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Past meets the future and learn the truth

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It was a normal Winter solstice day on Olympic. All of the 12 Olympians and Hades were in the throne room busy doing the one thing they do the best. Zeus, Poseidon and Hades were arguing about who is the strongest. Hera and Demeter were speaking about their brothers and their childless. Hestia was busy tending to the hearth. Aphrodite and Ares were flirting with each other, Hephaestus was busy working with pieces of metal on his lap. Hermes was laughing at the antics his children were pulling at camp and their homes. Athena was busy working on a battle plan. Dionysus was sitting on his throne, looking bored. Apollo and Artemis were fighting about Artemis's hunters and Apollo’s constant flirting with them.

Suddenly a blinding white light appeared and a group of teenagers fell through it. One by one the teens got up and looked around the room.  "Who are you?" Zeus's voice boomed through the room. None of the teens said anything, they just looked at each other. Thalia Annabeth and Grover shared a look, before looking back to the gods. Jason, Piper and Leo were looking around the room with amazement. Nico looked at the three demigods he didn't know and slowly moved closer to Rachel. A light appeared above Athena and a package fell out of it, onto her lap. Athena picked up the package and opened it. She found a box of books and a letter. Athena took the letter and read

Dear Olympians

We have decided that you all need a lesson, so we have brought you these kids from the future. You all will sit down and read these books. You will not harm any of these kids if you do you will regret it. Kid's pleas introduce yourself but do not state your godly parents. The books will reveal you're godly parents. And do not worry time outside of Olympus will be frozen so do take your time.

Love the Fates.

The kids shared a second look before Annabeth moved forward and bowed, "Annabeth Chase," Athena nodded approving of her daughter and smiled at her. Annabeth sent a glare to Hera before moving back to the group.

Thalia took a deep breath before moving forward, “Thalia Grace, and yes’ I’m not a tree, it’s a long story,” She also sent a glare to Hera before moving back and standing next to Annabeth and taking her hand. Jason looked at the two girls and frowned, he knew that they didn’t like Hera but he never imagined that they would glare at her so openly.

“Grover Underwood,” Grover bowed and moved back to the group. He stood on the other side of Annabeth. Zeus sent a glare at Grover who just moved a little closer to Annabeth.

Nico smiled at Annabeth before moving forward and bowed, "Nico di Angelo," Hades looked at his son with concern before looking at Zeus and Poseidon. But thankfully the two didn't seem to remember who Nico was.

Piper smiled at Jason before moving and bowing, “Piper McLean,” Aphrodite smiled, but frowned when she saw what Piper was wearing. Piper moved back to Jason and took his hand.

Leo looked at the two before bowing and speaking with a mischievous grin, “Leo Valdez,” Hephaestus looked up from his project and smiled. Leo moved back to his friends before nudging Jason forward.

Jason took a breath and looked at Thalia, she smiled at him and nodded. Jason moved forward and bowed, “Jason Grace,” Hera’s head snapped at Zeus who just looked away. Jason moved back to the Piper and Leo.

Rachel looked at Annabeth and gave her a small smile. Rachel moved forward and bowed “Rachel Elizabeth Dare,”

Hestia looked at the group of teens before smiling and snapping her fingers. Couches appeared, pillows and blankets appeared. The teens smiled and moved forward and took their seats. Annabeth, Thalia and Grover took one of the couches and sat down. Nico and Rachel grabbed some blankets and pillows and sat the Annabeth’s feet. Jason and Piper chose a couch and sat down, cuddling. Leo went and sat alone on the biggest couch and smiled. The gods shared a look before they all looked at Athena.

Athena took a breath before picking up the first book and read the cover.

"Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief," Piper, Jason and Leo looked at each other and said, "Finally," they were happy that they would finally learn about this Percy Jackson and what made everyone care so much about him.

Annabeth and Grover just shared a look. “Wait before we start can I just know what year it is?” Annabeth asked looking at her mother.

“2006,” Athena answered looking at her daughter who had gone pale.

“This is so not going to end well,” Annabeth and Grover said at the same time looking at Zeus before looking at Ares.