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No Way Out

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Envy was not a good feeling to have. Unfortunately for Jiro, it was a feeling that she was all too familiar with. While most girls her age were curvy and attractive, Uraraka and Yaomomo come to mind, she was flat and narrow. Even though she was still friends with the other girls, she still fely jelousy at thier plump assets.


She actually thought that she would never end up finding a boyfriend because of it, seeing as how important looks are when it comes to teenage boys. Her theory seemed to be correct as one by one the rest of the girls started getting boyfriends. Yaomomo and Todoroki, Uraraka and Midoriya, Mina and Kirishima, Tsu and Tokoyami, even Hagakure got a boyfriend in Ojiro. Meanwhile, Jiro was still single with her only male friends being from the “Bakusquad” as they liked to call themselves.


It got to a point where she tried to convince herself that she didn’t even want to date anybody, that she would be fine on her own. That lie lasted about twelve seconds before Kaminari rested his head on the top of hers and asked “Whatcha doing?”. Jiro, who had feelings for him that just couldn’t be crushed, immediately blushed and shoved her jacks into his ears. “Forget I asked!” he screamed while getting assaulted by her heartbeats for a few seconds before she retracted them.


“Don’t just put your head on other people, it’s weird” she told him off while trying to keep her composure. “Well you looked sad so I wanted to see what’s up” he explained while still rubbing his ears. It was his helpful and friendly nature that made her like him so much, the fact that he had to intervene when his friends were hurting made her heart sing. “I was just lost in thought, guess I have resting bitch face” she theorized with a shrug.


“Someone as beautiful as you could never have resting bitch face” he gave her a wink before sprinting out of the room to avoid retribution. It was a good thing he left when he did, otherwise he would have seen her face go scarlet at his compliment. I need to go to the bathroom and cool off she decided and left the class quickly. She walked briskly down the halls on the way to the bathroom, so briskly that she didn’t see a student turning the corner until she had already slammed into his chest.


She fell backwards and landed on the floor with a Thud and painfully rubbed her butt while trying to get back up. The student held out a hand and she took it, being lifted back up by the large boy. “Sorry!” she quickly apologized “I was walking to fast and didn’t see you in time” but the boy shook his head and replied “It was my fault, I wasn’t paying attention to my surroundings”.


Jiro had seen the boy around before, although she never actually learned his name. He was massive, taller than even Shoji, with Mister Aizawa level facial hair and dark red eyes. Looking at his uniform more closely revealed that he was a support student. “You’re Kyoka Jiro from the hero course right?” the boy asked and she nodded quickly. “Call me Ethan, I again apologize for running into you earlier. I was angry and didn’t see you coming”.


“What got you upset?” she asked, the conversation actually helping her calm down. “My sister is signing up for the “Hide or Melt” competition and that’s really pissing me off” his hand clenched into a fist while his eyes lit up with anger. “I take it your not a fan of those kinds of competitions?” she asked rhetorically and he huffed in anger before irritably saying “No I'm not, yet she still wants to go through with it”.


The “Hide or Melt” competition was an event where some people, the hidden, would run into the woods and try to hide from other people, the seekers, for one hour. If they were successful they would win one million yen, if they weren’t then they would get eaten by the seeker who found them. There were always one hundred seekers and two hundred hidden, yet there never seemed to be any winners.


“I can see why you wouldn’t want her to join, the odds of winning are pretty much zero if past competitions are anything to go by” she nodded her head slowly in understanding. “She’s gonna be a seeker, not a hidden” Ethan said through clenched teeth. “Oh” that confused her “Well then what’s the problem?” she asked, since if she was a seeker it mean she wasn't risking getting eaten. “The fact that she’s okay with eating people who haven’t done anything wrong just” he seemed to be having a hard time articulating his thoughts “It makes me waNT TO SCREAM!”.


Jiro stepped back, suddenly realizing that this kid was the kind of person you want to avoid meeting on the sidewalk. “It’s her decision ultimately” she said after a few seconds of thought “The best you can do is convince her not to do it”. “You’re right” he looked at her with an excited gleam in his eyes “I have to just keep trying until she gives in” he then sprinted down the hallway. “That wasn’t what I-nevermind he’s gone” she tried to call after him but gave up quickly and looked at her watch. Kaminari said he would be heading to a movie about now she started heading for the dorms Hopefully he’s left by the time I get there.


While walking towards the dorms (She takes the long way just in case) she starts thinking about the competition that Ethan mentioned. More specifically, she started thinking about the ability that made it even possible. She knew that Vore hadn’t always been a thing people could do, it had started a few generations after quirks started. She knew there were multiple ways to do it with Oral being the most common method, but there was also Anal, Unbirth, Breast, even Eye Vore (Eye vore has only been recorded once and the pictures were enough to haunt Jiro’s nightmares for weeks).Vore was also only able to be done by females who have reached sexual maturity, sex ed class was where Jiro learned about all this stuff.


There were several effects that consuming someone had on the female body. Weight gain was usually one, although that depended what type of Vore was being done, as well as decreased energy while the body is in the middle of consumption. There were also several ways of disposal, these were based on your genetics and they can’t be learned. Some release remains like normal food, some only release the bones while absorbing the rest, and a few simply absorb everything.


Unlike most girls her age Jiro didn’t know what type she was since, unlike most girls her age, she’s never consumed anybody before. Usually during sex ed in middle school you consume someone in order to find out what type of releaser you are, but Jiro opted out of doing that. Silly as it may sound, she wanted her first time to be special to her. She wanted the first person she consumed to be someone who cared for her and truly wanted to be a part of her, not some random person who decided they were okay with getting digested.


“Ow!” Jiro bumped into someone again, this time being Tsu, and was embarrassed at having hit somebody twice that day. “Hey Tsu, what’s up?” she asked while walking alongside her classmate. “I was just talking to Mister Aizawa about an assignment, why is your face red?” the frog girl pointed out and Jiro used her phone to see that, indeed, her face had turned red without realizing. “I, literally, ran into a guy who was upset that his sister was taking part in the “Hide or Melt” competition. Then I started thinking about Vore in general until I ran into you” Jiro explained, slightly embarrassed that she hadn’t noticed her blush earlier.


“Oh yeah, you’ve never consumed somebody before right?” Tsu asked and Jiro nodded. “You really should give it a try, just to see if it’s right for you. I knew several girls at my middle school who hated how it felt and haven’t consumed anyone since. I also know a few who loved it and consume people all the time. This is really something you should find out sooner rather than later” Tsu advised her, the same advice that most of the girls had given her at some time or another. “All in good time Tsu, I’m in no rush” Jiro gave the same answer she always gives. The two of them walked to the dorms together, talking about various people they knew that had been consumed.

That Night

Jiro was in bed, watching a review of an amp she was thinking of buying, when somebody gave her door a knock. “Come in” she called while pausing the video on her laptop. The door opened andKaminari of all people walked in. “What are you doing here?!” she yelled in surprise while pulling her blanket up to her neck to cover her body that was only wearing underwear. “I just got back from that movie I told you about” he said with a shrug while taking a seat on her bed. “If you wanted to talk about it you should have just called” She said embarrassed since he was sitting on her foot. “Well I thought I should have this conversation face to face” he said, his cheeks reddening slightly.


“Did I tell you what the movie was about” she shook her head “Well it’s about this happy-go-lucky guy who falls for this punk rock girl, over the course of the movie they slowly get closer before finally becoming a couple”. “While I was watching it, I felt something. I couldn’t tell what it was at first, but I finally realized it was longing” his face turned even redder “So I decided to ask you something when I got back”.


Jiro sat there, unmoving, while trying to control the frantic pace of her heart. It sounds like he’s about to … is he? she was close to hyperventilating due to sheer excitement but was able to hold it together enough to keep watching. “I don’t expect you to say yes, who would want to with a guy like me but …” he turned towards her with a hopeful expression on his face “Will you go on a date with me?”.


“Yes!” she shouted immediately, causing him to jump in surprise and fall off the bed with a thud. “Really?” he seemed shocked that she said yes so quickly, truthfully Jiro was also surprised she said yes that fast, before jumping in the air and shouting “Woo Hoo!”. In his excitement he rushed towards her, hugged her tightly, and lifted her in the air before spinning around happily. “Thank you so much! Where do you want to go? Maybe a movie or cafe or-” he finally noticed that she was only wearing underwear and froze instantly.


For a few seconds they started at each other, both to afraid to move, before he finally said “Sorry” in barely more than a whisper. “You” her jacks raised menacingly “Idiot!” she stabbed him in both ears and started a heartbeat bombardment. “I-I-I I'm s-o-r-r-y” he managed to croak out while having his brains turned to mush. After several seconds, she finally pulled her jacks out and he collapsed on the bed in a heap. “A cafe sounds nice” she informed him while dragging his limp body towards the door. “Cool” he said weakly while she dragged him into the hallway and left him there right before going back into her room.


Inside, Jiro was a blushing mess who was frantically going through her contacts in search of a certain friend. After finally reaching her contact Jiro called her and, after a few rings, she picked up. “Yaomomo Kaminari just came to my room and asked me out and I said yes and he hugged me but I was only wearing underwear so I shoved my jacks into his ears and told him going to a cafe sounds nice then I left him outside and now I’m talking to you and I think I’m having a panic attack and I don’t know what to do for our date and I need your help” she took in a deep breath of air after finishing her story. “I think I caught most of that” Yaomomo finally responded after a few seconds of silence “You’re going on a date at a cafe and want my help, correct?”. “Yes” Jiro sighed with relief “Can you help me?”.

Kaminari was still lying on the floor outside Jiro’s, having not fully recovered from her assault on his ears. Not only was his head spinning due to almost having his eardrums blown out, he was also recovering from his talk. When he saw the movie he knew that the time to act on his feelings was now, but he didn’t expect Jiro to actually accept his date proposal. He thought she would just roll her eyes and tell him to buzz off, the idea that she might actually say yes never occurred to him. Even though his head still felt like a bomb had gotten dropped on it, he was smiling from ear to ear.


After an indeterminate amount of time he finally stood up, shook his head, and walked back to the elevator. As he rode down he started pondering where he should take her and pulled out his phone to find a nice cafe they could visit. The elevator doors opened and he made to leave, only to hit something large and squishy that forced him back. Looking up he saw Mina standing there, although she looked far different from the last time they spoke. She now had a large, round bulge jutting out in front of her. A bulge that look suspiciously human sized.


“Hey Kaminari!” she squealed in delight and tried to hug him but accidentally hit him with her stomach and slammed him into the back wall. “Whoops, sorry about that” she apologized with an embarrassed smile before backing up to let him out. “Hey Mina, whose in there” he motioned towards her stomach, although he already knew the answer. “Eijiro of course, are you implying I would eat somebody else while dating him?” she gave him an accusatory stare and he quickly defended himself with “Not at all, just making sure there was no miscommunication going on”.


“I’m just messing with you man, follow me to my room and I’ll explain how it all went down” she motioned him to follow her into the elevator and he did so, standing silently next to her while listening to the sounds of his friend getting slowly digested. Once on the fourth floor the two stepped out and entered her room, Mina having to walk carefully in order to avoid knocking anything over. Once she reached her bed, the pink girl laid on her back and took off her top before asking “Can you pull off my pants, I don’t want to tear them when I start gaining weight” and he did as instructed.


“Thanks” she waved her legs once her pants had been removed “now I don’t have to worry about waking up with pants that don’t fit me anymore, that was a real pain when it first happened let me tell you …” and she started going off on a story about the first person she ate, some lady who volunteered for her middle school sex ed class, and Kaminari just silently listened the whole time. After ten minutes, he watched the clock the whole time, she finally ended her story with “… and now I always strip naked when consuming someone”.


“But you’re still wearing underwear and a bra” he pointed out, causing a pillow to get thrown at his face. “Well I’m not gonna strip with you here, darn pervert” she chastived him for his pervertedness and he rubbed his neck with embarrassment. “You said you wanted to tell me how it happened” he reminded her, the pink girls eyes lighting up with excitement.


“That's right, okay let me set the scene” she put her arms in front of herself as if showing off something “Me and Eijiro and hard core making out, I’m talking tongue action and everything. Then he starts getting frisky by lifting up my shirt and feeling my chest so I do the same and start feeling him out too. Then he pushes my against the bed, pulls off my underwear and-” “I think you should skip the part where you two have amazing sex, I’d rather not hear all the details about how awsome Kirishimas dick is” he intterupts her.


“But that’s the best part” she whines, flailing her arms in a fit of annoyance. “Maybe for you, but I really don’t want to know what my friend is like in bed” he admits. “Don’t you mean what your friend was like in bed” she turns to her bloated stomach and starts rubbing it, now with the human outline far fainter than before. “Yeah” since Mina isn't looking at him she missed the look that crosses his face for half a second “what he was like”. “Well if you really don’t want to know, I’ll just skip to the end” Mina stops rubbing her stomach and turns back to him.


“Once we finish, Eijiro tells me just how much I mean to him. He says he would do anything for, even let himself get eaten if I wanted to. I asked him if he was serious and he said he was, then I asked him if he wanted to. After that, he basically shoved his way down my throat. After about two minutes he was fully inside, and loving every second of it. The two of us talked for a few minutes until he ran out of oxygen and fell unconscious. After that I started breaking him down and decided to head back here, where I ran into you” she finished her story with a happy grin.


“What was the last thing you two said to each other?” Kaminari questioned “I hope it was romantic”. “He told me “Make sure my sick gains don’t go to waste” right before passing out, although I'm not sure if he heard me tell him that I will. At any rate” she slapped her stomach “i’m gonna have boobs like Yaomomo by the time he finishes packing on me”. Kaminari smiled, stood up with a stretch, and headed for the door while saying “Have fun, I got a date to plan”. The surprised cry of “Date?!” made him smile as he closed the door.


He got to his room and locked the door before sitting at his desk. “I need a plan” he said out loud before picking up a piece of paper and brainstorming various ideas on it. “Not too elaborate” he said “I gotta keep it simple. Less things can go wrong that way”. He spent thirty straight minutes coming up with the perfect plan, starting over time and time again until it was to his liking. “Alright then” he cracked his knuckles like it was an action movie “Let's get to work.

The next morning

Uraraka hit the snooze button on her alarm and sat up, stretching in the process. “New day, new adventure” she said her usual morning pick me up and started her morning routine. She showered, dried herself off, put on underwear, brushed her teeth, put on a little makeup, dried and combed her hair, put on her uniform, grabbed her backpack, and headed out the door. She was going to turn towards the elevator when she saw a red arrow that had been painted on the window in front of her door.


“Huh?” she said in confusion before looking down the hallway, which is where the arrow pointed, and saw more red arrows on the walls, floor, and ceiling all pointing in the same direction. Not sure what was going on but curious nonetheless, she slowly made her way down the hall. Eventually she reached the last room, Mina’s room, and saw that there were several arrows around the doorframe that were all pointing inside. Feeling less and less sure about the situation the longer it went on, Uraraka slowly turned the door handle and gingerly opened the door.


Inside was covered with red arrows, all pointing at the bed where mina was covered with a black blanket with only the top of her head showing. “Mina?” Uraraka asked unsurely while creeping towards the bed “Are you okay?”. She didn’t respond as Uraraka closed in on the bed. Eventually she was standing right over the bed, hand outstretched and ready to rip the blanket off.




Uraraka jumped so hard she fell backwards onto Mina’s table and knocked it over. After a second of pure panic, she realized the noise was her phone which she quickly checked to see Iida calling. “Hello?” she asked, a quaver in her voice. “I was just calling to see what was keeping you this morning, considering you are usually always on time to breakfast” Iida explained in his usual robotic tone.


“Sorry I just-” she looked over at the bed, noticing what looked like dark stains on the blankets “Can you come up here, maybe with Deku too?”. “Of course, whatever you need” Iida said immediately before calling for Deku to come with him and getting back on the phone “What do you need our help with?”. “I think something bad happened” she said, her voice shaking slightly “and I don’t think I can face it on my own. I need you guys”. “What do you mean?” Iida asked confused, but Uraraka couldn’t answer. “We’re on your floor, are you in-what the?” Uraraka could hear Iida’s voice from down the hallway and she called out “I’m in here!”.


After a few seconds both Iida and Deku ran into the room and looked around. “What does this all mean?” Iida asked while Uraraka clung to her boyfriend for dear life. “I don’t know” she said after hugging Deku for a few seconds “But I couldn’t bring myself to pick up the blanket alone”. “Well there’s no point in waiting” Iida marched over to the bed and grabbed the dark blanket “Are you two ready for what we might see” Deku nodded and, after steeling her nerves, Uraraka did the same. Iida ripped off the blanket to reveal Mina.


“AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!” Both Deku and Uraraka screamed in absolute horror while Iida went completely still, the color draining from his face and leaving him ghost white. On the bed was Mina, absolutely covered with blood and stab wounds. Her arms and legs were riddled with stabs, her left arm actually seemed to be falling apart due to the severity of the damage. Her chest also had multiple stab wounds, although most of them couldn’t be seen since there was a white poster board taped to her chest that had the words “You better run, better run, better run,” written in her blood. Her face was completely unrecognizable due to the damage, only one eye was even visible through all the blood and injuries.


Deku and Uraraka quickly ran out of the room and vomited in the hallway, Iida almost following suit but managing to keep it together. The couple then proceed to hug each other tightly, despite smelling like vomit, and began to cry into the others shoulder. Iida stepped out of the room, appearing to have aged ten years since entering, and pulled out his phone to call someone. “Mister Aizawa” his voice had never sounded so shaky “Please come to Ashido’s room quickly, she’s been … killed”. Iida slowly explained the details while Deku and Uraraka clung to each other for dear life and sobbed over the loss of their friend.

Later that day

Ethan was feeling pretty good about himself after the day he had. He had done a test in history class that he knew he aced, he managed to win ten thousand yen by stacking ten soda cans on his head, and he was able to convince his sister to not go to the “Hide or Melt” competition by making her realize that eating people would mean she would need to buy new clothes. All in all, his day had gone great.


“I feel kind of unsafe now” his friend that he was walking with Mizu said suddenly. “How come?” he asked in confusion and Mizu simply pointed towards the Class 1-A building that was still covered with police even this many hours later. “Oh yeah” Ethan said dismissively “You probably shouldn’t worry about it”. “Why not” Mizu asked, eyebrow raised, and Ethan explained “I heard she had eaten her boyfriend right before she was killed. My guess is that’s why she was killed”. Ethan huffed “Seriously, a hero course student who’s okay with being turned into fat, pathetic. Not to mention her being okay with doing that to him, just as ridiculous”.


“I’m pretty sure the only people here who don't like Vore are you and me” Mizu said dryly and Ethan retourted with “Not true, there are those guys we talk to from Russia who also don’t like it”. “I don’t think Antonov flew all the way to Japan just to kill a girl he’s never even heard of before, Ethan” Mizu shot back, leading to an argument between the two boys as they headed for their own dorms.


Despite the argument, Ethan still felt that he had a pretty good day.