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Maybe We Were Wrong...

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Huh, it’s funny now shit functions in this city. Back in 2006, I was assigned to go undercover in a street gang to help destroy it from the inside and provide intel to my superior officers about their operations. My friend ranked up to become the second-in-command of the gang and even then, police officer him had nothing on the gangbanger version. And the entire thing was like that, even I myself, as a gangbanger, provided more to keep the streets of the city safe than anything I did as a police officer. It’s like all the protocols and procedures aren’t actually effective to keep shithole like Stilwater functional and it requires to be led by iron, ruthless fist.

As the news have been circling the last few days, Vincent finally woke up from his coma. It’s driving Troy crazy that he escaped the prison before the two managed to have a chat, face to face. The rumors around the street were saying, Vincent was dedicated to rebuilding the Saints, even thought most of the old gangers moved on to other stuff or were even killed and arrested. Gat got arrested, Troy is a chief of police, Dex got hired by Ultor to work inside their ivory tower, Will got arrested, and let’s not even talk about all those wannabe big time bangers that got capped. Vincent’s chances to actually achieve anything were slim, but the stubborn bastard that his is will work his ass to death if it meant achieving something, that’s just how powerful and willing he is to be on the top. I know best what Vincent is able to achieve when he gives his one hundred percent. After all, he was my special friend, my first…

Even thought from all logical standpoints, Vince’s idea was a suicide mission deemed to fail, but a small part of me wondered. Should I leave my badge behind and join Vincent crusade? His plan is crazy enough to actually work, and if it ends up actually working, the Stilwater could finally be cleansed of violence for good. Finally, after all those years of oppression from the gangsters, children could finally go out and play on the street without risking being shot by some junkie. Truly, the city would be on verge of becoming a utopia, or at least as city built on the suffering of others can go.

This was something I have to bring up to Troy, the two of us have been through a lot already with the whole Gangsta Cops operation, god was that a shitty name for a simple undercover operation, what idiot thought of it? I walked up to Troy’s office and he was on the phone. The call seemed pretty serious; it was with Mr. Vogel from Ultor. I always had a hunch that he might be part of the problem why Stilwater Police isn’t as effective as it should be. After all, he’s a big donor to the department, but donors always have some demands with their money, rich people are just assholes like that.

When he finished the phone call, I started talking to the Chief. “Chief, we gotta talk about something that’s been bothering me.”
He was putting the phone back to it’s base “Don’t call me chief, we’ve been through too much to be this formal.” Troy replied to me “What is it, Ryan? Is it about Vincent?”
Troy has known me for a really long time, we were partners when I first got out of the academy and I learned a lot of stuff about being a cop, and even being a man. In some weird spiritual way, he was like a big brother to me. I never had a big brother so having him to relate to was something special I always cherished. Of course, Troy knew about my relationship with Vincent, I still remember the day he found out, much to my shame, he told me that I was suppose to feel proud I am not afraid to be open. It was probably the best advice I could’ve gotten at the time, it helped me be more accepting about my brother’s transition too.
“Yes, uhh I don’t know how to say this.” For a second, I closed my eyes and took one deep breath, it helped me focus for what was about to happen “I am not satisfied with the work we do here and think we could do more.”
“Ryan, you know-“
“Let me finish.” I stopped him, it wasn’t everything I was going to tell him, the next part really made me feel anxious about saying “I want to resign as the police officer, and join up Vincent’s rebuilding.”
“Oh…” Troy’s face shown an expression of disappointment, and his words confirmed that “You know that that might not be the wisest decision.”
“I know, I have had a hard time falling asleep these last few days thinking about it, but I really think both of us served the city more as the gangsters than as the police officer.” I replied to him, I felt this huge pressure on my chests because I am betraying the only thing I ever knew “I think disbanding Saints has been a mistake, I want this city to be safe, and the police isn’t enough to do it.”
Troy was at the loss of words, he could find what to say, did I really just betray the only person whose opinion I respect? He took a cigarette and put it in his mouth, lighting it with his lighter, and taking one small drag. “You know I can arrest you for this right now?”
I didn’t know what to say, I took my badge off my shirt and my gun out of my holster and put it on his desk, he looked at it confused at first and then continued his speech “But, I am afraid that you might be right…” A part of me was relieved, but it was confusing, what did this mean?
“Troy, I don’t quite follow you.”
He pulled out a form from his desk and put it in front of me “Fill out this form, it’s for your resignation.” I took a pen and started filling it in, but Troy didn’t stop talking. “I understand where you’re coming from, but be sure that you thought all of this through, I can’t let you back in with the open arms if all of this busts in your face.” He paused as he took another drag. “Tell you what,” Troy placed his hand on my gun, the one I left on his table “Take this with you, you’re gonna need it. I’ll handle the paperwork for it.”
I looked at the gun, then back at the Troy. This was a real nice gesture of him, I got off my chair and walked up to him. I wrapped my hands around him and gave him a big hug. I sunk my head in his shoulder and whispered “Thank you, Troy… This really means a lot of me.” A small drop of tear came out of my eye.
Troy tapped by back and replied “It’s okay, kid. What are brothers for?” I smiled as I let go of him. “Just, if you ever need anything from me, don’t be afraid to call, my doors are always open for you.” “Really, Troy, thank you. You have been nothing but kind ever since I got here, I will get back at you for all this one one these days.

A smirk formed on Troy’s face, which was rare for him to do it these days “Finish up your paperwork, kid. And go follow your heart.”