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It's All Fun and Games: Boku no Hero Academia Oneshots

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It had taken you awhile to decide to go through with the purchase in the first place. You had tried it on, on a whim really, joking with your friends about the cut and the little sailor like buttons on the front (who puts buttons on a swimsuit?). Well it had all been fun and games until you actually saw it on yourself in the changing room mirror…it was horribly, awfully…wonderfully flattering. You had to do a double take, do a little turn and spin to make sure that you weren’t mistaken. Nope you looked absolutely perfect in it.

It hugged all of your luscious soft curves in all the right places, showed off just the right amount of your plump ass and pushed up your generous breasts just enough to be teasing but not over the top. 

When you had stepped out of the changing room, the look of surprise still on your face your friends all gasped. 

“Oh my god Y/n … It looks so good?” one said

“Are you sure that’s the same suit?” asked the other, squinting at the material.

You did a little turn around for them, grinning.

“So …the boyfriend” the first quipped and gave you a thumbs up and a wink. “Are you even going to get to the beach in that? I bet it ends up on your bedroom floor before you even hit the surf and the sun.” your other friend slapped her arm playfully, telling her not to be such a filthy sinner.

You had laughed, but in the back of your mind you couldn’t help but hope there is some truth to her prediction.  

“I’m buying it.” you said with certainty.



That had been just last weekend and with the weather already a scorcher outside; while Toshinori still wasn’t one to go out in public in his true form, especially in swimwear he was content to join you at the beach. Most of the time he would just wear one of his simple white t-shirts and swim shorts anyway so that he could join you in the water without too many nosy onlookers staring. His scars were still a sore spot for him despite the support and gratitude of the general public. You of course were always there to give his hand a little squeeze and give him an adoring smile when you could tell he was feeling anxious. That man was just the sun to you, your wonderful sunflower man.

…Though as you stare down at the swimsuit laying crisply across your shared bed you couldn’t help but feel a little anxious yourself…

What if it didn’t look as good as you thought it did? or what if it was just a bit much?

You chewed on your lower lip as you mull over your thoughts; a quiet knock on the bedroom door jars you from your worried musings.

“Y/n…Is everything alright?” you hear Toshinori ask gently from the other side of the door.  

“Yes, why? because you are here!” you couldn’t help it, you almost slap your hand over your mouth as soon as it came out.

There was a pause and then chuckling that grew into a full laugh.

“Sorry I’m almost done!” you call out as your boyfriend continues to laugh.

“Take your time.” he manages and you hear the sound of his footsteps and laughter retreating.

You shake your head at yourself…well it was his fault really, for having such a catchy phrase. Sighing you turn back to the swimsuit, hands on your hips; it was now or never…

You adjust the breast area of your suit as you walk down the hallway; even with the AC on full blast the floor still felt sticky and hot, you’ll be glad to cool off in the water. You can hear your boyfriend rummaging around in the kitchen and you take a steadying breath before entering the room.  

He’s finishing packing up a tote to take with you, just a few snacks and some bottles of water; he picks it up and moves to exit the room when he spots you.

For a moment you both just stare at each other; Toshinori’s gaze moving slowly up and down your form, heat rising in his cheeks; no doubt in yours as well.

Suddenly he coughs, quickly bringing his hand up to his mouth to stop the blood from splattering.

“Toshinori!” you say worriedly, your about to rush to his side when you hear him chuckle through his coughing and he shakes his head at you.

You pause and watch as he places the tote bag down before turning to grab a towel from the sink, wiping his hand and mouth clean of the blood. When he turns back to you his gaze is trained on you, something hot and weighty shining in his electric blue eyes.    

You watch him carefully as he moves towards you, you forget how graceful and balanced he can be and he looks like a large cat stalking it’s prey. He comes to stand in front of you, his large form towering over yours; slowly he reaches out and places his hands on your hips.

“This…You look absolutely lovely Y/n” he says finally, leaning over to press his forehead against your own.

You feel your cheeks heat up and you can’t help but giggle; he makes you feel like a school girl with a crush again.

“Thank you, I had hoped you would like it.” you reply, basking in his affection.

“I love it, I really do…” the pads of his thumbs are working circles against the material of your suit. “Y/n?”

You hum in response.

“I think we might need a little more time before we head off to the beach…that’s if…it’s alright with you?” always the gentleman, you absolutely love it.

“And…what do you have in mind before we head out?” you ask, reaching out to grip the hem of his over sized shirt.

He nudges his nose against your own, his lips just brushing yours.

“I think …It might work better if I show you.”

you shiver at his heated words and then his lips are on yours, pulling you into a searing and wonderfully slow kiss.

You sigh against him, feeling your knees shake, but it doesn’t take long for him to wrap his arms around you and pull you to his body. You moan into the kiss and he takes the opportunity to roll his tongue against your own. Your hands sneak up under his shirt, fingertips brushing against his narrow form, feeling his heated skin.

He pulls away from you suddenly and moves to nip at your neck, his fingers moving to pluck at the straps of your suit.

“Is this alright?” he breathes against your skin.

“Y-yes.” you reply shakily; definitely more than alright. You feel his finger tips dip underneath one of your shoulder straps.

“Can…can I take this off.” he kisses your neck lovingly. This man would be the death of you.

“Please.” you whisper back in reply.

He shifts slightly, pulling back from you so that he can pull the garment down. Every inch of soft skin he exposes he kisses lovingly. And when the suit pools at your feet he makes his way back up your body hands smoothing up your curves, lips brushing against you in adoration. Finally at his full height again he gazes down at you reverently and god if that doesn’t make you feel like some sort of goddess.

“Do you trust me?” he asks barely above a whisper.

“Of course.” you have zero hesitation.

You can’t help but gasp as he lifts you off your feet, taking two long strides over to the kitchen counter and setting you on it.

“I think this might make things a little easier.” he says with a small grin, you can’t help but laugh at his charm.

“Well I think things would be a lot easier if you lost the swim shorts.” You reply cheekily as your hand moves to cup his sizable bulge. He shivers at this and sucks in a shaky breath.

“I think you might be right.” he says, one hand moving to his shorts, the other moving to your thigh. With a quick shove, the shorts are falling from his narrow hips to the floor. You’re about to say something smart when he tugs you to the edge of the counter before dropping to his knees and gently pushing your generous thighs apart.

The sound you release is honestly a little embarrassing and you almost tell him to stop staring when his gaze flicks back up to meet yours.

“You’re so beautiful Y/n…” he says it like he’s in a dream.

It’s all you can do to grip his golden hair and moan out his name as he moves to lap at your folds.

“Oh Toshinori…” you moan shakily as his tongue rolls against you and his thumb comes to rub against your clit. His other hand grips the meat of your thigh, a pleasant pressure.

When it comes to your golden haired man, it never takes you long to cum, especially when his head is between your thighs and his striking eyes bore into you, taking in your shivering form. His fingers circle you tighter and his tongue dips into you and he has you screaming his name moments later, your thighs shaking in his grip.

He pulls back before it becomes to much, kissing your heated skin appreciatively.   He wipes his mouth on the back of his hand before standing, nudging himself in between your legs. Even though you just came, the sight of his impressive erection has your mouth watering and your stomach fluttering.

“Y/n.” he says softly and nuzzles his nose against your own, you sigh and try to press yourself closer to him.

You reach up and touch his collarbones, his chest, before moving down his body taking pleasure each time his muscles and skin jumps and twitches beneath your feather-light touches. Finally you move a hand down to his cock, fingers wrapping around the hot length of it; he releases a shaky moan and rests his head against your shoulder.

“Please Toshinori.” you whisper in his ear and you feel him nod against you. You help guide him to your dripping center and as he pushes in, you both shake and moan at the sensation.

Once he’s seated in you, stretching you to the brim he waits for a moment like he always does to allow you to adjust, and when you cant your hips forward just a bit he grips your plush hips and begins to move.

His movement is slow and languid and each push and pull of his hips has your mind reeling; he’s kissing at your neck and whispering sweet-nothings in your ear…it’s so perfect.

You move to grip is biceps and your other hand comes up to pet his hair, and he sighs at the contact, hips speeding up again. It isn’t long before his rhythm begins to falter and his breathing becomes heavier.

“Y/n…I-I’m close.” he shudders as you press the heels of your feet into the backs of his thighs. You crane your neck to bring your lips to his ear.

“Then come for me Toshinori.” you whisper, you’re already so close yourself.

With a surprised sputter and then a soft moan he presses forward, his hips shaking and you can feel him filling you up with his hot cum. His thumb is on you clit before you have time to register it and he’s working you towards your release.

Before he even finishes pumping the last of himself into you, your cumming with a whimper and stars in your eyes.

As you sit and collect yourself, Toshinori leans against you pleasantly. You feel a finger beneath your chin and he’s tipping you up into a lazy loving kiss that you can’t help but sigh into.

When you finally pull back a bead of sweat running from his temple down his cheek catches your attention and you chuckle, your thumb coming up to whisk it away.

“I guess we really should go to the beach to cool off now.” you say.

The smile he gives you is like the sun and the sparkle in his eyes as he laughs has your stomach doing flip-flops. God you love this man.