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Sakura no kako to ima

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Chapter One: The Cause

“I’m sorry Sasuke, but I don’t think I can do this alone. Would you mind helping me please?” Sakura scrunched up her face in pain. Due to low chakra from their most recent confrontation, she was unable to heal her arm. It ached something awful from the wrist to her elbow. She knew it was a hairline fracture and wished she had just a little more chakra to ease her pain, if not fully heal her wound.

She had other wounds as well. Cuts crisscrossed her chest where the assassin had frantically tried to cut away her chest wrappings. He hadn’t. Sasuke had killed him. Just in time too. If he hadn’t jumped into the fight when he had she would have been raped and dead.

“Stop, let me help you Sakura, you know you can’t do that in your condition.” Sasuke chided her.

“I know, it is just, well, awkward.” She blushed a bit looking away from him.

“We aren’t kids anymore, but we have known one another since we were at the academy. It’s not like I’m a stranger or anything. Is it because it is me? Would you prefer someone else?” He asked.

“What? N No but, we aren’t kids anymore Sasuke, we are 18 now, it seems uh, I don’t know a bit embarrassing.” She laughed a bit nervously.

Geez, she thought to herself, this darn fracture. If she could undress herself to bathe and cleanse the cuts on her own she would. Of all people, this had to happen with. If it had been sensei or Naruto even, it would have been better. Sasuke though, he had to be the one to help was just too much.

She wasn't in love with him anymore, hadn’t been for years but it was still embarrassing.

“Here, just stand still, or you will hurt yourself more.” Sasuke murmured as he started to unbutton her shirt. He was almost to the last button when he looked up to her face, “ you are wearing chest wraps right?” His hand twitched against her skin making her shiver. He was still an attractive man even if she wasn’t infatuated with him anymore.

“Yes she said.” blushing furiously. “Just help me with the shirt, I can get everything else, really I only need you to help me get my left arm out of the sleeve. With this fracture, even if it is only a hairline fracture it really hurts.” She said blushing an even deeper shade of red.

He nodded in understanding and undid the last button. Her shirt fell open in the front and slightly off one shoulder revealing her neatly wrapped feminine chest to him. Sasuke reached up to brush the rest of the shirt off her shoulders and helped her dip her injured arm out of the sleeve but stopped as the fabric slid down her other arm leaving her top hanging at the crook of her elbow. She was barred to the waist in her chest wrappings but still wearing less than he had ever seen her wear.

He hadn’t meant to stare. He knew she was watching him as he looked at her bare shoulders and wrapped chest. She was a tiny slight little thing. He had never noticed how delicate she was before. He had always thought her weak and useless but now, seeing her like this. She was beautiful. Her skin was a peachy pink, very feminine and soft looking. He knew she had never been unattractive but he never looked at her long enough to see how attractive she really was, he was looking now though.

“What’s wrong Sasuke?” Sakura asked him when he hadn’t moved.

Sasuke didn’t respond immediately.

He lifted his hand to her neck and ran it over the top of her bare shoulder. She was just as soft as he had imagined. He wanted to touch her more. She hadn’t backed away or hit him so, she wanted him to touch her right?

” You're beautiful Sakura.” He murmured.

Maybe his brother was right he thought, damn him. Itachi had told him she was remarkable. Itachi hadn’t understood why Sasuke never returned her feelings. Everyone knew she was infatuated with him, had been for years and that he didn’t return them. It wasn't as though he hated her he just didn’t think of her romantically. Whenever he looked at her , he saw the same old annoying , weak 12 year old girl that would follow him around and fight over him with all the other girls.

Later after he had left Konoha he hadn’t thought of her much at first. When he did think of her, he thought of her as that annoying former teammate. He had heard she had been taken in as Tsunade Senju’s apprentice and was surprised. He had heard she was strong, impressively so, that she could break boulders, pulverize mountains and heal as good if not better than her Sensei. Yes, he had been impressed. That’s when he had started to think of her differently.

When he had seen her again, she was with Naruto, some new teammate who looked too similar to him for his liking and a new team leader, a funny looking guy named Yamato. She had grown, filled out a bit, but again he had other things on his mind that were more important. Surpassing his brother.

If he had thought of her after that meeting, it had been in the form of dreams. He would dream of her sometimes. Her face would come to him as he laid down to sleep, flying pink hair in the wind, dressed in old era formal kimonos, senbon in her hair, a katana on her back. In his dreams she was fierce, she was daring, she was

Other times he would dream they were married, she would call him Indra and pour his tea. They would talk by a garden in a house that was supposedly theirs. He would kiss her and pull her close to him. They were happy together in his dream. He would wake up feeling peaceful and relaxed. It would help him focus on his training, it kept his heart light. He found himself dwelling on it frequently and he would wonder, what would have happened if I had never left. Would we be dating?

He shook his head bringing himself back to reality.

Sakura stammered, “w wh what?” She thought she had heard him wrong. Ever since they were kids he had never shown any interest in her beyond that of a teammate. At first, it had hurt Sakura who had had a crush on the Uchiha since their academy days. She had been thrilled when they were placed on the same Genin team together, along with Naruto.

Sasuke had ignored her, told her she was weak and from then on she had lost any hope of ever capturing his heart and had accepted his friendship. She still hoped, of course but it was a good bond. They were like family, her, Naruto, and Sasuke, even their sensei Kakashi. They were a family and that was more important she realized as she got older. Her infatuation dwindled and what was left was something much more durable, stronger. So, what was he doing?

“I said you are so beautiful Sakura. I never realized. You have really grown up.” Sasuke whispered.

“We are the same age Sasuke.” She laughed off her nervousness.

“ I know that.” he almost scoffed, acting more like his usual arrogant self. “It’s just, I don’t know, I never really noticed before. Seeing you like this ...” He trailed off, running his fingers over her shoulder back across her collar bone to her throat, down her chest. He wanted to kiss her. Would she let him?

Her breath hitched in her throat and she took a step back only to have him snake his other arm around her back drawing her in. She thought of Itachi. Why was she thinking of Itachi she chastised herself, wasn't this what she had always dreamed about, but two months ago….

“Remember when you used to follow me around? You and Ino? I used to get so annoyed with you two.” He said as he kept his arm firm on her back holding her in place while his other hand trailed to the end of her chest wraps, playing with the end, slowly tugging it loose. She was so warm, he wanted to feel more of her. If he could just get these damn wraps off of her.

“We were so foolish back then,” Sakura said trying to edge away from him while keeping her injured arm steady as not to jostle it, it was throbbing something awful making it hard for her to concentrate on what Sasuke was saying. What little chakra she had left she tried to focus on her arm, to null the pain.

Sasuke stepped in a bit closer to Sakura bringing his cheek to hers and softly whispered into her ear, “ I was a fool to ignore you. I won’t make that mistake again. I was a boy Sakura. I am a man now.” He kissed the side of her neck lightly, then slowly dragged his tongue down the side to her collarbone. With one last tug, her chest wraps fell down to gather at her waist. He held his breath waiting for the punch...but it never came. Did she want him too?

Wait! When had he? “ What the hell do you think you are doing Sasu…” and he took her mouth with his pressing his lips over hers forcing his tongue into her mouth. “Mmmph!” She protested.

It was better than in his dreams, she was soft and warm and she tasted so sweet. He wanted more, he wanted to taste other parts of her he wanted ...she was pushing him away.

She pushed him away with her good arm. Just a regular push, unfortunately, she was still almost out of chakra. What the hell did Sasuke think he was doing! She looked at him in astonishment, where the hell had that come from and of all times now?! He must not be thinking clearly, she would forgive him, she always did.

Sasuke had stumbled back from the push.”Even without chakra infused punches, you have gotten strong Sakura.” Yes, she wasn’t the same girl anymore, she was a strong woman. His woman wasn’t she? She still loved him right? Sasuke stood still for a minute. Sakura frantically tried to cover herself up with her one good arm backing away from him as she went.

“Uh thank you for your help Sasuke, I can manage from here.” She turned to the tent where her pack and spare set of clothes were. “I can bathe by myself don’t need to help me.” The kiss hadn’t felt right, it was good but...still wrong. It didn’t make her heart flutter like Itachi’s had. It was exciting and it made her heart skip, but there was something about it that didn’t feel, the same. Did that mean she was truly over Sasuke? She was confused. Why couldn’t this have happened 4 years ago before the war, before he left the village to join Orochimaru before he had tried to kill her!

She got her pack out of the tent and walked to the river near their camp. She had to think, she had to breath. His presence was too strong, dominating, it made her weak for him, like she was still the girl she used to be. Damn it Sasuke why do you have to be so damn hot and why do this now, after she and Itachi...well they hadn’t done anything really but she felt like they had started to form a relationship.

Her head was spinning, her arm hurt and she was tired. Focus, she told herself, I just need to focus. She set her pack down by the bank. There was a small eddy pool by the rocks that reached out into the river’s bank creating a small nook. She carefully edged off her black shorts after looking back toward the camp making sure she wasn't followed and eased herself into the eddy pool. The river was cold and sent shivers down her spine but the cold numbed her heated skin and throbbing arm. She slowly began to rub the grime and blood from her body while contemplating recent events.

Did Sasuke like her now? How did she feel about this? She wasn't sure if she was happy to be honest with herself. This was her dream come true right? But what about Itachi? Sasuke kissing her, Sasuke telling her how strong and beautiful she was? It felt like a dream, but it just didn’t feel right. It didn’t feel the way she had thought it would. It felt…..insincere and wrong. Of course, she didn’t have any prior experience to compare it to. She had only kissed Itachi on the cheek after all. It had felt right though, like they had made a connection, a new and exciting one.

Sakura was so deep in thought she didn’t notice the two eyes watching her from the trees above, one red one ringed and purple.

Why did I do that Sasuke asked himself, what is wrong with me? I am sitting in a tree basically stalking her. I’m protecting her he tried to fool himself. He might not know why, or what he was doing but he knew he wanted more than what they had. He wanted to be more than teammates now, more than friends. Most of all, he wanted her for himself. He was ready. He was ready to return her love, be there for her like he used to be, before he had left. To be normal.


“Sakura-chan!” Naruto yelled running down the road when he spotted her, orange clad arms flapping in the wind. “Wanna get ramen! My treat Sakuuurrrra chan! Is that a new dress? Wow, you look really good Sakura.”

Sakura had just gotten off her shift at the hospital and was very tired. She had just pulled a double shift and was really looking forward to a hot bath and then her nice soft bed...not ramen with the biggest loudmouth in the village. Still, she found herself walking along the streets of Konoha with Naruto heading to his favorite ramen shop. He had a face you just couldn’t say no to sometimes.

Ino had come by the night before complaining she never dressed more feminine. In Ino talk this really meant, it has been years, you’re pathetic, time to give up on the Uchiha, go get laid. Sakura was forced into a green dress that fit Ino’s preference ten mins before her double shift started and she was still wearing the darn thing. It made her feel uncomfortable. It wasn’t exactly slutty but it was by no means her usual kind of modest. She didn’t even have her doctors coat to cover most of it. She felt ridiculous no matter how many compliments she had gotten that day. Well, ramen couldn’t hurt. It was his treat after all.

When they got there they found their usual seats at the bar taken.
“Good evening Uchiha san, Kakashi sensei,” Sakura said politely as she bowed to Sasuke’s older brother and their former sensei.

“Sakura-chan, Naruto Kun, beautiful evening isn’t it?” Kakashi said to his former students. “And drop the sensei Sakura-chan, I am not your sensei anymore, haven’t been for years in fact.” he did his iconic eye crinkle smile at them. His eyes wandered over her figure and she blushed. Damn Ino!

“Good evening Uzamaki san, Haruno san,” Itachi bowed as gracefully as anyone could possibly from the stool at a ramen bar.

“Hey hey, Ita Kun, where Sasuke Kun?” Naruto all but barked at Itachi as he pulled his butt into the stool right next to Itachi.

“Please address me as Uchiha san or Itachi san Uzumaki san, and Sasuke will be here soon I expect he heard your greeting from the compound.”

Sakura sat down next to Kakashi and smiled. “You look nice tonight Sakura-chan, got a hot date after you eat with Naruto Kun?” Kakashi winked at her dropping his eye to the dip in between her breasts where the dress and bunched up and opened a bit.

“Uh, no sensei, Ino told me I needed to dress more like a woman when I was not on missions so to appease her...uh I am?” She looked down at the ground a bit shy trying to pat down the gap without anyone noticing.

Kakashi smiled at her again. He had noticed her face flamed red. More like a woman? Hum, he hummed to himself, yes, she was definitely a woman. He had always liked the way she smelled.

“Isn’t she hot Kaka sensei? Ino sure is a loudmouth but she can pick out a good dress!” Naruto had his bowl of ramen already and was digging in. “I like how it splits up the side and green looks great on you.” A noodle hung from his lips as he talked swinging back and forth.

Itachi stood up and moved to the seat next to Sakura’s other side. “ I believe I will finish my meal over here Uzumaki san. I will get less splash back and random noodles flung onto me here.” Itachi said to Naruto. “Nice dress, very green.” He said to Sakura.

“Um thank you.” Sakura blushed at Itachi.

It was then that Sasuke walked up and joined them, sitting next to Naruto and ordering a bowl of ramen.

“You might want to move like your brother did Sasuke, or you might get a noodle in your face sitting there from Naruto’s poor eating habits. “ Kakashi told him.

“I’m already done Kaka sensei !” Naruto said proudly to everyone in the shop as if he were a good boy and deserved a treat for his accomplishment.

“That’s why I am always late for these things Kakashi, I arrive after he is done and am safe from his disgusting habits.” Sasuke drawled picking up a pair of chopsticks and poking at his own bowl of ramen.

Kakashi was already done with his ramen, and Sasuke must have been hungry because once he had stopped poking at it, he had eaten his ramen quickly.

On the other side of Kakashi Sakura had only finished half of her ramen. Itachi was almost done but not quite.

“Okay! Now that we are all done with dinner let’s go spar! Come on Sasuke! Ita! Kura! Sensei?” Naruto said cheerily.

“Naruto, I’m not halfway done and Uchiha san isn’t done yet either. Don’t rush us!” Sakura reprimanded him with a glare
Itachi turned to Sakura,” please call me Itachi, no need for formalities.” He smiled

“Uh ok, thank you Itachi san,” she replied smiling at him a little. He was so polite and sweet. So different from Sasuke. She found herself liking Itachi more and more.

“No need for san, Sakura, Itachi will do.” He said without looking at her this time, a slight rose tint on his cheeks.

Hey! How come she gets to call you Itachi without honorifics? And not me?” Naruto whined clearly not understanding the situation as usual.

“Don’t call me Ita again Uzumaki san or I will stab you.” Itachi said with a straight face not bothering to look at the blonde.

Sakura laughed quietly beside Itachi and his mouth curved into an almost smile momentarily.

Sasuke looked up from his ramen to look curiously at his brother. What was that about?

Even Kakashi put his book down and looked at the heir to the Uchiha clan with curious eyes. Interesting.

“Fine! You guys stay here and we will go, you meet us after!” Naruto said, oblivious as usual.

“I’m really tired, I think I will pass tonight Naruto Kun, sorry, I’m taking a bath then heading to bed, I just spent 16 hours at the hospital.” Sakura said.

“I'm going home after,” Itachi said not caring to elaborate.

Kakashi, Sasuke, and Naruto said goodbye to Itachi and Sakura, and were halfway down the street when Naruto remembered he left his froggy wallet on the ramen bar and ran back to get it.

Kakashi and Sasuke stood in the street looking back after him. As Sasuke watched Naruto swipe his froggy wallet off the counter he also noticed that his older brother Itachi was leaning close to Sasukra, his hand braced against the back of her stool holding his weight as he whispered something into her ear. Itachi was leaning into her, he was too close to her. Sakura laughed lightly at whatever Itachi had whispered to her. Sasuke narrowed his eyes, why would he do that? Why was she laughing like that? And was that a new dress? Sakura never wore dresses like that. It looked more like something Ino would wear! And why the hell do I care he wondered...

“Hum, looks like your brother might be interested in our little Sakura-chan Sasuke? Must be that dress, it even makes me want to whisper in her ear.” Kakashi laughed as they both watched Naruto run back up to them waving his wallet back and forth yelling “ I got it”

“Hn,” Sasuke grunted. He was not pleased with his brother giving such attention to his teammate, his friend. Particularly when she was wearing a dress that was slit up to her hip on one side showing far too much leg!



Sakura let the water flow over her skin. She let out a small sigh, it felt so good. Her whole body ached with exertion. The assassin had put up a good fight. They were far more skilled than anyone had anticipated.


Sakura had asked Sasuke to let her go ahead and scout it out. She had wanted to prove to him she was his equal, that she wasn't weak anymore, that he could rely on her. The target had been alone and unarmed. She found him resting in a tree wounded from another fight and weak. That is how he had looked to her.

She had been wrong of course. Cloaking her chakra she had lept from her branch ran up the side of the tree next to his half way and back flipped onto his branch kicking down hard. He had spun on his feet, pivoted back around and punched her in the arm fracturing it immediately. She had tumbled from the tree unable to get a chakra grip on the branches and had fallen in a heap to the ground . Her breath had been pushed from her lungs and he had landed on top of her crushing her neck with his forearm breathing hottly in her face, and laughing..

“Little girls should know their place. I’ll show you what you’re good for kunoichi” and he had kissed her, shoving her shirt up and trying to cut off her chest wraps at the same time.

Sakura had closed her eyes willing herself to move when she felt something dripping onto her cheek. She had opened her eyes to see Sasuke standing over them his katana shoved through the assassin's eye socket, his eye had been forcibly pushed through and had been sitting on the tip of Sasuke’s sword, looking at her as if in surprise.


She groaned as she realized she would eventually have to get out and then another as she realized she didn’t have a towel to dry off with. They had used hers to wrap the assassin's body in and seal it in a scroll to take back to Konoha with them.

She slowly and carefully got out of the water stepping back up onto the river bank and grabbed her bra. She wasn't going to bother with chest wraps, their mission was over, they were on their way back to Konoha and she couldn’t do them herself. She wasn't about to ask Sasuke to help her. She shook her head, she was exhausted.

She still wasn't even sure if that had even happened. Maybe she had imagined it? No. she hadn’t. It had happened. Two brothers Uchiha, both so different but so much alike. She bit her lip as she put her bra and panties on. The fabric stuck to her still damp skin and it was hard and awkward to do it one-handed. Would she mind if it had been Itachi to do that, to touch her and kiss her like Sasuke had? No, she wouldn’t mind it. She hadn’t minded that Sasuke had done it either but….she realized she didn’t want Sasuke anymore, not like that at least.

She bent down to stick one foot into one of her shorts legs and lost her balance. Oh shit! A small yelp escaped her and she started to fall… she closed her eyes waiting for the pain that would come when falling on her fractured arm but it didn’t come. Instead, there were two strong arms around her holding her as they both sat down hard in the soft grass by the river. Sasuke had caught her thank goodness! Would a day come where he would stop having to constantly save her? Ugh, she felt pathetic.

“I got you. You ok?” Sasuke said over her head resting his chin above her hair holding her close to his chest as she sat on his lap.

“I’m fine, yes, sorry. I’m ok, thanks.” She bit out. This was worse than him helping her take off her shirt. She rolled her eyes to the sky and bit her lip.

“Hn.” was all he said.

“I can get up now Sasuke.” She said blushing further, she was in her bra and panties, after all, sitting on his lap. She moved to stand but he held on tight. She wiggled a bit more to get out of his lap but stopped as she heard his breath catch in his throat and he let out a small groan. She was mortified.

“Sorry, uh, Sasuke Kun, I didn’t, I wasn't thinking, um, can you let go of me, please? She wanted to die of embarrassment but unfortunately, you never do.


He closed his eyes. She was so soft and warm She smelled like fresh water and flowers. He tried to control the emotions that flooded his mind. He had never felt this way before. Between leaving his village for more power to surpass his brother, and the war he really hadn’t had time to think of women. But now, here, with her...maybe? She had seemed ok with it before if not a bit embarrassed.

So without thinking , he started kissing her ear testing. She didn’t move. He ran his tongue around her ear then kissed her neck once, then twice. She started breathing more heavily, he smiled. She does want me. He licked her neck and sucked a little as he rolled his tongue back up to her ear and gently exhaled over her freshly kissed skin. She let out a small moan . She likes it, she wants more.

He could feel her pulse quicken under his lips, she sighed again. He made a small murmur of content and while keeping one arm around her waist holding her back to him, he reach around with his other to her breast. His fingers grazed the underwire of her bra pushing slightly till they could hook under it. He slid his hand up and under the lacey underwire and over her breast cupping it in his palm.

Fuck she was hot, this was hot. He wanted to fuck her so bad but he had to go slow. It was her first time.He groaned as he felt her nipple harden in the palm of his hand and he kissed her neck, licking up to her ear.” you are so beautiful Sakura.” He moaned. Yes, he thought, this felt right.

She gasped and wiggle, it felt.. It felt good, but it was Sasuke, he was, he was kissing her, licking her, touching her. His other hand joined the first as she felt his cock grow hard under her. She gasped loudly as he pinched both her nipples and bit her neck. Did she want this? He undid her bra and let it fall from the shoulders. He turned her around and sat her facing him, sliding her bra down and off her arm, he had her straddling him and took one of her nipples into his mouth. Could she let him? She leaned her head back and moaned. The pain in her arm a dull throbbing by now. The cuts on her chest almost forgotten.

“Sakura, please, I want you. Do you want me?” he breathed into her chest as his tongue circled one of her nipples. “ I know you want me” He reached down and started pulling down the elastic band of her panties, then lifting her up by her waist he slid them down one leg then the other. He couldn’t wait any longer. He had waited years already. This was hotter than any dream he had ever had of her. He started to undo his pants, panting into her mouth, biting her bottom lip when he felt a hand on his chest pushing him back a little.

“ No, Sa Sasuke I, not like this. It doesn’t feel right. I’m not sure what I want. I care about you. I was in love with you for so long but now. I just don’t know. I’m sorry Sasuke Kun.” She whispered trying to pull herself off of him. The last thing she wanted to do was hurt him, right when he was finally coming to her with the love she had always wanted.

What did she mean it didn’t feel right? It felt right to him, she must just be nervous. He would show her it was ok, that it was right, they were meant for each other right? His dream of them sitting on the porch talking and drinking tea flashed through his mind. He wanted her as a wife, this wasn't just lust. Didn’t she understand that?

“It’s ok Sakura, I know what you want. I know you want this. Just let me show you.” He slid his pants down, his full erection springing up in between her legs. He held her with both arms sliding her forward over his cock. Kami she was wet, so wet. He wondered what she tasted like. He licked his lips. He moaned and gasped. “ Sakura you feel so good. Let me make you feel good. Like you have always wanted. I I need to know, I need this.” He said sliding her back and forth over his hard cock, she was so wet, he almost couldn’t breathe.

I need this? She said to herself...what about me? “No, she said a little more forcefully, no Sasuke, I don’t want to, let me go.” He was only thinking of himself, he was being selfish again, she was a fool. He would use her for his pleasure then cast her aside like always. Annoying foolish Sakura always chasing after him.

“Is it Itachi? You prefer my brother over me?” Sudden rage filled him. Was he going to be forever overshadowed by his genius brother? Years of living in Itachi’s shadow, tears of jealousy filled him. He finally realizes he has feelings for her and she is going to leave him for his brother? It was more than he could stand. It infuriated him. He could see his perfect dream slipping away. Didn’t she know how much she meant to him, how he had dreamt of her over the he loved her?

“ You were in love with ME since we were kids Sakura! You belong to me not him!” He said in her face pulling her closer, harder over his cock.

“Besides, '' he smirked” I can feel how much you want me, look how wet you are for me Sakura, don’t tell me you don’t want it. You're dripping for me. Don’t lie to yourself. You want it as much as I do.” and he lifted her by her arms, pressing them to her sides, she screamed out in pain as he crushed the fractured arm in his grip, lifted her over his cock, lined himself up with her entrance and shoved her back down. She screamed out in pain, he groaned in pleasure.

He held her in place for a moment. He had never done this with anyone before, it felt like nothing he could ever have imagined. Was she okay? Did he do it right? He looked into her eyes. She was crying, but didn’t all girls cry their first time? This was his, this moment, her first time belonged to him, not his brother. He smiled, Itachi would never have this.

“It will be ok, the pain will pass I heard, I promise you will like it.” he tried to soothe her. He would protect her, he would make this right, she would see in the end. Everything he had done part of it was for her. The thoughts of her had helped sustain him, drive him on. He did it for them, for their future together. He would make her understand.

She tried to fight him. Her arm was burning, throbbing in pain. Tears streamed down her face. She was humiliated, betrayed. How could he do this to her? He wasn't even listening to her.

“I hate you! How could you do this to me? If I had my chakra...I would! I would break you in half!” She sobbed. She fought and fought but he was too strong.

“This is what you wanted! I am doing this for you, I love you. I know you still love me. He isn’t good enough for you, he won’t care about you like me. He doesn’t know you like I know you. I am the one who has been there for you. I am the one who you will marry! You can’t be with him, he is the Uchiha heir, he has to marry an Uchiha! Me sakura! Not him! You wanted to marry me since we were kids!” Sasuke yelled at her, pressing her onto him, pushing into her as deep as possible.” you belong to me not him!.”

“What are you talking about!? I don’t understand what I did wrong, I don’t know what you mean Sasuke please stop I’m begging you, I promise not to tell anyone if you just stop, just stop please. I’m sorry, whatever I did, I’m sorry!” She begged him.

“MY BROTHER!”. He lifted her again by her arms and she screamed and he slammed her back down onto his cock.

” I will show you who you belong to Sakura. By the end of this night, you will never forget you are mine and only mine. Don’t let any other man touch you I won’t allow it!.” and with that, he leaned her back onto the soft grass of the riverbank, drew his legs out from underneath her, settled back in between her legs and thrust into her over and over while she screamed for him to stop. He slowed just enough so he could spread her legs wider and pounded into her even deeper. Over and over.

“ I’m going to break you. I can do whatever I want, your body belongs to me” he leaned over to whisper into her ear. “ I love you, you are so beautiful and you're mine.” he bit her neck. His thrusts became more sporadic, more forceful, tears streamed down her face as he came into her, pouring seed-filled pump after pump into her womb, her legs spread wide, tears streaming down her face. Through the tears she could see, blurry red eyes glaring at her, raking over her body, pushing her legs farther and farther apart until she felt like they would break, then nothing. Everything went black.



She walked out the front doors of the hospital. Her shift was done and she was ready to go home. Dusk had just fallen and she hummed to herself as she walked. It had been awhile since she had been happy. It seemed like all she did anymore was work at the hospital, train with Naruto and Sasuke, eat ramen and sleep.

Once in awhile she would give in to Ino’s loud protests that she never did anything or went anywhere. In fact earlier that day she had been in her office working through lunch when Ino had showed up demanding they go to lunch together. Sakura had protested, whined and complained but found herself being pulled around the corner by the blonde right into Itachi Uchiha.

Sakura had apologized and sputtered but Itachi insisted it was his fault and that he was sorry for not paying attention. They had left on an embarrassing note Ino saying loudly as they walked away that Sakura should ask him out and get laid.

As she made her way slowly down the street she realized a man like Itachi could have easily avoided her, that if anyone had run into him it should have been Ino not her, and his excuse for it was that he hadn’t been paying attention? He is always paying attention! He is Itachi Uchiha!

She frowned, why would he do that?

“Good evening Sakura.” Itachi said from beside her.

“EKK!” She placed her hand over her heart, “Itachi! You scared me!”

He laughed at her, She was so cute.” You need to work on your sensory skills Sakura, if I were an enemy nin you would be dead.” He smiled sweetly at her.

She narrowed her eyes at him, “If you were an enemy nin I would still be dead, because you are you and I am me.”

“Give yourself more credit Sakura, you are exceptional.” He said without blinking looking at her.

“May I walk you home?” He offered.

“Uh sure, take a left up here, I’m just around the block.” She told him.

“I know where you live Sakura.” She really liked the way he said her name, his voice was deep and smooth and sexy.

“You do? How?” She was surprised.

“Sasuke.” He replied

“Oh, of course” What had she been thinking, stupid stupid stupid, that he liked her, as if.

They walked up the steps to her apartment.

“Thank you for walking me home Itachi, you really didn’t have to,” Sakura said as she opened the door.

“It was my pleasure Sakura. May I also walk you home tomorrow after your shift at the hospital?” Itachi asked.

“ of course Itachi, Uh um I would like that.” Sakura stammered and flushed prettily while opening the door to her apartment.

Itachi’s heart was beating so fast he could swear she could hear it. His face ever impassive gave little away.

“It is not too very late, um would you like to come in for tea, Itachi?” Sakura asked boldly. What am I doing she asked herself, I must be insane!

“Hn,” Itachi said and brushed a lock of pink hair back from her cheek. She looked beautiful. She was adorable.

Itachi followed her into her apartment.

Some hours later the door to Sakura’s apartment opened again and Itachi stepped out.

“Thank you for the tea and for sharing your research into the optic nerves you have been doing. I am interested to see what you come up with. Such a remedy as we discussed could be good for my entire clan. We would be forever in your debt for generations.” Itachi spoke in his sincere and soft voice.

“I would love to be the one to fix the blindness that has been plaguing the Uchiha for centuries. I think I am really close already, I appreciate you letting me look at your Sharingan Itachi, it is very helpful. I had asked Sasuke but he just blew me off telling me it wasn't my business.” Sakura informed Itachi.

“I am sorry my brother is so rude sometimes. I had hoped he would grow out of it by now but……and our clan has rules about , well...” Itachi trailed off. He loved the passion in her eyes when talking about something she was interested in.

“See you tomorrow? After I get out of work?” she asked, hopeful.

“I will be in front of the hospital.” Itachi said, she was so adorable!

“Great! Goodnight Itachi, I really enjoyed talking with you.” She leaned forward and kissed his cheek blushing a deep red.

Itachi stood very still, raised his hand to his cheek where she had kissed him and blushed a very light pink. “ Good night Sakura.” He whispered. She liked him. A warmness was glowing in his heart, he peace...happy.

Sakura Smiled and closed the door to her apartment. Itachi stood there for a moment, his hand to his cheek. He turned slowly and walked down the stairs of Sakura’s apartment and turned left onto the street that lead back to the Uchiha compound. He wished he had activated his Sharingan so he could replay her kissing his cheek over and over before he went to sleep

“ Why are you leaving Sakura’s so late at night Itachi?” Sasuke dropped down from a tree in front of Itachi blocking his way.

“Why were you in a tree looking into Sakura’s apartment for the last three hours Sasuke?” Itachi retorted. Interesting.

“You knew?” Of Course he knew... “I saw you go in with her and wanted to make sure she was ok! I saw you hitting on her at Ichiraku’s when you thought we had all gone to spar! You couldn’t wait to get her alone.” Sasuke spat out at his older brother. “What were you doing in there for three hours?”

Itachi surveyed his little brother for a moment. “ You like her. I thought you said she was annoying.” It was a statement, not a question.

“Well, she is. I don’t like her. Not, not like that. I mean I do like her, she is my teammate, she is special. She needs to be looked after she is weaker than Naruto and I. I want to protect her, even if it is from you. Now tell me what you were doing with her!” Sasuke asked him again.
“Sakura is not weak. One day you will see in her what I see. She is a remarkable woman Sasuke. It is too bad you never saw that. You think she is weak, you think she is annoying ...poor little brother. As for what I was doing to her...What can a man and a woman do to one another for three hours Sasuke?” Itachi tsked at him and started to make his way back to the compound leaving Sasuke standing in the middle of the street.

Sasuke ran his hand through his hair. She is weak and annoying, what is he talking about. I mean, I guess her eyes are kinda pretty. Sasuke thought to himself. In his dreams she was…. Hum. Sasuke decided that he was going to try to see in Sakura what Itachi saw. He still wasn't sure that was possible

.” A remarkable woman?” Sasuke muttered to himself. “Sakura?” He walked home his hands in his pockets. His brother had never answered his question.


Sasuke dressed Sakura careful of her fractured arm. He had cleaned her off as best he could after, after he had lost control. He made her comfortable in their tent tucking her into both sleeping mats while he took watch. He felt a little guilty. He hadn’t meant to go that far.

He had used his Sharingan to put her to sleep. She wouldn’t wake till morning. She wouldn’t remember anything either. What had he done? He was so mad at himself. He didn’t want Itachi to have everything again, while he had nothing. He took the only thing he could from his brother but still...That is not how he, he didn’t want...she deserved better than him. But, not his brother, he wasn't good enough for her either. It had felt so good, he wanted to do it again. He knew it was wrong but...he wanted her more than before if it was possible.

“Damn it!” Sasuke punched the tree next to him causing a cascade of pine needles to fall on his head. What if she gets pregnant, he thought..damn damn damn. If she got pregnant then no one would want her, she would be his , she wouldn’t be able to leave him if she were to get pregnant. He really hadn’t thought this through but, but he had wanted her. More than he had ever wanted anything before in his life. He would do anything to make sure she stayed with him, chose him. There were still things he wanted to do with her.

The tent was dark when he entered. He closed the flap behind him and made his way over to where she slept. He shouldn’t have dressed her again. He pulled the blanket off of her sleeping form and studied her. Her hair was still damp, she smelled like the river, clean and like water. He undid her shirt running both of his hands over her breasts. He unhooked the clasp in the front and opened her bra so he could suck on her nipples. He took his time. She would be asleep all night after all.

He activated his Sharingan and took one breast in his hand thumbing her nipple as he licked the other from side to peak kissing back down and up again to take her nipple back into his mouth. She let out a small mewing noise and he stopped. Was she dreaming? Was she dreaming of him?

Standing up he felt the blood rushing to his groin, he ran his hand over his erection thinking. The first time had been rushed, she had fought him a little but he was sure she had been enjoying it by the end. He wanted to try her again, he undid his pants and slid them off with his underwear and kicked them to the side of the tent. She lay there her shirt open not moving, there were so many things running through his head. When he used to think of laying with her he never imagined he would be able to do this, have her laid out before him, open to him, naked.

Dropping his shirt to the floor he kneeled back down beside her and took off her skirt and shorts. Running his hand over the lace of her panties he thought about what he wanted to do to her. He wanted to taste her. She would probably be too embarrassed to let him do it if she were conscious so...he would just taste her a little and see how it was.

He took off her panties and set them aside. Parting her legs gently he moved in between them and laid his head on her thigh as he traced small lines up and down the outside of her entrance. He could smell her. She smelled good, musky but fresh, sweet and tangy. He lifted his head and licked out a little, lightly touching his tongue to her. He drew his tongue back and tasted her. He immediately stuck his tongue back out and licked her from top to bottom, she mewled in her sleep again.

He opened her with his fingers and stared at her, she was so small, it looked far too tight for him to fit in her but he knew he did. He wanted to see that too, his cock sliding in and out of her. Sliding one finger in he watched in fascination as she grew wet around his digit, and mewled more in her sleep. Her noises, oh kami the noises she made. They were soft and gentle, sweet and innocent but, sexy and tantalizing. He pulled his finger out and sunk his tongue into her as far as it would go and withdrew it and licked his lips. She was wonderful. She had been pure, it belonged to him now.

She was tiny and perfect and his.

She was protesting the removal of his tongue in little grunts, he laughed as she mewled, as if asking him for more. He wondered what her lips around his cock would feel like but he didn’t want to choke her. So he rolled her over onto her stomach, this time determine not to hurt her arm.

He laid her out comfortably and rolled up a blanket and pushed in under her hips so she rose up a bit. He felt a bit embarrassed but he couldn’t help himself and if she got pregnant, even better. She was mewling again driving him mad, so he rubbed his cock over her entrance, wetness fell over his cock and he eased into her, gently this time. He didn’t want to hurt her. He watched his cock slide all the way into her body.

“Oh fuck that feels good.”

Is this what they mean when they say lovers are of one body? He wanted that. He wanted to be one with her.

He drew back out of her and then pushed back into her slowly again watching his cock disappear into her, then again, and again faster this time. He had never felt like this, never knew it could be so enticing, so fucking hot to watch yourself enter and exit someone else’s body. He began to push harder and harder into her, rocking her hips forward and back with his hands, so she could take him deeper, he watched himself slam into her cunt , heard hew mewl her pleasure as he took his from her and then he came into her and stayed locked inside her, her walls tightening hard around him, draining him of everything he had..He gave his soul to her in that moment. He belonged to her...she was his and no one else's.

Itachi was right, she was remarkable. She was strong, beautiful, intelligent, sexy and his Why hadn’t he seen it before?

“ She said she doesn’t love me anymore,” he mumbled to himself. Well, he thought, she had loved him for years, she would love him again. Right? He just had to show her he was better than Itachi. In the morning, he would start to show her how much she meant to him.


Dawn came and with it hope for a new day. Sasuke had already started packing up their campsite when Sakura emerged from the tent.

“Morning Sasuke Kun.” She mumbled rubbing her eyes.

“Morning.” Sasuke gruffed watching her carefully.

She got up and stretched yawning wide. “ I healed my fractured arm as soon as I woke up along with the scratches across my chest. Man am I feeling a lot better. My chakra still isn’t back to full but do you need me to heal anything for you Sasuke? You know, that I couldn’t heal for you yesterday?” She turned to him with a raised eyebrow.

“No,” He said as he packed up their tent throwing her bag to her as he went. He didn’t know how to tell her. He wanted desperately for her to understand how he felt. He couldn’t bring himself to look her in the eye.

“Why don’t you go freshen up by the river while I finish here and then we can head back to Konoha.”
He wishes he had done better the first time, been more gentle, maybe waited till they had gotten back to Konoha, but his brother was in Konoha. No, he had done the right thing, but he still felt ...guilty.

“ Ok, I’ll be right back.” She said and left in the direction of the river.

Sakura leaned over the water and splashed her face. She frowned at her blurry reflection in the river. She was sore. Her muscles, her arms, her legs between her legs. She was bleeding too but, she wasn't due to bleed for another two weeks. And, she had never been this sore down there while PMSing before. It actually throbbed and stung like, almost like, it wasn't possible. Who would, who could was ridiculous. No one would have attempted such an atrocity, not with Sasuke there with her. No, she trusted him with her life. She must just be really drained. She tried to remember last night but for some reason there was nothing, she drew a complete bank. This mission took a lot more out of her than she had realized.

She healed herself, stretched again and headed back to the campsite where she could almost hear Sasuke tapping his foot in impatience.