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Save Me

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It was a nice day. Nice week for them in fact. It was winter break and they were allowed the entire break off hero work, so they decided to go out of town and stayed at a nice, cozy cottage for the time being.

It was early morning and Shouta was out shopping for their date night that night, while Hizashi was at home sitting on their couch in comfy, warm clothes with a mug of hot coco in his hands. He sighed, closing his eyes and leaned his head back against the couch as a soft smile spread across his face. He couldn’t wait until his husband got back from shopping, he missed him. He also couldn’t wait until Christmas. Not really because of the presents, but because of the gift he is going to have soon. Currently, he was 8 months pregnant and was due anytime soon now.

You might wonder how, well Hizashi is a transgender male and didn’t have top surgery, they were going to wait till the baby was born. The baby was a boy, and decided to name him Hiroki. Hizashi brought a hand to his stomach and smiled as he remembered how Shouta reacted when they found out.

It was a month after their anniversary, and Hizashi wasn’t feeling well, so he went to a doctor and he said that he was pregnant.

Hizashi wanted to tell Shouta in a special way, so he went out and got a baby onesie. He told Shouta that he needed to tell him something when he got back home from patrol. He returned home from patrol early since there wasn’t much crime out that night, when he got home, Hizashi told him he had a surprise for him. He got the wrapped onesie out from the drawer and gave it to him, and after Shouta opened it he could barely talk as he looked back a Hizashi, who was looking back at him with a smile on his red face. He snapped out of his daze and hugged Hizashi brightly as he held him up in the air and kissed him with so much love that it brought tears to both their eyes. Afterward, they decided to tell their parents first before their friends, Hizashi’s parents were so happy for him, they were amazing like that. Shouta’s parents were also happy, they even teased him about it a bit. When they told their friends, they were all ecstatic. They congratulated them and asked about names and god parents and aunts and uncles. They didn’t know if they should tell their students, but they did when Hizashi got to big to do hero work and had to stay home, the kids were happy for them and wished them luck.

Ever since finding out that Hizashi was pregnant, Shouta had been very protective of him. To the point where sometimes it was unnecessary. Hizashi always assured him that he was fine and that nothing would happen, but he still worried. Hizashi wasn’t recognizable outside of his hero look, but the villains could still find out about him.

So when Hizashi suggested that they go out of town, Shouta though that it would be a good idea that they be alone, but they did agree that a couple weeks before the end of break, that they get back to the city for the baby to be born.

He was brought out of his thoughts when he heard the car pull up in the driveway. He put his mug down and, with some effort, he got up and went to meet his husband outside. He opened the door and stepped outside to see his husband get two bags out of the back seat.

“Hey Shou,” he said softly, said man turning to see his pregnant husband standing there with a warm smile on his face with his arms wrapped around his midsection.”We missed you.” Shouta smiles warmly at his husband before hugging him with one arm.

“I missed you two too.” They pulled away and Shouta placed a hand on Hizashi’s stomach. He wrapped his free arm around his waist and lead them into their small house.

It was the evening and they found themselves cuddled together on the couch watching some show they weren't really paying attention to. Too wrapped up in their embrace to even care. Shouta sighed and kissed the Voice Hero’s head, making him giggle. After Shouta got home they both changed into more comfy clothes, Shouta changed into a grey sweater with a white tank top underneath, and black pants. Hizashi changed into a lose long sleeve white shirt with the sleeves stoping at his elbows and dark blue jeans.

“This is nice.” Hizahsi said softly, leaning more against his tired husband.

“Mhh, it is.” Shouta hummed, wrapping an arm around the blond, pulling him closer. Then, getting an idea, the raven slid off the couch and sat on his knees in front of Hizashi, wrapping his arms around his waist, hugging the baby bump close to him as he laid his head against it. Hizashi stared for a minute before smiling as his face turned red, closing his eyes and putting his hand on Shouta’s head, gently petting the dark hair. 

“I love you both.” Shouta whispered to his child and his husband, kissing the bump and pulling himself closer. Hizashi giggled and wrapped his arms around his husband and leaned back against the couch.

“We love you too Shou.”


The room was plugged into silence as the Erasure Hero presses his ear against the baby bump and listened to his child move and lightly kick him as he massaged him. He whispered that he loved him and how he couldn’t wait to see him soon. Hizashi smiles at the sight, his usually stoic husband acting soft and kind around him and their unborn child. 

The silence was broken when they heard frantic knocking on the front door. Shouta hurriedly got up and put his capture weapon on as he cautiously made his way to the door. He motioned for Hizashi to stay back in case it was a villain. Once he got to the door, Shouta could hear frantic whispering between two people, they sounded young. He looked through the peephole and was surprised to see his students, Izuku Midoriya and Hitoshi Shinso, at the door, they looked panicked and scared. He opened the door and the two students looked to him in relief.


“Thank goodness you here!”

“We need to talk to you and Mic-Sensei!”

“It’s urgent!”

Izuku and Hitoshi both started talking in urgent and scared tones, but Shouta couldn’t understand what they were trying to say.

“Woah, woah, woah. Midoriya, Shinso.” He put a hand on their shoulders, forcing them to stop talking and calm down. “Slow down. Here come inside.” Shouta ushered them inside and led them to the living room, where his husband was sitting worriedly , but upon hearing footsteps he looked up and saw Shouta walk in with his students. Hizashi stood up and made his way over to the trio. 

“Midoriya, Shinso? What are you doing here?” He put his hands on their shoulders, looking them in the eye, wanting to know what was troubling them. The green and purple student looked to each other before nodding and looking at both their teachers.

“Mic-Sensei, Aizawa-Sensei, you two are in trouble.” At Izukus words, Shouta and Hizashi tensed up and moved closer to each other. 

“What do you mean?” Shouta asked, staring at the two boys. 

“When me and Shinso were patrolling today, we heard from a villain that his boss heard that Mic-Sensei was pregnant, and that he had plans for him and the other heroes.” If they weren’t scared before, they were now. A villain found out Hizashi was pregnant? How? The blond brought a hand to his abdomen as sweat started to form on his face. “After we heard that, me and Midori went to find Midnight-Sensei and ask her where to find you so we could get you somewhere safe.” Hitoshi finished for Izuku, not taking his eyes off the teachers.

“Listen we need to leave now-“

Knock, knock…

Everyone fell silent as someone knocked on the door. Izuku and Shinso stepped in front of their teachers to protect them from whoever was out there.