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merry christmas, baby~!!!

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December had come much quicker than Mikan had anticipated. One moment it was June and she was sweating off nearly half her body weight, and the next it was freezing cold and her depression was worse than it always was – damn seasonal depression. It was like she had slept for six months and was rudely awakened just when things got bad.


Well, okay, maybe that wasn’t the best analogy, it’s not like she didn’t remember that half a year she was supposedly ‘sleeping through’. But she had bigger things to worry about than a metaphor.


A side effect of the speedy approach of the cold, miserable month was that she was in no way shape or form prepared for the one thing in December people actually cared about: Christmas.


While most people on her block had set up their flashy lights and decorations practically the day Thanksgiving had ended (which, she didn’t particularly blame them for at all), her and Ibuki’s shared house was still bare. Normally, it was Ibuki who set up the tree and decorations, but her new manager was keeping her on her toes this year, and she hardly had time to even talk to Mikan before she went to bed, let alone spend hours putting up decorations they’d take down a mere month later. Mikan would do it herself but... she didn’t really trust herself not to trip over a stray strand of lights and send the whole thing tumbling down with her.


Speaking of Ibuki... Had Mikan even gotten her a gift? A quick scan of her memories brought her to the daunting conclusion that, no, she had not bought a gift for Ibuki, and yes, she was in fact a terrible girlfriend. The nurse panics, thinking of every possible thing that the musician may like to receive, but her mind comes up blank time and time again. She just wants to both simultaneously scream and cry and profusely apologize to Ibuki for being s-such a t-terrible excuse of a g-girlfriend, but now was not the time to freak out.


She glanced anxiously at the clock ticking away on the wall. Half past seven. Ibuki wouldn’t be home until around nine, so theoretically that gave the purple haired girl about... an hour and a half to do some last-minute shopping. Last-minute shopping however, meant lots of frantic loud people, and frantic loud people meant Mikan was most likely going to have a panic attack in the middle of the store just like nearly every other time she’s made the mistake of going alone.


With time running out, and last-minute shopping crossed off the list, Mikan was left with very few options. She could always make a simple I love you, Merry Christmas! card, but that was cheap, wasn’t it? Everyone and their grandmothers have given someone a card like that at some point. They weren’t special at all. They were lazy and stupid and wouldn’t do at all.


Another option would be to settle for the “it’s the thought that counts” saying, and try her best to give Ibuki as much affection as her unassertive bottom self would allow... which wasn’t much, quite frankly. If only she wasn’t so frail and pathetic, or, at the very least, had actually remembered to get something for her so-called ‘beloved’, this wouldn’t be an issue.


God, she was an absolute screw-up.


The logical part of her mind was telling her that she shouldn’t let a small Christmas gift change how she views herself, but all logic was thrown out the window when her emotions got evolved. She slowly sank to the floor, bringing her knees to her chest, body shaking as tears burned in the corners of her eyes.


“W-why do I a-always have to m-mess everything up?” Her own voice sounded absolutely pathetic and pitiful to her own ears, laced with guilt and other pent up emotions. The only other sounds she could afford to make where strangled sobs into her knees as her body violently shook. She was being ridiculous, she knew that, but once again, once her emotions took hold of her she had no room for rational thought or reasoning. She was just a stupid, idiotic, dumb girl.




Suddenly, quick as the snow that was ever-falling outside, a warm pressure found its way onto her back and shoulders. The sudden, unexpected contact caused her to squeal and instinctively bring her arms up in a weak attempt to protect her from whatever attacker there may be lurking behind her.


But, even after her elbow collided with another, warm, figure with a noise that made Mikan inwardly cringe, the pressure remained, the warmth finally seeping into her oh-so cold figure. It took her another few seconds to recognize the scent of fruity perfume, and only then did she drop her arms.


Her tears still flowed freely however, even as Ibuki buried her head in the crook of the other girl’s frail neck, a warm smile placed affectionately on her lips.


No matter how hard she tried she couldn’t stop the half-garbled apology from slipping through her lips. Through the tears and the hiccups and the incoherent syllables she spouted she finally gasped out a breathy apology of “I’m so sooo-rr-yyyy-!”


And just as fast as she had hugged her from behind, Ibuki was now in front of her, cupping her face and staring directly into her tear-filled lavender eyes. “Huh? What for?” She cocked her head to the left, multi-colored bangs following her path of motion. Her voice, despite the small amount of concern that creeped through it, was still full of the life and warmth the nurse had fallen in love with. It soothed Mikan’s heart, just a little bit.


She sniffled. “I-I didn’t g-get you a g-gift, and now im s-such a t-terrible g-girlfrie-nd!” Despite the sob that sliced through the last bit of her words, Ibuki still looked at her with the same understanding smile and loving gleam in her eyes.


“Nuh-uh! Not at all!” She paused a moment to brush a piece of the other girls stray hair away from her eyes. “Cause’ if you were, I definitely wouldn’t be dating you!”


And without giving Mikan even a split second to respond, she leaned in a pressed a long, warm kiss to her lips. It took Mikan a second to even register what was happening, let alone give into the kiss herself. No matter what, Ibuki always understood. She always made her feel better.


After a few more blissful moments, the eccentric girl pulled away and left Mikan gasping and flustered as she desperately tried to recover from the aftermath of both the kiss and her tears. The two of them were left in a comfortable silence, staring into each other’s eyes as they forgot the world for just a few seconds longer.


“W-why are you home so e-early?” The words left her mouth breathy and lost, still trapped in the ecstasy of their intimacy.


Ibuki removed one of her hands from Mikan’s rose-dusted cheeks to tap a finger lightly against her own lips as she thought. “Weeeelllll-! I was rehearsing, right? But, then I tottalllly had this feeling like something was super wrong! Soooo, I left early!”


Mikan was about to profusely apologize again for making her leave, but was swiftly cut off from her frantic rambling as Ibuki returned her lips to their spot on Mikan’s own. They continued like this for more time than Mikan could even keep track of, until finally, Ibuki pulled away and spoke.


“And, you really did get me a gift!”


“I d-did,,,?”


“Definitely! The gift issssss-“




“You being absolutely adorable!”