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Midoriya couldn’t react fast enough, and the small woman, her clammy hands gripping his arm, was laughing maniacally.  Her sadistic grin deeply disturbed him, but he couldn’t do anything as her hands glowed pink. He felt a shock, and suddenly he was laying on the ground.  

A strange tingling feeling scorched his veins, and his mind fogged up.  He couldn’t think, he could only feel the cool and rough surface of the pavement beneath him.  He heard the woman walk up beside him, but he couldn’t move to look at her, or rather, didn’t want to. It was like she had taken away all freedom of movement, and he was stuck at her mercy.  

“Hello, there.  You’re a cutie, aren’t cha?” She teased.  Her voice was suave and soft, but it still filled Midoriya’s chest with intense apprehension, and worry.  He kind of wanted to cry, but decided that he couldn’t shed a single tear, or show any form of weakness. So he kept the tears at bay.  “Well guess what, lovely. It’s a shame that a doll like you ain’t gettin’ any, so I’m gonna help ya with that. You’d like that, wouldn’t cha?” She knelt down to his level, and traced the collar of his suit with her narrow and slim fingers.  They looked an awful lot like twigs.  

Midoriya tried to recoil, but his body refused to do anything he told it to.  The only thing he found that he could do was talk. “No, I wouldn’t like that.  Let me go.” Midoriya didn’t have the faintest clue as to what she was trying to say, but he knew it wasn’t good, so he refused repeatedly.  

She wasn’t having any of it.  

“Oh, well that’s too bad, lovely.  It’s a good thing then, that I won’t take no for an answer.  You’re a virgin, ain’t cha?” Midoriya nodded, despite his mind screaming at him to get up and run, but he just couldn’t.  “Then you’ll really like this, doll.” Her hands formed a pinkish mist, and Midoriya tried to hold his breath, but the sweet smell of it made his mind hazy.  He wanted to smell it, he liked it. The sweet smelling pink mist set a fire in the pit of his stomach, and his whole body was caressed by an unfamiliar heat.  He blanked for a moment, and screams to get up and run were replaced by the desire to find the closest man and jump him. Mydoriya began to shake and twitch as the heat intensified.  He was surprised, and disgusted, to feel blood flow to his groin. His cheeks flushed, and he wiggled his hips. There was a strange feeling from behind, and he gasped when an intense warmth radiated from his hole.  It felt wet and empty, all of a sudden, and he needed something to fill the emptiness. This was so vulgar.  

It was by a stroke of dumb luck that Todoroki turned the corner in the next second.  The woman squeaked in fear, and Todoroki noticed within an instant that she had harmed Midoriya.  He sprung into action while Midoriya stayed on the ground, writhing and panting as the woman’s quirk took full effect.  And full effect meant moaning and keening, squeaking and mewling. He sounded like a slut, and he knew it, but he couldn’t stop it.  He couldn’t help but make those noises, as he was now feeling intense pleasure. But it was pure torture, because there was no release.  

As Todoroki fought the little bitch, every feeling intensified, everything became stronger.  And in turn, his sounds became more frequent, and he writhed more. He gripped his thighs when he found that he could move freely again, and this was a blessing and a curse.  

He desperately wanted to touch himself.  There was such an intense feeling of need, that he fought his hands trying to travel up his thighs.  He would not humiliate himself any more than he already had. Midoriya was oblivious to the skirmish going on around him, and he was unaware of the conversation that was commencing on the other end of the alley that current events had gone down, and were going down in.  




Todoroki grimaced as the woman spat pure venom into the air.  Her words sliced through his heart, but he kept his emotionless and stoic gaze.  

“Yeah, that’s right. That little whining bitch over there,” she pointed to Midoriya with a crazed smile, “is gonna die if he don’t fuck someone.  He’s gotta have someone’s cum dripping out his ass, or else he’s gonna go kerplunk. He’s gonna go bye-bye. Hasta la vista, baby! Au revoir, monsieur!” She laughed maniacally, slamming her head against the wall behind her, but the ice covering her body spread so she couldn’t hurt herself.  

“How long?” Todoroki growled, suddenly failing to keep the emotion out of his voice.  He was furious, as this swine had put a death sentence over Iz—Mydoriya’s head. There was no way that Todoroki would take advantage of the green haired male.  No way...but, he had no choice. No choice at all. Midoriya wold hate him after this...would hate him more than he already did. It had only been a few weeks since their big fight at the festival.  They hadn’t spoken since then. This was a wonderful way to catch up; sex.  

“Oh, ya know, a few hours.  Every second you waste, is a second it gets more tourturey.  Aww, look at him, he’s tryin’ so hard not to touch himself, the little prude,” she said, fostering a fake pout.  

That had been the last straw.  Despite any conflict the two may have had, Todoroki respected Midoriya, and he would not tolerate what was leaving the woman’s lips.  “You bitch!” He hissed. “If it weren’t illegal, I’d fucking kill you! You’re lucky that I won’t leave you here to freeze to death.” Todoroki was surprised at the anger that he was feeling.  Never before had he been so protective. Never before had he wanted to be. Why did Iz-Mydoriya, turn the tables? Why was he any different than anyone else? Why did he care so much? He needed to think straight (lol, bitch where? I’ll go home).  He needed to get this slimy woman arrested without putting anymore shame onto Midoriya.  


Todoroki glanced back at the boy on the ground, grimacing when he saw Midoriya drawing blood from his thighs.  He had to hurry. There was no way that he could let Midoriya suffer any more than he could help. He needed to solve this quickly.  He needed to save Midoriya from humiliation, while also ensuring the capture of the bitch before him.  

He pulled his phone out of his pocket, and dialed a number.  When the call was answered, Todoroki cringed. He hadn’t thought of what he was going to say to All Might.  

“Hello?”, All Might said through the phone.  

“Come to the address I’ll send you.  Don’t ask any questions, I’ll explain later.” Todoroki said, as calmly as possible.  

“Todoroki? What’s going on?” 

“Just do what I said...please.” Todoroki let emotion into his voice, and the vulnerability was atrocious, but this was the only way to convey the severity of the situation.  

“Okay.” He hung up.  

Todoroki texted the address to All Might, and then ran to Midoriya.  He picked him up as gently as possible, cringing at the sight of such a miserable Midoriya.  Todoroki felt disgusted that he was aroused at the sight of a drooling and slutty-faced Midoriya.  His eyes were rolled back, and his tongue was sticking out of his mouth in a sinfully hot way.  

Todoroki winced at the moans that left Midoriya’s lips as he broke into a run.  He wouldn’t let All Might see Midoriya like this, as it would humiliate and mortify him.  This, Todoroki knew. “It’ll be over soon, Midoriya. Hang on.” 

Todoroki sprinted all the way to his secret shack on the outskirts of town.  It was small, but warm and comfortable, and hidden in the trees. No one knew of it but himself.  




Midoriya was vaguely aware of Todoroki picking him up and running with him in his arms.  He was vaguely aware of the torturous pleasure that coursed through his veins. And he was vaguely aware of being placed on cool sheets.  Very cool sheets. Hands? There were cold fingers joining the sheets, then there was a whisper in his ear that lit every nerve on fire. “I’m so sorry, Midoriya.  I’m so sorry.” 

Then it all came back to the green haired boy.  All the feelings, sensations, and emotions came flying back.  An agonizing scream left his lips as the pain blended with the pleasure.  He saw Todoroki clearly, and he felt the intrusion of something hard and big.  He knew instantly what it was, and that jerked a painful sob from his throat. “T-Todo-roki...ah...wha-what...Please…w-what are” 

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry.  I’ll explain, Midoriya. I’ll explain, please trust me, and let this happen.  You have to let this happen, and you have to feel good. I’m so sorry.” Todoroki pleaded, pain audible in his usually stoic voice.  Midoriya felt his guts being twisted around as Todoroki pulled his cock out, and then gently thrusted back in. It was slow, and it hurt, but nothing hurt worse than laying on the ground without any release.  Whatever was happening, Midoriya, against his better judgement, allowed this. This...this was sex, and he trusted Todoroki. He trusted that he’d be okay. For some reason, this occurrence felt right. Agonizing and humiliating, but right.  He submitted.  

“I t-trust yo-u...T-Todoroki...I can’t...I can’t any-mo-re.  Please, make it go away...please.” Midoriya let his subconscious control him, and the words leaving his lips came from his heart. And they were true.  

He felt the hard slam of Todoroki’s cock, and it ripped a pleasured cry from his lips.  Before he could recover at all, there came another thrust.  

Midoriya blacked out when he felt warm liquid travel down his sore passage.  He blacked out, and barely felt his orgasm. He blacked out and fell limp. Thick blackness surrounded his senses, and he fell.  Where; he didn’t know.  




Todoroki couldn't stop the tears that fell down his cheeks.  He felt his very being quake and scream at him. He felt the limp body of Midoriya resting on his chest.  He wanted to scream in anger and frustration, but he couldn’t risk waking up the green haired boy in his arms.  He hated what he had to do, and he hated that he’d done it. He was just as bad as his father, then. Wasn’t he?  Just as awful and evil.

Curse that fucking bitch that did this to Midoriya.  He had to have non-consensual sex with him, and that broke every piece of his heart.  It might not have seemed that he had emotions at all, but they were there, and they were stronger than he could handle.  He sobbed into Midoriya’s hair, and he eventually passed out from pure exhaustion and emotional fatigue. His nightmares were all about Midoriya that night.