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The Head Omega

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“It’s so easy to tell that he loves you.”

“He doesn’t love me. It’s more like a partnership. A friendship. We protect each other.”

An elderly woman smiled brightly as she looked at the two young adults sitting across the aisle from her. The brown haired man was staring at the dark haired woman like she’d hung the stars and the moon. His green eyes never drifted far from her, and he was constantly reaching out for her hand. It was clear to her that the two (or at least the young man) were madly in love. However, she hadn’t said anything to the young woman until the man had left to use the restroom. If they weren't already together, she didn't want to embarrass the young man. Besides, omega matters were always to be discussed with other omegas, no matter what the kids today said. There were just some things you didn't talk about when alphas were around-but she digressed, returning her focus to the young potential couple.

Ah, to be young again. The woman remembered being like that- having her dear husband (rest his soul) moon over her while she was completely oblivious. It had taken her friends pointing it out for her to realize her husband wished to court and bond with her. She was so thankful that they had for she'd had over fifty years of bonded bliss before her beloved passed. It was obvious by the dark haired woman’s reaction that she didn’t realize what her green eyed companion felt for her. Or at least the old woman hoped she just didn't realize it. If the young omega knew, then she was being quite rude to the young alpha by not just telling him she wasn't interested. And so, the elderly lady tried several times to hint to the young woman that he was interested, telling the lady all about her late Alpha. She hoped that she could help this young couple on their journey in love and bond-mates. 

What the woman didn’t know was that Marinette Dupain-Cheng was 100% certain that Adrien Agreste felt nothing for her but phillial love. She was also very certain that the woman had no idea it was Adrien Agreste traveling with her. They had cut and dyed his hair brown and using some contour tricks, managed to disguise his face a little bit. The real reason Adrien couldn’t take his eyes off of her was that he was severely anxious.

It had been less than twenty-four hours since Marinette had kidnapped Adrien. It had been less than twenty-four hours since Adrien made the decision to let Marinette kidnap him. Less than twenty-four hours ago, he’d been locked away in his room and left to rot there. Less than twenty-four hours ago, his only reliable guardian had smuggled him out of the house and into Marinette’s care. It had been less than twenty-four hours that the pair had taken every bit of money they could and boarded a flight to the United States.

Marinette had reassured him several times that she had a plan, and Adrien trusted her, but he couldn’t get rid of the fear gnawing at his stomach. Gorilla- Laurent- would surely get in trouble for his disappearance. The man had always been so kind to him...Adrien didn’t want him to be hurt because of him. His father surely wouldn’t give him up without a fight...even if he didn’t want his son out in public. He was the face of Gabriel Designs. He was his father’s top model.

Regardless of his status .

His anxiety wouldn’t go away despite Marinette’s constant reassurance, so Adrien kept a close eye on his traveling partner, only feeling comfortable enough to use the bathroom once they were up in the air. She wasn't surprised that the elderly woman had chosen then to start talking to her. Many of the people they'd encountered so far had thought that her and Adrien were a young potential bond pair as well. Marinette hadn’t said anything, nor had she corrected people’s assumptions of them.The less people questioned them, the safer the pair would be. As of right then, they looked like a normal pair of young individuals going on a trip to see family- potentially to get their blessings to bond to one another. The little old lady across the aisle had eaten up the explanation readily, leaving Marinette relieved.

While it was true that Marinette had a plan for getting Adrien out of Paris, there was still a window for error. Thankfully, Laurent and Agent A had been more than willing to help make her plan work. Laurent had provided her the information about when Gabriel and Nathalie would be busiest and had disabled the security cameras for her. He'd also helped Marinette smuggle out things that were important to Adrien, personal items that he'd want to take with him. Agent A had provided the transportation out of Paris as well as a place to live once they'd left France, so Marinette didn't have to worry about trying to help Adrien disguise himself and get plane tickets. She’d broken into Adrien's room using the fox miraculous, introducing herself to Adrien as Huli Jing, knowing the magic would stop any cameras from revealing her identity. For now, it simply looked like Adrien had fled his home with a mysterious fox’s assistance. Once they were a safe distance away, Marinette had told Adrien to transform into Chat Noir.

At first he’d been shocked, but Marinette explained how she was able to put the pieces together and told him that for now, he’d be safer as Chat then he would Adrien. Marinette had then changed back into her civilian self and asked Chat to take her home. She had then explained that Gabriel would be looking for a fox and Adrien later, not Marinette and Chat. Once they returned to her balcony, Adrien had been surprised to see a small bag filled with his valuables in Marinette’s room.

“Your bodyguard, Laurent, brought them here. I...I asked for his help, Kitty. I had to get you out of there, and he was willing to help me,” she’d told him in a quiet voice. “We’re going to have to dye your hair and try and work some makeup magic, but I think we’ll be able to do this.”

“Mari...are you-”

“I’ve got a place for us to go, Adrien, and I’ve talked it over with Kaalki. We need to get you somewhere safe, and that’s not in Paris,” she sighed. “We’ll use a portal to go back and forth between here and our destination if Hawkmoth releases any akumas.”

“But what about you-”

“I already had plans to go and spend the year with my great uncle Alfred, especially now that my grandpere and him are back on speaking terms. My absence won’t be suspicious as it’s been well noted and the plans have been in motion for months.”

Adrien had been a mess ever since. He’d allowed Marinette to help him with his disguise, but was constantly checking over his shoulder. To be honest, so had Marinette. She too, only felt slightly relieved because they were on route to America. They’d left Paris and Parisian air space. They were too far out to go back to France. The only thing that could go wrong now would be if Laurent spilled his guts, and Gabriel had somehow managed to find out what exact plane they’d taken and ordered it to return home. 

Thankfully, it seemed like everything was holding up so far. Laurent had vanished as planned, Agent A providing him an escape route. More than likely, neither Gabriel nor Nathalie would notice for at least the rest of the day. Adrien had been scheduled to have a free day at home while both of them prepared for an upcoming event. Agent A had let her know that he’d be there to grab her as soon as they landed, much to her relief. She knew neither of them would feel safe until they were in their soon to be new home. Marinette smiled quietly to herself as she pretended to listen to the woman cooing over how sweet her Alpha was on her.

The only saving grace in Marinette’s eyes was that the woman had ceased when Adrien returned, even if he still looked uncomfortable. Marinette nuzzled his shoulder before whispering, “I’m sorry. You’ll be able to remove it soon, I promise.”

Adrien gave her a pain-filled smile before resting his head against hers, mumbling about how he wanted to sleep now. The pair clutched each other’s hand tightly, trying to drown out the voices around them. Marinette began to sing a soft Chinese lullaby, one that her mother had sung to her so many times as a child. Adrien lightly teased that Marinette had NO idea what the lullaby meant, but Marinette hushed him and continued singing anyway. She knew how much he needed to rest.

As Adrien drifted off against her shoulder, Marinette gazed around the plane cautiously. She watched for the slightest movement or note of suspicion. She had to get Adrien out of there. She had to protect him.

After all, what else could the Head Omega do?