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Catra, don't start the portal machine that will bring people from other universes to your universe, you're so sexy!

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Adora was happy for her friend; she really was. With the Horde being right over their shoulders, and Angella...Glimmer deserved a distraction. Only, the distraction was dealing with a confusingly large amount of people who are all from different realities. And, Glimmer becoming Queen of Brightmoon, of course.

It wasn't like Adora hated them. Some of them were really nice, but they weren’t from Etheria. Some were confused, and had meltdowns every ten seconds. Some of them were confused, but had experienced weird things that Adora couldn’t even comprehend. And some of them just shrugged and went on like life was normal. There was even a girl who claimed she was a video game character that had become sentient. 

Adora didn’t know what the heck a video game was, and just assumed it was like a book. Still, it was weird! A book doesn’t normally become sentient, so a video game couldn’t possibly.

Despite the madness happening all around Brightmoon, Glimmer was still going to become Queen. There was no stopping or delaying that, and no one had tried to, for that matter. Glimmer seemed to be doing better than Adora had expected. If Adora had to guess, it would be because of the thirty or so people to distract her.

“How are we going to do this, Bow?!” Adora screamed, grabbing his shoulders and shaking him, “This is a disaster waiting to happen! We can’t let that happen on Glimmer’s coronation day!”

Please ,” Bow squealed, “Let go of my arm.”

“Oh...ha…” Adora let go, and swiveled around to face the open window, looking out to the forest, “Sorry, I’m just stressed. With the Horde, and these people, and Glimmer...this day can’t be a disaster!”

“And it won’t!” Bow enthused, “We’ll make this day the best. And we have a lot of hands to help. We could get that weird...tentacle guy to help us! Lots of hands on him!”

“His name is Cecil, and he’s too busy planning his ‘radio show’. I tried to ask for help already.” Adora sighed, and leaned against the railing.

“Well...we could look for more people. The Best Friend Squad, back together to help innocent people from different worlds! It’d be a quest! We’re good at quests!” Bow suggested.

Adora nodded, and regained her composure, “Okay, you’re right. I’m sure it wouldn’t be that hard to find more people.”

It was. And it wasn't because there had been no sightings of people who clearly weren’t from Etheria. It was because those people clearly didn’t want to be found. 

“So,” Adora started, getting into her professional voice, which was quite different than her usual speaking tone, “there have been sightings of three potentially powerful beings in the Whispering Woods. Bow, Glimmer, and I will be traveling through the west side,” Adora motioned towards the map and showed the path the Best Friend Squad would take, “while Mermista takes Perfuma and Sea Hawk take the east side.”

“Three potentially powerful beings?” Glimmer asked, “Powerful as in Nico, or Miles, or that other guy?”

Adora blinked, “I, uh...who’s Nico?”

Mermista groaned, “Nico? He’s the ‘demi-god’, whatever that is. Got some weird skeleton power, or something.”

“And Miles is the Spiderman, like Peter?” Adora asked.

Bow nodded, “I could make a list for everyone. Not now, of course, we need to find the three potentially powerful beings , but afterwards. We could have a ball. Oooh, or a sleepover!” Bow’s voice cracked.

“That’s a great idea!” Perfuma squealed, “Isn’t that a great idea, Mermista?”

“I, Sea Hawk, think it’s a wonderful idea!” Sea Hawk bellowed.

Adora groaned, “Okay, back on topic! We all know the paths we take, right?” Everyone nodded. “So, we go now, then. The sooner, the better. Then we can plan a sleepover, or a ball, or whatever!”

Glimmer frowned, “Adora, are you okay?”

Adora sighed, “I’m fine, Glimmer. Another quest with the Best Friend Squad!”

Glimmer laughed, “Yeah, let’s go!”

Crowley was sitting rather uncomfortably on a rock in the middle of the woods. This wasn't at all how he had envisioned his life after the Apocalypse and after being ‘let go’ by Hell. In fact, he envisioned that he’d be somewhere in France with Aziraphale, in a small cabin eating crepes and drinking wine. Not sitting in a humid, ever changing forest with a young, strange girl and an even younger, stranger boy.

Crowley missed Aziraphale. He missed his Bentley. He even missed Book Girl and Young Adam. He would give anything to be back on Earth, or at least on a planet where he could sense Aziraphale. These woods, the woods where Crowley was taking shelter, messed with him. It was entirely possible that Aziraphale was on this planet, just outside of the woods. He just couldn’t feel anything past the woods. Or escape from them, either.

“Hey, girl, find anyone who hasn’t run yet?” Crowley said, tiring of moping.

“It’s Elizabeth, and no, I haven’t. I’m not that scary, am I?” Elizabeth asked.

“I don’t think you are.” A boy said. Crowley remembered that his name was Will Byers. It was a strangely memorable name, “I don’t think I am either. Maybe it’s just the customs of this other world.”

Crowley chuckled. Both of these children are clearly powerful. He can sense it. He can sense that they’ve been to different realities, ones he hasn’t. And hey, could you blame him? All of the realities on his Earth are mostly terrible. He had to go through all of them when he fell, and he had no intention afterwards to go back to any of them.

And the children weren’t the worst to be stuck with. They made interesting conversation, and they didn’t push Crowley to open up, because they didn’t open up much either. If this pattern continued, though, they’d be like bees in a pot, or whatever the phrase was. Crowley wasn't much for dumb phrases like that. It was mostly Aziraphale’s thing.

“Maybe they’re stuck in the woods, too.” Elizabeth suggested, “If we can’t get out, then they can’t either, right?”

“Shit place to be spawned in, then.” Crowley remarked, “I was doing something rather important before this.”

“So was I.” Will admitted.

“And I. Or...I very existence is rather confusing. I don’t think I should be alive right now.” Elizabeth revealed.

“I shouldn’t either.” Said Will.

“Same here.” Crowley said.

They all look at each other, and burst out laughing. Crowley thought they were all endearing. They all reminded him of Warlock, in a way. Although, they fit Adam’s personality. Maybe the relationship he had with the children is like the relationship with Warlock.

“So, what were you doing before this?” Elizabeth asked.

“I was in a bookshop.” Crowley adjusted his glasses before continuing, “My...angel was talking to me about some boring old book that he loves, and I was listening to him. Then a light appeared and dragged me into the forest.”

“Your angel? Is that your boyfriend?” Will asked, hopeful.

Crowley shook his head, “Literal angel, actually. I’m a literal demon, by the way. If you couldn’t tell.”

Will gasped, “A demon! That’s...just like Dungeons and Dragons!”

Crowley rolled his eyes, “That’s cute, kid. Do you play Magic: The Gathering, too?”

“What’s that?” Will asked.

“Yeah.” Elizabeth said, “I don’t know what this Dungeons and Dragons is. I do know what ‘magic’ is though.”

“Not that type of magic. Magic: The Gathering is a card game released in 93, I think."

“You’re from the future?!” Will exclaimed.

“Uh, I think you’re from the past.” Crowley explained, “I’m currently living in the year 2018.”

“Really? I’m living in 1980. What about you, Elizabeth?” Will asked.

“1912.” Elizabeth said with a rather cryptic blank face.

Crowley burst out laughing, “Oh, we are from all over, aren’t we? I’ve actually been on Earth since the Beginning. Have you heard of Adam and Eve?”

Will nodded, “Yeah. I don’t actually believe it, though. Sorry if that offends you.”

Crowley shrugged, “Whatever. Anyway, point is, I was actually the serpent that tempted Eve. Architect of the Original Sin here!”

Elizabeth narrowed her eyes, “You...don’t seem that bad. How can you be the Architect of the Original Sin?”

Crowley shrugged, and took off his glasses, narrowing his serpent eyes, “‘m not that bad. When you think of it, I gave way to both of you. And your parents. And your friends. How is that bad?”

“It...that makes sense.” Elizabeth confessed, “Forgive me, I grew up in a...religious setting. But, I have come to realize that almost everything I knew was wrong.”

“Yeah...that happened to me, too.” Will confessed, “Crowley, if you’re in the future, does that mean you know what happens to me?”

Crowley shrugged, “Nah, I don’t keep up with famous humans. At least the good ones.”

Will opened his mouth to speak, but there was a rustle in the bushes behind them, and a net came flying towards them. Crowley was quick to dodge, what with his occult powers, but Elizabeth and Will weren’t so lucky.

“Don’t move!” A strong voice willed from behind the bushes. Crowley put his hands up, forgetting the glasses that fell on the soft ground.

“Not planning to.” Crowley mumbled. A girl with blonde hair came out, wielding a very powerful sword that was eerily similar to Aziraphale’s flaming sword.

“What’s your name?!” The girl demanded to the three of them.

“Will Byers!” Will squeaked out, hiding behind Elizabeth in the tangle of nets.

“Elizab...Anna Dewitt.” Elizabeth said.

“Anthony J. Crowley, at your service.” Crowley said, “Since you’re the only human that won’t run in terror away from us, could you let us leave the forest? We’ve all got terribly important things to do.”

“Are you from here?” The girl asked, “From this planet, not the forest. Just for clarification.”

Crowley shrugged, “Depends.”

The girl groaned, “I’m trying to help you! Are you from Etheria or not?”

“No.” Will said, “We’re not from here. Could you please let us out?”

“Is that a kid?” Another voice hissed from behind the bushes.

“Yes! It’s two children that you’ve trapped in your” Elizabeth mumbled.

Two more people emerged from the bushes and helped Elizabeth and Will out, while the girl kept her sword on Crowley.

“Could you please point that sword somewhere else.” Crowley said, “I doubt it’d do me any harm.”

“Sure, as soon as you promise me that you won’t hurt my friends or these children.” Oh, so the girl was giving an ultimatum that Crowley was already doing. Before Crowley could tell that to her, however, Will spoke up.

“Hey, he’s already not hurting us. He’s been protecting us and giving us food! Out of thin air!”

“Woah!” Said the boy of the group, “You can do that?!”

Crowley shrugged, “Among other things.”

“He’s not mean, and he isn’t going to hurt any of us. Please let him go.” Will pleaded.

The girl sighed, and lowered her sword, “Fine. I’m Adora, by the way. Over there is Glimmer and Bow.” Bow waved enthusiastically, “We’re going to take you to Brightmoon, where we have gathered other people like you three.”

“You’ve gathered other people who aren’t...from here?” Crowley clarified.

Adora nodded, “Yeah. Are you looking for someone?”

“Yes, yes I am.”

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Aziraphale, meanwhile, was sitting in a rather lovely dining hall surrounded by at least thirty other people. While Crowley was sucked through the Portal and put in the Whispering Woods, Aziraphale was transported to the Portal Machine’s original location, where Adora happened to be.

She was wonderful, Aziraphale concluded. She wanted to do the right thing for everyone, and she had such a goofy but serious personality. It reminded him of Crowley. Really, everything reminded him of Crowley.

Brightmoon was a wonderful place. It was very colorful and the people who were forced to reside here in the meantime were usually very nice. Aziraphale had gotten particularly close to a young woman by the name of Lena. In turn, he had also become acquaintances with a middle aged man by the name of Richard.

They were similar, Aziraphale noticed. They were both very humorous, but Richard lacked the positivity that Lena had. He was a closed, locked, and chained door, whereas Lena would talk about everything under the sun. Or suns, since they were in a different world.

“And then we went home!” Lena said, finishing the story of her first trip to the zoo with Emily, her girlfriend. “Aziraphale, you’re from England! Have you ever gone to a zoo?”

“Once. It wasn't as pleasurable as these modern zoos, but it was a wonderful occasion since Crowley and I went to the Ritz afterwards!” Aziraphale enthused.

“Say, who’s this Crowley bloke? You’ve done all of this stuff, but I haven’t the faintest idea who he is.”

“Oh, he’s my best friend. He’s been there since the Beginning, and he’s been a wily, and cunning adversary. No better demon I could ask for.”

Richard snickered, “I don’t know, dude, sounds like you like him.”

“I do.” Aziraphale answered innocently.

“No, as in like-like .” Richard explained.

Aziraphale flushed, “What? Richard, that’s-that’s...preposterous! I’d get into serious trouble up above, and...and…”

Richard smiled smugly, “It’s Richie, and you told us that you’ve retired from head office. Surely you’d be allowed to do whatever an angel and a demon can get up to.”

“He’s right!” Lena exclaimed, “You’re bloody brilliant, Richie! You should take your own advice!”

“Hey, I didn’t ask to be called out here!” Richie whispered, before looking back to Aziraphale’s panicked state, “Fuck, did I say something out of line?”

“No, dear boy.” Aziraphale answered, “I’m just...coming to terms with it. Well, not liking Crowley, I’ve known that for a long time. I’m just coming to terms with it being...okay? Say Lena, you’re in a relationship. Surely you’ve got a clue as how to express your romantic feelings through romantic gestures?”

Lena shrugged, “Yeah, maybe. Richie, do you have any idea?”

“I’ve literally been in love with my childhood best friend for twenty-seven years, I don’t think I’m supposed to be listening to this.” Richie confessed.

“Twenty-seven years?!” Aziraphale exclaimed, “Dear boy, that must be terrible!”

Richie shrugged, wanting to avoid that conversation, “We’re dealing with your problem. How long have you been in love with Crowley?”

“Oh, I realized it about eighty odd years ago, but surely it had been hundreds of years before this when the feelings first started.”

“Jesus fucking Christ, how old are you?!” Richie exclaimed.

All of the other people eating turned to Richie, and Aziraphale just waved his hand, and they looked away.

“I told you, I’m very old. Over 6,000 years old, to be precise. I told you this when we first met.”

“I thought you were joking!” Richie exclaimed, “Literally, nearly all of these people have done these weird, crazy things!”

“Hey!” Lena interrupted, “It’s fine if you didn’t understand him. Now you do, so it’s all cleared up. Aziraphale, since you’ve been pining for so long, then I suggest that the next time you see him, you walk right up to him, and you, I don’t know, confess your love?”

“Well, that is if I ever see him again, be-”

“Angel!” A distant voice yelled. Aziraphale suddenly noticed that Crowley was indeed nearby. He could sense him now, and ohmygod , he was here, in this world, down the hall, and conveniently right after that last conversation.

“Was that David Tennant?” Richie asked, turning to Aziraphale.

Aziraphale stood up and ran out of the dining room. Lena quickly followed, blinking right beside him.

“Aziraphale?” She asked, running next to him.

“I’m so sorry, Lena, but could you please return to the dining room?”

Lena nodded, and stopped, watching him run down the hall. Aziraphale took a deep breath, and continued running. He nearly collided with Crowley as he rounded the corner.

Angel, ” Crowley breathed, his hands pressing into Aziraphale’s chest and quickly finding their way to his face, “Are you okay? Did they do anything to you? A-”

“Crowley, please shut up.” Aziraphale pulled him close and kissed him like his life depended on it. It was nice, but Aziraphale had to make sure he was alright.

“Are you okay? You’ve been gone for who knows how long. Did anyone hurt you?” Aziraphale asked, pulling away and prodding at his stomach.


“I’m taking that as a no.” Aziraphale turned to Adora, who was standing around and acting like she wasn't watching.

“Adora, he needs a room. And food. And water. Jesus Crowley, you’ve gotten even skinnier!”

“‘S not my fault, Angel. Miracles are weak here and I’ve got two other kids.” Crowley explained.

Aziraphale turned to the two children, who waved politely, “That you do. You’re so brave, and good, and nice .”

Crowley groaned, “I’m not nice, Angel.”

“Whatever you say. Adora, I’m taking him to my room. Could you get food and water?”

Adora nodded, “Sure thing. Tonight, if he can make it, we’re going to have a very important meeting after Glimmer’s coronation.”

Crowley did end up making the meeting. Physically, there was nothing wrong with his body, besides the fact that it was a little worn down after days and days in the woods. Metaphysically, Crowley felt like he needed another 6,000 years of sleep. But he knew that Aziraphale would be sad if he slept for that long, and he knew that he’d feel better when they went back home.

Home... what a weird thing to say. Before this, it was just Aziraphale’s bookshop and Crowley’s flat. They hadn’t really done the whole relationship thing because they were both still afraid of Heaven and Hell. But now...would being in Etheria change that? Would the absence of Heaven and Hell be the only environment where their relationship could thrive?

Crowley didn’t want to find out. He wanted to enjoy his time in this mystical land with his two children-er, Elizabeth and Will, and his angel. And that shouldn’t be a hard thing to have. After all, Crowley took part (a very, very small part, mind you) in preventing the Apocalypse. Capital A. Surely he’d deserve to be with Aziraphale, since they both wanted to.

All of these questions were making his head hurt. Questions often did that, both to humans and occult/ethereal beings. Crowley quite liked questions, similar to how Aziraphale quite liked pears. But asking questions often lead to things going pear shape, at least in Crowley’s own personal experience.

“Oh look, Crowley!” Aziraphale gushed, “They have name tags! They are quite different from ours, aren’t they adorable?” Aziraphale had been rather cheerful since Crowley returned. Not that he minded that, of course, but it was...different and very strange.

“Yes, they’re going to say our names, Angel.” Crowley mumbled, before turning to Will, “Your handwriting sucks, kid.”

Will looked at the name tag on his jacket, and frowned, “Yeah, it does. I shou-”

“Change it? Nah, leave it like that. Causes confusion and chaos. Really, it looks like a Bill from where I’m standing.”

Will giggled, “Yeah, I’m Bill. And you’ll be Cowley.”

“Cowley?” Aziraphale joined in, “That’s preposterous. I have it on good authority that Crowley is no cow. As you are no Bill, good fellow.”

Crowley smiled softly at Aziraphale, and pulled him aside when Will’s attention was desired elsewhere.

“Thank you,” Crowley said, “for helping out with Will, I mean. He’s a...he’s a good kid, and I’m just trying to...y’know…”

“I know?” Aziraphale asked, smirking.

“C’mon, don’t make me say it. I’m trying to be...the n-word.”

“Crowley, if someone were to join in on our conversation and hear you say the ‘n-word’, they’d think you’d be using a racial slur. Just say ‘nice’.”

“Can’t.” Crowley said, feeling oddly prideful in his inability to refer to himself as ‘nice’, “I’m a demon. Not allowed to do that sort of stuff. Might burn up or something.”

Aziraphale chuckled, “Now, we both know that isn’t true. But, I’m willing to put aside our ‘argument’ so you can meet my friends.”

Crowley snickered, “Friends? You made friends here? And not on Earth? Where you’ve lived for thousands upon thousands of years?”

“Yes, I’ve made friends. And for the record, I don’t recall you having any friends either.” Aziraphale pouted.

“Fine. Just direct me towards your friends. Will, don’t run off.” Crowley then let himself be dragged by Aziraphale to the corner of the room, where Lena and Richie were standing awkwardly.

“Lena! Richard! This is Crowley. Crowley, this is Lena and Richard. Say hello, dear.” Aziraphale said, radiating happiness and sunshine from Crowley’s point of view.

“It’s Richie.” Richie insisted.

Crowley promptly acknowledged it, then ignored it, “Hello, the name’s Anthony J. Crowley. Pleasure to meet you both.”

“Wicked!” Lena exclaimed, “I’m Lena. Or you could call me Tracer, if you’d like. Are you wearing contacts or are your eyes actually snake eyes?”

Crowley blinked, “Oh, I was wondering why it was so bright. Angel, miracle me up some glasses, would you? I’m afraid I don’t have the energy to do so at the moment.”

Aziraphale nodded and handed Crowley his glasses. Crowley slipped them on immediately, and turned his attention towards the group, “What snake eyes?”

“Poor dear…” Aziraphale mumbled, “I think your eyes are beautiful. If I had any say in it, I’d get rid of glasses all together.”

Crowley rolled his eyes, and his gaze fell upon Richie, who looked...well, he looked miserable. Like Crowley had just reminded him that his dog died, or that he had stage four cancer. One quick glance to Aziraphale showed that he was too wrapped up in talking to Lena to notice. So he took it upon himself to fix it.

“So,” Crowley said, quietly so that only Richie could hear, “what’s your deal?”

“My deal?” Richie asked, “Just a washed up comedian, really...nothing special about that.”

“You were famous?”

“Kind of. It was all a lie though. My act, I mean. None of it was true and I revealed that one liked me anymore, I guess.”

Crowley hummed absentmindedly, “Well, there’s got to be a reason why, right? You could share it with me and I could offer advice that’s been cultivated through 6,000 years worth of experience.”

Richie sighed, “I, uh...went through something pretty traumatic from my childhood. And two of my best friends died. One of which was my, uh...first love.”

“Oh,” Crowley said, “That’ offense, but that’s gotta hurt. How did they die?”

“They... he died because of a...killer demon space clown? And the other one died because of...well, it’s really hard to explain, and I know I’m going to die here, but...I’m not used to sharing it.” Richie confessed.

“You don’t have to share it. And you’re not going to die here. I won’t let that happen to you or to anyone here, for that matter.”

“And how can you be so sure?” Richie asked, “I know you’re a demon and all, but...what if we never get back? What if this portal thing that Adora stopped was a one way ticket to Etheria? I just...I miss him, and Stan. The closest I could be to them after they died was the earth I was on, and now I’m not on it anymore.”

“Stan…” Crowley mumbled, somehow seeing strange images flash in his head, “What does...what does he look like?”

Richie frowned, “He’s, well...I don’t know what he looks like as an adult, but as a kid, he was pretty skinny and had light curly hair. He was Jewish and shit, but I don’t know it that’s disproved by your existence or not.”

“Okay, describe the other one. The one you’re in love with.”

Richie flushed, but it was barely noticeable, “His name is Eddie. He’s kind of short. He’s got dark brown hair and this fucking...goofy ass grin when he smiles. He’s a fucking spitfire, too. I’d open my mouth and he’d be like, ‘shut the fuck up, Richie, or I’ll rip your fucking throat out’. It was…”

Crowley smiled sadly, “Probably the best feeling in the entire world, right?”

Richie didn’t say anything, but he nodded his head. Crowley did get an image. Well, more like a picture show. A clusterfuck of images that sort of tied together. There were some of children, and although they mostly focused on Eddie, you could see clear shapes of other children. The most clear, and the worst one in Crowley’s opinion, was when they were adults. At first, they were fine. They were laughing, they were smiling. He cracked a joke, he said ‘fuck you’ in a playful tone.

‘Let’s take off our shirts and kiss.'

Crowley didn’t like hearing that from some random guy in first person. But he heard it. He saw images of Eddie being scared, of Eddie being sad. He saw an image of Eddie with a stab wound, of Eddie freaking out, of Eddie looking at him with those eyes that Crowley knew he couldn’t shake now. Then he saw Eddie dead. Those eyes were blank. His mouth was bloody. He had a hole in his chest. 

“Richie…” Crowley said, after a long pause, “Did you ever...suspect that maybe you might have a gift of sorts?”

Richie shrugged, “Like a superpower?”

Crowley shook his head, “No...I’m probably doing something. I just saw some things of people I’ve never seen before, and...might have accidentally read your mind or something.”

“What did you see?” Richie asked, sort of hopeful.

“Just...some kids,” Crowley halfway lied, “jumping off some rocks. Must have been living the American dream, whatever that was.”

“Yeah, sure. The American Dream: getting your ass kicked by a psychotic homophobe who later grows up to be a murderer.” Richie scoffed.

“Eh, you win some you lose some.” Crowley joked, “I think that the fact that you’re here now, experiencing this strange, new world with these strange, new people is a win. I mean, you got to meet Aziraphale.”

“Oh yeah, you two are a thing, right?” Richie asked, “It’s cool if you’re not but Jesus Christ, you two are the most coupley thing I have ever seen. About as cheesy as those Mr. and Mrs. bath towel sets.”

Crowley might not have had a bath, but he did know the amount of cheesiness those bath towels produced. He promptly gagged and glared at Richie, “I am a demon, and he is an angel. We are not cheesy.”

But they were, just a tiny bit. Richie wasn't in the mood to argue, so he simply shrugged and went to get more food. With Aziraphale still talking to Lena and some of her other friends, Crowley gravitated towards Elizabeth and Will, who were just as awkward as Richie was.

“So, is this better than the forest?” Crowley asked.

Will nodded, “Definitely. They’ve got food, water, and clean places to sleep. And we’re in the presence of a Queen!”

Crowley supposed they were. He had forgotten that a coronation was taking place today. He was too busy sleeping to attend it in the first place. But Will had, and that was really all Crowley cared about it.

“Really? Have you met any new friends?” Crowley asked, subtly slipping into his parental voice.

“Yeah. I met this kid named Miles, and…” Will turned to Crowley and narrowed his eyes. Thankfully, it hardly looked like Will was angry. It was hard to make a face as cute as his seem angry, “Why do you care?”

“What? I’m not allowed to care about a kid I’ve been taking care of for the past week or so?” Crowley smirked.

“You’’s just weird to me.” Will confessed, “It’s weird that someone as cool as you would like me.”

Crowley’s smirk fell into a frown, “Why is that weird?”

“You know…” Will looked down at the floor, “I’m not that cool. No one at home thought I was cool. I’m a nerd, I’m not supposed to be around people like you and Elizabeth.”

Crowley glanced at Elizabeth, and knew what Will meant, “Kid, I know this may come to you as a surprise, but I’m not cool. I’m cool looking , but cool?” Crowley scoffed, “No. I like to think I am, but the truth is that I’m not. No one is. Not in the conventional sense, anyway. It’s all in perception. I think you’re cool!”

Will scrunched his face up, “No way!”

“Yes way! I think you’re one of the coolest kids I’ve seen, and even though we’re both stuck here, it’s been fun with you and Elizabeth. I’m sure if you told Elizabeth that you thought she was cool, she’d act all professional about it and tell you she’s not.”

“But she is cool.” Will argued.

“So why isn’t that the same for you? I’m sure everyone here feels like they aren’t cool, or they aren’t worthy, or they aren’t nice, but they are from someone else's perspective. Do you get what I’m saying here?”

Will nodded, “I think I do. Thank you, Cowley. No one’s ever said something like that to me before.”

Crowley shrugged, “I’m sure they have. You just didn’t pick up on it, Bill.

Will chuckled, and they stood in a comfortable silence together.


Chapter Text

Eddie Kaspbrak was dead. He had died underneath the sewers, in It’s lair. He was sure that he did, but...he was here. He was alive, and he was breathing. And he was very hungry. It had been about two weeks since Eddie woke up here, and it had been about one week since he was introduced to many other people after being in a med bay for a couple of days. Then he realized that something was wrong.

At first, he met a scientist. He was very eccentric, and he was very worried. He claimed that he appeared in this polluted wreckage after an experiment gone wrong. Then he met a young boy who claimed that he saw a rather bright light after visiting a book shop. The boy was very nonchalant about it, and it worried Eddie. 

Next was a young adult with strange dragon wings. When questioned about them, he told Eddie that there was a mix up with a spell. Then Eddie asked how he got here, and he said that it was a mix up with another spell.

He met all of these other hostages or prisoners who had different variations of how they ended up here. Yet none of them ended up here the way that Eddie did. And he wondered if that was intended.

A small part of Eddie hoped that the Losers would be here. It would be nice to see them, and apologize for dying. It would be nice to see Richie most of all. But where Eddie was wasn't nice.

Just like the days before this one, their tough and fierce captor came into their large cell to question them again. The woman who questioned him was as tall as he was, but she was stronger. She could easily kill him with one scratch of her claw, and she could chase him down if he tried to run. He couldn’t, though, since he was very weak.

Over the events throughout this past week, Eddie had been seeing...things. Random visions that usually didn’t involve him. Once, he saw a bunch of black beings gathered in front of what looked to be a dog park. Once he saw three friends gather in the woods. But most recently, he saw something that could only be for him. A carving taking place in 1989.

When he asked the others about these strange visions, no one knew what he was talking about, except the young boy from earlier: Adam Young. He said that he had also been seeing visions too, and once he saw his friends. He was a bit cryptic, but still, this was something and something was better than nothing.

And that could only mean that a select amount of people could see them, so Eddie tried sending a message. But it was hard to find something that said: We’re trapped in this gross cell that is hardly indistinguishable in this heavily polluted area.

He tried with all his might, and something came of it. It was a bit weird, but he saw images as well. He saw several, in fact. And they were all so different and weird. Eddie couldn’t make anything of them.

“Maybe,” Adam said, “it’s memories from the people around you.”

“That’s impossible.” Eddie said, “Memories are very unpredictable, and there is no way that anyone can see someone else's memories.”

Adam chuckled, but Eddie didn’t get the joke. 

“What are you seeing, then?” Adam asked.

Eddie thought about it for a second, and decided to tell Adam of the less severe visions, then said, “I saw a large, glowing cloud. I saw a man in a green suit on a dock. I saw a huge mechanical bird. I saw a flaming car. What does this have to do with memories?”

“Glowing cloud?” The scientist asked, “I think I know what that is.”

“You’ve seen a glowing cloud, right Carlos?” Adam asked, and Carlos nodded, “See, it’s his memory, then. Now, a man in a green suit.” Adam stood up and Eddie knew that he was up to no good.

“Everyone, listen up!” Adam yelled to all of the prisoners, “Have any of you seen a man in a green suit on a dock or pier?”

“Adam, sit down this isn’t going to help!” Eddie hissed.

“I think it is going to help.” Adam argued, “It’s going to help us get out. Has anyone seen a man in a green suit?!”

“I have!” A man dressed in a black, ill fitting suit stood up weakly, “I...know of him...why?”

Adam winked at Eddie, before turning to the now curious group of prisoners, “My friend here has a way with communicating to the outside. He might be what breaks us all out, and we need to make sense of the images he’s seeing.”

Eddie stood up next to Adam, “I don’t know if i-” Adam swiftly punched Eddie in the stomach discreetly, and said, “He’s being modest. We need to work together if we want to see our families again. Now, you said a flaming car. How did that look like?”

“It was like…” Eddie waved his hands, trying to think of a way to describe it, “It was an older model. And it blew up in front of this guy.”

Adam chuckled again, “Did the guy have red hair?”

Eddie nodded, “Yeah he did you know?”

“Let’s just say I had a suspicion. And I have a way we can get out, now.”

Everyone’s mood instantly brightened, and they were more than happy to help Adam with their escape plan. Eddie knew this was going to lead to trouble at some point, but he kept those thoughts to himself.

Chapter Text

Catra was feeling good. Turning on the portal had, more or less, been a gamble that it wouldn’t destroy the entire world she lived on. Catra was betting on it ending, but it didn’t. Instead, it brought a whole group of people for Catra to use.

It brought the people that Catra needed in this war. While Hordak sat in his sanctum moping about Entrapta, Catra was holding a meeting with the best people that the portal could offer.

“Okay,” Catra said, mostly to herself, “This is the beginning of the meeting, branching off from last week’s meeting. Anything new to report?” 

“Yes!” A tiny, green alien yelled, “Zim is fully prepared to conquer this world and the people in it with this simple machine!” Zim motioned towards the projector screen and showed a very crude drawing that could be interpreted as a blueprint.

“And without the Dib-Stink here to stop me…” Zim erupted into a fit of harsh laughter.

Catra rolled her eyes and growled, “Zim! We don’t have the time to stand around and laugh. We have some junk metal we could spare for your little ‘machine’. Triangle! You said earlier that you had an idea?”

“Triangle” actually happened to be the internet’s most loved Dorito, but Catra had no idea what the internet was, nor did she know what a Dorito was. Shame on her.

“To call it an idea would be simply insulting!” Bill shouted theatrically, “What I have…” He paused, “Is a battle plan.”

Catra’s ears perked up, “Go on?”

“I’ve noticed that the Horde has been trying to improve its technology. Well, that sounds downright silly, doesn’t it? Why don’t we, say, distract the princesses and take over this world while they’re busy elsewhere?”

Catra smirked, “I like it, Will.”

Bill frowned as much as a triangle could frown, “It’s Bill.”

Catra shrugged, and pointed to the blue and green plant monster sitting in the chair beside him, “You. What’s...what’s your name again?”

“Alan.” It croaked.

“Okay, Alan, what do you think of Bill’s plan? What do all of you think of Bill’s plan?” Catra motioned to the group before them: Bill, Alan, Zim, The Outsider, and Double Trouble, who has since offered their allegiance to the Horde.

“I like it.” Double Trouble said, “It’s a good plan, but...wouldn’t it be better if we had someone on the inside?” 

“I was just about to bring that up.” Catra said, “Double Trouble here is a shape-shifter. Do you all know what that means?”

“It means they can shift their shape.” The Outsider remarked, “I can already see where this is going, and I can already see how this will end up.”

Double Trouble smirked, “Really now?”

The Outsider smiled knowingly, “Really. Double Trouble should be our insider, that I can agree on. However...if you want Bill’s plan to succeed, you should spare every expense. That means withdraw your troops, and focus on where you actually need them.”

“Right. Well, this concludes our meeting. Zim will get started with his machine and you four whatever, I guess. Terrorize the prisoners, or something.”

Catra walked out of the room, and smirked. Things were finally coming together for her. The Rebellion was in disarray, and now, with the help of four extremely powerful, otherworldly people, the Horde could actually win.

For some reason, Catra wasn't as excited as she normally would be. So, she opted to go terrorize/question the prisoners. Luckily, it wasn't a far walk to the jail cell, so she was there in a blink of an eye. As long as it took about five minutes to blink.

“Open the door.” Catra commanded, and the door was opened, just like she commanded. It closed behind her, and the few people that the Horde managed to find were all staring at her with...fear? No, it wasn't fear. Something was off.

“You, kid.” Catra pointed to the boy with light brown hair, “You’re being questioned.”

The older man beside him stood up, “No, you can’t take him! He’s only a kid!”

“I can take anyone I want!” Catra yelled, causing everyone to jump, “And I’m taking him! You think I give a shit if he’s a kid or not?”

The kid dragged him down to sit, and said, “I’m fine. I’ll go. It’s not like I know anything she would want.”

Catra frowned, but didn’t relent. The boy walked up to Catra, and she grabbed the back of his jacket, “Open the door.” The door, unsurprisingly, opened, and she led the child out of the room.

The boy looked around, this being his first time out of the cell. He wasn't afraid, Catra noticed. She reasoned that it could be regular boyhood, where you felt like you were invincible. 

Once they were out of the yard that held prisoners, she shoved the boy into a room, and locked the door.

“What’s your name, kid?” Catra asked, motioning towards the chair.

“Adam.” He answered cheerfully, “What’s your name?”

Catra narrowed her eyes. Her original intention was to be the big bad guy, but...something inside her softened. She couldn’t do that to a kid who looked like he was thirteen.

“Catra.” She answered, “Do you have any idea how you got here?”

Adam nodded, “I was inside my godfathers’ bookshop, and a really bright light came from the flat above. I investigated, and the next thing I knew, I was here.”

Catra frowned. Just like all the others. Still, it didn’t mean she could get any information about the world he came from.

“What is your world like?” Catra asked, “Is there anything special about it?”

Adam nodded, “Yeah, there’s mostly peace. And the entire world isn’t run by just two parties. There’s a culmination of countries where I’m from. I live in Tadfield, which isn't a country, but it might as well be.”

Catra scoffed, “Weird. I bet they’re a bunch of suckers.”

Adam shook his head, “Nah, they’re pretty powerful. They’ve got atom bombs and everything. When I was eleven, I was going to end it, but my friends and I decided that we were going to fix it instead.”

Catra rolled her eyes, “Okay, so...what about your godfathers? Is that like your caregiver, or whatever the word is?”

“The word is parent, and they aren’t my parents. Godfathers are like...your parents if your parents aren’t around. They’re usually friends of your family, but my parents don’t know them. My godfather, Crowley, was the one who gave me to my parents.”

“Aren’t parents supposed to birth the child?” Catra closed her eyes; did she get it all wrong?

“Yeah, but I was like...adopted...discreetly...without my parents knowing.”

Catra opened her eyes and let out a sigh of relief, “So, your godparents...are they here?”

Adam blinked, and shook his head, “No.”

Catra thought he was lying. He took too long to respond, and he was playing with the strings on his jacket, “You’re lying.”


“They are here, then. Where are they, in Brightmoon? And what can they do?”

“Listen,” Adam said, “I don’t know anything about this world, and I’m not going to give you any information on my godfathers. I know you don’t have a family, but I intend to keep mine, no matter what you or anyone else does.”

Catra frowned, “Fine.” She tapped the pin on her chest, “Scorpia, I need you to take a prisoner back to the cell.”

The door opened immediately, and Scorpia looked ecstatic, “Will do, Wildcat! C’mon, kid.”

“It’s Adam.” Adam said, starting a conversation with Scorpia. They left the room and Catra clenched her fists. She didn’t have a family. Adora left her, and their squadron was broken up. She was alone, but she wouldn’t be, once the Horde took over Etheria.

Catra had the upper hand, and she wasn't going to get caught up in emotions. After all, Scorpia still liked her, right?

Chapter Text

Lance was actually having an okay day. The weather was nice, and the sun wasn't shining directly in his eyes. The seemingly never ending forest wasn't a plus, but hey, you win some you lose some. At least Lance was winning something.

Lance knew he was lucky to be where he was. He had originally landed in the Fright Zone with several other people, including Keith and Shiro. But it proved to be very dangerous. They had tried to run, but Keith got caught. So Lance was all alone in this big forest, looking for Shiro.

A couple of days ago, he stumbled upon a man with snake eyes. It scared the shit out of him, so he ran away. Other than that, he hadn’t seen anyone else. Being alone wasn't a problem for Lance, though. He knew he’d be safe alone.

He stopped for lunch when the largest sun was in the middle of the sky. Lance might not be a survivalist like Keith was, but he knew the basics. And he knew how to identify poisonous fruits or berries; he wasn't stupid.

So he sat alone, eating berries. It was like a nice picnic. Very peaceful and serene. It was interrupted, though. All good things must come to an end.

“Mara, where are you?” A voice called out. Lance sat up, and scanned his surroundings. He was still in his paladin gear, so he was ready for a fight, if needed.

But a small, old woman came stumbling out of the tree line. Lance relaxed, and hopped up to help her, “Miss, are you okay?”

The old lady looked at Lance and shook her head, “No good. Mara wouldn’t let this happen. She promised me. Now, you, come. Madame Razz has some nice treats for you.” She grabbed Lance’s wrist, and pulled him away from his impromptu picnic with the sort of strength that Lance didn’t even possess.

“Uh, Madame Razz? Can you please let go of my arm?” Lance asked, tripping over a branch that Madame Razz jumped over, despite her age.

“Of course, Dearie.” She simply let go, but continued running at tops speeds towards a destination unknown to Lance. Lance did his best to follow, and he did a pretty good job on his part.

“Where are we going?” Lance asked, “And who is Mara?”

Madame Razz stopped, “Mara? I meant Adora. Adora is supposed to be coming here soon, to bake a pie with me. Mara’s going to love it.” She continued running, and Lance groaned.

“Why can’t there be anyone normal here?” Lance groaned, following her.

She paused in a clearing with a tattered house, and Lance smiled, “A house! You were leading me to a house!”

“Madame Razz?” A voice from inside questioned. Lance let out a sigh of relief. More people!

“Someone’s in my house…” Madame Razz muttered, dragging Lance again. But this time, it was softer and slower. 

The inside of her house was very small. It was just a room with a kitchen and pillows that acted as beds. And there were two normal looking people sitting on said pillows. One was a fully grown, tall man with curly hair, and the other was a small child. Who had no right arm. Jesus H. Christ.

“What the fuck happened here?” Lance blurted.

The older man narrowed his eyes, “Watch your language. Madame Razz, who is this?”

Madame Razz pulled out some sort of delicacy from the oven and placed it on the stone table in front of the pillows, “Well it isn’t Adora, dearies. What is your name again?”

“Lance.” Lance answered. He sat down on a pillow, and quickly grabbed a serving.

“I found him in the woods! Just like you two!” Madame Razz answered.

The man nodded, “Well...this is Georgie. I’m Stan.”

Lance thought those names sounded familiar, but he was more focused on the fresh plate of food to entertain that thought, “Where are you guys from, then?”

“This might sound weird but we’re from a different planet.” Stan answered, “And, uh...both of us were dead.” He whispered that last part, and Lance felt a shiver roll down his spine.

“Geez…” Lance looked down at his hands, “I’m sorry. You said Earth? I’m from there, too.”

Stan smiled, “Really? That’s good. Do you have any idea how to get back?”

Lance shook his head, “Sorry, I don’t. I don’t even know how I got here in the first place.”

Stan sighed, “I don’t either.”

They sat in silence for a little while. Lance thought it was a bit weird that Georgie didn’t speak at all, but he had previously been dead. In Lance’s opinion, that was usually par for the coarse.

Later, into the night, when Georgie and Madame Razz were asleep, Lance started a conversation with Stan.

“So, how did you die?” Lance asked.

“It’s hard to explain.” Stan answered, “If I told you how I died and why I did, I’d have to tell you about something that...that scares me.”

“Well, you don’t have to share.” Lance offered, “I have a friend who went through some pretty traumatic stuff. He refused to talk to anyone about it, even his brother, who knew everything that happened, save for a few things. But we grew close, and he ended up telling me. It made him feel better afterwards, because it’s like lifting a weight off your chest. It made him better at our job.”

Stan sighed, “Well, I can’t argue with that.” He chuckled, “I killed myself.”

Lance’s face fell, “Oh, I’m sorry fo-”

Stan shook his head, “No, I wasn't depressed. In fact, I was really happy. But I had to kill myself for the sake of my friends. If I didn’t die, then they would.”

“That doesn’t make much sense.”

“I know.” Stan ran his hand through his hair, “When my friends and I were kids, there was this...clown. He ate children in the town we lived in, and we tried to stop him. And we thought we did. But we promised that we would come back if It did. We all moved away, besides Mike, who stayed in our hometown. He appeared every twenty seven years to eat children, so he appeared twenty seven years later, when we’ve all forgotten about each other. Mike called me, and...I knew what would happen They’d all die if I didn’t, and...what’s one life against six?”

“And Georgie?” Lance asked, “What happened to him?”

Stan looked down at Georgie, “He was my friend’s brother. He was one of the first to get eaten when we were kids. He would be older if he was alive.”

“That’s why his arm is missing?”

Stan nodded, “Yeah. It was pretty traumatic for him, and I’m sure he remembers. That’s why he isn’t speaking. I think...if we get out of here, he’ll feel better with his brother.”

Lance let out a long sigh, “That’ must hear this a lot, but that’s terrible. Did your friends survive?”

Stan smiled, “I think. And I’m looking forward to seeing them. I wrote them all letters that basically told them to get their shit together, and I want to see that. I want to see my friends finally getting together!”

Lance choked on his own air, “WHAT?!”

Stan glared at him, “Be quiet!"

Lance nodded, “I know, I know. Did you just say that you want your friends to get together? Like...relationship-wise?”

Stan crossed his arms, “If you were there, you’d understand. My friend, Beverly, she had this crush on Bill and stuff, which was...okay sure, we’ve all had a crush on Bill, but Ben is literally right over there, clearly the one who wrote you that dumb poem! Oh, and don’t even get me started on Richie and Eddie. Just recognize that you’re both pining, and kiss!”

“Did...did they ever do that?” Lance asked.

“Oh, Ben and Bev? Yeah, totally. I mean, if this were a book, they’d be endgame. Richie and Eddie however? Richie reaks of repressed homosexuality, and that’s clearly not a good thing. So, in the letter I wrote to him, I was all preachy and shit. I told him to “Be who you want to be. Be proud.” I think it worked. I mean, I haven’t seen them after I died. I just appeared here...that’s a good sign, right?”

“Sign that what, they all got together?” Lance asked.

“No, that they defeated the clown. I hope they did. Wouldn’t it be terrible if they all died and Georgie and I were the only ones alive?” Stan put his face in his hands, and Lance knew he was crying.

“They’re alive.” Lance insisted, “I know they are. I’m sure that whatever is up there, fate or god, or even a giant space turtle wouldn’t do that to anyone.”

Stan sniffed, and wiped his eyes, “You’re right. They have to be alive. And I need to be strong for Georgie.” He wiped his eyes more, “So, what’s your sob story, Lance?”

“Uh, not really a sob story. Just a really epic one.” Lance said lesbian in sign language*, and stood up, “I travel the universe to spread peace!”

(*Look it up, it’s so funny!)

“That’s...okay, I can’t take that. I’m going to sleep.” Stan flopped over on the pillows, and Lance had a silent laughing fit. He thought he might stay with Georgie and Stan while he looked for Shiro and Keith.

Chapter Text

Cecil had spent most, if not all, of his life in Night Vale. It was weird to be out of his weird town. It was weird being away from Carlos. Cecil was very, very worried about the state of his husband, but he couldn’t get too worried. He might scare the people around him, and Carlos told him that was a very bad thing to do in “normal” situations.

So, the only thing he could do is plan out his radio show, as if he knew anything that was happening in Night Vale. He had to keep his consistent narrative. That mostly included stories about Old Woman Josie or Carlos, if he was honest. It was hard to guess what Night Vale was doing, because they probably weren’t doing that

Recently, though, he was hit with a fantastic idea. Why fake a radio show of your hometown when you can write real events that are happening around you? Cecil the Night Vale Radio Host decided to take his mind off of the absence of his husband, and focus it on the miserable people he was surrounded by in Brightmoon. It went about as well as you would expect.


Cecil: I find myself on a new planet today, listeners. With strange plants, and even stranger people. Welcome to Night Vale.


Daisy: We aren’t in Night that your town?


Cecil: Today, I have a guest with me. Her name is Daisy Brown, and she has a guest with her. Daisy, would you like to describe this strange guest to the listeners?


Daisy: Oh, uh...this is Lithop, my best friend. She’s a sort of plant, I guess. And she can speak for herself, so…


Lithop: What’s a radio show, Daisy?


Daisy: I’ll explain later. 


Cecil: So, Daisy and Lithop, how did you find yourselves here? I know for a fact that I was in my home, getting ready to go to bed, when there was a loud explosion and a very bright light coming from my husband’s study. Were you in a study?


Daisy: Uh, no, actually. I was running away.


Cecil: From what? Or who?


Lithop: Alan. He’s like me, but he’s very mean. He yells at Daisy and he punches her.


Daisy: He used to. He doesn’t anymore, because he’s dead.


Cecil: Well, that is all for Daisy, dear listeners. Remember that we are now allowed to acknowledge angels.




Cecil: Welcome to Night Vale, listeners. Today, I brought another guest. Why don’t you tell us your name?


Elizabeth: My name is Elizabeth.


Cecil: What a strange name. I thought your name was Anna Dewitt.


Elizabeth: Anna Dewitt doesn’t exist. Elizabeth is my name.


Cecil: And would you like to tell us how Anna Dewitt doesn’t exist?


Elizabeth: Easy, I killed her father. I ended the cycle.


Cecil: What do you mean by cycle, Elizabeth?


Elizabeth: I mean that I killed my father before he could grow old, travel back in time and take me from his past self. I broke the cycle, and Anna Dewitt doesn’t exist anymore. Neither does Booker Dewitt.


Cecil: Very strange, indeed. Now, how did you end up here?


Elizabeth: I don’t know. I was dead one moment, and then I’m here the next, exactly the same as I was. Best not to speculate, it could get you into trouble.


Cecil: You are very correct, Elizabeth. I might get in trouble with Station Management. That’s enough for today.




Cecil: Welcome back to the only radio show you will ever listen to. I am your host, Cecil Palmer, here to tell you about the can and can’t do’s of this new world, with a guest.


Monika: Hello!


Cecil: Monika, how about you introduce yourself? Where are you from, and how did you get here?


Monika: I am Monika, and I am from a dating simulator that became sentient! I have no idea how I got here, but I don’t want to leave!


Cecil: Now, Monika has been here in Brightmoon for a long time, and she knows a lot about it’s customs and traditions. Would you care to tell us the can and can’t do’s of Brightmoon?


Monika: First of all, the Horde is bad. Don’t go near the Horde, they will probably kill you. She-Ra is a good person. If she is there to save the day, then the day is already saved. Do trust in She-Ra. Do not go into the Whispering Woods unless you are equipped. The woods are very strange, and they often change. Having friends is a plus in this world, so be sure to surround yourself with as many people possible, and try not to cause drama.


Cecil: Wow, I feel very informed. Thank you, Monika, for your helpful tips!


Monika: No problem, Cecil. I’ll see you later, then!




Cecil: Today, we have a comedian in our midst. You may know him, you may not. I certainly don’t. Welcome Famous Guest, Richie Tozier.


Richie: Thank you, Cecil. I have to say, this is one weird radio show I’m on. Might be my favorite, though.


Cecil: Thank you, Richie. Now, I’ve been seeing things. Really strange images, in my brain. I was hoping that you’d know what they are, since you seem to be in some of them.


Richie: Uh...what?


Cecil: you recall an Eddie, Richie?


Richie: Okay, so, I’m going to go…


Cecil: Oh, don’t go, Richie! We aren’t finished yet!


Richie: Jesus fucking Christ, I can’t stand up! What the hell, Cecil?!


Cecil: I think you would be interested to know that Eddie isn’t dead, Richie.


Richie:...he isn’t?


Cecil: No, and I would say that he is rather safe now, just in the wrong hands. After all, the Horde is very bad, wouldn’t you say?


Richie: The Horde? We...Cecil, how do you know this?


Cecil: Well, I would like to say that since I am a tad bit inhuman, I would be more susceptible to telepathy, but I don’t think that’s the case, because Crowley can see it, too. Eddie seems pretty normal, right?


Richie: Is he sending the messages?! Can you tell him something?


Cecil: Of course, you’re a guest on my show!


Richie: Tell him I’m here! Tell him I’m coming to get him, and that I won’t leave him behind!


Cecil: Oh dear, have I upset you?


Richie: Just... please, tell him that.


Cecil: Okay. That is all for today, Richie.




Cecil: It is common knowledge on what Spider-Man is, and I am proud to say that we have him here as a guest on the show today! Welcome, Miles Morales and Peter Parker!


Miles: Hey, Cecil! It’s really nice of you to invite us here. Where I’m from, I have to keep my identity secret. But we’re fiction in your universe, and I think that’s just...I think that’s really cool!


Peter: I think it’s kind of sad, actually.


Cecil: Really? Discuss, then.


Peter: Well, I’m working really hard on protecting people, but in your universe, and many others, I’m fiction. All of the people I care about aren’t real, and I’m not doing anything in their universe.


Miles: But you’re doing something in your universe! There are people who are actually alive and count on you. I know, the universe is so big and we’re so small and we’re only here for a fraction of a second, but hey, so are all of the people around you. So are all of the people you love. So why not live with them?


Peter: Wow...aren’t you, like, sixteen?


Miles: I’m smart, I guess. And, I’ve met two other Peter’s who showed me that. So, now I’m showing you.


Cecil: Wow, this is amazing. Really, such a wonderful show of emotion. Let’s take a break for the weather.


Miles: Weather? Wh-






Cecil: Today, I am with Brightmoon’s resident son, who is also the son of Brightmoon’s resident couple. Hello, Will!


Will: My...are you talking about Aziraphale and Crowley?


Cecil: Yes. You are their son, right?


Will: No, they’re just taking care of me while I’m here. I guess they’re like my godparents, or something.


Cecil: Well, you are still the Brightmoon Darling, Will. You are the youngest out of all of us, after all. Everyone likes you because you are so gosh darn cute!


Will: Oh gee...thank you, Cecil. Not to sound rude, but you never told me why you wanted me on your show.


Cecil: I haven’t? Oh, silly me. I’m here to talk to you about your life before this. I thought it’d be nice to reminisce about the past, as I often do.


Will: Life before Brightmoon? Well, it was pretty crazy. I went missing for a while, and I was in this other world, called the Upside Down. Then I came back, and...really, it was crazy.


Cecil: Sounds like a normal day in Night Vale. What about your family? I have family, which is very strange, I know. I have a h-


Will: Husband named Carlos? I know, you talk about him all the time. And that’s not bad, it’s kind of adorable. You love him, so you’re going to talk about him.


Cecil: Yes, I do love him. And I miss him. Do you love anyone, Will? Do you miss anyone?


Will: Uh...this is only going to be heard by Night Vale residents, right?


Cecil: Yes.


Will: Well...of course I love people. I love my mom, and my brother, but…


Cecil: But?


Will: I love my best friend, too.


Cecil: Oh, a best friend! Monika told the viewers that having friends was a very valuable thing.


Will: Well, I love him more than a best friend, I guess. And...based on what I’ve seen here from Crowley, and Adora, and you...I know that’s not a bad thing, it’s just unrequited. 


Cecil: That’s...I’m sorry, Will. I have a feeling that you’ll find someone. I guess it’s a hunch. And be sure to tell me about them, or him, when you do.


Will: Heh...thank you, Cecil.


Cecil: Thank you, Will.




Cecil: Welcome, listeners, to Night Vale. Today, we have a demon, and, we can now say on air, an angel! Isn’t that exciting? They’re going to tell us a very interesting story, no doubt.


Aziraphale: Yes, interesting! I have many stories to tell you, Cecil! What sort do you want to hear?


Crowley: Well, first off, we’ve got to narrow down the eras. We’ve got...ugh, for some reason it’s very muddy. Pre-Apocalypse and Post-Apocalypse. Let’s start there.


Cecil: Post-Apocalypse? Tell me about the Apocalypse!


Crowley: Really? We didn’t do much.


Aziraphale: Now, that isn’t entirely true!


Crowley: Angel, light of my life, fire in my heart, sun to my Earth, we are very dumb. We showed up last minute, doing things that didn’t help the situation at all, and provided about sixty seconds worth of extra time for Adam to be prepared.


Aziraphale: I’d like to think that we saved each other, Crowley.


Crowley: Of course, but that’s not the Apocalypse, is it?


Aziraphale: Well, Agnes included the prophecy in the book that clearly states all prophecies and predictions BEFORE Armageddon. The prophecy warned us of our head office’s untimely punishments, and we avoided them. So, technically, it’s Pre-Apocalypse.


Crowley: Or she counted on us being dumb-asses, and had to sneak in one last prediction to save us.


Cecil: How interesting! I can hear you two speaking, but I know nothing of what you are saying! I have to say, with a bit of context, this might seem a bit more intriguing.


Crowley: Yeah, okay, we’re leaving. Bye, Cecil.


Aziraphale: Crowley-


Cecil: Goodbye, Crowley!




Cecil: Good morning, Night Vale. Usually, I do this at night, but we have a very important guest today. We have Adora, or She-Ra, as she is most widely known.


Adora: Hello, Radio! How are you doing? And where are you?


Cecil: Radio is...never mind. Adora, how are you dealing with having all of these people in your home?


Adora: Well, it’s actually been really fun! As a group, they have a lot of potential, and some of them are really powerful. Together, we’ve been working on ways to send them back to their respective universes.


Cecil: Have you tried the images?


Adora: Images? What is that?


Cecil: Well, there have been reports of people seeing vivid memories. Crowley was talking to Aziraphale about seeing Richie’s memories, and Daisy has been seeing them. So has Miles. And Nico, a-


Adora: Well, I’m just hearing about this now. Do you have any ideas?


Cecil: Well, I’ve noticed, when I see them, that it’s from the people around us. Or people far away. I’ve seen some from Eddie, a friend of Richie’s who has supposedly been dead!


Adora: So he’s alive?


Cecil: Yes, but that isn’t as important compared to getting all of these people home. I’ll talk to you about that later. Do you think that these people might be special? Like you princesses are?


Adora: I suppose they could. I need to talk to Bow and Glimmer about this. Can I go?


Cecil: Of course. The day is warm, and the suns of this planet are large. Today is going to be a good day, and that is terrifying. Good night, listeners. Good night.

Chapter Text

Richie hadn’t felt the same since they killed It, or Pennywise, or whatever that clown’s name was. He knew he wouldn’t be the same, but he hadn’t known that Eddie would die. He didn’t count on that, and it was a reasonable thing not to count on. When Eddie did die, Richie was...he felt gone. Days passed and Richie hardly even blinked. He locked himself into his apartment.

Beverly wasn't having it. She marched up to his door and demanded to be let in, then she did her best to set him straight. It was her friend. Both Richie and Eddie. Grief was very difficult to deal with, and Richie was having the hardest time.

“I think you need to go to a mental facility.” Beverly said a week into her stay after Richie shambled out of bed at four in the afternoon.

Richie laughed, but it wasn't the same as before. It was more airy and it lacked motivation. He was silent for about five seconds, then, “Chill, boo, I’m just sleeping in.”

“Richie.” Beverly repeated, “I know that this is hard for you. It’s been hard on all of us, but’re clearly the most affected. And you’re depressed, and a few days in a mental facility would do you good. It did me good.”

Richie glared at her, “I’m not going.”

“I have ways to make you go.”

“Are you threatening me, Marsh?”

Beverly chuckled, “No, it was a joke. If you won’t do that, then could you get a therapist? I know you say that you got over your internalized homophobia, but...just try, please? If not for yourself, then for me. For Eddie.”

Richie slammed his fists on the counter top, “I told you not to mention him, Beverly!”

Beverly crossed her arms, “Are you really yelling at me, right now? I’m trying to help you get better!”

“Well maybe I don’t want to get better!” Richie yelled, “Maybe I want to stay the same. Maybe I want to stay like this, fucking sleeping until four in the morning, and drinking myself to sleep, and pigging out on fucking junk food!”

“That’s not healthy, Rich!” Beverly yelled back.

“I know! I know it’s not, but I don’t care!” Richie was crying. Full on ugly crying. Beverly’s face softened, and her hands reached for him. But they didn’t touch, they just hovered over him, shaking.

“I can’t do this without him.” Richie whispered, leaning against the counter with his head in his hands, “I could never do it without him. At least before I didn’t know what I was missing.”

“You have us, Richie.” Beverly said, “We’re going to get through this together.”

They hugged in Richie’s kitchen, and they ate ice cream and watched terrible movies together. The next day, Richie woke up in Etheria. And now, Richie was running through the halls of Brightmoon. He had heard that Eddie was still alive, and with the Horde, and he was going to be damned if he was going to let Eddie stay there for a second longer than he had to.

Richie slid into the war planning room, and found Aziraphale and Crowley holding hands and talking. It was disgustingly sweet, but Richie didn’t have time to tease them about it.

“Richie?” Aziraphale asked, causing Crowley to turn around. They both had concern on their faces, and Richie felt something in his gut stir.

“It’s Eddie!” Richie yelled, collapsing into the chair, “He’s...he’s fucking alive, and he’s with the, fuck…” Richie flew out of the chair and over to the balcony, where he proceeded to puke his guts out.

Crowley rose up out of his chair, and walked over to him, putting a reassuring hand on his back, “Richie, are you…”

“He’s alive.” Richie said, voice hoarse from puking, “He’s in the Horde, and we have to go get him.”

Aziraphale appeared behind Crowley, “Uh, how do you know he’s in the Horde, Richie? Last you told us, he was…”

Richie turned to Crowley, “You’ve seen it, right! Cecil said you could see it! What can you see?”

Aziraphale laughed, “Dear, Crowley can’t see anything. Right?”

Crowley rubbed his hands on his pants, “Er, well, about that. I technically have been seeing some things, but…”

Richie lit up, “Have you seen a man? He’s about,” Richie stood up straight, “uh, 5 '9 and he’s got brown hair, and a red jacket, maybe. If he was a kid, he basically looked like a younger version of himself with a fanny pack.”

Crowley nodded, “Yes, I’ve been seeing that. But, Richie, I’ve been seeing memories. Memories doesn’t mean anything, and I don’t want to get your hopes up.”

“You’re not!” Richie said, “Getting my hopes up would be telling me that when I see him, he’s going to run into my arms and kiss me. He isn’t, because...whatever, we need to save him, and I know you two are powerful!”

Aziraphale nodded, “Of course, dear boy. But we have to rally the troops in order to save him. And the others that are with him.”

Crowley frowned, “Did you just say ‘rally the troops’?”

“It’s a phrase, Crowley, and I use it.”

Richie smiled at their domesticity, and wiped the puke spit off of his mouth with his sleeve, “I’ve got to...I’m going to wash my mouth.” He moved out of their way and walked into the hallway. Adora was there, pacing outside of the bathroom.

“Adora?” Richie asked, “Uh, can I talk to you about something?”

Adora turned to him, “Yes, o-oh god, what is that smell?” Adora plugged her nose, and fell against the wall.

“That’s my vomit.” Richie admitted, “Adora, listen, my...friend is trapped in the Horde, and we need to get him.”

Adora froze, “Cecil told you?”

Richie nodded, “Yeah, he did.”

Adora pinched the bridge of her nose, “Okay, I’m going to get him back, I promise, okay? Just...go wash your clothes. And get new ones, please. Then we'll talk.”

Richie nodded, and Adora walked away, presumably to talk to Bow and/or Glimmer about Eddie's rescue. Richie saw this as an absolute win. He walked into the bathroom and drew a bath. While he did so, he thought of Beverly, and what she was doing. No doubt she’d be freaking out. Or maybe she wasn't. It had been a month since he appeared here. She probably thought he was dead.

Chapter Text

Elizabeth opened the door to her room, and peered out into the empty hallway. She had enough of socializing for a long time, and she just wanted to get away and evaluate herself. After all, one didn’t just turn out alright after they had been surely dead.

Elizabeth snuck behind guards, and ducked when other residents of Brightmoon walked the halls. Then, she found herself in a garden. It was empty, and it suited Elizabeth well.

Crowley told stories about gardens. The man, er, demon had become a parental figure over the time they’ve spent together. Elizabeth never had a parental figure before. Before, she just clouded her judgement with ignorant and false truths. Elizabeth was smarter, now, and she was happy that she had someone who knew what he was doing watching over her.

A stone bench stood in the middle of the garden, and Elizabeth jumped over the numerous plants that were, well, planted in the ground. Then she sat down, and smoothed out her skirt.

“E-Excuse me…” A timid voice spoke up.

Elizabeth turned around and saw another girl who was more modernly dressed. She wore a large sweater and loose fitting jeans. Her hair was short, and her skin was pale. She also had a strange creature in her arms.

“Yes?” Elizabeth asked. She didn’t feel overwhelmed with this girl here.

“Can I...we sit here?” The girl asked.

Elizabeth scooted over, and pat the stone beside her. The girl smiled, and sat down next to Elizabeth. They watched the clouds together, and the creature the girl had was crawling on the stone, pointing out exciting things it found.

“What’s your name?” Elizabeth asked, not looking away from the orange colored sky before them.

“Daisy.” The girl answered, “My name is Daisy.”

Elizabeth knew a Daisy, but she was nothing like this one. And Daisy Fitzroy was dead. Elizabeth had killed her.

“I’m Elizabeth.” Elizabeth introduced, holding out her hand.

Daisy looked down at her hand, and flushed, “What do I do with it?”

“Hold it.” Elizabeth answered, “I sense that you probably haven’t held hands with anyone.” Elizabeth had, she held hands with her father, even though she hadn’t known he was her father at the time.

Daisy smiled softly, and they held hands as they watched the sunset. On Earth, the sunsets were beautiful. On Etheria, it was also beautiful. Elizabeth took her time in appreciating the beauty, both of the sun and of Daisy beside her.

It was a wonderful picture, one that would look absolutely amazing if painted. Elizabeth considered that she should save this moment, so she could paint it herself. In the end, Elizabeth decided that she should focus on Daisy, instead of what the painting would look like.

It ended up looking amazing, if you wanted to know.