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Lucky Charm

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Zhu Yi Long was a huge fan of League of Legends he watched every event and was cheer for some team. Then he found the game of one team called Small Universe.

In this team, there was a player called White Hua. And he have a crush about this player because he was incredible and a lot of times MVP.

He began to search for more play during his lunch break and he was absorbed by this.
He finally found that White is one guy named Bai Yu.

He have even started following him on Weibo and see his streams on Douyu. 
He tried to not miss one of his live. 
It's was his escape from his work, when his job was boring because be a librarian is cool but also tiring and complicated. 
He began to be his huge fan and show support on Weibo. 

Then one event happens in his city and he have take places for seeing it in live. 
It's was incredible to see it on live. 

The PR of the team "Small Universe" saw Zhu Yi Long, they knew who he was. 
So they have searched him "Mister, you are Zhu Yi Long?" 

"Yes?" it's was a little awkward because he thought he does something bad

"I'm the PR of the team and we saw what you do for support one of our player and maybe we would do one meeting between you and him" 

He began to be so shy at this and didn't know what he should do. 
He looked like a fan girl who have see his idol. 

Bai Yu have finished his play with his team and they told him "Someone is waiting to meet you?" 

"Oh who it is?" he asks 

"Your number one fan" 

Bai Yu was kinda excited to meet his number one fan. 
Then when he saw him he was just so surprised, the guy was handsome and he looked nice. 

"Hello I'm Bai Yu" 

"Hello… I'm… Zhu Yi Long" and he was like freeze, it's was like if he have seen his crush. And that it's was in high school. 

They talked during hours because Zhu Yi Long explained how his plays was incredible that he tried to play but he wasn't not so good. 

They began to be friends little by little where they even exchanged numbers and they talked about everything, their days or whatever. 

Zhu Yi Long was part of every event of the team, everyone was used to see him and also close to Bai Yu. 
That some thought they were together but they were not together just friends. 

Bai Yu have invited Zhu Yi Long at one dinner where they joked at stuff and that he was popular but not like the leader of the team so he was free to do what he wanted. 
When Bai Yu accompany Zhu Yi Long to his home, they kissed in the car. 

"Would you like to come in" said Zhu Yi Long

"Why not" says Bai Yu with a smile. 

They kissed more at the home of Zhu Yi Long and that how they begun their relationship, they began to be lovers, then Bai Yu have been to his home more because they had more privacy.

Some weeks after, Zhu Yi Long was feeling sad after that he saw some pics of one of the events he couldn't go because he was stuck at his work.
And at this video, he could see that he was near of some girls and some boys.
He was feeling insecure and jealous. 

He knew that his relationship will not last because he becomes popular, he is just banal. He is just a simple worker in a library.
But he still feels sad because he really loved him. 
He still tried to be happy for their win because he still the best supporter of the team. 
But he was feeling a little off. 

And he becomes too much focused at his work that he didn't answer many calls of Bai Yu. 
Bai Yu didn't understand what happened, of why his boyfriend wasn't taking his call. He wanted to see him and tell him that he missed him when they were at Chongqing. 
He becomes a little worried and thinks he was sick, he knows where he lives and works but he doesn't want to bother him if he is just busy with work… 

After 3 days of no answer at all, and the fact that Bai Yu was so distracted during training he have left the home where they all lived and drive to see Long Ge at his work. 
Bai Yu ask at one his co-worker "Is Zhu Yi Long is here? I'm trying to see him and call him since 3 days and he doesn't answer me. He is sick or something like that?" 

"He is just busy all the time in the storage room, where we put some books for cleaning, repair and stuff like this. I'm not really allowed to bring you to him. But I know that you are good for him. So follow me" says the coworker 

He arrives at the storage room, where he thanks the co-worker and then said "Long-Ge, where are you?" 

Then he saw him with puffy eyes, he doesn't know if it's was because of allergy, if he was sick or just because he was crying. 
But he doesn't like to see him like this. 

So he runs and goes hug him. 

"You made me so worried," he said while kissing his forehead

"What are you doing here?" 

"I was so worried about you, you didn't answer my call, or my text, I didn't see post something on Weibo. I got scared… Please don't make me worried" 

"You should maybe leave…" says Zhu Yi Long 

"I know but your coworkers cover us…" 

"It's not that, you should be back to your team, to the other people who are the same world as you, maybe see the girl who was looking at you like if she wanted you…" 

"What are you talking about?" 

"I saw the pic of the party after your win where you were a little friendly to the other girls and I thought that maybe you would have gone with one of them." 

"You thought I would cheat on you and break up with you?" 

"Yes, because it's was logical because I'm just a boring guy who works at one library and who have become fan of you because I saw one video of your play… You could be with anyone" 

Bai Yu kiss him and try to make stop the tears of Zhu Yi Long, because he was crying. 

He was hugging him. 

Now he understands why he have acted like this, but they should have talked first and it's was mostly one misunderstanding the girls were part of the sponsor about the game. 

"Long-Ge, these girls mean nothing to me, all that I was thinking is to be back to you, to read one text of you, and be back in your arms, I was missing you. The girls where only part of the sponsor, I didn't do something with them. I swear I will not cheat on you, I care too much about you, I love you. I know we have not really say it to each other but I will tell it again. I love you, I want to take care of you, to spoil you, to make you happy"

He stops one of the tears with his finger and kisses him again. 

"I love you, Xiao Bai, always have since the first day I have seen you" 


"Why are you giving me these flowers?" ask Zhu Yi Long 

"Because I want to spoil you, you deserve it you are my boyfriend and I want to make you happy, and I want to show you how much I care about you" 

Zhu Yi Long put his head against the shoulder of Bai Yu "I don't deserve what you do to me, I'm just a banal worker. 

"We had already this talk, my love, nothing will change for me. I think I have shown you that night how much I care about you and I can show you again and again. 

Bai Yu kiss him" I want you to be with me every time and at every tournament, you are my lucky charm and also I don't want to be without you"

"Yes," say Zhu Yi Long when he was crying 

"I want also that we live together, I have the money from the prize and we could have a house just for us," say Bai Yu a little later 

Zhu Yi Long was shocked and was on top of him and kissed him. 

"Is that one yes?" 


More months later, Bai Yu is looking at his calendar of event and think that he shares it with Zhu Yi Long so he can be here for him. 
Because he is his support, he is his moral boost since he knows about his number one fan. 

And the next one was the world championship, he was a little worried and excited about this, it's was also a little stressful and far away. 

"Do you think it's okay if you come with me at Paris for the World Championship?" asked Bai Yu

"Ye, I can do it, you know I will follow you everywhere," say Zhu Yi Long and Bai Yu take his hand and kiss him, and hug him. 

It's was interesting that they were in Europe, the team was serious and they had a little pressure because they were favorite. 
Bai Yu knew he was watched because he began to be more and more MVP now. 

And it's was world championship, they have agreed to be in different rooms for not have distraction and could rest motivated. 

During the time Zhu Yi Long was taking pictures in Paris about some locations, he loved taking pictures, maybe he could be a great photographer. 

The day of the world championship is here, he was in the stand cheering for the team of Ba Yu, the arena was amazing and the ambiance was crazy. 
The game was complicated but they finally won. 

They were all happy to win it, they were having tears because it's was a dream come true. 
They all touched the cup and kissed it. 
Then Bai Yu kissed Zhu Yi Long and said "I told you, you are my lucky charm, we have won" 

"I'm so proud of you" and they kissed, they didn't care about everything after this they were just happy. 

Then one picture becomes their home screen of phone it's Was the photo of both of them with the cup.