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Gabes son

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he sat there his newborn son in his arms. However, May 2nd, 1983 that’s a day that I will forever cherish thought Gabriel as happy he was at this moment he couldn’t stop the fear for his son from creeping through. He was half angel half demon. Far more powerful than any creature should have the right to be but yet so small and fragile looking. Sam that’s what ill call you. He held his son close and promised never to let go.
He set his new son in his crib. Night baby. His son looked at him with beautiful hazel eyes. Gabriel didn’t need sleep, but he honestly enjoyed it which is what lead him to go to sleep that night. Gabriel laid down and closed his eyes ready to let the world become a blur when he heard a loud bang from the nursery. Gabriel ran to the room his heart gunning each step he took his sons cries getting louder and louder. He stepped into the nursery and found Azazel hovering over his crib. Gabriel flew forward but in a blink of an eye Azazel was gone and so was Sam.
(with Azazel) He had taken the baby per Lucifer's orders and now he had to hide it for Lucifer to use at a later date. Lucifer had instructed him to leave him with the Winchesters. he had talked to Lucifer reminding him that that would mean his vessel would never be born. Azazel my child you think too small. With my power I can create my own vessel no it will not be as powerful as my perfect vessel but once I harvest the child’s power, I will be far more powerful than Michael.
So, Azazel had watched Gabriel all day from the birth to the time he had taken the child. Azazel saw no use in changing the child’s name there were plenty of Sam’s in the world. But just in case he put his hand and used the powers Lucifer had given him temporarily and stunted the child’s powers. He arrived at the house with the child. He took care of the family’s memories and prepared the nursery. He set the child in the crib and left. Sam was now officially a Winchester. (6 months later) Azazel made his way into the Winchester household to check and make sure that Sam’s powers where contained. He appeared in the nursery and leaned over Sam’s crib. John is he hungry? Ssshhh. Ok? Mary left and he was about to leave himself when he heard Mary running back up the stairs and reentering the room. Knowing how this was supposed to happen he put Mary on the wall. Sliding her slowly to the ceiling and cutting her middle. John would be here soon attracted by the scream.
John came in to see his wife stuck to the ceiling bleeding from his middle. John got his youngest son and took him to the hallway. Daddy asked little dean. The ceiling was in flames they had to get out of there. Dean take your brother outside as fast as you can. Little Sammy was transferred into Deans’ arms and dean ran outside. Eventually john came outside scooping up his children and taking them as far as was safe from the house.
(13 years later) Sam had been experiencing strange powers since he was ten years old. As far as he could tell he had telekinesis and the ability to know how others where feeling and about a year ago he started to be able to read peoples thoughts. Sam had learned to put walls up so he wouldn’t have to hear other people’s thoughts if he didn’t want to, but it did come In handy sometimes. He hadn’t told dean or their father. He could only imagine how that would go.
Sam arrived home from a long day at school. Sam stepped across the salt line and headed to the fridge. Sam took out some food and started to make dinner for himself. though dean and his father where supposed to be back they wouldn’t be coming in till late tonight Sam used his telekinesis to get a bowl from a high shelf before proceeding to make spaghetti from a can. Sam ate showered and then climbed in bed. Sam quickly fell asleep. The next morning Sam woke with a gasp. He had had that dream again. A man with brilliant eyes and golden hair held him smiling down at him. he had never met this person that he could remember so who was this man. Every dream was hazy as if it was a long-ago hidden memory. Sam shrugged it off. Maybe it was. It could have been one of his mom’s friends.
Sam heard a knock on the door and sat up. Come in. dean opened the door. Sam dad wants us to eat breakfast and go for a run. Sam rubbed the remaining sleep from his eyes and made his way to the bathroom. After pulling on an old pair of jeans and a worn-out shirt both of which had belonged to dean at some point, he headed downstairs. Sam ate his breakfast though he wasn’t hungry. He hadn’t really been hungry since he turned 10. Sam ate anyway knowing if he didn’t, he would end up being questioned by Dean.
Sam pulled on his running shoes and stepped outside. The day was a particularly nice one and Sam enjoyed the way the rays of sun shone on his skin warming him. Dean exited the motel room and locked the door. Ready he asked. yeah replied Sam. Sam and Dean started on their long run to town and back. when they finally arrived back at the motel covered in sweat Dean smiled at Sam. I win. How? Asked Sam before making his way into the room. I got here first. In your dreams stated Sam. Bitch. Jerk.