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The Curse of the Valentine's Day Cupid

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Everybody in the South Park Public High School seemed to be getting along just fine as friends, in their designated groups. But... there are some people to note, who may, or may not, get attacked by the- code-named- "Cupid".

Group One
-Eric Cartman
-Stan Marsh
-Kyle Broflovski
-Kenny McCormick
-Leopold "Butters" Stotch

Group Two
-Craig Tucker
-Tweek Tweak
-Clyde Donovan
-Token Black
-Jimmy Valmer

Group Three (possibly minor)
-Bebe Stevens
-Heidi Turner
-Wendy Testaburger
-Nichole Daniels

Group Four (possibly minor)
-Phillip "Pip" Pirrup
-Damien Thorn
-Bradley Biggle
-Christophe "The Mole"
-Gregory of Yardale


They were all roaming around the halls just before first period, when... shwip! A plunger arrow had stuck to the back of Craig Tucker. He turned around, only to see his boyfriend- Tweek Tweak- following right behind him, with and arrow in his back as well... weird, but this was South Park, after all. It could have been just a prank, and they took the plungers out of their backs. They left heart marks, stains in their clothing, identical in color. They threw the arrows down and continued to class... Tweek couldn't help but have anxiety. The boy, he knew something was going to go down. There were no seats, so it was pretty much a free-for-all of where the teens wanted to sit in their classes, so of course, Craig and Tweek sat next to each other in the back. They were first to enter the classroom, and Tweek sat back in his seat, his body slumping. He was a bump on a log. "I can't help but wonder what that stupid arrow thing was about," Tweek began. "but it's probably nothing." Craig looked over at his boyfriend, a hint of pity glistening in his eyes, he knew Tweek was anxious. "It's okay, I mean, you really can't help it." Tweek looked over at him and smiled gently, a still-pitiful look in his eyes. "Thank you." Craig's lips curled into a smile back at Tweek.
Then, Clyde Donovan was the next to enter, immediately piping up. "Did you guys hear? Wendy and Bebe got struck with Valentine's arrows!" Craig quirked a brows. "What does that mean?" Clyde sighed. "You don't know about The Tale of the South Park Cupid? Every year, the day before, of, and after Valentine's Day, a ghost shoots arrows at everyone that they want to fall in love! Legend has it," Clyde slid into a chair at the other boys' table, "that on Valentine's day, a student died of a heart attack on Valentine's Day, because he had so much anxiety that his crush wouldn't love him back, and then, they didn't! Crazy, right?" Craig let out a tsk. "You're such a kid to still believe that shit." Clyde put on a pout, "Whatever! Either way, you'll know something's up if Wendy and Bebe start getting all lovey. I saw you guys got struck, but you're already in love, so I wouldn't expect it to affect you that much."
Tweek shielded his face with both two of his hands, letting out a sigh. Craig looked over, "Is something wrong, honey?" Tweek gave a small smile at the pet name, "I'm j-just stressed, is all."
Token Black was the next to enter, sliding into a seat just next to Clyde. "Is Clyde pestering you about the Valentine's ghost myth?" Craig gave a solemn nod. Token nodded back, "don't feel so bad, he was doing it to me all last night, all of the bus ride to school, and all of this morning." He chuckled.
"I believe in it, though. It c-could be true, this is South Park." Tweek blurted, sitting up in his seat and uncrossing his arms. "I mean, it can be absolutely logical if you think about it deep enough!" Clyde grinned, "See? Even the meth-head agrees with me!" The boy received three angry glares. "Oh, shit, that didn't come out right." Token shook his head at Clyde, "of course it didn't. Tweek, opinion?" Tweek sneered in response, "it's whatever."
Tweek couldn't control the fact that his parents kept giving people meth; including him. There was nothing else he could drink, and if he tried to drink anything else, he'd suffer horrible withdrawals, and he couldn't ever see himself getting help with it with all of the conspiracies he had and stuck to. His brain was a mess and scrambled, and he didn't want to have to take a break from school just because he wanted off of Methamphetamines that he was doing just fine on.
Craig and Token exchanged looks, and then other students rushed in. The bell was just about to ring, and everybody wanted to be just on time. Everyone sat in their places, which had become habitual more than random, and the bell rang. The teacher wrote a question on the board for them to answer in their notebooks before their usual class started. Almost all of the students pulled out their notebooks, but some just continued talking. Others, like the group in the back, talked while they wrote. Clyde looked over at Token, "how the fuck do you spell forsooth?" Token sighed. "F-o-r-s-o-o-t-h. Can you not sound it out?" Clyde shook his head, "Sorry that I'm not as smart as you, Professor Black." Clyde stuck his tongue out at Token. Token seemed to just ignore Clyde's snarky response.
After the fact, the teacher asked the class if anyone had answers, and Tweek's hand shot up, and he got called on. "The Shakespeare poem Sonnet 116 recites as the following:
'Let me not to the marriage of true minds
Admit impediments. Love is not love
Which alters when it alteration finds,
Or bends with the remover to remove.
O no! it is an ever-fixed mark
That looks on tempests and is never shaken;
It is the star to every wand'ring bark,
Whose worth's unknown, although his height be taken.
Love's not Time's fool, though rosy lips and cheeks
Within his bending sickle's compass come;
Love alters not with his brief hours and weeks,
But bears it out even to the edge of doom.
If this be error and upon me prov'd,
I never writ, nor no man ever lov'd.'
It's meaning can have many different interpretations, but the main one is that it's about love and it being in it's truest form; William Shakespeare was said to find pleasure in true love."
The teacher listened and nodded along, "correct again, Mr. Tweak."
Tweek wore a soft smile of pride on his cheeks. Subsequently, Jimmy Valmer hobbled in on his crutches, and sat down at a seat at the end of the others' table. He set down a tote bag he used to carry his things, and took out his notebook and pencil. "What's th-the hap-hap... h-hap-p... happenings t-today?" He asked. Clyde looked up quickly, "Bebe and Wendy got struck, just like Tweek and Craig did last year in Freshman year after they broke up! I bet Wendy and Bebe are gonna get together!" Jimmy gave a crooked, brace-faced smile, "Th-tha-that's int-inter...inter... interest-t-... exc-exciting. It's e-exciting." He had failed to say the word interesting due to his stutter. Clyde nodded. Even if Jimmy was on the latter about if the rumors were true or not, he still went along with his friends and their beliefs, as to not hurt them.
After reviewing Shakespeare's poems for a bit, only taking half of the class to talk about Sonnet 116 and Sonnet 130, they were finished for the day. It was almost Friday, so they didn't have much to do. But then, the teacher announced something. "Since I am your first period teacher, I should let you know, that there may be school stretched to over the weekend due to Colorado policies; this is because we had near to a week of snow days over the course of the past two months, and we want to get school out for summer break on time." Clyde sighed in disappointment, "I mean, at least we'll have an extra couple days to figure out this whole Cupid ghost thing." Tweek nodded along with him.
After a few minutes of silence, Token spoke up. "You guys wanna play truth or dare since we have nothing to do for the rest of class?" Clyde nodded, so did Craig, and Tweek. Jimmy knew he'd be included either way, if he wanted it or not. Clyde smiled, "I'll go first! Token, truth or dare?" Token answered quickly, "Truth." Clyde responded quicker, as if he had something on his mind to say to Token before he had even suggested truth or dare, "Got a crush?" Token immediately regretted his decision, "Dare." Clyde frowned, "Hmmm, kiss Nichole on the cheek."
Token let out a shaky breath. "She's my ex, I'd rather kiss you." Clyde's frown shifted to a mischievous grin. "Then do it, kiss me. Anywhere." Clyde crossed his arms. Token shook his head, "I'm straight, Clyde."
Clyde pouted. "Fine. Craig, truth or dare?" Craig looked at Clyde, emotionlessly as usual, "Truth." Clyde replied with a smile, "Do you think Tweek is marriage material?" Craig answered, "Of course I do. I mean, he acts like I wifed him up already, so why not?" Tweek blushed softly, unknowingly. Token looked at Tweek. "Tweek, truth or dare?" Tweek replied with truth of course, he wanted to start the game off slow, and he got a reply from Token that he wasn't expecting. "Who do you like the least in this room and why?" Tweek let out a short sigh and replied, "I don't like... Kyle... I don't know why, he just kinda, g-gives me anxiety to be around."

The bell rang.

As they were getting their things together, a stack of five envelopes was sloppily slipped onto their table. None of them noticed by who. Each envelope had a name on it. Jimmy slipped his into his bag and left, he wanted to get to his next class as soon as he could. Craig took his and Tweek's, taking Tweek's hand. They'd read them at lunch, or something. Clyde read his right where he stood, but Token read his as he walked to his next class.