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High school relationships DO last

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“Stupid ass Extras...” mumbled Katsuki, kicking some dirt out of his way. He was on his way to school, when a group of students decided to stop both him and his friend. “Ohhh, Bakugou! Are you dating her? She looks cute,” one of them winked at her.

“Damn straight. What class you in, Cutie?”

“You wanna skip class to hang out with us?”

That last comment made him lose it.


That seemed to silence them.

Grabbing onto Shoko's hand, he walked through the crowd, sighing in relief when he looked back and saw no movement on their part.

Shoko snorted, once out of hearing distance. “A match made in heaven. A gay man and a Bisexual girl,” she joked, watching as Katsuki let go of her hand and shoved both of his into his pockets.

“It’s cold out. Is your pride over your ‘Oh so cool’ outfit going to stop you from wearing your jacket” She asked, watching his shirt skeptically. The first button was popped open, letting the cool air hit his exposed chest. His sleeves were pulled up midway, and she could already see the way he shivered slightly, his arm twitching.

He shrugged, digging his hands deeper into his pocket to seek warmth. “Don’t care. We’re gonna be inside all day, right?”

Scoffing, she stopped by the school gate, leaning her bag against the pillar. Katsuki watched her curiously, watching just until her school jacket that the school supplies for their winter uniform came off. “Your jackets too sma-“

He was cut off by her throwing her school uniform over her waist, tying it up. She then proceeded to fold the sleeves up, until it was midway up her arm, just like Katsuki’s. “What are you doing?” He scoffed, watching as she took her bag from the pillar and stood up straight, letting a shiver run down her spine. “Damn, it IS cold...” she muttered, turning her attention back to Katsuki. “What does it look like? I’m following you so that If people call you an idiot, I can say I told you it made you look, like, I don’t know, ‘Powerful and Cool’. They’ll believe me and I’ll take the fall.”

Continuing on their walk, Katsuki raised an eyebrow. He looked forward, watching the school as they got closer and closer. “Since when did you think of a smart-ass plan like that, Shoko?” He asked, glancing to see her shrug.

Her blank face was something he became accustomed to. He finally admitted defeat in their second year of middle school when he realized she wouldn’t allow herself to show any emotions, though that slowly changed when she started hanging out with Katsuki. It was a perfect combination, one that kept others away. Shoko, with her blank and scary features, always getting bullied at school, and Katsuki, scary and menacing, WAS the bully. It kept Katsuki at peace sometimes, and the Bullies away from Shoko.

“I guess I’m just not stupid. I always used to think of the most logical way to get out of any situation,” she responded, slowly stopping in her tracks as she spotted Katsuki’s friend group from afar. Scrunching her nose up in distaste, she turned back around to glance at her friend. “Well, I’ll go. Mr. Aizawa wanted me to help out before class,” she admitted, giving her friend a small wave before stalking off to the entrance. His friends finally spotted him alone, running up to him with what Katsuki presumed was as much energy as they could use.

“Hey, Bro!” Eijirou exclaimed, throwing an arm over his shoulders. Katsuki grimaced, rolling his shoulder to shake his arm off. “Why are you dressed like that?” Asked Mina, finally catching her breath. Katsuki shrugged, a small, barely noticeable smirk lifting at his lips.

“My friend told me it was cool.”




“...And as you see here, in order to get this formula, you have to use this number right here. If you use this one, you’ll get a completely different one,” Katsuki’s teacher explained, tapping the board along with his explanation.

Katsuki Sighed, staring off into the distance.

To his dismay, he didn’t have class with his best friend, and instead got stuck with the idiots. It wouldn’t have been that bad, if he weren’t surrounded by them. He sat around the front of the class, but not the exact front, meaning he had the idiots cornering him in all the spaces next to him. To his left? Off-brand Pikachu. To his right? Soy Sauce. In front? Mina ‘I don’t need a man to take care of me, but I’ll date my best friend anyway’ Ashido. Behind him? Out of the group, the most tolerable.

But not entirely tolerable.

The bell rung, waking some students up from their sleep as others just jumped in their seat. “Oh, wait! Before you go, I just wanted to ask, how many of you joined a club? I know it’s the beginning of the year, and not many joined one, but if you did, we need to know in case the club has any activities that take part during class-time, so we can dismiss you and gather homework, and notes,” he explained, making Katsuki roll his eyes.

‘Clubs...’ the thought, ‘yeah right.’




Katsuki always liked lunch.

He got a break from his classmates, and got to hang out with the smart people, which in this case, it was Shoko.

He walked up the staircase, already accustomed to the weight of two lunch-boxes in his bag. It was a hassle in the beginning, waking up early to make two lunches, then carrying the lunches all the way to the roof, but it slowly mixed in with his routine, getting him used to the extra 30 minutes he has in his morning.

Once he reached the top, he quickly pulled open the door, not wasting another second to complain to his only friend. Once the door was wide enough, he stuck a nearby rock in between the door, making sure it didn’t close completely, because if it did, they would be locked on the roof.

“Yo,” Shoko said, lifting a hand to give him a small wave. He nodded in response, acknowledging her presence.

Moving to sit beside her on the bench, Katsuki set down the bag containing their lunches, and leaned back in his seat. “Damn. I hated class today,” he yawned, reaching into the bag to take out the sandwich he packed for himself. Shoko nodded, a reminder she was listening, and pulled out the container containing rice balls.

“You should join the Advanced class. There are a lot of cool kids, and the teachers try to teach you material you don’t know yet,” she explained, opening the lid carefully. As Katsuki was unwrapping his sandwich, he frowned. “Wait, so you mean to tell me you’re in the advanced class, and didn’t bother to tell me this entire time?”

She shrugged, taking a rice ball into her hands and taking a small bite out of it. “I thought you knew. I am a year younger than you guys, after all.”

It was true, as Katsuki and the others were already 15, and she was starting her high school year at the age of 14. “Yeah, but I thought you were in like, 1-B, or something like that, not 1-C!”

The grading in this school was weird.

1-A was supposed to be composed of the smartest students, while 1-B were slightly less impressive. 1-C, on the other hand, was the advanced class, making 1-B the lowest class in the entire school. “Welcome to UA academy. Our grades our really high, our class numbering was done by a drunk person, and, oh yeah, that 14 year old? She’s smarter than your son,” Katsuki joked, talking to himself.

Shoko let out a small laugh, gazing off into the distance, staring at the people walking on the courtyard. Katsuki, getting bored of the silence, followed her movements. He watched the students walk by in a blur, uncaring of the two students watching them from the rooftop. Katsuki’s breath hitched in his throat when he saw a kid walk past, green hair bouncing on his head with every step he took.

His eyes were bright, and his smile, ‘oh my god, his smile...’ Katsuki thought, staring at the kid from the not-so high rooftop.

“Who’s... that,” Katsuki asked skeptically, not trusting his mouth, most certain it would run and say something stupid, like “who’s that very attractive male walking with a group of extra’s? Wanna be Wingman?”

“Who... Tenya? He’s in your clas- oh. Midoriya?” She asked, staring at the green-haired kid. “Midoriya,” he tasted the syllables on his tongue, liking the way it sounded. She raised an eyebrow at him. “He’s in my Advanced class. He’s extremely smart, and we usually talk a lot about the material we’re working on, ‘cause we’re at the same level. He’s really nice, and usually compliments me on how I’m very successful for my age,” she explains, taking a bite out of the food in her hands.

Katsuki nods, watching as Midoriya left, walking with a group of friends. “Why are you askin- oh. Ohhhh...” she smirked, hiding it behind her rice ball. Katsuki felt heat rushing to his cheeks as he shook his head. “Fuck off,” he responded, raising a middle finger in her direction. She laughed it off.

“If you want, I can play WingWoman. We’re not exactly friends, but he’s the only person to not look at me weirdly.”

Suddenly feeling nostalgic, Katsuki’s facial expression softened. He remembered that. Every day people would watch Shoko weirdly as she stared at the ground, walking through the middle-school hallways, headphones plugged in her ears. He always wondered why, until he started hearing the awful things they were saying behind her back. Then he tried to learn how to read her expressions, and blatantly gave up, walking over to her to tell her how victorious she came out in the end. After that, they started to hang out, and he finally was able to read her like normal again.

People still look at her weirdly. She’s friends with the most angry person in school, making people jump to conclusions and thinking she’s a bad person to, or they’re scared by her looks, which aren’t creepy at all. dark blue hair that fades into white at the tips, and green eyes shining a grass-field green. If she were dressed in all black, he would imagine how it was creepy, but she wasn’t. She was dressed like any normal student, and talked like any normal student, though her limited facial expressions made her slightly unlikable.

“Oh, wait, never mind. He gives me weird looks behind my back, but at least he doesn’t spread rumours or look at me like that to my face. He’s respectful to not judge me, so he’s a perfect fit for you,” she admitted, and he felt a pang in his chest. How can she stay so calm in these situations? How can she be so blunt? “Oh... well, he wasn’t worth my time anyways,” he responded, picking up his discarded sandwich and taking a bite out of it.

Shoko shook her head, turning her body to face him. “No, it’s fine. You know me. You know our promise, if it bothered me I would tell you.”

Oh yeah, right. The /promise/.

Katsuki nodded. “I’ll talk with him in class today. I love playing wingman, anyways,” she smirked, setting down her food. Once she did, he noticed the outfit she decided to wear. He scoffed at the idea. “Really? Aren’t you gonna be colder?”

Just like his shirt, the top button was popped open, revealing a little of her definitely not flat chest. Her stockings were gone, and the blue jacket the school provides for their winter uniform was still wrapped around her small waist.

“People will stare at you,” he reminded, making her shrug. It was something she used to show emotion, a simple shrug. Sometimes it meant she was happy, sad, or angry. Others, it meant “I don’t care”. Most of the time it was the latter.

“Don’t care. I’ve probably already lost all feeling in my arm anyways,” she laughed, stretching her arm in front of her and poking it with an index finger. He frowned, disappointed of her decisions. He opened his mouth to speak, before Shoko interrupted him, picking up her food once again. “‘Shoko, that’s really stupid of you,’ yeah yeah, shut up. You’re the one who did it in the first place,” she easily placed the blame on him.

Rolling his eyes, he opened his mouth to retaliate, but was interrupted by the bell.

Shoko laughed. “Looks like you can’t speak at ALL today,” she joked, packing up her lunch in the container. There was one and a half rice ball remaining. “We need to start eating all our food. Well, at least we have lunch for tomorrow,” Katsuki commented, holding up his half-eaten sandwich.

Standing up, she let out a chuckle. “Well, I have to go. My teacher is going to /kill/ me if I’m late,” Shoko laughed, a small smile gracing her lips. Katsuki frowned. “Oh, yeah. Who did you say your teacher was again?”

“I never said their names. Yes, their. Mr. Aizawa teaches us most subjects, then when he’s teaching another class, Principal Toshinori or Mr. Yamada teaches us,” she explained, biting her lip as she tried to fend off the cold. Her hair blew in synchronization with the wind, giving the scene a dramatic effect. “You get taught by the principal? I heard he’s extremely smart,” he commented, amazed. They started to make their way to the door when Shoko’s phone rang.

“It’s fine, take it,” he said once he realized she tried to ignore it. They walked in silence, reaching the inside, finally basking in the heat of the school. “O-Oh! You... what? I can’t hear- Tomura, calm down. Now, tell me how you got this number and why you’re calling me?” He recognized the name as the second-year student who was known for his position in the dark arts club, a well-known and respected creep around the academy.

“No! I’m not joining your silly club!... well, I already got an offer from Mr. Kurogiri, and i rejected it. Besides, multiple people are asking me to join their clubs. Yours isn’t any different.” He used to be confused on why she used the word ‘Mr.’ before addressing a teacher, until later on in their third year of middle school he realized that she was actually born and grew up in England. If you listen hard enough, you could hear her voice crack and slip up into an English accent.

“Dark arts? That’s lame. Abracadabra, I summoned a demon? That’s basically what you do?”

She tripped on her feet slightly, almost falling down the stairs. Katsuki caught her by the arm, frowning as he lifted her up again. She mouthed a ‘thanks’ and resumed her call. “No, I’m not interested.... oh, you want to know what other clubs? Okay, I like the cooking club, the art club, the sewing club, the gardening club, the music club, the student council, and the book club- Oh, now I’m boring for liking books? Half of your room is covered in books, the other are just your weird, emo friends.”

Katsuki snorted beside her, finally reaching the bottom of the steps on their floor. He decided to walk her to class, even if it was just to sneak one last peak at the green-haired beauty. “Who, Toga? She’s interested- Oh my god, Tomura, /you’re gay/, you should know that’s not how it works. If I like both boys and girls, that doesn’t mean I like the first bi, straight or lesbian person out there!”

Katsuki raised an eyebrow at her raising volume. She used to be shy about her sexuality, not voicing it out until graduation day, but that’s also the day he came out to her, and they made a promise to support each other unconditionally. But now, she was practically yelling it out in the middle of the hallways.

“Anyways, who gave you this number?... Wha- No, she didn’t. Literally, the only people in this school with my number are the teachers, my friends, and some club leaders.... How do you even know Tsuyu? Oh, yeah, I forgot, club meetings. Sorry. Anyways, let’s just end this call... yes, I’ve decided that I don’t want to join your stupid club. Yes... yes... NO! ..........Fine. I’ll tell him. Bye.” And with that, she ended the phone call.

“So, creepy wants to recruit you to his little goblin gang?” Katsuki asked, shoving his hands into his pockets. It’s been a habit he developed. “Yeah. Told him to screw off, though”. Shoko was never one to swear. She did sometimes, but not as harsh as Katsuki’s vocabulary. On top of that, she scolds Katsuki on the occasional time, reprimanding his swearing habits.


“Oh yeah, he wanted me to ask if you wanted to join. They were probably calling me to get to you,” she commented. It was probably true, because most people tended to ask Shoko for stuff, just to put in a sly “You should ask Bakugou-san, too.” That usually meant they wanted to ask him all alone, but they were scared of him, so they asked Shoko instead, the easily accessible one. Honestly, they thought she was easily accessible because Katsuki manipulated her into hanging out with him, and so she’s easy to ask. That’s why people tended to flirt with her, but it was mostly because of her very attractive looks.

Compared to all the other students, she had a fun look to her. The usual colours were mostly brown, yellow, or black, but she had a faded hair colour, that she was born with, green eyes contradicting her blue hair yet going so well with it. She never had straight hair, it was more wavy and splayed openly across her shoulders. The green eyes dark, yet once opened near sunlight, would come out as a light, pretty green. Her lips were always a pretty pink, without the lip gloss to help make it shine (Katsuki realized this when they were dared to kiss in a game of truth or dare. They didn’t mind, but it’s become a habit to kiss her around people who flirt with her). Not to mention her figure. She had a slim waist, hips not too wide, and her chest was the perfect size. Not too big, not too small, just enough to stretch the fabric of her shirt slightly.

Katsuki had to admit, if he were straight, or even Bisexual, he would have definitely been interested. Hell, they even pretend to be a couple in front of creeps who try to flirt with her, but either way, he’s /gay/, and not interested in girls, let alone his best friend. “By the way, next time you want to speak to the ‘green-haired beauty’ known as Izuku Midoriya, tell me instead of blurting it out in the middle of my call. If Tomura found out, he would literally use it as blackmail to get you into his little witch gang,” she snorted, stopping at the door to her classroom. A sign at the top that said ‘1-C’.

All of a sudden, the door burst open. Turning around, Katsuki suddenly came face-to-face with the green-haired beauty he was currently talking about. “Oh. Hey, Fujikawa-san! How are you?” He greeted naturally, a bright smile playing at his lips. And /damn/, if seeing it from a rooftop made him go crazy, right now...

There were freckles dotting his skin, which seemed to be fitting for a cute character like this. His smile seemed more radiant up close, and his hair looked more vibrant. His eyes, as well.

‘Where have I seen these eyes before...?’

Katsuki’s own eyes went wide with realization, before he turned to Shoko for confirmation. She nodded, confirming his suspicions, probably getting what he was so surprised about. “Hey, Midoriya-san. Im doing well, how about you?” She asked, her face slowly growing into the cold stare that everyone hated. Midoriya raised an eyebrow, but kept his smile. “I’m good! You know, I wanted to ask if you wanted to go to the movies with us! My friends were asking about you, and it’s a good excuse to take your phone number!” He laughed, raising a hand to scratch the back of his neck.

She shrugged in response. “Sure,” she replied, fishing into her pocket for her notebook and pencil. She tended to bring that around with her a lot. It was a book that even Katsuki hasn’t been allowed to look in, so it must have been special for her. She ripped out the last page, flattening it against the wall while writing down her phone number. While they were waiting, Midoriya decided to make small talk. “Hey! My name is Izuku Midoriya. Nice to meet you,” he smiled, stretching a hand forward to shake Katsuki’s hand. He took it, shaking his hand slowly before pulling apart and shoving his hands into his pocket. “Katsuki Bakugou, class 1-A.”

“Oh, that’s cool! All my friends are in 1-A. Uhmm, May I ask how you know Fujikawa-san?” He asked, biting his bottom lip with a small blush on his cheek. Katsuki raised an eyebrow, before a pang Of hurt shot his chest.

“I’m her friend,” he replied, ignoring the sigh of relief Izuku gave. “How long have you known each other, though?” He asked, pressing on with the unimportant questions. ‘Damn, he really does like her,’ Katsuki thought. He couldn’t blame him. In her defence, she was attractive, smart, and really cute once you teased her and she blushed a lot. Hell, he didn’t even know if Izuku LIKED guys.

Turning around to hand her phone number to Izuku in a folded piece of paper, she answered for Katsuki. “A long time. Ever since the second-year of middle-school.”

Izuku nodded, biting his lip once more. A small smiled lifted his lips, letting go of his lip to pull out his phone.

He seemed to tap the screen a few times, before he started to tap it number-by-number, using the paper in his hands for a reference. Katsuki looked over, seeing him name her “Shoko” with a blue heart attached, showing it to the group. “I’ll text you!” He exclaimed with a toothy grin before stalking off to the hall.

Katsuki Scoffed, crossing his arms. “Fuckin’ goody-two shoes over there has a little crush on you,” he said, pointing out the obvious.

Shoko sighed, running a hand through her hair. “Yeah, he does. He doesn’t even realize that his brother also likes me.” Yo Shindou, the schools ‘Heart-throb’. Katsuki recognized that hair style and eye colour anywhere; it matches Yo’s. “So, what’s with the different last names? Midoriya and Shindou?” He asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Half brothers. They share the same mom, Inko, but Midoriya’s dads name is Hizashi, and Shindou’s is... umm, Daisuke.” Katsuki nodded, biting his lip and dropping his hands into his pocket. Shoko never talked about her parents much. She usually talked about her older brother, who was a complete waste of oxygen, Kentarou, but from what he heard so far, her Dad’s name is Daisuke and her mom’s name is Mirai.

“That’s cool. Sorry, but I gotta’ head to class. See you after school? And if you bail on me, You’re dead,” he smirked, changing the subject. She grinned, holding out a fist to fist-bump Katsuki. He accepted the offer by pulling out his hand from his pocket.

“Well, bye! Don’t worry though, I’ll still play wing-woman!” Rolling his eyes, Katsuki walked off to his classroom as Shoko retreated into hers. But he couldn’t hide the inevitable smirk that creeped onto his features.