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“We should play a game.” Taehyung suggests once they’ve arrived home from dance practice on Monday. Their manager had given them the rest of the week off since promotions for their new album are over, so this presents the perfect opportunity to mess around a little.
“Like what, Monopoly?” Yoongi snorts, dropping his bag on the floor in the hallway.
“No! I was thinking like… a competition. Whoever comes first loses.”
No one misses the flush that rises on Jungkook’s cheeks.
“Like an orgy?” Namjoon can’t deny he’s interested, even after a grueling day of dancing.
“No, no. Like we’re in pairs and whoever wins goes on to the next level and the losers have to watch.”
Jimin chuckles and ruffles Taehyung’s hair.
“Sounds like you’ve put a lot of thought into this.”
“I have! It’s been way too long since we’ve done anything all together.”

“So, ground rules.” Seokjin starts, looking to Taehyung to continue.
“Right. You can use whatever methods to make your partner come, and whoever gives in first loses. If you win you go on to play with someone else. The winner at the end gets to give all the orders in an orgy or something. They chose.”
There’s a collective nod and Taehyung looks around for any objections. He gets none.
“I guess we can start tomorrow. Who wants to go against who?”
“I’ll go with Jiminie.” Hoseok pipes up. Jimin smirks.
“It’ll take a hell of a lot to make me give in to you.”
“Yeah? Wanna try me?”

“I’ll go with Yoongi,” Namjoon offers, “I’ve been wanting to play with him for a while now.”
Yoongi flushes.
“You’re on.”

“I, uh, can we do it together, hyung?” Jungkook asks timidly, tugging on Taehyung’s sleeve.
“Of course, baby. It’s settled then, and Jin-hyung can go against whichever of the winners he wants.”
Seokjin looks pensive.
“Or alternately I could fuck whoever wants to be fucked tonight, to make up for not being in the first round.”
Jungkook’s breath hitches in his throat. Taehyung, of course, notices.
“I think Jungkookie might have to take you up on that offer, hyung.”

“Meet me in my room once you’ve showered.” Seokjin tells Jungkook, pulling his jacket off. He’s already using his Dom voice, the one he uses to degrade Jungkook and tell him he’s a good slut and order him around. It’s so endlessly arousing, Jungkook knees buckle as he starts walking towards the bathroom.
“Yes, hyung.”
Jungkook showers quickly and changes into an oversized dark grey t-shirt and boxers, clothes he doesn’t mind staining if that should happen.
Seokjin is already sitting on the bed when he walks into the room. Yoongi isn’t there, so he’s probably in one of the other bedrooms doing something just as nasty. They’re all insatiable, and proud of it.
“Over my lap, baby.” Seokjin gestures for Jungkook to lie over his knees and Jungkook complies, letting the fog of his headspace wash over him. It’s so nice, after weeks of not having the time to do it, to finally let himself be reduced to the empty shell he loves being, simply able to feel pleasure and pain and nothing else.
“I’m gonna prep you first, okay?” It’s not a question, but Jungkook still nods.
“Yes, hyung.”
Seokjin settles Jungkook over his lap and tugs down his boxers, kneading the soft flesh in both hands. It’s a simple gesture, meant to soothe, and Jungkook sinks deeper. With his mind working slower he’s not prepared for the slap that Seokjin delivers, or the resulting pain-laced pleasure that shoots up his spine.
“Oh-- oh, hyung, that’s--”
“Shush. I didn’t tell you to speak, did I?”
Jungkook shakes his head, pressing his face into the mattress.
Seokjin reaches for the bottle of lube on the nightstand and warms some on his fingers, before teasing at Jungkook’s hole. He’s tight, hasn’t been fucked in a while, but takes it in so well anyway. The slight burn is welcome, sets a fire alight in the pit of his stomach and it feels so good to finally be filled after so long. A quiet, keening moan spills from Jungkook’s lips.
“Be quiet. I’ll stop if you don’t shut up.”
Seokjin has eased out of his soft Dom persona now, into the one that Jungkook knows and loves more than anything. He’s mean, one of the meanest of all of the Doms, and the perfect sadist to Jungkook’s masochist.
A second finger breaches his hole and joins the first. It’s wet with lube and longer than Jungkook’s fingers, brushing against his prostate in a way that has his back arching. Not a sound spills from his lips.
With his free hand Seokjin pushes Jungkook’s shirt up to his shoulder blades, exposing planes of smooth tan skin. He leans down and sucks a hickey into the back of Jungkook’s neck, simultaneously crooking his fingers to jab at his prostate and oh, that feels good. Really good. Jungkook still remains silent.
“Good boy.” there’s an edge to Seokjin’s voice that gives away how he wants to make Jungkook moan, to prove he’s not as good as he tries to be. It’s mean, of course it is, and Jungkook thrives on it.
It’s at the third finger that Jungkook finally snaps.
“Oh, hyung--”
They’re all pressing against his prostate and it’s wet, so wet, lube sliding down Seokjin’s wrist and the inside of Jungkook’s thighs.
“I said, shut up.” Seokjin pulls his fingers out and spanks him again, hard, leaving a pretty hand print that gets progressively redder with each passing second.

“I’m sorry-! Sorry, hyung, I’m sorry, please--” Jungkook is near delirious, eyes scrunched shut in pleasure, “Please put them back in, please, I-- hyung.”
Seokjin, on the one hand, wants to spank him until he’s crying for having disobeyed the rules, but on the other hand they’re both tired and Jungkook has dropped faster than he’d expected. He slicks up his fingers again and eases them back in.
“Good boy. You’re almost ready for me.”
“Thank you, hyung, thank you, ah--”
Seokjin scissors his fingers out a little and soothes Jungkook with a hand on his back, a pleasant weight that keeps him pressed to the bed.

When Seokjin finally pushes in Jungkook is in tears, drowning in the onslaught of pleasure. Seokjin has to tighten a hand around the base of his cock to stop him from coming.
“Not just yet, baby. You’re not coming before I do.”
Jungkook full on sobs, clutching at the pale pink bed sheets between trembling fingers. He’s so sensitive, feels as if he could come just from Seokjin’s cock unmoving inside him. Realistically, he probably could. He’s moaning a mantra of hyung, hyung, hyung as Seokjin starts moving, hitting his prostate with each careful thrust.
“This is what you wanted, huh?” Seokjin murmurs, his lips brushing against the shell of Jungkook’s ear. “Baby can only go so long without getting ruined. Such a needy little boy, Jungkookie, couldn't even wait until tomorrow to get fucked. Pathetic.”
Each breath catches in Jungkook throat and he’s seeing stars, eyes rolled back in pleasure. Moans keep spilling from his lips, uncontrolled, and he reaches blindly for Seokjin’s face to bring him in for a kiss.
Their tongues meet and swirl together, sharing saliva and hot breaths between their lips. Jungkook lets Seokjin have complete control, lying at his mercy among the sheets. This is where he feels the best, where all his worries and stress just melt away into the overwhelming pleasure he so craves.
When Seokjin releases his hold on his cock Jungkook gasps.
“No-- gonna come, hyung--”
Seokjin nods and brushes sweaty hair out of Jungkook’s eyes.
“That’s the idea, baby, you’ve been a good boy. You can come.”
He internally scolds himself for side-stepping all the rules today, first for letting Jungkook off on speaking and now for making him come first, but somewhere in the back of his head Seokjin doesn’t mind. A punishment might be in store for later, but for the moment he pinches Jungkook’s nipple and sucks a bruise into his shoulder and feels him come undone.
“Oh! Oh, hyung, hyung, hyung--!”
Jungkook is beautiful when he comes, seductive and sweet in all the best ways. He tightens around Seokjin’s cock and moans so pretty, tears rolling down his flushed cheeks.
Seokjin doesn’t let up, continues thrusting until he’s reached his orgasm too, pulling out at the last second to release over Jungkook’s stomach. He’s still wearing his shirt, pulled up to expose his nipples, and Seokjin tugs it down to wipe up their combined come.
“Did so well, Jungkookie.” he murmurs, out of breath, lying down next to the boy. “Let’s go get clean, okay? Then we can join the others for supper.”
Jungkook nods, looking bleary and fucked out and overall beautiful. He reaches up for Seokjin to pick him up and nuzzles into his shoulder when he does, trembling thighs wrapped tight around Seokjin’s waist.
“My beautiful boy.”

Jimin wakes up the next day, excitement coursing through his veins. It has been a while, as Taehyung had said yesterday, since they’d done anything together. Too long since he’d got the maknaes on their knees for him or someone else, too long since he’s slipped into his Dom persona and slapped them both around a bit. Also a while since Hoseok has Dommed him into oblivion. Oh, the perks of being a switch.
The idea of a competition had initially put him off a bit, but further thinking about it only made it seem like a better idea. Competitiveness is in all of their natures, so why not exploit that to the maximum?

The first duo is set to start once they’ve finished breakfast.
Jungkook and Taehyung are sitting pressed against each other on the sofa, hands already starting to roam.
“Wait.” Namjoon instructs, giving them his Dom look and there’s no way anyone in their right mind would willingly go against that, “Keep your hands to yourselves until we’re all ready. Sluts.”
Jungkook shudders and whimpers, always one to enjoy a bit of degradation.
“Yes hyung.” Taehyung is significantly more eloquent.

“You can begin,” Seokjin says, starting up a timer on his phone. “May the strongest sub win.”
Taehyung starts with a hand on the back of Jungkook’s neck, pulling him into a kiss that leaves both of them breathless. When they break apart he presses the palm of his hand against the growing bulge in Jungkook’s boxers, rubbing small circles into the head with a teasing finger. Jungkook gasps and throws his head back, hips canting into the touch. There’s a bit of chatter on one side of the room but he pays it no mind, focused on reaching for Taehyung and touching him back. Then the hand on his cock is gone and Taehyung is moaning, eyes scrunched shut as he writhes.
“Oh, oh, fuck! Jimin, stop--”
Jungkook looks up in surprise.
“I plugged him up with a vibrator earlier on.” Jimin explains, holding up the remote. It’s on full, Jungkook can see, and he watches as Taehyung shakes and trembles and moans into the back of his hand. “Thought it would even out the chances you have of winning.”
It’s common knowledge that Jungkook is sensitive everywhere, and was pretty much doomed to lose this competition from the get-go. Maybe that’s why he accepted in the first place. Still, he’s not one to let an opportunity slip, and reaches to palm at Taehyung’s cock again. Jimin has obviously turned the vibrations down as he seems to regain a bit of control, pulling Jungkook’s boxers down in return.
“Jungkookie, please, oh-- that’s-- really good, don’t stop--”
Jungkook can see him slip into his subspace but doesn’t make any move to take control; he wouldn’t have a clue how to anyway. Instead he sits back and lets himself enjoy Taehyung’s shaky touches, his own fingers twitching over the head of his hyung’s cock.

Jimin has to admit, watching two subs shake and fumble in attempts to pleasure each other is quite possibly one of the hottest things he’s ever seen. His eyes pick up each tremor in their thighs and twitch of their cocks and it’s honestly difficult not to just jump them right there and then.
A few more minutes in and it’s become clear that Taehyung is losing fast, so Jimin turns down the vibrations again. It’s in vain as with the next flick of Jungkook’s wrist Taehyung is coming, moaning and whimpering into their maknae’s shoulder.
“And time’s up! Jungkook wins.” Seokjin announces, pressing ‘stop’ on the timer, “It took you 7 minutes and 33 seconds to make Tae come.”
Looking up, Jungkook can see that everyone else in the room is sporting a boner and he moans, eyes glazed and teary. How he wants someone to just take him, fuck him right here on the sofa until he cries. Being denied an orgasm only makes him more desperate.
“Jiminie and Seokie are up next, but we’ll do that once the subs are settled.” Namjoon decides, getting up to help their maknaes. They both cling to each other as Namjoon and Yoongi help them into the bathroom to clean up, teary and wide-eyed and shaky. Subspace always gets them both in such a state, it’s endearing in all the best ways.

It’s late afternoon by the time the next duo are up.
All seven of them are gathered in the living room again, watching Jimin and Hoseok scrabble at each other and fight for the upper hand. It seems as if they’re both in a dommy mood, which sure makes for an entertaining show.
Jimin works his hand into Hoseok’s hair and pulls, which seems to be the older man’s tipping point. He lets his head be tipped back and happily bares his neck for Jimin to mark up, hands gripping at Jimin’s shirt.
“That’s right, Seokie. Submit to me.” Jimin’s voice is sugar-sweet and thick as honey, seeping into Hoseok’s pores and filling his head with the wonderful haze of submission. He lies back on the sofa and pulls Jimin on top of him, the competition the last thing on his mind.
The thing with Jimin is he’s so adaptable. Adaptable to each of his boyfriends, to their needs and likes, in a way that none of the others quite manage to be. For Jungkook he’s the hard Dom that the maknae needs, delighted to slap and spit on him and call him names until he’s delirious. For Taehyung he’s a soft Dom, dishing out praise and soft touches but keeping a firm upper hand. With Yoongi and Hoseok, their other switches, he’s whatever they want him to be at the time. Whether that’s a soft sub or a hard Dom or anything in between, he will assume the role perfectly. With Namjoon he’s a soft sub to the older man’s soft Dom, and a hard sub to Seokjin’s hard Dom. It’s a beautiful relationship really, he thinks, how they all work together and compliment each other so perfectly.

As expected, Jimin emerges from the duo victorious. He licks Hoseok’s come from his hand after a record 5 minutes and 56 seconds and winks, waltzing across the room to wash himself up. He can feel everyone’s hungry eyes on him as he leaves, well aware of the effect he has on them. Maybe if he’s lucky Namjoon or Yoongi will fuck him before their next round tomorrow.

After dinner Namjoon does indeed fuck him, slow and deep and hard just as they both like it. It leaves Jimin breathless, panting as he lies in the soft blankets of Namjoon’s bed
“You’re up against Yoongi tomorrow.” he says and Namjoon nods.
“I’ll win.”
Jimin snorts.
“Confident, are we?”
“Not as much as that.” Namjoon chuckles, toying with a strand of Jimin’s sweaty blonde hair. “We’ve discovered a new kink, so I’m planning on using that.”
Jimin is instantly interested.
“What is it?”
Namjoon shrugs and smiles, letting his eyes slip shut as he holds Jimin tight.
“You’ll have to see.”

The new kink is choking. Jimin watches with rapt interest as Namjoon tightens his fingers around the column of Yoongi’s pale throat, leaning over him to press their lips together. His other hand fingers Yoongi open, thrusting two fingers in and out of his sopping hole. Yoongi tries to moan but is cut off by Namjoon’s hold on his neck, eyes rolled back in pleasure. Jimin can see him desperately trying to hang onto the last of his control, to stop himself from coming but it’s too late, he’s coming around Namjoon’s fingers and taking in a big gulp of air as the younger man lets up on his hold. His orgasm seems to last ages, coursing through his body in waves and leaving him panting in Namjoon’s arms.
“8 minutes and 45 seconds.” Seokjin announces, setting his phone to the side. “Namjoon goes on to the next round, against me.”
Jimin looks up, pleased.
“It’s you and me then, Jungkookie.”

Later on that day Jimin and Jungkook start their turn.
Jimin just knows he’s going to win as soon as Jungkook gazes up at him with those wide, pleading eyes, begging for a little reprieve as “you know I’m really sensitive, hyungie.”
“I do, love, but this is a competition. Whoever wins wins.”
Jungkook huffs but his breath hitches as Jimin pushes him back against the sofa, letting himself go willingly. He’s all strong, masculine beauty as he lies beneath Jimin, hair disheveled from their previous make-out session and lips bitten and red. His shirt is pushed up to expose his stomach, abs clenching as Jimin ruts down against the growing bulge in his boxers.
“Hyung, please, cut me some-- ahh, slack, I‘m really sensitive today.”
“You’re really sensitive everyday, baby, that doesn’t mean I’m going to go easy on you.”
It’s cruel but it’s true, and as Jimin sits up to pull his boxers down Jungkook knows he’s done for.
Caught up in the throes of pleasure, Jungkook opens bleary eyes as Jimin calls out to him.
“Look at me, slut.” Jimin clutches his jaw in one small hand, “Open your mouth.”
Jungkook complies, and watches with hazy eyes as Jimin leans over and spits right in his mouth.
“Don’t swallow. Mouth open.” he says, slapping Jungkook across the face. He spits in Jungkook’s mouth again, and again, feeling him harden even more in his hand. “Pathetic.”
Jungkook fumbles for Jimin’s zipper, fingers shaking and spasming as he struggles with the button. And Jimin lets him, knows he’s got the upper hand as soon as he delivers a harsh slap to Jungkook’s cock and hears him gurgle around a moan. A few slaps later Jungkook has Jimin’s jeans undone, grasping his dick through the thin material of his boxers. He’s shaking and whimpering, barely managing to jerk Jimin off conventionally as an orgasm creeps up on him.
That’s what does it, and Jungkook swallow the mouthful of his and Jimin’s saliva that had been gradually gathering in his mouth as he comes undone.
Jimin continues slapping him through his orgasm, but gathers him into his arms as soon as he starts sobbing.
“Shh, baby, you’re okay. Did so well for hyung.”
Jungkook nods and hugs Jimin as tight as his shaky arms can manage, crying into his shoulder. He feels Yoongi step up behind him and press kisses down his neck and oh, that’s nice. Really nice. Him and Yoongi had started dating before any of the others joined, so naturally their bond is strong. Yoongi just has this way of making Jungkook feel so warm and comforted and safe and it’s exactly what he needs after such an overwhelming scene.
“Good boy, such a good boy. You’re hyungie’s best boy, right?” Yoongi murmurs, fingers tight around Jungkook’s slim waist as Jimin hold him. Jungkook nods tearily, sniffling into Jimin’s shoulder.
“Yeah. ‘I’m hyungie’s bestest boy.”

Seokjin lies in bed later that night, waiting for Yoongi to join him.
“Hey, Yoongi-ah. What’s wrong?”
Yoongi looks down, a little sad, as he approaches the bedside.
“Feeling subby.” he murmurs, clutching a soft blanket to his chest. “But not in a sexual way.”
Seokjin shuffles over and pats the mattress for Yoongi to join him.
“I’ll look after you, my beautiful boy.” he says, stroking Yoongi’s hair once they’re cuddled up under the covers together. “How did you like Jiminie and Jungkookie’s scene today?”
Yoongi hums and cuddles closer.
“Was good. Really good. Jungkookie is such a good sub and Jiminie wrecked him so good.”
“You said ‘good’ a lot, baby.” Seokjin chuckles and Yoongi flashes that adorable gummy smile that Seokjin loves so much.
“Yeah. That’s cuz it was good. Wanna talk about it more.”
“Yeah? What about it did you like?”
Yoongi sticks his bottom lip out in a pout, thinking.
“Really liked it when Jiminie spat in Jungkookie’s mouth. Want to try that one day.” he says, slurring slightly. Seokjin smiles and nods.
“We definitely can.” he pauses for a second. “Your scene with Namjoon was pretty good too, huh Yoongi-ah?”
Yoongi blushes.
“Yeah, was really nice. I really liked when he choked me.”
Seokjin grins and leans in close to Yoongi’s ear.
“Wanna know a secret?”
Yoongi’s eyes go wide and he nods.
“Jungkookie really likes being choked too. If you deny him an orgasm or two and make him desperate enough he can come from just a hand around his throat.”
Yoongi’s breath catches in his throat.
Some of the subspace-fog seems to clear from Yoongi’s eyes.
“I’ll have to try that with him one day. Definitely.”

Namjoon and Seokjin’s turn is the next day.
It’s a furious battle of tongues and hands and every other body part one could use to dominate. They’re the two Doms of the household, and watching them go at each other and battle it out for real sets something carnal alight in Yoongi’s stomach.
They settle after a little while, content to just jerk each other off and suck hickies into smooth necks. Namjoon leans over Seokjin and kisses him again, wild and hungry and almost violent in how he does it. Yoongi can see their tongues dancing together from where he’s seated next to Hoseok on the couch opposite, a low whine building in his throat.
“I want that too, Seokie.” he murmurs, leaning his head on Hoseok’s shoulder. Hoseok doesn’t make any move to fulfill his desire.
“Not now, hyung. You have to be patient.”

7 minutes and 23 seconds later they’re both on the edge of an orgasm, hands moving furiously to make the other come first. There’s a moment in which Seokjin looks like he’s about to come but manages to hold it in, teasing the head of Namjoon’s cock with one finger. A minute or so of this pass in tense silence, before Namjoon is coming and Seokjin right behind him.
Everyone in the room lets go of a breath they weren’t aware of holding. There’s another beat of silence, then “Seokjin wins.” Yoongi murmurs and Jimin smirks.

“Whoever wins this round controls an orgy.” Taehyung announces when Seokjin and Jimin are sitting in each other’s arms on the couch. They’d saved this round for after dinner, when they’ve all eaten and changed into pyjamas and are just starting to get tired.
The room is filled with a pleasant tension, more excitement than anything else.
“It’s on, Jiminie.”
Yoongi starts a timer, but at this point no one is paying attention to the times anyway.
Seokjin immediately pushes Jimin back onto the sofa, pinning his hands above his head and feeding beautifully into his bondage kink. It only takes a number of seconds for him to take the lead, but anyone can see that Jimin hasn’t completely given up yet. He cants his hips up towards Seokjin’s, earning a moan from the older man, but Seokjin just gathers his wits and grasps Jimin’s wrists tighter.
It’s a furious mess of grinding and kissing and moaning, and after 10 or so minutes they’re still not nearing their orgasms. Seokjin and Jimin are the two members with the best endurance in terms of holding off, but even they have breaking points. Seokjin’s head clears a bit when he sits back to admire the mess he’s made of the younger man, and an idea comes to mind.
With renewed conviction he presses two fingers against Jimin’s bottom lip, urging them apart. Sinking them into the wet heat of Jimin’s mouth he pushes them in as far as they go, triggering the younger man’s gag reflex. It’s a beautiful sight, watching him gag and splutter around the digits, eyes clouding over as he tries to suckle on them instead.
“That’s it, Jiminie. Just let me take control.”
Jimin mutters something around the digits that sounds like ‘in your dreams’, and struggles in Seokjin’s grip as the older man orders Namjoon to tie his hands together with a shirt hanging over the back of the sofa.
Seokjin keeps his fingers in Jimin’s mouth, rubbing gently at the back of his throat to make him gag again and again, reaching into his boxers with his other hand. Jimin is hard in his palm, dripping precome down Seokjin’s wrist. He’s always liked having something down his throat, be it fingers or a cock, and Seokjin is happy to feed into that.
Jimin struggles right to the end, twitching in Seokjin’s grip as he brings him to orgasm, one hand expertly pumping and twisting his cock.
“And Seokjin wins again.” Taehyung says as Jimin gurgles around a moan and comes, back arching beautifully off the couch.

“We can have the orgy tomorrow.” Seokjin decides, wrapping Jimin in a blanket and holding him close. Taehyung hands him some honey tea to sip for his throat.
“Sound like a plan.” he croaks.

“Hoseok, finger Jungkook open. I want him loose.” Seokjin commands, sitting in the same place on the sofa. He’d woken up feeling relaxed and rejuvenated after the scene last night, and as he’d eaten breakfast had decided how he would go about organising their scene this morning.
Hoseok gets to work squeezing lube onto his fingers and settling Jungkook onto his back, pressing the top of the bottle against Jungkook’s hole to squirt more in just because. They both like it wet, and he wants to make sure Jungkook enjoys this as much as he himself is sure to.
“Jimin, open Taehyungie up. He’s gonna ride Jungkook.”
Jimin nods and gestures for Taehyung to come and sit in his lap, taking the lube that Hoseok holds out for him.
“Good boy, Tae.” he says, tone fond and loving as Taehyung settles in his lap, “Gonna make you feel good, yeah?”
“Yes, please, Jiminie. Wanna feel good.”
Jimin fingers him open with care, fingertips only just brushing over his prostate just to tease. Taehyung gasps and whimpers so prettily, the usual low timbre of his voice high and breathy from pleasure. When Jimin has three fingers pumping in and out of him easily he pulls them out and brings Taehyung in for a kiss.
“Good boy, you’re all ready. Go hop on Jungkookie for me.”
Taehyung complies and walks across the room on shaky legs, Namjoon’s shirt hanging off his shoulders. He’s the perfect picture of submission, clumsy and desperate as he positions himself over Jungkook who’s still getting fingered by Hoseok. When he drops down they both moan, lips clashing in a messy kiss to quieten their noises.
“Hoseok, get in Jungkook. Stretch him out more so Jimin can join you.”
At Seokjin’s words Jungkook moans and shudders, clenching hard around Hoseok’s four fingers.
“Shut it.” Namjoon tells him from the opposite couch, followed by a “Stop clenching, slut.” from Hoseok. Jungkook is wonderfully overwhelmed.

The two cocks inside him press and slide against all his sensitive spots, and that paired with Taehyung riding him so expertly bring Jungkook closer to orgasm closer than he would have liked. Namjoon and Yoongi are both fucking Jimin and Hoseok, pushing them forwards into him each time they move and oh, it all feels so good. He’s sure he’s going to come after a few more thrusts but suddenly there’s a hand around his cock, holding holding holding tight, and he shudders through a dry orgasm.
“No! No, please, hyung, please let me come, ‘ve been good, Kookie’s been good, please--” he babbles, hands clenching and unclenching beside him on the sheets. Seokjin slaps him across the face with his free hand, once, twice, three times and Jungkook comes dry again, sobbing and moaning brokenly.
Namjoon fucks Hoseok hard, one hand gripping tight in his hair. He’s managed to convince Hoseok to let Namjoon Dom him and intends to take full advantage of that, hips kicking into him and pushing him deeper into Jungkook. Beside him Yoongi fucks Jimin with slow, shaky thrusts, sobbing quietly into his shoulder. Jimin had slapped him around and degraded him while Yoongi fingered him open, all “that tiny cock of yours is useless, Yoongi. There’s no way I’ll be able to feel it,” and “come on, move your fingers more. Maybe two will do, considering you’re so small.”
He’s mean. Yoongi loves it. When he stops thrusting to catch his breath Jimin turns around to face him, a frown set deep into his pretty features. He looks fucked out, lips red and bitten and cheeks flushed.
“What the hell was that, Yoongi? Keep it up or get out of me.”
Yoongi nods and whimpers, grip tightening on Jimin’s waist.
“Yes, Sir. Sorry.” he says brokenly, resuming the spasmic motions of his hips.
Seokjin rids himself of his jeans and boxers and kneels beside Jungkook’s face, pushing his cock between his lips. Jungkook whimpers and takes it, tears running down his flushed cheeks, and breathes through his nose as it hits the back of his throat. Seokjin still has his hand clamped around Jungkook’s cock to stop him from coming and it’s mean, so mean, to offer him all this overwhelming pleasure but nothing to dull it.
Above him Taehyung stills and comes with a cry, clenching hard around Jungkook’s cock and coming over both their chests. He whimpers a couple of times at the oversensitivity and goes to lie down on the bed at Jungkook’s other side, stroking a hand through his hair.
“You’re taking Seokjin in so well, baby.” he murmurs blearily, chest still heaving with each breath. Jungkook shudders at the praise, gasping around Seokjin’s cock when Yoongi comes and shoves Jimin deeper into him.
Hoseok comes next, head pulled back by Namjoon’s hold on his hair and moans beautifully breathy. Namjoon pulls out of him and jerks himself off, coming over Jungkook’s stomach. He wipes his hand on the maknae’s cheek and shuffles over to finger Jimin through his orgasm, helping him and Hoseok onto the other couch to come down from their highs.
Across the room Seokjin thrusts once more into Jungkook’s mouth and comes in streaks across his face, leaning down to spit on him and add to the mess. Jungkook is trembling where he lies on the sofa, whole body tense and wound up like a wire ready to snap. Seokjin rides out his high and turns to face him, hands dancing over his body like he’s plucking the strings of an instrument. It’s a fitting comparison: Seokjin knows exactly how to tune and play him to have Jungkook making the prettiest of sounds, singing at the top of his voice.
“Oh! Oh, hyung, please--” he whimpers as Seokjin brushes over his nipple and pinches the head of his cock. He’s close, so close it hurts, but he just knows that Seokjin is probably not going to give him the release of an orgasm any time soon.
“Yoongi-ah, come here.” Seokjin orders and Yoongi steps up beside him, removing his hands from Jungkook’s trembling body. “Choke him.”
Yoongi immediately obeys and a moan catches in Jungkook’s throat. He comes with Yoongi’s pretty hands around his neck, completely untouched. It makes the most beautiful sight, Jugkook’s small waist accentuated by the beautiful curve in his spine as he arches off the couch, head thrown back in ecstasy. His sweaty hair sticks to his forehead, leaving wet spots on the sofa, and it’s with a final whimper that he blacks out and falls limp.
Namjoon coos and gathers Jungkook into his arms, carrying him through into the bedroom.
“I’ll look after Jungkookie, you lot take care of Tae and Yoongi.” he says from down the hall.

Later that night they’re cuddled up on the couch together, some sappy romantic film that Jimin had chosen playing quietly on the TV as background noise.
The two subs are curled up between Jimin and Seokjin under Taehyung’s fluffy blue sherpa blanket, breaths mingling between their lips as they make out lazily.
“That was fun.” Namjoon says, arm wrapped around Seokjin’s shoulder.
“Yeah. Now we all know I’m the king of orgasm delay.” Seokjin adds, grinning.
“Bullshit.” Jimin snorts, “We all know that’s me.”
“Yah! All I had to do was shove my fingers down your throat and you lost within minutes!”