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Of Cooking And Sickness

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“I am perfectly fine,” Kai muttered as he looked at Sou, his eyes held a sharp glint but it didn’t bother Sou. He knew that the other was just trying to make him back off.

They had been arguing for the past few minutes now. Sou had noticed that Kai was sick while on a date with him. Sou knew that at this point it was getting ridiculous, Kai wasn’t going to admit he was sick no matter what proof Sou pulled up. The long-haired man’s cheeks were dusted with a shade of pink and his eyes kept unfocusing.

“Kai,” Sou waved his hand in front of his boyfriend’s face. He sighed as the other’s attention snapped back to him. Without warning, Sou stuck his hand onto his boyfriend’s forehead and grimaced. His forehead was incredibly warm which wasn’t all that surprising.

“We’re going home,” Sou glared at him, not leaving any place to protest as he signalled to the waitress that he was ready to pay the bill. The woman nodded at him before going back into the cafe and getting their bill.

“I’m not sick, Sou,” Kai protested as he looked at Sou. Already, Kai was reaching into the top part of his apron to grab his wallet but Sou stopped him with a glare.

“Who said you needed to be sick for me to want to go back home?” Sou asked as he took the bill before Kai could. A feat that usually couldn’t be done thanks to Kai’s usual speed but this time it was different, Kai’s movements were sluggish as he tried taking it. Sou didn’t let him and smiled to himself at his little victory.

“Alright, if you say so,” Kai muttered as he watched Sou pay for their meal and followed the teal-haired male as they made their way back to their home. The idea of their home still surprised him, he wondered just how it was possible.

Kai and Sou hadn’t gotten along at first but with Sara noticing their numerous interactions, she had tried to get them to talk more. The results had been fruitful, Sou and Kai, after putting away their initial dislike had ended up hitting it off quite nicely. Here they were now, living in the same house, not that far away from Sara’s house.

“Are you alright?” Sou asked as he turned around, catching the way Kai was swaying around dangerously. The other male nodded, clutching his head a bit before he resumed looking stoic and stood upright.

“I am perfectly fine. Let’s just go back home, I would appreciate it if we could go there rather sooner than later. My apologies for acting in this manner,” Kai replied. Sou’s eyebrow arched up at that but didn’t say anything else as he followed behind Kai.

As he watched Kai struggle with fitting the key into the lock, Sou sighed again despite wanting to laugh. He snatched the key from Kai before unlocking the door and pushed it open, gesturing at Kai to go in. The other male thanked him, and entered the room, Sou knew that Kai was aware of his mistakes but smiled when Kai didn’t admit them.

“You can’t even fit the key into the lock. Are you really going to tell me that you’re not sick?” Sou smiled as he closed the door and opened the lights. He watched in amusement as Kai struggled to take off his shoes while taking off his own.

“Indeed so, now then. To bed we go,” Kai mumbled and Sou’s jaw dropped open. Had Kai really just said that in a childish tone? He guffawed and tried his best not to laugh as he followed him into their bedroom.

“You should take a shower first,” Sou suggested and watched as Kai nodded slowly. He stepped into their bathroom before closing the door, seeing that Kai hadn’t brought a spare for closing, he went to get the homemaker some clothes. He opened the bathroom door a crack before shifting around until he could out all the article of clothing onto the sink’s counter.

Just as he was about to leave however, Kai’s hand shot out to grab his arm much to his surprise. He gaped at the hand clutching his arm tightly and almost screamed when Kai opened the door and pulled him into his embrace. Sou glared at Kai who merely looked down at him, face as stoic as ever as he looked at the shorter man in his arms. Just as Sou was about to tell at him for surprising in such a way, Kai pulled him into a hug. Sometimes Sou despised being so short but at the moment, as Kai made him feel safe, he had a rare moment of loving his short stature.

”Help me with my apron and then I'll let you leave,” Kai mumbled and kissed his cheek. Sou’s face was radiating heat as he pulled up his scarf to cover his blush before he nodded at Kai and gestured at him to turn around. Kai complied rather easily and allowed Sou to undo the knot.

“There you go, if you need me for anything else, call for me, alright?” Sou asked and turned his head away slightly. He wasn’t used to being so concerned about another human’s wellbeing and it still managed to fluster him. Kai nodded, not turning around and started taking off his top. Sou stared a little longer than he had meant to before he closed the door and dove into their shared bed.

Perhaps it was desperation that made Sou reach out to Kai’s pillow and let his hand fall onto it. He clutched at it tightly and waited for Kai, a sigh of relief came out of his mouth when he heard Kai start the water for his shower. Just as his eyes were starting to close on their own accord, Sou remembered that Kai was sick and shot up from his position on the bed.

“Medicine!” Sou shouted and quickly rushed out of their room. He went to the kitchen and opened a cabinet. He poured some water into the cup he had retriever and went back to their room, putting the water on Kai’s side of the bed.

He went back to the kitchen and went to the island where a few bottles of medicine resided. He started reading them, usually, he was the one who was sick so he wasn’t familiar with all these bottles. He read them as quickly as he could and when he finally got the right one, read the instructions and shook two pills into his hand before bringing them back into their room. He put them down next to the glass of water and got under the covers, waiting for Kai to come out.

His eyelids got heavier and heavier. It was weird in some ways. Before they had bought the house, Sou had always had trouble sleeping. No matter what he tried, no matter what tricks Kanna would show him. It was rather annoying but now that he lived with Kai, he fell asleep so easily that he wondered how he couldn’t fall asleep before. He felt his eyes close, hand unconsciously going to grip Kai’s pillow as he did.

Once Kai came out fo the shower, he was surprised to see Sou already asleep. He gently ruffled the teal-haired man’s hair before he noticed the glass of water and medicine waiting for him. He nodded at that and took them, knowing that Sou had placed them there. Unless some kind of ghost lived in their house that he wasn’t aware of.

“Goodnight,” Kai said as he went to close the lights on wobbly legs and came to sleep next to Sou. Just as he fell asleep, Sou woke up int a startle but immediately calmed down once he noticed Kai. He figured he could go make them some food whether it be eaten tomorrow morning or later in the night.

He got out of bed and circled around so that he could quickly peck his boyfriend’s forehead. He went back to his own nightstand and took his phone, quickly facetiming Kanna as he went to the kitchen. The green-haired girl picked up almost immediately, surprising Sou.

“Sou-san?” Kanna asked. Sou nodded before replying in the affirmative.

“Hello, Kanna-chan, sorry for disturbing you but Kai’s sick… and I was wondering, how do you make porridge?” Sou asked.

“Why are you blushing?” Kanna’s side must have been lagging and Sou felt his cheeks heat up even more. He pulled up his scarf and protested weakly.

“I’m not blushing,” Sou answered. Kanna shook her head at him fondly and ended up just explaining how to make it. Watching as Sou tried to do as she told him to, occasionally screaming and other times praising him.

“Why would you put chocolate into porridge? Sou! No chilli peppers either,” Kanna sighed as she looked at Sou weirdly. The older man just shrugged and put the items away before grabbing some other ingredients and showing them to Kanna. Some gaining her approval and others making her look at him weirdly.

“Sou, why in the world would you put ground coffee beans into porridge?” Kanna asked as she looked at him, exasperated at his random ingredients.

“You told me to show you everything that I had,” Sou replied, wondering where he had gone wrong. To be fair, he did know where but he was just adhering to the things Kanna had told him to do.

“Everything that you had, that were ingredients to make porridge,” Kanna mumbled and gave Sou a look.

“Alright, alright,” Sou turned his head to hide his growing smile and instead just started preparing things the way Kanna asked him to. By the time he was finished, he wondered just how Kai could do this every time for him when he was sick.

“Is it in the slow cooker?” Kanna asked and smiled when Sou nodded. They had a small conversation and when Kanna finally finished giving her last instructions, Sou was ready to collapse. He was pretty sure cooking wasn’t supposed to be this tiring but he wasn’t exactly in top shape despite Kai’s attempts to make him eat.

“Alright then, goodbye Kanna-chan,” Sou said after he finished thanking her. She nodded before replying the same and hanging up.

Sou set an alarm and went to the couch, not wishing to wake up his sick boyfriend. He was tired and needed some rest yet no matter how had hard he tried, he just couldn’t fall asleep. After about half an hour, he got up and decided to screw it. He opened the door as quietly as he could and got under the covers, snuggling as close to Kai as he thought he could before the other woke up.

“S… ou,” Kai mumbled making the shorter male freeze. Kai turned around and wrapped his arms around him, surprising Sou and earning a blush from him. However, he did take advantage of it and snuggled into the warm embrace before falling asleep in his boyfriend’s arms.


“Good morning Sou,” Kai greeted when Sou stirred the next morning, blinking slowly as he recognised Kai’s face. He got up for a kiss but was stopped when Kai just ruffled his hair and told him that he was still sick.

“Don’t care,” Sou grumbled and mumbled something else, burying his face so that he could stop getting hit by the sun’s rays.

“I do, you’re already frail enough. Now then, I shall go prepare breakfast,” Kai answered before proceeding to cough for half a minute straight into his elbow.

“I already did,” he mumbled as he also got up. He didn’t remember taking his shirt off but he didn’t care as he made his way to the kitchen. Kai followed him and before Sou could protest, threw a jacket onto him.

“Don’t catch my cold,” Kai said as he looked at him, stoic face gazing down at him. Sou had gotten better at reading Kai and turned his head away. He was about to pull up his scarf when he noticed it wasn’t there.

“Whatever, now than eat,” Sou answered before shoving a bowl of his cooking in front of Kai.

“Thank you,” Kai answered before pulling Sou in for a kiss on the cheek.

The rest of the day was spent with Sou taking care of Kai horribly. Sara dropped by to visit them and almost slapped Sou for how bad he was at taking care of others but all in all, Kai was just glad Sou hadn’t killed him.