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Never Let You Go

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“What a waste.” Douma says as he clicks his tongue. He looks down at the bloody remains—which is not much since he ate even the bones— of what used to be Kotoha.

He isn’t pleased on what had transpired. Things could have gone differently if only Kotoha listened had to him and didn’t threw insults at him and tried to run away but in the end, she was truly stupid.

She could have lived a happy long life but now, she couldn’t. All because she had to be too intuitive for her own good. Douma enjoyed Kotoha’s presence, her beauty couldn’t be compared with anyone else and it was truly good to have someone as pretty as her to be beside him every day.

“A…ah…” a small gurgle of syllables snaps Douma out of his thoughts.

Big bright emerald eyes stare at him.

Douma smiles at the infant, “You could have died you know.” he lets out his faux look of concern yet the infant just continues to look at him with wide eyes. “Your mommy was trying to throw you off the cliff. It’s a good thing I caught you on time or else who knows what could have happened to you. ” He explains but soon after lets out a soft chuckle after realizing the infant probably doesn’t even know what he’s saying and Douma’s pretty sure Inosuke doesn’t even know what happened to his poor mother.

“Say, you have the same beautiful eyes as your mother.” He points out while trying to hold on Inosuke’s chubby face only for the infant to hold on to his finger instead. He smiles at the cute action as a bright idea comes into his mind. “The sun is almost up, why don’t we go back to the temple hmmm?”



Laughter is heard throughout the halls and Douma’s certain he knows who’s the cause of it. Turning on the corner, Douma immediately catches the running child in one smooth motion.

“Just what do you think you’re doing Inosuke?” He asks in his most stern voice, though he didn’t mind the young child’s antics. It’s almost on a daily basis Inosuke tries to prank him.

“You’re no fun Douma-sama!” Inosuke pouts and tries to get away from Douma’s grasps yet fails terribly.

Douma merely laughs at his attempts but lets him down when he begins to notice tears starting to collect at the corner of the young child’s eyes.

Inosuke immediately tries to wipe the tears off his eyes as Douma lets out a small sigh, “We have to go to the now, the service is about to start and you know that you should be beside me when it does.” He then reaches his hand towards the child, prompting him to walk take it and leave.

Inosuke puffs his cheeks as a sign of resistance and rejects Douma’s hand.

Douma pays no heed to this and decides to carry Inosuke in his arms. “Don’t be like that.” he then pinches Inosuke’s nose as his attempt to make the child be in a lesser foul mood but to no avail, “Alright, once were done we can go out and eat as many tempura as you’d like. Do you want that?” He offers and in an instant the child’s face lightens up.

“Promise?”Inosuke smiles as he lets out his left pinky finger.

In return Douma crosses his right pinky finger against the child’s and responds, “Pinky promise.”

Then the child hums in agreement and doesn’t further try to resist Douma anymore as they both head their way to the center of the temple.

Douma may have made a mistake of giving Kotoha too much freedom but this time, he has learned from his mistake and would do anything to have Inosuke avoid the same fate as his mother did.