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Mr. Roboto

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Jimmy Woo rummages around for a spare can of soda and throws it at the offending alien trying to break through the windshield.

The carbonation apparently does something to their skin and makes the alien easy to wipe off the windshield, and then they are back in the fray again, visibility restored.

Granted, today is not like any other day.

Today is the day he finally mustered the courage to ask Luis out.

And Luis said yes!

Granted, their date did get interrupted by another potential end of the world.

But Luis broke into some super secret lab and (as an FBI agent), normally he would not condone such behavior, but it being the end times and all, there is only so much you can do by the book.

That, and now they are piloting a giant robot together and freeing dinosaurs to fight invading aliens while Godzilla has risen from the sea and has started lasering whatever eldritch alien monster rose from the sea and also fell from the sky.

So all in all- as far as first dates go, not too bad. Sure, you have to worry about saving everyone and mitigating all the damage and the potential insurance implications, but they made a perimeter and had their friends evacuate everyone to the safe zone.

And Jimmy will admit, punching everything with giant robots while also still on a date with Luis does make him feel a little more badass. It's nice to have boots on the ground and to be part of the action, even if following the letter of the law and upholding justice is just as important in everyday affairs.

Sometimes, though, you just want some fireworks.

And shooting lasers while dinosaurs fight aliens definitely counts.


Luis isn't really sure how this ended up being date night. He was meticulous about everything. And don't get him wrong- piloting a giant robot is a dream with Jimmy.

But the pressure is started to get to him.

Sure, is going over the speed limit and rolling down hills in a robot exciting?


But he's not sure it's nailing the romantic factor. Like, he'd been really psyched to go all out for their date, and while this is certainly memorable (and Jimmy seems to be having the time of his life, which makes sense, because he deserves to cut loose way more often), he's worried he won't be able to really savor their chance at teamwork.

Like, every five seconds he's analyzing a new threat and making calculations on how to not be stepped on by a giant dinosaur or blown up by aliens.

(Also, he's pretty sure Jimmy thinks he released the dinosaurs as part of a plan.

It was not part of the plan.

He was just pressing buttons as a failsafe to make sure the generator kept going and kept some remedial safe zones up to make sure the alien defense system from Fury didn't fail.

So, all in all, he's pretty sure this whole Apocalypse thing is making him look good.

Is it an adventure? Yes.

Is it refreshing? Sure, there's a bunch of thrills he's never experienced in this particular cocktail of life.

But he's worried he won't be able to top this.

What do you do on a second date after you've become a hero and managed to save the world personally this time?

What if Jimmy thinks he's some kind of badass?

He's not.

Jimmy is far more interesting than him, and Luis isn't sure how to break that news to him.

His sister in law in the city will never let him hear the end of this if he screws it up.

Which means he's gotta find a way to up the ante without them both exploding into flames or having the world actually end.

Thankfully, he can't quite panic about it.

Dodging lasers and aliens and T-Rexes tends to take up a lot of reflexes.


Hadley can't believe his luck.

After the whole Titan debacle went south, he'd tried moving on. Getting in on a different security business, new name and identity so his wife can start over with their kid, and even if Shield has imploded, being in the security business has still been moderately lucrative.

And for a while, things seemed to be working out. Having experience in world ending scenarios and with the supernatural and containment scenarios and other dimensions is really good on a resume in his field.

But then his past caught up to him.

And now, it looks like two dumbasses are going to ruin everything by actually saving the world purely by chance.

And Hadley, as much as he wants them to succeed, can't let them.

See, if they win, the whole world is in danger and the temporary interdimensional deal with the things keeping the Titans from ending everything is off.

If half the world gets destroyed, everyone else is safe.

So he's going to have to pull out all the stops on this one.

His daughter needs him.

So does the remaining team that didn't die after the whole place went up in flames the first time.

He can only hope he can outsmart the weird run of luck whatever the two people in the robot have managed to cling to this entire time.

(That, and they released the emergency dinosaurs. That had just been a headache all around, and he isn't sure he has a good failsafe to counter that particular brand of mayhem.)

But he'll think of something.

He's found himself in worse spots before, and he'll find his way out of this one...


(Unless somehow those two bozos can somehow save everyone from the entities beyond that made the deal with him in the first place, in which case, he wishes them luck. Then he can take this headache off his plate and retire in peace without having to worry about the end of the world every few years.

It's getting old, this business.)