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the world keeps turning

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it’s easy wishing for another life and it’s twice as hard to face the unknown

the world keeps turning ..//.. the strike

"You saved the world."
"We saved the world."
"So what now?"
"Everything goes back to normal?"
"...I don't know if I know what that is. Summer's almost over. School's about to start. You're gonna leave."
"So come stay with me."

Percy Jackson is 16 — true.
Percy Jackson is a half-blood — true.
Percy Jackson has saved the world too many times and deserves a break — she’d like to think so.

Percy Jackson is NOT in love with her best friend. 

So, that‘s a lie — but it’s not like she can do anything about it. Annabeth’s her roommate. And her best friend. And she’s definitely straight. Oh, and Annabeth’s her roommate

Annabeth Chase is 16 — true. 
Annabeth Chase is a half-blood — true.
Annabeth Chase is, both regrettably falling for her best friend, and significantly less straight than she originally thought — also true.

Annabeth Chase is going to tell her how she feels. 

Yep, there’s the lie — Annabeth is sure she’d see the literal underworld freeze over before she‘d ever be able to work up the guts to tell Percy.

It’s not like she’s embarrassed or ashamed of liking her, or even the idea of liking a girl — she’d gotten over the initial panic mere hours after discovering her crush (almost everything seems inconsequential when you’ve spent your teenage years narrowly avoiding death) — but she’s burdened with the crushing suspicion that Percy doesn’t feel the same way, and that telling her would end up ruining their friendship. It’s no secret (to Annabeth at least) that Percy’s never liked a boy, but she’s also never shown interest in a girl either. But, again, it’s hard to have a normal teenage crush when you suspect you might die soon — you know, due to the looming premonition of death and all that.

“Wise Girl,” Percy calls out from the bottom bunk.


“I need you, brainiac, I don’t understand this,” she laughs.

Annabeth swings her head over the side of the bed, her curls falling down to frame her face, as blood rushes down to flush her face almost immediately.

Percy hands her the book. “Number eight. I know the formula but I don’t know how to get the final answer.”

“Easy,” Annabeth says, closing the book with a satisfying snap, and dropping it to the floor unceremoniously. “You’re almost done. You just have to convert the radians to degrees.”

“You could’ve just said that without dropping the 600 page book on the floor, you know. You’re lucky my mom’s such a heavy sleeper.”

“Not as dramatic. Side note, I think I’m going to lose consciousness if I don’t sit up,” she laughs, flopping back up and onto her pillow.

Percy lets the silence sit for a minute, standing to pick up her book before asking, “So, has anyone asked you to homecoming yet?”

Annabeth shrugs, looking down at her, “It's all so weird to think about. Normal stuff, you know? To be honest, I thought it would be fun to just go together.”

Together?” Percy’s mind is a mix of genuine confusion and panic.

Annabeth carefully constructs her response, trying to maintain her composure; “Yeah, like all together. With our friends. I think we have friends now.”

Despite the disappointment she saw coming from a mile away, Percy can’t stop her heart from beating a little too fast with the image of the two of them, walking hand in hand into the school gym. Like normal teenagers. Annabeth would be lying if she said she wasn’t thinking the same exact thing.

It hadn’t been long at all since she realized her crush on Percy was actually a crush; only once she started staying with her family (how timely) was she forced to reevaluate her feelings. When they first met, despite how much Percy seemed to annoy her, some part of her just wanted to be her friend. But now, she wondered if it was always something more, or if it changed — and if it did, when?

They’d never talked about that time in the Labyrinth. That’s the moment her mind always snaps back to. Because dear gods, she kissed Percy Jackson, and they never talked about it. Why was that? She’s never really thought about it either, to be fair, but now that she has, she has to wonder — Why did she do it in the first place? It was as close as Annabeth could get to her in that moment; when she genuinely worried she might lose Percy. But then again, she could have just hugged her. That’s what made her head spin. And oh, how her head was spinning.


She snaps back to reality. “What?”

“I said, that sounds like fun. Are you ok?”

“Just tired. It's late. Goodnight, Percy.”