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The Will of the Successor

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The wind blew across the land. Dulled cerulean blue eyes looked over the land, emotionless. Any emotion she had was long locked away. What did it matter if she cried now? No one would be there to comfort her. No one would be there to tell her everything would be alright.


Because there was no one left.

The battle with Tobi, later learned to be Uchiha Obito, turned into a different battle. One against Obito, reanimated Madara Uchiha, and the Juubi.

Hope had sparked when She’d been on death’s door. The Sage of the Six paths had gifted her part of his power after getting pieces of all nine tailed beasts back. With her best friends and siblings in all but blood returned to her side, everything had been looking up. The Elemental Nations were one.

Then She came. She used her third son to betray the alive Madara and Obito to take control of the Juubi Jinchuuriki. To transform it into herself.

Kaguya Otsutsuki was released.

The mother of chakra.

Her will to take back all of the chakra after her sons’ betrayals, was terrifyingly strong.

Team 7 was almost strong enough to seal her away. They had been so close.

Sakura knocked Kaguya’s head down so she couldn’t escape the incoming hands of Naruto and Sasuke. But the Goddess shot her Ash-Bone into the Pinkette’s stomach, distracting both Sasuke and Naruto

Sasuke and Naruto barely were able to escape after Kaguya had taken advantage of their distraction.

Retreat had been their only option by then. They couldn’t focus. Naruto couldn’t focus. Her tears blinding her. She’d just lost her sister and best friend.

Kakashi and Sasuke used their chakra to pinpoint their original dimension and escaped to seek help from whatever forces still remained.

It wasn’t enough.

Kaguya followed them back. Sasuke and Naruto attacked the Goddess in their rage. Kakashi right beside them.

They fought. They watched their fellow Shinobi perish when they needed rest. Finally, they ran.

Running from a Goddess was pointless. They all knew it.

They were toyed with by the Goddess for years. Letting her grandson’s reincarnations watch as their fellow comrades fell one by one.

To everyone’s -that remained- surprise, it was Sasuke that kept Naruto from falling apart. Especially when their beloved sensei was taken from them.

In keeping his sister from falling completely apart, he tasked her with learning from the reanimated Hokages. Especially the Niidaime and Yondaime.

Naruto understood what he was doing. It was a distraction. But it was another tool. Fuuinjutsu. Sealing.

They needed to trap the Mother of Chakra and her bastard son. Hagoromo’s Yin and Yang chakra wasn’t enough. They needed to trap them both to even begin to seal them away.

Decades of Sealing was taught over those few short years. The Niidaime and Yondaime being able to almost keep up with Naruto’s Shadow clones.

No one but Naruto knew about the side project that she was theorizing. It was crazy. It was impossible. It was a last resort. She couldn’t even test it.

Didn’t mean she didn’t have her shadow clones cover her in blood and chakra infused ink with the completed Fuuinjutsu. It pulled together once done to a single sealing mark. A mark that rested over Naruto’s heart. A single Uzumaki Spiral.

 She wasn't known as an unpredictable Ninja for no reason.

While Naruto had put it on her body as a last resort, she never thought she’d have to use it. She still had Sasuke. They both still had the Six Path’s Chakra.

Until She didn’t have Sasuke anymore.

He took a hit for her. One that still blasted them both far from the battle.

It was only them left. Them and the reanimations. Orochimaru switching control over to Naruto long before he died protecting Tsunade.

Naruto looked down at Sasuke. Half his body torn to shreds. A hole in his chest. Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan Spinning lazily up at her as she held his bloody body.

Her vision blurred. Tears finally fell for the first time in years. Her left hand burned as it held his left hand, but she didn’t notice. All she could see was Sasuke’s eyes. The regret in them. The apology in them. The love in them.

“Gomen.” Sasuke whispered as his red eyes became glassy. “Gomen, Naruto.”

Her tears fell onto his face.

“Teme.” She whispered through her tight voice. Red eyes stopped spinning as his Sharingan turned off. Deep coal eyes looked at her before softening for the first time.

“Gomen.” He whispered again, throat working. Naruto understood what he still couldn’t say.

So, pulling on a mask that was familiar to her as it was her own skin, she smiled down at him brightly and softly.

“All’s forgiven Teme. Give Sakura a hug for me?”

Coal eyes slowly dimmed. “Hai.”

“Tell her that I’ll fix it.” Naruto choked.

Sasuke smirked. Naruto watched as for the first and last time she saw his smirk turned into a real smile.

“We believe in you.” He whispered. “you’re the strongest of us all.” He said as his face became peaceful. “It why everyone fell for you. It's why I fell for you.” He said still smiling. “I was just too blinded to see.”

Naruto sobbed as she rested her head against his forehead. “Teme.” She whispered. “You can’t leave me after that.”

Pressure gently rested against her forehead when she sat back again. She glanced up to see his bare left hand poking two fingers against her forehead.

“Unpredictable Knuckled-headed woman.” He whispered. “Never forget who you are.”

“I wont.” She promised.

Sasuke’s hand dropped. “Promise to move forward.”

Naruto’s throat tightened. “How?”

Sasuke smiled at her again. “You’ll know.” Naruto watched as the light left his eyes. Sobs choked her. Her body shook, trembled, before she took everything she was feeling and shoving it far down into a box. Locking it away.

She felt the worry from within her. The parts of the nine tailed beasts within her worried about their father’s successor.

Naruto looked to her left hand and saw what she had already felt. Sasuke had given her the last of the Sage’s chakra. She now had both Sun and Moon. Yin and Yang.

Closing her eyes, Naruto meditated to slow her breathing down. She couldn’t be emotional.

“There you are.” A long hated voice hissed from behind her a few minutes later.

She didn’t even turn to acknowledge the Will of Kaguya. Instead she reached forward and destroyed Sasuke’s eyes. Standing she finally turned with deadened eyes to look at Black Zetsu.

His golden eyes narrowed at her even as a creepy smile slipped on his two toned face. The white Zetsu it had attached to, being the only thing keeping the shadow standing.

“Where is your mother?” Naruto asked. Her voice almost monotone.

“She’ll be here shortly to finish you off. Then she will be able to start the world anew.”

“I don’t think so.” Naruto said. Suddenly she was gone.

Zetsu’s eyes widened at the empty space. He couldn’t even register that she was now standing beside him until he was already flying through the air.

He was caught in an iron grip before he was in immense pain. He screamed as he saw a truth seeker pinning him down.

NO!” The two toned creature screamed. Naruto ignored him. She could feel the approaching Goddess.

Life did not matter to her anymore.

She fought. She battled. She won.

The Goddess was sealed after three straight days of Naruto’s fighting, trapping, and maneuvering the Goddess into a paralysis seal. A massive one. One that was controlled by all the deceased Kage’s in their reanimations. She’s sent clones to grab White Zetsus to follow Kabuto’s completed theory for the Edo Tensai. Every Kage from the Five Main Elemental nations powered the seal. Naruto used that split second to seal the Goddess finally, after too many years of bloodshed.

When the earth finally settled after sealing the Goddess and her Will into a new moon, Naruto stared at the land around her. She thanked the Kage’s of the other nations and released them. She let her Kage’s stay for a bit longer at their requests.


It took her only a matter of days to bury the dead with all her clones and the Konoha Five Kage’s assistance.

Naruto sat atop the destroyed Hokage mountain with the Kage’s at her back. She listened to Hashirama and Tobirama chat about their youth. She listened to Hiruzen and Tsunade chat about their years.

She let her head rest of her father’s shoulder as he told her about his and her mother’s academy days.


Naruto listened to the quiet surrounding her. She hated it. She wanted to change it.


Standing, she looked over the rubble that once used to be Konoha. Lifting her right arm, she looked at the control seal for the Edo Tensai.

“Naruto?” a far too familiar voice said.

Naruto turned to look over her shoulder at the five Kages behind her. Her long blonde hair blew against the wind as her blue eyes landed on warm brown ones of the other female blonde.

“Yes baa-chan?”

Tsunade really looked at her godsdaughter and felt her lips lift into a smile. She knew that spark in those cerulean eyes.

“Be careful.” She said instead of her inquiry on how she was doing.

Naruto raised a sleek blonde brow at her. “You’re placing your bets on me Baa-chan?”

Tsunade chuckled. “Nah, my luck isn’t that good.” She then gently flicked the twenty year old’s forehead. “but yours is.”

Naruto for the first time in days, gave a soft smile. “Thanks.”

“Naru-chan?” Naruto looked to Minato’s warm blues and fell into his hug. “You forget that I’m your father and a Seal Master. You can’t hide it from me.”

Naruto chuckled softly. “I never expected to use it. It was just a last resort.”

“Destroy it when you arrive.” Tobirama said firmly. “The consequences of someone getting ahold of that knowledge would be fatal.”

Naruto nodded to the white haired Hokage. She paused for a moment as she listened to the nine beasts in her mind speak with her.

“The Bijuu said that they can seal away that memory for me. I’ll know it’s there, but only they will be able to have the power to unlock it.”

Tobirama nodded and surprised her by patting her head.

“You are an amazing Kunoichi. Do not forget what you fight for.” He stepped back and Hashirama suddenly pulled her into a hug, lifting the shorter girl into the air.

“Stay strong Naruto-san. You are a true example of the Will of Fire.” He set her down with a bright smile.

Naruto nodded and stepped back. Drawing blood, she ran it down the Edo Tensai and released the last five Kage’s from the jutsu.

She met Hiruzen’s spiritual eyes. “I will always be proud of you.” He said before disappearing with the other four.

Naruto felt her eyes sting. She felt alone, but the warmth of nine different chakras flushed through her system, reminding her that she wasn’t.

Activating her sixth path’s mode, she took a step towards her clan’s home, and flashed away from Konoha.

She didn’t know how her seal would work, but the last place she wanted to be near,  was Konoha.

A few hours later she skidded to a halt. Instead of Ruins covered in fresh blood like Konoha, it was now old ruins of her clan’s origin.

Her body shuddered as she felt the island for the first time. Her father’s stories of her mother’s descriptions of Uzushio were correct.

The island almost felt alive. She could feel the seals beneath her feet. They hummed with old faded chakra. Nothing dangerous that she could tell.

Heading to the village center, she found a broken fountain-dried up from decades of unused- and sat down on the edge. Getting into her meditative pose, she spoke with her remaining friends and partners for the possibly last time. They wished her luck and to find them once again in the past. They would leave their memories sealed for her to pass onto their counterparts. She would need the allies if they didn’t come with her already.

Focusing back on her own body, she gathered her chakra, the Bijuu chakra, and the sage chakra resting in both her hands. Focusing it on the spiral on her chest, she activated the seal. Her body burned. Her mind screamed in protest, but she did not let out a sound. She held onto her friends as the chakra and Fuuin pulled at them. Her only thought? To go back to the past. To the beginning of the end.

She got her wish. Just maybe a bit further than expected...