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"Hey babe, have you seen my notebook? The one with the star stickers on it?" Lance asked, walking into his and his boyfriends shared room, eyes flickering around, hoping to spot the book. His eyes landed on Keith's bare back, where large words in darken ink sat, freezing Lances heart—, words he never thought he'd see.

"Nevermind, I think—" His words choked up, as he swallowed thickly. Clearing his throat, he forced the words out smoothly, "I think I left it at Hunks place." He rubbed the back of his neck, adverting his eyes when Keith turned around.

"Alright. I'm going out with Shiro tonight, said he wanted to hang or whatever." The other slid on a shirt, raising an eyebrow at Lance, who's gaze locked onto the words that disappeared under the fabric. I'm single, don't worry.

Snapping out of his little daze Lance nodded, forcing a smile across his lips, "Okay! Will you be coming home? Or should I leave a spare key? I won't be here in the morning, since I have a meeting with Allura." He explains, twisting his fingers, lying smoothly, covering the wince that flashed on his face with his hand. It felt like his back was burning, the words he uttered scratching onto his skin, I have a meeting with Allura. 

Shaking his head, Keith grabbed his jacket and keys, stepping in front of Lance, waiting as he spoke, "No, I'll just stay with Shiro til you get back."

"Okay!" Lance felt a bitter feeling crawl under his skin as he pressed a gentle, nearly a ghost, of a kiss against the others cheek. Closing his eyes with a smile he choked out, "Love you mullet boy!"

"Love you too, lover boy."

No, no you don't-, is what Lance wanted to scream, spotting the tip of newly formed ink on Keith's neck, the top of a "y" sticking out, mocking the boy angrily.

Keith pressed a soft kiss against his lips, so gentle, like a feather was brushing against them. But it hurt, burning Lances lips in the reminder that this wasn't real to Keith.

Keith pulled away and walked out, leaving Lance alone—, alone with the realization that Keith never did take his shirt off around him. Not once had the other boy removed his shirt in Lances presence. Lance didn't pressure Keith, knowing sometimes lies are too hard to show—, he understood and kept silent.

But he trusted Keith enough to take off his shirt, showing the lies he's uttered, harmless little things, simple really. Things like, "nope, i didn't take that!" to "yeah, I'm okay. No worries!"

God, he wasn't expecting that on his boyfriends back. Does he even think of Lance that way? Apparently not, if the words Lance saw proved anything.

Shaking, Lance dialed Hunks number, his heart pounding in his chest, his head spinning. The man he put so much trust in-, what the fuck does Keith think he's doing? Lying so easily, ignoring the pain searing into his skin every single fucking time he utters "I love you, Lance". How does he even ignore it? Why does he? Why couldn't he just be honest about his fucking feelings and ignore the pain it causes Lance? For both of them. It'd be so much fucking easier, wouldn't it? Not lying? The backlash, the pain that burns slowly into your skin as you lie, carving the words into different areas of your body—, the longer the lie, the more it stings, but god, the worst lies hurt the most when it's carved.

So why?

"Hey buddy, you need something?" Hunks voice rang out, Lance barely hearing it over his heavy breathing, barely gasping out, "I need you."

God bless Hunk, immediately grasping the situation.

"Lance, where are you? At home?" Hunk asked, desperately trying to stay calm. Lance knew that, just from the way Hunks voice cracked-.

Whimpering, he clutched the fabric above his racing heart, choking out a wet, "Yes". Tears burned the corner of his eyes, sliding down his face, dripping onto the floor.

"I'll be there in a minute, but I need you to breath with me, can you do that Lance?"

"D-.. Dunno!" Lances body shook with sobs, the tears falling faster as he desperately tried to catch his breath, his fingers and toes tingling, his head feeling lighter. He couldn't breath, his throat closing up; blinking away the tears that only fell more, clumping his eyelashes together uncomfortably. He wiped at his eyes, his thoughts cloudy and hazy—

Why did Keith lie?

Why did he ask him out?


"Lance! Buddy, stay with me. Focus on my voice-"

Right, Hunk was on his way—, he just had to focus, just focus.

"I want you to take deep breaths with me, can you do that?" Hunk asks, Lance vaguely hearing the start of an engine, alerting him that the other should be there soon.

Focus, just focus Lance. You can do this-, you can't do this. You can do this, just breath.

"In and out, do it with me." He heard Hunk take a deep breath and softly count, "one, two—, come on buddy count with me—" Lance mimicked Hunk, taking a shaky deep breath, gasping for air moments after.

"You can do it buddy, I'm almost there. Come on, try again—" Deep breath, "one, two, three—, " One, two, three—

"I can't!" Lance cried, collapsing onto the ground, his vision blurring, his head spinning.

Hearing a car door shut over the phone, Lance nearly smiled out of relief, "I'm here, I'm on my way up to your apartment, it's gonna be okay—" Hunk reassured Lance gently.

The door opened and Hunk stepped in, his eyes widening then softening seeing Lances state. Or so Lance assumes, he can't tell—, the tears blurring his vision too much.

Hunk kneeled down and scooped Lance up into his arms, whispering soft things into his ears, having him mimic his breathing —.

Lance felt warm, safe even. Hunk was the best hugger, so warm and gentle; cradling him into his chest. It was soothing, Lance finally calming down after a moment..

"What happened Lance?" Hunk asked, barely above a whisper, still holding the shaken Lance.

Lance, startled, looked up at Hunk with puffy red eyes, "oh-.. Oh.. I saw-" He paused, nervously chewing at his lower lip, "I saw Keith shirtless today. A lie of his, on his back, was from when he asked me out.. "I love you Lance McClain. You're the only one I need.""

Blinking up at Hunk, who took a sharp breath, he continued, "There was also "I'm single, don't worry".. And when he said I love you back, it showed up.." He mumbled, glancing over at the wall, tears welding up in his eyes once more as he sniffled. "Sorry, you must thing I'm overreacting, I'm so fucking stupid—"

"No, you're not." Hunk interrupted, his eyes narrowed. "Give me your phone, I want to talk to Keith."

"Hunk no—"

"Lance, I've heard you gush over that boy so many times, about how beautiful he was and how you loved him so much, and he does this to you. Cheats on you and lies. I want to have a nice chat."

Lance puffed softly, handing over his phone. He knew he could have been more firm about no, and Hunk wouldn't do anything. Hunks too nice to do anything when Lance begs him not to but he's too tired to fight—, too tired to care about what happens anymore.

Hunk took the phone gingerly and called Keith, waiting patiently, as patiently as he can be with the situation.

Keith picked up, "yeah?"

Lance perked up, leaning closer to the phone, listening to the noise in the background. Music?

"Keith—" Hunk started, just to hear, "baby come back to bed—"

Fuck no. 

Lance stole the phone, new found anger flaring up, "oh, baby when will you be home? Hm? After you're done fucking that person? Oh oh! No wait let me guess, it'll be in the morning and you'll lie saying you were with Shiro all night right? I'm right aren't I? Well guess what Keith stay there. Don't step foot into this fucking house again you cheating piece of-"

"Lance?! It's not what you think, baby please listen-", "baby?! You told me you were single!"

Lance chuckled bitterly, "tell them don't worry, you are now. Bye, Kogane." He hung up, taking a deep breath.

"I-, can I stay at your place tonight, Hunk?" Lance asks, looking at the shell shocked man, who snaps out of his shock and nods.

"Of course. You can stay however long you want.. But first-" Hunk set Lance down and stood up, "let's toss his stuff into the hallway, and hide the spare keys."

Lance laughs gently, tears pricking the corners of his eyes once more. "Yeah, let's. Thank you, Hunk.."

"It's what I'm here for Lance. Let's get started-, first! His band t-shirts!"

"Oh he's gonna be so angry when he sees his shirts out there waiting to be stolen-"

"Or his gloves. Isn't he obsessed with them?"


Thank you so much Hunk..