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          Weeks past and both Mycroft and Molly suffered in different ways.  Mycroft found he was desperate to get to her and would dream of her on the rare nights he could sleep.  He had to exercise every ounce of self-control to not just leave Sherrinford and go to her.  He knew that once he revealed himself things would never be the same.  He felt he had already lost her, that there would be no forgiveness for him.  He knew her love would turn to hate once she found out what he and Sherlock had done.  He had no doubt that he would forever love her and would worship the ground she walked on for the rest of his life.  For someone like Mycroft this was a startling self-discovery that he could feel this way about another human being.     

          As for Molly, she was happy and sad at the same time.  One half of her heart still ached for Mycroft and his love.  She had no doubt that he had loved her.  The Holmes boys had verbally declared their lack of a heart and emotions attached to said organ, but she knew better.  She knew Sherlock loved his friends, why else would he have taken a swan dive off the top of Bart’s.  She also knew she had found Mycroft’s heart and that it had belonged to her and her alone.  The other half of Molly’s hurting heart was filled with joy.  There was a life growing inside her.  It was a child made out of the brief love they had shared. 

          Sherlock and John had insisted she stay at Baker Street until further notice.  At first she had objected, but Sherlock wouldn’t listen. He was adamant she would remain at Baker Street indefinitely.


          “Molly, there is still a person running around out there responsible for Mycroft.  Do you really think once your child becomes common knowledge that the person behind this attack won’t come back to end Mycroft’s child’s life?  No, you will stay here.  No more arguing, it is decided.”

          “Sherlock is right Molly,” she looked from Sherlock to John.  “You are safer here and we can also help when it’s time for the child to be born.”

          “Fine!”  Molly snapped and went back into Sherlock’s adopted bedroom and slammed the door shut.  She sat on the edge of the bed and the tears fell. 

          “Mycroft…Mycroft, you said you would always come back to me.  I, we need you here.  Why?”  She fell into her pillow to muffle the sobs of her pain.




          Three more weeks went by, both Sherlock and Mycroft worked secretly to find the missing bomber.  Addison Greenberg had been no help in finding her willing accomplice.  Every week Sherlock would fly to Sherrinford under the guise of visiting his sister, but instead he was secretly plotting with Mycroft.  They would review footage of all the bombing and read through hundreds of pages of paperwork.  Both would brainstorm and try to find who Greenberg was tied to.  On one of these visits Mycroft was reading through some new notes while Sherlock walked through his mind palace.  Mycroft was slightly startled when Sherlock abruptly stood and stared out the window at the sea below.

          “Mycroft, what caused you to find your heart?”

          “Sherlock, I do not have the patience…” he stopped when he saw the look on his brothers face.  Something had clicked and he knew Sherlock was onto something.

          “What would make the Ice Man, thaw and pursue a woman?  Hmm?  What would make you suddenly acknowledge you had a heart?”  Sherlock asked looking at him intently.

          “Molly, she made all that possible.”  Mycroft said looking away from his brother’s gaze.

          “Yes, the love of a woman thawed your heart. That love has forced you to do things you never thought you would be capable of. Why?”

          “Because I love Molly and I would do anything for her!”  Mycroft said standing and meeting his brother’s gaze again.

          “If such a love thawed your cold, old heart what might the promise of love between a man and woman do?  Could it cause a man to kill for a woman who has promised him love?”  Sherlock started to pace back and forth.

          “We have checked her finances and she has made no large deposits or withdrawals in the last four years since she arrived in America.”  Mycroft said as he watched Sherlock pace.

          “Exactly, so if money didn’t cause the accomplice to bomb your car then what else would?  Sex or the promise of love.”

          “Or both!  You need to get a hold of Anthea.”  Mycroft said urgently.

          Sherlock fished his phone out of his pocket and dialed Anthea.  It took two rings and she answered.

          “Anthea, I need your help.  Can you please look into the unit information for Greenberg.  Can you see if anyone else is missing from that unit or base from around the same timeframe as Addison Greenberg.  Anthea, this is urgent, please drop everything and send it over to me.”  Sherlock listened as she agreed and hung up.

          Almost an hour later his phone dinged with a message from Anthea.  He grabbed his laptop and opened the attachment she had sent.  Mycroft leaned over his shoulder and read.  There were five names on the list. 

          “We need to see the files for all five of these names.” Sherlock said.

          “No, only four!  Look at the eyes of number three.” Mycroft pointed.

          “Ah, yes, drug addict, definitely not up for traveling here and plotting with Greenberg.”

          Sherlock opened up the other four files and they began to read.  One by one they eliminated until they came to the last one. 

          “First Sargent Timothy Falston, he has a good record and he has been in for almost 16 years.  But, he has been missing since one week after Greenberg.  They are in the same unit and it appears he was her trainer.”  Mycroft observed.

          “I believe this is our man.”  Sherlock said scrolling through the pages.

          “Sherlock stop!”  Sherlock froze.  “Go back two pages.”

          Sherlock did as Mycroft asked and saw the pictures of the tattoos the First Sargent had. 

          “Zoom in on the one of the wrist.”  Mycroft said leaning in closer.

          “That’s him!”

          “Are you sure Myc?”

          “Do use my full name!  Yes, I’m sure.  I remember now.  I remember when I saw the bomber attach the bomb to the window I saw that symbol.  I had forgotten about it until I saw it just now.  God, why didn’t I remember it earlier!”  Mycroft walked off in a huff.

          “Mycroft, do be a little more lenient on yourself.  You did lay in a coma for two weeks.  It’s a miracle the blast didn’t kill you.  It’s a wonder you even remember any of it now.”

          “We have to find this Falston person.  We need to find out if he’s even still in the country.”

          Sherlock was already emailing Anthea back and requesting passport records and any financial records under his name. 

          “More than likely he’s still here plotting to get Greenberg out or finish me off.”  Sherlock said smiling as he saw Anthea's response show up.

          “Ah, it appears he is not a thorough as Addison, look.”  Sherlock said pointing to a bank record for a debit card.

          “It appears he is staying at a hotel near her holding facility.  Sherlock, if she did this much damage with only four years of training as an explosives expert imagine how much damage he can do when he is the one who trained her.  Not to mention he has been a trainer for ten years.   A lot of people could be seriously hurt if he sets something off in downtown.”  Mycroft sat down and allowed his mind to quiet and go over all the new information. 

          “After being so careful, whey mess up with that one charge for the hotel?”  Mycroft asked still sitting with his eyes closed.

          “A deliberate bread crumb?”

          “Hmm,” was the only response Mycroft provided to Sherlock’s question.  After another hour of silence Mycroft got up and put his jacket on.

          “It’s time I leave this island and head to London.  You will take care of the Falston issue.  I’m going to see Addison Greenberg.  I think it’s time I came back from the grave and rattled her cage a little.”

          “Very well,” Sherlock said gathering his things.




          Addison Greenberg had been in solitaire confinement since she had entered the prison.  She was more than a little shocked when they told her she had a visitor.  She walked with the guards, but panic sat in when she was walked past the normal visitor’s area and led down a rather long corridor.  She fought to hide her nervousness as they stopped in front of a large door.  The door opened and she was ushered inside.  She was cuffed to the chair and her heart stopped when one of the guards reached up and disconnected the security camera.  Many scenarios ran through her mind, but the one thing she didn’t count on was the door opening and Mycroft Holmes walking through it.

          “Hello Miss Greenberg.”  He said in a cold, detached voice. 

          “You…you’re supposed to be dead!”  She screeched out. 

          “Oh, I very nearly was, but as you can see I’m most resilient.  So, let’s have a little chat shall we.”  He sat down across from her and just observed her for a few moments.

          “You know once my partner finds out your still alive they won’t stop until they succeed.”  She smiled at him.

          “Oh, you mean First Sargent Falston?  Oh, I dare say he will not be hurting anyone…anytime soon.”  Mycroft felt his phone vibrate and he calmly took it out and observed his screen.

          “What have you done to him?”  She asked jerking her arms forward and wincing when the cuffs cut into her wrists.

          “Oh, I’ve done absolutely nothing to him.  My brother is on his way to the hotel as we speak.”

          He looked up from his phone and saw her smirk again and she relaxed back into the chair.

          “Is he now?” her smiled broadened.

          “Oh, don’t fear, we know the room was rigged.  Our team has already been in the room and taken care of all the explosives.  No Sherlock is heading there to gather up anything left behind by Falston.  I must commend you on leaving the one breadcrumb you knew my brother would find.”

          Her smile faded a little.  “Tim is to smart, he won’t let you or your brother catch him.”

          “Ah, well you are right about that, but unfortunately he couldn’t escape a snipers bullet.  It appears he was shot leaving the hotel a little over two hours ago.  No, as I said the First Sargent won’t be hurting anyone again.  It’s a little hard to do so when you have a bullet in your brain.”  He watched as she sunk further back into the chair.  She started to shake and a few tears escaped her eyes. 

          “I will not rest until you are dead.  You think having me here will stop me.  What a laugh!”

          “Miss Greenberg, have you ever heard of a little place called Sherrinford?”  He asked getting up and glancing down at his phone again.  She did not reply, but simply stared at him.

          “It’s our most secure facility for people such as you.  You will be sent there and you will never leave.  You will never have contact with the outside world again, nor will you have any contact with the other prisoners.  Once you are there believe me I will never give you another thought.”  He put his phone back in his pocket. 

          “You can’t do that, I have rights!”

          “Actually no, you don’t.  Miss Greenberg you went after the British Government and believe me when I say no one will have a single objection to my course of action when it comes to you.  You will be made ready and leave for Sherrinford in the next few hours.  Do say goodbye to London as you leave, for you will never see it again.”

          With that Mycroft left the room and never looked back.  A few hours later he was sitting in his office.  Sherlock entered and closed the door behind him. 

          “Well, I guess it’s over with.”  Sherlock said plopping down in one of the available chairs.

          “Yes, I suppose it is.”  Mycroft took a deep breath.

          “Oh, come on Mycroft, you should be overjoyed this fiasco is behind you now.”           

          “I am Sherlock; it’s just, well…”

          “Molly…”  Sherlock finished the sentence for him.  “Look Mycroft, that woman loves you!  Why in God’s name she does I will never understand, but the fact remains she does love you.  She is going to be angry and hurt, but I honestly believe once she has had time to process it all she will forgive you and take your sorry excuse for a human being back!”

          “Sherlock, I’m concerned about telling her.  She is right at three months and I’m afraid the shock of all this will harm her and the baby.  If something happened to them I...”  Mycroft got up and walked around his office.

          “Mycroft, God only knows why I’m offering this but I have a plan…”




          It had been a very long day at work and Molly was very tired.  She opened the door to 221b and stopped in complete shock.  There stood her OB.

          “Dr. Riverton, what are you doing here?”

          “Ah, Molly, I know this is a little unorthodox, but I was requested to come.”  He said looking a little uneasy.

          “By whom?”   Molly asked in complete confusion.

          “By me.”  She turned and saw Sherlock walking in from the kitchen.

          “Sherlock, you are scaring me, what’s going on?”  She watched as he walked towards her and took her bag and coat and laid them on the sofa. 

          “Molly, I think it would be a good idea for you to sit down.”  She said nothing but nodded as she slipped into John’s chair.

          “What is going on Sherlock?”  She couldn’t hide the desperation in her voice.

          “I have something to tell you.  We have found the additional bomber and he has been eliminated.  Addison Greenberg is being sent to Sherrinford.  It’s over Molly.”

          He watched as she took a deep breath and her face relaxed. 

          “Molly, there is more I need to tell you, but first I need you to promise me something.”  Sherlock said as he sat down in his chair opposite her.

          “Ok, what do you need?”

          “I need you to remember to breath and no matter what please remember that everything Mycroft did he did because he loves you and that child.” Sherlock said pointing at her little swollen tummy.

          “Sherlock, you know Mycroft didn’t know about the baby before he died.”

          “No, but I found out the day after you did.”  She went completely still.  That voice rocked her to the core.  She closed her eyes and began to shake.  A few seconds later she felt someone take her hands in theirs.  She took a shaky breath and opened her eyes.  There knelt Mycroft on his knees in front of her.  He smiled and she could almost fall into his blue eyes. 

          “Oh my God!”  She muttered and continued to shake. 

          “Molly, are you alright?”  Dr. Riverton asked hesitatingly.  She simply nodded her head while looking down at Mycroft’s hands entwined with her own.  She never thought she would have this chance again.  She felt her heart begin to race and her breathing was becoming quicker.  She wanted to smile at the man she loved, but all the pain from the last few months came rushing back over her.  He had left her and in her eyes there was no excuse.  She heard Sherlock’s words from just a few minutes ago, but she could feel the hurt and anger bubbling up.  How could he put her through this!

          Mycroft watched as several emotions passed over her face.  When he saw the anger in her eyes his heart stopped.  “Molly, please…”

          “NO!”  She said pulling her hands out of his. 

          “No, do you have any idea what you have put me through?”  She managed to stand and move away from him

          “Molly, please darling.”  Mycroft got off his knees and reached for her.

          “Don’t you dare touch me!”  She backed away from his hands.  Mycroft’s hurt face was almost too much for her to bear.

          “Molly, please give Mycroft the benefit of the doubt.  He did what he did to protect you.”

          “Oh, God and you knew didn’t you?  All this time you knew!”  She could feel her heart racing and she leaned up against the wall.  Sherlock and Mycroft took a tentative step towards her.

          “Don’t you dare come any closer to me!  I can’t believe you would put me through this Mycroft Holmes!  I would expect something like this from Sherlock, but not from you.  How could you let me suffer thinking I had lost you for good.”

          “Molly,” her head jerked up at the sound of his voice.  His voice was cracked with pain, something she had never heard before.  “Molly, I love you, I did this to protect you.  I knew if Greenberg found out I had survived the attack they would keep trying until one or both of us were dead!  I couldn’t risk losing you that way!”

          “I can’t, I can’t do this!  I don’t want to see you ever again Mycroft Holmes.”  She turned and walked to her room slamming the door behind her.  Sherlock watched his brother sit down in John’s chair and revert into himself.  For several hours he sat there waiting to see if she would come back out and at least talk to him.  When it became clear she meant what she had said he left in complete defeat.  Sherlock had never seen his brother like this.  Yes, when Molly had rejected Sherlock months ago, Sherlock had felt something he assumed was heartache, but this was something on an entirely different level.  Mycroft was lost and he feared he would remain lost without Molly in his life.  For the first time in his life Sherlock hurt for his brother. 

          Molly cried for hours, the pain was so much she felt like she couldn’t breathe at times.  How, how in the hell could Mycroft do this to her.  He had left her to deal with the pain of his death and losing their love.  Had he known how much she suffered, had he realized she had come close to taking her own life before she found out about the precious life she was carrying.  How could she ever look at him again.  She was angry and she wanted nothing more than to cry and scream herself into exhaustion. 

          It was a little after 2am when Molly finally came out of her room and headed into the kitchen.  Sherlock watched as she made her way into the kitchen and poured herself some milk.  She sipped it and leaned against the counter.  Once she had completed it she placed it in the sink and walked to the sitting room. 

          “Alright Sherlock, let’s hear your side of it.”  She pulled her feet up under her and made herself comfortable in John’s chair.  He observed her swollen eyes and red face. 

          “When you were both attacked you were taken to the same hospital.  You were in bad shape, but Mycroft, well they really didn’t think he was going to make it.  He had a lot of trauma to his back and head from where he shielded you.”  Molly felt her heart stop.  In the last few hours she had let her anger guide her thoughts.  Not once had she reminded herself that Mycroft had indeed saved her life that night.  She closed her eyes and took a deep breath and motioned for Sherlock to continue.

          “When I saw how bad Mycroft was I knew I had to make a decision, one I knew Mycroft would have agreed to.  There was a person responsible still out there waiting to find out if they had been successful or not.  So I decided if he lived through the surgery that night I would have him moved early the next morning and have it announced that he had died in surgery.”  Sherlock observed Molly’s face as the tears started to come from her already swollen eyes.

          “Molly, it was the only way I knew to protect both him and you.  He was in a coma for two weeks after that.  We wondered if he would ever recover, but then he woke up.  As soon as he was able I had him moved to a room at Sherrinford.  It was the best place to keep our secret and he would still have access to his network.  A couple of weeks into his recovery we began working on finding the other bomber.  You know the rest of the story.”

          “I don’t know if I can ever forgive you or him.”  She said barely above a pained whisper.

          “Molly, if you are going to place your wrath on anyone, let it be on me.”  Her head shot up and she gave him a shocked look.

          “This was my plan and my own doing.  I thought I did the right thing considering the circumstances.  Molly, Mycroft loves you and I fear he will not recover from losing you.  I can live with the knowledge you will never forgive me and I can even bear your wrath, but Mycroft has suffered as well Molly.  He was in pain everyday he was away from you, and that only doubled when I had to inform him of the pregnancy.”  Sherlock shifted in his seat a little.  All this talk of emotions was not really his thing, but there were things that needed to be said.

          “Molly, he almost died protecting you.  If that isn’t love, I don’t know what is.  Surely that counts for something!”  Their eyes connected and she nodded her head.  He watched as she left the room and retreated back to her bedroom.

          “Molly Hooper, you have the love of not one but two Holmes men and I vow I will do whatever I have to too protect both you and Mycroft even if it means you will hate me for it.”  He said in a low voice as he eyed her door. 




          Mycroft had not slept all night.  He had drunk half a bottle of scotch and let his mind spin with the images of Molly.  He would never feel her skin again or her lips.  He knew he had lost her for good; she couldn’t forgive him for this.  Sometime in the night he left the scotch bottle and glass in the study and made his way to upstairs.  He couldn’t bring himself to sleep in their bed, so he opted for one of the guest rooms.  Hours of lying there he remembered nothing but the feel of her body under his, the way she moaned when he kissed her and the way her voice sounded when she told him she loved him.  For the first time in his adult life Mycroft Holmes cried.  Hours later he had fallen into an exhausted sleep only to be woke by his phone going off.

          He grabbed it off the side table and let his eyes adjust to the screen.  His heart stopped as he read the text.

          I’m downstairs, let me in.  We need to talk!”  - Molly

          His heart began to race and he quickly made his way downstairs.  Opening the door he saw an equally exhausted Molly.  They took one look at each other and she stepped towards him.  He let her inside and closed the door behind them.  She kept her back to him. 

          “Mycroft Holmes don’t you ever do something like this to us again!  I warn you now I will not forgive this a second time.”  He actually felt his heart stop.  She turned and looked at him.

          “We are about to have a child and I expect you to be there for all of this.”  She said pointing at her little swollen tummy.  She gasped as she watched Mycroft fall to his knees in front of her.  He placed a hand on her stomach and tenderly rubbed little circles over it.  Molly had seen tenderness from him before but never like this.  The look on his face was one of pure awe and love as he leaned in and kissed her tummy.  At that point she let go of her emotions again and allowed her tears to fall. 

          “Molly, I love you and I love our child.  I don’t know what kind of father I will be, but I want to try.  If you will have me.”  She observed him for a moment and stepped back.  She held out her hand and helped him stand.  She led him upstairs to their room.  They said not a word as they simply crawled into the bed and wrapped their arms around each other. 

          “I love you too Mycroft.”  She whispered and within minutes both were asleep.




          The next morning he awoke and smiled as he looked down on her sleeping face.  He slid his hand over her tummy and took a deep breath.  He thanked a God he didn’t believe in that he hadn’t lost her.  He slowly untangled himself from her and went over to his dressing table.  He pulled open a drawer, removed a small velvet box and walked back over to the bed.  He wrapped himself back around her and she snuggled back into him not quite waking from her sleep.  He removed the ring from the box and slid it on her left ring finger, kissed the top of her head and went back to sleep.

          A few hours later he found himself being awoken to tiny little kisses and he actually laughed out loud. 

          “Molly, stop it that tickles!”  He said still laughing slightly.

          “Oh, so the Ice Man has a weakness!” He opened his eyes and looked into hers.

          “Yes, my weakness is a pretty pair of brown eyes that belong to a certain pathologist!” 

          “Hmmm, would you like to tell me where this came from?”  She asked holding up her left hand and admiring the most gorgeous ring she had ever seen.

          “I’m not letting either one of you get away.”  He said with a devilish grin and Molly squeaked as he rolled her over on her back being very careful with her stomach.

          “Molly,” he said half plea, half in pain.

          “Shhh,” she said into his ear and wrapped herself around him.  No more words were said.  He made love to the woman he loved, the woman he would have for his wife and the mother of his unborn child.  Never would he ever take anything for granted any more.  After both were spent and lying in each other’s arms he finally realized he was no longer lonely, for the first time in his life Mycroft Holmes knew what it meant to be happy.




          Two months later on a warm spring evening Mycroft held his breath as he watched Molly walk towards him.  She was dressed in a vintage cream colored dress that flowed softly over her growing tummy and billowed out around her ankles.    She carried a simple gathering of lavender flowers and the most radiant smile.  She was quite simply the most gorgeous creature he had ever seen.  He didn’t give a damn that he was grinning broadly for all to see.  The old Mycroft was dead and buried, the new Mycroft was determined to live and love his life with Molly and their little family.

          Molly took in the sight of her groom and gasped at how handsome he looked.  His morning suit was impeccable but his smile was what was making Molly weak in the knees.  As she took the last few steps towards him she reflected on how much they had been through and how much they had both grown in the last year.  If someone had told her two years ago she would be standing her about to marry Mycroft Holmes she would have thought them crazy.  But here she was staring into Mycroft’s eyes and feeling complete love. 

          The ceremony was short and the guest list was under twenty-five.  The reception was in the middle of a rose garden and it was lovely.  Both the bride and groom couldn’t keep their eyes off one another.  After several slow songs of holding Molly in his arms, he grumbled as he reluctantly allowed Sherlock to cut in.

          “Ok, sister mine lets show the old man how to properly waltz.”  He said wrapping an arm around her.

          “Sherlock, do keep in mind I am almost six months pregnant.  I don’t move as good as I used to.”

          “Oh, don’t worry, I have you.”  Sherlock looked over and smirked at a sulking Mycroft.

          “Just look at what you have done to him!”  Sherlock whirled her around to observe her loving husband.

          “What, made him into a human being?”  She giggled as she observed the disdain on Sherlock’s face.

          “Yes, humannnnn.  How boring he is now!” 

          “Sherlock, stop being a horse’s ass and dance.”  He looked down at her faking a hurt expression.

          “Well, it appears the old boy is rubbing off on you as well.  Good lord!”  He rolled his eyes and she gave another giggle.

          “Ok, that’s enough Sherlock,” Mycroft said laying a hand on his brother’s shoulder.

          “Oh, Mycroft jealous already!”  Sherlock said trying to push his brother’s buttons for good measure.

          “No, not jealous, I just want to dance with my wife again.”  He said smiling down at her as she left Sherlock’s embrace and came into his waiting arms.

          “Go find yourself your own goldfish Sherlock!  Believe me when I say, it will undoubetly be the best thing that has ever happened to you.”  Mycroft said while dancing off with his bride.

          “Maybe I will brother mine.”  He said softly so Mycroft or Molly wouldn’t hear him.  He gave a deep sigh and left the floor. 

          “Happy Mrs. Holmes?”  Mycroft leaned down and kissed her nose.

          “Very happy,” she sighed softly and leaned her head on his chest and allowed him to lead her around the floor as if they had been doing it for many years.  They were a perfect fit for the other and everyone could see it.




8 Months Later…

          She lay in his arms content from their lovemaking.  Her hand rested on his chest and his hand warmly covered hers. 

          “So tell me Mr. Holmes, any regrets?”

          “Actually yes my dear.”  She pulled away from him and looked at him with surprise.  He gave her that smile he always had when he was up so something.

          “Mycroft Holmes, if you do not elaborate on that statement this instant…”

          He grabbed her and she laughed as he rolled her over onto her back.  He covered her and kissed her passionately.  Leaning back an inch from her lips he said, “I regret that I didn’t meet you earlier.”

          “God I love you Mycroft.”

          “And I love you too.”  He was just about to kiss her again when a cry from the monitor pierced the air. 

          “I believe our son is already objecting to us having displays of affection.”  Mycroft said dropping his head to her chest in defeat.

          “Hmm, sounds like his father!”

          “Yes, he does sound rather intelligent and powerful doesn’t he?” Mycroft laughed as he slipped out of the bed.

          “Oh, you…”  She said as she tossed a pillow after him and giggled as he walked out of the door.  She pushed herself up in bed and smiled as he walked through the door carrying baby Alexander.

          “Oh, here is mummy.  Yes, she is ready to feed you your midnight snack my little son.  Here we go.”  He said in a tender voice as he handed him off to Molly. 

          He watched as Alex latched on and suckled.  Molly glanced up at Mycroft and smiled.   Mycroft slowly crawled in bed and kissed the top of his sons head and then leaned up and kissed Molly’s lips.  He lay back on his back and pondered upon the last couple of years.  He thought back on the man he had been when he had first spoke with Molly.  He was broken, hurting, lonely and in denial.  Now he was happy, content and ready to live life with his new little family.  Only one thing could have brought this drastic change about, only one thing could have thawed the Ice Man and that thing is called LOVE.