizashi. 

He needed Hizashi. 

But Zashi wasn't here... 

Zashi hasn't come...










Not enough. 







Zashi... Please come save me. 

"Stop resisting and just feel it pet."

Please don't leave me here. 

"Good pet."


"No one, but your Master will ever want you."

As much as Aizawa hates to admit it. Maybe the villain was right. If Hizashi didn't come. No one will. 

"No one will come."

Shut up.

"No one will save you."

Shut up!

"No one will want you."


"No one will need you." 


"Hizashi doesn't need you."

Go away. 

"Admit it he would be disgusted by you."


"Hizashi never came because he doesn't want to save you."

Someone... Anyone just make it stop. 

"He hates you."

Make it go away. 

Shouta's body felt heavy, like he was floating in water. He felt something pulling him into the deep sea. He was downing. Downing into those dark and deep thoughts he kept at bay long ago. 

A voice whispering in his ear. 

"You can stay here."


"Stay where no one could hurt you anymore."

No more pain?

"Yes, you can stay here. No one can reach you here."

No one?

"Yes, no one."

But Hizashi-

"Everyone deserted you. No one will come for you. So stay where you will feeling nothing. Hear nothing."

Shouta felt his eyelids grow heavy. Nothing? Shouta didn't want to feel anything anymore. He was so tired of fighting. Hizashi hadn't come.. no one would. 

Aizawa would save himself the pain and the feeling of safe hate. He would end his own suffering. Eyelids fluttered shut as Eraser felt himself sink deeper and deeper. 

"You can rest here."

Rest? Yes, rest felt like a good idea. Maybe he could just sleep forever. 



Chapter Text

The continues noise of beeping was starting to irritate the voice hero, but it was the only thing that proved the unconscious body in front of him was still alive.

Hizashi Yamada planted himself right next to the black haired pro. He sat in those uncomfortable plastic chairs the hospital had provided. He ate the food the nurses were kind enough to hand to him. He held the hand that was too cold and limp for comfort. He stared at the pale and unconscious face of his crush as time went on. 

It's been an exact day since they've rescued Aizawa. A whole twenty-four hours and the man had not regain any consciousness. It's been twelve hours since his own breakdown and the guilt had not subsided. 

Normally he wouldn't be so quiet. Usually Yamada had soo many things to talk about to his best friend, to his crush. The reason being because it was soo easy. 

Shouta was never one to start a conversation. He was always quiet, but was straight forward and spoke when he wanted to. That's what made Hizashi fall for him. 

Aizawa never stopped the other from speaking. Yes the man called him loud and annoying, but it was filled with a slight fondness that the voice hero picked up (after being around the other for so long). The Erasure hero always came back to Yamada, never leaving the other behind. 

They were always together. Hizashi who filled the silence with conversations. Aizawa who liked to listen in, saying a few words when he wanted to. The voice hero that kept the dangerous thoughts away from eating the other alive. The Erasure hero that kept the lonely loud blonde company throughout time. They've been together through thick and thin. You would always find these two together. Namuri once joked in highschool that they were attached to the hips. He still remembers when time was easier.


A grumble reply came from the dozed off figure. Sixteen year old Hizashi poked the cheek of the unconscious person.


Said person was currently laying on his desk, cheek faced down on the hard surface. Face muscle twitching with every prod of the young blonde, but otherwise no react. 

"Shouta! Come on! It's lunch time!"

With still no response he huffed loudly at his still slumbering friend, Yamada shrugged his shoulders. He plopped back down at his seat and stared at the sleeping figure. 

Aizawa had such smooth face skin. It was soft and squishiable. No wrinkles or a frown present on his face. The young Erasure looked calmer and less tired out in his sleep. He looked at peace for once. 

A strand of black slipped into his face, causing Aizawa to twitch in irritation. Instictively Yamada reached forwards and tucked the lose hair behind the other's ear. 
Unconsciously smiling as his crush continued to sleep undisturbed. 

Food could wait. They could just grab something quick from the vending machines and catch a late lunch on their way home. He could never leave Shouta alone for even one second. So yes, lunch can wait till next break. After all he had everything he needed right next to him. 


Thin fingers tightened their hold slightly. His forhead leaned forward till it rested on top of the intertwined hands. Hizashi bit his lip trying hard not to let the sob that threatened to tear out his mouth. After his mental breakdown the doctor continued to explain to him. The words still shook him to the core. Shouta will recover, but there's a chance he would not. 

"Mr. Yamada. The patient will be able to recover with proper time and care, but there are chances he will not. After all, we do not know the full extent of his mental health and how far Mr. Aizawa pulled himself in. There's a slight chance he would never recover and stay a blank page as he is now. I'm sorry. For now please remember he will need to feel safe and wanted if you want him to recover."

Damnit all. He was a hero. He was so close. So close, but not fast enough. And now Shouta had to face the consequences cause he wasn't there on time. He wasn't there for him. He couldn't save the person who mattered to him the most. If Shouta never recovered then where would he be? 

The voice hero could not imagine a world where his crush wouldn't be there to scold him for being too loud. He couldn't see a world where the Erasure hero wouldn't be there waiting for him. He couldn't dream of a world where he couldn't rant to anyone about his discs or music ideas. 

He didn't want there to be a world where he never stumble upon a yellow caterpillar out of nowhere. He didn't want to stop hearing the fondness behind that irritated voice his best friend spoke in. He didn't want to never see Aizawa's adorable sleeping face. 

No. He didn't want to see a world without his Shouta being there with him. He wanted Shouta to recover. He needed Shouta to recover. If Shouta never came back he didn't know what he would do anymore. 

So Hizashi Yamada sat there. The voice hero sat there, and he prayed. He spoke to any entity out there once more.

"You can have anything. Just let me have him back. Please."