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Umbrella academy in a Different Universe

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March 14th of 2019:
Luther is an astronaut he was 2 days away from going to the moon for research, when he got the news his father died, he is his father's only biological son he was devastated, but excited to see the rest of the family, Alison his favorite sister he doesn't really like vanya and Diego is arrogant, klaus is an idiot, he doesn't really talk to Ben so he doesn't know if he like or dislikes him.
As he drives to the mansion he remembers Adrian the youngest he hasn't seen him after moms funeral, he smart but not talkative he always hesitates to speak his mind it's weird but no matter he get to Allison.

Diego is a cop he was on duty when he got the call, he didn't plan on going but Eudora told him that he needs closure and he gets to see his siblings again and talk to them to he agrees and goes he is in no way excited to see luther nor allison but he likes ben and klaus, vanya is okay but Adrian he doesn't really know him but he's a good kid and Dora is excited to meet his family so their is that.

Allison is a famous actress, she is dealing with her husband's divorce and custody of her child but the media is on a rampage and anything can make her lose her daughter, so she gets on the private plane and goes to New York she is wary about seeing luther, she want to make amends with vanya and try to be a good sister, she misses Diego hot headed rants and klaus goofy persona and Ben analyzing anything and everything he reads or sees, and Adrian uh well she doesn't really know him they have a big age gap but who knows she can get to know him at least.

Klaus and Ben are happy klaus is dating someone and is an artist ben is a doctor and really likes his job they live together and they called vanya she is dating a girl named Helen they both go to the same orchestra and vanya said she wanted to see Adrian and Ben wanted to see how he was doing and where he wanted to go, klaus wanted to see if how he was doing to so they picked up vanya and went.

5's pov:
Adrian was living with dad, i was locked in his room when he died, i knows how to pick the locks in case he forgot about me, so i can sneak in the kitchen and eat or use the bathroom, i use the fire escape to sneak to the library or maybe even the cinema, and there's also just donut shop called giddy's near the house that i likes to go to, i also has a lot of books in my room hidden around for me to read during those sessions that i'm locked into my room, and also some art supplies that i bought with the money i finds in my father's office it's my part of my mother's inherent so that's why i use it, i don't want to steal, i don't really like my father, I likes it when i'm locked in my room it means i won't get beat up so i just study, read and draw. I found out when the doctors came in i said that I didn't know anything. Pogo told them that he would watch over me so I didn't have to leave with them, pogo said that my siblings called and said they were on their way, I went back to my room and started to draw like I do and thought about my siblings: luther is mean and glare at me when I say anything. Allison is very selfish I think he doesn't know here but she seems selfish and bossy if you say something she doesn't agree with she will explode on you, I don't think she likes me though. klaus is funny and makes me laugh, I like him. Ben is smart and makes me feel smart, he is also nice. Vanya is sweet and smart I like her music. When dad goes on meeting Klaus, Ben and Vanya would visit me, it happen twice after mom died, I would pretend I was fine because they couldn't do anything about it, dad was rich if he didn't want to give me up he wouldn't, and I know he only cares about mom who is dead , and luther who always on missions for NASA so dad would always make me his punch bag but I'm use to it. It's fine (or so I tell myself)