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Imagination And Childhood

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Gene Forrester was minding his own business. He usually was, you know? He had this huge test to study for and nothing could distract him. Not even his friends. Leper was studying with him too--he was a mousy awkward boy, super smart and pretty nice to talk to. But too bad for him--for both of them, Gene supposed--Finny decided to take that very moment to come interrupt.

"Hey guys!" Finny said cheerfully. "Gene! Lep! What's up?"

Gene just shrugged, not really looking from his book. Leper, however, decided to give him an answer as Brinker, their last friend, came up to sit with them. 

"I guess I'm okay."

"What's wrong?" Brink cocked an eyebrow. 

"...I don't know what my body's for, other than for carrying my brain from room to room."

Gene looked up. Okay...but that was just how he was sometimes. 

Finny, on the contrary, laughed. "Remember saying stuff like that?" He said more to Gene, as Brinker was talking to Leper, joking with him, their shoulders brushing for a little too long. Gene tried not to stare and instead gave his other friend his attention.

"Like what."

"Like that!" Finny said as if that explained it. "Having an imagination in our childhood." Wholesome. 

Gene wrinkled his nose. "I never--really had one."

"An imagination or a childhood?" Brinker butted in, smirking.

Finny grabbed Gene's arm before he could punch him.