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Fowley had her hands on her hips, her lipstick spread a little too wide on her face.

“I’m not here to make friends Agent Scully, I’m here to help Fox.”

The use of his first name was getting on her nerves and her implication that Scully was just lint to be brushed off Mulder’s shoulder was getting under her skin. She worked here too, god damn it.

She took a steadying breath through her nose, trying to maintain her poise.

“The X-Files isn’t ruled by hegemony,” Scully said, “it’s a partnership.”

“Then why don’t you have a desk?”

It was a purposeful cut, the gloves coming off, and Scully both relished it and was annoyed at its callow nature. If that was how it was going to be, fine

She stood up straighter and walked casually around the side of Mulder’s desk and sat down in the chair. While maintaining eye contact with Fowley, she opened the top drawer and pulled out a hot pink nail file and set it to the edge of her finger.

Fowley eyed what she was doing. Marking her territory. It all but crowed I keep tampons in here, too.

“I’m going to ask you to leave my office, Agent Fowley.”

The woman scowled, but turned without a word and sauntered out the door.

Scully then did something she wasn’t proud of. Something she hadn't done since she was a teenager. 

She flipped Diana off as soon as her back was turned.