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Lest We Forget

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Present moment….

Castiel gets up from bed every morning with an aching body and eyelids that are hard to pry open due to crusted- dried up tears. 7pm is when he leaves for his morning shift, but before that, he has to cook up his still sleeping boyfriend’s breakfast and wake the man up with the perfect cup of black coffee. That’s if he wants to avoid any altercations with his boyfriend.

Michael. That was his name. They had met 2 years ago at the town’s annual charity event for orphaned children. The man was charming and made Castiel feel special. Michael didn’t look at him like dirt under his shoes nor did the man treat Castiel like the way most of the townsfolk of Sioux Falls did. The man with the suit, tall, dark haired and green eyed swept him off his feet from the get go and as they say, the rest is history.

Castiel, for the first time felt like everything was heading towards the right direction. Maybe, things were going to work in his favor for once, but, when the first slap connected his right cheek a year into their relationship, his hope slowly diminished.

And the worst thing about it was that even though he was a cop at the Sioux Falls Police Department- a deputy to be exact- he allowed the abuse to continue. And with every hit, he reminded himself that he deserved the punishments that followed after he had broken the heart of the one he loved, 10 years ago.

Dean Winchester.

Oh how their love was magical and unequivocal!

Then, one mistake- giving Lucifer an invitation to his party- had cost him his relationship. He could still feel Luci pressing his hand down on his neck somewhat restricting the airflow in and out of his lungs, while the teenager violated him, into his very own bed. Castiel was a much tinier teen at the time, hence, a very drunk Lucifer was a very powerful and demanding Lucifer.

Then just when he thought things couldn’t get any worse, Dean had walked in and had assumed the horrible. His ex was so consumed by rage that he ended up punching Lucifer, shooting him a disgusted look before he blurted “We’re done!”

Castiel couldn’t forget the hurt that reflected off Dean’s face.

It still haunted his every footstep- and apparently, people, mostly Dean's friends found out and spread the news that Castiel had cheated on the town’s beloved quarterback. They blamed Castiel for Dean leaving.

And, yes, Castiel blamed himself too.

For all the bad luck that followed.

“Castiel.” Michael slurred sleepily, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes. The man raised a brow at him, “where’s my coffee?”

Castiel felt his heart speed up. He quickly answered, “I left it on the kitchen counter, love. I’ll go and fetch it for you”.

Michael aimed him those unimpressed eyes, but kept a straight face. “Fine! Get it and get out! Ain’t you got a new Cap coming in today?”

Crap! Castiel almost forgot!

Castiel nodded, “y-yes love”. He hurriedly made his way down the stairs and grabbed the coffee, but when he turned around he gasped in shock to find Michael standing a few feet before him. The man looked cold, shaking his head at Castiel, “I can’t believe that you’re so fucking slow still!”

Castiel gulped when Michael took a step in. Castiel shivered, “Michael I-“. Before he could finish, Michael slapped the cup of scalding coffee out of Castiel’s hand- the cup splattering onto the marble floor while the hot coffee spilled unto Castiel’s torso. Castiel hissed and cried as Michael grabbed him by the jaw quite hard, “We will talk about how incapable you are becoming when I get back from work tonight. Do I make myself clear!?”

Castiel felt fear grip him. If Michael wanted to talk to him tonight, then that meant that things weren’t going to go well. He replied in an almost barely there voice, “Ok Michael.” Michael then shoved him back, allowing his lower back to smack against the edge of the kitchen counter. Castiel’s eyes were blurry with tears and pain was coursing through his body.

Castiel took a deep breath through his nostrils, swiped at the tears that escaped his eyes and bent down to start picking up the shards of glass on the floor.

Castiel was pathetic!

Dean had told him so, when he broke it off with Castiel!

You’re nothing but a desperate, pathetic, cheating sack of shit, Castiel! You deserve nothing good in your damn life!

Yeah, he was damn pathetic indeed.

And coming up in the next chapter.....

Dean stared into those blue eyes that he once loved. No! No way did Castiel work for him! The deputy stuttered, “Um-h-hey Dean”.

Immediately, Dean felt anger overtake his stunned state. What the fuck!? Castiel was still beautiful, but in no way he wasn’t the cheating snake that destroyed everything good between them! And Dean wasn’t going to give this man before him any special treatment. Dean folded his arms along his chest, narrowing his eyes at the now hesitant looking deputy, voice as cold as ice and barely unrecognizable to his own self as he said, “You will call me Cap or Captain Winchester! Is that understood deputy?”

Castiel felt his heart squeeze, eyes lowering to the ground in shame, again his voice almost non- existent as he replied, “Y-Yes Captain Winchester”.

Dean felt like something was off about Castiel- like he looked smaller. No! No caring for your cheating ex Dean! So, he hardened his heart, spitting out a cold, “good!” Before he turned his back to Cas- definitely not going to read into the saddened eyes of his ex-boyfriend.

Castiel had no fucken right to be sad!

Not even after 10 fucken years!

Dean despised the deputy and he was going to show the man exactly that!